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Consumer complaints and reviews about SOTC(KUONI TRAVEL GROUP)

Jul 18, 2017


June 15, 2017
Dear Sir/madam,
This was our third tour with SOTC; we have had our first tour with SOTC in May-June 2014 that is of EUROPE Gurjar Vishva Darshan. The second one was of USA in May 2016. Based on our past experience we have booked this Maujilo Far East with Cruise (12N/13D) from Ahmedabad to Ahmedabad departure on 17th May 2017. But I really regret to write such a long feedback which is mostly on negative side.
First of all at the time of booking the tour with your Rajkot office (Ms. Reshma) I told her to give me the quotation with date deviation in return journey from Singapore and also give me the quotation for flight From Singapore to Jakarta, Jakarta to Bali & Bali to Singapore, with hotels in Bali for 4 nights with the travelling dates. She either forget to do any communication with your concerned team or ignore the same, what happened actually I didn’t know because she left SOTC after few days from my booking. Than Ms. Chandani the branch head informed me that your tickets have been booked and the tickets are not changeable of cancellation is not been allowed due to block booking. So, I have to opt for waiver of my return journey fair and incurred loss due to negligence of your staff.
On arrival at Bangkok airport, we have met the local guide Ms. Ratna, who told us to wait for 15-20 minutes to proceed to Pattaya. We have travelled through the night and tired and some rest and then freshen up at the hotel, but there was some guests/travellers who are in other group have some problem, for solving their problem we 50 people were kept waiting in the airport for nearly two and half hours. Our tour manager Mr. Subhash didn’t care for anything. After our request, Ms. Ratna arrange for our departure from Bangkok to Pattaya, we have been served the packed lunch at around 5 pm in the coach only and we were not given time to freshen up or rest, we were directly sent to the tiffany show. I think you can understand the condition of the guests. After tiffany show we were taken at the restaurant for our dinner at around 7.30 pm. We requested Mr. Subhash to delay dinner by an hour or two, so, that we can be fresh and ready for dinner and within two hours of time how anyone can have lunch and dinner? That is also with whole night in travelling!!!! The hotel Platinum Nova at Pattaya is of very poor standard. Force of the water in the bathrooms were very slow, water was not going out completely due to uneven level of surface. On complaining the same hotel management sends the man to rectify the same but he didn’t do anything and Mr. Subhash and another group manager were present at that time in my room.
Almost all the schedule of whole the tour was not maintained, most of the time Mr. Subhash was being late and that’s why the guest have started to come late after scheduled time. Very next day departure was scheduled at 7.30 am but actual departure was around 8.15 to 8.20am. Hotel at Bangkok was good enough and everything was fine except scheduled timings.
After arriving at Kuala Lumpur airport the same story like Bangkok airport was repeated, we were instructed to wait for the reason not known to us on particular place above lobby area for half an hour than he asked us to stand in the queue for immigration process, the queues were big if we will not have wasted our time as above the queue might be clear earlier. Then there was some problem of VISA with one family and we were kept waiting in the airport lobby at least for 2-2.5 hours, without any instruction from Mr. Subhash. In fact Mr. Ram Chandran (Local Guide) was waiting outside the lobby; Mr. Subhash asked us why we were not gone outside the lobby and not finds out Mr. Ram Chandran!!!!!!!!!!!!
The hotel at Kuala Lumpur was once again of very poor category. In most of the hotels we have been provided twin beds rooms. My health at Kuala Lumpur was not good, so, we couldn’t join for Sunway lagoon and stay at the Hotel. In this type of situation you should arrange for the meals or some fruits for the guests whose health doesn’t permit them to join the itinerary.
After reaching Singapore, we have been taken on boar for joining our cruise. At the cruise also we have once again experienced the mis management of your tour manager. We were in the queue for boarding in the cruise without waiting for him, because he was some where else, we were nearer to the entrance of the cruise he asked us to come behind in the queue. Some of us have followed his instruction while some stand there. Those who stand there have boarded in the cruise at least 50 minutes before us. We have to stand up additional 50 minutes in the queue due to his mis-management only. The cruise staff also was non co-operative and their system is very strange, they close the counters at their scheduled time even if we are taking our meals, they don’t care to inform about closing the counter and we have to finish our meal on the half way.
Hotel at Singapore was really very good in every aspect. The food at Mumbai Magic was really very good. Due to my wife’s health was not good during the visit of universal studio, so we have to left in between and go back to the hotel. We inform the tour manager and request him to bring the parcel of our dinner at the hotel, as they were directly going for the dinner. He straight away refuses and told that there is no parcel system in Singapore!!!! I think that SOTC might be booking thousands of tourist for far east per year and your manager deny for the parcel of the meal for a sick guest, it is really un expected.
Regarding tip, we have asked him to calculate for 11 days because we have to pay the gratuity for two days in the cruise and will not avail services from drivers or guide but he told that he is with us. So, we have paid the tip for thirteen days + two days for cruise and our actual tour was of 13 days! In our USA tour also we have the cruise for three days and your tour manager Mr. Sharam has not collected the tip for those 3 days that is the difference. It doesn’t make any difference for a tourist but it shows the mentality of your manager.
Regarding Malaysia VISA fees, it was agreed that if the VISA fees will be waived off than Rs.3000/- will be refunded per person. If you check VISA documents they have only charged the processing fee of INR 1000/- only, so, the differential amount of INR 2000/- per person should be refunded.
In last I would like to complete with the words that this was very bad experience with SOTC and the total tour was not as per SOTC for which it is known for and our earlier two tours experience. We may not travel with SOTC in future but if you can take necessary step it will be better for other people. I hope you will consider the above feedback in positive way and do the needful to improve your services for the people who will be joining SOTC tour in years to come.
Rajnikant Raja
Jul 2, 2017

