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Renault duster


Consumer complaints and reviews about Renault duster

Renault India
Jun 9, 2017

गाडी मरम्मत हेतु

Dear Customer (anis lala dani),

We've shared an update on your issue. Kindly check your private message for the details.
Renault India
Jun 6, 2017

गाडी मरम्मत हेतु

Dear Customer (anis lala dani),

Please refer to the private message for the future update on your concern
anis lala dani
Jun 5, 2017

गाडी मरम्मत हेतु

मै ने ड्स्टर RXe 85 ली हे जिसका फैन बैल्ट साईडासे थोडा टुट कर निकल गया है ,उस केबाद से गाडी की साउंड थोडी बदल गई है कृपया बताये हमक्या करे...क्या इस बेल्ट का सम्बंध टाईमिंग सेतोनहीहै..इस के इंजन की कितने साल की गारंटी है,,,
मैंनेये गाडी सेकन्ड हैंन्ड ली है.बिलासपुर निवासी विश्वदीप दुबे से ,अब तक एक लाख चार हज़ार किलो मिटर चल चुकी है ,आपके शोरुम लाने पर मुझे गाडीठीक करवाने के पैसे देने होंगे
आप के लोगो तो गाडी देने के लिये बडे बडे वादे करतेहै ,मुझे कुछ दिनो बाद गाडी बदलनी थी,,
अब बताये मेरी गाडी के मेंनतेनेंस या बनवाने का ख्रर्च किस का होगा
मै एक पत्रकार हु,,प्रिंट मिडिया एव एलेक्ट्रानिक मिडीया से ताल्लुक रखताहु.पत्रकार कल्याण परिषद छ.ग.का प्रदेश अध्यक्ष भी हु..
वर्तमानमे यह गाडी मेरे पास मेरे घर पर है,
अनीस लाला दानी
वार्ड न.६ कबीर नगर बसना जिला महासमुंद छ.ग.
गाडी का न.CG10NB 2999
मेराफोन न. 8602116003...9977442080
e mail ..anisdani1959@gmail.com
Harish A N
May 20, 2017

Nav device does not work with Iphone 6

I have a 2006 version of Duster.. The NAV instrument gives lots of problems from day 1.. I have a written to Renault directly and they just passed it on to Trident Motors and Trident dont have a clue of what to do.. They keep calling me to engage with me so that I don't go back to Renault.

Blue tooth connectivity has problems with this Car instrument NAV Media.. If I enable the Phone book sync up the music in my iphone does not work.. If I disable the phonebook sync, it does work, but the some incoming calls can be barely heard by the caller..

Yelahanka Service manger keeps calling to update me, but I doubt he can ever crack the problem as the issue ha to be resolved by Renault..

Pathetic is the word I want to use for my brand new Duster.. I had great hopes on this car, but I feel other way round now!!
Renault India
Apr 28, 2017


Dear Manil Katyal,

kindly share your contact details and concern on customer@renault.com with your ticket number (2391) in the subject line and our team shall get in touch with you shortly.
manil katyal
Apr 26, 2017


I own a duster 110 ps diesel, afraid to say it is one of the worst cars I have the air conditioning is worse than an alto, the entire car shudders when on 1st gear, this has been the problem since day 1, now finally after 2 years I have been informed that the problem is with the clutch and needs to be replaced, have already got the shockers replaced as they were leaking. The car is pathetic and now only the driver drives the same for grocery and other errands, cannot trust the car with family. I am not a first time car owner in fact I own 6 cars including Terrano / Innova / Scorpio / Ford / Creat they all are a dream to run except for this crap which I got mislead into buying, never in my life will I buy a renault car again, by the way i was one of the first ones to book the kwid in Haldwani but till date neither have I taken the refund of the booking amount nor the delivery of the same,as I do not want to touch renault with a 40 foot pole and also advise all my near and dear ones of the same.
Renault India
Apr 22, 2017

Renault Duster Parts changed by service center are of very bad quality

Dear vikas231030,

kindly share your contact details and concern on customer@renault.com with your ticket number (1445) in the subject line and our team shall get in touch with you shortly.
Apr 16, 2017

