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Renault Captur Platine (Renault India)


Consumer complaints and reviews about Renault Captur Platine (Renault India)

Jun 25, 2019

Proposed resolution not acceptable- The points to be answered

As per the given resolution is not satisfactory and as ref to the Tell con with Mr Jim Marvyn please note the below points:

1. Need a proper explanation on the high pressure leakage issue and all the Diesal lost along with the dangerous situations it may have resulted and the cost incurred. Also the original bill amount to be reflected online.
2. All the service dates should be properly updated (No cooked up dates).
3. Need explanation and compensation for the delay in RC endorsement and the amount I paid as EMI for the past 4 months without even using the car.
4. Need explanation for multiple failures regard to the the Airbag issue after the rectification on 28th May 2019. Also the bill and job card to be provided.
5. Assurance letter to be provided by the company stating in case of any Technical or Mechanical failures leading to the loss of Life or any mishaps will be the sole responsibility of the person's signed within along with Renault India and TVS. ( Assurance letter to include all the details from day one of delivery).
6. Need explanation on the condition of alternate vehicle provided (eg:One of the door is jammed from inside and outside)and all the extra expenses caused due to that should be levied by company.
7. Need explanation for all the humiliation and financial losses happened due to the technical failures and mechanical failures caused to my vehicle from date of delivery.
8. All the rusted components as specified to the delivery executive on all four wheels should be replaced or serviced.

Please do make a proper study to the points mentioned and revert me back in black and white.
Until and unless a proper explanation and resolution is formulated please note I am not able to take the delivery of the vehicle and the cost incurred in this period will be levied on the company.
Jun 25, 2019

Got a call from Renault India (Mr Jim Marvyn- Area After Sales Manager) He wants to cover the issue and manipulate

Got a call from Mr Jim Marvyn and he is trying to maipulate by saying as soon as the vehicle is delivered Renault has no warranty over the sensors and wirings and I have my doubts why they are charging for extra warranty. As far as I know atleast they should provide a warranty of 1 year.
He will not at all provide anything in written all via telcon that is not acceptable. When ever we ask in written he is saying until and unless you agree to my resolution I will not sent a mail. Best support possible by Renault na!
Renault India
Jun 24, 2019

anjithhari- 124902

Dear Anjith,

We are already working on your concern. Please be assured, we will try to provide you with the best possible resolution.
Jun 23, 2019

Safety of life at stake, Suffered various losses in 5 months time

Red Alert: Regarding a complaint registered in your reputed company on Captur Platine registered in kerala-KL-21-S-7009- VIN no: MEERHA009HB003095

Dear sir;

Please note myself purchased a Renault Captur Platine Diesal in my fathers name Mr B P Harikumar on 25th of jan 2019 (Onlybdriven 3000km as of now) from a TVS dealership at Nedumangad, Trivandrum, Kerala and from day one i am heartbroken held responsible for my grandfathers death and I was crucified, humiliated and abused by a number of people.( Paid EMI of 14k per month without even using the car about 3months, Lost more thqn 1.75L as other expenses including taxi).

The problems happenned to me in short:

1.Engine replacement and till now not updated in RC book (No insurance)( Misleaded by giving false info)
2. In competent staff (High pressure pipe not tightened properly)
3. Charged 7500INR more than the bill amount ( Got cheated)
4. Airbag issue (Multiple times 27th may rectified on 28th may- again on 9th June) (Told it was because of some pipe touching the wires causing short circuit when we went over bumps and gutters)
5. Service men not at all caring about safety(Quote: it can be driven but the only problem is that the ABS dont work in case of an accident.)
6. Vehicle gained a lot of bad name ( Nobody even ready to buy the vehicle for 5lakhs- already tried).

Genuine Resolution I need:

1.A full refund for the car along with all the extras and registration and insurance charges. (Along with the compensation for all my losses).
2. A replacement for my car with all extras and registration and insurance charges.(Along with the compensation for all my losses).
3. Will take the same car back after all the problems been rectified(Along with the compensation for all my losses), Until and unless I acquire a Legally valid document signed by someone from Renault India as well as TVS take the sole responsibility of any mishap (To the life and wealth of persons aboard) happenning due to technical and mechanical failure along with all statement of facts from day one. For my confidence in driving the vehicle again and for the confirmation that they didnt done anything to harm us.

