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SBI Credit Card

Madhya Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about SBI Credit Card

Jun 14, 2019

late fee imposed


i paid my total outstanding of April-19 month on time but sbi team will not received it due to financial year closing server errror and they also got agreed on this the refund it back but now they again imposed it after a month and also charge annual fee when it was not eligible to charge it after spending 90k.so please help me to got refund it back
Jan 5, 2019

Fraud outstanding amount and credit balance not refunded to me

Hi I am Mr Amit manohar purohit, I have closed sbi cards 2 days back, I have received mail from SBI customer care with confirmation of closing my account and no dues on me also mentioned about credit balance of rs 1121 which will be refunded to me.today i am getting mail from SbI nodal officee that outstanding balance is 427 and there is no credit balance.This is misrepresentation of fact.

I have confirmed from customer care 02 times and found that there is no dues on me.
I have mail from customer care where it was mentioned that I can destroy my card as it is closed now with no dues.
Thakur Gajendra Singh
Sep 21, 2018

Feck charges on everything statement.

Kindly explain me this is charges.
Jul 3, 2018

Credit card not received but


SBI Credit card no -0004317575029733988

A few years ago, I have applied for the SBI credit card but the card has not delivered to me, I made the complaint to the SBI credit team but they have charged annual fees for many years, which I released while checking my CIBIL score and creating the negative issues.

I tried to resolve the issues and contact the SBI team through Toll free but my all efforts gone to vain.

Request you to please help me out from this mess.

Narendra Gauba
susheel kamdar
Mar 1, 2018

credit card fraud

Dear Team,
Please help to resolve my problem.
Today (01 march 2018) I got a call from 9993052555 @ 12:29pm on my registered phone no 9205125375. Her name was Neeta. she was calling from SBI Credit Card department. she was also confirm my Card no, Expiry Date , Address. she told me to redeem my reward point from my credit card. After that I got a OTP SMS and my 5000 deducted from my credit card and credited in trendonEPay kerela. Without sharing my OTP how it is possible to do transaction. This is a fraud case and there transaction are not done by me.

So please resolve my fraud transaction and revert my money. .

Card no - xxxxxxxxxxxx4730
Card holder name - Susheel Kamdar
Mobile No - 9993052555

Himanshu Karan
Cma Pehel Jain
Feb 22, 2018

Fradulent debit

I got a call from 8742924239 saying its representative from sbi & gave his employee id SBI_103845 to know the reason of not redeeming my reward points n so reactivate n credit back the lapsed reward point only he can do being an SBI Customer care manager. I got cal yesterday i.e. on 21st feb. 2018 at around 4.52 pm.

He told his name rishab kant n gave employee id sbi_103845 to give back 9825 lapsed reward points. He told that after half n hr i will confirmation mail n sms but i didnt got it.

Bt my card statement is showing transaction of RS. 35000/-. i trusted him as he had my Registered communication adress as it is, my registered mb. no. & my registered e mail id too.

Kindly lodge my complaint n revert my money back. My registered e mail id is [email protected] gmail.com.

Also, my registered details have been leaked, how??? Is this the safety level ensured by SBI???
Gaurav Pachori
Dec 14, 2017

call for sbi credit card

I receve call from sbi credit card and they want to send my documents on whatsapp and send credit card front images
Oct 9, 2017

Fault in transaction, SBI no more secure in Credit card

Hi All,

I want to share personal experience with SBI Credit card.

I got SBI Credit card, within two days, I got message that, INR 8217 was spent on your credit card on this date.
I never received any OTP from SBI for this transaction, SBI is no more secure like how another person have my all details (card number, CCV).

Any I’m using another Bank Credit card since last four year,
I never faced this type of situation.
Stop using SBI Credit Card.

Defaulter are using my details, how come it is possible.
That’s simply say that, your SBI is not secure in any case and crucial information are leaked.

Sep 22, 2017

reversal of late payment fee

Dear Sir/ Madam

subject : Reversal of late payment fee and

I MS Neeta Bijlani holding sbi credit card no ############ 8723 .

as I did not get the salary on time in month of aug and july . and was hospitalized too .that i have made the full payment of Rs . 20772

on 5 sep 2017 which is reflecting in your sep statement

I would request you to waived off s the penalty and intrest charge to me . next time all the payment will be on time .

awaiting a favouravable reply from you .

thanking you

Neeta Bijlani
Jul 27, 2017

Amount Deduction

Today I have recveive the call from (wibmo payzapp),8010607831. he told me the deatil of my sbi credi card and expiry no.

And deduct the amout from my credit card 5000 & 15000 Total 20000 Rs.

