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Southern Railway

Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about Southern Railway

Padmanabhan N.
Feb 27, 2020

No toilet facility at Mambalam Station

The commuter traffic has increased multi fold at Mambalam station. At the west mambalam side of the station, in station road the traffic has increased multi fold. More than a dozen auto drivers are permanently waiting at the entrance of the station. Besides uber, ola taxis and a whole lot of individuals are waiting with their two wheelers and cars to pick up the passengers/friends/relatives who alight from the long distance and local trains. Babu Rajendra Prasad 2nd Street is very close to the station and parallel to the track. The entire street is being used as public toilet by the auto/taxi drivers, waiting public and all the vegetable vendors/shop owners. This is creating a hell of health issues to the residents of this street. The mosquito menace has increased. The Southern Railway authorities/Corporation of Chennai should immediately step in and provide public convenience facility at this place. Otherwise there could be major outbreak of disease to the residents of this street. The careless attitude of the Chennai Corporation/Southern Railway is affecting the living conditions of the residents in this street. Dinamalar, if necessary, can arrange for inspecting this street and bring the problem to the notice of the authorities through a write up.

N.Padmanabhan, 16 Babu Rajendra Prasad 2nd Street, West Mambalam, Chennai
[email protected]
Apr 13, 2018

Rude behavior of railway staff and threatening

Now I'm traveling in a train name dhanbad allepy exp. While climbing to my upper Barth , my feet get crash to one of his(pantry men) Trey of meal ,,and I said that isnt my fault and he's start shouting , threatening me like I ll show u ,,,,,you have to give money ,,,,and theres no security no gard ,and that men threatens me openly ....
I pay the money and ask his name ,,I.e..arjun gore( I didn't remember his surname but it's like gore)after sometimes he came back n return the money

It's completely not about money ,but irrespective behaviour that ,I faced at southern railway
Raghu Balakrishnan
Feb 28, 2018

Worst services and operations at tambaram to Beach EMU train

Worst services can seen at nowadays on EMU local train services between Chennai tambaram to Beach station .

The operator at morning time between 8 to 10 am services at this destinations are acting as lazy who makes delay to arrival and departure at all stations.

Public only getting affect by them because of poor punctual at operations.

Example this 40322 numbered train running at morning from tambaram scheduled at 9.20 but after few station speed of train get reduced and delay on reaching at destination so it suffer the people who cannot reach their destination on time.

There is many complaints raised over southern railway complain desk. But no use.

The officers who are incharge for this operation are sleeping I think.
Feb 28, 2018

Speed breaker near integral Club Perambur

Dear Sir,
There is a road near perambur ICF - Pilkington Road(Integral Club).
They have added two speed breaker.
Which is really pain for everyone especially for the two wheeler.

They added this speed breaker for the publicity of the integral club.

I am requesting to remove this speed breaker.

With regards,

Jan 9, 2018

Refund not yet recd

Dear Sir/Mam,

Till writing this mail i have not yet recd my refund for the below mentioned Tickets.

Cancelled Transaction Details
Transaction ID:100000952359206 PNR No 4135351661 Train No./Name:12697 / TRIVANDRUM EXP
Date of Journey:10-Dec-2017 Date Of Boarding:10-Dec-2017 Class:SLEEPER CLASS (SL)
Resv Upto:KOTTAYAM (KTYM) Quota: GENERAL (GN) Date of Cancellation:07-Dec-2017 21:51:57 HRS
Ticket Type: E-ticket Cancellation ID:100000203203751

Cancelled Transaction Details
Transaction ID:100000952359195 PNR No 4547613782 Train No./Name:12696 / TVC CHENNAI EXP
Date of Journey:12-Dec-2017 Date Of Boarding:12-Dec-2017 Class:SLEEPER CLASS (SL)
Resv Upto:CHENNAI CENTRAL (MAS) Quota: GENERAL (GN) Date of Cancellation:07-Dec-2017 21:53:06 HRS
Ticket Type: E-ticket Cancellation ID:100000203203755

Already 3 complaints has been raised in [email protected] & [email protected] and th complaints nos are given below.
[IRCTC #7531396
[IRCTC #7685908]
[IRCTC #7543652]

If the same has been refunded kindly give me the details in which account the same has been credited.

