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Relief India Trust


Consumer complaints and reviews about Relief India Trust

Jul 6, 2018

Harrasing call from Relief india

I keep getting calls and SMS’s from Relief India, it’s like a mental torture. The telecallers emotionally blackmail you and one of the caller even started abusing me. One of the caller even went to an extent stating “If you love your mother don’t disconnect the call again”. Some action needs to be taken against this kind of organisations who spoil the names of other NGO’s. Not sure to whom the complaint has to be made.

These are the phone numbers ‭+91 89298 50683‬ and ‭+91 72898 33999‬
May 29, 2018

Relief india

Relief india org. Is a fraudulent organization, which make calls for emotional black mailing. They also threaten us for not giving donations. I want to complaint against this organization in cyber cell of kerala police.
Apr 18, 2018

Child Vikas Foundation NGO in Bangalore

Could you please check the authenticity of the NGO Child Vikas Foundation. They claim to be registered and providing tax relief under 80G.

However,this seems like a fraud organization.They have called so many times with their stories. The lady who called told me to provide 80g and report of the patient in every 48 hours. I wanted to know whether she will do as promised once I made the donation. I kept on messaging her and have not received any response over message, mail or any sort once they minted money from me.
Apr 18, 2018

Child Vikas Foundation

Could you please check the authenticity of the NGO Child Vikas Foundation. They claim to be registered and providing tax relief under 80G.

However,this seems like a fraud organization.They have called so many times with their stories. The lady who called told me to provide 80g and report of the patient in every 48 hours. I wanted to know whether she will do as promised once I made the donation. I kept on messaging her and have not received any response over message, mail or any sort once they minted money from me.
Jan 22, 2018


A GIGGLES WELFARE ORGANISATION in short AGWO with domain name http://www.agwo.org/ is basically fake organization.They will call you randomly and try to convince you that some of your friend given them your number and then they will put on some case of a baby burnt or had some accident and need an operation.After that, they will verify their trustworthiness by www.guidestarindia.com and then tell you to do payment via online.My kind request do not do any such transaction as its a scam and only going to eat your money.I have some whois domain search and the website is registered as
Name: G. Vij
Organization:A Giggles Welfare Organization
Street:O-58,Sector-1,Guatam Buddh Nagar
State:Uttar Pradesh
Postal Code:201301
Email:[email protected]
Oct 9, 2017

ReliefIndia Trust

I always get emotional blackmail calls and messages from this so called organisation. I've been fool couple of times to donate and thought why they wanted to come to me only everytime. They send horrible pics of kids suffering by whatsapp where you can't do next work after seeing the pictures. Naturally we will think about our own kid and feel guilty to ignore. But later I started practicing praying God show them a different way. Today I got a similar message as SMS. After checking this forum I replied I will go to police if I get any messages from them. Thanks for this forum.
Apr 4, 2017

Nammaal Namakaaga (for us to us)

Nammaal Namakaga charitable trust which is registered in 1/195/2005 in erode thindal the founder of the trust if Gowri Shankar Ravi Chandran is in fact not doing any social activities. the trust is only photo documenting its activities. photograph faking is the only activity of the trust. it sets up photos like it is doing service with tree plantation and helping children which was observed by its own trustees and there is a case on this NGO in Chennai high court as it has a Chennai office for collecting donations.
Nov 7, 2016

Call from NGO


I got a call from 9210386827 saying to help a girl child. One lady has called me and given their website www.ngo.india.gov.in
Kindly check the authenticity.

Nov 7, 2016

Call for helping poor cancer patient girl

Got a call saying to help this girl Jasmeet kaur with CR number 200743. Please check the authenticity. Calling number was +91-9643501468
Rakesh Makineni
Aug 29, 2016

Cheating on the name of www.ngo.india.gov.in

Hi, Today I got a phone call from an unknown number stating that a poor girl is suffering from cancer who is admitted in AIMS Hospital. The person who called introduced himself as Student working for NGO. He wants me to go through their website www.ngo.india.gov.in and guided me with some details of the admitted girl. To get the authenticity of this website I immediately googled for the complaints of this website www.ngo.india.gov.in. Then I came to know that this is completely a fake organisation who blackmails emotionally and abuse finally if you not listen to them. Then I blocked his number as Spam in truecaller. He immediately tried with different mobile numbers(Received calls from 3 new mobile numbers) I marked all those numbers as spam. So please be careful if you get any calls like this.
Aug 10, 2016


I have been donating to Mission Heal regularly for the past couple of years (close to half a lakh of rupees by now), and they have been prompt with their receipts too.

