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Relief India Trust


Consumer complaints and reviews about Relief India Trust

Arun K
Jul 10, 2015

Nandhini Case

Well, today morning, I got a phone call from an unknown number and started explaining me about the case of nandhini that she is suffering from eye cancer blah blah blah,,, He spoke for over 20min and i told him im busy and that i would check his mail an hour later. I asked him how i got my number and he said something from a blood bank :/
And i have checked the indian govt ngo website for their ngo id which was not showing up, all i received was a 80G certificate dated 2012.
After reading through this page, Im sure that they are fraud.
My mi4i has recorded the call also, not sure how to make use of that recorded call.
Whatever is, it is a fake organisation. Be careful ppl.
Jul 4, 2015

Mission Heal


I received call from Mission Heal asking for funding for treatment of a child, about a month ago. I informed him to send an email with full details that never came. He called me multiple times. Today, I received a call from Manisha 9718560851. As per her child Nandini is in serious condition of peculiar cancer - eye cancer and needs chemotherapy. Needs urgent funding. My suspicion grew because, she asked my name. When I asked her how did she get my number without my name, she mentioned about blood donation forum. But I was not convinced. I told her to send me details of the child in the email. instead she sms-ed details but the email had only the scanned copy of 80G form.

Now after seeing emails of many others, this case looks very old. They keep repeating the same lines to each and every one. I am sure people are willing to help but unless it is authenticated and seen with our own eyes, we are not sure, if our money is properly utilised or it lands in a scam.

I am doing charity to known organisations in my place and I know exactly how they do it. I do also see the needy people in person.


Jul 3, 2015

Relief India Trust

Recived a call from RIT forced mew to make payments and check thier website only thing i find suspicious is this guys were start moving to hospital at 9 in morning and when they again call me at 8 pm they were reaching Hospital .... isss Really Delhi That Big ... nd Everything There is Same background noice of truck passing folleged by car and then BUssss....
Jul 3, 2015


Getting Calls and Messages from Mobile no.s
+917065275834 for the same Nandini... they sent a copy of 80G certificate too.

But now Nandini has got Eye cancer and has to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy and what not....

Because of Fraud NGOs like this we can't trust the right ones...

If you want to donate, please visit some NGO in your local area and if you see things appropriate then only donate instead of having a blind faith on phone calls.

Even, in Kota, Rajasthan we have an NGO named Mother Teresa... my dad tries to visit that place once in a month for a small amount of volunteer donations and everytime he has been there no one asked for a single penny as donation, they simply say rather than giving money give daily use items like slippers, blankets, cloths, general medicines, grocery so they can use it for fulfilling the basic needs. Kids there are even not able to do their own daily routine work and when someone visit that place they give lots of love and affection and simply demand love in return... Thats it.
Jul 1, 2015

mission heal & baby nandini


Today I also got a call followed by a sms for the same case, baby Nandini. The person who called me was also insisting to make urgent payment for one day treatment. The person named himself as Keshav and introduced to me as student. He said that the kid was suffering from Cancer and required money for chemotherapy.
Pundit Venkat
Jun 27, 2015

Mission Heal & Baby Nandini


Today I got a call for this case. The person who had called me was literally insisting to make the urgent payment for one day treatment. It was for the same girl Nandini. The person name was Shishir and he introduced to me as student. He said that the kid is 3year old and suffering from Cancer and required money for chemotherapy. I started suspecting this and asked him how did he get my number. he said that one of my friend has given the number as reference in the blood bank. Pls. be careful with such calls


Jun 27, 2015

Treatment for Baby Nandini

Yesterday I have got call from mission heal NGO regarding donation for the treatment of baby Nandini.
They tried alot for the donation but I really thanks to this website beacause of which I have Identified this fraud NGO.
Email Alert
Jun 26, 2015

Mission Heal (Sounds FAKE)

I received a call from someone today and he was trying to convince me how legitimate this NGO is and gave me a ngo.india.gov.in website and asked me to lookup for their details.... and later on messaged me the below info... thought of sharing it...

Pls check details. Patient: Baby Nandani, Age:3.6yrs, Disease:Eye cancer UHID:100426922 MISSION HEAL NGO, Website- www.missionheal.org , EMail- [email protected], Helpline no. 0120-4569179
Reg. No. - 2908, Tax exempted Under 80G and 12A.
volunteer-amit rathore
Jun 23, 2015

Mission heal looks like a scam

Today, I get a frantic call for help from Mission heal for a baby Nandini with eye cancer. On searching the web, I find their website. There is only one Trustee for this organization which is supposed to be a Trust and has Sec 80G exemption.
What I am unable to understand is how a Trust can be registered with only one Trustee.
Why the Annual reports and accounts are not published on the website.
If you click on Annual reports, it will not be displayed.
On searching the web, I find that this same baby's name has been quoted for past three months at least.
Is there no one in the Government or Police Department who are looking into these frauds?

