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ROYALOAK furniture


Consumer complaints and reviews about ROYALOAK furniture

Jan 21, 2020

Queen size bed

i purchased a queen size bed on 15jan..when a man came for installation and opened the bed...then we saw that both of its storage boxes are broken...and their upper sheets was not arranging proper..
We called royal oak customer cre no.many times and many times on indira nagar royal oak shop...but still since today 21jan they did not resolve my problem..
Worst company...worst service..not to suggest anyone to do dealing with them....

Queen size bed

Aparna Tayi
Dec 3, 2019

damage piece delivered, Worst experience, no customer orientation

Purchased Daffodils sofa on Diwali,2019, was delivered after a rigorous follow-up, neither the store nor the customer service had a clue on the status of the shipment. After a great hue and cry, it was finally delivered. ok, this is the first part, secondly, there was an offer sofa that was delivered even before the actual sofa and that too damaged, its been 45 plus days now, no one has addressed it, they said they give us warranty until one year, when asked, they said it cannot be done as the model is out of production, how pathetic state it is in??? We requested for a replacement they said it's not being approved. I am specifically talking about Nagaram, Hyd branch. hopeless service. Dear Royaloak, I am not sure if all your branches function this way, but this is a pathetic store. The branch incharge is totally clueless and no inclination on customer service.
Royaloak are you listening, or as deaf as a dead??? you do not have the right to cheat customers while advertising greatness about your brand...I say this is a cheater, falter and this kind of brand don't survive long if this is the behavior...!!
[email protected]@@
Nov 7, 2019

Pathetic Delivery System

I have ordered shoe rack almost one month back. it was supposed to get delivered by 31st Oct. Now its been 7 more days still no delivery status. Trying to reach customer support since 5 days but obviously no use. Really pathetic and disgusting service, no chance of recommending this option to anyone. Will wait for 3 more days if I didnt receive anything for sure will try out option for consumer court
Nov 6, 2019

Refund of Sofa

This is how you deal with your customer, such company like RoyalOak, we don't expect this much horrible experience from Customer Care and Ejipura Signal Koramangala store. This is the behavior of RoyalOak people, first time I seek help of RoyalOak customer care / Store and their response was so pathetic. I have placed a order from RoyalOak store near Ejipura Signal Koramangala (Sofa 3+2, Coffee table 1) with amount 46550/- on 29th Oct. Before placed the order, I mentioned to the store guy that our staircase is narrow but they informed that it is ok, we will placed it inside the house. When delivery guys came on 1st Nov to deliver the sofa, they were not able to placed the sofa inside the house because of narrow staircase. So they asked us to mention this as a note in delivery copy and they had taken the order back. From that day onward we are calling Store person and Customer care people to Refund the amount as order is returned back. But they are simply denied the refund and saying to choose any other sofa. I am really upset with this because it's very huge amount and product is not with me and my money is hanging. I am totally ok if they can placed the sofa inside the house and install, otherwise I need my money back. It's life time memorable moments for us and we went through such harassment. I will definitely not even want to shop with RoyalOak after having this horrible experience and not allow to use my family and friends.
I am again requesting please consider my refund request and help me in this regard. I am still having some trust left in your system. I am hoping for a positive response from your end else I will be forced to escalate it on all social media platforms, Consumer Affairs and also have my friends and family to stop ordering and escalate the same on all platform.
Expecting a quick and positive response from your end.
Oct 14, 2019

Non Delivery of Table

Dear Sir/Madam,

I live in Kolkata, West Bengal and I had purchased a Royal Oak Petal Table on 9th Sep-2019 on the Royal Oak website: https://www.royaloakindia.com and paid the full amount of INR 5990 for it. At that time the delivery date was given as 21st Sep-2019 to 24th Sep-2019 including installation. The Order no is: ROY0021277

However, a few days passed, and when I checked my account on Royal oak, I found that the purchase status says: order processed. The status did not say anything about dispatch.
When I contacted the customer service :+91 7676367636 option 6, they did not have any answer as to why the product was not shipped. After making me wait for sometime on the phone, they said that the product is in Dankuni warehouse in West Bengal and will be dispatched in a day or so. They manually changed the status to "Warehouse "Processing". Kindly note that before I had called, the order status was "order processed". They manually changed the status after I had called.