Renault Duster Parts changed by service center are of very bad quality

I am using duster car from year 2013.
i am facing lots of quality issues regarding my car. Some of the serious issues are as mention below:-
1) ac direction knobe- they have changed it almost 10 times but still the quality is very bad. Last time they changed it in 3days n when they return my car i asked their person to rotate the knob. But they were unable to rotate n broken something from inside that knobe. the condition is very frustrating for me.
2)water jet for wiper- Not working properly even after lots of complaint.
3) door lock- door lock from driver end is not working properly even after lots of complaints.
4)sterio- sterio is not working properly even after lots of complaint.
5)gear problem- from the time of purchase i have problem regarding the gear (the 1st gear struct any time from the 15 day of purchase). they jst told me they have oiled the gear n this will not repeat again everytime. Now the condition is worst.

vikas gupta
Mar 21, 2017

Duster gear clutch problem 85psi

The gear lever gets jammed when on 1 gear or 2 gear. Renault duster should recall all dusters and get it repaired at their own cost ,this can only happen if someone gets court order. Get it done.
m i vaghela
Mar 10, 2017

no proper answer

i m going to renault service centre.i m very disappoint
no proper gudiance. no good response
very lazy work
no satisfaction
Muddasar Shaikh
Feb 13, 2017

Clutch Problem Duster

Heavy maintanaince vehicle !!!

I had bought Renault Duster 85ps in 2013 form Gen Nxt Thane done only 50k . I was facing problem of hard to change gear that means some clutch issue was there . Each time i had shown inrecl service on 20k, 30k , 40k but problem still exist. Right now condition has reach to such & extent clutch had stop working. I had shown in company they quoted INR 30000 for clutch and another 10000INR for service. This is major complaint in many duster & aabove complaint box also.
My vehicle is in 4 yr waranty period despite this part are not covered in waranty.
Company must recall all faulty gear clutch system which are affected or either it will be very down fall of Duster as product.
kindly consider this immediately or there are many option to offend from custmer point of view.

syed zaheer ahmed
Feb 11, 2017

Gear stuck / Clutch raise duster 2013

Urgent / Urgent atleast for the Humanity sake Duster Technical team take serously...
It is to bring to your notice that i own a renault duster from past 3 years bought from this from Renault Duster SHRI SRI SHOWROOM SECUNDRABAD with registration number- AP13AE4400 From few months i am encountering problem with gear box of my car as it gets stuck while driving and does not comes off even after certain efforts which can lead to accident too.when ever i drive my car in first gear and want to shift it to the second gear it struck. I went to see your dealer SHRI SRI SECUNDRABAD for the same problem and they told me about the problem and i am trying from several months to get claim for it but they don't even listen to the issue. finally I meet the technical manager in the workshop he assured the problem will resolve, but to my surprise they simply promise and playing with my patience THE PROBLEM IS VERY OF OFFEN THE TECHNICAL MANAGER IS CHANGING FROM THE WORKSHOP. I am writing you this mail so as to let u know the issue i am facing and i am never gonna recommend your brand to anyone and if the issue is still not resolved from your end too. i will be going to consumer court and will send you notice. Have all the documentary proof.
Car is under warranty and complete only 47K kms.problem is still running and customer care also not helping me.plz give me north zone servicing head Mobile No.7416176800 AYOOB
Jan 27, 2017

Repair of Renault Duster

Dear Team

My Car no JK02BE3920 is met with accident & I place my car at Jammu service station on 06.01.17 . I also paid Rs.2.00 Lacs as advance for repair but till today i.e 27.01.17 my vehicle is still lying as it is. No work has been done to far. Even we have not get satisfactory answer .We always get reply that work will be started in two three days.
Nakul Grover
Jan 22, 2017

Deficient services of Renault /NCR Motors

Dear Renault Team,

I request to draw your attention to our serious concerns against NCR Motors, Adichini, New Delhi with whom we had booked Duster car AMT , 110 PS Diesel based on our reliability in your renault brand however are seriously dissatisfied with the experience faced till date.

