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Consumer complaints and reviews about Renault India

Pradeep Kumar Alwar
Sep 4, 2015

pathetic service

Dear Sir

1.I Pradeep Kumar bought a Renault Lodgy from Nirmal Cars Alwar on 26.06.2015 unfortunately my car met with an accident at sikar on 26.07.2015 on the same day at 10:30 AM i lodged a complaint for road side assistance but they arranged me service at 8:00 PM however Jaipur is only 1 hour 30 minute away from Sikar still they took more then 10 hours to arrange RSA.
2. From 26.07.2015 as on today they (Nirmal Cars Jaipur) have not repaired my car and still needed another 7 days to repair it, I am not getting why they require that much time more than 40 days to repair a vehicle which need little bit denting painting and most of the damaged parts need replacement.
3. After 2 months of purchase vehicle i could not get my balance amount which i paid extra to you while purchasing the Lodgy.
4. After 2 months of purchase vehicle i could not get sale letter from your dealer for my old car Santro which i replaced in lieu of the new Lodgy.

I am also sure nothing is going to happen with this mail because it very difficult to accept our mistake.

Sir if you continue with this kind of your services i am sure sooner or later your brand image is going to tarnish and it will definitely decrease your sales volume. Because only satisfied customer of yours can fetch you another customer. But customers like me who is feeling cheated after paying 10-15 lakhs to you for such type of inconvenience will definitely going to spread negative part of your after sales services.


Pradeep Kumar
Aug 24, 2015

Pathetic service of Renault

I am Sachin, I am using renault Duster DL 1CQ 6422.

I am facing bad service by renault since 1st service, and today is the heights of poor service level.

my car broke down at 11:00 AM, I called renault helpline, they told me that person will reach to you with in half hour,

it's been more than five hours and no one has come till now. every time when I call their help line, they say person is reaching with in 10 Minutes and they will arrange a con call with in 2 minutes.

but no one calls.

Renault --- If this is the service level, then I am sorry but my next car will definitely not be a Renault Car. and I will never suggest your brand to any one, soon you will loose your market in India for sure.
Aug 22, 2015


I Ajay R. Raval from pune purchased renault lodgy two months back, in june. My vehical no. is MH- 12 MB 3250 Suffering suspention problem from the date of purches & tyre problem also that after drive of 40 kms, tyres colour is changing to blue then after cooling it turns to original colour
today i got big problem that whilst paking, front left side tyre got burst just because of the stone
is it to happen? have already made a complaint about tyre's colour changing to hadapsar, pune service station but there is no action from them
twice i made a complaint about suspension problem also
they reduced the air pressure of the tyre from 45 to 35 and then they said to drive and get the suspension feel but still i m not satisfied about suspension as i feel sitting in a see-saw on rough roads
your action is very much awaited to write for review
[email protected]
Aug 10, 2015

Pathetic Service and untrained staff at Renault Noida service center/sales showroom Facility

I got my Renault Duster from Avia Auto Service sector 63 noida on 3rd Jan 2014. I have been facing noise issues from the audio controllers near the sterling and from front and rear doors ( passenger side) from the 3rd month of purchase.

I have visited Renault workshop located in sector 63 noida n number of times for the same issue and never got a permanent solution.

The best part is Renault technicians telling me that every duster makes noise from the audio controllers after 5K Kms (which is funny as this was never told to me by the sales representative at the time of sales).

Renault team makes many false claims at the time of sales and make new vehicles available for test drive but once you own the vehicle , you will know the actual facts about the pathetic quality and unbelievable after sales services.

Renault is one of the worst company i have ever associated with as a customer in terms of after sales services, issue resolution , quality and honest review of their products.

I am not expecting any Renault India ( North ) to help me with my issues as they don't even the courtesy to provide honest details to customers about their products.

Renault just want to sell their poor quality products with false details to customers and once the product is sold and sales team has achieved their targets, they don't give a thought about the money customer has spend on the useless investment ( i even don't want to call it an investment).

