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Consumer complaints and reviews about Samsung

Nov 14, 2018


Samsung cheated me with a faulty product. I paid Rs. 750000 to Samsung for TV. Now they are asking again to pay Rs. 35000 to repair. Why should I. # Samsung @ cheat.
Service ref no 3700397910(Vikash – Ph 8105586615)


I have purchased Samsung TV October 2015 from Flipkart.

Our family after exhaustive discussion zeroed in on your brand Samsung.

Samsung was surely out of our budget but still we wanted to go with the worlds best.

This was going to be the most expensive purchase ever made by our family ( Last being the Scooter @ 45000).

We finally purchased the LED TV for whopping Rs.72000. Last few years of FD was broken to accumulate the money. But we surely expected with huge money and backed by Brand Samsung our TV would-be long-time member of our family.

But to our shock just after 2.5 years the TV screen has few smudges, grey patches at various places.

I would like to ask,

Does Samsung make TV of Rs 72000 cost and is not having a life beyond 2.5 years.
There is no usage/product abuse from my side. This has been confirmed by your service technician.
I am OK, if you want to do repair and correct the problem. I will also pay for the same.
If the panel has to be changed, the sold product was faulty/wrongly manufactured, and Samsung should accept and do the needful.

Request you to please get my issue resolved at the earliest.
Nov 8, 2018

faulty phone of 68000 and no service

I wish to bring to your kind attention to the complaint filed by me with “National Consumer forum” against Samsung India for their inability to rectify the problem of “Overheating” and “Battery discharge” for normal usage (despite repeated services by Samsung service centre).

Mobile Serivce Head
20th to 24th Floor, Two Horizon Centre,
Golf Course Road, Sector-43, DLF PH-V, Harizan Colony,
Sector 43, Gurugram, Haryana 122202

I purchased brand new Samsung Galaxy note8 handset for Rs. 68,000/- in EMI Scheme on September 24, 2017. I started noticing after few months (June 2018) battery discharge very fast with this handset. i.e. if I charge my handset to 100% in morning and use it for 1.5 hrs for normal phone and what’s app usage, the battery use to discharge fully by afternoon and I am forced to put my phone again for charging. Samsung claim for this handset battery backup is having 22 hours of battery backup for normal uses.
In June, 2018 I took this mobile to “Samsung Authorized service centre - R Logic Technology services pvt. Ltd, Show room no1, ground floor, Pride, Bangalore -560027 (Tel: 080-43560904/08043560903)”, with above problem. On receiving my complaint, they kept my phone ideally for 3 days and when I called them they just replaced my phone with a new battery and did not bother to check the status of my complaint personally to test back whether problem is shorted out. They assured me that phone now has battery backup which should work for a day for normal usage. On this oral assurance I took my phone back. Also would like to inform you when we submit phone to service centre we get Acknowledgement of service request copy. Service centre did not provide customer copy back with anything. So that shows customer will not have any black and white record. My complaint was closed it at their end (without giving me any document) when I asked for service copy they said it company policy we do not provide any copy of complaint.
On their assurance, I started using this phone but I continue to face the same problem of battery discharge and I re-approached Samsung service station with my Second complaint on same problem during August, 2018.
I literally sit with them and showed the Service centre personnel how battery is getting discharged in my handset. They agreed and took the handset for observation. After keeping it for observation they identified the issue of battery discharge was due to “Software” and they upgraded the software and returned the handset to me for usage. This time too they assured me that the problem is rectified and I will now get at least a day’s battery backup. Trusting this I took my phone back and started using it.
On using my mobile after first service, “Battery problem” was persisting and it drains within 1 to 1.5 hrs. of normal usage. I could not use my phone for more than 1.5hrs. for normal usage. Also I started getting new problem when phone keep for charging it is getting overheating some time. It was beyond the normal heating, as could not keep my phone near ears due to overheating.
For third time I approached “Samsung service” station on 24th August, 2018 and informed “Samsung service centre” of new problem. They did not turned to pick the handset for about 10 days then I again call their customer care and phone was picked up for service from my residence on 9th September, 2018. Also the Engineer who picked my handset personally confirmed that your handset is overheating do not use this handset and give it to Service centre as it may have other impact on phone’s stability. The phone was given to “Service centre” for third time with same problem after assurance given by Samsung service engineer “everything is fine” consecutively for every service as of that date.

