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Consumer complaints and reviews about Spicejet

Dec 23, 2017

Spicejet messed up my flying schedule!


I have an existing booking for a round trip which I booked through makeytrip. I took the flight from Calicut to Dubai on the 25th of October 2017. The return flight from Dubai to Calicut was scheduled for the 22nd of January 2018. I needed to advance my return travel to the 26th of December 2017 and so called up Spicejet customer care with the help of a makemytrip customer care executive.

However, it took more than 24 hours to get makemytrips help to resolve the issue and then I get a mail from makemytrip saying that my request was resolved on time - in 0 seconds apparently hahaha. Please, say the truth people. Why send emails with lies! You say that if you delay, you'll pay. Have you ever really stood by this word?

Anyway, when Spicejet finally responded, they rescheduled the return booking to the correct date, but booked the ticket from Calicut to Dubai again instead of Dubai to Calicut!!!!! Why in heaven's name would anyone do that, I'll never know.

People spend time, money, and effort into these bookings. Please take us seriously!
Dec 17, 2017

wrongly charged for excess baggage

Hi Team
This is a complaint about Spice Jet charging for extra baggage. I was travelling from Mumbai to New Delhi on 07-Dec'2017 in Spice Jet flight SG 154 and my PNR is respectively ZEVFJK . Spice Jet counter person didn't allowed me to take the cabin baggage along with my laptop bag,which i have been regularly carrying during all my travels and no one has ever asked to pay extra baggage amount as it is under permissible limit, inspite of my request that i should be allowed to carry the baggage with me . One bag i already gave as checkin bag . She measured the bags i was carrying for checkin baggage as 7 Kg (small bag without strolley) and laptop bag which all other passengers were also carrying along with them , but i was charged for carrying excess baggage,due to short of time i just paid at that moment and rushed towards the security check . Amount paid by me was Rs 2400/-(attached is the receipt for reference).

What I feel is that these charges are taken wrongly. My complaint is that she can't be selective in taking weights and these charges are fraudulent. Attached is the image of other passenger who was also entering the flight with 2 bags i.e. a laptop bag + cabin bag and lot many other passengers were also carrying 2 bags in the flight but i could only capture a image of passenger who was infront of me. Please help in recovering this amount

If you have any doubts then i would request you to go thru the CCTV footage of all the passengers who were travelling from same flight on 7th -Dec-2017 and will easily figure out how many passengers were travelling with more than one bag in same flight and for which they were not even charged

Sorry i am travelling in such a non cooperative airlines and I decided not to travel in next time .
Thank you very much for your non cooperative systems that to many times, you have delayed the flights and we cooperated and also we missed our appointments.


Sumit Chhabra(sumitybx@gmail.com)
Ph. 8800093029
Smita Hande
Jun 5, 2017

Bad service

recently on 10th May 2017 we booked 4 tickets for mumbai to cochin flight (SG153 morning 9am) online booking from the spicejet website. While booking for flight SG153 the seats which were offered to us was showing the window seats but we didn't get window seat as 11a,b,c,d seat numbers were allocated for us. Our kids were very upset. After enquiry we got the answer that system is showing window seat to 11A seat.

While coming back on 16th May from cochin to mumbai by SG154 7pm flight we booked spicemax, where we paid extra 4000 for the service, no where any priority was given to us. No extra leg space was available.The meal we booked was 1 veg and 3 nonveg meal. But we got only 1 nonveg meal all other were just noodles. Inspite of requesting to change the noodles to meals we didn't get replacement. we got the answer as only noodles are left if you don't accept this then this may get over. Paying 4000 Rs. for the noodles was not worth.
In the same return journey our bag got damaged though we had spicemax booking.

Please refund the 4000 Rs. paid by us on your spicemax service.

Please look into matter and do the needful.
Raj Kumar Gandhi
Nov 5, 2016

Safety Norms

Dear Madam / Sir,

Below is the copy paste from my FB page where I've posted this concern. I would request a quick response on rajgandhi10@gmail.com OR also may call on 09819470662.

SPICE JET MENACE......!!!!!!

Dear Friends. Let me warn you and you spread this news to all your nears and dears for safety.