Vivek Rautela
Jul 29, 2015

Deplorable Service of Renault patna East dealer and service provider

Complain #1 Several promises made at the time of sale are not fulfilled even after almost one and half year despite several complaints with customer care and dealer

I bought Renault pulse in the first week of January , 2014 and following items as promised and offered at the time of purchase have not been provided till now:-
1. Focal speaker
2. Leather seat covers
3. Body cover
4. Mudguard
Due to much delay in delivery of leather seat covers, body cover, mudguard, I had to purchase these from market but focal speaker has not been installed in my car till now.

I have also lodged complaints with Renault customer care on 27th January 2014 and was assured that the issue will be resolved within reasonable time. But even after regular follow ups, more than a year has passed but nothing has been done till now.

On each of my many visits to Renault Patna East, representatives of the dealer have assured me to resolve the issue within a week but have done nothing in this regard.

I have to lodge complaints repeatedly to customer care of Renault India and each time they gave assurance that issue would be resolve within 24 hours. During one of these conversations, sales manager of the aforesaid dealer was taken on conference and at first denied making such offers but on verification of documents, He acknowledged the fact that company, Renault India, has made the offer to provide focal speaker free of cost with my car at the time of purchase and other offers were made by the dealer's sales man. In order to defend his dealership he made several excuses like the sales person, who sold the car to me has left the service etc. but assured me to resolve the issue at the earliest.

It shows nothing but sorry state of affairs that after multiple complaints and follow ups with customer care, issue has not been resolved till today.

Complaint # 2 deplorable service by Renault india patna East dealership

I have submitted my vehicle for servicing at the service centre of aforesaid dealership but they have not released my vehicle even after 1 month and 18 days on one pretext or the other. I have made several complaints to customer care about the same but to no avail. During every follow up telephonic conversation with customer care representatives, they have given empty assurance to deliver the vehicle next day. Now I am tired of harassment caused by such collusion between dealership and Renault India itself. with no other option left, I am thinking to take legal recourse.

Divesh Kumar Mishra
Jul 28, 2015

Worst experience with NCR Motors

I bought a Renault Duster RXL on 19th Jun 2015 from NCR Motors, Sohna Road Gurgaon Showroom. I was in touch with a Sales Rep Vijay Saxena in processing all the formalities. At the time of delivery, he told me that it will take 3 weeks to get the registration number (and yes i got it in 3 weeks for my swift which i bought last year) and 45 days to get the RC.

It has been more than 5 weeks now and i have not even received my car registration no. After my regular follow up there is no response. I was told that the file got delayed due to xyz reason for which they will get back to me. But strange these guys never turned up. They promised me that they have got the road tax registration done and will share the same with me but nothing came as of now. what is the purpose of buying the car if i cannot drive it. Now i am asking them atleast give me some date on which i can expect the number. They are not ready for that also now. Every time their response is 'We don't know when it will be released.'

Do I seem to be someone stupid calling them every time and following up on the status. I asked them Agent detail who is responsible for this. They provided me with contact number of that guy Shankar. I tried to call him and even he is not picking up the phone. Now one of the ASM from that showroom (Mayank Raghuvanshi) started telling me that we can not do anything, you can contact to our main Head office in Sec 15, Gurgaon.

Strange on the part of the showroom is that they are not even bothered to call and inform me. Is it like once you people sold the car, all your job is done. Don't you people have any customer satisfaction kind of thing. Do we ask your dealers to get the registration number to followup so many times. if this is the case, why should one give extra amount also to get the registration. If one have to do so many follow ups with these guys, he can get the number directly from Authority as well.

Whoever is reading this even I will recommend to them not to go with this dealer. The way these people respond is completely like you want to get some job done from some government office and they are not even bothered how much you are in trouble.

Can I expect any help from Renault India ASAP and request them to take strict action against it.

Jul 17, 2015


Dear Sir,

My Car No. RJ30CA3201 Model 2012 purchased on 02-08-2012 Engine No. 002279 Chessis No. MEEHSRA36C6001134
This is regarding Service/ Repair of my Car at your Udaipur Centre at various times. Every time it remained for some or other reason. Some incidents as under:

My Car met with an minor accident and Udaipur being the nearest I sent it there. The Bill was reasonably high but the repair, not at all satisfactory. The variation in color is easily noticeable. A rod was not properly aligned for which I requested them but the same was not attended. I could get it done at Jaipur only.

When it was given for service with horn in working condition, during service we were told that the horn is not working and needs to be replaced. However, I didn't opt for that and surprisingly the horn is working today even. It was so misleading!