We had been following up to have a proper and happy delivery of Duster on 15th Jan 2017 pre-booked
since last month for various auspicious & religious reason has been blown at the peak of cannon for cheap sales tactics and extremely poor & deficient service which forced us not to take delivery Duster car . The car finally shown at said showroom was a showroom display model and a different color car which even on demo turned out to be defective.

The service of showroom were grossly deficient as despite our waiting for almost 3 hours there was no answer on to how the cars shall be delivered and what shall be the basic kit for delivery and why the brown color duster booked in advance had not been reserved dispite the advance payment of Rs 20,000 on 28th Dec.

The adicini showroom of NCR Motors is extremely poorly managed as the staff were virtually sitting without making any efforts to assure proper delivery. The atmosphere in the showroom was extremely unpleasant and unhealthy as my wife & father were made to sit and experience poor service and staffs quarrels in an unruly manner.

Neither the Staff manager nor any senior staff was present at the shown room and situation looked more like fish market rather than a renault brand authorised show room.

Despite our several attempts to get our committed product, we were finally left with no option but to walk out as on demo the car displayed turned to be defective and had a non functional stereo system. It was a shock of the life when staff replied that there are minor defects in the car and can be easily repaired at service station close to our house after taking delivery of the car by us.

Observing the uncivilised, misleading and fraudulent conduct, we were forced to walk out and even informed you over the phone that the delivery had not been taken and booking stands cancelled now as were unable to bear the unwanted harassment by NCR Motors.

I wish to inform you that already own a Hyundai Creta & Ford Ecosport and had been extremely satisfied with their services since inception and intend to make renault a part of family however have serious doubts on account of very basic & poor services received till date from your authorised agent, NCR Motors which indicate loose quality checks on renault on Delhi dealers and car ahead.

We raise doubts to product being delivered & Services offered and request your authorised official to accompany delivery or inspect the product as we have already refused to accept delivery of product once on 15th Jan 2017 due to our concerns raised below, as had experienced grossly poor & deficient services of your agent who seems over confident for their unethical actions.

We have raised our concern under previous email to NCR motors and your available email id and Mr Chopra from renault teams id however are neither satisfied nor confident with kind of feedback received till date. Under such situation we request your intervention from quality check department/sales, as we have already refused the delivery once and request your immediate intervention.

We apprehend coercive behaviour from NCR Motors as have made the payment in full in advance and are hopeful that your intervention can assure us genuine product with a satisfactory services towards delivery on next week end.

Thanks & Regards
Nakul Grover
Jan 15, 2017

complaint no.4_02868824.

Dear Renault Duster,

It is to inform you that I have Renault Duster - Model 2013 (HR01-AH 2222) name of Ram Kumar. I am facing problem in rear left side shocker leakage. same I have highlighted with your local agency Ambala Cantt Tepla but I am surprise then they demanding money to provide the solution either I have good enough warranty period left as well my vehicle run as per co terms. Many complaints I have already register with your co. but still I am not getting +ve response. So I would request you please intervene in this matter and as soon as possible fix the issue.

Compliant I have logged with your system but still awaiting for update.i have good experience with you but this time not want to make any bad experience with you.

I am eagerly waiting for your response. my contact no is 9416462111.

Second would request you share your escalation matrix which you follow so that according I can approach to next level in case find any delay in solution.

Thanks in advance.

