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Relief India Trust


Consumer complaints and reviews about Relief India Trust

Feb 22, 2016

Complaint against Mohini Singh - 9211740034 ( called on behalf of Relief India Trust)

Got a call for helping a child. I thought of cutting the call. I don't know why I continued and made a fool of myself by donating. After that when I searched for the authenticity of it, there was none. People please beware. I know I can,t get my money back, least I can do is to inform others.
Feb 19, 2016

Got a call from Mission heal

I also got a call from Mission heal and a guy named Joy ( real name Ankit , he told me later ) called me and told about Divyanshi. He also gave me address : Mission Heal, 340, shashi garden Mayur vihar. When I gave a call back he said he called by mistake and hung up the call.
Sundar Neelakantan
Feb 15, 2016

Mission Heal

I am just seeing this complaint blog...unfortunately I have donated money to Mission Heal through online transfer, and they sent me receipt with my name, address, pancard.

I am really worried on this..Please let me know is there still any other to do any fraudulent activity by them using these details.Why the govt not taking action on this further fraudulent activity.

Please help!
Feb 15, 2016

Mission Heal : Calls from Shivam Aman

I got a call from 704087469 and 7042290946 for a 3 year old girl named Divyanshi having blood cancer and persuaded me to donate.
They sounded very desperate and wanted me to donate online during the call itself. For treatment such as Blood cancer , a meager amount such as 1000 /5000 would not mean anything.

They did a lot of emotional blackmail. I was not convinced to donate. Came to this forum , after reading posts here .. all the more convinced not to give money for such call.. Thanks for posting these here.
Feb 5, 2016

cheating by mission heal

Today I got a call from the number +91 9911446268, named Priya, Mission heal. She asked me to help Divyansi, age 4 yr. When I asked her "from where she got my number?" She started fumbled and told me she got the number from red cross, blood donation camp. When I told her that I have never visited red cross nor do I ever donated blood due to my health problem, she dropped the call.
While searching for mission heal, I reached here and thought of sharing.
Jan 27, 2016


MISSION HEAL is an Govt authorized NGO involved in FRAUD activity. It is listed in GOV site as a registered NGO
http://ngo.india.gov.in/[email protected]&ngo_black=0&t_state=0&t_dist_new3=0&sector_key=0&ngo_name=&uniqueid=82134
But do not get fooled. They have faked documents of Patients obtained from AIIMS hospital. The details of patient listed on their website is all fake http://missionheal.org/case.php

Infact I have found 2 UHID's for single patient on the documents published on their case for Divyanshi (3rd child in the case list).
UHIDs 101299341 and 101322933 on the website

I called AIIMS and they confirmed that UHID 101299341 (given by the NGO) belongs to a different Patient.

It is clear that this NGO employs some students to call people and cheat people who are kind at heart by creating a fake case. Other websites also indicate that these volunteer work on commission basis.

Volunteer details:PALAK SHARMA – 97185 11046 (ADITI SHARMA).

I got cheated. When i requested for Receipt and 80G document - they are requesting for PAN card #.. I have done donations to some charities near my house.. but no one till date has asked for PAN #.

My sincere advise is to NOT to encourage any calls like this..
If you are really ready to help and have enough time.. visit the Patient, visit the NGO and then do the donation in person.

Otherwise.... We will get cheated.. and cannot stop such scams from happening.

email copy:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: missionheal <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 12:08 PM
Subject: details required for receipts & 80G
To: [email protected]

dear Savior,
Thank you for your support towards Mission Heal to help the needy.
We need the following details from you to send you the receipt and 80 G Certificate for your support.

1. Pan Card No:
2. Postal Address:
3. Date of Birth:

Thanks & Regards,

Team Mission Heal
Jan 23, 2016

Fake calls for donation from MissionHeal

I seriously doubt the genuineness of this organisation . Got continuous calls regarding a blood cancer patient by the name of Divyanshi - 1.5 yrs old. Was skeptical and wanted to clarify before making donations. Got an email attached with reports and details. Found out that the baby had two different UHID no.s (hospital numbers which is assigned only once to a patient) on the reports which suggests that the reports may be fake .Also called up AIIMS to ask if there is any such patient with so and so case in the hospital but I was informed that there is no such case.

Its better to refrain from involving with such platforms which have no credibility or authenticity.
In Fact should be reported to police for appropriate action.
Jan 2, 2016

Mission Heal - Harpreet patient

I received a call from Mr. Ankit Dubey stating that a child named Harpreet is sick and they require monetary help for her. And firstly he thanked me for helping a similar patient 3 months back. After i told him that i had received the call 3 months but i didnt donate anything, he says that maybe he was wrongly updated by his junior but this time i can help them. I asked him to meet me personally and collect the money as i doubt the genuinity of this organisation over phone call on which he replied that they are only based in Delhi and they cannot travel to any other location. I asked him to send a mail on my ID which i havent received but received a SMS on my mobile which gives the link of the organization and there is a link to pay the amount. But before donating i thought of checking it online and found this forum where it has written as a fake organization.

