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Consumer complaints and reviews about Shine.com

Fraud shine
Aug 1, 2021

The worst worst worst app I have never seen in my life till now..

The one very worst app shine I have never seen. Everyone please don't trust this app. We got a call from 9910785476-karan 1st they said that we will give you job and it is a permanent job after that they asked for 3000 money and also saying that we will block your mail if we asked for proof of shine.com. When we asked for thier adress so that we will come and talk to you to pay money they are jst saying you are cheap and they have disconnected the call.

The worst worst worst app I have never seen in my life till now..

May 14, 2021


A person (Amit kumar) on (May 7) called me and told that ,i am from shine.com. He said that your resume has been shortlisted from company named TECH MAHINDRA and also told that you will have an interview with the company HR by now and you will receive offer letter immediately and also told that the payment for interview+ Document verification will be Rs.3000+Rs.8885 and it must be deposited in shine account ,he said

At First i didn't believe it and I said that i don't have account in shine.com...For that he said ,see i am contacting only through ([email protected]) mail id only and not in gmail-id and the hr mail id from tech mahindra be like([email protected])....and also provided me account number in the name of shine(he said official account of shine)...

I am also attaching the account number that he mentioned to me and the agency name as he said is AMIT KUMAR and i forwarded the mail i received from that person (see above),

and also below i given Account number,Agency number and hr no as said by him.

The provided account number by him is:

Account Name : Shine
Account No : 31798100003620

The call number i received was from this particular numbers:

Please take severe action on him as he is doing fraud related activities,using company logos,trademarks,etc. and he has played to many candidates also i think ,as i seen these same related mail in other social medias too.

The transactions deducted by this account number is total of Rs.11,885 in three transactions.

Its hard earned money and i value each amount of money in a hard manner...

My money( Rs.11,885 ) is also been forced and took,deducted to that account...

Respected Sir/Madam , Please help me in this financial concern to revert my balance in my account.
May 3, 2021

Fraud Trasaction

I have received calls from the below HRs from Shine
Please be cautious. The HR name nd nmubers are as below
HR Sakshi 083420 33272
HR Mayra 090905 10240
HR Aarav Sharma 078733 73906
They said I have to pay Rs 45 for a job in bank and told me to log in to site shinenaukri.in
In this site, I updated bank details and now they have deducted 4000 from my account.
I asked them to pay back and they said log in the site and asked me for OTP!!!!!!!!
Is this how the refund is processed
Please be aware of these 3 HRs as I really doubt if this Shine really is a reliable website.
I have still not received my money. This website is fraud!!!!!!!!
Do not go for any of these sites or pay them
They all are thirst of money! I have attached proof.
HR Mayra asked me to send the proof of message also to check how much is deducted to refund. But I am sure they wanted to deduct more! I WANT ME MONEY BACK AS ITS EARNED FROM HARD WORK. HOW FAR WILL YOU GUYS GO BY ROBBING MONEY FROM EMPLOYEES BANK ACCOUNT. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AND YOU GUYS NEED TO BE IN PRISON
[email protected]
Jul 10, 2020

Scam call on promising job

Fraudster fraudulent Ht media’s shine.com said to pay Rs 2949 for job highlighter service. they commit that they will market your c.v . They never mention any other charges after this particular payment. once you pay them, they ask you for Rs 4673 because they want to verify Your educational background ,if you ask them is their any other charge apart from these charges they will say these are the final charges. once you pay them they say there is an additional charges of Rs 6478 for company verification. Even at this point if you ask,are there any other charges they will say once you pay this amount there are no other charges. Once you pay that money there is some additional money of 9,000 odd for resume building. If you don’t pay that money your other services are of one use. That means on the first call they tell you to only have to pay 2949 but never revealed there are additional charges of 18 thousand odd rupees more.. these are all trained scamster who are professionals in pulling out money from your pocket.The guy who called me first said his name is priyanshul then said his name is Manoj, he forgot his own name in middle of conversation If only you pay them for one or two services it’s of no use . I have my full doubt even after taking full money they will not be able to give you job for sure. Hindustan times is the most fraudulent company in India.
Jun 6, 2020

False commitment & undisclosed fees


I received a call from Shine.com to register with them for a premium service where I will get direct access to job opportunities which are not available in public domain. The cost for registration was INR 2949/- and this was suggested to be a one time fee; I paid the fee through Paytm. I received a call from another associate from Shine.com post registration explaining the process; there I got to know that I have to pay additional 7000 for verification otherwise my application will not be taken forward. This was never disclosed at the time of registration.

