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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about SBI ATM

Jun 14, 2019

Withdrawal of money in atm by unknown person

Today I go to sbi atm in zira gate in ferozepur City. I go there for pin generation. When i complete my process, i take my all slip and remove card. There are two person behind the atm room in road. When i come from atm nearly 5-10minutes,i recieve message from sbi and there is written about withdrawal of rs. 3000.please help me about this.
Aug 24, 2017

ATM Withdrawal-Fraud

Rs 20500 withdrawal from my father's account by some unknown person after exchanging his card with my father in ATM. There is no security guard at the ATM and many people are standing in ATM when someone is withdrawing the money.

I am sharing the details of transaction below. Kindly let me know how to take action against the thief. We have filled FRI in Police Station but seems like that won't help much as they already told us that you might not get your money back. How can I request SBI to provide the CCTV footage for that ATM?

Transaction details:

Rs 20000 withdrawn at SBI ATM S1BC012016003 SBI SUNDERKHED NCR , Buldana from A/c xxxx xxx4 on 240817.Txn#3334 .Avl bal Rs 534.69.

Rs 500 withdrawn at SBI ATM S1BC012016003 SBI SUNDERKHED NCR , Buldana from A/c xxxx xxx4 on 240817.Txn#3336 .Avl bal Rs 34.69.

It will be very kind if someone help.
Aug 4, 2017

ATM Withdrawal-Fraud

Rs 500 withdrawn from A/C 36928924138 on 18/07/2017 ,6:30 PM at LVB ATM 003DM271 MOONROCKCOMPLEX HYDERABAD , ,TXN# ############ ,this transaction is without knowing the Card Holder ,

The CARD holder name is ABID SWALIH
Debit card no 4591XXXXXX358033

We would like to know the person who had taken this transaction from above ATM without knowing us ...We need the evidence of withdrawal this money ,if you need anymore detaiils please let us know

Sabitha .V.U
May 18, 2017

No cash at SBI ATM

Dear Rep,

I am staying at Electronic city on Bangalore.
There where 2 ATM near my surrounding.
For past 6 months whenever i go for cash withdrawal.
"NO CASH" board where made to hang with a ideal security guarf.
As per latest norms if more thab certain withdrawal from other banks sone amount will be deducted.
If this kind of NO CASH problem exist, we don't have any other option to go for near other bank ATM.
Try to solve this issue. If you have easy complainable portal with photi upload that would be more easier.

Best Regards,
Syed Imthiaz.R
Mar 10, 2017

Tarnished 2000 note dispensed from SBI ATM

I just got a 2000 note dispensed from an SBI ATM at Shalimar Bagh, with a note written in Hindi. Since no one will accept this note I am at a loss of Rs 2000 without any fault of mine. Please help
Feb 17, 2017

1500 debited but i didnt got the money

Dear Sir,

Acc holder name -Vijay Appaso Bhure,account no 00000020293156985,Bhosari branch, IFSC Code SBIN0012736.I have tried to withdraw rs 1500 from JANASEVA SAHAKARI BANK LTD ATM on 12 Feb,2017.but the amount not received.the money deducted from my State Bank of India.still now I don't get the cash back.so please give my money to my account..

Thanks And Regards,
Vijay Bhure
Mayank 260291
Feb 15, 2017

Fake note of 2000

I withdraw 8000 from SBI ATM and one note is fake

Mayank 260291
Feb 15, 2017

3 PCs of 2000 note from SBI atm

I withdraw 20000(10 notes of 2000) from SBI ATM on 15 Feb 2017 at 11.38 am out of which one(1) 2000 note is 3pcs note. I gone to the cash manager he said me that the note cannot be changed because I don't know weather the note is withdraw form atm or not then i go to the bank manager he take the note and said me to come at 3.00 PM of the same day. Now the note is with the bank. Sir please resolve my problem as early as possible.

Mayank Singhal
Feb 7, 2017

fake currency Notes of Rs.2000 notes

Dear Sir

On 31.1.2017 i had withdrawn an amount of Rs.5000 from SBI ATM....details are SBG ATM IFBB 000847429 1231091, Ramachandrapura,Secunderabad from A/C xxxx4099 on 310117 Txn#450..I have received 2 Nos. of 2000 rupees notes which are fake and no one is accepting in the market as well as bankers also.I request you to kindly look into this matter and do the needful.I had approached SBI Alwal branch,they had refused saying that the particular ATM is not being maintained by them.There is no security gaurd and even the owner of the ATM shutter is also not aware regarding the branch taking care of transactions

[email protected]
Cell No.9848548241
Dec 4, 2016

Atm machine under break down since. 5 days no body is attending .I think no body is receponsible for that

Dear Sir
Atm machine of Sbi bank Palwal Branch Sbi ngm mathura road Palwal near guru Nanak hospital is down since 5 days.It is at bank, maintance people is not attending this machine due to his personnel who.
Request you to please look in to the matter on urgent basis.
Suresh Sharma
In public interest
Nov 11, 2016

not allwing to exchange old notes

hi my name is Himanshu shukla i tried to exchange my old notes despite of standing in line for 3 hrs . Ms Anita singh Branch operation Manager , didn't allowed me to exchange 1000 rs notes just because i was not having sbi account is it rite to treat us like dis. i request you to take some strict action against her . We can understand there pain they should understand our pain also and refusing to exchange and saying take from Modi ji only if he had said we will not and again again forcing to have a account in her bank else they will not permit us to have the exchange of Rs 4000/- .

