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Skyline Constructions bangalore


Consumer complaints and reviews about Skyline Constructions bangalore

Oct 23, 2017

Horrible Experience


My father (a retired army personnel) had booked a flat in SKYLINE AURA; investing his entire savings in this. And even after 5 years there is no progress. There are only delays after delays; false commitments.

Anyone has any suggestions on how to proceed?

Nov 30, 2015

Trust them if u want to get cheated... horrible cheaters

One of the most fradulent practice and big time cheaters. I had booked flat in Skyline in 2006 and got the property in 2015. They have literally made me cry multiple times. I have lost my sleep. They are masters of cheating. .... i had filed case in consumer forum they forcefully made me withdraw the case and take a sign on white paper and then registered the property. The consumer forum i lodged complaint in 2013 till 2015 nothing progressed looks like Skyline knows how to delay even cases with consumer forum. They are taking advantage of legal system and emotions of individual buyers. If you want sleepless nights then buy skyline property.
[email protected]
Nov 12, 2015

Cheated by skyline constructions

They are Scamsters .If God is somewhere this people should die the next day .This people have taken money four year back for Skyline Exaltus and every know and then they come up with new excuse .People like this should be hanged in public .First from three years they said that they will do the construction and know when after getting fed up I asked them refund they are also not doing it .I even requested several time to these people to refund my money but without any use.

On top of it Dhiraj does not have a sense how to behave with people also.I really think there is no law in this country as people like this should be behind bars and not openly doing business .

Chandan Kumar
[email protected]
Being Cheated by Skyline
Jul 27, 2015


This Company entered into a JDA about 8 years back, the flat is still under construction. They are simply delaying the construction, God Knows why. They keep giving lame excuses all the while, don't respond to any e-mails, The Directors have not visited the site for over 1.5 years. They are yet to pay the suppliers. They are giving mental harassment. I have to pay EMI as well as rent.The work can get completed in maximum of 6 months but they are simply pushing it forward. Request the Govt to take some action against these 420 Brothers.

Work is just getting pushed and so many buyers are under distress. Someone please save us. We are getting duped by the Company.

Lets join hands together to get justice. Lets start a revolution against these. If we fight one on one they will get away but if all who have been cheated by these 2, come together govt will recognize our cause. Their personal property which they flaunt of, should be attached! They ave done all this with a purpose. Corporate Veil must be lifted.
singam raghavendra
Dec 8, 2014

Skyline Construction

Skyline Construction is Very Big FRAUD company , I have been cheated very badly , suffering by paying EML and Rent since last two year .

Thinking that they will handover the flat , I have changed my sons school also ,.

I don't have any idea what to do next , please suggest
Dec 7, 2014

Cheating is the main business of Skyline Constructions Bangalore

If you are planning to buy any property from Skyline Constructions Pvt Ltd (No-11 Hayes Road, Bangalore), beware that they are unscrupulous builders. I am one of the victims of their dealings. I booked Skyline Champagne Hills in 2009 and after so many years of delay, many of the owners registered the property in incomplete state. Basic amenities like Lift, Water and many of the promised amenities have not been provided. The builder charged more than 2.5 lakhs as BWSSB/BESCOM charges than mentioned in the initial sale agreement(please see http://www.indiarealestateforums.com/judgements/44-district-consumer-forum/277-skyline-bagmane-developer-fined-rs-2-lakhs-for-overcharging-buyer). Also without even finishing the amenities, they started the maintenance and collected maintenance from the owners . When people started registering, all of a sudden abandoned the maintenance and vanished from the site. I guess the same is happening in other Skyline projects. Be vigilant about this builder, you can get more information by contacting the Champagne Hills owners association ([email protected]). STAY AWAY from this builder.
Nov 29, 2014

Flat Buyers Protest Against Builder as Project Stays Incomplete Even After 5 Years


BANGALORE: A five-year-old fight between a real estate developer and his customers came out in the open on Sunday as the buyers protested outside the project site at Amruthahalli.

Around 150 people who had booked homes at Skyline Beverly Park, a project by city-based Skyline Constructions, alleged that the flats are yet to be handed over to them. “The project was scheduled to be completed in 2009. The builder is yet to complete it despite getting several legal notices,” they charged. They claim to have paid close to 90 per cent of the total due amount.

A lot of customers have taken bank loans without thinking twice about the credibility of the builder. The loan applicants are still paying their EMIs. “We were shocked when last year we received letters asking us to pay around `8 lakh for water and electricity connections. We don’t understand how BWSSB and BESCOM charges can amount to so much. Basic facilities like water and electricity connection as well as lifts are not working,” said Ajay Shroff, a buyer.