On taking my phone, they deliberately kept my phone without servicing it for weeks. After my follow up they started making excuses like they do not have proper tools to test for heating. It will take some time to resolve. When I followed up after week they were ready with another excuse stating they are waiting Engineer to come from Head office to test this phone. I again waited for their response. Finally in the month of October 1st week they called me by stating that we tested this phone by playing games, browsing internet etc. This phone has high resolution phone so you will get less battery backup and it was heat some time. I should take back this handset as they did not found problem stated by me.
I asked them how much battery backup they are getting and status on battery heating. Till date they are responding by stating “IT IS A COMPANY POLICY THEY CAN NOT DISCLOSE NOR GURANTEE BACKUP PROBLEM IS RESOLVED” and I must take the phone back.
I have approached Samsun service centre, brought this issue to their Delhi Head office and escalated to their CEO (of Samsung) Mr. S. C. Hong and followed up with their Consumer complaint portal of Samsung to get resolution with no solution to my problem. Samsung consumer portal straight away closed my complaint without looking into it. In order to dispose my complaints they have never responded what is the current backup time or heating problem resolution till date. Their customer care is now giving me in writing that my Phone warranty is over so they will not REPLACE it or REFUND THE Cost to me.
They are not able to solve Battery problem (after repeated complaints) nor are providing evidences that my reported problem is solved and will not reoccur again. Instead their representatives respond that my warranty period is over and they will not rectify nor refund any money to above faulty handset.
This has caused me unavoidable inconvenience, mental harassment and cut off me with my acquaintances which has put me to financial loss but management of Samsung is totally indifferent and unconcerned to my harassment and mental torture. I therefore pray that the company may be ordered to REFUND MY MONEY OF the mobile set and pay Rs. 25000/- for inconvenience and harassment caused to me.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Soni Rastogi

1. Follow up with Samsung customer care website for problems faced by Faulty handset
2. Email communications / reminders sent to Samsung offices, CEO for above problem
Oct 7, 2018

Faulty S8+

Hi, I had bought the best phone launched by your company in 2017. The phone worked fine till sometime and then started creating following problems -

1. The images do net get stored / reflect in the Gallery after photograph has been clicked – this happens for 50% of the time.
2. Need to close all app’s 3 times before the photos can be taken again and they get stored / reflect in the Gallery.
3. While accessing Gallery, the phone exits / jumps the gallery and comes back to the home screen.

I have visited the Samsung service center (Vasavi Communications, Yelahanka, Bangalore 560064) twice and they did the following –

1. Load the software again on 19th Sept 2018 but no improvement.
2. Visited center again on 6th Oct 2018 – (Bill no – 4270141248)
a. Moved the phone to Safe mode to see if any improvements, but no improvements.
b. Tried to run the diagnostics but did not find any issue in it.

Since the 12 month period of buying is approaching soon, I would want you to record this case so that it does not create any issues of out of warranty period.

I have spent hefty amount on this phone when I moved out of my Apple i6 and would expect it to work seamlessly for at least 2 years. Therefore, I seek immediate replacement of this set.

Please feel free to write to me on this address or call me on the below no . in case I do not hear from you in a couple of days, I will be writing to the India CEO – Mr. HC Hong.

