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SP office ,Varanasi

Uttar Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about SP office ,Varanasi

Apr 11, 2019

non payment of vehicle

sir three tata magic of modern public school jhabra mob-9451093677 was used in the last up assembly election 2017 for three consecutive days .no payment has been received till today 11-04-2019 .sir let me know how payment can be received .
Feb 15, 2019

Police verification is pending at sp office

The Officer,
SP Office, Varanasi, UP.

My name is shweta agrawal and have applied for the Passport on 15th january , 2019 and File Number is LK4063272361219
My police verification was done on 29th january 2019 and police of ramnagar thana is saying that they have submitted my report but today is 25th january , 2019 and i got message from passport office that my police verification is pending at sp office, district varanasi.

Kindly submit my police verification report to passport office it has been almost one month.

Shweta agrawal
Ramnagar varanasi.
File no. LK4063272361219
Nov 7, 2018

Bursting crackers till 2pm in Gautam garden colony

Dear sir,

It’s a humble request to please advice people in Gautam garden colony for not bursting crackers after 10pm.

It is creating huge noise pollution and affecting the sick, old, newly borns and pets.
People needs to be civilised and take care of sorrounding.

Looking forward to your support.

Tulika singh
Prabha Ojha
Nov 6, 2018

Some goons are trying to take over mt property forcefully and are threatening me and my family

सेवा में, माननीय मुख्यमंत्री जी, उ० प्र० शासन। विषयः "मेरे घर को कुछ अराजक तत्वों द्वारा कब्जा करने के सन्दर्भ में।" मैं प्रभा उपाध्याय बी 29/3बी अस्सी लंका की भवन स्वामिनी हूं। पूर्व में किरायेदार रह चुकी आरती नाम की महिला "डेनियल पार्लर ब्यूटी जोन " के नाम पर असामाजिक कार्य करने वाली महिला है। आरती का पति नवीन सिंह ,और रिश्तेदार - सुधाकर राय , तरूण सिंह, प्रेमशंकर सिंह और अन्य लगभग 7 की संख्या में अराजक तत्व जिनका नाम संज्ञान में नहीं है। ये सभी लोग मेरे भवन पर कब्जा करना चाहते हैं। और आये दिन मुझे और मेरे बच्चों को मारने की धमकी देते हैं। रारस्ते में रोक कर भी मेरे साथ अभद्र व्यवहार किया जाता है। मेरी अनुपस्थिति में दिनांक 04/11/2018 समय अपराह्न लगभग 12:50 पर इन सभी लोगों द्वारा मेरे कमरे का ताला तोड़ कर बिद्युत कनेक्शन एवं पानी की टंकी को क्षतिग्रस्त कर दिया गया।और भवन के देख रेख के लिये मेरे द्वारा डा० बी०एन० सिंह जी को भवन में एक कमरा रहने के लिये दिया गया है। दिनांक 04/11/2018 को समय लगभग अपराहन् 1 बजे मार पीट कर घायल कर दिया गया और उनको वहां से हट जाने को कहते हुये जान से मारने की धमकी दी गयी। सुधाकर राय द्वारा कहा गया कि "मैं चार महिने जेल में रह कर आया हूं। हत्या करते मुझे देर नहीं लगेगी । सभी थाने वाले मेरे परिचित हैं। मेरा कोई कुछ बिगाड़ नहीं सकता।" मैं इस घटना से अत्यन्त ही भयभीत एवं सहमी हुई हूं। मेरे द्वारा सहायता हेतु 100 नं पर सम्पर्क किया गया।पुलिस आयी और हम सभी थाने भी गये लेकिन समस्या का समाधान नहीं हुआ। नवीन, सुधाकर तरूण, प्रेम शंकर सिंह द्वारा निम्न मो नंबरों तथा अन्य मो. नंबरों से धमकियां भी दी जाती हैं-- 9336653956, 7499027062, 7309455556, 8924909070, 9598685115, 7348055313, 7007666626, 7309000066 श्रीमान जी से करबद्ध निवेदन है कि मेरी मेरे बच्चों की और मेरे घर की इन अपराधियों से सुरक्षा करायी जाय मैं भय एवं आतंक के वातावरण में जी रही हूं।इन अपराधियों की गिरफ्तारी कर उचित दण्ड देते हुये मेरी समस्या का समाधान किया जाय।

