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Consumer complaints and reviews about SBI BANK MISBEHAVIOUR WITH CUSTOMER

Feb 1, 2018


शासकीय नियमा प्रमाणे एका व्यक्तिला २००५ या नंतर तिसरे अपत्य नको आहे तर आजही माझ्य। ओलखितील SBI कर्मचार्य।ला २००५ नंतर ३ रे व कुणाला ४ थे अपत्य झालेले आहे. आपण कय कारवाई करु शकता किंवा करणा हे मला सांगावे.
Feb 1, 2018


शासकीय नियमा प्रमाणे एका व्यक्तिला २००५ या नंतर तिसरे अपत्य नको आहे तर आजही माझ्य। ओलखितील SBI कर्मचार्य।ला २००५ नंतर ३ रे व कुणाला ४ थे अपत्य झालेले आहे. आपण कय कारवाई करु शकता किंवा करणा हे मला सांगावे.
Jan 11, 2018

branch manager rude behaviour

My complaint against branch Manager Hudkeshwar NAGPUR MAHARASTRA 440034. His behavior is very rude and he has no manners how to talk with customers. He is showing bullying in the branch. Maximum customer remove his Account from this Branch
Please take a action against him.
Jatinder Kushwaha
Dec 26, 2017

Rude behavior

My complaint against Mr Rakesh Sharma who is employee of SBI branch surajpur greater Noida UP 201306. His behavior is very rude and he has no manners how to talk with customers. He is showing bullying in the branch.
Please take a action against him.
Jatinder Kushwaha
Dec 26, 2017


Misbehaving by Mr Rakesh Sharma who is employee of SBI branch surajpur greater Noida UP 201306.
His behavior is very rude and he has no manners to talk with customers.
He is showing his bullying in the bank.
Please take a correct action against him.
Dec 16, 2017

Harassment and ill-treatment at your bank branch by lady staff member.

This is to bring to your attention of a shockingly rude, ill-mannered and insulting behavior of one of your lady staff member and further her nonprofessional behavior is intolerable and your reply on this matter is very important for m to continue my relation with SBI.
I am working with IBM India from long time and since 2011, my salary is being credited to same account and also My father "R. P. Kanaujia"(Retired Principal, PSNP Inter college chaubepur) and his staff members & my other family members are having account with SBI and we have never faced such issue before.
I went there for fixed deposit of 1 lack rupee but instead of providing me services as per my requirement, she started argue with me. that is completely unacceptable.
She treated me like I am very new for banking things..
Kindly look into this on high priority.
The details of my relationship with your bank is as under:
Abhishek Singh
A/C Number : 30392521818
Branch: Chaubepur, Kanpur.
Branch Code: 010896
Manoj Kumar Sinha Muz
Dec 8, 2017

Harassment and ill-treatment to an elderly pensioner

Dear Sir,
Harassment and ill-treatment at your bank branch

This is to bring to your attention of a shockingly rude, ill-mannered and insulting behavior of one of your staffs (Mrs. Kranti Jadhav, Manager) and further her reluctance to discharge obligation in meeting a customer’s legitimate requirement.

I am nearly 80 year’s old pensioner and a very old customer having active banking relationship for over 25 years with State Bank of India.

The details of my relationship with your bank is as under:

A/C Number Branch Code Place
20118704552 11673 Kharghar, Sec-21, Navi Mumbai, Dist-Raigad, Maharashtra
10274062448 01519 BU Campus Branch, Muzaffarpur, Bihar

I am a retired official of Government of Bihar and regularly draw my pension out of Bank A/c No. 10274062448 maintained with Bihar University Campus Branch, Muzaffarpur, Bihar 842001 (Branch Code – 01519). I am suffering from heart and lungs diseases and am on permanent pacemaker & strict medication. Because of my extremely weak lung conditions and breathlessness my mobility is highly restricted. Due to this it’s extremely difficult for me travel or move or climb stairs. For the given medical reasons and availability of better medical facilities I now reside in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai with my son.