Sep 4, 2018

Inefficient service and breaking of refrigerator

Recently, around 12-July evening (IST timelines), I thought my refrigerator (Samsung Refrigerator Model number RS552NRUA7E/TL & Serial Number 0CZ94ABH300124B) was not cooling efficiently as earlier. I didn’t want to get into any further issues and hence I raised a request on 13-July. The reference number was 4264547524. I was at work when I got a call from a technician who I told to come later in the day because I wasn’t at home. He didn’t mention anything but disconnected the call. I didn’t hear from Samsung again and since I was busy and the fridge working fine, I didn’t pursue Samsung. Around 31-July, I once again saw a degree in cooling or I thought there was a decrease and hence began following up on my complaint/service request. Apparently, it was closed mentioning that the customer had cancelled the service. This was totally false. After numerous follow ups, I contacted the multiple folks, right from email to CEO’s desk, chat service, and the designated service centre. After a lot of hassles and coaxing, I had one Mr. Basha visit our residence. He pulled apart the duct (I am not sure on the term) and said there is ice formation in the small gap and hence we have to switch of the refrigerator for 24 hours. He mentioned that he would visit our residence on 2-Aug. He came on 2-Aug and said its not the fan but a sensor which could be damaged and that it was in another part of Bangalore and would be available on late in the evening and hence he would come on 3-Aug morning. However, he didn’t turn up. Neither was he answering our calls. Finally late in the evening, he answered our call and said someone else was supposed to come since he is on leave. The cycle of follow ups followed from our end. After a lot of drama, another technician, Mr. Thyagrajan came and mentioned that he is not aware of anything but has been asked to replace the sensor. The refrigerator was working but was making a lot of noise. When we called him again, he said he was away due to a death in the family and would come after a few days. By then the refrigerator had stopped working. So we insisted on a senior technician visiting us. Finally we had Mr. Laxman visit us. He came in and was flabbergasted over how the earlier technicians had messed up the fridge. He explained everything to us and infact trained the earlier technician too. Apparently the earlier technician had recommended a wrong sensor, while the second technician didn’t know what was to be done and had fixed it completely wrong. Mr. Laxman told us that he would order the correct sensor and also replace the duct that was damaged by the first technician. He also told us that the fridge would work perfectly for around 3-4 days and will slowly stop working. It happened exactly the same. He had asked us to call him after 3 days for the status. When we called him after 3 days, he realized that the service centre had not ordered for the sensor because the day we had told them that the fridge is working for time being. Now they are making us run from pillar to post and coming up with a lot of stories on how the part is damaged. This is completely crazy. I was told to speak to Mr.Ramesh who is the ASM. He was ofcourse too busy to attend to our call. Not to forget that there are these auto generated messages that come once in a while and sometimes the customer support team (due to my constant emails) calls and asks us to repeat the entire story. As of today, 4-Sept, I am clueless on what they plan to do. False promises of calling back, giving ETA and what not is never completed.
Apr 18, 2018

my samsung s9+

I had given my s9+ for a display change in Pristine Electronics & solutions which is a Samsung service center near BTM, bangalore on feb 19 2018, and they informed me that it will take 20 days or so to get that resolved, but post 20 days i have no response and asked me to wait as they will check on the same.

But from last 20 days showroom is closed. The executive who took my phone for service has come up with a complaint copy stating tht my phone is lost on 5/4/18, why will my phone go out of office?

How will Samsung do that, when i give my phone trusting them why will they send it outside. what is the use in trusting Samsung service center on our headsets. who is responsible for this act.

In the work order bill which was given to my i notice that the date is 19/2/17, lol, i bought my phone in aug 2017, this shows u are trying to cheat us, when asked about the same the executive told i wrote it by mistake and i trusted.

Now the service center is closed from 20 days god knows why? The only point of contact which i had i.e the executive is also not available on his mobile. neither the service center is picking the call.

In next two days in want my phone back else i will take it to the next level and show what i can do.

What kind of service you people provide is shown here. i will definitely escalate it to respective people if i don't get my phone in 2 days.

reach me at 8553333352.

The worst service provided of all the mobile companies.


my samsung s9+ my samsung s9+ my samsung s9+

Sriganesh Subramanian
Apr 2, 2018

SAMSUNG AC quality of board

Hi Samsung.

I have brought AC on 29th May 2017 and @ 2017b once after the AC 1 year warranty over, it stopped working and when SAMSUNG Service center people visited they said that it is the issue with PCB board. How can PCB board from SAMSUNG branded can go. So it mean your brand uses such a low quality of board.

Thank you for cheating me by selling the such a cheap quality product for Rs 50000 to 60000 RS INR and making to go bad after exactly 1 year. I have never seen a such a cheap and fraud company for selling products and Customer care do not care about this and claims it only saying warranty over and Samsung will not do anything. Such a fraud company in the world.

9900046283 / 9880599405
Nishanth AS
Nov 12, 2017

Hardware issue

We bought a Samsung 49 Inch led tv from Jaynagar 4th block Girias on 29 OCT 2017 and from the day one we are facing issue that is when even if we switch on the tv and keep it for more than an hour , then the audio of the TV goes OFF and ON continuously and it will not stop. It is happing every minute and i have logged a complaint to Samsung to address this issue.