I refused to pay and the process stopped for me. This is a trap to extort money in the name of showing premium job opportunities.

I tried reaching the person who registered me on Shine.com but my call was not picked or returned.

I need m money back.

Amit Goyal
[email protected]
Apr 25, 2020


I got cheated by shine.com representative, they were not honest with me.

Please see attached the three invoices, I have paid for the services.

First I got call from Rana his phone number is 729185968 after that I got call from Nitin his number is 9667230013.

I am absolutely disgusted the way they are doing business and taking money from people via fraud way.First they charge me Rs 4000+ then Rs 7000 + and later Rs 8000 +. Then I got told I have to pay Rs 14000 again, thats the time I said I won't. When I spoke the first time he said this is the the only money you have to pay of Rs 4000 there after nothing else to pay. when I asked to reimburse my money back, I was told we do not return any money back nor I WAs ever told in the beginning. This is how they make money by cheating.

This is just not acceptable, please have some work ethics. I wrote to customer service few times, I get the same standard email of send us the invoice and we will revert back in 24 to 48 hours, nobody has reverted back to me. Later I wrote to compliance department, same standard email will revert back to you in 24 to 48 hours. Today I got call from Rana and now he is saying he never spoke to me before, this is the first time he is speaking to me. I am really tired. I just need my money back and stop and be straight forward with the client

please see the invoice.

Best regards
Sanjay Kumar


Apr 15, 2020

Fraud recruitment

I received a call from this number 7291841905on 13/04/2020.they told they were calling from shine. Com and pay 2600rs for the ground staff online test and also demanded to send my certificates and id proof, passport size photo nd resume. I paid that amount and also whatsapp the documents. I passed the online test. After they again demanded to me pay 6600 for telephoinc and face to face interview.they not provided any details about them. They didn't told about any extra payment while i am attending the online test.already they told it will be refundable amount. I told them to i didn't pay any extra amount, because they are not informed about this 6600rs before i done the first payment. I said them to refund my money or arrange the next interview. They not agreed to me first time, then he told me to pay half amount.But i said i am not ready to pay.so many times they called me for the payment process i repeated thdm to refund my money otherwise i will register the complaint in cybercell.Then they told me to pay 500rs for the chellan form for refundable procedure. I paid again 500rs. But now they are not responding. I moving to complaint against them.
Today my brother is called them for getting more details about them, but they didn't know where is their office loaction. First time she said office located in delhi, then she said pune, then mumbai. After that she disconnected the call, because she is scared. Another senior number is :7428435924.my brother also called on this number and he disconnected yhe call.

Fraud recruitment Fraud recruitment Fraud recruitment

Nehangi patel
Dec 6, 2019

Refund amount

This is to inform you that your executive Rakesh calling me about job her mob number is +917379949771, he give me good opportunity for job, i pay her 199 for registration fees, after he fix my telephonic round and for job offer letter i give her 1850 after i give her 2450 for appointment letter and all amount was refund within 30 minutes but still i don't received my any amount today he calling me when i pay 1650 he refunded my all amount but again he told me fake.. he told me when i pay again 1700 he refunded my whole amount, please that is very bad for me because that is my hardwork money, please do not that, please do not play with clients emotions, please i humbly request you to Refund my whole money, please do needful and if he was not your executive please take a legal action against this person because he use your company name.. please revert me and please refund my amount.
Nov 30, 2019

HT media has a fake website for looting money of jobseekers

Hi all,

There are lot of complaint regarding shine.com services.
On the name of ht media ltd. They are looting people money.
They are looting more than 1000 people daily, think how much money they are making.

