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Renault duster


Consumer complaints and reviews about Renault duster

Renault India
Jul 3, 2019

Mayank.punetha- 125904

Dear Mayank,

Please check your private message and share the details for us to assist with your concern.
Jun 30, 2019

Duster AWD not starting with Electric/ electronic fault amber light coming on when fuel is less

My duster AWD has just 2 years old and has completed 29000 km. It had not given any trouble till 28000 km however recently within last 1000 km vehicle has gone unserviceable 3 times due to above mentioned snag .....
As soon as the fuel indicator shows fuel of one bar or endurance of less than 150 km , car starts to take longer cranking for starting up eventually amber electronic fault light coming up and car not starting or cutting off automatically if stated up ........ It also emits black smoke while starting at this time
Same problem goes away when I fill up tank to half
Moreover lately car seems to be under powered ..... And is not accelerating the way it used to
Renault India
May 22, 2019

Duster euro 3 not euro 4

Dear Gauri,

Please check your private message and share the details for us to assist with your concern.
[email protected]
May 20, 2019

Duster euro 3 not euro 4

I purchased duster AMT RXZ diesel from crystal automobile, Ghaziabad.
Before purchasing the showroom representative confirmed the vechile is euro 4.
In the final tax invoice it is also mentioned that this vechile is euro 4.hence iam assured for the same.
However in the vechile registration itvis not mentioned
Further I went for PUC center in Delhi where PUC center informed me that this vechile is euro 3 not euro 4.
I also saw that my vechile is euro 3 compliant not euro 4.
As I was cheated by Renault and dealer please suggest can I go for legal action against Renault as they have sold vechile with fake information
[email protected]
May 20, 2019

Duster euro 3 not euro 4

I purchased duster AMT RXZ diesel from crystal automobile on 31st march 2017.
Before purchasing the showroom representative confirmed that this vechile is euro 4
Further In the final tax invoice it is mentioned that this vechile is euro 4. Hence iam assured about this.howver in my registration it is not mentioned
Further I went for PUC in Delhi at there PUC center informed that this vechile is registered under euro 3 and I also saw the complete details in which it is clearly mentioned that this vechile is euro 3 compliant not euro 4.
As I cheated by Renault and dealer please give me the solution can I go for legal action on Renault
Renault India
Mar 27, 2019

Power cut

Dear Mehul,

Please check your private message and share the details for us to assist with your concern.
mehul sagar
Mar 26, 2019

Power cut

Some time my duster in running position and suddenly power cut and steering jam and cd player also off after 2 min automatic power is on and all functioned are working i dont know why.
please tell me what is the problem
Oct 23, 2018

Shuddering and vibrations


I have a duster AMT 2017 ..17000 kms done ..I am getting lot of shuddering in first and reverse gear ..I believe there are approx more than 20 complaints regarding the above issue ..is the company serious enough to do some Research and rectify the issue or just giving a temporary remedy..


Sanjay Ghorpade
[email protected]
Jun 15, 2018


Vikram ji...and also all the viewers

This is problem is not only associated with your vehicle its an common problem with Renault Duster but company geeks are not going to accept.

My personal experience
I had Duster 2013 model suffered the same Shuddering and poor acceleration problems alog with poor braking
Lost my precious time and money spending on workshop many time and then finally no solution so sold out the vehicle.

I thought Its my Bad luck so again trusted on Renault and purchased 2016 model face lift 2 Renault Duster Rxl wiih Abs Ebd equipped

It was fine smooth superb ......

Untill it gone for service ...they made brake pad changed as they insisted for betterment...soon after that same problem of Shuddering ,poor acceleration ,rough idle ,veichle feels like stalling..spongy brakes

Again visited many times to workshop

They says no problem according to them
like i am an stupid who wants to waste my valuable time for their welcome coffee/tea.