In order to meet the annual requirement for giving Life Certificate for continuity of my pension I along with my son (Mr. Manoj Kumar – also a customer of SBI) visited the SBI Branch (Code 11673) on 2nd December, 2017 at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. On enquiring at the Service Manager’s desk, I was guided to one Manager Mrs. Kranti Jadhav. On meeting Mrs. Jadhav and requesting her to record my Life Certificate she abruptly told that since the account is maintained at a branch in Bihar it cannot be done over here in Kharghar Branch. This was a surprise to me and I objected saying that this was not the case as previous year certification was also done at the same branch and no such issues were raised then. I further stated that after the implementation of core banking system it was not necessary to go to the home branch.

I also informed her that I was an existing customer in Kharghar branch as well and she should attend to my request for completing Life Certificate procedure. After that she annoyingly said that the system was down and she will not be able to do it. We made several requests stating my medical conditions and restrictions in movement but she did not listen and started ignoring me. This is something, I as a customer do not expect from your bank. I am not sure if the system was actually down or it was just an excuse to ignore a legitimate demand of a customer. This can be anyway be verified by an investigation at your end. After consistent requests she asked to come after 2-4 days and therefore I had no option but to return back with a hope that procedure will be completed in the next visit.

On 7th December, 2017 I along with my daughter in law, once again with much difficulty, visited to the bank at around 12.30 pm and met Mrs. Jadhav. Surprisingly again, she did not appeared in a mood to attend to my requirement and very disrespectfully asked me to come after 4 pm. I once again stated my medical condition and expressed my inability to travel repeatedly for completion of such a minor requirement. Mrs. Jadhav however, did not pay any heed and continued ignoring me as if I was not present before her. After waiting with hope for around 30 minutes I once again requested to attend to my Life Certification process. Instead of attending to the case she started shouting rudely and in a very disrespectful manner which only a person of unsound mind would do to an octogenarian like me. Mrs. Jadhav further said that she will not be doing it anymore. This is nothing but a shameful behavior towards an elderly person which cannot be acceptable.

Desperately enough then, we met the Branch Manager in his cabin and explained the issue and requested his intervention for the needful but nothing was done from his end as well. We waited for some more time and once again approached Mrs. Jadhav with the request. Mrs. Jadhav then took the form in hand and after working on the system for few minutes stated that Bihar Government was not appearing in the bank system and that nothing can be done and infuriatingly advised to go to the home branch. How can such an irresponsible and impractical solution be given merely to get rid of a customer?

On insisting again with the request and especially drawing her attention to the fact that the same thing was done from the very same Kharghar branch in the previous year and that a number of our known persons have also reported of getting this done from non-home branch she became furious and started speaking rudely again and in a very highly unpleasant tone & manner and asked us to leave the branch at once. Highly disappointed and feeling insulted we left the form with her requesting to do the needful and walk out of the bank. We felt very helpless and disgraced as even her superior was not listening to our issues.

The above referred behavior of Mrs. Jadhav and inaction by the Branch Manager (in spite of appraising him of the issue with a request for intervention) is nothing but a clear case of harassment, willfully giving wrong information to deprive a customer of his rights, territorial discrimination and causing mental agony. This harassment becomes graver as the sufferer is a senior citizen with serious medical conditions restricting his mobility.

The above ill-treatment, humiliation and insult by Mrs. Jadhav has put me in a state of shock and depression and further exasperating my medical conditions. In my relationship with your bank for over 25 years I never had such a shocking experience of humiliation and insult by any bank staff.

You will undisputedly agree that every customer at your bank deserves a pleasant and not an insulting behavior especially when banks including SBI is working towards improving the customer relations. I further understand that Banks have their internal Standard Operating Procedure for customer relations / treatment etc., and Mrs. Jadhav had definitely not adhered to that which is a case of misconduct. This behavior is also contrary to the philosophy of “Citizens Charters of State Bank of India”.

In view of the above incidence I request your goodself to look into it and take appropriate action on an immediate basis including the following points:

a) Direct Mr. Jadhav to tender an apology letter for her ill-mannered and insulting behavior.

b) Record and complete procedural formalities of my Life Certification without any further delay so that I continue to receive my pension without any discontinuance.

I am hopeful that appropriate action will be taken from your end on an immediate basis with a confirmation to the undersigned and you will issue appropriate instructions to your staff to ensure that customers are treated in a deserving manner and no other elderly person has to face this harassment and mental trauma.