Hope these fraudsters are behind bars...

Jun 22, 2015

Mission Heal & Baby Nandini

Got a call from some Mukesh today and as usual googled to figure out whether it's genuine. It seems like it isn't. So sad to see that people use the name of poor to make money.
Jun 19, 2015

Mission heal & Baby Nandini

I see that this NGO has been trying to save Nandini for last 2-3 months saying the same thing that the treatment is "today". There are several fishy things:

1. Calls from NGO persons who are not from Delhi. Their office is in Delhi and the child is being treated in Delhi.
2. Support message in favour of Mission Heal from people who are from other states and have some relative in Delhi who checked the details from them.
3. Why cant they find support form Delhi? There are so many rich people there?
4. Their modus operandi in extracting money.

I think one should complaint to police about this. We need to make sure innocent people do not suffer. Thanks to this blog.
Jun 19, 2015

Mission heal & Baby Nandini

I see that so many people have been approached from last 2-3 months for a patient whose treatment is urgent and to be done within a day. Also there are many support emails. Most of the emails are from people of other cities who have some relatives in Delhi who checked and verified. Why no donor from Delhi? Delhi has such a large population and so many wealthy people. These people can easily get money from Delhi itself. It is definitely fishy. One needs to complain to the police.
Aditya Singhania
Jun 12, 2015

Telemarketing fraud NGO

Now I agree that relief india trust is a grand NGO as today I received a call from a guy named Praveen he was literally forcing me to donate for a girl named DAZY who is suffering from blood cancer and today her bonemarrow transplant has to be done. As per him thjs was very very urgent and is an emergency situation. But when I read the comment of Mr. Brahmneet Singh who received for the call 3 days back from relief India for the same girl Dazy . If the girl was so serious then why the operation was delayed for 3 days . This made me rethink and suspect about the trust .
I guess donation should be willfully not forcefully. I used to donate to relief India but not anymore . They are literally harrasing by repeatedly calling from different numbers .

If anybody wants to donate then please first ask them to mail the receipt voucher received from the hospitals while making payment.
Brahmneet Singh
Jun 10, 2015

Relief India Trust_Possible Scam

This is Brahmneet Singh working with a private KPO in noida.Yesterday i recieved a call from a person name Shahnawaz(Could be fake). Boy requested me that their is a girl name Dazy who is admitted in AIMS so he requested me to contribute for one days medication fee for her. I took some time to belief googled it and found the link and everything,thus beliefed and today i made that transaction for Rs2000.
How can i make sure that it was a scam...???????
Please suggest.

They called me from following no.s 7210547645(Messages) and 7531905813.
Also they gave me following details,
Account no: ################
Branch: Sec-16,Noida.
Roshan Shiveshwar
Jun 7, 2015

Mission heal (Baby Nandini)

Got SOS call on 8th June, 2015 for baby Nandini who has to undergo chemotherapy in some hospital in Delhi.

My reason for suspicion:

1. They said they got my number from a blood donation organisation . But, I have not registered myself in any blood donation organisation.
2. This case looks as old as April 2015.
3. As I stay in Karnataka , it is very difficult to verify if this is an actual case.
4. They were very insitent on donating money.
Jun 4, 2015

Mission Heal - Baby Nandini

I am not sure if the calls that I got from Mission Heal volunteers were fake. But some details raised my suspicion. I was very keen to donate hearing the tale of Baby Nandini suffering from eye cancer and being treated at AIIMS. A volunteer by the name Razia Khan (7835956798) called first and explained the details about Mission Heal and how I could donate. By the time I could browse the site and decide how much to donate a guy called Shaun Anthony (8527396715) called to say that they require about Rs. 86000/- being the gap in the cost. I told him that I would like to donate as much as I was comfortable with. Then he said a diagnostic kit would cost Rs. 47380/-. What raised suspicion was his following statements:

- the baby is on ventilator already as the infection has spread
- he requires 4 kits and that he has arranged for 1. The balance cost did not add up to Rs. 86000/-
- they were insistent that I donate the full amount.

