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Relief India Trust


Consumer complaints and reviews about Relief India Trust

Dec 5, 2015

Contribution call from MissionHeal

2 days back I got a call from the number - 7835930062 and introduced him as Jacob Stephen from MissionHeal.org and asked for help for a girl child Harpreet who is suffering from "Hole in heart" and admitted in AIIMS hospital. After the call I got email from [email protected] saying the same thing. I got the call again from the same number today and said they need to take an injection and it cost 14,500, money required before 5 o' clock, I couldn't understand the logic of this NGO, explaining cases and asking money this way. I felt suspicious because, he was insisting, save girl child..save girl child.. and transfer money immediately. I started getting sms after the call saying child is in critical condition, vomiting blood etc and asking for help.
Is these guys are genuine? Does NGO struggle so much to get an injection cost? He said total cost required is 1.5 lakh and he already raised some 60+k.. Can't believe... and no idea how these guys collect phone numbers
Dec 5, 2015

Mission Heal

Yes, this is a fraud NGO. I called up AIIMS and spoke to the Chief Medical Social Service Officer Mr. B. R. Shekhar. He confirmed it's a fraud organization and advised not to pay any money.
Dec 4, 2015

Got a call for same harpreet

Today, I received a call from +917503500649. He told me about missionheal.org. He wanted to tell me about baby Harpreet. Since many times I donated for Cry and Save the children and they never tell about any particular case. I told him don't drag me in a particular case. I will make payment from your website and tell you the transaction number. But he kept on insisting about the girl's case. From my past experience, I got suspicion and start checking the internet about NGO's review.Instead of getting review I got fraud complaints. LOL!!
Dec 3, 2015


Today I got call from from the number 7065275248 by a lady called Shikha sharma claiming to be Missionheal volunteer. Same story about another boy called Harpreet Kaur. The link -> http://missionheal.org/viewcase.php?id=63

Dec 1, 2015

AIIMS confirmed that they are fraud

I called up AIIMS hospital social welfare department on the number given on this link..


The person recieving the call said "Totally Fraud, dont pay a penny. They are using our name but they are fraud."
Nov 17, 2015

Mahin Akhtar donation for cancer


Today I got a call from this no.9211635034 saying that they are NGO Relief India Trust and that this girl Mahin Akhtar is suffering from cancer for which they need to cover her operation cost. She is admitted at AIIMS, Delhi, don't know how they got my no. I wanted to believe & donate for the poor girl however they showed me a website and when I googled about the authentication of Relief India I saw it is spam. I asked for Mahin's parents no. which they have not given yet.

Please try to avoid such calls & kindly check if such calls & site is valid or not. We try to help a life but if the same is not done & the money is misused there is no use. Due to such things people who are really in need do not get support.

Feels too bad & cheap of such people making money using these poor children.

Nov 16, 2015

Relief India Trust

Today I received call from Relief India Trust, asking for donations for treatment for a 5 year old girl, Mahin Akhtar.
Not sure whether this is a scam
Nov 14, 2015

Same call

I got multiple calls, today from 9211296866, after reading the above reviews i asked for the NGO registration number and the pan number.
The guy on call told that he does not remember the PAN number.
he told that there is a emergency for injection. and they are in need of 5000 rs now. and they have arranged for two, but waiting to arrange for one.

I asked you run a NGO and for a emergency you cant arrange a injection ? the guy didnt respond.

I told them next time i get this kind of call am going to complain to Police, then the guy silently disconnected.

They are 100% fraud, do not donate for these kind of calls , where they say there are in an emergency for a small kid.
Bimal Krishna
Nov 13, 2015

Getting calls for Madhu - the cancer girl

I got a call today to help a girl child Madhu. When asked them for their genuity they messaged me like below -

Fr check our genuinity kindly open a govt. website
nw on the rght side u will find a NGO DIRECTORY column in this column on the 3rd no. pls click on the option search VOs/NGOs
nw in the unique id pls mention 82134 then pls click on search option.
nw u will be able to see all our genuinity details lyk 80g, pan card and all other documents.
nw fr helping baby MADHU kindly click on our website
www. missionheal.org click on case study at top right corner and click on see case and check the case of baby madhu. Sir are u easily forward a help in our website their is option to donate now their two option by netbanking and debit/credit card option u help will be reach within 5min
thank you.
volunteer name

Is there any way to go legally against such organisations like missionheal? The guy called me was speaking flawlessly about the girl child for minutes. I stopped him and searched in Google. Then I got these chains of complaint, some are in name of the cancer girl child Madhu itself. When asked how he got my number he told some blood donation camp!

