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Relief India Trust


Consumer complaints and reviews about Relief India Trust

Sep 8, 2015

Its totall Fake

I have recieved a call from 9210358353 a person name Rahul, initially he had requested me to help to save a girl child and when I went through the website and saw all these complaints and told him I am not gonna help you because its a fraud, he started abusing me. He used Go to hell and do u help boys..... he started speaking very cheap. So kindly inform all of you please do not help these guys. They are really fake. If you want to help go to some charities or adopt a kid and help them.

Don't trust them its totally spam.
Sep 4, 2015

mission heal fraud

mission heal is fraud i also got a call
there was a man and a women .
They both insisted me to pay 1000rs

they are cheaters
Sep 3, 2015

Injection price for Dazy

Got calls from 7835925193.. from a girl and a man.. pressurizing to pay for two injections.... Now these people are hitting every corner of INDIA. and perhaps running a call centre to deal with as many people as they can.

Website cost : 5000/-
Photos : Free
Documents : Free
Income: Unlimited

Please be aware of such calls and people.

Aug 29, 2015

Relief India Trust

Hi All,

Just, I got a phone call from 9211855349,8745099708,7065901956 numbers and started explaining me about the case of Baby Nisha that she is burnt and she is in very serious condition blah blah blah,,, He spoke for over 30 min, later he told me that they need 18000 rs for 4 injection and he asked me to donate atleast one injection amount,

mean while i searched in Google reg "Relief India trust" and i came to know these people are fraud.

so please be careful ppls.
[email protected]
Aug 18, 2015

Relief India Trust

Even i received a call from this no today 9210371961 from Relief India Trust and they asked me to login to this website(http://www.reliefindiatrust.org/volunteer.php) and check the details.. If its really genuine we are ready to extend our support but its fake we will no more be intreseted to help Genuine people who are in need, I request someone to check it and Block Fake sites because of which people who are really in need are not getting support..

email:[email protected]
Aug 18, 2015

Mission Relief


I got call for two consecutive days 1st day from +919210213527 and on 2nd day from +917053613481. Different people called for helping different child.

1st day I got message also

please log on www.Ngo.India.Gov.In and click SEARCH VOS/NGOs and UNIQUE ID 81349 click search.check detail relief india trust and click WWW.RELIEFINDIATRUST.ORG click on SUPORT A LIFE check detail oF RIYA and for support click on DONATE NOW.By netbanking/debit/ credit card. VOULENTER NAME- ASHISH

One more thing which I observed about this is that they used to call in evening only. It is the time when working people are preparing to leave office for home and people will be in hurry.

"They will call and ask for financial help for child suffering from Cancer and also tells that their parents are poor cant bear the operation fees. Baby is admitted in AIIMS. If you are having internet access check our website and donate."

They speak continuously and emotional talks.

Please be aware of these frauds.

Aug 16, 2015

Mission Heal


Even I got a call from Mission heal, I faced same situation as all others. I don't know how genuine it is. They are insisting on paying certain amount. Even though I donated 500 as I was not sure. But Need some genuine review that says this is proper organization.

Thank you,
Aug 5, 2015

Mission heal

Received a call today about cancer treatment for a 6 year old baby madhu. I was asked to go online right away(?) which made it suspicious. He speaks continuously about helping a child in need her illness and trying to put it very emotionally. He talked non stop. got call from the number 9210324434. When asked for address he gave some address in mayur vihar NewDelhi.
Jul 31, 2015

Mission Heal Fraud

This organisation is completely fraud and they deserve to be sent to jail for life. Supposedly, there is a Pawan Kumar who runs the organization, though nothing is known about him by the people calling or on their website. Check the whois information of the website.. it states.