Awaiting a favourable reply in this regard.

Sep 17, 2017

Consistently delayed special train 06033 (MS to ERS express)

Dear Sir / Madam,

I have booked a ticket from Chennai Egmore (MS) upto Coimbatore Junction (CBE) for the journey dated 23rd Sep 2017 by MS ERS Express (06033).

Offlate, I have noticed that the train MS ERS Express (06033) is delayed by 5 hours 20 minutes (scheduled start from Chennai Egmore was 10:40 PM on 8th Sep 2017 but actual start was 4:00 AM on 9th Sep 2017).

Current running status of train 06033 is 5 hours 55 minutes delayed as on 10th Sep 2017 3 PM.

Also I have observed that the train MS ERS Express (06033) has delayed by 1 hr 55 mins on 16th Sep 2017 (original scheduled start 16 Sep 2017 2240 hrs but actual start 17 Sep 2017 0035 hrs). Besides the delayed start, the train has reached the destination by 4:03 hrs (actual arrival 17th Sep 2017 1448 hrs but the original expected arrival is 1045 hrs). I was not aware of the delays of train 06033 and have booked the tickets earlier.

Could you please tell the reason for such a huge delay at the source station Chennai Egmore (5 hours 20 mins) and what actions Southern Railway will take to prevent such huge delays in future?

As I mentioned above, I have booked tickets for 23rd Sep 2017 in MS ERS Express (06033), how will Railways ensure the departure and arrival of the train will not be delayed?

I have paid Rs. 390/- per ticket and booked 3 tickets for my family Rs. 1170/- for 06033 on 29th Sep 2017. In case I cancel this ticket, I will lose 120X3 = Rs. 360/- which is a loss for me.

Could you please ensure the train will depart from Chennai Egmore by 2240 hours on 23rd Sep 2017 and also reach Coimbatore Jn by 0650 hrs the next day 24th Sep 2017 as per the original schedule?


Consistently delayed special train 06033 (MS to ERS express) Consistently delayed special train 06033 (MS to ERS express)

Aug 26, 2017

Rude behaviour of staff

Sir, I was sitting in a bench in the station and a staff quarreled at me to not sit there and asked me to leave out of the station. I asked why I m not allowed to sit and again he used some non mannered words asking me to get out. Then he says this is staffs bench and you are not allowed to sit. I said that if u said this before, I leaved without any problem and say that I also a govt. Employee and asked him to give some respect to public. Again he quarrelled that before I broke your face leave this place and go away. Again he used his fist and pushed me on my lower jaw and threatened me that he will put complaint of rail track crossing . I leaved the place even though I made nil mistake. Really worried of the employee behaviour on public. I convinced myself that this is the current status of the railways. This happens at Chennai beach station around 4.15 pm on 26/8/17 and the staff has a union batch of srmu. Please treat the public with some respect.
suresh babu5637
Jul 21, 2017

Train late /not reach correct time

I am daily travelling from Minjur to triplicane ,triplicane to minjur via beach.,this train always late morning and evening also it will take 2 hrs journey and not reach in exact time atleast weekly once everyday we are facing same problem north chennai

ex :starting beach 6.35 pm train reach minjur 8.15pm calculate the travel timings
morning minjur 8.50 am reach beach 10.15 or 10.30 am calculate timings

Hope u will take necessary action on this & provide proper intimation for all.
Vignesh kumar.R
May 22, 2017

Erode railway station

There is no WiFi network facilities in erode junction...it is one of the most prestigious junction around the city ...bt there is no WiFi network
May 9, 2017

Not attending coach C1 by the catering staff

I am travelling by vaigai exp from Chennai to Madurai pnr 4130800735 A/C chair car seat no 44.In this compartment the catering people did not enter the coach to supply tea,coffee.snacks lunch etc from the time of train journey started.I complained to the T T R but no result.When I again complained he is asking me to go there & drink.My worst journey by train this time.without taking any thing for my stomach. Thanks to southern railway.
Apr 21, 2017

bed bugs found in linen & blanket toomany

we found bed bugs in all the linen & blanket provided to us when travelling in train no. 11014; PNR 46415424 SEAT NOS. 41 42 44. and also the pillows not clean. We did ask theaytendant for fresh ones but he swished off the matter . and said to us that all the things are washed in a year only. so dont tell me anything
Apr 10, 2017