An early reply will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you,

Sincerely yours,

Nagendra Kumar Sinha
Vinod Palayullathil
Oct 18, 2017

Mis Behavior of Manager Mr Muhammad Anif

Sir I am serving Indian Army As a Junior Commission Officer also a customer of the respective br since 25 years. I am having my DSP Account and Joint account with the branch. Last week I contacted with the manager for my pension concerned documentation for a short leave pderiod. The documents whichever is required I brought for signature, but the response from the manager is very henious and non cooperative. I am serving soldier and working in remote field such soldiers are there with this bank. Exigency of service we are getting short period for such document clearance. Therefore, I am requesting SBI complaint cell for issue necessary discipline action should taken against Me Muhammad Anif SBI, Quilandy and also intimate my e-mail vinodnaduvathur@gmail.com.

My account No. 10580135237
Aug 16, 2017

Sbi bank employee working not properly

Hi this muneendra i have go to sbi venkatagiri branch andra pradesh that branch employees hard behave to customers and working also less time working ..

That time im asking to branch manager saying CDMachine it will open 3 to days after 3 days i will credited to ur account

Small Request : small familly 41500 rs heavy amount yes or not that why thing of the CDM machine problems, atm no slil and mataince also very poor
Jul 20, 2017

SBI Employee rude behaviour

Dear Representative,

I am a valuable customer of SBI form 2003. Now I am living out of India and I have NRO account in SBI and i transfer money in same account monthly. Last month I was on vacation so I requested for credit card on June 2, 2017 for credit card they asked for 200000 INR FD. I gave them money and they promised that card will be available at your home within 10 days. I asked many time, she told sure-sure. But till now nothing. I called her yesterday, her behavior was not same. She said I am not responsible. Now she stop responding my phone also. Kindly take necessary action to solve my problem and action against her.
Her detail is:-

Name:- Lalith
Mobile no-0860786862
Branch- JSSL Hisar (Haryana)

My Detail is

Prem Kumar

A/c no- 1031130000
Mobile- 00966538100914

I hope bank will take action against her so that she will not cheat with other customer in future.
Dvs iti
Jun 29, 2017

Misbehaviour and bad service

Bhut hi dukh k sath ye sikhayat darj krna par raha hai ki sakha basantpur jiska code 14292 hai usme hmare school or or iti ka current account hai ...is bank me jb se sakha prabandhak sanjay kumar aaye hai or accountant in logo ka behaive bhut hi bura hai ..hr ak logo se alg alg byavhar hai jo inke niji ya phchan k log hai unke liye alg tatha smanya logo k liye alg rule hai...
Atah kuch v khne pr ye log khte hai ki ap khi or account open kra lijiye..
Atah itna hi nhi akbar hmlogo ne apne accont se neft kia 46000 rs or inke bank k staff ne 49000 rs transfr kr dia ajtak wo paisa refund nhi hua...
Kuch v khne pr ye log khte hai ki ap hmara kya kr loge hm govt employee hai apko sirf hmari bate sunani hai
Sir pls ap janch kre...din pratidin yha ki byawstha buri hoti ja rahi hai... or staff manmani kr rhe hai
Digvijay singh iti
May 20, 2017

Issue of ATM Pin

I have an account in SBH (its now SBI) in Krishna Nagar Branch, Kunool. I went to Accountant and i asked to give 4 digits ATM pin by showing the ATM letter. He asked my passbook I had given to him by seeing passbook he asked me why you had staple pins on photo and there is no bank seal on photo. I told him that your staff had stapled on photo and not sealed on photo.When came to you last time to convert my account minor to Major. Then he raised his voice that "why we will do it", "Did I stapled it", Then i said not you, your bank staff had stapled it. without knowing the mistake them he is going on shouting on me.I dont know his particular name. This incident happen on 11:00 am, saturday Date: 20/05/2017. Who had sitted right side of the Slip Deposit Booth.
Mar 16, 2017


Dear sir,

we have an account in SBI saketh road branch we would like to update the name which is incorrectly printed when we requested for the name change along with the proof SBI branch saketh road manager and a female who is an operation manager is not ready to change and also started yelling at me and child. and suggested us to close the account and open it in another bank.

