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SBI Credit Card


Consumer complaints and reviews about SBI Credit Card

Dhaval tanna
Nov 2, 2018

On line missuse

I had sbi credit card no ############ 0113 5 years back i had all my payments raguler every month.my register no was 9322185951.one day i received a call from customer care that i had online transaction for air ticket worth rs 99000 aprox.i was shocked and asked i didn't had any massage.he told me the massaging no 8199892689 which was replaced on from registered no 9322185951.i was informed by bank to discontinue card and fill online dispute form and i got online dispute complain no 0132238477875 i kindly request to bank please find the accused person and solve the dispute
Oct 20, 2018

Fraudulent Transaction

My name is Faraz S Mulla I am using the SBI (State Bank of India) Credit card from last more than 2year. On 10/10/2018 I use the SBI Card to book a CAR at Hyundai online web site for that my account was debited with Rs11100/- (for this transaction i submitted the otp given by sbi) . After this transaction my limit was approx Rs2990/- .

On 11/10/2018 Automatic my credit card debited once again for the same amount Rs11100/- for this transaction i never requested and i never submitted any OTP without my confirmation they debited. And my limit going in minus.

When I contact to them by call center and by email they not accepting then i received the mail by them and they asking me to submit a form for claiming with the merchant details for transaction done by me on 10/10/2018 I told them to read the mail carefully ,I am claiming for 11/1/2018 not for 10/10/2018 then again they asking me to submit the doc.
I told them that if the transaction not done by me so how can i submit the doc they not listening me and they told me that they will close the request with giving me proper resolution.
They are so careless they even not read the mail properly.
If I am aware that I am not having limit why i should used and how they allow to debit more than my available limit
I ask them to provide me the details of IP address from where they received the request of Debit and OTP but they not listen to me.
Sep 16, 2018

LIEN removal on FD


Im Praveen Angre having credit card of SBI bank..My card no is ################ (UNNATI CARD ).

This card is issued on my FD. Now I need to withdraw my FD , I have applied for card closure & LIEN removal for the same...

But since 20 days my request is not fulfilled by SBI credit card division...I have complained twice but all in vain...

Requesting you to help me out...
Reetessh Sabr
Aug 6, 2018

Sms fraud

Dear customer your SBI CREDIT CARD point worth Rs 6897 expired by 05/08/2018. Kindly convert your points into cash by click here http://sbimasterpro.com/

(Since m not using this card for ages now, so i instantly knew that this is a false sms. Thus complaining here)
Franky Dsouza
Jul 26, 2018


SBI credit cards are biggest fraudsters. Their executives are best in misselling. If you visit retail outlets like Big Bazaar or Central, these executive will catch hold of you and give you false information. They will tell you about the unconditional vouchers of Central and Big bazaar. Its all misselling, their vouchets have conditions e. g. You get Central voucher of rs 250 but it can be used on a minimum purchase of rs 1000. While selling credit cards these executives will missell you with confidence that vouchers are unconditional. Once you pay their annual charge of Rs 885, they wont even entertain you. You will keep complaining on deaf ears. Friends dont buy sbi credit cards. My complaint number is ############. I escalated to their customer service, nodal officer and principal nodal officer. No one helped me. Their service is worst.
Jul 11, 2018

Many fraud calls But No Service Call Reply

I received a phone calls on 10/7/18 from mobile number +919899784209. He introduced himself as Rahul Kumar from SBI credit cards and wanted to replace my current credit card with new Card with more features. He then asked card number for verification but I refused. He even told me first 8 digits of my card & told that he already had every detail with him he just wants to get it verified. He kept on insisting but I said I will give you last two digits. Now he was furious and started to abuse me giving my adress details.
Who provide these guys such data ? Can I talk about this to SBI credit card service providers ?
At first I was very happy that someone from SBI looked into my matter (complaints) & called me up. Now I want to close this Credit Card but I don't know how to ?
Jul 3, 2018

Hidden charges by SBI credit card

I got a style-up credit card after an SBI card Agent repeatedly impelled to apply for it. But only after assurance that it won't charge Annual fees / maintainance or other hidden charges from him & applied accordingly. All 4-5 times when I got a verification call I asked the same & they assured me that Its FREE of charges.
In first statement they charged for everything they can.
Ridiculous thing is they don't have any Customer Care service. The helpline numbers provided are with very selective options, you can't go beyond. Same with e-mail system.
Still I emailed them thrice in ten days. Again every time they assured to Reply within 48 hrs by system generated message but got none.
At last I have to post my issue here.
Thank you Complaint Board.
Jul 3, 2018

Unnecessary charges

I got a style-up credit card after an SBI card Agent repeatedly impelled to apply for it. But only after assurance that it won't charge Annual fees / maintainance or other hidden charges from him & applied accordingly. All 4-5 times when I got a verification call I asked the same & they assured me that Its FREE of charges.
In first statement they charged for everything they can.
Ridiculous thing is they don't have any Customer Care service. The helpline numbers provided are with very selective options, you can't go beyond. Same with e-mail system.
Still I emailed them thrice in ten days. Again every time they assured to Reply within 48 hrs by system generated message but got none.
At last I have to post my issue here.
Thank you Complaintboard.
Murtaza Sarang
Jun 12, 2018

Rejection of credit card

With reference to your phone call, I have been promised that I will get the credit card within 8 days but till yet no reply from your side.This is not the first time happened with me. Please now don't call me for the same if you are unable to issue me a card inspite of having a good credit score.