Refer attached pics. I've travelled today from Delhi to Mumbai and at the boarding pass counter was offered PRIORITY seat at the cost of 1000/- saying meal complimentary , large leg space bla bla...which was accepted by me.

However after boarding:

1. Hardly a large leg space.
2. No meal defined. One has to decide that too one snack and one beverage.
3. Most important was when headed to use front washroom as seat was 1-C just two step ahead but was told by cabin crew that wash room is non ops due to SMOKE DETECTOR not working.
4. Before alighting at Mumbai wanted to meet Captain Mr. Chatterjee but by cabin supervisor Ms. Jagjeet was told that he is busy. (Names may be not fully correct)

Finally being a priority flier have to use rear end wash room. Not a big deal but I would like to ask SPICE JET as to share the check list publicly which is to be fulfilled before taking off, and to warn my nears and dears to know that this OPERATOR can fly even without complying safety norms.


Safety Norms Safety Norms Safety Norms

Sabia Aftab Barkat
Jun 9, 2016

Baggage Missing

I travelled to Mumbai on 31st May from Dubai via Spicejet (SG 014 Seat 15F) , unfortunately Spicejet forgot or purposely didn't load my baggage from Dubai. I had an ongoing flight to Patna hence without much argument or questioning I filled the required documents as I didn't wanted to miss my ongoing flight, and they said the luggage will be sent to Patna the very next day.

As expected there was no sign of my baggage for next 2 days, when I called on the 3rd day they said it will come tomorrow, to my surprise same day evening I get a call stating that they are outside my Bandra (Mumbai) house and waiting me to open the door of a house where no one is there. I had clearly mentioned that I am in Patna and would want the baggage there, and as usual the guy who came to deliver the luggage had no idea about that, fortunately I called up my neighbour who was luckily at home and picked it up on my behalf.

I am amazed that inspite of failing customer service, poor co-ordination and lack of interest in customer satisfaction Spicejet expects us to travel with them again. There was no sort of compensation, apology or any kind of gesture of being sorry for the mishap that happened.

Well if that's how you are as andsnn airline selfless and least bothered about your passengers, in that case you have lost me for sure and will soon lose a lot of them.

Thanks for reading this atleast if you have.

Sabia Syed

Baggage Missing Baggage Missing

Mar 2, 2016


319, Udyog Vihar,
Phase IV,
Gurgaon - 122016


Feb 6, 2016

Not refunding 4777 rs after cancellation of 1950 rs on spicejet website since it was issue on website

Date of incident - 26th jan 2016
I have already called mutilple times on support number (09871803333) from my registered mobile and no body is providing required information . I have already sent screenshot evidence where it is showing that 1950 rs deducted and 4777 rs is refund amount .4777 rs is being credited in credit shell. I have booked Spicejet air ticket for flight SG703 from Varanasi to Mumbai for 27th jan 2016 on 25th Jan 2016 . 6727 rs has been dedcuted from my credit card account.
I have cancelled this (PNR (U5SKJS ))ticket on 26th Jan 2016 near about 2 pm . There was issue on spicejet website .If there is any issue on website, then why it should (customer) suffer ?In technical terms, I have asked them to check with spicejet backend technical team whether I have cancelled tickets . They can check logs & IP's .
In screenshot, it is clearly showing that 1950 Rs is cancelled/chnage amount and 4777 rs is refund amount and this amount is being credited (4777 Rs) . . How will i get credit shell information or refund amount information without cancelling ticket?

This is the problem of spicejet website where my cancellation is not updated in central system. I have also asked to share logs where cancellation is not completed by me .

Thanks & Regards,
Sateesh Singh

Not refunding 4777 rs after cancellation of 1950 rs on spicejet website since it was issue on website

Sushma Holamagi
Feb 4, 2016

Damaged luggage

My first exp with Spicejet was very very bad. On my return from Bangalore to Mumbai PNR O4RZ6S ..i got my luggage completely damaged, someone had used blade to cut it in intension to steal something. There was no handle, second handle was broken, front and back side was completely torn. This is the safety for a girl in Spicejet and service you give. Also after raising complaint there was no investigation and action taken. I was been told that i will be paid only half of the amount of the bag and bare the rest loss where as it was your mistake. Being a girl at night i get my luggage checked by someone in Spicejet, tear, and in bad condition and i took pain to carry it back home and it’s unacceptable to bare the loss for a new bag. I really need justification on the same. And need an action on the same. Still there is no action taken even after raising complaint. I need to know on how safe it's for girls to opt for such Airlines for travel. Need an action on the same.
Dec 6, 2015

URGENT: ​compensation of 50,000


Issue is that you have cancelled the flight
​ (PNR: K7SUFJ)​ in a last moment.