This time there was some problem in A.C. when the Car was given for Service. The Car was kept for 3 days, repair of A.C. and replacement of a part billed for but the problem remained as it is. When it was pointed out I was told that a part amounting around 8000/- needs to be replaced. Why are we being harassed again and again?

Other centers’ Jodhpur or Jaipur are providing satisfactory service, but Udaipur Centre totally disappointing. No care, no honesty.

The above is for your information and for doing the needful and justified, please.

Thanks & Regards

Anand Daga
+ ############
+91 9414172265
Jul 14, 2015

poor service

Dear Sir,
I m one of customer of your renault.and i had baught the renault Duster on 28-06-2015 from sikka mayapuri Delhi .and till my car is not registered in authority.and i have not recieved the number plate on my car.and my car A/C is not working properly on that date.and i am driving a car without number plate and traffic police have stopped me two time.and Sikka Mayapuri Sale exucative said that "Roj khte h ki aap kal aakar number plate lagwa lena".and i have not get my car number plate.sale exuactive is making fool me.and i am disappoint of renault service.
i am requesting to you.please rectify my matter.

Anil Kumar
Jul 7, 2015

Renault Lodgy - Issues with Infotainment System

I had taken delivery of my Renault Lodgy RXZ 110 PS a month back in Bangalore. In no time I had noticed an intermittent bluetooth connectivity issue (connectivity getting dropped frequently) especially with my iphone 6 & other mobile phones. I had immediately brought this issue to the notice of the dealer(Trident Whitefiled Renault) and further investigations by the dealer proved that issue was not specific to my vehicle, as same issue was found in all Renault Lodgy available with the dealer. It's 3 weeks since I had reported the issue but Renault customer care is not ready to provide any update other than the standard response " Concerned team is looking into the issue". I see it as a serious failure of Renault's quality management processes as they should not have delivered a vehicle with quality issues. I am really disappointed with Renault's attitude - as they seems to be taking the issue lightly - even after reporting this issue with a brand new car. Appreciate if you can share Renault's escalation contact with me to take this issue up with Renault's senior management.
Kamal katiyar
Jul 1, 2015

Duplicate key not given at time of delivery

I m kamal katiyar live in kanpur. I have purchased a demo car from sprint motors,Gurgao in Dec 2014. At the time of delivery staff gave me only one key with remote and promised to give the second key within a week
After a week i reminded them but they did not respond properly. Several times i called to the toll free no and told the problem but only promises are there.. So poor after sale service is there and i am fed up with the renault.. Kamal katiyar 9415701977, 9336112331.
Abhishek bhandari
Jun 29, 2015


Date of Registration of vehicle : 30/6/2012
Vehicle number : MH02 CL 9088
Present Date : 29/6/2015

Total number of years : 3

Number of incidents of Clutch and Gear box failure : 4
Which is more than one per year

Dates as follows :
First date(mail) of complaint : 16.82013
Second date (mail ) of complaint : Somewhere around March/April 2014
Third date (mail) of complaint : Dec 2 2014
Fourth (Present) complaint : mail sending today

Not only it is hurting my pocket but also unsafe. Never before it has happened to me like what is happening with renault and there is no respite it is all falling in deaf years
It is my earnest request to seriously look in this matter and do the corrective mresure without hurting my pocket

Abhishek bhandari
Jun 26, 2015

Gear Shift issue a Big Concern

Hi, 35KM done & gear shift issue starts problem at shifting 1st Gear to 2nd, My worry start when engineer at local dealer not able to diagnose the issue, trying from last three days, a hit & trial methods...
My worry starts further when a saw few review on Google that it's a Manufacturer default, don't know what will happen to my car!
Jun 18, 2015

Pathetic service station at Whitefield

Hi Friends ! Please refrain buying any of the Renault vehicles. The after sales is just awful. You will repent for taking the step of purchasing a car which has poor after sales support and, your money will start eventually draining out due to the service guys not doing a good job. I left my Scala for servicing (18000 kms) at the Whitefield Renault service station on the 18th of June 2015. The charges for the service was about Rs 11000. When I received the car, I noticed that the whole cabin was dirty and several black stains on the steering, leather seats , door handles etc. They never even showed me the parts replaced. I was warned by many people about the way Renault goes around cheating people during the services and, this was exactly that. They just wash the car and hand over it to you. I have realised that the roadside mechanics are more trust worthy and reliable than the Renault guys. I am planning to speak to the country head and the CEO to please stop doing this and be more practical.
You can reach me on 9900787966
Jun 18, 2015