I would still request the organization if its genuine to come forward and claim its genuineness and if they aint, for God's sake they stop using this poor kids as bait to trap money.

Vikas Peeru
Dec 25, 2015

Getting calls and messages from NGO mission heal. From Ph.no: 07503658992. Please beware

Here is the message I received, from phone number 07503658992, it is fake, in the message given to me only the name of the child is different. Rest of the story is the same as given to some other people who have complained:

Hi good evening to u this is kuldeep from mission heal. Actually i had a word with u regarding help of hole in heart patient. She is fighting between life & death on ventilator. Ur helping hand will gave her new life. Plz do the needful so we can utilize ur help for baby treatment. We have to arrange some medicine kit for child treatment. U r my ray of hope. We r waiting for ur side help.
plz reply
volunteer- KULDEEP"

Please beware of such frauds
Dec 25, 2015

mission heal

i got a few calls today (25-12-15) from +919210999320,+918826187754 at 11am,4 pm respectively from NGO Mission Heal volunteers . He was asking for donation for 2.5yr old Harpreet who needs an open heart surgery. a hole in his heart
He said they are calling up everyone since today morning to get 1.5lac and they still need 37k. he is a student ,His voice sounded all nervous and he had pretty decent convincing skills.mentioned that today is holiday n next 3 days also holiday s to bank so do it now . He told a lot of other crap to convince me to pay up. i am ready to pay , then i got doubted due to ,they want me help them at that moment only,
they taken my email id they send a mail from missionheal.org so i trusted but not transferd any money
i gone through few sites i came to a conclusion its fake one, if u want to donate directly donate to aiims through cheque r D.D

u can check these links , a notice in aiims regarding NGO's, don't donate to ngos for medical issues
below regarding aiims n ngo's tie up



in the missionheal.org site itself no recent activity r present they old ones, n those pics r collected from different mission heal NGO's not addressed as the same
in case report it was dated from 2013 onward,

in bank account it was mentioned savings account
Dec 24, 2015


Hi ,
I work in Pune, many times I get such fake calls from so called NGOs.
If you really go in detail inquiry with them, like ask for their daily ledger, balance sheet, doctor's number which is on the official website of AIIMS or other hospital mentioned. Then these people cut away. If they are honest they should keep their record transparent, ie. publish to their website.
My advice is find the correct contact number and account of the person's kin who is in need and directly transfer to them. If you don't find such contact go to hospital on weekends, help poor, your attitude will change.
Dec 23, 2015

Mission Heal is a cheat

I received call from '+919211712457', identifying himself as Manish Kumar from NGO Mission Heal. He was asking for donation for 2.5yr old Harpreet who needs an open heart surgery.
He said they are calling up everyone since today morning to get 1.5lac and they still need 67k. His voice sounded all nervous and he had pretty decent convincing skills. He told a lot of other crap to convince me to pay up.
He said they are 9 students, volunteering for this.

Luckily, I found this thread. I called him back up again and told him that I am going to complain to the police and file a case against him for fraud. He tried telling that I can't trust Google. I scolded him and then he cut the call without saying anything.
Dec 23, 2015

Mission Heal- cheater person organisation

I received call from '+919210993590' and '9069280132' asking for donation for baby Harpreet who has hole in the heart.
He has send me the photo of the baby and few certificates when asked for details.
certificate almost made me motivated to donate for the little ones.
He told me that we had the operation in the evening and still we need 26k.
The baby will not be operated if they don't get that money.
The person told he is a BSC 1st year student and all the students of their college have donated for this noble cause.

i checked with the AIIMS management department, thay said their is no any patient and patient id is (100694146 ,100360380)
registered in the record of hospital..

Me and my husband just thought of checking on net and the fraud is out.
Dec 23, 2015

Mission Heal

I also got a call from a girl name Sonam and she said the same story to me about the girl harpreet kaur.
I said will trnfr the amount but i didn't do.
In night again i got tbe message from that on whatsapp asking for money.
Then i thought to transfer some amount but before that i search on net found dis forum.
Thank God i have not trnsfer any money to der account
Thanks guys
Lavish maheshwari
Dec 23, 2015

mission Heal

I had received a call from this guys saying harpeet kaur is in hospital and we are raising funds they said owner pwan singh is giving money to AIMS remember That at AIMS funds that come is from CEntral goverment from PM fund and thsi thing is told by the AIMS person. However so I called aims and asked for this case id in the name of 100694146 which is not of harpeet Kaur so when Aims told me that this id is not of Harpeet this mission heal people started saying may be our person has given wrong id the id is different.