So in order to resolve the issue, Samsung technician visited our house and done something and ever after that it is the same issue. Again i called and same drama continuous and again they said one more Samsung technician will come and will resolve the issue. Even after the 2nd visit of the same issue and it clearly shows its a hardware issue.

So again called the samsung customer care and talked to senior supervisor and again the same drama. They are telling we will send one more Samsung technician to resolve the issue.

My question is how many times Samsung will send the technician to resolve this issue. Its a brand new TV which we got and from day one it is happening so i requested to replace the TV as it is a hardware issue ( Defective piece ) and they are very adamant to agree the thing is its a defect piece.

I am looking for a replacement as the issue is there from day one and its almost completing 12 days from the day of purchase. Even now there is no proper action taken to address this issue.

This is a pathetic service given by Samsung and they are not at all worried about the quality of the product, just they are concentrating on Quantity and not the quality

Here is the details :

Samsung Request number : 4249398547

Reference number : 180040-SAMSUNG(7267864)
Deepak Buddy
Sep 13, 2017

Missing & duplicate products

Dear sir,

I was ordered a combo offer I have received the parcel but we didn't get what we have ordered . We have already sent you the picture of the parcel which we have received and also what we have ordered you. We mailed u past one week But still not yet responded. We r not satisfied with your item. Soon get back ur parcel as soon as possible.

Plz find the attachment.

Deepak prasanth. R
‌Contact no: 9886667335

Missing & duplicate  products Missing & duplicate  products Missing & duplicate  products Missing & duplicate  products

Aug 30, 2017



You should never ever call up SAMSUNG CALL CENTRE to avail Samsung Technicians’ support.

Even when there is NO ISSUE WITH THE TV SET (especially, when the Cable Services to the entire Housing Complex is snapped due to the Monsoon Deluge / OR other Cable related issues better known to the Service Provider & there is INTERMITTENT ISSUES FROM THE CABLE SERVICE PROVIDER); just to satiate your doubt whether the TV SET has any issue or not; EVEN BY MISTAKE, if you ever avail the services of Samsung Technicians’ and Despite paying them their Visiting / Consultation Charges; they will SABOTAGE the Functional Product & will make it Redundant!

The Samsung Technicians are TRAINED TO KILL the functional product AND OR to run a Parallel Refurbished Market in a QUID PRO QUO with their Service Partners’; in a SURGICAL STRIKE ON HOME APPLIANCES by getting into your Home & Sabotaging your Functional Product; so that you are coaxed to BUY A NEW PRODUCT from them.





Siddappa Kuruva
Aug 16, 2017

Lost my phone

I lost my phone Samsung.j200g/DD. And even it is without battery. So pls even I forgot my Samsung imei code so pls help me to sort out my phone

Lost my phone

[email protected]
Jul 18, 2017

i can not received my courier

I am subham kumar Tiwari i am the laky winner my ref num.SAM /625 /003 /2014-05. My batch num.DNO /MA07 /EUR. I can not received my courier

i can not received my courier

Jun 19, 2017

Samsung India — S6 edge bootloop

Hi. I have a Samsung S6edge SM-G925I . It was all working very good until 20th May 2017 when the device asked me to update to android 7. I downloaded android 7 and allowed it to install overnight. Morning i wake up to see that its stuck in boot-loop and i the phone keeps on restarting. I took the phone recently to Samsung authorized service station(Bill Number :4238389690) to my surprise they say that the mother board is corrupted and is not accepting any software. It will cost 12, 000 INR to repair it. This is completely baseless. This was all because of the android 7 update and they ask me to change my mother board. There is no fault or mistake from my side, why should i pay this large amount for the repair. After contacting Samsung, they say they cannot do anything and i have to get the repair done and pay for it.
Jun 13, 2017

Samsung s7 edge pink line issue


I have samsung s7 edge phone which has pink line problems in my screen and there 2 mark/dents in metal part of phone.

As my still in warrenty but samsung service centre not fixing as part of the warrenty saying it has 2 dents in metal part so it doesn't cover in warrenty so I want that need fixing as part of the warrenty.