Worst service

We booked customised tour package of 4 days Singapore city. After we reached Singapore airport a guy received us very lately and gave all tickets to us . After that they didn't provide any service . Even there was no one to guide us. We waited long for 45 minutes and then called tour manager he told that driver waited and then cancelled the trip. But fact is that he didn't arrive at all. After that we called to sotc office and complained about the inconvenience caused by tour manager. They didn't even respond. Next day the same thing continued.
They didn't come to pick up us to airport nor received our call . We on our own booked other cab all three days .No guide no cab provided no food and no service at all. Sotc is fooling people and once they receive money then there is no one to guide. We spent more for cab all three days. SOTC please shut down your bullshit travel business if not At least stop fooling people.
san k
Jun 30, 2017

Goof up by your staff

Dear Mr Vishal Suri,

Hope to find you good.

My Name is Sanjay and presently I reside in Kenya. I was planning a family tour and during surfing came across few options SOTC is offering. I opted for Egypt tour and contacted your office by filling up the information online at your site. Parallely, I called quotes for the said package from other travel agents as well. Though SOTC was L5 with all offers at hand, I yet went ahead with SOTC thinking I would get a better experience with you. During, finalization one of your guy, Ashish Adhav was in touch with me over phone and addressed all my concerns which boosted my confidence in SOTC. I went ahead with making the initial payment demanded against the tour and commenced my further planning.

During negotiations, on enquiry of your concerned executives contact numbers, I was communicated that it cannot be given and I need to contact your toll free number only. It was a bit strange to know this, however on my several requests I was given one contact no of Mr Francis Xavier as I was not accessible to your toll free number. When the tentative itinerary was issues, I came across another surprise, I was given a flight schedule for return journey on a date on which the flight doesn't fly. They came back saying its tentative, this started shaking my confidence and my concerns raised. However, ignoring this I made all the requested payment with the desired documents and awaited further response which some other team was to revert.

After 10-12 days, when I didnt get any response and one of the other travel agents mailed me that it isnt right time to travel to Egypt, i started follow up with your guys, Ashish and Francis on the subject. I was communicated there is no issue and they have confirmation from your operations team. This time around I hinted Mr Francis, who according to Ashish is his senior and the only second guy after Ashish I spoke to, that I am not getting any response from your team. He assured all was fine and on track and the team would revert shortly. From my end, due to previous bitter experience i have cultured a habit of putting everything in writing to avoid confusions in future. The above matter, plus my entire communication is in writing copied to the complete team, who recently denied being aware about my case. Based on entire tour confirmation, I scheduled my leave and booked my travel tickets (non-refundable) and communicated your team on the same. After a couple of days and vigourous follow up, one fine morning I get a mail from your office stating the tour has been canceled and I can opt for the next available date. When enquired with your office at the only number available, it was communicated that all is fine and they are working on it. This raised my curiosity and I started a constant follow up, regret to no effect as i had only one number of Mr Francis Xavier and most of the times he would reply to revert. It may kindly be noted here that I was making numerous international calls daily with heavy calling rates just to enquire if all was fine. After much frustration, I opted to have my refund processed as your team was unable to provide me a tour. To avoid the refund process, I even proposed to suggest me an alternate tour retaining the same dates, which they never did untill today.