Problems in Breif for reference:

From my profile only you came to know that I work for Merchant Navy and I travel a lot. I choose Renault upon all the other brand because I have witnessed the quality of service and customer care when I visited one of my friend who is staying in Dunkrik, France.
No one from my family was happy on choosing Renault since it was the first Renault car in my family as well as in my locality which consists of around 25-30 families.
My family consists of around 150members and please note the delivery was taken by my grand mother's brother in law Mr. Muraleedharan (President, Trivandrum Club) who takes the delivery of any car in my family.
At the time of delivery only we noticed considerable amount of rust in all the four wheels and I told the same to my sales person Mr Kishore SG and he promised me for a replacement on the first service itself. I did extra fittings of almost 40k in my car.
I registered the car (KL-21-S-7009)and took an insurance premium for 3yrs Bumper to Bumper, Personal Claim and 3rd party from United India Insurance.
And to my at most disappointment the previous day of my cousins marriage when I took the car for a water service I noted considerable oil in the floor then I checked and it was noticed the tray below was fully filled with oil. And I tried to start the vehicle it was showing no indication( Even no oil press low light) I asked for a towing and the car was towed from my home please note this is only a few days after my car was purchased. When I went to the service center the first intution they put forward that I only created the fault by ramming into something that was cleared when they raised the vehicle by hydraulic Jack's, I inquired about the warning light which was supposed to be lit. They gave me an answer which really surprised me. Quote" Renault vehicles are designed in such a way that they will only show indication in case of a breakdown not before" That was the first time I was hearing such an answer and I didn't argue since their is absolute no use of that. Actually they think themselves as all knowers and we the customers are utter fools, who are supposed to acknowledge whatever they tell.( Please note the Service Manager was present the whole time and he also played along). I asked for an alternate vehicle so as to keep my promise that I have given the groom that I will provide my car for the bride and groom ride. After a lot of argument and request (better begging) they allowed me a petrol duster automatic(which was not at all in use for a long time) unserviced and completely covered with bird poop and the vehicle was hell it had some problems with the brake the ABS light was always lit ( They told us it's nothing no worries) and one of its door cannot be opened from inside as well as outside), Please note they had other alternate vehicles available but they were not ready since they consider about their safety because they were using that. They want the customer to be dead so that they will not have any trouble.
I also told them to check all the sensors and wiring kit because it was not intending to do its function. Please note this.
After that the engine swap It took almost more than 1 month for the swap and I am paying EMI for not at all using my vehicle. In the mean while I was called to service center by the Service Manager there and told that the Engine Number is to be updated in RC and They will give an agent and we have to pay him first and afterwards they will give the money. The agent took 6000INR and I got a call from the agent after a few days he used that much vulger language that he was literally abusing me over the phone asking me more money. I called the service Manager at Trivandrum and he told me not to call him and not to attend his calls and he will do the rest. It's almost been 3months till now my Engine number is not at all updated and my car doesn't have a insurance coverage and this car is treated like a stolen car. ( In the service managers point of view it is of no problems and if something happens only thing is you will not get insurance and a separate police case for the same that's it this is they value for our life).I asked about the rusting issue they told me it will be done at the time of first service.
The car was delivered and Reliance Gas station at Nedumangad made a mistake by filling petrol I took the car to the service station it took around 2 days and he gave me total invoice of 7564INR and told me that the bill is not available since the system is down. In my Renault app it is only showing 564INR what about the rest 7000INR I have no idea. The customer service representative again asked me for 500INR for the Diesal and I gave him the same by Google pay. I took the car out and filled Diesal upto full mark and drove it around 12 kms. Meanwhile the whole Diesal drained out. I was surprised and I noticed the Diesal was leaking from the High pressure pipe going to the injector . It may have resulted in engine fire. This is how they treat the safety of customer. When I reported to the service executive he told me he will send someone and rectify it. They came around 2hrs afterwards and they tightened the pipe and took for a test drive when I asked about the Diesal I filled they told they don't know anything and I have to bear the losses. The whole interior was dirty afterwards and I had to clean it. They don't have any explanation for the same.