After 2 days I called and asked for status. they did not have any answer. After strongly pressing for contact details of the agent in Kolkata, they gave me phone numbers of Mr.Umakanth and Mr. Paroz. The phone Nos are 9538235678 and 7625002552 respectively. Online team phone number: (Mr. Anish- 9535999071 ; Mr. Vignesh - 7406994400; .

The agents in Kolkata refused to tell me about the status of the order and asked me to contact the online team. After much calling and pestering, I got to know the phone number of Mr.Hemanta Roy (7278524786) who is the ware house manager of Royal oak at Dankuni in West Bengal.

The online team updated the status manually to "Ready for Delivery" on 3rd Oct-2019.

These people when contacted said that the product has been loaded for dispatch and will reach this day. When the item did not come, On calling the next day they said that the delivery was delayed due to delay in challan preparation. Even they told that the truck driver is not reachable. The distance from Dankuni to Kolkata is hardly 10 km. Today They said that the product delivery will be delayed and do not know when I will receive it.

On asking why the delay, they just said that there will be delay without giving any reason and disconnected the call. They also have the gall to tell me not to call them. So much for customer service.

Requesting for a resolution on this matter and harrassment.

Tanmoy Mondal.
Monika Saini1345
Sep 23, 2019

Legs of Glass mounted steel Dining table is detached from glass top and came out

This is a complaint regarding royal oak glass mounted dining table with tilted steel legs, which I purchased online about 2 years ago at Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh). The legs of the table have been wobbling and then one of the leg came out completely, making the glass table almost tilt turtle and about to fall. Since fitting steel legs under glass require some technique, I am not able to fix it at all. I have complained it to customer care but nobody is listening and responding. Can you please tell me what should I do with this product of yours? I need action from your side to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Vrindavan Yojna, Lucknow
[email protected]
Sep 15, 2019

Defective single seater sofa

Last month had ordered 6 seated dianing set with that on offer received single seated sofa. That sofa they had delivered defective used showroom piece.

Now even after multiple follow up no had zero response . neither customers care nor sell team turned up.

Never expected such a pathetic behavior from Royaloak furniture before buying the furniture.
[email protected]
Sep 15, 2019

Defective single seater sofa

Had ordered dianing set with that on offer received single seated sofa. But that sofa they had delivered defective used showroom piece. Now after even a month of follow up they never turned up. Seriously there is zero response from customers care and sale department.

Such a pathetic behavior never expected before buying from Royaloak furniture.
Sep 7, 2019

Delay in Installation : 1920025591

Hello there ,

We purchased below mentioned two items dated 30th Aug 2019 and same was delivered dated 1 Sep '19.

1. Melborne Round Dining Table2. Berry Office Chair
Unfortunately, still today no technician from RoyalOak team came to our flat to install the same.
Being working couple , we need this items to be fixed by weekend ( preferably by tomorrow)

Thanks & Regards,
Shawlee Deb M :9632064572
Aug 21, 2019

Defective Dining chair

I purchased 4 seater dining table from their Banaswadi, bangalore showroom. After installation, I found one chair is defective. I raised the complaint and asked them to replace it. They told me that they would take the decision once the technician confirms that. They closed my complaint without visiting my home and without inspecting the chair. And when I called them back they denied the replacement. They are cheating the peoples and selling their defective stuff like this.
They are fooling peoples.
Aug 14, 2019

