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Consumer complaints and reviews about Southern Railways

Sep 8, 2017


Dear sir,
I am 72 years senior citizen. Indian resident having PAN No. paying IT for 40 years. having Aadhar card also.
Whenever i want to book railway tickets on line, it is not giving me ID for booking ticket on line stating that i should not give
rangarajankk1@ gmail.com as my e mail.
When i am a genuine Indian citizen, having only genuine email ID why it is refusing.?
It is more than 1 year i am trying to complaint and every time the railway gives a ticket number and forgets about my issue.
these are the reply given by care IRTctc
[IRCTC #6658925] Not able to get railway ticket - email ID-"not able to get ID for booking rail ticket on line.
IRCTC 6574211
2) IRCTC 6614484
3) IRCTC 6632189
4) IRCTC 6632413
4) IRCTC 6632032
5)IRCTC #6644884].
Jun 25, 2017

over charged for platform toilet usage

Over charged for toilet usage in platform no 4 at palakkad junction railway station on 25/06/17 7.30 pm. As per disply board is ₹ 2/- The contractor was misbehaving and he is not ready to accept the displyed charge and informed that, they are contractors and having the right to charge more. Finally we paid ₹ 5/-
Mar 27, 2017

TDR repudiated

Dear Sir / Madam,

We had booked two tickets from Madgaon to Mangalore junction for 27th February 2017 for train no.12618. My PNR no is 2227358475. The train was supposed to depart from Madgaon station at 19:20pm but got delayed for more than 3 hours. When I checked the running live status of the train it was showing that it will arrive in Madgaon at 2am. I have an aged mother who is 70 years and it is difficult for her to sit for so many hours in the station. I called 139 two times to check the status of the train and what can be done. I was informed that the train is delayed and if I wanted to cancel I should file a TDR and mention the reason as "More than 3 hours delay" and I would get a full refund of the ticket amount. I did the same and it was difficult for us since there were no other trains that night and we had to again pay for hotel accommodation for another 2 days to get a confirmed ticket on the Rajadhani train, for which we also had to pay more since they were not issuing ticket till Mangalore and we had to pay up to Ernakulam.

I was surprised when my TDR was rejected inspite of a delay beyond 3 hours. I had even gone through the refund rules before filing for TDR. I dont understand the below mail which says "The Actual Departure Date/Time at Source is '28-01-2017 08:27' and TDR filing Date/Time is '27-02-2017' 17:36. Kindly re-check my PNR no. I have not made any booking for 28th January which I would file TDR on 27th February. Please see snapshot of my booking details, it clearly shows the ticket was booked on 24th January 2017 and journey date was 27th February 2017. Moreover I filed for the TDR hours before the train even reached the station (Madgaon) of my departure.

I request you to kindly look into my case again and process my refund at the earliest.

Awaiting your response.
Mar 13, 2017

No water facility in Retiring Room at coimbatore Railway station

Sub: Poor service on Retiring rooms in Coimbatore Railway station refund of booking amount

REF: Retiring Room Booking ID -CBERR732073 dated 12/03/3017 ( AC Double Bed room) paid Rs 673/- for 12 hrs at Coimbatore Railway station

Dear Sir/Madam

With regard to the above reference details I have booked one Retiring AC Double Bed Room on 12/03/32017 vide Booking ref Id No CBERR732073 for Rs 673/-. In Coimbatore Rail way station. When arrived at 5 am morning to check in at rooms. After waiting long hrs ( ie. After 8 am) they allotted one room. But to our surprise non of the rooms not received water in the rest rooms (for toilet and bathing).
When enquired the Baron office room for the water facilities they say some problem in overhead tank and will be sorted out in 10 minutes. But when ever enquired after waiting, same answer were told and water problem not resolved . They keep on saying work is going on and wait for 10 minutes. We booked the room and came for some important purpose and with these for irresponsible attitude keep us frustrated us and unable to do anything but waiting as we have paid the room amount online. So no refund will be issued.
So with unable to resolve the issue by your team members and keep waiting the customers in bay with there unability to resolve the issue and we were forced to vacate the room in search of other rooms in hotel outside by paying hefty amount.
Raillways are known for these kind of problems in trains. But when passengers availed some facilities by the railways these facilities allotted should be maintained properly in order to receive more passengers to use it. But poor maintenance keeps us give bad reputation on railways.
So with the above complaint sir I request you to kindly refund the paid amount as we have not utilized the room because for poor facilities ( Water problem).
Hope you understand our problem and sort the issue by refund the book amount.
Thanks and regards
Rajendra kumar
Booking ID No CBERR732073
Sabarish S
Mar 12, 2017

