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SBI Credit Card

West Bengal

Consumer complaints and reviews about SBI Credit Card

Aug 28, 2019


Dear sir
I sattelment but not receive NOC . Please send my NOC LETTER.& Update my CIBIL
varughese john
Aug 26, 2019

Credit card blocked while using

Sir, I am VARUGHESE JOHN use My credit card myself on 16th august 2019.for an office named RIDESHARE TRAINING in MELBOURNE Australia. unfortunatly the bank block my transaction and i stuckup with my needs.

Aftr that i arrange some other way to pay he amount. so now no need to pay that amount and please actuvate my card for further usage. my card # is ############ 6554. Thank you varughese john.

my email id [email protected]
Aug 20, 2019

New card given in place of replacement

I would like to tell you that a few days back I got a call from SBI credit card department for my existing credit card (simply save) upgrade. Without any annual fee or any charge where they promised me to replace my existing card with an upgraded card with an increased limit.
But the courier boy who came to me with a new card and told me that there is no such procedure in SBI and he can't take my older card back.
I never used this card and I don't need it. most surprisingly I am limit of my first card is twice as the new one.
Now when I checked in SBI card App there is a bill of 1800 generated in my name while I haven't spent single rupee from it.

I am calling SBI customer care from past 1 month but didn't get resolution.
I am not going to pay any amount for this card and if this issue will bot be fixed within three days I will move to consumer court.

Being the biggest bank in our country it was not acceptable from SBI.

Name :- Himanshu Joshi
contact :- 9719237993
Jul 30, 2019

pickup of phone

My name is Anurag Srivastava I use your bank's credit card but for the bill payment I called your customer care many times but I did not get any response from that due to which I can not deposit the bill. All the credit cards that come with me are cut off from my account. So, try to contact me on 09044416801. Thank you
Jul 10, 2019

about credit card

Nilokheri, Karnal.

Subject:- Complaint regarding Credit Card.

Dear Sir/Madam
Myself Simerjeet singh, I’m resident of nilokheri and I have an saving account in your branch last 7 years, some day ago I have received a phone call for SBI Credit Card then I went to my bank branch for applying credit card and form filled by vikshita mam, then after one month (29-05-19 ) card reached my home, then i have try 2-3 for activate my card, but card show incorrect detail. after that my card not activate. then next day i have call to vikshita mam but she can't pick my phone call.after some time i receive a text massage to contact on this no. 8572098198 poonam mam.then i call and ask my problem regarding activation of my credit card, then she told me your date birth issue,then she told me your addahar card and pan card click photo send to me on my whatsapp no.8572098198.but the hole process take 4 days. but still my card is not activate, i'm asked her why my card not activate till date then she told me i call my unit manager mr. Manoj and after that she put on a conference, in this conference took 6 to 7 minutes, after that Mr. Manoj Unit Manager asked me just wait for few minute we call u back, after 7 minute i received a call from this no. 7055957332, and my true caller app shows me SBI Credit Card, i picked up the phone call, calling person is a female by name Riya Sharma and asked me i'm call from SBI Credit Card Department and she told me about tell me your all personal details with card then after i help you out from your problem, i give all my detail along with card then she checked my detail and ask me your DOB in put incorrect, here our system showing me 02-02-1988 .then i shocked i told my D.O.B is 02-12-1988, on this call she ask me full confidently i'll resolve your card problem after 5-10 min i received a message of Rs. 26569.00 two time Deduction in favor of Mobikwik on dated 04-06-2019, total 53138 deduct to my credit card. i request to you plz solve my this issue as early as possible and kindly block/close my Credit Card.

Thanks & Regards

Simerjeet Singh
Jun 22, 2019

Fake promises Regarding SBI Cards

Dear Team,

SBI Credit Card is one of the worst organisation duping customers with false commitments. I had received call for SimplyCLICK SBI Card from executive of SBI Credit Card. He offered me a SimplyCLICK SBI Card. they said that the annual fee for the same is Rs. 499. But then i have received SMS on my mobile from SBI Card "We received your SBI Card Apllication.Your Apllication No. 2214701030001. The Annual fee on Ethihad Guest SBI Card is INR1499."

Please have a look into the matter as i want to Cancel Ethihad Guest SBI Card Apllication No. 2214701030001 and Provide me SimplyCLICK SBI Card as soon as possible.