So everyone should make Police FIR in local police station on HT media grp and shine.com because they are looting on name of reputation of hindustan times.. Most fake news content provider.

If we want our money back, then we all have to file fir against these fraud.

They are taking money forcefully and not returning. Why they will not return??

They are providing nothing on the name of paid services.

Also spread these news on every social media platform that everyone should boycott shine.com and HT media group, never registered with this site else your money will debited with your account connected to mobile number.

They never send any relevant job neither for paid services nor for free services, but you always get call for registered in paid services and one day they will trap you.

Please boycott shine.com and Ht Media group through every social networking sites
Nov 30, 2019

Don't Register on Shine.com

Hi all,

There are lot of complaint regarding shine.com services.
On the name of ht media ltd. They are looting people money.
They are looting more than 1000 people daily, think how much money they are making.

So everyone should make Police FIR in local police station on HT media grp and shine.com because they are looting on name of reputation of hindustan times.. Most fake news content provider.

If we want our money back, then we all have to file fir against these fraud.

They are taking money forcefully and not returning. Why they will not return??

They are providing nothing on the name of paid services.

Also spread these news on every social media platform that everyone should boycott shine.com and HT media group, never registered with this site else your money will debited with your account connected to mobile number.

They never send any relevant job neither for paid services nor for free services, but you always get call for registered in paid services and one day they will trap you.

Please boycott shine.com and Ht Media group through every social networking sites
Rah Mal
Aug 22, 2019


Respected Sir/Madam,

This is an escalation email to Shine.com. (numbers they call from: 8630201138, 8037071420)

I purchased Shine.com services worth Rs.8555/- (on 07.08.2019) and still the Sr. Recruiter says that as I have not purchased Profile Experience Verification Package (only took Education Verification Package), I will not get relevant jobs in my area and we will not pursue your profile.

I just spoke to Sr. Recruiter at shine.com number 0120 4665153 today (22.08.2019) at 16:40 hrs.

The Sr. Recruiter pushed me to purchase the Education Verification Package when I spoke to him on 17.08.2019. He was also insisting me to buy the Profile Experience Verification Package worth Rs. 9,841/-.

Also, even after several calls, I have still not received the link to upload my educational documents (which was promised to me).

Now I know I have been made a fool.

I will think the money which I have paid has gone to charity.

I have all the proofs of the payments made.

Apr 3, 2019

Fake Messages., Utilizing Job searching people and money loot

On October 24 2018, I paid more than 70000 INR for jobs in 'N' no of countries etc. Till now I did not get a single interview call. And I don't need your services anymore. So I stopped using Shine and shine learning. But Today I got a call from +918929616638 (Mishra) saying that he is from HT Media-Shine and going to refund the amount. And he forwarded to +918929616638 (Sandeep K) said that he is from HDFC Bank and asking Personnel details. like Bank account number and IFSC Code. Even I know this is fake, but need to check how long it goes, For checking the genuinity I give the details. and I got **fake messages** that account credited for 61000 INR amount. while no money got refunded . Are you guys sharing our phone numbers .and making fun or what? Utilizing a Job searching person wisely and taking all his time and money. Also while questioning this, started using unparliamentary language. Like I have looted your money and precious time. What kind of services are they doing.?

In attached screenshot you can see the fake message with IMPS ref no. same and even debit message also, how is that even possible..?

Fake Messages., Utilizing Job searching people and money loot

Dec 16, 2018

Fake job offer and fraud of depositing money around 91400

Sir, i have uploaded my resume at shine.com. once i received call from shine to update resume and asking some rupee. i transected 1500+5500+11800+24800+24800+23000 = 91400 by instruction of shine executive. I have all call details of that person. phone number, bank account, transaction details and transaction proof. kindly help me sir. otherwise ill suicide. my contact number 7838923842
Avik Poddar
Sep 17, 2018

Want Refund : I have request repeated times

The have totally cheated me out with their false promises.

I would suggest not to opt out their services.