No drinking water bottles in erode station

I am travelling in Mysore turicorin train towards bangalore
My Pnr is 4541857600
My name is Sabarish S
There is no drinking water in any of the stalls in platform 3
They are saying no water provided to us
But they sell all food and cooldrinks
So we have to eat and drink cooldrinks instead of water
Water is the basic need for any passenger
If there is no water they should not sell other eatables
Because we need water after drinking any food
I got food and to digest that I had cooldrinks to digest that
The shop number is SA smu 04
Another shop licences to ma surya Agro food
And and other shops as well
This is not fair
If you are making any arrangements for the upcoming passengers
It would be great
If govt is not able to supply water bottles to stalls in railway station
Please don't run the stalls
Close it
It's highly dangerous to eat without water
Feb 23, 2017

Train delay

Hi sir

I regularly travel in Madurai to punlur passenger (56700) train will reach up to nagercoil correct time after that it is taking long time to reach trivanduram unwanted crossing, stopping train outer the station even though platform is free. This is affecting all the passenger who traveling in train. Are the railway is leaving train for passengers use ? ..

Jan 27, 2017

Pantry employees not taking INR 10 coins

I am travelling in kovai express pnr#4128078190, on the way to erode.

I try to buy snacks from food serving railway employee, but he refuses to take inr 10 coins from me.
He and the whole pantry was informed not to get the inr 10 coins, because publics are not ready to get it from them.

This is indirectly protest against Indian currency and democracy!!
Asim Pandey
Jan 19, 2017

Ticket has not confirm for cancer patiant but I have summited all document

I have booked 3 ticket in 3rd AC coach. 1 is cancer patient. when I booking ticket booking cleark said us 1 ticket will sure confirm becoz u have cancer paitaint I submitted all medical document but till now ticket has not confirm. How can we journy without reservation we have to journy vry long distance. we are standing inside bathroom. If I know ticket will not confirm then we maked ganeral sleeper coach my Pnr is 4127769809
sashank mallya
Nov 12, 2016

Loss of a vehicle at Railway parking lot

Respected Minister,
I use the local (MRTS) to my college and park my bicycle at the parking lot provided by the Kodambakkam Station ,Chennai.
Many commuters use the mass transport for convenience and to reduce traffic/pollution on roads. But if the parking space is unmanned for more than 25 days and not barricaded, still in good faith the commuters leave their vehicles.
I have lost my bicycle which was a prized possession gifted by my father when i was 12 years ,WHICH IS STOLEN NOW.
The reply i get from the kodambakkam station master and the police is "Why did you leave your bicycle when it was unmanned ".
My question is
1. Why does it take more than 20days to confirm the bid for the tender for the parking lot?(The tender has expired on 14th October, 2016)?
2.Where else can commuters (especially students) leave their vehicles ?On the roads ? Then the police would pick up for wrong parking.?
3.Should all of us stop using mass transport systems and start polluting and causing traffic jams in the city?
4.The parking space is the property of the railways.If it is not manned or protected it could also become the hub of illegal activities.
I request you to look into the matter and consider for an adequate compensation for the most prized possession of mine.

Sashank Mallya
B.Tech 2nd year student of SRM,Ktr
Nov 12, 2016

Thurantho train service bound from Chennai to Trivandrum and food supply Not satisfactory to passengers