Rgds/Mohit Sharma.
Jan 13, 2017

Renault is cheating customers

Here is my pathetic experience with French automobile company Renault. Shame on you Renault. A BIG shame
On 1st Of Oct 2016, I received Renault Duster Petrol RXL variant from Silk board Renault showroom in Bangalore. From very first day, I noticed issues with the vehicle.
Just after the delivery flag off ceremony (in front of the showroom) vehicle got stopped in first gear and it happened three times. I ignored the issue and thought that since it is brand new car, it may stoped and after 5 – 10 KMs, it will be resolved. But to my surprise, in 10 KM distance, vehicle stopped (Engine Off) so many times and especially in heavy traffic.
Same issue happened next day as well and vehicle stopped in first gear (slow speed) number of times in just 20 Km drive. I was bit frustrating and reported this to my sales executive. He asked me to bring the vehicle to the showroom and told me that it may be happened because of my driving style. On Monday 4th of Oct, I took my car to showroom and sales executive told me there is no issue with the car it just happened because of my driving style. He commented this without any kind of investigation.
I was quiet surprised with the response. I am not a new driver and last few years I am driving long distance and owned one more car. He told me that all these happened because first time I am driving Petrol car and I need to learn how to drive a Petrol car (My other car is Diesel). He also drove the car just for few meters and vehicle got stopped. I noticed this and asked why it happened when he drove. He told me he is also driving Petrol for the first time and used only Diesel before. What a ridiculous response? This incident alone proves that they were aware of the manufacturing defect of the car.
Even after following the instructions from Renault service center people, I found very difficult to drive the car and noticed few more interesting things
a. Vehicle is stopping in not only first gear but also in reverse as well.
b. When I release cutch (in first gear), vehicle is rolling either backward or front depending on the slope of the road.
So I decided to take the vehicle for a long drive to check the performance and these issues and went to Nandi hills near Bangalore (a tourist place near Bangalore). I cannot forget that day and this car gave me a horrible experience. In low speed (First gear) it stopped multiple times and moving up of the hill was a tedious work. So I informed this Renault Silk board dealer again and he asked me to take the vehicle to service center.
On 8thof Oct, I went to the showroom and the service person (not sure his name) took my car for a drive and confirmed that all are fine with my car and this issue is happening because of my driving style and repeated same story.
This time I was not convinced with the response but I left the showroom by receiving their advice by applying accelerator whenever I release clutch in first gear.
Mean time another person also drove (not Renault employee) the car and it stopped multiple times in 5 meter distance. And same issue continued. I reported it again back to the showroom and I have been asked to take the vehicle again to service center.
On 15th I visited the showroom again. This time also same story repeated. So I lost my confidence on your service center people and ask them to sit with me while I drive. The route was free and I never end up in a situation to apply first gear. So I put the car in reverse gear and it stopped. This time service person accepted that there is some problem and he took the car to service center and asked me to wait. After one hour he came and told me. He checked everything and all looks fine and cleared the air filter. And told me that the issue will never happen in future. But the issue still exists and since I was not getting satisfactory response from the dealer, I contacted Renault customer care on 15th and raised a ticket (Complaint ID – 4-02557946).
Later I got a call from same Silk board showroom and they asked me to take the vehicle to the showroom on 21st Oct. When I reached the showroom, the technician started saying the same driving style issue. But I asked him to come with me for a drive, took the vehicle to a heavy traffic area and explained with demo and showed all types of unnatural vehicle behavior. It stopped multiple times and he gave me some instructions for my driving and after applying also it got stopped. Especially in some places in first gear, when I release the clutch gradually, vehicle started rolling to backward / forward depends on road slope. Once I completed my demonstration, I asked him to drive as he was again pointing to my driving. When he started driving the car, he also experienced same issues and finally accepted that vehicle has some issues.
Below are the observations from my side on the vehicle and shared same with that person
a. Vehicle don’t have expected power (compared to the test drive car) in 2, 3, 4 and 5th gears
b. In 1st and reverse gear vehicle is stopping and this is especially in traffic places (a case where we need to engage first gear a lot)
c. Also we observed that when release the clutch in first gear, instead of moving to the front, vehicle is rolling either front or back according to slope of the road.
Note - The advice from Renault technical people was always apply accelerator when release cultch in first gear. But when I move my leg from break to accelerator, in that few seconds, vehicle started moving as mentioned in above point and this advice is not completely acceptable to me. If a vehicle is in first gear, when we release the clutch, vehicle should move forward for sure.
We went back to the showroom. When I raised a complaint with Renault, one Service Person was allocated to address my issue. The technical person who came with me explained the situation to Service Person and I asked him what the next action is? He asked me to bring the vehicle to the showroom on 24th Oct to fix the issue. I asked details about the issue and the nature of solution. He told me that, since I raised the complaint via Renault customer care, they will share the findings with Renault directly and based on Renault instructions, they will fix the issue. Since I went to the showroom on Friday, it will take two working days for them to get a response from Renault and asked me to take the vehicle to service center on 24th Oct (my 5th visit to service center in just 24 days).
After paying 11 Lacs for a brand new car (+ Accessories price), I am not able to take my car to the road and not getting a professional service as well from Renault. Visiting the service center 5 times in 24 days is a pathetic situation. Also think about my mental frustration, time and money I spend on my visits.
On 24th Oct, I gave the car to service center again and I received it back after 5 working days. During my discussion with Renault service center people, they told me that they re-loaded the software and did clutch bleeding. But clutch bleeding is not mentioned in the bill given. I have repeatedly asked both Renault and Service Center to give me a detailed report says what is the issue and what is the solution. But it is not yet fulfilled until this time. After the service, I did a test drive along with their Service people and seen a good improvement in first gear. But seen issue in reverse gear. So I informed them that, I WILL USE THE CAR FOR A WEEK AND LET THEM KNOW HOW CAR BEHAVES FOR PREVIOUSLY REPORTED ISSUES and sent an email to communicate same on 28th Oct 2016. I gave an average feedback for the service. The reason for that was
1. All the time instead of accepting vehicles defects they gave wrong info to me
2. They accepted the manufacturing defect after raising a complaint with Renault customer care
3. The documentation which I requested were not given and clutch bleeding activity communicated with me verbally multiple times but not gave any written document after repetitive requests. Detailed report is still pending from their side and I since they are saying one thing and that is not reflected in the invoice force me to think they are hiding things from me.
On the same day evening, the service executive called me and was forcing me to give a better rating for his service over the phone. I denied it and clearly mentioned that, I will use the car for a week and then if everything is okay, I can give good rating and we agreed 3rd Nov for the same. So I took the car for a long drive with my family and below are my observations.
a. Looks like there is a good improvement in first gear (80 – 90% is resolved). But still first gear performance is not up to the mark.
b. No improvement in reverse gear issue (same as before)
c. Some new issues also found after last service like engine noise some time is Diesel Engine, When moving the gear liver from 1st neutral, RPM is going up.
d. See below table for 6 days, we prepared a list which says exactly what happened to the car on each day. Again these numbers are depends on the kilometers drove each day and I haven’t noted it.