Guys, don't ever donate to people like this! I got this call from +91 70 42 287504
Nov 13, 2015

I somehow doubt about it

Hi I got a call from a girl named priyanka jain this morning who almost convinced me to donate for a cancer patient named mahin akhtar and etc etc. so.i decided to donate rs 500. But as soon as I confirm to donate rs 500 immediately I recieved a call from the same girl but , somehow I think the voice was differing then the previous call, and she asked if I can donate 3000/- for an injection and I said no because I cant afford. Then, she asked me to donate 1000/- atleast for the medics. And then I decided to check if its true or not. As I saw all the reviews some positive but mostly negative I am avoiding to donate. Hope I m doing right.
God help
Ajay Kumar
Nov 8, 2015

mission heal is fake

i also got a call...caller was explaining things such a way that so many of us may agree for case study...but i have doubt so i asked directly that you want donation...then he said blah blah...be online while doing case study i will assist you for filling details...i said no..I don't require..then i said plz mail me via your official website domain...i will check then think about that...
huh..thank u all for clearing that they are fake...
Nov 5, 2015

Mission heal is FRAUD

Today I got a call from +919210995443 to help a girl child Madhu. These people are into a new business of taking out money by telling all this fake stories. This is heights of being A BEGGER. I am so surprised to see that these guys call and ask for financial help and also have a website http://www.missionheal.org . Please never ever deposit money to their account(s). They are not here to help someone.
Oct 26, 2015

got call from Relief India trust

I got a call from "Relief India trust" from mobile number "8750984844" to help one critical girl.
I don't know what to do ? so many times I received these kind of calls..
kindly help and take action against them.
Oct 26, 2015

Mission Heal call

got a call from one Sita .
"Baby Madhu is critical" - seems the baby is critical for months together as can be seen from reviews here
"please help.. hearts lung.. life to death.. blah blah" - english accent is terrible to understand
"got your number from blood bank, you may have been refered to by friends" - when I insisted i never donated blood (i actually did donate)
"can't share baby's parents' number"
so seems genuinely suspicious
Oct 15, 2015

mission heal

I am a student I was working with them, they are totally fraud.
Mission heal is just a name, but the main criminals are from BPO company.
I left that job bcoz I know they are fraud and I didn't want to part of any fraud company.
They call you.
They cheat you.
Emotional punches.
Case details.
They are well trained professional beggars.
Pls pls pls pls pls
Don't trust them.
Oct 5, 2015

Relief India Trust

I too have been getting calls from these people last 3 days. Initially I got a call on saturday and they sent me a bunch of sms with details on the website and how to search their NGO on the website. They gave me the unique id of 81349. The energy with which they speak sometimes makes you feel they are genuine and sometimes also leaves you suspicious.

After reading all of these messages, I decided not to donate. Thanks to all for having posted their experiences.
Oct 2, 2015

Relief india trust

Today I received a call from Pankaj relief india trust and same thing one baby with cancer.....its for 3rd or 4th call from this trust in last year .when i said i m not interested as myself is a doctor and working in other services..still he continued, I asked from where you get my no.He said blood donation camp.I replied I never been there...
I don't know how they get our number..and the last thing when our conversation ended the gye send me a bad SMS saying this can happen with your family.so will realise just wait and watch....this can happen with you so be aware
Oct 2, 2015

mission heal

Hi i have received a call from mission heal on 28 sept. regarding madhu a cancer child and on the same day i have received 3 calls so i told them not to call me again n again. but after calls i directly contacted to the hospital n sent a cheque to the hospital then again i have a call from the same case madhu. So i was bit confused n were checking about mission heal n seens the reviews so immediately i called to the hospital n ask about mission heal, i got shocking response that mission heal actually working for poors n they having school as well on the registred adress.