Again decided to sell this Duster and never evergonna buy Renault product.
Renault India
Jun 7, 2018

Renault services

Dear Vikram,

Please check your private message and share the details for us to assist with your concern.
Vikram satav
Jun 5, 2018

Renault services

I have a duster adventure purchased in 2014.
Regularly servicing at the authorised service station at regular intervals.
The running of my vehicle is more so i dont take the chance.
Over the past 4 services i had some issues with the clutch and the vehicle used to shudder in low gear. Ihave repeatedly complaining about the same problem to the service engineer. He assured me saying its normal for all the dusters and as i had not driven any other duster why would i suspect.
But at this time i insisted that there is an issue with it.
They agreed and on further examining they found about the clutch plates and the fly wheel issues which were bad and had to be changed which would cost me whopping 80000 yes 80k .
Could this have been prevented or could this problem not arised had they genuinely looked at my complaints.
The servicing is like a programme i.e. at 10000 this will be replaced 20000 the other things and so on...
So do they really care .
The servicings are also not cheap as it is
So in 4 years they have replaced half my car and chared me for the same double whether it was required or not and they did not bother about my genuine complaint till it was beyond repai and then charged me a fortune for their negligence.
I feel you should buy this vehicle only if you have your own service center

Vikram satav
Renault India
May 18, 2018

Issue with Fuel Injectors in Duster 110 PS Models

Dear Anand Nair,

We understand that our team has spoken to you about your concern and you shall be visiting the service center for further assistance. In case of any support required, please feel free to contact us at ############.
Renault India
May 16, 2018

Issue with Fuel Injectors in Duster 110 PS Models

Dear Anand Nair,

We understand that our team is in touch with you and assisting you in this regard.
Renault India
May 16, 2018

Issue with Fuel Injectors in Duster 110 PS Models

Dear Anand Nair,

We always assure our customers to have a pleasant experience with us. We're forwarding your issue to our concerned team and will get back to you.
May 14, 2018

Issue with Fuel Injectors in Duster 110 PS Models

Dear Team Renault,

This is to highlight the extremely poor response time of your Service Center from Jogeshwari East, Mumbai.

Car Regn Number: MH-02-DW-4693
Car Model : Renault Duster 110 PS AWD

1. Persistent Issue with Fuel Injectors for 110 PS Model:

My vehicle suddenly starts showing up error/warning signs of Alignment & others on the dashboard. As per the instruction of the Customer Care, the car was taken to the Jogeshwari Service Center the very next day.

On 20th April'18 I am informed by the Service Manager Mr. Sandesh that there is a problem with the Fuel Injector.

On 21st April'18, I was handed back the car by the Service Manager Mr. Sandesh since he informed that the Fuel Injector will take aprrox 7-8 days to arrive at the Service Center and that he will place the order for the same immediately.

I was quoted Rs. 28,000/- towards the cost of the Fuel Injector and additional Estimated INR 4,000/- towards Labour Charges, etc. Total Estimated Bill of Rs. 32,000/-

When I looked upon the internet, I find that the issue with the Fuel Injectors has been an old one with the Renaul Duster 110 PS models since many years now. Still nothing is being done to recitfy the same by the Renault team. Why should the Consumer bear an additional financial burden of almost INR 30,000/- if Renault is unable to rectify the issue for years now??

Below are some reference links:

Poor Response from Renault Service Team:

On 21st April'18 I was assured that the Fuel Injector will be available at the Service Center within 7-8 days.

Regret to inform you that as on date I am still waiting for the Fuel Injector to arrive at the Service Center!!

What is the reason for delay of almost a month now when the assurance was for one week??? And why give false assurances to the customers in the first place??

I would like to know the date when the Order Request was made from the Jogeshwari Service Center to your Procurement Team and the reason for the delay.

Week after Week I have to make calls to the Service Manager to ask the status of the Fuel Injector. I have NEVER received a courtesy call EVEN ONCE from your Service team to update on the status of the issue.

Last Thursday I was again assured by Mr. Sandesh that the Fuel Injector will arrive in the next 1-2 days.