I don't have any other option to travel to Mumbai & I have paid 50,000 to travel
​agent for my travel to Mumbai on 8th Dec. as it’s urgent & very important.

If you are unable to provide service then why you have taken bookings.

You should stop business if you are not able to manage it.

I want compensation of Rs. 50,000 within 5 working days.

Consider this as a formal notice.

Next step will be legal notice followed by
​​High court petition​ in case compensation ​not provided within 5 working days.​

Kind regards,
Vishal Kaser
Mumbai, India
Mobile -8452940074/9967650075
email - kaservishal@gmail.com
Nov 19, 2015

Left over Original Driving License on Boarding Pass issuing Counter


Myself Damaji Kashiram Mhavalankar, travelled by Spice Jet Flight No - SG-160 en-route Mumbai to Delhi on 17th Nov-15 morning departure 6.05. While I produced Original Driving License at the counter issuing Boarding Pass, I forgot to collect the same.

Seek your kind assistance in getting my Original Driving License at following address or call me and advise further collection of the same.

Mr Damaji Kashiram Mhavalankar
Allanasons Ltd., Allana House, ARJ Allana House, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 4000 001.
Mobile no - 99301 52276, Land Line - 022 - 6656 9000, 6656 9124

Scan Copy of Licence attached for your ready reference
Apr 6, 2015

Refund of cancelled flight not received

Flight 817 and 819 from Mumbai to Kolkata and back was cancelled by spice jet. The booking was done via makemytrip agent. The flight was of dec 6/8 and I have not received so far. Attached is the confirmation which I got when I visited airport at SpiceJet counter.

Refund of cancelled flight not received

Feb 13, 2015

PNR for a booked flight not received

I booked a flight ticket via spicejet on 11th feb 2015. Si9nce their server was hanged, my ticket got booked, money got debited.
But I could not save the PNR number as the page then got refreshed very quickly. I had logged in as a guest.
My mail id : pratima0887@yahoo.co.in
Mob: 9867435365

Transaction Date : 11/02/2015
Transaction Amount : (INR)1,598.00
Transaction Type : DR
Transaction Description : INB/134466382/SPICEJET LTD. (BILLDESK/ ,

How can i receive my pnr number with above details?
Rajendra Arora
Jan 13, 2015

Refund against cancelled flight

I booked ticket thru Spicejet website on 31.8.2014 for travel to and fro Mumbai-Bangalore, PNR No. L6TKRM on flight SG-443 on 24th Dec, 14 and return on SG-430 on 1st Jan, 15. Both the flights were cancelled and weas informed on 12.12.14 for cancellation of flight SG-443 and on 23.12.2014 for cancellation of flight SG-340. The ticket was cancelled thru website and informed in the website that refund will reach within 10 days. No refund has so far been received. The matter was taken up with Spicejet and received a standard automatic reply as undeer:
Dear SpiceJet Customer,

This is an automated response.

We sincerely regret inconvenience caused due to heavy call traffic at our Call Center. If your flight has been cancelled or rescheduled by 90 minutes or more please visit our website http://changes.spicejet.com , for alternate option or full refund.

As standard practice, SpiceJet provides refunds of all bookings for cancelled flights made directly with the airline (credit card or cash) within an average of 30 business days, with no deduction of any kind – 100% refund is provided. Bookings made via travel agents are refunded directly by the agents. Service charges and deductions, if any, by travel agents are not in SpiceJet’s control. (Mentioned on http://www.spicejet.com/FAQ.aspx )

Thanks & Regards,
Customer Experience,
SpiceJet Limited.