Very Bad Quality of Renault Duster

I have purchased a Renault Duster in December 2012 and have completed only 18000 Kilometers till now. Since then I am having one irritating noise problem in right front wheel suspension / Axle of my car while turning towards right on the rough road. This noise is very prominent and irritating and has been noticed since very first day of taking charge of my car from Renault's showroom. While taking the delivery I had noticed that the car had already made 180 Kilometers and when I asked about this the showroom guys told me that this is normal and our stockyard distance is such that all cars have to cover that much distance before reaching the showroom. However I accepted the car after much in vain debate with them but I still suspect that the noise problem must be the consequence of someone careless driving my car while taking it to showroom from stockyard. This problem was mentioned and was continuously followed-up in all the services (three) the car has completed till now, but no attempt was made to resolve this issue. Every time on this complaint they just reduced the air pressure in front tires saying that it must be due to higher air pressured. But after taking the car in hand the story continued and still persists. Also there is another noise problem which occurs every three months even after getting it fixed at service center. This is that typical glass rattling sound coming out of all four doors. The resolution provided for this problem was that they fit some insulation tape on the door lock clamp, which usually worn out after couple of weeks’ time and result in repeating that rattling noise. I am fed up of this noisy vehicle and not at all satisfied with this vehicle, But since I have spent such a huge hard earned money on this vehicle, I am not able to take a decision to sell off this car so early. However I request you to advise what needs to be done in this case, does Renault has any solution for this?, People do term this vehicle as a best / most compact and awarded SUV but those who practically use it can comment on its quality. It’s really pathetic experience with this so called multinational company car and their service centers. Hence forth I will never recommend this vehicle to anyone.

Thank You,
H. Pereira
Mobile No. +91-9322216218
Jun 17, 2015

Rear sensors not working properly


We purchased Renault Duster RxL on December 31st, 2014 with accessories (bull guards, window visors and Video Parking System, etc) installed by the company itself.
Lately the sensors are malfunctioning and giving false alarms. We informed the same to the dealer, who pointed us to the BlackCat company. They have replaced one of the sensors but the problem still persists. Now they took the controller and said that they will repair it in 4-5 days, they have already repaired the controller once with no luck. There has been a disconnect so I am highlighting the issue on this platform.

I request the company to kindly replace the controller asap as the system is still under warranty.

Kindly action soon.


Jun 16, 2015

Hard Clutch Pedal

I have bought Duster Rxl 110 ps on August8,2012.
right from the day 1 m experiencing hard clutch pedal and same was brought to notice to the service centre and also to customer care ,three four times but nothing is done.
At that time car was in warranty..
Now I came to know that dealership changed clutch pedal to soft one... but they are charging me b coz car is out of warranty..But problem is existing from day one ...
So I request you to take necessary action so I change clutch pedal free of cost.

Rejoinder Chahal 09316906633
z mozhui
Jun 12, 2015

Renault - very poor after sales service

I purchased a Duster from TI Automotive Ltd, Guwahati Assam on the 21st March 2013. All the while I had relatively hassle free ride till a bout a month age when I began experiencing difficulty in starting the car. I had to call in the mechanics from the local Renault dealer here at Dimapur, Nagaland. Trouble really began on 1st June 2015 when en route to Guwahati I began experiencing power lag and engine tremors and finally the car stopped and I could not start the car. To cut a long story short I towed the Duster back to Dimapur(120 kms). the Renault Dealership at Dimapur expressed helplessness and advised the car be taken to Guwahati(380 kms away). The Duster was towed to Guwahati on Friday 5thJune. Ever since I have been calling up the Servicing Station and all I get to hear is that they are working on it! Finally, yesterday the headman told me that the fuel injector(s) are defectives and may cost Rs 80,000/-. I reminded him that my car is under warranty. My car has done only 23000 kms and a little over 2 years old it is definitely under warranty[Extended Warranty Certificate 59837]. Will Renault India stand by its commitment? Why is the dealer at Dimapur, Nagaland without any diagnostic equipments? How did it qualify to be a dealer for Renault India?
There are many Dusters on the streets of Dimapur without any adequate service cover - may come underthe mercy of the Service Centre at Guwahati!
Is anyone at Renault really reading and reacting to these complaints that we write about?
I will not buy a Renault car again.