Thanks for your kind cooperation.

May 4, 2018

SBI Card - Old disputed transaction written off instead of reversal

I had a credit card which I discontinued in 2002 after paying all my genuine dues. There was a disputed amount of Rs 2423 which was to be reversed by SBI card. Instead of reversing they kept on charging penalty and finally wrote off an amount of Rs 4648. This is appearing in my CIBIL report as write off and impacting my credit rating.
I want SBI card to reverse the charges and give me a no dues with a copy to CIBIL to correct my credit rating.
I am not able to get email id of SBI card where I can raise my complaint. Can someone help me with same?
B Pooja Jain
Apr 25, 2018

Misguided transaction amount paid

My credit card no. - xx2325

Today morning(wednesday -25-4-2018) I had seen an advertisement on facebook regarding the purchase of Smart laser projector(by WEAR WE LOVE).The price shown on the site was $35.99.But the payment deducted from the credit card was $107.97.This is a fraud transaction taken place due to misguidance of the vendor.After the transaction took place.My mobile no. is blocked or something is wrong with it. Because I am not able to connect to SBI credit card customer care.No calls are being answered or ringed from my no.
I request SBI to cancel the transaction & refund of the money, which is deducted by misguidance.I am providing a alternate no. below.Because my registered no. is not able to contact after this problem.I think calls from & to SBI are blocked.

I would be thankful to SBI, if they help me to get this problem sorted asap.

Pooja Parmar

Misguided transaction amount paid Misguided transaction amount paid

Feb 14, 2018

Fraudulent Transation

I suffered from fraudulent transaction of Rs 20000/-
sameer adhikary
Jan 6, 2018

fraud complaint not resolve

Dear Sbi team.

My fraud complaint is not resolve yet. Last month sbi bank person call me for my reward point redemption. she have all the details of my card. she have taken 20 thousand from my credit card and reload in payzapp . After complaining you not a single person have call me for this issue. I have submitted all the details from where i got call.
Now you people are charging me interest as a late fee

28/12/2017 FEE - LATE PAYMENT (EXCL TAX 135.00) Debit 750
05/01/2018 FIN CHARGE ON RETAIL (EXCL TAX 215.29) Debit 1,196.06

I have attach my police complaint pic.
Waiting for reply.

fraud complaint not resolve

Nov 23, 2017


Dear Team,

Dont understand below charge. It is first statement I received


please explain in details.

Best regards
80804 54054
Nov 21, 2017

Fraud of 9999/- on SBI credit card


I got a call from SBI customer care for contact no updation, they have verified my names and details later ask my credit card details and CVV no and OTP as well. I thought it's a real call from SBI, I shared all the details. Later, i got the message that you have been debited Rs 9999/- on RSP- The mobile wallet. I had never registered on The mobile wallet.
Later, i try to find out where the transaction has been done. After some time some one from SBI bank gave me contact no of one person named Aditya sharma ( 7065521374) who is manager from shopingmart.com. He told me one kit has been booked from your card and it will be delivered to your address once it deliver to you just provide me application no of that kit then i will process for refund. After that day he didn't called me or not picking up my call.
This "Aditya sharma" has a team because i refer complain board there are many people such as "Mahi sharma" and "Riya Sharma" they are involved in fruad activity.

The very next day i called The mobile wallet team and informed them regarding this fruad activity, they had verified that transaction has been done with my credit card and also blocked the wallet.but, they are not ready to disclosed the person name who had did the transaction they are saying as per our policy we will not disclosed our customer information.
Immediatly, i blocked my card and raised the concern with SBI chargeback team. later i got reply from chargeback that the OTP has been shared we can't help you.

i have also approach to cyber cell team but till now they not replied to my email. SBI credit cards are not secured they are leaking data of their customer and fruads are happening every day.

Please guide me what to do now? I am planning to luanch FIR on this matter.

Priya Pandey
Nov 3, 2017

Fraud Transacations SBI CARD NO.5241826435020793

I wish to inform that I am having Credit Card of SBI no. ############-0793. On dt.25/09/17 Seven (7)Fraud transactions has been made at mid night on dt. 24/09/17 in spite of Credit card was in my passions , I have intimated to SBI card department on dt.25/09/17 submitted dispute transacation Forms and blocked the card, meanwhile the total worth Rs.1,34,209/- have been used out of limit Rs.1,50,000/- as per transaction statement enclosed for your reference.

till to date only 3 transactions worth Rs.48875/-has been reverted back and further they not agreed to do. as per RBI Circular there is no liability of customer if he inform .