Abhinav kumar
Mob. 9350521747
Apllication No. 2214701030001

Thank You!
Jun 10, 2019

credit card

Dear Team,

I have not received any credit card from SBI. Still, i am getting notification emails , sms and monthly e-statement bills past 3 months. Later i have written an e-mail to customer support team and keeping loop in officials of SBI. Still i am receiving the same (emails , sms and monthly e-statement bills) due to this my cibil is getting effect. Requesting you to kindly do the needful.
May 30, 2019

Fin charges retail charges

Only I made 2 day late payment basted sbi people as put me 950 late payment charges and also fin charge retail2500 with gst 640 .. I just called customer care .. they can't able to answer properly . They don't no what charges they putting .pls don't buy sbi cricket card bull shit people don't no to answer we required call Back . Are iam going to consumer cort seriously beady basted
Abhishek Kumar Singh 1
May 29, 2019

6 month se card nahi mila hai

Maine December 2018 me Sbi credit card ke liye apply kiya tha. kai baar courier wale ke pass aya lekin address me galti hone ke karan mujhe nhi mila. maine iski local me complain bhi ki. kai baar sbi credit card ki taraf se bill ko lekar phone aaya. tab card na milne ki jaankari bhi di. Phir address sahi hone ke liye bhi call aaya. sab sahi bataya. phir bhi 6 month baad bhi mujhe card nhi mila hai. Card ke bina roz roz bill ko lekar phone aane se pareshaan hu. isliye plzz card cancel karne ka kast kare.

Abhishek Kumar Singh
3/32 Nagar Mahapalica Colony,
Dada Nagar, Kanpur
Mobile - 7309192222
May 25, 2019

Rewards points can't be claimed

I think by far one of the worst customer services, as they they say it's a govt bank, they take everything for granted!! I hold a SBI BPCL card, the bank made good knows promises saying we will give you free petrol on usage, now I have reward points, when I go to the petrol pump they tell me SBI made a fool of you too!!! They do not redeem and points, SBI hasn't paid them for the points redeemed in the last year!! What kind of service is this. Useless.

Called the customer service, they are rude like shit!! As if they are doing me a favor, I swear if that female was in front of me I would have shown her place as a customer. Told to speak to a supervisor, puts my call on hold for 20 mins and then says supervisor isn't available.

Why don't you close urself SBI , you customer service is sad.

Just contemplating and understanding why the youth doesn't want to go to your banks and choose private banks!!
Imran Chadchan
May 21, 2019

Worst Services

All things already reported, completely worst service don't go for SBI Credit Card
Imran Chadchan
May 21, 2019

Worst Services

Raising complaints here will not solve problem its better never choose SBI credit card
Abdetaiyeb Motiwala
May 20, 2019

Illegal levy of credit card charges when I do not hold any SBI Credit Card

I have been receiving SMS and emails from SBI with charges of Rs.518.32 towards card charges. I do not have any SBI Bank Credit Card presently. The Card held by me was in 2013, which was blocked and cancelled in the year 2013. The aforesaid charges are reflected in my CIBIL adversely affecting it. The purported card No. is ending in 6217. I am unable to get in touch with customer care of SBI since I do not hold any SBI Card and therefore cannot provide with 16 digit card number to access IVR. The email sent to [email protected] has returned with the following remark"
****************** This is an Unmonitored Mail Box******************

Dear Sender,

This email is an automated notification, which can’t receive emails from you. We’re happy to help you with any queries or concerns you may have.

If you wish to contact us, please visit us at www.sbicard.com/email and please do not reply to this unmonitored message.

Looking forward to serving you.

Warm Regard

SBI Card

"Please do not delete Thread ID" Message in auto acknowledgement"
May 6, 2019

Credit Card Fake promises for limit

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had received call for SBI Credit Card (FBB) from Ms. Sahin telling she is executive of SBI Credit Card.

She offered me a SBI FBB Credit Card with a promise that I will get credit limit upto 10 Lakh Rs that to shall be higher than my existing credit card limit viz. Rs. 1,10,000/- for ICICI and 1,15,000/- for SBI Yatra Card.

While I receive the Card I was completely shocked by seeing the Card Limit allotted to me is only Rs. 10000/- which is not even equal to 10% of my existing card limits.

It is very unjust that I need to pay annual fees of Rs. 300 for the card having limit of R. 10000.

I raised concern to Ms. Sahin but she talked me very vague and not responded properly.

Then today I raised this issue to her senior Ms. Prity who also not responded properly.

I tried calling for many times she is not even picking up my phone and when she pick up is not talking to me.

She even blocked my both the numbers.

I just want to convey that this type of attitude and behavior is not at all acceptable and for a company like SBI this need to be immediately look after.