When I communicated same to both Renault and Trident motors by email, they (Trident motors) again started saying their old reason (My driving style).
So my question to Renault is
A. If the car is stopping issue in 1st and reverse gear, WHY you reloaded the software and did clutch bleeding.
B. Why your own experts drivers (from Service Team, Trident Motors) failed to drove the car?
C. When other people (my friends and family members) drive, why the above mentioned issues happening?
These are the best examples for how they are cheating the customers. I reported this back to Renault by sending emails and Registered letter to Renault India head office. But until 23rd Nov, no one contacted me from Renault customer care directly and Trident motors sent few emails with same Stupid reasons. I asked them to stop it and requested them to give me a new car which does not have any Manufacturing defects with compensation (Request number 4-02719544). I am waiting for their response.
Knowledge level of Service People - Before booking the car, I had a discussion with Reno sales executive and we discussed the power of Diesel RXL (85 PS) and Petrol RXL and I have been told by him that Petrol is having more power than Diesel. Also he arranged a Petrol RXL for test drive and I did it in both diesel (85PS) and Petrol (104 PS) variants and experienced Petrol engine magnificent power. It was exactly similar to what their Sales rep mentioned. So I decided to go for Petrol Duster.
But I cannot see similar power in my car and when I talk to three of your service people in different days in above mentioned visits, all three told me that in Duster, Diesel 85ps is powerful than petrol variant. Unfortunately, I am not able to recollect their names. Also one person told me Petrol variant is only 85 PS where as your booklet and advertisements says it is 104 PS. That gives me an impression that, either you are publishing wrong info in advertisements or your technical people does not know basic info about the car. If it is the second case how can I trust your people in future?
Since I received different info on vehicle power from sales person and service team members, I thought of checking it directly with Renault to clarify it, I contacted them today (on 23rd Oct) and the person who picked the phone (his name was Ashish) told me that he can invite someone from the dealer. I declined that I told him that I already heard what dealer’s service team is saying and now I want to get it clarified directly from Renault. To my surprise he told me that this kind of information Renault is unable to provide and it can share only by dealer’s service team. And he was repeating the same. It is a pathetic situation. The people, who make the car, designed it, developed engine is not able to provide such information and they need help from dealer’s service team to provide it. Too bad, now I doubt the technology of Renault and its capability to provide support to customers.
Also their technical team (service team) is incapable to find the root cause and they are trying fool the customers by simply saying “you don’t know how to drive car”.
Poor Quality Accessories - Defective Extra accessories provided for high cost. I ordered reverse camera with sensors and the LCD screen which was fixed showed unnatural behavior and hence Renault has replaced it with a new one. Now the new one is also defective. Sometime LCD screen blink and I have showed this to the Service Lead immediately and he agreed to send the vendor to my home to replace it. After one month of time, still there is no response. This proves that after charging Rs. 8500/- Renault cheated me with poor quality product.
This put me and my family into unnecessary pain. Hope you understand the feeling of a customer who paid huge amount and received poor service from Renault by all means.
Two complaints were already registered with Renault for these issues (Renault Complaint ID:-4-02557946 & 4-02719544) and I am aware that your complaint team in India is working on it. Since I was getting foolish response from your Service center employees and chasing up with customer care for last 45+ more days, I thought of sharing my experience with you and get help from you to replace the defective product with new one with compensation. If your people don’t have skill set to service Duster Petrol, please let me know that upfront, I am happy to upgrade it to Diesel variant. For sure I don’t want this defective car which delivered to me.