Dr Z Mozhui
Dimapur, Nagaland
[email protected]
Jun 12, 2015

Deficiency of Sevices

This has reference to the compliant no. 4-00752959 in the matter of my Renault Duster bearing registration number HR51 BC 1455, which I am stating in brief.

I purchased the car on 30th November 2014 and the got the delivery of the same on 1st December 2014. Since the date of purchase, the rear power window does not work and FM radio reception is not proper, which I communicated to the sales advisor many times but the problem did not get resolved till date. Also there are certain other issues in the car for which the sales advisor advised me to send the car to the showroom at the time of service.

Thus upon second service becomes due, I discussed with the sales advisor for pick-up of the car for the service and resolution of the complaints, he advised me with the phone number of the service centre. But when I contacted the service centre, they told me to contact after 15 days since the service centre do not have drivers available for the next 15 days and when I contacted after 15 days , I have been told to again wait for 10 more days since the drivers are not available but I still managed to get the car picked up for service in the next 5 days on the threat to contact the customer care and to get the car serviced at another service centre.

Now it has been more than 15 days, I did not get the delivery of the car and the complaints have not been resolved. No-body in the service centre and the showroom are taking the matter seriously and do not bother the problems which the customer is facing despite spending more than 10 lakhs of rupees on purchase of car. They still are keeping the car with them and are neither responding to the resolution of complaints or delivery of the car.

Upon getting no serious response, I registered a compliant with the customer care of Renault with the compliant no. as communicated to me- 4-00752959 on 11th June 2015 who promised me the delivery of the car with the resolution of all the complaints by today. But still I do not find the Renault fulfilling its promise by today, since half of the day has gone but I have not received any communication either from the customer care or from the service centre or the showroom, despite contacting the service centre people twice for the status. Even the customer care do not bother to send the registration status of the compliant over email.

Due to the such negligent acts and deficient services on part of the Renault showroom, Renault service centre owned by M/s Divine Autotech Private Limited, I being a consumer is facing not only commuting problem but also the cost of cab associated with the daily travel. This conduct of yours tantamount to deficiency in services and breach of contract.

Thus I request you to kindly take my compliant seriously and arrange for the resolution and delivery of the car today itself or otherwise to arrange for the substitute car for the travel till the resolution of the compliant.

In the event of failure of you the addressee to comply with the above said conditions I would be having no other option other than to initiate the appropriate proceedings against you completely at your costs and consequences.
May 30, 2015

service and insurance claim

Dear sir
I am divya praba from anaimalai,pollachi, coimbatore Anamalias renault . i have left my vechile for service along with insurance claim.veh no:TN41AK:6600 on 20-05-2015 while leaving for service your service excutives had commited that all the spares are available and they would deliver my vechile on 25-05-2015,but till now they have not delivered when asked there was no propre response from your staffs.sir i never expected such service from your side its very horrible.i have asked for bill till now they have not replied,and theytheir response is so worst, infact all my programs have been delayed .please look into this issue as soon as possible awaiting for your reply.

with regards
divya praba
May 28, 2015

Worst Experience after buying duster

I have taken delivery of Renault Duster from NCR motors, Gurgaon on 3rd May'2015. The experience was really pathetic by the dealer as no one from Sales was there to assist. We have been waiting there for 2 hours as car was somewhere else even I have informed dealer a day before that we will be picking car on Sunday.

Once car was arrived, it was in very bad state ie car was driven a lot before handing over & completely full of dust & mud.

Then sales guy said that your car is ready but no one had checked car before & no QA test. Below are the problems faced in new car before delivery.

1) None of the indicators was working

2) Front Wiper not working

3) No fuel in Car

4) Gears not working properly & gear lever is free ie continuously moving

4) Car was not even washed. Full of dust from inside

After showing this much problems, dealer said you need to go to service center to get these problems fixed. Can you imagine for a brand new car, which has not been delivered, these much problems can be seen & no support from Dealer.