Since, I was unable to obtain any response from the people I was in communication with over e-mail, I tried my ways to obtain numbers of your senior staff which was a mountainous task. I was shared with some of the senior people contact numbers today, after 4 weeks of communication and under pressure from me of initiating legal action. It was to my surprise that all the people i spoke to in the past 2 days are in copy of all communication from day 1 but everyone denied that I had requested for refund. This further escalated my frustration level and I started loosing temper as i started to get a feel that I am being robbed of my hard earned money as none was ready to comment anything. There was total silence from your entire team about my refund and today when I have threatened them to initiate legal action, just about an hour back, i received the message as appended below.

It is a total disappointment that you being in the hospitality business are doing such a thing. SOTC, I understood was a professionally run company, but I am very sorry to say that none of your executives have the courtesy to receive calls or talk to clients/customers. It is a bunch of jokers sitting in that office, who try to avoid my calls coming up with reasons, that one was on other call, was out of office, mobile was on charge, etc, etc, etc. I request you to scroll through the entire correspondence from day 1, also I can support all Whats App messages I had with Ashish and Francis with all the calls that I made which are auto recorded on my phone. You would be surprised to know that you are far from reality and not aware of the ground reality of what really is happening with innocent customers with an irresponsible team sitting in that office. I shall appreciate if you can call me at my hand phone or share your number so that I can put to your attention the facts. It is a complete mis-managed set up there who do not want to claim any responsibility and just pass the monkey from their backs. Your team should atleast learn from other travel institutes like Yatra and make my trip how to efficiently and satisfactorily respond to clients with responsibility.

I am sure you will look into this and put in place the required corrective and preventive action to stop such harassment of innocent people. On my part, I would certainly see that I will not suggest/refer anyone to SOTC and will definitely share my bitter experience. Here as well I was misguided by your team by giving the name of Ms Carol Hiller who doesnt exist as the head of customer complaint. Your team are liar cocks and idiots who do not have the sense of responsibility but are thugs.

I look forward to hear from you and my refund as assured by your team.

Many thanks in advance.

With regards,
Jun 6, 2017

Ruthless Company

Dear Mr Suri,

I took a tour of Russia and Scandinavia with your company starting on 7May 2007. Following is the horror I had to go through,


We arrived Moscow on 07 May 2017 and were accommodated in Novotel Centre. Moscow.

1.On 08 May 17 at about 0715hrs, I stepped out of my room to see the weather to take appropriate woolens with me.My intentions was to go to lobby ,go out and see weather.As I was walking in the alleyway,I saw a door open giving a view of Balcony. I was staying on 8th floor.As any one will do,I stepped out to balcony to avoid going to lobby and a then outside. As I stepped outside into balcony I found the steel door closed I realised it was a Emergency Exit. I was not worried as I thought I can get out from emergency exit on the ground floor and the horror started. The staircase leading to ground floor were dark ,musty smell, no light No communication.However since I had NO choice a started descending cautiously. As I reached ground floor a bigger horror awaited me. The metal mesh door covered with steel was locked and secured with a wire chain.Still I was not worried as I seen a opening to outside on 2nd floor. In the mean time I started climbing to other floors hoping that some door may be opened. I banged on each and every door to draw attention.
Since I was not getting any help I came to 2nd floor thinking that I can draw attention of some passerby walking on the road.It was early cold morning and there was hardly any one passing by. One or two people who passed by ignored my cal for helpl.

On 2nd floor balcony all the glass doors leading to inside of hotel. I tried breaking them but could not do same as it was toughened glass.I tried and disturb security cameras on 2nd floor to draw security attention of security,but it seems NO one was monitoring security cameras.

Two hours have passed since my ordeal started.I started getting dehydrated and cramps have started in my joints.My BP has shot up and I started getting dis-oriented.

At about 0900hrs I saw a chinese women passing by and she responded to my sign call.She went towards hotel to inform them. Though I had little hope.