The executives are ill mannered and if you ask for explanation of the expenses you get to see that they are 100% rude and the behavior is not at all professional.

Just after making payment as they explained that the service is just a learning course that too without any job guarantee I asked for a refund since i did not want their service. They kept on repeating that it was at your consent you made payments and we can not return back.

HOWEVER, i recollect making payment since they assured of job interviews and a number of opportunities.

Its already past 30days and not a single interview call came in.

I do understand now that i have been looted.
Subham Deb
May 31, 2018

Money Fraud

I have been asked to make payment for registration of rs 2550 to get a job of Kotak Mahindra Bank through interview process. The telecaller of shine.com is Mannat( Puja) i think her name she is using [email protected] and from this id she mailed me and her number from which she was calling until i make payment 7289878279 and she was following up with her personal number 9315005109. once i make payment i didnt recieve any call or feedback from them and now she is not receiving my call. she made fake promises to me that she will refund me money but she is not receiving my call.

Money Fraud

May 11, 2018

Fraud consultant

I applied job through shine has a cabin crew then one your worker was contacted me then I sent resume my marks in plus two and my I'd photos after that I sent my resume first I had to pay the registration fee 2100 and then a man named KARTHIK was contacting me and was giving me a information like you have online test after that he told me wait for one day for the interview after that i pay 6000 for interview after i pay 12500 for appointment letter
I have got a fake appointment letter it s all fake
After that he told 23000 for training in indigo airlines

Mnc jobs and Shine.com is fraud

his mobile number : +91 7838590426
: 7838376110
bank account details : SUMAN SHARMA
AC NO : 36026638324
IFC CODE : SBIN0003219
EMAIL : [email protected]

Fraud consultant

Harsha Agarwal
Apr 7, 2018

Fake interview call

I received a call from shine .com and the man said his namw is Mr.Ravi from Delhi. He said me my resume is selected for TCS. And asked me to pay 2000 for registration. after that he asked me my documents which I provoded them and charged me 4500 for verification. They took my fake interview and said I am selexted and asked 15400 twice for training installment. And then he said to receive joining letter I have to pay 10500 which I refused. He called me several times but after that I denied. Please help
Mar 27, 2018

Fake job

Its really fake job in shine. Com
Please don't trust anyone who is asking for the job
Company never ask money from anyone

Fake job

Remya VR
Jan 20, 2018

Financial cheating

I'm Remya. Im a staff nurse.I registered in shine.com through online registration. I got a call from shine & they discussed about a job opportunity in Singapore Farrar park hospital and told me to mail my certificate and passport. I did the same. The next day they asked me to pay 5500 for getting the hospital's application form. I pay the money through SBI. Then they sent me the application form and I sent back the filled form to them. Next day they called me and said me that my application is accepted by the hospital and my job is confirmed, and I have to pay 8500 for certificate verification. Now I reacted I asked them what will be the total cost for all this processing. I didn't get any answer. Then I told them to return my money , I'm not interested to go ahead. They said ok today they will close my profile and the next day my money will returned. I sent them my account number. Now they are not attending my fon calls. I searched for their reviews and realized that this is a fake agency.

Financial cheating

Rinkey sharma
Dec 9, 2017


sir my name is rinki sharma ,i got call from one person he said we are calling from shine. He said your are selected for job as a cashier in hdfc bank . But you have to pay rs 2500 for registration fee thn they again call me for bond fee rs 6500 after that they mail me a fake job letter and said you have to pay 10000 for salary accounts sir i totally pay 19 thousand again they demand 8000 .plz give my monwy back but he refused plz sir i am helpless plzz get my money backk i know its my fault plzz get me some idea
sir ye us ka no h jisse meri baat hoti thi :-+91 95402 57559
Or ye jis pr mene paytm kiya the 13 thousand 5 hundred:-9540451814
Or baki k paise iss no pr kiye the :- 9311968607
Or ye no un mam ka h kisne pehle contact kiya tha mujhse :- +91 97738 16948

Dec 2, 2017

Fraud by Shine.com

I got a call from Rajnish Singh(Contact nos - 7053883577 and 9540882502) who claimed to be calling from Shine.com
Email id: [email protected]