So plz return my money back.

Saurabh verma
Dec 13, 2016

Annual Fee and Other complaints

Dear Sir ,

I am SBI credit card holder.

Since 2 years i am using SBI credit card. There is annual fee of 2,999 put in my October statement. I want to request SBI to reverse the annual feel. i tried calling the customer care to inform this but it's not reaching at all. It always says "Network is conjected". DUe to which i have not paid my annual fee of 2,999. Everyday i used to spend lot of time calling customer care for this reason but i could not reach at all .I request you to reverse my annual fee(October-16 Month Bill) and also request you to reverse late payment charges and service tax (November-16 month) in the November Month bill as well.

Also i raised a request regarding my Jaboong voucher. I was not able to use my Jaboong voucher at Joboong site. i have complanined the same but not got solution for that.

I shall be thankful to you for this.

Krishnamoorthy D
SBI CARD NUMBER - ############ 5990
Mobile number - 9880819777
kp baskar
Oct 5, 2016


Over limit fees
Dear Sir ,

I am regular user of SBI credit card from 2014.
BY MISTAKE I USED CARD OVERLIMIT (normally card decline if there card limit is reachied)

In the UNBILL TRANSACTION statement generated on 03 OCT 2016. they have charged me Over limit fees of INR 500 with service tax. RS 75.

Being from a middle class family unnecessary charge of 500 is very big amount for me.

It is my humble request to you to instruct SBI credit card to reverse recently charged Over Limit fees

I shall be thankful to you for this.

SBI Card #: no. ending with 6678

kp baskar
Jul 15, 2016

Over limit fees

Dear Sir ,

I am regular user of SBI credit card from 2013.

In the last statement generated on 24 June 2016. they have charged me Over limit fees of INR 500 with service tax.

Being from a middle class family unnecessary charge of 500 is very big amount for me.

It is my humble request to you to instruct SBI credit card to reverse recently charged Over Limit fees

I shall be thankful to you for this.

SBI Card #: ############ 9086

Bharath Ginnereddy
Jun 15, 2016

Unable to use card but bill is getting generated every month

Dear Sir,

I am regular user of SBI Credit card for a long time.

I have received a new card 8 months back as my old card validity date is expired. At that time I received the card but couldn't receive pin to use that card. I tried generate a pin but my updated number and email was not active. Due to that I was unable to generate the pin for newly delivered card.

I have requested for mobile number and email id update through the mail and SMS but they were unable to update my mobile number and email id even after multiple follow up's. They have told me that the provided email id is updated in our records, but it's not done in my end. After that I couldn't get the time to follow up and not using the card as the pin is not available.

There is a annual fee of 500/- in my card and they can charge only in case if i don't spend 75000/- in a year.

Now i get to know that there is an outstanding amount of 1700 + rs on the card which includes annual fee and late payment charges for the last 3 months.

My card Number : ############ 5122

Could you please help me to do the following.

1. Reversal of annual and late payment charges as I am unable to use this card from long time.
2. Please help me to update the mobile number and email ( Request # Interaction Id- 1-5005558673)
3. If any of the above are not possible, Please help me cancel the card.

Jun 6, 2016

ATM Payment not working


My name is Vijaya Babu Abothu, customer of your Credit Card Services. Holding the Credit Card Number ################

I am a regular customer of SBI card and submit all my payments on time. In this month I tried to pay with my SBH Atm Card as i do everymonth it showing an error as Sorry unable to Process and Response code is 072,every month i do my credit payment through ATM and this time i couldn't able to do it. and i made a cash payment of Rs.1340/- in the SBI bank, Vanasthalipuram, Hyderabad.

my last day for the payment is on 4th june2016 and i made the payment on 6th June2016 as 5th June is a Sunday and holiday.
my request is to not charge anything extra or late fee as it's not my mistake and when i enquired about the same in the bank they told me it's an technical issue and if they charge any late it will be reversal on your mail.

I tried calling the Toll Free Number from my BSNL but no response.
I request not to charge anything as it's hard for me to repay.
Please clear my Issue and kindly do the needful
Rohit Patil
Apr 27, 2016


Dear SBI

I do not understand why their are lot of charges on CC without any knowledge.
yours customer care service is pathetic.
the number 39020202 is never working & 1800 180 1290 this toll free number just ring and ended up ....
Kindly resolve the problem ..
or at lease let me know the CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER OF SBI CREDIT CARD OT EMAIL ID so i can discuss the same .....