I want to file a complaint in this regard and at the same time would like to mention that if the satisfactory response is not made available to me within 48 hours i will not hesitate to file complaint to consumer protections.

My contact No. is 09998275043

Your truly
Keval thakkar
Sonam Singh
May 5, 2019

credit card not received

Dear Sir,

I have Apply 22 APRIL 2019 SBI Credit card, we have received your SBI application No: 2211201031225 But not received till date, so please provided this my credit card. I have already regarding to credit card feedback but not rewart my query.please can I provide for credit card .
May 4, 2019

Fraud and false issuance with non compliance to NO dues letter

SBI Credit Card is one of the worst organisation duping customers with false commitments along with with inefficient senior collection management and staff. The staff of SBI Card is extremely impolite and non regulatory while dealing with the customers. I hold a SBI Card way back in 2007 and for their own fault they charged exorbitantly on the card without any facts and figures.Thereafter, on mutual agreement, I paid 80k for full CIBIL clean up along with a letter for CIBIL clean up issued from SBI Card. While checking on my CIBIL records, to my surprise I found the status to be settled. While trying to reach the senior manager who sits in Kolkata ( Ashim, + ############), he is not responding to my calls. Finally, I wrote to Principalnodaloffice and CEO desk, but till now after several communications, the status still remains the same. I am not going to ombudsman to help me resolve my status. The collection team is extremely unprofessional and in spite of people writing in common forums, the matter is not taken seriously. I do not understand what the senior management team is looking for! I hope my complain in this forum is being looked into seriously as this is extremely a kind of fraud stealing customer's hard earned money.
Harmeet Gill
May 2, 2019

SBI — Credit card not received

SBI — Credit card not received but credit card yearly rent 295rs cut my account
Deepak Mukherjee
Apr 16, 2019

Fraude in issuance of No Dues Certificate

SBI Credit Card is a biggest fraud organization. They are not face on their dealing and unnecessary fetching extra interest with the customers. I have a bad experience with this card which was issued in the year 2008. I have used this card two to three times and pay their dues in time through cheque dropped their Drop Box at the time placed in SBI Branches. But in spite of timely payment every time they have charged extra interest. I have made several correspondences with them but they never responded. They have virtually threatened over phone for clear dues. Lastly, seeing no option I have came to One Time Settlement and their collecting agents issued Full and Final receipt and official from Noida assured me to issue No Dues after three days but not issued the same till date. Instead of issuing No Dues they have damaged by credit score for which I have to pay additional interest on my HBL Loan over last four years. Now, I have decided to move before ombudsman to claim my monitory loss along with additional interest which I have to pay since last four years. I have issued a Legal Notice to SBI Card but till date they did not give us any reply.
Deepak Mukherjee
Deepak Mukherjee
Apr 16, 2019

Fraude regarding issuance of No Dues Certificate

SBI Card is the biggest fraud card. I have a very bad experience with this card which I have surrendered long back.
in spite of surrendering the card they call for their dues and in spite of one time settlement they have not issued No Dues Certificate till date. I have paid Rs. 5000/- extra interest against my dues but till date their dues in credit score shows Rs.15000/-.
Several correspondences were made through Regd. Post but they did not responded. Lastly, I have served a Legal Notice to their official address but still they do not give any reply. They have damaged my credit score for which I have to pay additional interest on my Housing Loan. As they have not responded I have decided to move before Ombudsman with claiming demurrage of financial loss which I have to bear till date and pay additional interest on my HBL Loan instalment since last three years.

Rittik Ezio Maity
Apr 7, 2019

Non delivery of shipment


My name is Rittik Maity and i had my SBI credit card to be delivered to my residence address 2D, Ganesh Banerjee Lane, Dhakuria, kolkata-700031 on or after 29th March under the reference number EV19086425194. However, i did not get any call,email or text regarding the delivery attempt. Nobody from bluedart visited my premises for the same. It has been over a week that i have not received the card and today when i went ahead to see the status of the delivery with the reference number, it says that my credit card has been returned to origin at shipper's request.

Please have a look into the matter as i want my card to be delivered to me as soon as possible. The preferred time of delivery would be anytime after 2:30 pm on weekdays. Please give me a call on 9051835115 before delivering the package. If i am not reachable over the phone, then your delivery executive can call on 9874212558 and deliver the package.