I had one experience which makes me angry and irritated, Yesterday Sunday evening 3:00 I reached the palavanthangal station after I started to get down from flyover steps there is two slum local third-grade people lay over there.While am getting down one of third-grade leg hit me suddenly I asked hey don't you have any sense. That person takes his slipper throw on me. After that, I got down without saying anything they are scolding very bad words which I can't hear anything abused words. Even there is a lot of shops near be no one is asked about to that guys. After five min some of the compartment people came to that place asked about why did you hit that girl.They started to ran away.This is safe security for girls in Chennai what the hell is going on Chennai. If I ask more even they can kill me like that person whom I met yesterday 3:00 PM. Already there is an incident lot of happened in Chennai. Please take the action of them because I know there is a cc tv where can be placed at the station.Even I can leave this but this can be happened for any girl or women or men.
Jan 27, 2017

coaches not maintained neatly

I am frequent traveller on Chennai/Hyderabad/Chennai sector . People who are responsible for collecting garbage from AC compartments are throwing all the garbage on the railway tracks, when I had asked the concerned person his reply was he does not have spare garbage bags hence he is forced to dump it on the railway track. This happened on 16th Jan on Charminar Express , it was thrown between Basin Bridge and Chennai . I am sure he could have dumped it at Chennai central station dust bin instead of throwing it on the tracks

Toilets >> water stagnates on the floor of the toilets / to avoid this they have put rubber mats , which is of no use .since water overflows from these mats. Instead the floor of the toilet can be leveled properly so that the water which is flushed drains out , or they can keep a drain where the water stagnates this will help the water to escape, and the toilet will be clean

The mugs which are kept in the toilet are chained , however this chain is too short which makes it difficult for the people who use it, the chains should be long enough , which make it convenient to use same

Also the staff who are cleaning the platforms push the garbage on the tracks , which in turn has to be picked up by another set of people who do the clearing of track, by this for one job we are paying twice

Trust my suggestions will be of use to you

Regards .......U V Radhakrishna Chennai
Dec 31, 2016

Perambur - Two wheeler parking closed.

Dear Railway dept,

I am using the Two wheeler parking of Perambur railway station (Right wing) for more than 6 months. The contract was closed and now more than 300 vehicles are parked in this area without any contractor. Last week, the parking area was closed by some unknown member and sticked a notice in all the vehicles stating "Two wheeler parking is restricted and police will take severe action against the vehicle owner, if the vehicle is parked". I checked with the person who is not allowing the vehicle inside the parking area. He confirmed that Railway police adviced to close the parking area. There is no proper detail in the warning board about Railway dept.

We have no other option to park the vehicle in Perambur station. And we tried to park the vehicle in the Perambur main entrance parking area where there is no sufficient space and vehicle are getting damaged without proper maintenance. Most of them are helpless.

We need to know whether the Railway department posted the notice in the parking area and request to provide the contract to the right wing parking asap. So we can park our vehicle with security by paying the parking fee.

Dec 29, 2016

Train ticket cancel refund claim

I submitted forms for ticket cancel refund claims at Chennai Southern Railway Central Reservation Office for PNR: 463-8646283, that was booked for 4 persons of a family travel together MAS to PURI. There was two submissions made in person on 14th Dec 2016. One was for one person cancel refund as she cannot travel and another for balance 3 pax as the train itself got cancelled due to Varta cyclone

This is to inform you that even after two weeks I have not yet received the pay-order for these two refund claims. Could you please let me know when I will get it? Also please send a scan copy of the pay-order to my email: [email protected] as I am in Singapore. Thanks
Nov 28, 2016

Mosquito problem in kumbakonam railway station

Dear Team,
I am from kumbakonam. i am working in Bangalore. Every week i going and coming through Mysore express. Every day evening time people are affected by mosquito bite. We cannot sit or stand in a single place. passengers are suffering by it. So please take some safety precautions for passengers Health.