Kindly do the needful.

My recent service request no:4238548189

May 16, 2017


Abhijeet B
May 5, 2017

Samsung Note 4 Mobile Damaged Due to Samsung Software Update

My Samsung Note 4 device was recently damaged after taking the device to the service centre for software update. I had escalated this to Samsung Care and Executive Team and got the response saying that the device is out of warranty and I have to pay for the service.

I bought the device on Jan, 2015 which was working absolutely fine during normal usage before I had visited the Samsung service centre. My device did not have any problem or issue till date.

The recent automatic software update from Samsung did not happen completely, and it instructed me to visit the service centre for complete version of software update. Accordingly, I had visited the service centre and they asked me to replace the mother board which would cost around INR 12K. Since, there was no fault of mine, I denied to bear the cost and spoke to Samsung customer care. Then, I received a call from Samsung asking me not to get the service done from that service centre and he instructed me to visit another service centre, accordingly I had visited the other centre. Those guys did something with my device and gave me an estimate of around INR 22K, which was very surprising, and I did deny to bear the cost again. My device is still with the service centre as the Samsung customer care team had instructed.

Now, I am asking:

1. Just for an Automatic software update by Samsung, how could my device hardware damage? And if, it is so, why did I get this update from Samsung, I have not asked for it.

2. By visiting two different service centre how could the repair cost be so high, and the estimate by both of them are completely different?

Since there is no fault of mine, I would not bear the repair cost. The software update came form Samsung which caused the issue, and after visiting the service centre(s) the device completely stopped working, hence the entire repair cost MUST be borne by Samsung, or I want my device back absolutely functional as it was before visiting the service centre. I do not want Samsung latest software update, I am happy with my device how it was working before the software update.

This is purely a SCAM from Samsung which forces customers for such software update after almost after two years of purchasing the device, where they damage the device hardware and make crores of rupees. Few of my friends have experienced similar issues with Samsung devices too.

If I do not get any positive response from Samsung immediately, I would go to the Consumer Court in India and other higher legal authorities.
[email protected]
Apr 10, 2017

Poor Customer Service

Hi, Myself Krishnanunni. I recently bought a Samsung Washing machine & Godrej Refrigerator from Girias Marthahalli Showroom (Bill no. CrS/MT/155). Our experience with Girias was very irritating & the way the Girias Employees behaved was not professional (Ms. Kavitha, sales person & Mr. Prasanna, Manager). At the time of purchasing the items, they committed to deliver it on the next day & it got delayed for 3 more days without getting any proper feedback from them. Moreover they have not even registered the purchase with Samsung & it resulted again a delay of another 1.5 days. When we went to Girias, the sales girl admitted to her manager in her language that, she has purposefully made a delay due to our follow-up & challenged us. The way she behaved was totally un-ethical. We actually planned to buy a Samsung TV also from them & because of the above reasons we bought Panasonic TV from another Dealer. With due respect, requesting Girias India to improve their Customer relationship Management.
mohdammed atif lamba
Mar 14, 2017

i lost my mobile phone

I lost my phone while driving in rmc yard I will give u my details below like phone brand and imei number :-
phone:-Samsung galaxy grand max (SM-G7202/D)
imei number:-358827/06/053615/2
mobile no 7795639554

Jan 17, 2017


i lost my samsung galaxy core-2 mobile phone with a IDEA No.9739872104, i brought duplicate sim on 16/1/2017 by your authorised dealer store in K.H.Road, bengaluru till now it is not yet activated pls consider my complaint and make it correct as early as possible. treat it as most urgent
Nov 6, 2016

AC Ticket Number : 4223031647

I purchased your Samsung AC on 14thMay'2016 and found from your Technician visit on around 1stSept'2016 that one of the components of the AC was burnt. This happened in less than 4 Months of AC purchase but Samsung charged me Rs.375 for the component. This is shocking since I was also tricked and charged Rs.500 for the Technician Service-Charge as well.

This is totally unacceptable as at the end of the day I have paid Rs.950 in less than 5 Months of AC purchase. I need a Samsung manager to look into this case as otherwise no customer will ever have faith in buying Samsung products.

I shall send the Bill-Proof if needed…

Sep 4, 2016

Samsung service SLAs?