Earlier this year, a complaint was filed at the Amrutahalli police station by the buyers against Skyline’s Directors Dhiraj Prabhu and Avinash Prabhu. The case was handed over to CCB, which later transferred it to the ACP of Sampigehalli. No arrests have been made and police said they would question the builders.

When contacted, HR Manager for Skyline H S Raghava rubbished the claims of the buyers. An email from Dhiraj Prabhu’s office said they have applied for occupancy certificates and are waiting for approval. “More than 50 customers have registered and taken over their flats. You may come along with the customers to our office with a prior appointment and verify the documents for yourself. The completion date of 2009 was given only to a few early customers,” the response said.

The buyers maintain that the building is unfit for habitation. They said the builder is now threatening to cancel the allotments unless the pending amount of 10 per cent, supposed to be settled upon hand over of the flat, is paid through post-dated cheques now.
Nov 29, 2014


I booked a flat with these rascals 3years back and till date they refuse to provide the apartment I bought with my hard earned money. Anytime I try to approach management I am given the run around. NRI's are who they people scam since we are not local they feel they can get away with it. Prabhu brothers this is a warning to you both I will drag you to court and fight it out till I get my money back. Don't even think once that I am helpless since I am in Abu Dhabi. I will hunt you down and finish you and your fraud company. How dare you dupe poor innocent people??!!!! You think we will sit back and tolerate this nonsense. I have paid 100% and these bastards have yet to give me my apartment. Beware of them their marketing team. Very big fraud company. May you rot in hell!!! There is list of cases and complaints against this fraud cheating firm. My lawyers are doing thorough research on these fraud monsters and we will drag them to court once we have a solid case. I have resigned my job and fully focused on bringing your fraud company to the streets. Wait and watch. Karma gets you. You won't get away this time.
Aug 10, 2013

skyline Construction

Be careful with this Dheeraj. Please be in touch with all those who bought flats from Skyline....baapre
Aug 10, 2013

Skyline Constructions Fraud company

Skyline Construction Company is a fraud company who takes everyones money and start investing in different projects...They have done the same thing at Skyline Champagne Hills. Please dont trust them and dont invest in this fraud company.
May 13, 2013


I have booked a flat in SKYLINE Waterfront and have made almoist 90% of the payment, now builder is asking for extra payment in the form of Interest for late payments.

First of all, i dont understand when did i make late payment.
If a demand letter is requested saying we have completed consutuction upto 70-80% accordingly make payment which we have made for the past 2 years now all of sudden he says that there is later payment hence interest needs to be paid.

all my emails are only anwsered saying "Make payment for your delay" only and no Justification as to why to make payment, whose fault is it and when did i make delay .have i made delay in paying my 90% of the amount till now ?
Dhiraj Prabhu is not at all responding to my emails and he is gone hiding i feel, a lady called Nivedita and Reshma Gowda keeps on replying to our emails asking for money., money, money
Let me know, if you have faced such issues Guys, we all can go to consumer court and give a lesson to unethical company.
Oct 9, 2012

What to do?

Dear Avigna, Please contact us with with the documents for refund of your advance towards waterfront project as required by you
Oct 9, 2012

What to do?

Dear Avigna,
I am confused are you a buyer in ambrosia or waterfront, please clarify
Sep 12, 2012

What to do?

An extension to the above post. The legal documents of Skyline Magnolia were vetted by my lawyer and he said there are no issues. Also I was recently sent an Occupancy certificate issued by BBMP for the project from Skyline. Also I have met few (5) other owners who are looking at occupying the flats by December 2012. More updates soon. Would appreciate other owners/purchasers of Skyline Magnolia to touch base with me at [email protected] Best.
Sep 12, 2012

What to do?

I am not exactly aware of the delays in other projects of Skyline. But it is good to see the views of the various customers. I myself have booked a flat at Skyline Magnolia and expecting to get registration and possession by October 2012. Will definitely come back and let you all know if there is any delay from Skyline. In terms of the progress of work at Skyline Magnolia, most of the flats are ready to occupy and the building needs another coat of exterior paint along with permanent power supply (i.e. meters). Rest seems to be more or less ok and their fittings and finishing is as per the specifications. Of course there are some minor problems (like windows being jammed, etc), but the Skyline team has assured to resolve them. Will get back on the registration and handing over by October 2012.
Aug 16, 2012

What to do?

Please stop spreading rumours about Skyline Constructions. It is a very reputed company. Please see testimonial below in YouTube.

Aug 16, 2012

What to do?