Kindly take some strict action against them it showing some kind of reservation and monopoly and neglecting central govt rules and disobeying our government.

Himanshu Shukla
Mob num: 9889965120
Nov 10, 2016

Asking commission for changing 500,100

Good mrng sir,
Yesterday i went to chennai,in SARAVANA stores they grapped 30 rupess for 500 notes, 50 rupess for 1000rupess notes....
its illegal to our nation..
so i think yo will take a correct action for that...

thank you
Pritam ajmire
Oct 11, 2016

Got torn note of Rs 500 from SBI ATM

I got torn note of Rs. 500 from ATM on 10 Oct 2016 at 5.38 PM . I can not use it no one accept it.
I searched for ATM GUARD , but there was no one.
Location - swastik sankul nawathe, amravati.
Please contact me on - 8446100120
Aug 31, 2016


I would like to bring to ur notice that near stadium metro station there 2 SBI ATMSare provided since 5 yrs i am residing in PRAJAY ASH RAY APARTMENT nearer to that whenever I used to go to draw money from ATM I found board out of service many times both 2 ATMs are not functioning since 3 weeks no body interested to take iniative to get it rectified I belive .While i approched the security he says we hv reported to concerned authorities.Today being salary day I hv gone to ATM same position then i went to Kalyan puri ATM Of SBI no cash in that .Finally i took money from HDFC ATM twice becoz more than Rs10000/ we cant draw for which Rs 40 fee was deducted for 2 transactions.Like me many other customers suffered.Is there any body nominated to monitor the condition of ATMs to rectify then and there .If so, why such type of troubles customer have to face loosing transaction fee.Iam holding SB account for salary in SBI,Prashant Nagar branch. Recent past I faced problems.2securities are being posted without any work since 3 weeks.Hence TO TAKE INIATIVE TO RESTORE Immediately on receipt of complaints before dealing with Consumer forum or RTI or otherwise better to remove those ATMs which are no way usseful to customers during monthend and first week of the month drawing money for their home expendiure aswell as remitting loans etc..
ArumugamKANNAN, Sr Section Engineer.South central Railways,F.No 404,P.A.Apartment,UPPAL,Hyderabad-500039.,9701370257
Joy Saha
May 4, 2016

Fake Note

Hello Sir - Today (15/01/2016) at 10 A.M in the morning my Spouse has withdrawn Rs 50,000 from the ATM of State Bank of Hyderabad. (Patparganj, New Delhi branch) Out of this a note of 1000 was fake. On approaching the bank same day, they denied to look into the matter. The cashier said this can't be possible and sent my spouse back to home. Immediately I then went with her and approached the Branch Manager Nibha Kumari. She asked us to wait. The cashier, seeing us, went to her cabin and started discussing about our matter. When we heard they were discussing about our matter in private, I walked up to her cabin and Nibha Kumari said, they need to check the CCTV footage. I was having a feeling she is trying to help us. But at the same time the cashier was resistant and adamant. She was telling us this is NOT a note from their ATM. We said to match the transaction number - 2414, sequence number (2 CV 302429) etc. but she said there is no way it could be found out. The cashier was not at all ready to listen and started arguing. This sounded illogical to me. In the meantime the branch Manager Sujit Ram walked in the cabin. This guy is young but very rude. He doesn’t behaved like a manager. He was very adamant too and do not know how to talk to a customer. His response was like, you can go ahead and do whatever you want but we can't help you. This was the end as we felt insulted and sounded like it was crime having an account with SBH and seeking assistance when there is a concern. He was even okay with closing our joint savings account, he offered that with no concern.

I raised this complain to Customer Care, who didn't took it but routed to this email address to assist.
I raised this complain online on the SBH website
I also raised this complain (in written) in the branch's complain register and signed by the branch manager. I have an acknowledged photo in case needed.

Please assist me with:
(1) Replacing my fake note
(2) Take strict action against the bank's branch officials with an apology note.

Please note: Looking at our situation, an aged customer in the bank offered us to replace the note with him and wanted us to save us from this hassle. I want to thank him for offering me. But this could also happen with anyone else. The bank has no right to miss behave with customers and do like this. Therefore I choose to look for justice instead of keeping quite.

I'll look forward for a positive resolution from you. Please let me know if there is anything additional needed. I have all the documents and proofs.
Apr 10, 2016


I Hebsiba
1.on 10/04/16 around 6 to 7pm i withdrawn rs 4000 n d machine was showing insufficient fund.I had 4807 as total amount.i hve tried 3times it was showing the same insufficient fund so i checked my balance n it was 4807 rs then i thought dat in atm machine there is no money so i tried in another atm and checked my balance and it was showing 807rs.also i got one msg in my mobile as u have no sufficient fund .