As I am a senior person's and much aware about the credit card, I have and never disclosed any information to any one how it can happen, there may any security loose from the department.

I have written many emails to many department but nothing received any response.

I shall be glad to provide your good self with any other details and information that you may require in this matter.

Thanking you,

yours faithfully,

Oct 25, 2017

Transaction out of knowledge

On 21-Oct2017 I got a message from SBI CREDIT CARD NO. 5101 xxxx xxxx 6640 on my registered email ID : maria.pillai@heurtey.in stating “This is to inform that USD537.22 was spent on your SBI Card no. ending XX6640 at WALGREENS #09029 on 21 Oct 17.”

I have neither authorized nor participated in the above transaction (s).The Credit card was in my possession at all times. I authorize SBI card to block my Credit card as per the vida/master card nirman.

This transaction is out of my knowledge please look into this matter and provide me with every detail of this transactions.
Sep 27, 2017

Before Activation Fraud transaction done from credit card

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have received my card in last week, and still i have not received PIN for card activation.

But today in the afternoon i got call from SBI for activation of card, already they know all my details like
1. Card valid through details
2. First four and last four digit of card number.
3. Residential address details.

He also told me i don't want your CVV number and your card PIN number (which was not yet received),

He told me you will receive one OTP after verification of my personal details for card activation.

Hence I shared OTP for activation purpose for two times.

But afterwards i got the transaction message from SBI bank of 10,000 for two times at Payzapp wallet .(Total=20,000/-)

As my card was not activated, how this transaction can be possible ?

As all my credit card and personal details with that person, this indicates customers information is not safe with SBI.

Hence i want to cancel my SBI card Immediately. I will not be paying any bill amount.

Please do the needful.

Thanks and regards,
Rahul Jadhav.
Sep 14, 2017

Fraud Transactions on my SBI Credit Card

Sir/ Madam,
Attached herewith is a Statetment dated 03-09-2017 in which I have marked some fraud transactions since 19th August. These transactions have not done by me. I have informed SBI credit card customer care on phone and they said that they will look into it asap.I had requested them to reverse the said fraud transactions, but the statement dated 03-09-2017 shows all the fraudulent transactions.
Please do the needful at the earliest and reverse the fraud transactions immediately.

Manjiri DSouza.

Fraud Transactions on my SBI Credit Card

Ved prakash mohan
Aug 19, 2017

Sbi unauthorised apply credit card 3 times

Hi i m ved prakash (9654641004 pan no BIGPP9191Q) . Problem is that 3 times without my permission or intimation they apply credit card on my behalf just doing my cibil low and low from this.
They know my details only please check out and please stop these else i will go for another action.
Jul 17, 2017

Credit Card Fraud

Someone Fraudulently Used My Credit Card, Now I Want My Money Back.Identify The Theft And Gives Me My Money Ammount Of 15000.
Awadhesh singh21
Jun 27, 2017

Mobile no.changes

Sir I am a SBI credit card holder my card no. Is ############3923 please updates my new mobile no.8793373902 because my old mobile no.9764377651 is lost.
May 29, 2017

Fraud verification call and transction

Fraud call from MR. ABHINAY SOLANKI took details of my card and took out 8190/- & 9301/- rupees .
May 26, 2017

sending CC wrong statement agin & again

I have blocked & canceled my card last year. But in this april 2017 I received 599.00+tax satement & every month received incresed statement.
I complained & ask for reversal of statement. and permantly close my account / Credit card.
They reversed the all amount. but next month again start from 500.00 Rs.+ tax statement.
I surprised, What is this? They sent me email on last month for reversal all balance & close CREDIT CARD permently.
I realy afraid abot this kind of action.
Please do the necessary action & reverse all amount & Close permantly my credit card.
Apr 22, 2017

Wrong Billing & Leakage of Private Information


I had applied SBI credit card but they rejected without any reason. After 3 months I got call from SBI credit card and for submitting documents. When I got final call from SBI representative regarding my card approval same time I got call from CPP Card Protection regarding card protection plan. My first question is who has given my personal SBI card details to this company. How SBI employees can give personal details to private companies. Now SBI charged Rs.1599/- in my accounts two times Rs.1599/- dt.30.03.2017 and Rs.1599/- 01/04/2017.

Till date 22.04.2017 I never used SBI Credit Card but they are saying that your outstanding amount is Rs.3215.94/-. How it is possible.

I want to reduce this charges otherwise I will close cancel sbi credit card without payment.

I am trying to Call SBI credit card customer care but they could not do because every time they are bussy.

Please help me.

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