So please take care if you helping someone so don't believe others, i think those who mention there negative comments they actually don't want to help, if they want to help why they not sent the help to the hospital directly ???
Oct 1, 2015

mission heal

Hi i got call from mission heal side regarding a help of cancer patient, i ask them to mail me but i didn't get a mail just a certified of income 80G. So i told them to give a proper details and then i have sent the money of 7380 they were asking of medication kit.

After 2days i have seens the reviews so i called my friend to visit mission heal registered adress and i got positive reviews from my friend they actually having a mission heal school, so please don't believe on others not even me please check by your yourself.

I found mission heal genuine and true.
Oct 1, 2015

missionheal.org Scam


I got a call from 7042087469 to my cell and they request me for help to save a child and saying that they are part of missionheal.org. It looked me spam because their language was very cheap. Please be informed about such call and do not make any donation.

Oct 1, 2015

Mission Heal Total Fraud

I got calls (in sep) from them 7042086926, 8130137228, 7065703964 for Baby nandini, whose case has been closed or its too old. Nandini is so critical her operation in the vening and pl contirbute for one injection. They really start crying and begging. I contributed 4000. Then I called them to check about Nandini that I wanted to meet her, they all started giving vague answers. I checked this site and came to know that this is fraud.
This is really sad as it discourages people who sincerely want to help people.
Then I got a call today one lady asked for Baby Radha. TB and now cancer and she is suffering badly, operation to be done today please help.
I asked I want to meet the girl, on this they never gave a satisfactory answer. When i kept asking this, they had guts to say that they were not selling a product so no need to show. I also replied saying you are looting people Selling is a decent business. On this also she kept arguing why did you donate earlier, why can'tr you donate now.
I am not sure if this is lack of faith on police or lack of time but none of us want to go to Police and complain (including me) But I really wish if someone can support me, I will surely take it up.
Sep 25, 2015

Relief India Trust

A week ago a man called me claiming that he was a volunteer from RIT.He said a child was dealing with cancer and urgently needs financial help. When asked where he got my number from he replied from a blood donation camp. Since I had recently got this new number and was pretty sure I hadn't mentioned it anywhere, I got suspicious. Somehow I managed to get off the call saying That I would go through the website first. I searched through the net and found many negative reviews about the Ngo so I blocked that number. I realised that a couple of weeks ago a phone call had come to my sister's phone stating that she had won a gift hamper and therein I had mentioned my number(naturally even that call was a fraud).Today again a call came from a different number from RIT and this time there was a girl,I cut the call and blocked it .Again a call came from yet another number within 10 mins claiming to be from visa debit/credit card and asking ₹6500 for discount card to be issued and benifits of ₹50000. I feel these calls are somehow linked and a number of people are organized to cheat and make fool out of people and they would go to any lenghts to do so. Something seriously needs to be done. And yes be aware of such calls.
Sep 15, 2015

Mission Heal is Fraud

I got many calls from Mission Heal and email also with all details and msg on phone.Seems like all genuine .I thoroughly verified and checked this NGO is registered and they send 80G form and many attachements in email.Even I satified with all my verification ,checked AIIMS Dr list on website and found same Dr. which they mentioned in email.
But for cross check I forward their email to Dr email id and I was shocked when that Dr.said this child treatment is already going on but dont want any active financial need.
So It proved Mission Heal is Fraud. Pl never donate to them.
Sep 10, 2015

Relief India Trust.. Is it genuine?

I paid Rs. 9250 to them (Relief India Trust) and I got receipt that looks genuine. Infact I checked their PAN number and searched for their name in ngo.india.gov.in and found their details there.

But the way they call and the number of calls they make looks very suspicious. Not sure if they are genuine.They make so many calls..
Sep 8, 2015

its fake and i m being abused by these guys

I have recieved a call from 9210358353 a person name Rahul, initially he had requested me to help to save a girl child and when I went through the website and saw all these complaints and told him I am not gonna help you because its a fraud, he started abusing me. He used Go to hell and do u help boys..... he started speaking very cheap. So kindly inform all of you please do not help these guys. They are really fake. If you want to help go to some charities or adopt a kid and help them.

Don't trust them its totally spam.

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