Sir please kindly inform me what is the problem?
phone no:9539148909
Dec 7, 2015

ATM in sector 12 vasundhra is disbursing the old currency notes which are suplanned to eliminated by Dec 2015

on 06.12.2015 , i drew Rs 6000 from SBI ATM located at SEc 12 vasundhra Ghaziabad. it was found that out of 12 notes of 500, 2 were with the signature of former governer shri RANA malhotra. which are as per govt of India's decision cease to be in circulation by dec 2015 and we are suppose to exchange them from banks. i failed to understand when these are to be exchanged , then bank like SBI is disbursing them to the public. Facing lot of problem as there is reluctance in public to accept those currency notes. Hope SBI would look into the matter.....
E Narasimha
Nov 22, 2015

I got damaged five hundred note from State bank ATM

Dear Sir,

I with draw 800 rupees from SBI ATM then I got 3 hundred rupees notes and 1 Five hundred rupees note but its a fully damaged note no one will be accept this torn out five hundred note.



TXN NO: 3257

Respond code: 0000

Date/22/11/2015 Time 13:50
Kabom jamoh
Nov 14, 2015

9500 debited but i didnt got the money

I shri khoda montri
1.on 10/11/15 around 12 to 2pm i withdrawn rs 9500 and the machine was showing insufficient fund.i have tried 3 times it was showing the same insufficient fund so i checked my balance and it was 9,970 rs then i thought dat in atm machine there is no money so i tried in another atm and checked my balance and it was showing 470rs..so i immediately went to the bank and given the complaint and manager said that the money is already being debited and also i submitted fir to the police station

Sir please kindly take some action

Phone no-8258992733
Kabom jamoh
Nov 14, 2015

9500 debited but i didnt got the money

I shri khoda montri
1.on 10/11/15 around 12 to 2pm i withdrawn rs 9500 n d machine was showing insufficient fund.i hve tried 3times it was showing the same insufficient fund so i checked my balance n it was 9,970 rs then i thought dat in atm machine there is no money so i tried in another atm and checked my balance and it was showing 470rs..so i immediately went to the bank and given the complaint and manager said that the money is already debited and also i submitted fir to the police station

Sir please kindly take some action

Phone no-8258992733
Sep 1, 2015

Receipt of short payment against withdrawal through ATM card.

today (1.09.2015) I have withdrew Rs. 10,000.00 through my SBI ATM Card from Telgaram SBI ATM Machine. After withdrawal it was observed that I have received only Rs. 9,400.00, instead of Rs. 10,000.00. I am very surprised to know against the short receive of Rs. 600.00. Such incidence never happened before. Kindly help me to receive the short payment.


Details of my SBI A/c are as below:
1. A/C NO. 11288862588
2. SBI ATM CARD NO. ############ 1343 (SBI Gold)

Details of withdrawal transaction through SBI ATM Card.
1. ATM machine SBG ATM DFBK000083030 on 010915.Txn# 6043 PO GOLAGHAT,(TELGARAM)
2. Case Receipt: 500 x 18nos. = 9000.00
100 x 4 nos. =400.00
Total 9400.00
mohd israr
Aug 18, 2015

Fake note from SBI Aligarh ATM during transaction

on 15th August i made a transaction of RS 10000 at time 11:56 from ATM ID - S1BW000604009 , TXN NUM - 9095 , REFERENCE NUM - ############, RESPONSE CODE NUM - 000 ,FROM A/C - 00XXX000000000XX430 . Then afterwards i checked one note out of ten of thousand was fake and pasted in four piece. FAKE NOTE NUMBER - 7BC772884

ATM LOCATION - zila panchayat bhavan ALIGARH

kindly exchage my note with the original.

mohd israr
Aug 18, 2015

fake rupees 1000rs by SBI ATM

Jul 31, 2015

recieved extra money while withdrawing money

Today when i went to my near sbi atm for withdraw 4000rs i dnt know how but i got 500rs extra. Means all total i got 4500rs. So what should i do now. And yes atm security guard was also not their on his duty. What should i do now. Pls give me a suggestion by email [email protected]
Jul 27, 2015

misbehaviour shown by atm gaurd

I visited sbi atm with my friend to withdraw cash on 25-07-2015. as i entered the guard told me to remove scarf, as i am muslim i wear burqa.
i told him i cant show my face to you, you go outside the atm then i wil remove.
he talked rudely. he scolded me to show my face to me.he stoped us to withdraw the amount from the atm.
he told me i wil allow u to withdraw the amount only when u show ur face to me, otherwise go out side.
he is just shouting
i came outside.
he sat inside the atm room listing songs with headsets
stupid guard
he insulted a total indian muslim girls
stupid sbi
just think how can i show my face to male person

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