Then there were repeat calls to check including this morning. I have not donated after reading that this case is as old as April 2015. Cant say if these guys are fake but the pressure they try to put and literally emotionally push you to donate raises questions on the method and perhaps the intent.
Jun 2, 2015

Relief Trust Of India-A Scam

I have donated twice to Relief India Trust, last year and yesterday -- total Rs. 5,000. The tone and their words make you feel irritated and at the same time guilty if you do not end up donating. I may have not got suspicious if after making the donation the person had not insisted that I donate a particular amount, some 5000 plus. He said he will refund the money that I donated and it will reflect in my account in 3 to 4 hours and insisted that I donate Rs 5000 plus for an injection that costs Rs 7000 plus, and that he is giving me discount of 2000. The discount word and his demand that I pay more by calling and messaging again and again, without even bothering to reflect that the person may not be able to pay more, got me suspicious and I stumbled upon this site and other sites. I have realised that the calls are from highly trained, sales people whose only objective is to increase target donation amount, and it is not about helping a sick child.
shah mayank
May 15, 2015

proud to be a part of social activities

Thanks for sharing all feedbacks,it is getting very hard now to believe over NGOs but as I m a part of missionheal from long time after verifying and seeing live cases infront of me.this is my social responsibility as I think to help anyone.one more thing that we r educated people in 21st century we r giving a big question mark on a helping organisation by a automatic app 'truecaller',,truecaller shows wrong details mostly for the location on mobile number,,supposed to use app 'mobile number locater' to find mobile numbers location,if some r doing good work please don't create a question mark on them.kindly verify all then please share ur feedback.
Good work guys keep supporting and help more and more.
Wish u a luck
subramaniam das
May 14, 2015

mission heal

Hi 3 days back i got a call from mission heal . they were student asking help of a baby. Nandini
I ask him to send details he forwarded a mail to me .they were asking fund for some therapies, i saw all the details and registerations but still i have doubt in my mind
So i google about it
I found this blog, then again i gt a call frm them they told me that reviews are there but we can visit to hospital
So, I called my frnd he lives in delhi gurgaon .
He went to the hospital and baby was there acording to that u.h.i.d.
Then i realize that yeah it is true
Our new generation is actually doing a great work for the society
I rechek these blog and found that most of the people just saw a complaint and put there reviews in wrong way
Yaar think on it if they are actually doing fraud then how can they survive that long on these frauds, they actually help.
Guyz on my opinion it is actually nice work by them
And recently govt. Cancel so many fraud n.g.o. registerations if they are fraud they will also get canceled.
And www.incometaxindia.gov.in
It is a govt. Website i trust on the govt website bcoz if they are still registered it means they are helping for the society .
Guyz help them
shashank desai
May 14, 2015

verified org

Great job doing this org. I verified personally with my friends to visit hospital and their rehabe center also.i met patient nd their parents also. don't know why there are so many complaints about mission heal bt they are doing great job. I donated 10k in this org nd i found every recipt behalf my donation amount. I have 80g certificate nd recipt also. since last 5months i m a regular donor of missionheal.if any poor needs us so why do we think negatively towards any organisation who wants to save some poors.please do verify all then show ur response.i m happy with them what they are doing.keep it up guys,appriciate ur work
May 13, 2015

Mission Heal

On 13/05/2015 I Received the Call From Mission Heal. As Same as on Above Case Baby Nandini. Needs Urgent Money, However i do not give them any money to them. As i Read the all complaint from this page.

Thanks to all for giving information.
Jesu Bright
May 11, 2015

How can stop these Mission Heal Frau

How can stop these Mission Heal Frauds. Really a kind of blackmailing Is there any way to submit these info's to Government?
Raghavendra Pittala
May 8, 2015

New way to fleece money

Today I received a call from the stooges of Missionheal and they asked me to check their website about Baby Nandhini who is suffering from Eye cancer and it is a very urgent case for which they need Rs58,000 out of the total amount of Rs1,50,000 and if she is not treated immediately then the patient may die, They asked me to do a bank transfer or give the details of credit card. When I have checked the website the reports are from January 2015 which is very old and in these 4 months they could have found some hospital which would have done for free or for a very little charge.
They were persistent that I give a donation and started emotional blackmail that if I help them then God will definitely help me. The whole call looked like a well scripted one. It seems that these NGO's are making good money and more of the fraudsters are entering into this business for a quick buck. Definitely a whole new way of fleecing money using emotional blackmail, Better stay away from them or you will regret your decision. These fraud NGO's waste your time and money.
This has taught me that if I want to do some charity for the ones who really need help I better go check them personally before making any donation.
May 6, 2015

Frequent calls for baby nandini

I have been getting calls almost every alternative days. For baby Nandini .

1.when I asked them to mail the details, they did not mail, will they will always prefer to text msg you( dont know why)

2. Their numbers are not even from Delhi, claim their office is in Delhi
Dipankar -############( true caller - Nipun Jain, Bharatpur, Madhya Pradesh)
Sourav Mukherjee - ############( not available on true caller)

Anyways when I msgd them back that I figured out they are fraud on relief India Website and the above numbers are not from Delhi. I did not get any further call or emotionally pleading msgs to save a life.

They are definitely fraud. Please be aware.
Smitha 2020
Apr 28, 2015

Mission Heal

Got calls from 9899112952 and 9211710818 for baby Nandini. When I saw this posts in compliant board checked further...surprisingly the list of donors are same for giggles welfare and mission heal (refer to I pledge section)



Surely something is fishy and needs investigation

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