Refund of returned shoe rack

Royal Oak online is bloody worst pathetic irresponsible when it comes to refund of damaged products...those buggers took 2 months for refund after hell number of follow ups and calls...lifetime miserable experience...felt like killing those buggers had it been face to face....
Aug 11, 2019

Defective product

Pathetic customer service. Calling (Sowmya-customer care) and sending back to back email but not getting any response.
Spoke to the Branch (Marthahalli) people but unfortunately they are the same.Its better to buy from road side
rather buying defective product from Royal oak. Please dont get in trap of these useless Brand and people.
Aug 7, 2019


Complaint.no. 20916

Raised two weeks ago for a damage plank for cot, a simple thing to refund.
Surprising customer care is asking me questions whether the issue is fixed, which clearly defines they themselves not aware of the status of complaint.
Technicians too called on and off with no clear message on when they are going to fix it.
So pathetic.
Not even responding to mails, calls.
strongly advise the public in not wasting money buying these products, unless they improve on customer service.
From my side, for sure, no more Royak Oak ( not sure why they named their company as Royal ).
Anoop T k
Jul 17, 2019

Product not delivered even after a month

It has been a painful affair, trying to shop and get our products delivered from Royal Oak (Koramangala-Ejipura Branch). Here's a gist of how the entire experience started, enfolded and where it stands now - If this looks too long for you to read, the point is please please please do not buy any piece of furniture from this place.

June 1, 2019 - We go to check some furniture (a king-size cot and a 4 seater dining table set) for home. The price tags on the products on display said the table was INR 10,600, INR 3,600 for each of the 4 chairs and INR 26,000 for the king-size cot. And this totaled to INR 51,000 (inclusive of all taxes).

June 2, 2019 - Since they warned us that their summer sale was ending on Sunday (June 2nd), after some research, we visited their showroom once again with clarity about wanting to buy them and shell out INR 51,000 for the same. While giving us the final quote, they gave us a bill which read the total amount would be INR 51,794. Upon asking why, they said that the prices shown on the tags of the products have been revised and those weren't the updated prices. The sales person didn't know about this, himself. We know that the difference amount is only INR 794. But how they said what they said later, was the first tipping point - They said that we will have to pay the entire amount in one shot if they had to waive INR 794 (which now became an amount we had to bare because they did not update the price tags). They also insisted that we will have to pay the updated amount if we plan on take the EMI scheme. Since we had already decided that we did not want to pay the entire amount in one shot to avoid it pinching our pockets, we were going to pay through their EMI scheme and pay the extra amount for no mistake of ours.

We were ready to overlook this, but the Manager of the store was very arrogant while we were politely telling him that this wasn't a pleasant experience for us and asking him to not at least repeat this with the other customers he may get. To add fuel to fire, one of the Sales persons say - to quote him, "You can't expect a good experience every time you shop. One day we might able to serve you well, the next day we might not be able to". Is this even a sensible thing to tell a customer? Especially for a person who is working in the service industry? Since we did not have the energy to fight them, we just asked them to deliver the products by 19th of June. They promised that they would call us on 18th to confirm the time of delivery the next day.

No one calling us on 18th and with no sign of the products reaching us on 19th, I called their customer care on 20th (who in turn asked us to contact the branch, with clearly no 'care' for their customers). Upon finding the branch's number on Google and reaching someone at the branch, they say that both the products are out of stock and that they will be restocked in the warehouse no where before 28th June. Were they waiting for us to call them, to update us about the delivery status of products we placed an order for in the beginning of the month?

When asked as to how it could go out of stock even after us booking for them way in advance, the person on the other end apologetically says that "there are 3 pieces of the cot but they are all defective. We could send that to you if you are that particular".

Today (17th July, 2019) even after multiple calls and relentless followups, they have no idea or give any guarantee that they will deliver the cot anytime soon.