- प्रार्थिनी प्रभा उपाध्याय मकान नं - बी 29/3बी अस्सी लंका , - वाराणसी ,उ०प्र०।
Dec 10, 2017

noice pollution in samneghat after 10pm by bursting cracker and terrible sound systems

Respected sir,
it is my painful duty to inform you that there are some antisocial elements in samneghat who bursted crackers and used sound system in such an intensity that people dwelling in this area are not able to sleep. it seemed as if there is no law and order in this part. A police outpost near trauma centre although present but none of the police personel took any step. As it is Prime Ministers constituency, it is pathetic to see such kinds of activities. it is my humble request that the marriage halls and also the public should be warned using crackers and sound system after 10 pm. to make the city a good cultured city.

We hope to get from tomorrow a well cultured and good mannered and disciplined samneghat...

Thanking you.
krishn adhar
Oct 11, 2017

unauthorised grabbing of residential land by the goon.

A pc. of residential land purchased 17 years back by our father late shree v.n. tiwari under thana lanka,locality-shiva jee nagar from legitimate owners, duly done Dakhil Kharij,is now being claimed by a distant relation(A il Rajhar) of the seller this has embarrassed us all.we went to local p.s.,but the police, in the name of enquiry,is delaying the matter for nothing.we r a family of doctors and not able to face this goonda.please instruct the concerned police thana to decide soon in our favour tat is lawful and justified.we ,the three brothers r in trouble.u r requested to do the needful at the earliest.thanks.
Dr.Aurobind Tibari& brothers
Nagavan,near Rahul Guest House,
samendra singh
Aug 21, 2017

misbehave and abused on public place

Dear Sir,
Myself Samendra Singh. I have written complain against "Ram Janam Yadav" chauki Incharge of pandeypur police chauki.
I worked in home credit india finance pvt. ltd. as a distric sales manager i have audit in pos dolfin communication in pandeypur chauraha. When i was park my bike in front of shop. While i enter in shop then chauki inchrg (Ram Janam Yadav) checking in area then they will be stand beside my bike and asked who's bike and i will called his that is my bike and also i will give him respect on his call and went near my bike then i will nows what is matter and they did not say anything and directly abusing me and cut my challan my challan no is "1718" and bike no is "UP65BS4859". The time was 5'o clock and date 21/08/2017.

Your Faithfully
Samendra Singh
Con No:- 7800136789
Email id:- [email protected]
Aug 6, 2017

Auto driver run away with my packed sack of clothes near varanasi roadways bus stop

My name is jitendra pratap singh, this is incident of 5th August 2017, I had to parcel and send clothes and grains of myself my kids and my wife to Bangalore via train as we were relocating. I booked an auto from my residence at sudhipur , shivpur , varanasi. For varanasi junction. I onloaded my parcel and made my relative (my relative lives in mumbai and came home to see us) sit in the auto, and asked auto driver to reach station. I went with bike because I had to parcel bike too. Auto took some way to reach station, near bhoujubeer auto driver told my relative that he won't be able to go as he has to go for some urgent work, and told my relative to take other auto. Driver shifted my belonging to other auto. The second auto driver took my relative till Mansarover hotel near roadways and said he won't be able to go inside premises of railway station as 'U' turn is far away. My relative requested him. My relative had neither keept money nor mobile except of few change. He then then requested him to take back to home again to which driver did not agree. My relative said fine let me make few calls and requested to take near booth. Booth was nearby, so he went there, and in the meanwhile auto driver ran away with my belongings. He searched the auto but could not find. He anyhow came back home, my father informed me about incident, I looked out for driver every where asked people nearby if they saw such driver but, no one knew any thing. It was almost 4PM and I had flight for bangalore. I could not file complain, but I was shocked by incident, my family was upset. Belongings cost me approx INR 30,000 and I won't be able to buy so many clothes so soon again. My mobile number 9880390700, mail I'd [email protected]
Aug 5, 2017