Dear disgruntled sirs, I am yet to receive any correspondence from your end, kindly email me at [email protected]uctions.com. I would like to clarify that I am neither a cheat nor a criminal and am very much in India available to any disgruntled customer on prior appointment.
Aug 11, 2012

What to do?

Dear avigna, you appear to be especially venomous kindly share your contact details and your requirements like refund etc. So we can resolve your issues, my email I'd is [email protected]
Aug 11, 2012

What to do?

Dear customers,
Am assuming that all are flat owners and not competitors or individuals with vested interests request you to email me your flat numbers and contact details so I can address your issues my I'd is [email protected]
Jul 13, 2012

What to do?

An article in today's DNA news paper:

A leading Bangalore-based construction company has been accused of duping an NRI woman of Rs57 lakh after promising a duplex apartment in the city.

Juliana D’souza, a Bangalorean settled in the UAE, responded to an advertisement by Skyline Construction and Housing that said residential projects approved and financed by HSBC are available for NRIs.

As her family wanted to own a house in the city that they can use after retirement, D’souza approached the company, selected a flat and paid through a loan from HSBC.

Skyline signed a sale agreement with D’souza in July 2007 to construct and hand over a three-bedroom duplex apartment on the second floor of the residential complex in the heart of the city.

Though D’souza made the full payment, the company failed to construct and hand over the three-bedroom duplex apartment after five years, though it completed the construction of the building, she said in her complaint.

‘Evading response’
“I tried to communicate to Skyline many times but every time they gave evasive replies. This shows the company wanted to defraud customers staying abroad, who find it difficult to visit Bangalore, ” she said in her complaint.

Skyline officials refused to comment on the issue, stating that they need to verify the complaint. Based on the complaint, Ashok Nagar police have registered a cheating case against Skyline.
May 16, 2012

What to do?

I hope the justice will be done by the law enforsement agencies, soon, to all of the duped customers of the SKYLINE CONSTRUCTIONS, BANGALORE. I suggest that we all should form a GROUP and approach a CONSUMER COURT. What do you people say?
May 9, 2012

What to do?

Hi Guys,
Please can you share my some legal advisors name or lawyers who handle delay in projects. I have booked flat in Skyline Champagne Bagame in 2006 and it is still not handed over, as per agreement it was suppose to be handed over in 2009. The response is soo bad and they dont care for customers. I have suffered mentally and financial by entering by booking the flat. They have taken more than 60% and i have ended paying EMi, apart from EMI i am still continuing on rented house and life has become tough for taking a poor decision with such shaby, shameless builders
Apr 27, 2012

What to do?

We are also being cheated and subjected to mental agony by the SKYLINE CONSTRUCTIONS, BANGALORE..
We had booked a flat at SKYLINE WATERFRONT project which was launched in Sep 2008 and was supposed to be ready for to occupy by June 2010. But the project is still under construction, like many of their projects.
Before booking, all the staff of SKYLINE were after me to buy from them. But, once I paid the advance, their attitude completely changed. Whenever I wanted to know when the flat will be ready to occupy, there was no response from the staff of the SKYLINE for about 6months. When I wanted to contact Mr. Dhiraj and his brother Mr. Avinash Prabhu, they kept promising that it will be ready in 3-6 months.,
The owners (Mr. Djiraj Prabhu and Mr. Avinash Prabhu) both are good in promising (as has been written by [email protected] as a response on July 11, 2011, above) and then fooling the customers. But, they never keep up the promise.
Their behavior was also telecast on TV9 news. The SKYLINE STAFF and both brothers were hitting the MEDIA people for asking them a question - "WHY SKYLINE IS CHEATING THE COMMON PEOPLE? " This episode happened on 18th March 2011 and 19th March 2011; and one could see both the brothers who were hitting their customers and the contractors..
Hope that Government brings stringent laws to punish SKYLINE CONSTRUCTIONS and such other builders who cheat the customers.
Mar 20, 2012

What to do?

I am planning to book a flat in Skyline AURA, henur road.Please suggest...
Mar 1, 2012

What to do?

What is with Skyline Magnolia? It is like Bhoot Bangla. I have visited this some 3 years ago and recently with a friend when he mentioned that he is intending to book a Flat in SKYLINE MAGNOLIA. When we inquired with the neighbours, we were told that the Project has been given notices from various authorities for violations: like 30% of Halla or Govt. waste land encroachment on the West and South side; and Encroachment on to the Road. The building looks aged and there is no board of SKYLINE now. Can anyone confirm if there are issues with this project? Especially those who have invested during the launch time.

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