With the state in which the service industry currently functions, we are made to feel that it is absolutely okay for people to behave this way to customers and that it is nothing out of the ordinary to take money and have the customers wait indefinitely.
Jun 20, 2019


I am one of the few customers who went and paid for the purchase of a cot without reading reviews about this company. They over promise and never deliver. To add insult to injury, they dont pick up the phones after that.you have to be continuously behind them. To beat it further, if you want to cancel the order, they have a huge process of giving them a cancelled cheque, waiting for 7 working days to get YOUR money back. My advice to anybody planning to buy a piece of furniture, dont think about this company especially their outlet in Koramangala Bangalore.
Jun 20, 2019

Royal Oak Furniture - Dont Buy

You want to experience a nightmare, this is the Place. They over commit and never deliver. I had to run pillar to post to get my Cot delivered. They really know how to avoid a customer - it is very easy - never pick up his calls either for delivery or post delivery installation. DONT EVERY GO THERE - ROYAL OAK KORAMANGALA BANGALORE!
Jun 2, 2019

Horrible Product Quality & Pathetic Customer Service

Did the mistake of buying furniture from Royal Oak. Soon as money was paid to the showroom, the trauma started. First experience the delivery didn't happen on time, had to call the customer service multiple times they kept saying that they will check with delivery team and call back but never called back. Then came assembly and installation, which was another traumatic experience with same requirement of multiple follow-ups. The calls to customer service is rarely picked, and if you are lucky they will only one thing they will check and come back which never happens. Finally when the delivery happened realized that quality of material was really bad, the contracted person which came was assembly struggled to fit the furniture as the quality of material was really bad. The panels were not fitting in properly and gaps were seen between the joints about which assembly person said that he will fit it by using external L clamps.

Please be aware before paying money to companies like this who doesn't even respond when you try reaching them to get your concerns registered. Hard earned money once wasted brings lot of pains and regrets.
May 25, 2019

Pathetic service

My sincere advise to everyone is please don't purchase anything from these people. They are the most unprofessional lot. You have to literally plead them to come and install your furniture.
The customer service will ask you to talk to the carpenter directly , who will keep on postponing it every day.
8861273722 is the carpenter number, Royal oak please employee people who are professional. i think you guys are not professional enough may be hence you do not employe professionals.
May 7, 2019

against staff

I have a complaint against RMS manager,I dint understand what kind of staff you are hiring,this person is not worth to handle this position,I think owners of this company doesn't know how worth there staff is,If this RM will work for this company for little more time I am sure company will go very down because of this person,once this person joins this company just imagine how many people have left the job because of this person he don't have ant knowledge and he is not worth as well,he is thinking of his benefit not companies benefit.This is mt suggestion for owners of the company.

your well wisher
Naresh Dadari
Apr 1, 2019

Regarding complaint number 14623

Unfortunately we have bought a cot from Royal oak . It's not even one year cot got broke and when we raised complaint it's a dead service no one picks up the call and no response it's really so pathetic and the customer care staff is completely rediculos they are well trained to inform customer it's your mistake and customer has to go for paid service really so horrible experience

I do not understand how and why we break the cot by our own even you want to do we need some carpenter assistance to break the cott but I think no foolish person does that so

Royal Oak says you have broken it I am not sure and don't understand how we can break wooden cot. If I go by their words and assume that I only broke it then what is the quality of wood Roayal oak is maintaining

Totally nonsense people and after purchase anything happens that they want to scrub on customers head where customer has to pay money and get that repaired really this is something toooo worst thing

I can say completely unethical way and no means for them

As I have left out no option after trying everything posting complaint here atleast have some minimum courtesy to respond it's not the sin which we made by buying your product

Any further information please reach out me on 9110645271

Dec 27, 2018

royal oak

chairs broken.
after 3 services its still in bad shape material stretched to refit so is damaged.they are refusing to replace .i asked them to keep their money and come and take away their product as well.that too it seems is not their policy.so now i shall be personally returning it back at my cost to them.
royal oak u follow ur policy of cheating and i shall follow mine of throwing your product back on your face .
Koteswararao Sakhamuri
Dec 20, 2018

ordered a dinning set online. They delivered just table

I've ordered a dinning set online. They delivered just table, they want me to pay more for chairs. A simple sorry from them, because web site is not updated properly. how can we proceed legally for hurting us emotionally. Please advise.

contact me +91-7661098765
Dec 15, 2018

Defective bed

I ordered a bed and they delivered a defective bed and I called customer care and they told they will send a technician and nobody came yet. Worst customer service and worst product. Fraud company.