Its Monday Night today, 14th May'18....and again Sandesh tells me that the Fuel Injector will arrive in the next 1-2 days!!!!!! THIS IS PATHETIC TO SAY THE LEAST!!!

Further, who will bear the cost if there is more wear and tear to the said part or any other part of the car due to the faulty Fuel Injector since the car is being driven for so long now without the replacement due to unreasonable delay from your end?
Please note here that I was clearly instructed by your team that its ok to drive the car but not at speeds above 80 kmph.

Poor Service of Other Minor Issues in the Car:
Since the car had to be dropped at the Service center for a couple of days in order to inspect the issue for the errors on the dashboard, I had also pointed out some other minor issues with the car to be recitified viz.
- Squeaking Noise of the Clutch Pad.
- Squeaking Noise of the Left Door Handle Cover.

When I took the car back on 21st April, I was told that both have been repaired. But that was not the case. Soon I realized that the squeaking sound continued to occur from the Clutch and sometimes the door as well. Infact now the Break Pad too is making similar noise when applied. This again shows the seriousness of the Service team towards solving the issues of the customer.

Overall I must say the whole experience has been nothing less than disappointing and frustrating for me.

Please let me know the how you plan to provide prompt service for the above mentioned issues and compensate for the extreme inconvenience being caused to me and evidently many other Renault Users?

Hoping to get a prompt revert from your end.

Anand Nair
9769 101020
May 14, 2018

Satfety concen on my Duster 110 RXZ

I purchased my duster on March 2017, On 29-Apr-2018 I have driven it to Ooty from Bangalore. After reachign Ooty it suddenly stooped in the middle of road. at that point it was showing ABS and Hand Break lights on dash board even though hand break was off. I have pushed it to a side with help of local traffic police and called road side assistance. They sent a local mechanic and he said battery is drained completely. But there is no warning light on dash. he called another person to check battery, and that person tested and said batter is not getting charged properly it iis getting 9V instead of 12. Vehicle was towed to Coimbatore service center next day. Service center people called me and said Alternator Belt was cut that's why vehicle stopped. I have raised two serious issues with this vehicle,

1. How alternator belt which should be protected casing can get cut in an one year old vehicle.And why would that stop vehicle, per my understanding alternator was used to charge battery, if the belt was cut battery will go in to stand alone mode. But should be able to run.
2. Why there is no battery warning shown in dashboard when battery went to stand alone mode. Why ABS and hand break lights were shown.

Since last three weeks I fail to get a good answer from Reno.When ever I call customer care I get standard answers as technical team working on it, we will get back to you. Cannot imagine how dangerous it could be if it happens on Ooty Ghat road uphill.

Apr 16, 2018

Duster driver seat comfort

Dear viewers,
I am driving my duster automatic from two years now and I always feel leg pain in city.
I tried Sedans like accent, Avalon, Corolla, fluency etc., and I never felt such pain.

Is this common with other users? Or does it has any solution?

I am really think to replace my seats with any sedan seats but afraid of the after effects.

Please I need an expert suggestion.

Thanks for your comments
Renault India
Mar 30, 2018

Clutch Shuddering in first gear

Dear Shadil Sheik,

We strive to provide excellent customer service. Our team has been informed about your issue. Please be assured, they will assist you further.
Shadil Sheik B
Mar 28, 2018

Clutch Shuddering in first gear

Engine Shuddering in first gear :

I have diesel duster 2017 Jan Purchased. I have driven 30000 kms, and I am getting lot of shuddering when I start driving in first gear and vehicle isn't moving slant up while in first gear and facing difficulties to drive in bangalore traffic.

I visited Renault service station in mysore regards to this issue and they have done some clutch bleeding and gave the vehicle back and i faced this issues again after a week and again I have visited them and they kept vehicle with them for 4 days and assured that this issue will not repeat again as they have replaced the required parts. Now after a week issue still persists and again i had to take vehicle back to the service station for rectifying this issue.