When I spoke to Aims they said we get money from Pm funds
Dec 20, 2015

Call from MISSION HEAL - Neeta Paul

Same kind of call with emotional drama stating she is 'Neeta Paul' calling from from NGO 'Mission heal'. Phone number is 7533073205.
Baby 'HARPREET' needs immediate heart surgery at AIIMS hospital , they are short of funds and to donate money.
Please find the sms attached.
Someone please please take this case to cyber cell and police's online frauds department immediately, so that these fraudsters don't steal from many.

Dec 18, 2015

mission heal- harpreet kaur

Me too got the call from unknown guy to aid for harpreet kaur. he said tomorrow morning has to do one heart operation for the baby, he urged me to pay some cost today itself. he speaks intelligently to realize the baby conditions by his nervous voice. thank god i won't afford and thanks to all to create the awareness by sharing your comments.
Dec 18, 2015

mission heal- harpreet kaur

I got a call from an Anamika, who claimed to be a student volunteer for Mission Heal Organisation and said that they needed donation for a baby called Harpreet aged 2.5yrs who is to undergo surgery for a 'dangerous heart disease'. Unfortunately she didnt know that she's speaking to a doctor and when I grilled her about the heart ailment details, all he kept saying was its a dangerous disease. I checked online as i was speaking to her and saw so many complaints.
This is a fake organisation and i cannot fathom why they're using ill patients as bait for conning people.
Dec 16, 2015

Cancer Patient fund from relief india trust.org

I also received call yesterday and today massage. I think it is scam or they collect money for terrorist or terrorism activity...
Dec 15, 2015

Mission Heal - Harpreet Kaur

Today i got a call from Hussain 7065901945, he was talking about Harpreet kaur a little girl needs emergency Operation, she has a hole in her heart. I am little confused whether they are genuine or fake. Last time i made a donation of rs 500. This time i got little suspisous because i read this complaint board.
Dec 15, 2015

Mission Heal -treatment for Harpreet Kaur at AIIIMS

I got call from 9210790698 & same thing happend whihc stated in afroresaid complaints . guy convinced me to donatae for Harpreet Kaur's operation & whe i checked site & documents found the case is of oct 2014 . how come operation is coming now ? how did baaby survived so long without operation .

Its fraud, pl dont pay .
Dec 11, 2015

Mission Heal -treatment for Harpreet Kaur at AIIIMS

I received call from '7042754214' and '9069280132' asking for donation for baby Harpreet who has hole in the heart. He has send me the photo of the baby and few certificates when asked for details. 80G certificate almost made me motivated to donate for the little ones. He told me that we had the operation in the evening and still we need 26k. The baby will not be operated if they don't get that money. The person told he is a BSC 1st year student and all the students of their college have donated for this noble cause. Me and my husband just thought of checking on net and the fraud is out.

Please don't play with the emotions. Please in real need are not getting help and considered as fake because of these people.

Thank you for opening this complaint forum.

Mission Heal -treatment for Harpreet Kaur at AIIIMS

Dec 9, 2015

Cancer treatment for Harpreet Kaur at AIIIMS

Got a call from Some Robin(8802550244) from missionheal.org. He took me through his site and showed the case of Harpreet Kaur. As per him, the girl is getting operated for a hole in heart today for which they need money for medicines. I was almost ready to pay but then thought of checking the net and found this. Thanks..
Dec 9, 2015

A baby named harpreet kaur heart operation

Today i got a call from missionheal.org & he told me about baby girl name harpreet kaur who is having a heart operation and in critical condition & needed money....his name was nakul gupta ...he took me to the website shown a girl child case...insisted very deeeply to transfer money...in past i have came across many NGOs and donated but they dont this much insist for money transfer...he almost convinced me to transfer...but i thought of checking on net as after the call i started getting sms....and i landed here...where i saw already same case of harpreet kaur....At least dont play with emotions...may some body in real need wont get help becuse of these guys...
Dec 8, 2015

Mission Heal call received today

I got a call today from the same organisation Mission Heal.
The guy who called was named Ishu Chugh from the mobile number 9210328813. He took me through the website http://www.ngo.india.gov.in/ and took me to Mission Heal page from there.
They have also sent me emails yesterday from '[email protected]'. The child's name is Harpreet Kaur and the mother's name is Swati Toppo. In one of the hospital documents, it is shown that Harpreet Kaur is the daughter of Harvinder Kaur.
When I asked the volunteer what the name of the mother was he said Shweta, he wasn't sure of the name and that raised a doubt in my head.
He kept pushing me to donate atleast 1 Rs. I dont know if it is a method for them to access account details of the sender.
It is so bad that they are playing with emotions this way, I was almost convinced to donate till I read all the complaints here.

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