Miyandad K P
Nov 28, 2018

Money not being refunded from 2months

I ordered two beds from Royaloak on Oct 11, the beds were king size. i requested for the queen size beds. I was told it will be done by Oct month end, It is being dragged till now and i have been told that the beds will not be available till dec and that too they are confirmed on the dates. I have requested for the refund but no reply mails. The Branch manager(Manas) does not pick up the call and Somu the manager of the store told NEFT will be done but it is not provided.
Every day i am calling customer care and being placed on hold for a very long time and they say the same scripted line : we are checking on this and this is in priority, this is happening from 2 months now.
Sep 22, 2018

Dining table - no delivery or update

Reminder 7 -
Order No: 1819500111

Thanks, our next discussion would be either on social media or in consumer court.


Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Reminder 6:

Called customer care again today 4.30pm and still did not get any updates. I will posting this entire discussion on social media tomorrow morning if not resolved by then. 


Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

-------- Original message --------
From: Customercare <[email protected]>
Date: 9/20/18 1:56 PM (GMT+05:30)
To: EMS <[email protected]>, CMS OPS <[email protected]>, CMS <[email protected]>, EMS OPS <[email protected]>
Cc: [email protected], "vipin" <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Order No: 1819500111  - Delayed

Dear Online Team,

Kindly update the delivery status on below mentioned customer. Speak to customer and resolve the issue on priority.

Thanks  & Regards
Saravanan R
Customer care
Ph - +91-76-7636-7636
Mail id - [email protected]

From: vipin <[email protected]>
Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2018 11:04 AM
To: Customercare; EMS; CMS OPS; CMS; EMS OPS
Cc: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Order No: 1819500111 - Delayed
Called up the customer helpline again today. No update was provided again and I was told that the online department will call/email the status. 

I asked for escalation point also from Royal oak but was not provided even after multiple requests. 

Still no resolution and seems further delay.


Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

-------- Original message --------
From: "vipin" <[email protected]>
Date: 9/16/18 3:53 PM (GMT+05:30)
To: Customercare <[email protected]>, EMS <[email protected]>, CMS OPS <[email protected]>, CMS <[email protected]>, EMS OPS <[email protected]>
Cc: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Order No: 1819500111  - Delayed

+ Consumer cell of India

Tried calling on phone number below but asked to call again tomořrow. 



This was mentioned to be delivered between 8-10 september. Need this ASAP now. 

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

-------- Original message --------
From: Customercare <[email protected]>
Date: 9/15/18 9:47 AM (GMT+05:30)
To: EMS <[email protected]>, CMS OPS <[email protected]>, CMS <[email protected]>, EMS OPS <[email protected]>
Cc: "vipin" <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Order No: 1819500111  - Delayed

Dear Online Team,

Kindly check out the below details , upto now there is no reply regarding the delivery so kindly check and update the delivery status to the customer.

Thanks  & Regards
Venkat Kalyan N
Customer care
Ph - +91-76-7636-7636
Mail id - [email protected]

From: vipin <[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2018 9:24 PM
To: Customercare
Subject: Order No: 1819500111 - Delayed
It is almost 15 days since I ordered with full payment but no delivery? Quite unprofessional, Please update. 

Dear Customer, Thank You For Choosing Royaloak.
Your Order No: 1819500111
And Status is 'Warehouse in Processing'.
In Case Of Any Queries Please Mail to [email protected]

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