Sub: Thurantho train service bound from Chennai to Trivandrum and food supply
Not satisfactory to passengers
Out of my travel experience and clean observation the following points are brought to notice for immediate action.
1. Why ticket fare includes veg or non veg food also? The train has no stopping for food or sufficient time in stations for purchase. The total AC coaches in which senior citizens and very urgent and busy people depend to travel However, the semi cooked food items and other items not advisable for night rail journey are supplied which has been rejected and considering the facts it should be do away with.
2. The tea coffee is not ready in flask for supply. With the supply of hot water with items supplied we have to prepare which is not delicious and passengers are reluctant to take. (without scissors and needy sugar and milk) The sauce , maida savouries items supplied are not advisable to senior citizens. The dinner items loaded from the starting point were taken in plates and supplied are 2/3 rd. rejected by passengers which is due to non-appreciable and majority of them are wasting.
3. The important one is; the intermediate stop passengers like erodeJn.. Etc. in which passengers who reserved for journey were supplied with one bottle of water alone. The passengers ticket includes food also which was not served saying that it is from the starting point passengers only covered and calculated. It lead to quarrel and they managers has no valid answer . It is wrong. also.
4. The attendants like, a.c. mechanic, food suppliers, and at night supply of sleeping materials suppliers, TTE are there. But reluctant to do job saying some helplessness etc. (eg. The exit doors, in which there will be a weld mesh in the bottom. If you see, you can see how much dirt and cobweb are? It was not happened on one day. Several months in which it was kept uncared, we can analyse and reported also. In toilets, the tissue paper stand , and shabby look are still continuing without any attention. The water leakage , or just sound producing flesh etc. are still moving without any proper care on both terminus stations.
5. Railway is a big network and caring each and every point is not practicable is not acceptabale to passengers. Because, all the jobs were outsourced, and they were well remunerated, and railway mantra lay skip from complaints. It is not to do so.
6. Good behaviour, good impression etc. are expected, which is not fulfilling one.
7. Sometimes, the TTE, is making money by speaking Railway Act, and not way side vendors etc. and keep mum by taking bribes. It is also happening in running trains. The vacant seat in which seat allotted without giving proper receipts is also seen.
The Item No. 3 is to be considered. Otherwise, the food supply may be stopped by providing some other means to stop the train at appropriate stations in order to facilitate the passengers. The tea coffee ready made is to be entertained other than English style.

The above facts are brought to notice for strict compliance and immediate action. The letter may be taken in good spirit and action is solicited. A team may be engaged to review the complaints from two destinations without identification and prior information for knowledge.
Thanking you,

T.C. 40/301, SPASRA N. 51
A Sanjay
Oct 1, 2016


Dear Sir/Madam

I am in Perambur. I am working in Ambatur. I have to go office by train. From home to station I go by bike. I am Parking my bike in Perambur South stand for Six months. I have put Monthly Pass for Six months. Now I asked for October Pass But he told that Perambur South Parking stand is going to close by 3rd of OCTOBER. How can I leave my bike. It is not safe for my Bike. My bike can be steal who is responsible for that. Already Jeeva Parking Stand also closed. It is very hard to Park my bike. It is not affecting me only. It is affecting 400 (approximately) passengers. Please take severe action soon. It is my request.

Thanking You
A. Sanjay
Sep 2, 2016

EMU Trains running very late between MAS/MSB and AJJ

Dear Sir/Madam,

EMU's always running late between Chennai Central/Chennai Beach and Arakkonam route. Not even a single train is reaching destination on time. Even though trains departure punctually, running time is very slow. For example running time between Chennai Central and Thiruvallur is maximum 70 minutes but its taking hardly 90 to 100 minutes.

Strange thing is Fast trains also facing same problem, it reaches Thiruvallur by 60 to 70 minutes from Chennai Central. Passengers face nightmare every day.

Train No:43222 (MAS Fast) plies to Chennai Central from Thiruvallur always departs late by 10 to 25 minutes at Thiruvallur.

Officials are requested to take action to have smoother and faster operations of EMU's, because people travel in these trains are going to their Jobs which delays and directly impacting time management and gives room for consequences.

Thanks in advance.
Sep 1, 2016

Late arrival

Dear Sir,

I am Kathir i am regularly traveling from Tiruttani to Chennai Central to Tiruttani. I am daily traveling the train No:43515 @ 7.Pm from Chennai Central to Tiruttani, Actual time to reach at TRT @ 21.20 but daily reach at 22.00 to 22.30 hrs. After 22.00 local buses not available, all the people have suffer.

Kindly take action and ensure on time to reach the train.