As my condition was getting worse I had little choice-

1. Wait and collapse in dark and smelly staircase and wait someone to find some time.My death was imminent.
2. Find other way to escape.The other way was to jump from 2nd floor on gravel below.In my best of judgment I decided to jump.I was seeing death so close that I thought that I may end up with few broken bones.Or worst death which SOTC and the HOTEL will conveniently put as suicide.

So I jumped.After that I do not what happened. But when I came to senses I had passed out STOOL and URINE in my clothes
In other words I had passed out due to impact of my head on hard gravel.My hand was bleeding,my hand and body was bruised,back had a shooting pain and neck was stiff.I could not walk as my right ankle had twisted.

After I came to bit of senses I started crawling toward hotel as I could not walk.Then I met this kind chinese lady who told me that though she had told hotel reception they took NO action.I am grateful to this women as she missed her tour to help me.

After I reached Hotel in bleeding state I met Tour Guide Mr Anurag. He told reception to call hotel doctor and manager.A young doctor Ms Anastisiya appeared with a very basic first aid kit. Manager of the hotel Mr Plten also appeared.HE DID NOT SEEM SURPRISED BECAUSE HA SAID THAT SOME TIME BACK A YOUNG GIRL WITH SHORT DRESS WAS ALSO TRAPPED. It was not encouraging.In a serious case like this a body check is a must to see more injuries but after putting band aid she just went away.

The doctor attended to my finger wound which was bleeding profusely by applying some antiseptic wash and a band aid.Further she applied some gel to my right leg ankle.Since I was in great agony I asked for some pain killers which were not given to me.At this stage TOUR MANGER asked me if I can continue with the tour. Since I had lost all the hopes with SOTC and HOTEL I said I will go with tour.I knew when things go really bad some fellow Indian tourist will help me.

At a latter date when I said NO help was provided by SOTC the tour manager responded saying that it was my call. Sadly you don't ask a man who is in
1. Shock and badly injured.
2.Disoriented and doesn't know the extent of injury.

Two days later when I told Tour manager that I need pain killers as the swelling ,bruises has started showing up.My hand ,neck and back started turning black due to coagulated bloodand I could walk with much effort and pain.
He went and bought Brufen and Muscle Gel for which I paid EURO 25+3=28 EURO

Three days before tour was ending I asked tour manager that I want to go back, reply was that it will be very expensive and NO seats are available.In other words I was just brushed off.

I continued with the tour and vowed never to travel with SOTC again.At least 78 tourist travelling with me knew my plight. Most sympathised.

Mr Gandh other tour manager gave me a big lecture as to why they can not give me pain killer and first aid.SOTC does not carry any first aid kit.By profession I have been CAPTAIN of a merchant ship and well versed in Medical emergency. Since I had to depend on Tour guide I could not do much and make things unpleasant for other tourist.

The horror story is still going on as I have damaged muscles in Right ankle and due to non availability of medical help it has worsened. Presently I am undergoing Physiotherapy for my back shoulder and ankle.

Mr Suri,I can write a long incident report,but I hope you get the gist of my letter,not to mention how unprepared your organisation is to meet any eventuality.I got my second life but NO thanks to SOTC.

I await your reply before taking any other action.


girija rajagopalan
May 5, 2017


A group of 16 people we have booked to travel on 9th May but one member of the group has neither been issued a ticket nor given the balance amount payable to them due to some goof up done by one of your executives in booking the Cruise which is part of the tour.

They have somehow created confusion in allocation of twin-sharing accommodation on the cruise and not able to sort until today, 5th May.

We are all extremely anxious as this trip is something we as a group have been dreaming about and preparing with a lot of excitement over the last several months.

The person responsible for this irresponsible handling is not owning up to his fault/blunder and this has cause immense trauma to all of us.

Finally, if this does not get sorted out within the next few hours, we will be compelled to cancel the entire group's tour and file a legal claim for refund and penalty.


Dec 31, 2016


My self Shreyas Reddy I had book a costomozed package to Dubai for 140000
The plans scheduled in itennary was completely different from wat it happened v travelled for 6dayd and 5nights the hotels which they have given for food was the worst part of the travel they served us next to the Muncipal garbag drums the charge such heigh prices but they the no proper customer satisfaction the desert safari was oly for 10 min and wat food was worst v weren't able to even take it to our mouth the driver who came with us dint even know the routs properly he wasted lot of time roaming us on a same street

Sep 5, 2016


The below email was written to Mr. Vishal Suri on 23Aug 2016. Still No response nor refund has come. SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE

I would like to bring to your notice regarding my refund of INR 1000

It so happened that my wife and myself were invited to attend an SOTC event in April 2016 and Ankit Narang met us. He was kind enough to give us various options so we thought of going for Europe Tour, hence paid a booking amount of INR 1000 on the very same day.