Call Center : +919871803333 / +919654003333
Email : custrelations@spicejet.com
Website : http://www.spicejet.com

Whatever We Do, We Do It With All Our Heart

I had to travel Banglaore on above dates by taking ticket from other airlines at very high price. The customer service cell of Spicejet is not reachable inspite of multiple attempts to ascertain the status of refund but service cell is not reachable. I request the matter may please be taken up suitably for immediate refund with heavy penalty as I had to undergo lot of stress in arranging the alternate tickets and paying very high amount.

ED (Cryogenics)
Indian Oil Corporation Limited
Mumba-400 034
Landlone: + ############
rahul tyagi
Jun 4, 2013

Lost valuables and Cash

This is to quetch that I took a flight number SG-131, Trip ID - 1305300285,DEL 05:55 07:40 BOM on 30th May'2013.
After reaching Mumbai, I came to know that my luggage was mistakenly sent to Bangalore. The spicejet people assured me that they will send my luggage at my residence on the same day.However, after numerous calls and complaints, it was returned to me two days later and I had personally went to Airport to took the luggage. On doing so, I had to cancel my important meeting and set aside my important work.
Spicejet did not kept their words of returning the luggage at my residence on 30th May'2013.
Delay can be condoned, but loss of my IPAD, cash 30,000/- and 3 branded perfumes cannot be tolerated.I am till now chasing people to return my valuables but nobody has given a positive response as yet.
The biggest mistake of my life is to take spicejet flight on that calamitous day which caused me such a big damage.
Is there no one who can take a responsibilty to return the things and keep your so called brand image intact.
Or do i need to assume that consumer court is the only option I am left with.
An urgent response is appreciated.
Good customer service is aniticipated too as it is because of the cusytomers that the rand runs.
Rahul Tyagi
Aug 4, 2012

Flights Cancelled by Spicejet Suddenly

Reference: CR/196392/2012 & PNR No.: WFRPAC

The arrogance of SpiceJet and its ability to obfuscate the real issue amazes me.

I have been subjected to extreme stress, trauma, agony, harassment and inconvenience by SpiceJet. I got a call on the morning of 4th Aug and a recorded message communicating that my SpiceJet flight to Jammu on 11th Aug has been cancelled. I was dumbfounded!!

• When I had called up at SpiceJet customer care nos after receiving the recorded message Shalini the CSR offered to refund my money. It is much later when I expressed my deep displeasure and requested for alternate connections that she admitted that the same was possible.

• When I called up the 2nd time after consulting my travel mate the CSR (I forget his name) spoke in the same language..we will give refund but no alternate connection..its only after I insisted that I be connected to Shalini he decided to speak to her directly and then and then only he admitted that alternate connections can be given.

• This leads me to believe that SpiceJet doesn’t have a customer centric attitude and policy and believe and indulge in unfair practices

• The connection offered to me is very very inconvenient. Instead of arriving at Jammu at 10am in the morning , now I will arrive at 3pm (approximately) in the afternoon. This will upset all my downstream schedules and logistics. Hence, I had requested that SpiceJet books me either by IndiGo (10pm) or GoAir (9pm) on Friday evening so that I can stay overnight at New Delhi and catch the early morning SpiceJet flight to Jammu. This would have helped maintain by schedules and logistics. This request of mine has been consistently refused on the grounds that SpiceJet company policies does not permit the same.

• When Sandeep had called me up I had again explained the inconvenience SpiceJet had caused to me and I again repeated my request to provide me with a booking by by IndiGo (10pm) or GoAir (9pm) on Friday evening so that I can stay overnight at New Delhi and catch the early morning SpiceJet flight to Jammu. I had clarified to you that I don’t want SpiceJet to provide me with acco in Delhi. It is worthwhile noting that the fares of IndiGo and GoAir and SpiceJet are the same as Spicejet fares (as quoted by travel sites). BUT Sandeep AGAIN REFUSED IN THE GROUNDS THAT SpiceJet POLICIES DON’T PERMIT THE SAME. Now the question arises that is it a fair principle? You charge passengers for cancellations and rescheduling. BUT when YOU CANCEL flights you don’t compensate passengers. WHY?? Logically you should compensate passengers as per the market fare in an alternate airline for the same day and same route because that is amount of money a passenger will spend to travel on the same day which is what he had planned to do.Still you have refused to book me into either IndiGo or GoAir.