Thanks & Regards,
E Kadirvel
Aug 27, 2016

shouting Bhajans inside the train while traveling

A group of white skinned passengers taking seats in the 8.30 bound train at Tambaram at the end of the 3rd compartment After the train starts they starting Bhajans with a louder noise daily. Many passengers looking with iritated face . If the passengers asked them to reduce the volume then they raise the volume of the Bhajans. And though violating the railway rules they try to knock the co passengers who is asking to reduce the volume. they are telling if it is so then go to another compartment. they are doing this in a aggressive manner inthe name of devotional songs.this happens daily upto Chennai,Egmore. If students doing this what will they call it. Arogant and rouge. this is also nothing short of it. One day a RPF jawan came and compromised and handled the situation.
They are challenging the Law and Order through their activty

The train is for traveling purpose only and is not for taking Bhajans. Maintaining peace environment is the duty of everybody if it is not so it will lead to and spread the communal satisfaction.
Hence I humbly request you understand the seriousness of the situation and to take necessary steps to stop the Bhajans inside the travelling Train and ensure a peaceful environment.

Thanking you.
Jul 31, 2016

Learn to maintain good behavior with Passenger's

Dear Sir,

Chennai Egmore is one of the main railway terminus, 5 ticket counters 3 opened and 2 blocked. They are closing the counter without giving proper information to passengers. While passengers standing in queue, the railway staff in ticket counter suddenly closes the counter with a board and leave his place, then the passengers in queue what they do? The passengers getting angry due to the behavior of responsible railway staff, one of the passenger asked to the staff Why you closed the counter? He replied as "Printer not working". Is this is the proper reason for a main railway terminus, don't you have a external printer, don't you have a system hardware support. Railway government always care about Reserved and AC compartment passengers only, If a train has 4 general compartments, is this enough to travel. And you reserving for Postal Department, Police Department and Military in the unreserved compartments. No proper water supply. If a water problem happens in reserved compartments you cares them without getting any complaint from reserved passengers. Then how could the unreserved passengers will travel. What is linked trains? Trains with different designation will connected as a single engine train for a particular junction. If this is possible then Why can't you add extra unreserved compartments. Please take care of unreserved passengers, they too paying ticket fare.

* Provide a digital passenger information for the passengers for each counters queue.
* Provide good water supply.
* Provide us extra unreserved compartments.
* Provide special compartments for Postal, Police and Military department, Please do not allow in unreserved compartments.
* Provide a complaint box in each stations even as suburban railway stations too.
* Make Passengers to feel proud of railway government.

For more experience about unreserved passengers, kindly travel a long trip in unreserved compartment it may teach a lot.
Jul 26, 2016

phone not working in office

the following phone numbers of this office is not working kindly attend at the earliest
22267239, 22266861 and 22263947
Jul 25, 2016


Dear Sir,

I would like to bring to your notice that atleast 30% of the car parking area allotted to the public in Palakkad station is being occupied by the Auto Rickshaws and thus the car owners are not able to park their car in the car parking area.

Since the Autos are parked, the space for car parking is not sufficient. These Autos are to be parked near prepaid auto stand which they have not being doing from a very long time.May be the contractor/vendor would have had special arrangement with the Autos by taking more money or so.

By parking these autos here in the car parking area they try to exploit the passengers by taking more money for the area to be dropped. Also the autos parked inside the car parking are not taking the passengers who are to go by the prepaid auto system. This can be checked by your Railway officers.

I also wish to mention that the RPF inspector’s office is just next to the car parking area
If an RPF officer makes a visit and controls the contractor not to keep any autos in the car parking area, it will certainly be beneficial for the car owners

Simultaneously the auto parked inside the car parking area should be asked to take the passengers required for pre-paid autos.
Hope you will take necessary action to sort out this problem which will benefit both car owners and pre-paid auto passengers

With regard,
(Passenger regularly travelling on Saturdays and Sundays from Palakkad station)
Jul 9, 2016

y crossing placed

Dear sir,

I think 10 minutes to go to Vrudhachalam junction, but train stopped 10.45 pm at thazhanallur, still no train crossed, then y 11044 train putting crossing here, I want know the reason, waste of my time,
Jul 7, 2016

Regular delay of mangalore exp train 12685

I am a frequent traveller by Mangalore Express train 12685. None of the days it has reached mangalore on time. This is happening for the lasttwo years. Upto Kasaragod there is no issue and most of the time, it will be well ahead schedule. But afterwards only the problem. The train is supposed to reach by 9.05 am. But it will reach only after a minimum delay of 15 mts or most of the times 30 mts delay. Many times I have raised this issue. But there is no response neither any improvement.