Sharadha Yanamalamanda
Feb 9, 2017


मैं अमित कुमार शर्मा पता श्याम चक छपरा सारण बिहार 841301 का निवासी हूँ मेरा खाता श्याम चक स्थित RCC ब्रांच जिसका कोड 03614 है मुझे ब्रांच के अकाउंटेंट सर श्री भागीरथ राम जी से शिकायत है की ब्रांच में अनेक प्रकार के कार्य हेतु मुझे जाना परता है मैं जब भी उनके पास किसी छोटे से छोटे काम के लिए जाता हूँ तो पहले तो वह मुझे तक़रीबन एक घंटा खड़ा कराते है उस दौरान वो अपना पेंडिंग काम निपटा रहे होते है फिर जब मैं कहता हु की सर मेरा काम कर दीजिये 2 मिनट लगेंगे तो हर बार की तरह कहते है तुमसे ज्यादा इम्पोर्टेन्ट काम है एक घंटा खरा करने के बाद बोलते है कल आना.यह एक बार की बात नहीं है हमेशा ऐसे ही करते है कुछ बोलने पर बैंक स्टाफ होने का धौस जमाते हुए बोलते है की दो मिनट में अन्दर करवा देंगे भाग जाओ यहाँ से .आप सभी से अनुरोध है की कृपया करके उचित से उचित कार्यवाही करने की कृपा करे या फिर मेरा और मेरे फॅमिली मेम्बेर्स के सारे अकाउंट बंद कर दिए जाये .इन सभी बातों के साक्ष्य बैंक के अन्य स्टाफ एवं मेरे मित्र एवं मेरे परिवार के सदस्य है.
अमित कुमार शर्मा
9430558245/ 9525678910
Jan 17, 2017

complaint on Security Guard at SBI

This is Sowmya Vadigireddy from Gorantla Ananathapur Dist running an NGO related to women empowerment This is related to misbehaviour by Security Guard with mi & with all the customers who come to bank.. Today i went to sbi before 4 PM to transfer the amount but the main door was closed and that was locked i waited for some time after 10 to 15 minutes he opened the door and shouting very rudly . He use some unparliamentary words with womens and abuse to those uneducated people. he shouted on everybody who go inside.....Except the Politicians and bada nayakas Please take some action on him I respect the service of the STATE BANK OF INDIA AND I SALUTE FOR THE SERVICES. Please do the needfull.
Jan 13, 2017

Manager's very bad behaviour with uneducated people

SBI Attur Layout Branch Manager very bad behaviour with all the customers who come to approach her. Please take some action. She use some unparliamentary word and abuse to those uneducated people. They came to enquire about their ATM for that silly reason she shouted and yelling on everybody who go inside. She not even taking any complaint about ATM amount quires. Please take some action on her or post her somewhere.

SBI Attur Layout
Ifsc: SBIN0013282
lalit mohan biswal
Jan 2, 2017

Rude behaviour with me and my mothers

I am lalit mohan biswal of SBI bank customer of 32477034279 account number.today I go to bank sbi,bajrakote,ifsc-sbin0008215,puri,odisha,withdraw of my tdr.the branch manager locked his room.I m waiting 30 mnt.but he has no respond.at last he told me and my mither get out from my branch.I hope you solve my problem .otherwise I am lodge a fir against him
Dec 26, 2016

Insulting customers

Today I went to the SBI nayapalli branch ,VIP Colony,N3/437, BBSR to open a new account. we got the form and the staff instructed us to go to the branch manager . When we entered into his cabin we wished him and told him about the verification. He was not busy but rudly replied to us ,wait for half an hour. while we were about to leave he saw that and called us inside his cabin. we gave him the form and he flipped it and told me ,what will i do with it .Then I told him that your staff sent me here. during the entire conversation his entire body language was very arrogant and he doesn't know how to talk to a lady. I have decided not to open any account in sbi bank.
A customer is more important than the branch manager. If this behaviour continues then god save this bank.
Nov 18, 2016

Token issued for withdrawal and deposit after 2 PM instead of 4 PM.