my passport is under review in SP Office

Sir, from 7 days my passport is under review in SP office Varanasi. Police verification is already done. My file no.LK4061245140417. my police thana is Ramnagar and pin code is 221008. soo i kindly requested to you please forward my File.
Jun 3, 2017

mere mohale me choriya bahut hoti hai

Feb 20, 2017

Police Verification yet not received at Passport office

The Officer,
SP Office, Varanasi, UP.

I have applied for the passport at Varanasi on 27th Jan 2017. My file no. is LK4060651418217. I have got police verification at my Thana : Badagaon, Varanasi on 6th Feb 2017. The recommendations from Badagaon Thana have been sent to SP office, Varanasi for the review. Now I am getting the message from "Passport Seva Kendra" 16th Feb 2017 that Police Report not yet finalized by SP Office, Varanasi, therefore, I must contact to it to expedite the process. I went SP office Varanasi also, they said report is fine they will forward it soon but from last 10 days it is pending with SP office. I have urgent commitments with my passport , and I can not afford this unusual delay.

In the view of this message from "Passport Seva Kendra" about the delay in review process, I request with S.P. Office, Varanasi to kindly expedite the process of review and send the relevant data to "Passport Office" at your earliest.

Best Regards,

Naveen Kumar Singh
atulya chaturvedi
May 13, 2016

track my htc desire 820 g+

on 4th may my htc desire 820g+ stolen from panchkrosi mandi .please sir try to track it anyway using emi no.358667060455304,emi no.358667060497303
Apr 12, 2016

Kindly Expedite the Review of Police Verification on my Passport Renewal

The Officer,
SP Office, Varanasi, UP.

Myself, Dr. Abhishek Kumar Srivastava, is a faculty at IIT (BHU). I have applied for the passport renewal at Varanasi on 30th March 2016. My file no. is LK4079772292016. I have got police verification at my Thana : LANKA, Varanasi on 2 April 2016. The recommendations from LANKA Thana have been sent to SP office, Varanasi for the review. Now I am getting the message from "Passport Seva Kendra" 11 April 2016 that Police Report not yet finalized by SP Office, Varanasi, therefore, I must contact to it to expedite the process. I have urgent commitments with my passport , and I can not afford this unusual delay.

In the view of this message from "Passport Seva Kendra" about the delay in review process, I request with S.P. Office, Varanasi to kindly expedite the process of review and send the relevant data to "Passport Office" at your earliest. I also request Passport Seva Kendra, Mahmoorganj, Varanasi to kindly note this delay, and take some action to complete the processes related to my file.

Best Regards,

A.K. Srivastava
Neha(LOVELY) Pandey
May 21, 2014

Police Verification yet not received at Passport office


I have applied the Pasport on 07/May/2014 and File Number is LK4067753715614 and DOB is 13/07/1987.
First of all ,My Police verification has been dispatched to My local Thana- Chaubeyper,Varanasi on 08/May/2014.and I got the call from the Sipahi on 14/May/2014.After that My Police verification has been done on 15/May/2014 and its been dispatched one day after verification and today is 21/05/2014,till this date Passport office didn't receive the letter from police verification So my question is that if we are applying in Taatkal seva and paying extra money to get the Passport ASAP and we are not getting it on time.So whats the mean of applying it in taatkal.I don't know where is the hell my file got stuck,but i would request to Passport office,Please take a proper follow up from the Police Verifier,so that they can take it seriously.

Request you ,if anybody can help me in this,I would really appreciate.


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