I have given negative feedback in the form & given rating 0/10. Car is still giving all these issues.

In last 3 weeks, car has given Engine alarm twice, brake switch changed, now pickup degraded & car is not at all functioning like new car

Written almost 10 emails to Renault India & dealer but no response.

Simple Conclusion/Suggestion : Not to buy Renault Duster
Rambhoopal Reddy
May 20, 2015

Gear Struct problem


atul gupta1
May 19, 2015

injustice at Renault

Dear Mr. Anurag,
I clearly do not understand the purpose of writing such mails to me again and again. Inspite of wasting your time in writing such mails, I expect you to really work out on the queries, problems and issues I have . For the last time I am putting all my points and concerns and I request and expect you o kindly revert clearly on each of my query.

1. Kindly refer to your mail Fri 4/17/2015 10:39 AM, where you have mentioned that you had requested the parts to the company and the company has not delivered it to you. You ordered it on 06.05.2014. You clearly wanted to say that the Spare part division at Renault does not supply parts to dealership even after 11 months of order, indirectly affecting the customers due to shortage of spare parts. Please confirm this as the telephonic reasons given by you were that it was a clerical mistake. If it was a clerical mistake then why did you not send the revised mail? Is this the criteria at Renault to appoint the staff? It was simply written to bluff the poor and descent customers like me. Please confirm.
2. You had been asked through mail written by me on Fri 5/8/2015 2:14 PM, to give the claim rejection reason. You had simply sent me the estimate which you had submitted to the Insurance company but did not talk about the rejection. When I had a personal discussion with your surveyor, he could understand the reason for stitching of bumper and he said that he had been asking you to make him talk to the customer. He also mentioned that you did not pay any efforts for the same. Why was I not informed? Why did you not share the surveyor number with me? Please quote a reference mail, if had been sent by you. The telephonic discussion with the Surveyor can be produced to prove my point but in the Honorable Court. It will be easier, if you can give me the clarity on the same.
3. In my mail dated On Mon, Apr 13, 2015 at 2:24 PM, I had requested for the bumper and some internal parts ( as informed by you telephonically). Why the focus was given on internal parts only? I also need the status of all those parts along with a summary that what according to you had happened which made these parts damaged? The report I require because I need to get the reports verified by an independent survey agency. Kindly provide me the detail along with the spare parts which got affected. I have a very strong doubt (may be I am wrong) that dealership Haldwani has intentionally created the fake story and has wrongly mentioned about the effect on my internal parts. Because the car was running perfectly and the driver went driving 40 kms on 07.04.2015 to drop it to dealership Haldwani. Kindly provide me the reports and parts.
4. The car was delivered to you on 07.04.2015 and you informed about the delivery to me vide mail on Fri 5/8/2015 4:24 PM. Kindly provide me the details of each day work and execution on my car. I have a strong doubt that as my car is designed by DC so you were busy in displaying my car to your prospective buyers and were not focused on repairs. Also you wanted to trouble me so you made this delay. Kindly provide me the day to day working report on my car along with the reason of delay. Mr. Uttam had informed me that the car will be ready for delivery n 19/04/15 but on my repeated telephonic requests also the car was not given to me. Does it actually take 28 days at Renault to repair such kind of cars?
5. The problem and time loss suffered by me in those 28 days along with the mental harassment and social embarrassment can not be paid back by Renault. What have you thought in this request on mine?
6. Why Mr. Anurag called (when I called back from my Singapore number) and informed that the Compressor cannot be replaced and I need to pay the charges for the same? On my request of sending a mail with the reason mentioned by him that as this car has been refurbished by Dc so compressor cannot be replaced, why didn’t he send me the mail? In spite why did he change the compressor? Did he actually wanted to cheat the customer? I can submit the proofs of that voice records also in the Honorable court if required. Can you please put some light and explain this incident?
7. In spite of my repeated request to replace the bumper and then give me the delivery, why you have not been focusing on my request rather than sending just a mail after every three days to save your skin? Mistakes cannot wash out by closing the eyes Sir.
8. When the status of delivery was requested through mail dated Sun 5/3/2015 10:01 AM, why there was no response and later o when I had to complaint then onwards there were mails and phone calls? Is this actually the system at Renault that for every problem, the solution shall come through the Customer care department?
You are finally requested to provide the justification and clarification on the above mentioned issues. Now as this whole issue is more than 40 days old and I am suffering every day without my car, paying the taxi charges for my travel and paying the installment to the bank, facing social embarrassment. You kindly do the needful else now I shall not wait further and shall request the courts in India to help me.
Apr 27, 2015


i had purchased a renault duster from renault karnavati, ahmedabad last year. it is a duster diesel top model.