Admin Name:Pawan kumar
Admin Organization:Mission Heal
Admin Street: z-151,kashmiri colony
Admin Street: khaira village
Admin City:new delhi
Admin State/Province:Delhi
Admin Postal Code:110043
Admin Country:IN
Admin Phone:+91.9212783121
Admin Phone Ext:

This is also fraud. I decided to visit them, and found that no Pawan Kumar lives there.. Please do not fall in this trap.
Jul 30, 2015

getting calls for donations

Hey guyz
I m Aaditya Reddy a citizen of delhi
I had a visit today in mission heal organisation
Their address is c-40 shashi garden mayur vihar phase 1
I think this organisation is genuine because i already donated earlier & then i saw the reviews then i decided to take a visit.
Mission heal is a genuine organisation
I saw many children studying there & when i asked the members about it then i got to know that in their rehab centre there are around 150 students taking free classes with free books & food.
& on the another hand if we talk about the cases these cases are also genuine because i saw all the documents like the discharge reports of the cases which the have already closed.
Now i m happy & satisfied because its a govt authrised organisation.
Jul 30, 2015

Mission heal

I also got the same call, and baby name is nandhini. 100% fraud dont trust them
Jul 30, 2015

Mission Heal

Hello All,

I got a call(7053613481) asking for money to treat Nandini(3 yrs old) cancer patient admitted in AIIMS. one by one 3 people handover the receiver to the next, i forgot the name of the girl(first caller) nd boy (2nd caller) and the 3rd one was Manish Paul.
even they have verified their website which is listed in the government website(looking fishy if any Govt. people involve in it).
i searched for the Mission heal nd i got this forum 'http://www.complaintboard.in/complaints-reviews/relief-india-trust-l306126.html'

definitely something wrong with this Mission Heal's people, because if they are true then why they are not answering to the people.And after a lots of complaints no one is taking action on it

Its is really disappointing. i'll post it on most the complaint forums so people will know who they are are.

Jul 29, 2015

Nission Heal Fraud

And Yes, most of the time they will call people staying outside Delhi, so that no one can check their genunity....

I got call from the number - 9599383572
Megha Mathews
Jul 29, 2015


I again got a call from a senior person of relief trust. I said stop fooling people and i read in internet about their scam. She said how do you know it is scam and what proof do you have? Then she cut the call. Later my phone automatically started to work and it opened a bank app which i had installed. Suddenly i switched off my phone. Everyone please be beware of this company. If anyone says from India Trust / Relief India just cut the call. So not speak for long.
Jul 29, 2015

Fraud case

I also got the same call, and the case is more than 1 years old.... Want to open the case and bring it to Common people so that they do never repeat this type of thing again....
Megha Mathews
Jul 29, 2015

Fraud in name of charity

I got a call from Neelam Yadav (9211559763) saying about a child Dazy Praveen and she is 3.6yr Old Poor Child Nandani Fighting Btwn Life And Death Due To Eye Cancer And Admit in Aiims Hospital in icu. To Save The Baby Life of Baby She Needs Tretment of Cancer Chemotharapy But The Parents Are Very Poor Not Able To Afford Treatment Of Baby.
We r Student Volenter Trying to save Her Life ur Help Will Be Great value and Importance at This Movment u will be Like a Savier in the light in a dark,she is very sad and tragic condition if ur were here ur heart would fill up u would literary had tears in ur eyes.etc etc then got message from the same mobile to go and visit a website lifeindiatrust.org and check for Dazy and there is no such website. Really sad to know such scam people are using charity name for cheating. These people should be arrested.
kalyan gohain
Jul 25, 2015

Mission Heal Fraud

Got a call from a so called student (Mob No 9210863362) speaking about a girl child suffering from Cancer. He said his name was Animesh and said that they were having a shortfall of around Rs 25,000 for an immediate treatment. I asked them to send me an e-mail related to this even though they were insisting me to come online to check out their website. After the call, I received an SMS from the guy requesting for the help.
After an hour, I received another call from another guy(mob no 7042085770) claiming to be a senior member of the group and was insisting me to make the contribution urgently as they had very little time in their hands. His call was also followed by an SMS requesting the same thing.
Everything looked fishy to me and I decided to review the details of 'Mission Heal'.

I came across this forum and now I am pretty sure that these guys are fraud.

It is because of groups like these that sometimes genuine groups are denied of support. Very Sad.

Jul 24, 2015

Mission heal (Baby Nandini)

How I deal with it...

Ask the person to carry the medical documents along with the person (who called you) ID proof and take it to the nearest police station. Mention you will transfer money to the police station (mention how you do it is your own headache) and the contact person only can pick the money. 101% they wont approach. Do not forget to ask the where the nearest police station is and full name of the person who had called you.