Nov 11, 2016

Why should we waste our money in first class???

I am a regular commuter from Perambur to Taramani,it's very common that most of the second class ticket holders are traveling in first class during morning and evening peak hours.The genuine first class ticket holders were not able to get accommodated in the train. Because there were no checking either in the running train nor in any of the stations.It seems like anyone can travel in first class, even without tickets. Then why should we get a first class ticket to travel in 2nd class Also,most of ICF employees including their family members not eligible for 1 st class travel,which is uncomfortable for genuine pass holders. Please do consider this issue and we would be thankful if you take any steps to improve it.
Oct 8, 2016

Delay in train arrival

Train between chennai central to Gummidipundi is less, even then the trains are running late. This is the case for almost 10 years, there is no action taken till now. There is no increase in number of trains or not running the available train by that time. 4.20am train reaches chennai central by 5.40, actually travel time for this route is 45 minutes but everyday it runs late by half an hour. We are dependent on train since there is no bus facility available in our area. Being ladies, we cannot go for any other option to reach central at that time. It would be great is tha can be corrected. Please.
Oct 3, 2016

Escalators malfunction

Travelling from Egmore to Nagercoil on Kanyakumari Express, platform no 5 . Escalators not functioning.cauding difficulty for senior citizens
Oct 3, 2016

Escalators not working

Travelling with baggage on Kanyakumari Express , platform 5 . The escalator was not functioning . This is causing distress to travellers , especially senior citizens

Escalators not working

Aug 26, 2016

Poor maintenance of coaches

Dear Sir,
I regularly travel between Chennai and Tirunelveli in nellai express. The coaches in Nellai express are poorly maintained, dirty and dilapidated. The railway authorities never care about nellai express. But at the same time the coaches in Pandyan express are always new, latest and well maintained. The Southern railway authorities never bother about people who are south of Madurai. It is to be noted that Nellai express is also categorized as super fast express like Pandyan express. We humbly request railway authorities to treat passengers of Nellai express like human beings.
[email protected]
Aug 17, 2016

stop the train

Dear Sir/Madam,

I weekly travel by train from Bangalore to vaniyambadi in lal bagh or express very very rash or crowed until no standing place in reservation box. You think general box how would be. Each week i stand and travel. So pleas put extra train Bangalore to vaniyambadi. Only three train stop in vaniyambadi first is express second is brindavan third is kakinada express. So that lal bagh express stop in vaniyambadi. kindly stop lal bagh express in vaniyambadi.

Thanks you
Aug 11, 2016

Customers getting abused by Transgenders

I had traveled to Madurai from Chennai in Guruvayur express. There are so many transgenders bording into train and started asking for money from passangers. If any passanger not giving them money, the transgenders started abusing them and started scolding them and also sometimes actioning like beating them. Please take some action to stop them from bording the train for these activities. Also this is happening in sub-urban electric trains between tambaram to Beach station. Please Please Please take action to stop these things.
Aug 10, 2016

Two wheeler stolen from Chennai Chetpet Railway station

Dear Sir,

My bike was stolen from Chennai Chetpet Railway station unmanned two wheeler parking lot on 20th July 2016.

Daily office commuters using this Chetpet railway station parking lot & more than 300 vehicles parked every day.

The tender of contractor was expired long back and no new contractor have availed the tender. No action taken by the railway department yet to set the contractor for this parking lot.

No proper response received from the Station master too.

When I logged the compliant at Kilpauk Police Station (G3), Chennai 600010, they say it is railway responsible to make sure the parking lot has a contractor and almost 4 to 5 bikes get stolen in a week from this parking lot.

Please look into this complaint as no one else should get suffer in future.
Ranjit R
Aug 3, 2016

Train compartment stinking

Train No 12657 Chennai to Bangalore Mail - S2 compartment stinking very badly. This is despite staff cleaning the toilets. Can the concerned officials take action to clean the compartment properly immediately.

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