It all started with one of those distress calls, and I fell for it. Then they started calling me for every other case, and I thought all of these children are the same for me, so instead of donating for a particular child, let me donate on a monthly basis. Let them use it for whichever kid. I was opening their website this morning to make yet another payment, when I chanced upon this site and a few others that claim it is a fraud NGO.

I am shocked!!! I don't know what to believe now. Not worried about the money gone, because it was all in good faith and not expecting anything in return. But more worried and surprised that how a fraudulent company can go on cheating people with the blessings of the government, and a famed institution like AIIMS is not taking any action against it! After all, it's their name being used by these people as a decoy.

Kiran Somanath
Jun 15, 2016

Call from Relif India

Hi, Got a call today from Relif India from the number - 9599746947. The person was doing an emotional blackmail stating a 3 yrs girl is admitted in AIIMS for undergoing Chemotherapy. Her father is paralysed and they need some urgent help. I hesitantly rejected the request doubting of a fake call. I did not like the tone of the person who was talking to me. After going through this forum, i understood this could be fake.

It is better to be more careful before answering to such people
Mar 29, 2016



I have been getting calls from a Delhi based organization CRYTOSMILE and they have been asking for donation referring some cases for underprivileged children. I have been donating them from last many months but now I am suspicious about this NGO as I found that they are not listed anywhere ( IN GOV LISTED NGO or AIIMS sponsored).

I have been getting calls from below numbers:

Mar 16, 2016

Mission Heal is FAKE

For the past 3 days, I have been receiving several calls from the number +91 9210730629 asking to donate money for a 2.6 years old child named Master Ravinder who is suffering from blood cancer. They told that he need a bone marrow transplant and need urgent help. They had taken me through the site http://ngo.india.gov.in and gave me unique ID to search for their NGO and see the case details of the child. In that page, they had uploaded the prescription from AIIMS OPD of the child. Initially, I wanted to help and told them to send the details of the Hospital where the child is admitted. At that moment, the lady named Kanchan (who was behind the call), pleaded like anything to transfer the money immediately, whatever amount possible. Then, I got a doubt about the genuineness of the organization. The lady sent the details of the Hospital, Patient name, Doctor Name etc. I asked one of my friends, who is in Delhi to look into the genuineness of the details shared with me. Then he immediately gave the link of this site to me where I came to know about that the organization itself is a fake one.
The most irritating part is that, while I was enquiring about the genuineness, a message from the same number (mentioned above) came which stated utterly disturbing words. It said that, thanks for your fake assurance, you will also have family one day, God is watching you, he will not forgive you etc etc.
This is simply disgusting. So, guys please be aware of this fake organization.
Mar 16, 2016

Mission Heal NGO

I also received a call from Mission Heal NGO & they were asking for some donation. Its a fake NGO. You can directly contact AIIMS hospital at 011-26594242 or 011-26594815 & ask them about this NGO. They have received several compalints about this NGO & they will clearly tell you that its fake NGO. Its a SCAM !
Mar 11, 2016

Scam or Not ?

I received few calls from them Mission heals.org. i donated 13 thousand.
I got The 80G certificate also from them , by providing all details.
I am not sure whether this money reached the diseased.
But its registered organization.
They use students for mobilizing money , not a problem,
these students are paid commission , thats also ok.'
but question is how much we can rely on this.
Mar 11, 2016

Vinesh Nair


Even i got call yest and as you all above i asked the lady to send me mails details and website. The sms from her in broken english itself gave me suspicion of this being fraud. then i searched on net about the baby jagruti and their website. if you see they are using the name of baby for last 1 year and yet they say baby is 10 months old. I am posting this to again reiterate for benefit of new people who would be searching this info like me on net. Pls do not fall for such frauds. Like i read someone posted, if you really want to help, pls donate directly to hospital to be sure..while typing this message i again got a call from guy who claims to be superior one to the girl who had called me. When i told him that i have gone through the frauds they have done, he immediately cut the call.