Note – after the service (on 28th Oct), Service team asked me to give a feedback and I gave average rating. Same day evening Service tem lead called me and requesting me to correct it and give a good rating. That itself was a shameful act from Renault. Customer feedback is something customer is giving. If we need to fill feedback form as per service team’s wish, why you are asking customer to provide a feedback. You can fill it by yourself

In the mean time I contacted Renault CEO and Chairman Mr. Carlose Ghoshan and India MD Mr. Sumit Sawhney and they have assigned Mr. Arun Nair (Area Manager South – After Sales)) to look into my car issues and they contacted me last week and we met on 1st of Dec.

I feel that, in order to hide the vehicle issue (Manufacturing defects) or maybe they are unable to find the root cause, whatever may be the reason, I was treated in completely unprofessional way by Mr Arun Nair and team. Here are the reasons,
a. To prove the given Renault Duster has defects, I was FORCED to prove my driving skills. I may be the first person in the world who asked to prove my driving skills for car’s manufacturing defect. I drove the test car successfully which was brought by your team. Also they asked my historical driving experience and the cars which I used in the past.
b. In first gear, my car was stopped three times when Mr. Arun Nair drove in 1 -2 KM. And still if Renault has any issues to accept the manufacturing defect of the given car, I kindly request your help to return my money with compensation. This proves Renault’s service team’s inability to find the root cause of the issue.
Anyway below are the Observations when Mr. Arun Nair and team met me on 1st of Dec-
a. First we took the car (KA 01 MN 9621) and I (Lijo) drove it and replicated the first and Reverse Gear stopping issues successfully
b. After I drove, Mr. Arun drove the car for a 1-2 KM distance and we noticed that vehicle stopped three times in first gear.
c. Finally Mr. Arun and team asked me to drive the test car and I accepted the same. I drove the car without any issues and I was very comfortable in driving the car. I never saw that kind of driving comfort and confidence while driving my car (KA 01 MN 9621).
This clearly tells me that, the given vehicle has got some manufacturing defect. SO they agreed to take the car back to service center and next day asked me to deliver the car. When I asked about the reported issues, they mentioned that they cannot identify any issues and there is no problem with the car. So I denied to take the car back and informed them that I am returning it. After 3 days Mr. Arun Nair called me and said the only option for me as customer is to take the car and adjust with the issues.