After few mails exchange, we decided to postpone our trip due to personal reasons and requested Ankit to refund our money of INR1000, below is the mail conversation which happened between my son (Mahesh) and Ankit. As you can notice Ankit promised us to send the payment in 15-20days on 17th May 2016.

Since then my son has been in touch with him by various reminders and calls and he keeps ignoring our request of refund.

1. I would like to have an explanation as to why this delay has happened.

2. I am a senior citizen worked with UNICEF all my life and know what professionalism is all about, but very sad to notice that your organisation is the worst that I have come across.

3. I was planning to discuss for a group tour of 20pax (my ex-colleagues) through SOTC to Dubai for Feb 2017, but now we have arranged our travel through some other company.

4. I will never ever consider SOTC and keep discouraging people to go through your company.


I have travelled to many parts of the world and its a shame to find an Indian company showing its true color as perceived by foreign people (ie Indians know taking money but when it comes to refund they shy away)

Being a Managing Director of SOTC, I expect you to behave with maturity and get my refund done at the earliest and expect a strict action and also advise what measures have been taken against Ankit Narang. I hope your action on him is just not an eyewash for me.

Such a callous attitude of Ankit is not good for your company.

Please contact my son, if you wish to talk

Best regards,
Gaurav Harlalka
Sep 3, 2016

No Reply From S. O. T. C

Dear Mr Amit & Mr Vikash

I really wonder why u people are taking so much time just to confirm the credit cell of Mr.Gaurav Harlalka , Mr Vaibhab took more than 1 month just to check, till now no reply from his side.

With the attitude, u people are doing , I think we should now seek legal opinion.

This is my final request to your company kindly confirm the amount due to Mr. Gaurav Harlalka & Family by today 03/09/2016.So that we can book the Andaman Tour from 06/10/2016 with your company and the amount can be adjusted.
Moreover the fares of flight tickets are increasing day by day for our upcoming tour to Andaman's, who will be responsible.

Do reply urgently.

Bikash Harlalka &
Gaurav Harlalka
pooja bhimra
Jul 27, 2016

Sotc — MICE events abroad

There is a lot going in name of MICE corporate events thats being done broad. internal workers will try to get all the payment for the events in cash from the clients.
SOTC already puts up bracket of 30% margin on the cost. The SOTC manager puts up another 10% margin on the cost

SO actual event cost id lets say 10000 USD -- manager will quote 11000 USD---- SOTC will quote 14000 USD to corporate client.

They are biggest crooks to begin with when it comes to sucking money out of corporate client in name of MICE project.

Roadside mentality that they carry & scavengers kind of these MICE tour manager. They dont care in the end if your team has had a good time & had valuable learning experience from all the expenses paid by the corporate.

Beware do you own sourcing would be an advice to corporate Indian looking for Mice service. Also dont go near Thomas cook its the same bracket. Indians can never keep up to international reputation they will bring bribe culture no matter they working for MNC
raj kumar gulati
May 16, 2016

refund on account of rejection of Visa from SOTC

I, Raj Kumar Gulati R/o 22/12, 2nd Floor, Ashok Nagar, New Delhi-110018 working in Punjab National Bank, Parliament Street, New Delhi had gifted my daughter, Dr. Kanika Gulati {MS (Obs & Gynea), Safdarjang Hospital, New Delhi) and son-in-law, Dr. Chandresh Rajendra Kasar {MD (Physician), Park Hospital, New Delhi) a 8 nights & 9 days’ honeymoon package to Switzerland on account of their marriage on 20th January, 2016. The tour was booked by SOTC for which I paid Rs. 30,000/- in cash on 11.01.2016 and Rs. 80,000/- by cheque No. 615205 dated 12.01.2016 (Total Rs. 1,10,000/- as advance) in favour of Kuoni Travel (India) Pvt. Ltd., R-256, Greater Kailash-1, New Delhi-110048 Business Unit of SOTC Travel Services Private Limited. The tour was scheduled for 6th March, 2016.