Apr 5, 2016


This is really a very state of affairs in SBI .either you serve the card holder in proper manner else you just stop making neumurous
marketing about take over of other bank's credit card dues
I have your card No.################ in the name of Narendra Upadhyay .I requested for take over of HDFC card amount due
Rs. 60,000/- on 23.03.2016 and the people on line promised me to pay to HDFC the amount before 30.03.2016. But to my utter
surprise it is not yet paid and very smartly you have mentioned the amount of recovery in monthly statement which i received on
02.04.2016 on my email .
Due to your delay i am put in trouble HDFC will charge interest on this amount from me and i have to pay your EMI also from this
month. customer care person does not CARE at all and told me that we shall revert back to you but till this time i have no information about payment to HDFC .
Please note that i am not going to pay your EMI if things are not corrected as per my request . And also i will claim interest amount from you which HDFC will charge on me for not making payment of their dues on time.
pl. respond immediately

Dec 16, 2015


I am Extracharged bu SBI card for the following reason


Anyone please clarify the same.

If the reason is not genuine will go to cancel the card.
khagendra singh
Dec 2, 2015

My New credit card related

My name is khagendra singh raghuwanshi i have applied for credit card initially and i am not satisfied with the service so i have call the customer care but no one response me. i have receive my card than i have try to register on line but all card details are not valid and my card is locked also. from SBI side nothing response for me. SBI bank service is very bad.
Trapti Ozha
Oct 16, 2015

apply unwanted processing fees

This is Trapti Ozha from Indore. I have SBI credit card since last 3-4 year. I have offer from Encash loan from SBI of rs. 158000 with no processing fees. So i availed this offer but in my credit card monthly bill SBI add processing fees of 3710. this loan was availed from 26-09-2015 at 3.00 PM. The representative was Ms. Kanika. Now for reduce this amount I called again again in SBI customer care number-############ but no can help me.
Kindly provide me the best way for complain against SBI credit card department.
Rakesh Batish
Aug 27, 2015


Dear Sir/madam,

I am a regular customer of SBI card and submit all my payments on time. In this month I paid Rs. 5000.00 as minimum payment on Dt. 10/08/2015 whereas rest pending payment of Rs. 4654.00 was submitted on 14/08/2015 after two days.
statement is showing
22/08/2015 FIN CHARGE ON RETAIL (EXCL TAX 61.22) 437.28 Dr.

Please clear what is this Issue.


Rakesh Batish
SBI card no. ################
May 26, 2015



i would like to inform you that present bill (May 2015) of my SBI Gold & More Credit Card statement has been charged it with some fine without any prior information which is completely unnecessary charges and which has mentioned below.

23/05/2015 FIN CHARGE ON RETAIL (EXCL GST 150.32) 1216.21 Dr.

I didn't expect this this kind of charges from SBI Credit Card department. It lacks in customer call service, which never connect to it and also SBI Credit Card department doesn't have the Toll Free Number for the other network provides, except BSNL/MTNL.

Kindly, discard those kind of charges from my SBI Credit Card as earlies

My Mail ID :- [email protected]

E-Mail Id : [email protected]


Mar 19, 2013

Over limit fees and late payment fees

Dear Sir,

I am regular user of SBI Credit card , I always pay partial or full payment towards my outstandings.

From last 2 - 3 months , SBI charging me unnecessary fees named as late payment fees and over limit fees.

I registered complaint last month also , after that complaint they reversed late payment fees of INR 750 but

in VERY next statement i.e generated on 17 MARCH 2013 SBI AGAIN charged me late payment fees of


Resulting in a very high amount, Being from a middle class family unnecessary charge of 750 and 500 is very big amount for me.

Kindly instruct SBI Credit card to reverse LATE payment fees of INR 750 and OVER LIMIT fees of INR 500

charged on my account in statement GENERATED ON 17 MARCH 2013.

I shall be thankful to you for this,


SBI CREDIT CARD NUMBER - ############ 6902.
Mar 7, 2013

over limit fees.

Dear Sir ,

I am regular user of SBI credit cards.

As I pay regularly to SBI bank then too again and again they are charging me over limit fees.

from last two month they are charging over limit fees and one over limit fees of INR 500 is shown in unbilled transactions , means they are again planning to charge over limit fees in next month.

Being from a middle class family, paying INR 500 unnecessarily is very big burden for me.

Kindly instruct SBI to reverse all the extra charges charged on my SBI CREDIT CARD.

I shall be thankful to you for this.


SBI CREDIT CARD NUMBER - ############ 6902
Nov 5, 2012

Late Payment Fees

Hello Prashant,

They have done the reversal? Kindly let me know.

Manivannan G

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