Also Renault denied refunding my money or replacing the car. So I am proceeding with legal action against the,. Requesting all my friends who read this message not to consider RENAULT when you plan to buy a car. Renault - See you in the court
Pranjal K
Jan 2, 2017

despite Inflated billing vehicle not delivered

My vehicle number is DL8cX6775 (Ro-RONSKA17005869) at unnati vehicles Pvt limited, Nashik road.
The. Vehicle got heated and coolant leaked and engine was stopped immediately however service centre at Nashik road sends a driver to get the vehicle instead of towing. An estimate of less than 47000 given and was promised delivery in two days I.e 30th of December 2016, vehicle started from my house in one stroke and reached work shop absolutely smooth the work was suppose to have finished on 30th and actually got overon 31st. I was billed 42000 at odd rupees against an amount of 31000 (inter cooler which was suppose to have changed was not replaced which cost 17000 rupees) after billing at 8 o clock in the night vehicle has not been delivered stating a trial has to be done invariably before delivery, is this the system with that test drive is done subsequent to the billing ??
my vehicle which is the top hand model run only 39000 km has never failed me , except for replacement of relay once. The work shop has changed oil cooler, one circuit for relay, gasket for cylinder,they also insisted changing intercooler and now claim that because of fuel injectors vehicle is not starting, my question is the vehicle which was running smoothly until delivery to the workshop how suddenly had developed problems with fuel injectors and what relationship these parts including intercooler has got to do with overheating? also oil filter body when can be washed and reused - why it had to be replaced ? How did estimate not include the issues of circuit and fuel injectors and should such problems warrant holding of the vehicle for 6 days??I have a strong suspicion that part's of my hardly used vehicle have been replaced with some other vegicke, this raises serious questions about the credibility and efficiency of a world class brand and the process of destroying it's reputation in India- Please intervene and facilitate resolution IMMEDIATELY.
Dec 24, 2016

Ingnition problem

From the day i have bought Renault Duster i am suffering the problem of ingnition.
My almost 2 year old duster is not satisfying my needs
It's ingnition doesn't starts for 20min
It doesn't happens regularly but it happens once in aweek or 2 times a week
I have registered a complaint about it at Renault showroom and service centres of Faridabad but they are not rectifying it at all
They just waste my time and take my car for sometime and just make me fool that they have repaired it
I want it as soon as possible because it has reached a next level and I doesn't want to make it more big
So kindly rectify asap
Sanjeev handa
Dec 16, 2016

Catch fire while parked

I am owner of RXE 2013 Modal Renault , yesterday night at 1:00 am is caught fire Burnt down competently. Fire started from Bonnet. Just wanted to check if other heard about such technical snag. You can verify my complain from Police station shalimar bagh. my Car Reg no DL8CZ 8250.
Rajen Pradhan
Dec 14, 2016

Battery problem

I bought duster RXL 85 PS in Oct 2013 and found that noisy sound produce either from fuel injector or from engine tappet,The mileage run till date is 38000 km,not only above said problem but much more problem like irritating sound produce from all the door of car.Now a days I am facing much problem with car battery by which it create ignition problem every day .Being an automobile enthusiast present owner and regular user of four cars of different manufacturer like Mahindra, Hyundai and Maruti. I do hope for positive assurance and feedback from esteemed company.

With regards...