Rittik Maity.
iswar mukherjee
Apr 3, 2019


Subject: SBI Credit Card No- ################
I would like to draw your kind attention regarding unlawful annual charges of SBI credit card
On repeated requests and several follow-up of SBI card representative, I have finally agreed to have a new SBI credit card reluctantly with an assurance that no annual fees would be levied if I use the card for Rs2000/ (rupees two thousand only) which duly complied and in fact I have spent Rs 14039.07 after getting the card. But I was surprised & stunned to see the First statement of the card ending 21-07-18, wherein SBI card have charged Annual fees of Rs 4999 together with tax of Rs 899.82.in contrary of their assurance. This is a complete beach of trust and I immediately reacted through emails to customer care of SBI card . They have also assured that my request for waiver of annual fees plus tax s under process.
But every month instead of waiving the annual fees they are charging interest and make a superfluous bill and sending me through email. The matter was also conveyed over phone to customer care executive vide complain no ############.
. I have already informed that ‘when you have charged annual fees I would not continue your card and please treat the same as cancelled’ after making full payment of Rs 14039.07 towards transactions made against my above cited card within the due date of payment.
SBI card always disturbing, harassing & pressurizing me over phone for making the payment towards annual fees plus tax plus interest. Under this circumstances I am humbly requesting your good office to look into the matter & stopping SBI card authority to stop disturbing harassing which they are used to do and advise them to reverse the annual fees plus tax plus interest.

Thanking you.
Yours faithfully

(Iswar Mukherjee)
Mar 30, 2019

SBI Credit Card Dispute

Hi Team,

This mail is regarding the Overdue Amount, that need to settle down , as i have already blocked my card ,after clearing all my due ,but still its showing me due amount of Rs 56000/- there is no transaction made from past 7 months and i have already block the card long back then how my due amount is increasing every month.

Need proper clarification with the proper statement .I call customer care also by not getting any information.

Let me know the settlement Process and where i can come to discuss regarding the same .

After my card blocking they are increasing the due amount and when i am asking for transaction or statement they are not in state to explain that . just they are telling to clear the due amount , I am interested to know when there is no transaction happen in last 8 month & card is also blocked ,Why we have to pay & how the due amount increasing .

Its my worst experience with SBI .Need urgent response for the team .as its effecting my credit score .Its a type of blackmailing without any due i am force to clear due because i am a tax payer & its effect my credit score.

Mobile Number: 9986013699

With Regards
Mar 25, 2019

Poor service from sbi credit card customer care

I sumit kumar. My ref num is EV19049782592. I update my address for deliver card - 5-7 time. Every time C executive told me ur address is successfully updated. I also receiv messages for successfuly address update message. After dis every time delivery executive come In my old address. I told to C care for give me complaint number. Miss shalu employe I'd 02622 sbi. Ask me there is no any facility regarding C number. Please tell me how many times I update my address that you do.

Feb 9, 2019

Forcefully sent a bill in my name without having a SBI Credit Card

Sir ,

On 12.12.18 I received a telephonic call from my SBI home branch regarding issue of SBI Credit Card. On 14.12.18 I met the official of SBI Card deptt posted in that branch and he told me to take a SBI Credit Card which is free of annual charge (1st years annual fee). Hence, I had only signed the application for Simply Save Card SBI Card on 14.12.18. The official of SBI told me that first year rental is free. But when official of card section call me to verify the document told me that Rs 500/- would be charged as annual fee in the first year also. Actually I was mis-convinced at that time by the SBI Official. On hearing the mis-leading information over phone I informed them not to issue any card to me (on 15.12.18 or 16.12.18). I expressed my unwillingness to take any credit card. I informed my unwillingness through email also to [email protected] on 16.12.18 and after that many times I send email. After that I received telephonic calls in multiple times from the SBI regarding confirmation and in each time I expressed my unwillingness to take any SBI Credit card. Till date (9.2.19) I have not received any card from SBI. But all of a sudden on 2.2.19 a monthly statement has been sent to my address claiming Rs 589/- as annual fees. Hence, my question is when I expressed my unwillingness to take any SBI Credit Card over confirmation call and in writing through email in multiple times and no card has been received physically, how they can send a bill to me claiming money?
Is it not fraud claim? I have brought the fact to [email protected] over mail on 2.2.19 but no action has been taken by the SBI Credit Authority.

With Regards,

Sambhu Nath Basak
Dated: 09.02.19
Paritosh Trivedi
Feb 8, 2019

Extra charge

Dear team, i have credit card of FBB which I have to pay annual fee only Rs.580 whenever I never used this card but the charges increasing day by day so i want to close my card for forever. And sir please waive off my charges which you have extra charge if you have any charges so plz should be clear before issue the credit card. I believe that you will take action very soon on this.

Thans & Regards
Paritosh Trivedi
Registered mobile no. 9548549124
Pan card - ANQPT8549J

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