This is to submit that SOTC telephonically informed us that the visa has been rejected and they had to cancel all the bookings made by them for the scheduled tour. As per rules, bookings are done on holding basis but the SOTC informed us that they made all the confirmed bookings and made a refund of Rs. 30,218/- only (deducting Rs. 79,782/-) by cheque dated 693988 dated 29.04.2016 in favour of my daughter, Dr. Kanika Gulati. When I asked the SOTC to share the refund policy in case of VISA rejection, they told me that charges would be deducted as per actual cancellation only. They also assured me to share the refund policy and evidence of booking done by SOTC. I had also asked them to provide evidence for flight booking and hotel booking, but they denied to do so. Despite several rounds of discussions/meetings in last 1 month, SOTC is not at all bothered to provide me cancellation policy and all the evidences for booking (flight, hotels etc) they did. I am very sure that company neither has any cancellation policy nor they did any actual bookings for us.

They are denying to give us neither the bifurcation of this refunded amount of Rs. 30,218/- nor for the deducted amount of Rs. 79,782/-. I don’t understand as to why this much amount has been deducted when only the advance payment has been made.

This is to request you to help us in bringing back our hard earned money that we spent for the happiness of our children but our children could not go for their honeymoon & got disappointed as well as we had to suffer a financial loss of Rs. 79,782/-.

I again request you to help me in getting refund as per rules from SOTC.

(Raj Kumar Gulati
May 1, 2016

wrongfully charges on credit card

I have been charged on my credit card without any booking.
Lata Kamath
Feb 11, 2016


We the Kamath's took your 7 days Oriental delights tour 2015 in December2015 .We paid the amount of a10 day 3 country tour.The concerned sales executive was Lavin Paryani..Facilities were not up to the mark in Thailand..Singopore was good.Kindly refund the excess charge almostRs.90,000.
Dec 13, 2015


TO :
World Travel Awards 2012 to Kuoni for World’s Leading Tour Operator

MOBILE NO. 09972418155
Dec 1, 2015

Indian Group Insulted In Amterdam by Kouni Partner

During our group tour to Europe In Nov 15 organised by Kouni, the whole group was Insulted by an Restaurant Owner where the Lunch was Booked by Sotc Kuoni, TAJ INDIAN RESTAURANT, AMSTERDAM.
How can restaurant owner ask us to leave his restaurant, and started shouting. Kuoni representative was instead trying convince the Owner instead taking any action on it.
I have asked Media to Publish this event against Kuoni / CHR Travels [Kouni Partner] & Taj Indian Raestaurant Amsterdam. This is very shameful all Tour Operators must Stop giving Business to Kouni & Taj Indian Unless Explanation & Apology is received.
Oct 15, 2015

Parallel Operation of Travel Infoline Ahmedabad Gujarat India

Your Agent Travel Infoline, Ahmedabad Gujarat is operating parallel in Name of You, by giving third class mismanaged to the Group of 18 for 6N/7D tour package to Andaman islands in India from 7 oct to 14 oct recently. They have spoiled your name and good will in travel aspirants, We have lost in your travel company totally. It is high time to review and terminate agency of travel infoline for your future damage of Image. This is eye opener message for you. act immediately for damage control before we go to press. Awaiting your trustworthy professional intervention in this matter. --- Chatur Patel and Group
Oct 2, 2015

Refund of my Air ticket cancellation chRefund of Air Ticket Cancellation Charge

I along my three family members travelled to Dubai in January 2014. In returning, My daughter stop her journey at Delhi and we all three came back to Ranchi. We have already informed our plan in advance to the SOTC Ranchi branch . in spite of that they purchased ticket for my daughter. When I told them, they accepted that wrongly ticket was purchased, and amount will be refunded later on but in spite of many reminders and even after legal notice, till now we could not get my hard earned money. This shows their way of dealings. In nut cell, they are cheating to the customers. i am working in State Bank of India as a Manager. so i request to every one who are making planning to go with SOTC, think and enquire about his character and dealings.