this is my third complaint to renault india. and probably the last. because after this complaint, i am getting it published in the newspaper and on the internet!

complaint #1

the day i got the delivery of my car, the headlights were not working. i had to drive down to the workshop the very next day only to find out that the headlight bulbs were fused and had to be changed (both the headlight bulbs).

is this the QC you have ? are you even supposed to give deliveries without checking basic things in a car like the headlights?


my car went for the 3 rd servicing a couple of months back. once the car reached the service centre, i was told that the car had some major issue in the fly wheel, and it had to be changed ! my car had only done 20,000 kms till then.
i never felt the slightest problem in the car, but the workshop manager insisted that it was a major issue, kept the car for 10 days, and claimed that he changed the fly wheel. he also said that it was under warranty, and i need not worry.

once i get back the car, the gears would not change most of the time, and i had to complain again. just imagine that you are waiting at a traffic signal red light, and when the light goes green and your car refuses to get in the 1st gear from neutral!

again the service centre guys took my car and very conveniently told me that some wire in the gear box was loose, and hence the problem.
it was then sorted out.


since the car came back from the last service, the steering has been making weird noises. but being fed up with the service, i just did not want to send it back.
but since the last few days, the noise has become more prominent. i sent the car to the service center today, and now they tell me that the steering has some major issue, and should be replaced and that it is covered under warranty!
can you please tell me what kind of a joke is this?
either your 'build quality' is shit, or you think your customers are !
mind you, my car had barely completed 23,000 kms. the fly wheel has already been changed, and now the workshop claims that the steering is faulty too and needs to be changed.

however, i have told them not to do anything and send the car back to me asap. i will either get it repaired at some local mechanic workshop, or just probably sell off the bloody vehicle.
please advise.

this is my last complaint to renault. i am not sending my car to the service center. if you have any other alternative please let me know. otherwise, i am getting this entire article published in ahmedabad mirror, and all over the internet.
i am fed up of complaining to you guys, because whenever i do, you forward the complaint to the local workshop and the same executive, at whom i just shouted, calls me back !!

this kind of horrible service is not expected from a company of your stature, but you know what? its not just me... i know of a lot of people who are not happy with renault, and more so with the local sales / service agents.

you need to rectify this or else, i dont see renault in india for way too long looking at the competition and the amazing service of your competitors like hyundai and maruti !
Apr 24, 2015

Very very Poor Service at padam car G T Road, Amritsar Gpo, Amritsar - 143001, Near Byepass Chowk, Dohuri, Daburchi

I have bought Renaults pulse Top modal from ( Padam Car .G T Road, Amritsar Gpo, Amritsar - 143001, Near Byepass Chowk, Dohuri, Daburchi ) I am unsatisfied with the service workshop because frequently from last two months they are not able solve my car electric short circuit problem witch was created by your team due to un-responsible behaviour my cay No:- PB02 BY 2664. moreover no one can give me proper solution and your service executive dealing is very bad. Pl. solve my problem as on urgent bases other wise I have take some legal action.

Mandeep Singh
My Mobile No:- 9878883848
Harjinder Singh
Apr 19, 2015

poor service at body shop

dear sir / madam
my name is harjinder singh I have a Renault duster UK 06AA0100 I drop my car at renault haldwani service centre uttrakhand for some repair off body that time they gave me 5 to 6 days tu fixed it but now 18 days has passed but they didn't give me my car when I call them they not pick my phone when I call from another number then they pick when I asked about my car then everyday they say ok with in 1or 2 days we gave u Back but they don't so pls do something about that and take some action against them and about there missbhave with coustmer thks
harjinder singh
uttrakhand. haldwani

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