Rajen Pradhan

Nov 4, 2016

Duster - The worst Vehicle

I am owning a duster for less than 2 years now and I would strongly recommend NOT to buy this vehicle. Service is worst in any service center and I have already spent around 3 lakhs on repairs. They have been stating fuel adulteration and demand on changing the Hi pressure pump and change all 4 injectors whereas the fuel is always from a company owned BP. Lot of complaints and no use. When I enquired from friendly sources people say that 110 hp duster has this issue because the engine is sensitive. But Renault has never provided the list of gas stations where I should fill the diesel from. Now I do not know where to fill diesel for this DUSTER vehicle to work properly. Worst service and worst vehicle.
Oct 20, 2016

Steering Failure in Duster Car

Dear All,
I had owned the Duster Car since Nov'2013, but recently while travelling on NH-44 due to sudden failure of steering, my car got toppled in the middle of highway road. For my fortunate there was no other car/truck/bike was moving on the road at the same time, otherwise myself and my family would have been in deep trouble. Infact I have got the servicing done just before starting the trip, but unfortunately due to the manufacturing problem in the car, steering became inactive in the middle of the road when the car was running around 80-90 kmph speed.
I had informed and written to Renault Customer care, its almost a week gone, but there is no response from them till date. I have already raised the insurance for the total loss of car, as the damage is beyond repairable and the estimated cost is around 11 lacs against the IDV of 8.65 lacs.
Dear Friends, can anyone suggest me the way forward and how do I take up the issue with Renault and is there any other platform where I can submit my petition/complaint, for which Renault team may respond better.
Your kind advises would help to resolve my case in better way


Anil Patil
Oct 16, 2016

Hard clutch and Gear stuck

Hi friends...i have just bought renault duater 85 PS on Aug 24 2016 and after driving 700 kms there are multiple problems started coming like clutch ia very hard, Gears stucked while driving and very surprise to see meter lights automaticaly off when car gets into any patholes....very disappoitment and it clears shows that they have sold me a faulty car as well the interior is very poor...quality of plasfic is third classs, it createa lot of noise...Mr car no js HR 51 BK 7333.....now renault people are saying will call tecnician to see the issue but tell me one think why would i bear it the loss now if there j a fault then they should replace or repay my money back....it was my hard earned money....now m just struggling and roaming behind them for rwsolution from last one month...now my car has completwd 4500 kms....
Oct 12, 2016

My recent experience with TVS Customer Service

I have entrusted my duster at TVS service centre at Kottayam Kerala due to noise from bonnet. The complaint is attended by the most efficient and reliable person. As usual he entrusted the vehicle to your workshop guys with the hope and belief that they can trace out and rectify the defect at the earliest. They started playing with the vehicle for a week to trace out the problem, during this period i have seen my car several times on road, may be as part of their investigation. During this period an attempt is also made to give the vehicle back stating that the problem is solved. I refused to take it back finding that the complaint still exist. Being an automobile enthusiast present owner and regular user of three cars of different make, i suggested them to check alternator or AC compressor. Then they started saying that they will do it by replacing those parts which will take much time. I have permitted them to take their own time. I dont know what they did up there. Later they stated that they have conducted trial run by replacing alternator AC compressor tension er and recognised the sound is from Alternator. They suggested to replace the part which will cost Rs 53000/- plus service charge since my vehicle is 110 BHP. Being an experienced person in automobile field i never believed them, I took the car back, checked the same at a local workshop on examination it is revealed that, your technicians never removed alternator or AC compressor as part of their examination, (This can be confirmed by checking the bolts and nuts) they only mislead me and compelled me to change alternator. The sound is identified to be from AC compressor pulley bearing. The defect can easily be identified by removing the belt and checking pulley play without removing any other parts including AC compressor, as we did. If i believed your service guys they will change alternator first, then say that AC compressor also defective and will change the same give me a bill for more than a lakh. Now i can solve the problem by changing the bearing of AC pulley which will cost around Rs 2000/-. In addition to this they said even though my car has done only 79000 kms alone but had crossed the period of 4 years and two months so not entitled to get warranty. Is this a complaint developed all on a sudden, i dont think so since i am always driving the car with AC ( with all windows closed) the sound cannot be heard and identified from inside. I noticed the sound from outside when a friend of me took the car for a drive and reported the same to TVS. Due to this bitter experience i will never entrust the car for service again at TVS. I know the service adviser is innocent he is only mislead by the LAZY AND INCOMPETENT technicians. I have so many problems with duster from the date of purchase itself which were solved earlier by sending lawyer notice
Oct 11, 2016


Hi guys, why cant you move to consumer court for redressal of your grievances.

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