Good Luck..!!!
[email protected]
Jul 22, 2015

Mission Heal (possible) Scam

Today received a call from someone by the name Shivang (Mob. +917835943437) from Mission heal, Delhi and post the call received the following sms

This is how the SMS text read..

She is 3.6yr Old Poor Child Nandani Fighting Btwn Life And Death Due To Eye Cancer And Admit in Aiims Hospital in icu.
To Save The Baby Life of Baby She Needs Tretment of Cancer Chemotharapy But The Parents Are Very Poor Not Able To Afford Treatment Of Baby.
We r Student Volenter Trying to save Her Life ur Help Will Be Great value and Importance at This Movment u will be Like a Savier in the light in a dark,she is very sad and tragic condition if ur were here ur heart would fill up u would literary had tears in ur eyes.
at the moment we r struggling to cover the left initial amnt 53000,
you will always recive blessings from poor child mother heart and u always feel the baby life save by u.
godbless u.
regds-neha km. (mission heal family)
plese gothrw
website-www.missionheal.org to see the detail plese go to the case study see case detail and donate by website.
also pray for life.
plese reply after.

Possibly a scam.. I have asked him to send the details from their email box to our NGO's email ID, but have not received any...
Jul 20, 2015

Mission Heal

I recently donated to mission heal organization as they said some one in aiims need a financial help. i was verifying in the google, is it real orgianzation or not. We always think negative first, so many people dont donate at all thinking that all ngo organizations are fraud. That assumption and lazyness to verify the fact stops helping the people who are really need. Some times our help reaches late, it is same as not helping. What i understood in my experience is first do your help and listen to your heart and act fast. out of 10 time you donate money if it goes to right people atleast 5 people, i am happy. Be positive and pure while helping.

i see that mission heal organization is listed in valid ngo in the governament website. I hope they are real. If some one who stays in delhi can physically go and check if that exists or not. That helps the people who are watching this blog knows the fact. All the best..live peacefully.

Meenu seema
Jul 19, 2015

Fraud with the name of Relief India Trust

I have received the call from one person (Mobile No.7210547165) from Fraud with the name of Relief India Trust. So please do believe all those calls, since my brother has suffered with name of Lottery ticket from BMW car company in the year 2012 september. My brother received the call from New delhi and he said that he is going to help my brother by giving 5 crore, even my brother believed that person. slowly that person asked the amount of Rs, 12,000 ,25,000, 50,000 ,75,000.... etc.finally we knew that person is fraud.....

So dear public ........... please do not believe all those calls...............
Jul 19, 2015

mission heal

I am getting call past few days about donations to save baby with cancer. The name of the baby is Nandhini, I don't know how they got my number, when I asked they said they got it from Red Cross. I never participated with Red Cross. My donations have been to some other international organization. I am not sure about the authenticity. Also if the case is so dire, I think they should consider putting on news paper, The amount needed is very small compared to the kind of campaign being made, this makes me suspicious. They are also not explaining about any attempt made to use government services. There is a big army of people calling repeatedly for donation, can that effort not be diverted to get governments attention to help the dire need.
axed employee
Jul 14, 2015

fraud NGO

Pratibha Nayak of Kotak Education Foundation is a money launderer. She forces the slumkids to attend overnight camps and picnics to get commission. Most of her friends are given charge of running the camp. she charges commission and pockets money. She ropes in her friends as trainers and pockets commision. She is con artist
Jul 14, 2015

Fraud Calls seeking Help for Cancer Affected Children

HI All,

I have received a similar call asking for urgent money to treat Dazy Praveen. Its is really disappointing to see such retards gamble in the name of charity. I have spoke to 3 of the agents & asked them a simple question about why they are not seeking donors from Delhi ? None of them were able to give me a satisfactory answer. They keep on talking emotional when asked simple questions that they don't have answers.

For the sake of charity some one please penalize these divine fools.

Thank you,
yeshwant ka
Jul 11, 2015

Mission heal and Baby nandini


Today I got a call followed by a sms for the same case, baby Nandini. The person who insisting to make urgent payment for one day treatment. The person named himself as Radhika. She said that the kid was suffering from Cancer and required money for chemotherapy.

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