KKP Sinha
State Bank of India
Tel 9431150336
Jun 26, 2015

rude and arrogant call

Had requested for a customizable trip to Singapore on one of your site. Got a call back from a person(Mr Sumit) representing SOTC enquiring about the trip. As soon as he came to know my budget was not what he was expecting, he started taunting and downplaying me as If I didn't deserve to go to Singapore. Also rudely told me that in my budget I can only stay in the red light area of Singapore.call came from 0124-4116827.kindly take strict action and ask people to respect the one on the other side based on his/her action and not on how much he can afford
Apr 24, 2015

SOTC is a fraud


I would like to bring to everybody's attention that SOTC is a fraud company and one should never trust them. I booked honeymoon package (Amazing Europe 7 Nights) for my brother-in Law from their Noida (sector 50) based branch. Mr Amit Kapoor is the branch manager.

I booked the tour in Mar 2015 and paid him Rs 1, 20,000 as travel advance. I had provided all relevant documents (in fact few additional documents wherever he gave option as we didn't want to take VISA risk) whatever asked by Amit Kapoor , branch manager SOTC to apply for our VISA.

Unfortunately, on 27th March, we got to know that VISA has been denied by embassy. When I contacted Amit Kapoor about the reason for rejection, he didn't have any idea. I also asked him about the charges which would get deducted and asked him to share the refund policy in case of VISA rejection, he told me that charges would be deducted as per actual cancellation only. He also assured me to share the refund policy and evidence of booking done by SOTC.

Branch manager had no intention to share the rejection letter with me and When I received it after several discussions, I was shocked to see the reason of rejection. VISA was denied because SOTC company didn't apply for travel insurance and provided details for hotel and flight bookings. This is completely ridiculous. These are the document which are to be provided by company and mandatory for VISA but still didn't provide. This shows their careless attitude towards the customers.

When I asked branch manager to provide evidence for flight booking and hotel booking, he kept deferring it saying it comes from their CP branch only and he would get it arranged by next day. Despite , several rounds of discussions/meetings in last 1 month, SOTC is not at all bothered to provide me cancellation policy and all the evidences for booking (flight, hotels etc) they did.

Company deducted Rs 50000 + 3.09 service tax as cancellation charges and refunded the amount.

First of all, why company can't provide me the cancellation policy actual bookings done by company (if they have done it as being mentioned by branch manager)?
Secondly, why 3.09% service tax has been deducted when no services have been availed from company ?

I am very sure that company neither has any cancellation policy nor they did any actual bookings for us. They just want to digest somebody's hard earned on name of cancellation charges and Service Tax. So beware of the SOTC company. It is a complete fraud company.

Vineet Goel
Aug 3, 2014

Never trust SOTC group

I have already written a complaint of my incident in detail.
They will take you to such hotels where you are not safe. We were robbed in Paris in 2013 inside hotels in front of SOTC staff.

When we requested them to support us, they denied and continued the tour. We missed some places due to police investigation and harassment. Such an unemphatic group.

I thought I would forget all this but whenever i see any promo of SOTC, i feel like telling everyone that beware, danger are far bigger than the discounts.

D PAUL is much better than SOTC. JUST for money don't compromise with security. Always be double sure about hotels as they change the hotels on the go.

I will never forgive SOTC.

I also have FIR copy but no success.

Be wise & safe!!! Discount only counts when you're safe and healthy.

raman ahuja
Oct 16, 2013

B2B Partner

B2B Travel Agent
Dealing first time with sotc for europe package ,sorry to say no commitment
Two times they have increased the rate of package once settling the amount
Very poor commitment
Please donr deal with them
Harish Chawla
Jul 3, 2013

Overcharging on Alaska Cruise Booking

I and my wife have booked for Alaska Cruise from Vancouver from July 21 to July 28, 2013 through their Lucknow Branch and I have some serious concerns. I have only booked for Alaska Cruise and not for 16 days tour of Canada / US with Alaska Tour. I think and I have valid reason to believe that I have been charged an excess of USD 376.42 for our travel towards Govt. Taxes, Port Fees and Gratuity. This amount has been arrived based on difference on what I have been charged and what is being charged by Celebrity Century on their Online Portal for same travel in similar class of cabin.