I have using Samsung products and almost all electronics I purchased in the last 8 years are mostly Samsung.

I registered my washing machine service request with Samsung (number 4220704943 dt 31/08/2016), which was assigned to R-Logic, Lalbagh Road, Bangalore. I am told the service center just closed the ticket without doing anything. When I followed up with Samsung 2 days later, they said R-Logic has closed the ticket and that they will file a new ticket to get the problem solved :(
Its 5 days now and my washing machine is still not serviced. Is this the kind of reliability Samsung would like their customers to have?

* How does Samsung allow service centers to close tickets without attending?
* Does Samsung take action against service team if they close tickets without attending?
* Should Samsung not cross check with customers if problem was addressed before assuming tickets are closed?

Looks like Samsung Customer Service has gone down in the recent times or they don't care about their customers. If Samsung has such SLAs and service centers, better not to buy Samsung products at all.
Sep 1, 2016

True or false about winning

I have received message to my mobile number 9738101901 saying that you won 500000 US Dollars in Samsung promo awards US 2016. To claim prize money they asking to send My Bank account details and address details. Is this true or false. Pls. Advice.

Shanivarama Reddy A V
Aug 24, 2016

Samsung defective refrigerator, harassment by the supervisor team

We bought a fridge on May 15 2016, and by first week of July 2016, it started developing issues on cooling... all items started rotting, and when we called the CS, they kept on saying they hav sent some reminders to the service team... after calls with the supervisor team, somebody came to fix, however, the same problems started recurring in addition to fan issues, defrost issues, the gasket came off. The service engineer reported it as a defective piece and issues a refund or replacement. The supervisor team is so arrogant, treat us as if we work for them. Out of frustration, we requested for refund, after which we are kept on saying that we'll receive calls from the concerned dept. no response; The way the supervisor team treats us is completely disheartening and pathetic, really regretting why I even bought this brand. Please help us; we want a refund; samsung req # 4219470271; Are they waiting for the warranty period to get over and say that its over. very unprofessional.
Aug 22, 2016

rubbish poor response

with ref to above sub,, complaint made on 14 aug, no response sofar, repeated call made to mr. girish, no response in call pickup
10/12 times follow up made,, kindly call back for 9448205587 (om) p;ease do the needful urgently
complaint no,, 4219 601388 ,, washing mcn complaint,, waiting your call and positive response
Prabhu Maa
Aug 7, 2016

LED TV Panel issue

Purchased this TV for 40000/- in the year 2012 from HomeTown, Bangalore.
Used for just 2 years 3 months. Started this panel issue with half of the screen blurred and dark shadowed.
Complained to Samsung. They say Rs230/- for Engineers Visit. Rs 1000/- for repair (based on repair it will increase) plus
cost of the part. Since this is panel issue, there is no repair and needs a replacement with 24000/- to buy a new panel and fix !!!!

What a loss? Had it been in the USA or UK, they will sue SAMUNG. Ideally SAMSUNG should recall this model as all these models sold in 2012 had the same problem. Thinking that it is Timing Control Board problem, I even orders a logic board from UK and finally it found to be a panel problem.

SAMSUNG can not make Indian consumers cheated. Product boought for 40000/- and just worked for 2.5 years!!!. India is not for making money for SAMSUNG on substandard products.

Request authorities to summon samsung to practice business ethics by recalling this product model.

LED TV Panel issue

Jul 6, 2016

Pathetic response by the Service Center people


I raised a ticket with Samsung Service Center 06/13 ticket number 4215790906, I had asked the call center person to inform the engineer to call me before he visits my place. But they didn't call me and cancelled the ticket saying Customer not at home.

I raised another ticket on 06/23 and after I followed up many times, Engineer visited my place and made note of parts that needs to be replaced.But after that I didn't get any response back from them. I called many times to his number but he didn't pick the call.

again yesterday I contected call center for this issue, now they hv given me another ticket number 4217163302 and again this engineer also doesn't pick the call.

I am not sure what is happening with the Service Center Engineers. Being such a reputed company, I preferred Samsung only for its Quality and Service. If service is not upto mark and if this is the case, I will not prefer Samsung for any other products.

Looking for a quicker remedy.


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