Respected Sir / Madam,
Unfortunately State Bank of India, Barasat Branch (0024), issued Token for withdrawal and deposit after 2 PM instead of 4 PM. Not only that the issued token only to their known person. The management also postering that matter, inside and outside the bank. The manager aware of all fact does not take any appropriate action. The aged bonafied general customers are suffered. Please take appropriate action and assure every one avail withdrawal and deposit facility standing on the Que up-to 4 PM and token issued to those people standing on the Que at 4 PM. Hope that you will do needful.
I Remain,
Jul 1, 2016

Misbehaviour improper language of speaking with coustmer

We went to take the locker n submit our hospital project to.sbi manager was too rude and using improper language ..i am the surgeon even my dad is also doctor he cannnot speak with us like this...we have decided to shut our all family accounts n deposits from sbi
Apr 8, 2016

Misbehaviour and misconduct of code

This is related to misbehaviour of Gandhidham mani branch of SBI branch code:00373, Since i have account of ahmedabad SBI I went to print my passbook the machine was not working. I have put this in concern of bank staff for more than 4 times. when this time also i bring in notice of mr. Mohit kumar (Deputy manager) he didn't notice and when i asked her for branch code to put complaint against this he replied "tum konsa pahad ukhad longe branch code leke" which was recorded in CCTV.

When i report this misconduct to chief manager after waiting for half an hour chief manager Mr. Shyamkumar replied you have misconducted with him then he had do this when i ask him to check CCTV he denied I have recored the entire talk happen between Mr.Shyam and me and he was not even ready to tell the entire name of his employee and also the employee code.

He told me to ask on counter for getting printed passbook when i reached counter and ask person to print he replied we don't print other city passbook.

this what SBI is promising to give service If machine is not working then they can assist by giving printing instead they are harassing people from sending here to there on counter

If you required i'll send you the link of video of talk between chief manager and consumer
Aug 22, 2013


This is related to misbehaviour by Mr. BABU RAM, sbi, , manglour branch code 02418 , Dist. Haridwar Uttrakhand . When I asking to mr.baburam to kindly check the account opening form he will tell me that this is not my work and shouting me in the front of 20 to 30 customer and pull the account opening form and tell this is bank property so get out “On further asking him to talk properly, he continued to misbehave with me. I think all the incent are recorded in cctv. Dt. 22 Aug 2013 time approx 12.00 pm to 1.00 pm. He will insulted me in the bank in front of so many people what can I do?
My self Navneet Sharma
Shahanwaz khan
Apr 23, 2013

Complaint Against Manager SBI

i Shahnawaz Khan I visit in SBI Branch Mendhar for enquiry for new current account opening in Branch Manger Cabin but he asked me why u entered in my Cabin his wording as such " how dear u,entered in my cabin u know i am Branch Head............. i asked where is u r help desk but he asked me how u entered in my cabin nonsense ,busted ,
i am already customer of SBI Branch mendhar Saving Account But i want to open current account in same branch but his rudely talk and misbehave with me
so kindly do needful in this regards just not for mine interest but whole as a customer interest,

Shahnawaz Khan
Mendhar M/S Pinnacle Technology Mendhar
Apr 22, 2013



I am having a SBI Regular customer bearing Saving bank Account no 10354923205 at Gandhingar new sachivalaya Branch. But the behavior of Shri d.k. patel, Accountant is quite shocking, when my ATM is not working properly, I was gone to him for help, but he behave with me not proper way.
On the 20-sep, 2012 when I was gone to old sachivalya, Main Branch to fill up I.T. chalan, I have same found attitude there, with me, the Clark , who collect the chalan of I.T. misbehave with me, and then i was gone to help customer care office for necessary action with this issue, but he told me same, and ignore my all request, what i want to establish is here that to reveal such a matter for good public interest. Sir I am having a Regular member of CERS SOCIETY, on behalf of public interest when i feel such bad service form the service provider I will make complain about the same. so kindly do needful in this regards just not for mine interest but whole as a customer interest, and one thing I would like to know that I have same Registered complain on SBI on line complain Registration, but noodle officer or super highr Authority cant handle this complain on their own way, they just handle it to concern person who will talk with me, so I am not satisfied the way SBI approach for the same. if such a type of complain will be regularized by only noddle officer, then it will make create great impact, so kindly do needful in this Regards.

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