Inspite of sending repeated mails to various people in the Organization, nobody has responded during last three weeks. No invoice has been given for the transaction although GST of 3.09% on complete money has been charged from us....Harish Chawla
May 31, 2013


had completed Eruope North India Tadka tour for 13 days and overall it was a mixed experience. I would like to give some suggestions for improvement in future programmes which new participants may not suffer.
i) In flight of oman airways, SOTC has not given option of food with the result,airways has not given veg foods to us whereas it was given to Thomos cook people. It was informed that company people has not given option of food due to which outrightly veg foods was not given and only option available with them was of non veg both times. Finally a few veg items were given as a matter of grace after serving to all has been completed. We felt so embarassed and took it that we are going on a obligatory tour.
In future veg or non veg meals option be given in advance to airways by tour operators.

ii) SOTC travel bag,cap and kit are not provided to all customers before proceeding on tour. I too was given only bag and that too after many calls to your office and still cap and kit not given. There is no charm of getting such things after completion of tour when all other participants were given. Even Thomas cook provided bags to every participant. This discrepency may be removed inn future.

iii)Airfare,Taxes and other surcharges all may be informed in advance and any subsequent enhancements at a later date on finalisation of tour appears to be misleading and overcharging. Our entire budget of tour has to be rescheduled due to subsequent enhancement. Earlier with other operators Thomas cook, I travelled but it did not happen there.

kunal exports
Mar 6, 2013

Cancillation of Europe Tour/ money refund

To, 06th March 2013
9/1, Hardttari Chamria Road,
Howrah – 711 101
Attn. : Surajit Bose.

Sub: Cancillation of Europe Tour

Dear Sir,

We hereby like to inform you that we have received a mail regarding your Europe Package for 15 days , we approach your Sales Executive Ms.Shrabonti Mazumdar over phone on 04 th December 2012 to know about the details of the package for 22nd May 2013.

On 05th December 2012 Ms. Mazumdar contact my wife Ms Sabita Agarwal and asked her to book the toure with a small token money, and Mr. Agarwal paid cash Rs. 10,000/- towards token amount (as per Annexure”A”) again after that Ms. Mazumdar call to Ms. Agarwal to make a payment of Rs.84,000/- but she refused to pay so big amount . In that case Ms. Mazumdar given him the assurance that you are paying the token amount and if you wants to cancilled the toure you will get the refund, as per her so much assurance we have issued a cheque No. 050205 dtd. 05.12.2012 for Rs.84,000/-(as per Annexure”B”).

a) We have not signed any Contract Form.
b) We have not supplied any Co’s Bio-Law’s or Rules and Regulation Notice.
c) We have not supplied any Itinerary.

We have contacted Mr. Surajit Bose on 25th February 2013 over phone about cancellation of our booking for Europe Tour due to our some family problems,
Mr. Bose asked us to send a mail for cancellation.

On 28th February we have send a mail to Mr.S.Bose in connection to the above matter(as per Annexure ‘C’).

On 05th March 2013 we received a mail from Mr. Bose about the rules & regulation about the cancellation, after that we have contact Ms. Rajashree and specify the entire matter.(as per Annexure ‘D’)

Now ,at last on we received a mail from that our full amount Rs84,000/- is forfeited as per the Company’s policy.

We have a question here that where as company has not supplied us any above mentioned documents , we have no any contractual agreement signed between us
and no one has specify us about the policy of the company, how the money can forfeited where as we have paid the token money as per the assurance of your sales executive Ms Mazumdar.

As per the general rules of the Government / Private bodies that in case of cancellation of booking the money can be refund after deduction of certain percentage form the paid money.

But the policy of Kuoni Group SOTC is totally different , they are generating the money by forfeiting the hard earned money of the public, which is illegal in the eyes of law. It is very much clear that the Group is running 100% profitable business by applying this type of scheme.

This is absolutely absurd and fraudulent policy of the Group .Therefore, we will constrained to take instruction to move the appropriate forum for the redressal of the grievances without any further reference for natural justice , which please note.

Thank You,
Yours faithfully,

Jun 19, 2010


We a group of 8 persons of 2 Families visited Singapore & Kualalumpur in a 7N/8D package of SOTC.The entire tour was mismanaged & the Hotels they booked is not even 1star ranking in India whereas they told that those are 3star catagories.The Breakfast is Horrible in Indian standard.Till the last day of boarding We are in a dilemma about the tour & lastly couldnot be picked for Airport at Singapore & nobody was there to listen to us.The half-day City tour at Kulalumpur started at 10am & finished at 12noon without even shown anything except the Chocolate Factory & Jadd's batic center the 2 commercial places.The experience to travel with SOTC is horrible.Please check before you book with it.

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