• Please NOTE that the connection that you have currently provided is NOT AS PER MY CONVENIENCE.INFACT IT IS GROSSLY

• I HAD REQUESTED Sandeep TO SHARE THE EMAIL ID OF THE HEAD OF CUSTOMER CARE AT SPICEJET. Sandeep REFUSED TO DO SO. This leads me to believe that this is a cover up and there are no honest intentions from SpiceJet.

• Can SpiceJet please explain what can be the operational reason because of which they had to cancel the flight 1 week in advance? I would imagine that it is a ruse and an unfair practice to book profits at the expense of innocent passengers. You can force passengers’ to take refund of their money and then sell the seats at higher prices so that SpiceJet can make better profits. This is your ploy isn’t it? What a dirty game!!

Thanks and hope this clarifies my position.
Warm regards
Atanu P Sarma
Mobile no: +91 9892028268
Nov 30, 2010

Boarding pass not issued for connecting flight


This is with reference to my Spicejet booking ID : W4KPDA.

Background of the complaint

I have booked flight from Jammu to Hyderabad which was scheduled to depart from Jammu on 27th Nov’10 at 1PM (SG 852) & from Delhi to Hyderabad at 3:45PM (SG 837). On 22nd Nov I received SMS from Spicejet stating that SG 837 is cancelled.

I have called up the customer care centre on 22nd Nov'10 & have rescheduled my booking from Delhi to Hyderabad in SG 221 which was scheduled to depart at 3:35PM. It was also confirmed by the Spicejet customer care executive that the booking id will remain same & I will be given boarding pass of the connecting flight on Jammu airport.

On 27th Nov’10
1.Though I was having the ticket from Jammu to Hyderabad, I was issued boarding pass from only Jammu to Delhi. Reason given by Spicejet executive : “we are facing system issues, hence we cannot issue ticket till Hyderabad”

2.SG 852 was delayed by 30mins & took-off at 1:30PM from Jammu & landed in Delhi at 2:45PM. It took 15mins to board the bus & reach the Spicejet counter at Delhi airport to get the boarding pass for SG 221. At 3PM, I was not issued the boarding pass stating the counter is closed 45mins before the departure.

3.I was given boarding pass of SG 839 which was scheduled to depart at 7:15PM but it departed at 00:45 AM in the midnight. I reached home next day at 4:30AM.
I have to wait for 10hrs at the Delhi Airport just because of the mistake of Spicejet management.

1st Mistake – Boarding pass of connecting flight was not issued on Jammu airport.
2nd Mistake – Flight from Jammu was delayed by 30mins.
3rd Mistake – I was late only by 10mins to reach the counter at Delhi airport but still boarding pass was not issued.
4th Mistake – I was issued a ticket for the flight which was after 10hrs.
5th Mistake – I have to sit in the security check area for 10hrs without any refreshments.

On the Spicejet website, there is a caption of “India’s most preferred Airline”. If this is the kind of service given to the customers, then it can never become a preferred airline.

Nitin Gogia
Jul 18, 2010

International charges for credit card payment

I purchased 2 Spicejet airline tickets from Mumbai to Cochin on 17th July 2010 at about 9.50 pm.

I called up Spicejet on their helpline number which was posted on their website and booked my tickets.
I spoke to a Mr Sayan, who confirmed my flight details like time of departure/arrival and then paid by my Citi credit card. After I completed the transaction, I received an sms from Citibank saying that Foreign Currency rates and charges apply for international transactions.

I was totally shocked and immediately called Citibank.
They said that I had made an international payment and that I would be charged an extra fee of 3.5% of my ticket cost. I said that I was not informed about this when making the payment. The booking agent didn't mention anything at all about this. He should have informed me about it before taking my payment, and then taken my permission to proceed.

Moreover why should I pay FOREIGN CURRENCY to an Indian company in India, for services in India, with an Indian credit card ??? Where does the foreign currency come into play???

I always thought Spicejet was a reputed airlines and now I feel completely cheated.

I would like Spice jet to refund my extra charges or I am going to cancel my tickets. I do not mind losing the cancellation fee but I will not travel with an airlines that cheats innocent people.

I hope this matter can be resolved.
Maria Fernandes
+91 9930813575

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