I request your goodselves to intervene and take necessary steps to resolve this issue by conducting surprise checks / discreet enquiries to find out the truth, because I am sure that at no point of time no record will affect about the delayed running of the train on regular basis.

May 5, 2016


I am selected as junior engineer in electrical trs department my document verification completed on 28 /12 /2015 but I didn't got any updates from southern railways please look into this sir
My roll number 18016061000250
Employment no: cen no: 01/2015
Mar 2, 2016

railway police missbehave

Sir, today morning me and my sister go to Kottayam railway station ,my scooter parking in a no parking area but there is no no parking board, one rpf officer come and take my helmet to the rpf office. I go to rpf office and i ask a officer what reason u take my helmet, he asked your vehicle in a no parking area, i said there is no no parking board that's why i park my vehicle in that area, suddenly rpf officer shouted to me and misbehave and dirty words and he told me you are arrested and go to kollam railway court and pay fine in court.sir no parking case in what purpose he arrest me.
krishna _kumar
Feb 10, 2016


Dear honorable minister sir,

First let me introduce myself, am Krishna Kumar v g .iam an NRI living in Dubai for last six months working as an accountant here.for the last week I got an letter from southern railway recruitment board, which regarding I had an exam verification and medical test for the same exam I wrote in 2013 on 3/2/2016.one’s I got this letter am so happy .because it’s my dream to work with Indian railway and in my country.
On the next day I applied for the emergency leave in my current company in which is very difficult for me to get leave because am a new joinee here.at last for the struggle I got only three days emergency leave. And I went to Chennai for the verification.at the time of income verification I submited income certificate. But unfortunately my income is different from the certificate which I already submitted on the exam time.before 2 year ,I have no job,now am an nri.how the income will be same sir?? so surely my income will change right ?sir ,I hope you read this letter and please kindly do the needful for me..
It’s my last hope sir.

My exam roll no :- 4304002777
EMPLOYMENT NOTICE NO : 02/2013 DATED 21.09.2013
Jan 26, 2016

delay emu train from Chennai central to delay in emu

I am regular commuter of emu train from ponneri to Chennai vice versa. I boarded at 9.15 P.m.train from Chennai central to gummidipundi. That train reached ponneri at about 11.15 P.m with delay of 1.00hours. This is a great achievement in running a train 2hours at the distance of 35km in independance day. Not only today this is rutione one in my experience of 20years.
Jan 26, 2016

delay emu train from Chennai central to delay in emu

I am regular commuter of emu train from ponneri to Chennai vice versa. I boarded at 9.15 P.m.train from Chennai central to gummidipundi. That train reached ponneri at about 11.15 P.m with delay of 1.00hours. This is a great achievement in running a train 2hours at the distance of 35km in indepence day. Not only today this is rutione one in my experience of 20years.
cherly anto frezina
Jan 17, 2016

Constant late arrival of 16106 (Chendur Express)

I board the Chendur Express (10106) every Monday at Madurai. Unfortunately, the train is ALWAYS 1 to 2 hours late. The time shown in the time table is fake and the expected arrival time of the train as per as the southern railways website is also always wrong. Trusting them, I am compelled to wait in the railways station for so long.

The train always arrives at Tirupparankundram on time. But, for some unforeseen reason, the train in ALWAYS made to wait there for a long time (Meanwhile letting all other trains incl. Banglore city express to cross Madurai). This is total injustice. Why cant you make Chendur Express (which arrives early at Tirupparankundram) to cross Madurai before the trains which come late.

In case there is some practical problems associated with this, why cant you change the time in the time table and declare that Chendur will arrive only at 1AM or so. I'm tired of anticipating and arriving at the railways station at 11.30PM to wait for another 1 to 1 and a half hours until it comes.

Either make the train to come on time or change the timing.

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