Then i took it for First service they told me that the rusting issue will be done at second service. And told me to bring the vehicle after 1000kms since they have to set the new engine.
Each and every record is altered. I will state the same after bringing up all the statement of facts.
After 1000kms i bought it for service on April and then we were not using the vehicle for a while. When my father used the car on 18 April it was showing Airbag warning light and i was at Mumbai at that time since it was mychoice of choosing renault I was called and asked about the same i called the service executive and he told me that it is a simple problem and it can be resolved by taking and putting back the seat bealt a couple of times after stopping the car and also added no worries. So at that day he choose taxi. Afterwards it was used by my cousin who is staying at chennai when he came for my uncles neuro treatment at Ananthpuri Hospital trivandrum (Dr.Marthandam Pillai- Family friend). The same problem happenned and I told him the same resolution which i goy from ghe service associate. He parked the car aside and took taxi, afterwards my brother took it back home. I was humiliated in front of the whole family and neighbours.
I complained about this matter on 27th of May to renault and i got a call from the service manager at trivandrum asking why i complained? I am confused even the customer dont have the right to complain also please clarify that. They told me to took the car to the service center at Trivandrum i took it there and i told them to check the sensing and wiring unit. They are not at all concerned. I took the vehicle on 29th and it was delivered to me without even servicing and all the seats were greased and dirty. I didnt even complained because there is no use of that.
Please note I have applied for my COC exams at MMD Cochin and due to online transformation we applicants requested MMD and MMD was opened for our application processing on 9th of june (Sunday), Since i forgot one certificate i told my dad to take it there so that i can complete my application he hired a driver and he took our car byreaching Vembayam(around 10kms) the light of ABS again lit back. My father called the Sevice manager and he promised that he will call in 15min he waited there for about 1.5hrs and he called me and i complained to Renault. He then took a taxi and it costed me around 15k for that day itself and drivers salary extra. All the way i was blamed for all of your teams mistake and i was even treated like an outsider inside my own family. The next day the service executive along with the area manager came to my home and they also witnessed how i was treated at home. The service executive told to my parents as well as my brother that it can be driven but the only problem is that the ABS dont work in case of an accident.
Already my car is like a stolen vehicle and it dont cover insurance since they only took money from me for engine swap update but they didnt do the same.
They want us to be dead and the alternate vehicle they provided was the same duster they provided me earlier i requested them to give that kwid they were using since the duster was uneconomical and it is full of fault same as my captur. they told me that they are using it and it cannot be provided. So they care about their life. I am doubting are trying to get us killed and solve the whole problem?
Till now i havent received any updates regarding my complaint.
Now i will tell you the most heartbreaking thing that can happen to ones life. We choosed SUV segment for my grandfather since he cant get into sedans and hatchbacks and please note he only got a chance to get into the vehicle only once because most of the time it was at the service station only.
My grandfather had a serious health issue at my home (His sugar level went down to 30) and at that day also i was not at all able to take him to hospital since the car was at service station and i had to rely upon my neighbours for the same. Most of my distant relatives are making me responsible for his death. He was in hospital for about 22days and he expired on 27th March 2019.(Any one from my family is not allowed to go outside for 12 days for the rituals according to our customs).
They made all the documents and service history cooked up that i can prove with a 1000 witness since my car was lying at home on 30th March and as per them it was at service station. I have even more things to share but i dont want to write all these here.
I am writing this letter to your knowledge since i need a proper resolution favouring me.
My car was not at all taken to the service station for engine swap on 28th Feb 2018.
The running repair done on 28th May 2019 is not their in their records even the service associate told me that they didnt make a job card and if some one calls tell them the same.
All these can be proven by CCTV footages at Renault Service center at Trivandrum.
The resolution you take in this matter will reflect in your brand repution in my locality and in my family.
Sorry if I wasted your time.
Actually I am concerned about my family's safety sir.
If something happens to my family I cannot bear the responsibility for the same.
Thats why i messaged you.
Awaiting your reply.
Thanking you
Anjith H A

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