Beware of Relief India Fraud.

Mar 7, 2016


I have been receiving several calls from persistent people claiming to be from Relief india trust NGO. They claim to be associated with AIIMS, asking me to donate money for a span of two years. I confronted them last year about the donation policy of AIIMS and the NGOs associated with the hospital. They stopped for a while, but now they've been calling me twice a day. I told them that I was a student with no income of my own and that if I wanted to donate money, I would donate directly to the hospital itself. Yet, they kept calling me, saying that I had agreed to work with them. I never did that. They did not even give me chance to speak, I told them to listen to me, and yet they told me back to listen. Even when I hung up, the continued sending me sms, saying that "God will never forgive me for giving them false hope". These are the numbers that they called me from as far as I can remember 9210790698, 8802233029
Amar Kumar H M
Mar 4, 2016

Relief india org

Today I too received call from this organisation from number 9211639500... Beware guys they are fraud organisation and is so unfortunate that they are using this methods where genuine guys lose out to rise money
Mar 4, 2016

Getting calls from Mission heals

What is right way to complaint about these guys. Looks like they had bigger chain of cheater. Every time a new person call from same numbers.

I am getting call from below numbers?


want to lodge an FIR agains these guys
Mar 3, 2016

Relief India Trust - SCAM!!

The moment this lady told me about a 10 month old Jagriti (blood cancer patient) struggling for her life, i knew its a scam.. But you see, i had to get played, to know their dirty tricks! As described above, they took me thru the Govt portal, made me enter the Unique ID & redirected me to their website, with a smiling Jagriti & details of her prescription etc.
God! i was surprised by the authentic look of their cook-up! I hung up citing some time to think. Then googled for some shit on them & came across few such pages. Good Job guys! And yes, we need to bring them down!!
But will complaining here make any difference? They too must be getting bribed, time to time, from that same donation amount!
Mar 1, 2016

mission heal

9718511729 is the another number they may call!! i'm reporting all their numbers i get call
Mar 1, 2016

mission heal

one more number they r calling from : +91-9211568100 . Beware
Feb 25, 2016

Mission heal- Treatment of Divyanshi

I am also receiving call from number 9069280206 asking me to contribute for the treatment of baby named Divyanshi suffering from Blood Cancer, Initially I agreed to contribute but because of official work it was delayed so I started receiving repeated calls, and Emotional messages like " plz don't give fake hope, don't play with her life , God is watching you etc" I was very much annoyed and irritated with this type of messages so I scolded that guy for making such statement, and I got a doubt about their genuineness,again today that person called me and started pleading told me he is a student and sorry about his statement, to please help for contribution and to at least think about the baby's life etc , so I reluctantly got frustrated and cut the call and googled about mission heal and Thanks to this Forum I my doubt was real and I was saved from Fake Emotional trap.

Please if you people receive call from such Students or peoples from Mission heal or similar NGO's just ignore or register a complaint, because of such peoples even some genuine people are considered Fake.
sankar mukherjee aipm
Feb 24, 2016

mission heal

Missionheal a fraud NGO : I am from Kolkata, for last few days I have been receiving repeated calls from one representative named Aman, cell no 9871654191 with a request to help a child ( 2 years old) blood cancer patient, he tried to emotionally blackmail me with lot of sentimental words and claimed to be high school student. He followed up me continuously over phone and I was also moved to respond to a humanitarian cause and assured him to donate Rs 2000/-. On receipt of my verbal confirmation, the guy started demanding more money with a request to pay one day treatment cost amounting Rs 3500/ which I did not agree. Thereafter he insisted me to pay online, I subsequently tried to pay through debit card in online payment process but due to some technical problem the transaction was not happening and at that time a telephone call came to me from a cell no 9560259398 with a request to help in the transaction. The telephone call made me doubtful, I extended the communication and understood that the person was interested to know about details of my card details. I stopped the transaction. I am sure that the callers are totally fraud and cheating people on sentimental issues and request the government, Delhi Police to nab the culprits.

Sankar Mukherjee Kolkata

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