I expected a car like Renault Duster meant to be SUV should have been more agile and durable than what I face today as owner of my Duster car.

I had read this review initially when I purchased this Duster but had not imagined that the SUV (Duster) will have poor quality inbuilt system that does not stand usual rigour of normal city driving.

Hoping to have some good response from Renault team, I would request either to replace the clutch(Manufacture Defect).

but I am scared what if the issue repeats even after replacing the clutch or later after driving another 30k kms.

This is something really bullshit, we are paying so much money to buy this vehicle and getting back the poor quality and poor service from Renault.

This is the manufacture defect which has in this car and this should rectify and replace the parts by Renault.

Email:- [email protected]
Mobile# 7030111332/7411214253
Renault India
Mar 14, 2018

Renault Clutch Issue

Dear Nishant,

We understand that our team had contacted you and shared clarification with regards to warranty terms & conditions. We request you to kindly get in touch with the dealership for further assistance in this regards.
Renault India
Mar 12, 2018

Renault Clutch Issue

Dear Nishant,

We understand that our team is in touch with you and assisting you in this regard.
Renault India
Mar 11, 2018

Renault Clutch Issue

Dear Nishant,

We do understand the unpleasant experience you have to go through and will surely look into this matter. Please allow us some time while we get this checked for you.
Mar 9, 2018

Renault Clutch Issue


I own a Renault Duster 2014 model, 110 BHP. I love the car and it definitely handles the potholes and road conditions in Bangalore well. The main grouse which I have and I have noticed that a lot of other owners have raised too is that the clutch is hard and wears out much faster than other vehicles like Toyota. I had replaced the clutch at 22000 kms. The reason given by my service team then was that in Bangalore traffic we tend to ride the clutch often inadvertently. That replacement costed close to INR 30k.

After that my car has now done around 57000 kms and again when I had gone for service the issue highlighted was to change the clutch though I didnt feel any major issue with that. Probably I was getting used to the tight clutch. After the last clutch assembly change I was extremely careful not to even bring my left leg anywhere near the clutch unless drastically needed to change the gear. So the issue of riding the clutch could be ruled out this time.

But I wonder how can a car like this face such a significant wear and tear on such a critical component and that too within a span of 30 to 40,000 kms. I was told by the service team that this is the shelf life of the clutch assembly for the Duster in Bangalore. I can understand that Bangalore has the highest density of stop gap traffic in the country but am sure Renault has invested so much on their R&D to build a car for India and would surely not compromise on the quality. I also feel that Renault needs proper feedback from their customers so that the appropriate steps are taken just like any responsible manufacturer. I feel if there is a manufacturing issue with the clutch, Renault should take the initiative to recall the Dusters and do a free checkup and track the performance of the clutch and fix the underlying problem even if it means replacing the clutch at their cost! Because changing the clutch is a significant ownership cost ( INR 25000 plus labour) for a regular customer . I have also noticed that labour charges are almost same or sometimes even more that the parts for a regular service. Am not sure how it is for other brands and their service centres these days.

The other issue which I have faced is the Medianav music system acts up, quality of Bluetooth and speakers are not very good. Also the music system does not start up. And I need to remove the key from the ignition and again start it after 10 seconds for the Medianav to work. I wonder why this is happening. Even the service centre guys found it tricky to diagnose this issue.

Renault India should look into these issues and address them asap so that they dont lose good customers and even prospective buyers.

Yours faithfully,

Renault India
Jan 19, 2018

Engine Shuddering in first gear

Dear Praveen Datla,

We understand that our team had contacted you and provided necessary assistance on your reported concern. In case any support required in future please feel free to connect with us at ############.
Renault India
Jan 19, 2018

Engine Shuddering in first gear

Dear Praveen Datla,

We understand that you're facing an issue. Our concerned team will get in touch with you to support and help with your concern.

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