They asked me to make payment on pronaukri.in of Rs 2714, Rs 10443 and Rs 12390 towards registration, 3 year services validity and document validation

I haven't received any payment confirmation from Shine.com

I am appalled as to how negligently Shine.com has allowed access to candidate's profile to fraudsters

The legal and customer team is not responding

Fraud by Shine.com Fraud by Shine.com Fraud by Shine.com

Dr\'Malay V Trivedi
Oct 26, 2017


on saturday aperson name amit tyagi has called me with job offer
first he took 3100 for registration (from idea money wallet)
then 8500 for verification(from idea money wallet)
then 18600 for security purposefrom free charge
then i got doubt so i told him to give my money back
but he is telling me i will refund if u have same amount in your account and he was asking otp from me.
then i told not to give
he told me it s not possible.
then luckily, his free charge account was open in my laptop as pass word was saved when he told me to transfer money so i transfer near 16500 from the account.
amount and now he is threatening me and caling and asking more money and also telling me to give back that 16500
and also telling i will not give u any money
please help me what to do .
their nmaes are amit tyagi
ranveer choudhary

their contact detail who did fraud are
amit tyagi 7065927375
alok mehta 7551107385
ranveer chaudhary 9711413375
they took first 3100 from idea money wallet
then 8500 from idea money wallet and 18500 from free charge
I will send u word file of transaction info as attachment.

please help me
dr malay 8123196576


Sep 28, 2017

Bad Service - Shine.com

I have got call from shine.com that we provide service to get interview calls through our references and was asked to pay 5000rs. When i showed the interest and said cannot pay this much the price was reduced to 3100 rs after multiple round of discussion. And was given very high promising aspects of service that within 24 hours we will activate account.. You will receive 3 references everyday 3 hour calls of interviews. Tilll i have made the payment got 7 calls in 3 hours to make payment thsi is special service as pe manager approval only for you. And after the payment is done... Thats when the real picture of service starts. 3 days regular follow-up i had to do to know the status... And everyday i am told 1 more day to go.. Finally, when i lost the temper and said i do not need service i am told we did welcome call for your account and i did not received and when checked it was found that the missed call with one ring was done from the department. I called them again to complaint and i was asked to pay 5000 rs as they will be negotiating with recruiters for hiring. I got the sense it is suspicious and sales trick. I immediately went online and checked customer reviews and thereafter called them stating i do not need any service and need the complete refund back. From there on i have been run around like a fool. On call i am advice to send email when i send email i am informed the respective department will call back. And then i receive call from same sales devision and they will say nothing will be done. Again i am asked to send email and same repeats again and again from last 4 weeks i am sending email getting calls nothing will be done and asked to send email again.
Sai Chidambaram
Sep 26, 2017

I need amount

Your recruiter has called to me like there is vacancy on BAJAJ ELECTRiCALS. Then he had told me that the job you need means you want has registratiin fees. I have paid .Then weekly you have called me you habmve selected first round then second round you want money.After completing all round they told me you want pay a money for company.At finally i drop the plan you recriter told the amount will refund 45 days.Now it has completed more than 2months so i need proper action about my issue.
My contact no.8248091009
yoga chaitanya
Aug 24, 2017

abusing by calling to phone

i got a call from a number(9250925045) saying that we are from shine and they have offered me job and claimed 3000 rupees money for that .I said i cant trust u then he kept me a mail from [email protected] .the mail is

" Greeting of the day "

We would like to inform you that your profile has been selected in Toyota today 04:15 pm we will conduct your interview your interview id is YOGA4567 for the interview id you have to pay Rs 3000 and if you are not select in a interview then your initial amount will be refunded from our side.

Job Description :

Company Name - Toyota

Location - Bangalore

Designation - Mechanical Engineer

Salary - 3.4 lacs per annul

Regards & Regards

Rahul sharma

by seeing this i understood he is fake so i sad i'am not interested he then started abusing . i really felt shine.com is not a safe website

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