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Consumer complaints and reviews about Spidigo

Nov 19, 2012

0% Spidigo Services

I am having spidigo internet since from 3 years and this time spidigo services are 0%. My spidigo connection is not showing even WAN link. i have complaint in their customer care over a 7 days ago and they even didnt got a chance to call me to resolve the issue. I am having 1 MBPS plan. you can imagine that a premium customer is getting more than 7 days about spidigo complain. than what will be the time period for the normal 256 KBPS connection. and they are also getting 6 months advance payment.

Simply i can say that now Spidigo in Ahmedabad has poor (even poor than poor) services.

i can suggest you to go with other internet company like Airtel or etc... even they can call us than providing us time limit of solution.
Spidigo persons are saying than they can't commit about time even after 7 days too :(

No Spidigo *** No Spidigo *** No Spidigo *** No Spidigo *** No Spidigo *** No Spidigo *** No Spidigo ***
Oct 31, 2012

no speed avaibility

my spidigo is not work properly... & speed is very down
plz solve my complain very fast
Oct 23, 2012

Cheat me

Hello Sir,
From the Spidogo company I have take internet plan it name is "Revolution Biz " according that plan the company provide me 1mbps speed,
But I never get at least 970 kbs speed.
I have getting always a low speed like 800kbps,400kbps some times 115kbps pseed although they promise me that you should getting constant 1mbps speed but I have never getting constant speed.

I am always call them for speed support but no result they just told me that we do that but the do nothing.

So please let me know what should I do.
Sep 12, 2012


we are not happy with you service.
we have registered so many complaints but did not found perfect solution and completely loss of my money.
when ever i am going to use connection i found dead.
Sep 10, 2012

Money refund Problem

take 2-3 people with you and sit at their office. if u know police, take him with you.
Sep 10, 2012

Money refund Problem

Hello Sir,

I had paid 10000/- Rs to Spidigo Internet broadband connection employee dated 28/08/2012 for installation of broadband service at my home.
But still there is no any response from this company and now he is not receiving my calls and ignoring me. Don't know what to do now.

Please help me to solve this problem.
Jun 2, 2012

Internt Service Crashed

User Name: ohmshivam
Your Tower Area:- Behind Vishal Mega Mart, S. G. Road ,Nr. Gurudwara, Bodakdev

Since 30th April 2012 your service had crashed and I have to complain for stop internet access for numerous time, If your company could not establish smooth and unbreakable service pl. close my account and return balance amount immediately otherwise i will compel to take legal action against your company in consumer court with in short time. Kindly refer my all email communications of complains with to your good company since 30th April 2012.

Pl. Call back on 9909913608 for same immediately.

CC. to Managing Director of the Company
CC. to Marketing Director of the Company
May 6, 2012

unable to solve network problem

I am facing network problem and they are not able to fully solve the problem. Their engineer visited 4 times. Changed antenna finally, but still the problem persists. Their engineers do not respond. Call center is most pathetic. Its not possible to reach out any responsible person. There are no appellate authority. Customer care do not generate any trouble ticket.

This problem is unsolved since more than 6 months.

I am fed up and want my refund but don't know whom to meet and how to get it.

Please help me from this cheater company.

Apr 14, 2012

Plan changed

Dear Sir

I send herewith screen shot of Speed available on line that is 30kbps while comapny has offered me plan of 1mbps uoto 40 GB. While complaining with company i was informed that plan has been not updated and its 128kbps.

Nobody from replying properly.
Mar 15, 2012

Connectivity Issue

First I will give you the brief details of the my self and the problems that I have faced. I want the assistance for this.

My name is Nilay Shah, residing at 11, Vinil Park II, B.h Gurukul School, Isanpur, Ahmedabad,
Since past 1 year i am using Internet of Spidigo Broadband and Internet Service. There were some problems during this period and I have booked several complaints regarding the same. While taking this service there executive told me that if you have any problem with the connection you have to book the complaint on the number that was provided to me and it will be rectified by 24 hours.

Since last 1 month I am facing continuous internet connectivity problem, for the same reason I booked the complaint with Spidigo customer care department on 9th of March 2012, and from that day onward I used to call them on the daily basis and some times twice or trice in a day for the problem solution but the customer care department and the service department have never taken care of even calling me back.

Yesterday i.e. on 14th I mailed them regarding the refund of the money. And from that day onwards they started calling me for the solution. But my problem is that I have already purchased another connection from Reliance Broadband and Now i am not ready to keep the Spidigo connection.

Below mentioned few details of the complaints and the customer care executives.

Complaint booked on 9th March 2012. Complaint ID was not provided. at about 10.30 AM
Later called on the C.C. Number by 11.30 PM but they told that it is too late and the service cannot be restored today so some executive will come by tomorrow morning. Here I talked to Mr. Parshuram.

On Saturday i.e. 10th march 2012 I Called again the C.C. number regarding the solution and he told me that the complaint is already booked and the problem will be solved by 24 hours. Here I called them at around 3.30 PM. No one turned around to solve the problem.
Again I called to C.C. by 11.00 PM for the solution the same answer was given that it is too late and it cannot be solved today the service will be restored by tomorrow mornining

On Sunday i.e 11th March 2012 once again called on the C.C. Number and Talked to Mr. Momin and he told me that it is sunday and thus the problem cannot be rectified today and so the problem will be solve before Monday 12.00 noon time.

Once again I called the C.C. number on Monday 12th March 2012 at around 4.00 PM where i talked to Mr. Bhardwaj Yadav and he also told me that complaint is already booked for the same issue on 9th and the problem will be shorted out by today evening.

On 13th Again I talked ot Mr. Momin regarding the issue of the internet and the same pre recorded tape was told to me that the problem will be solved by 24 hours. By this I was suffering a big financial loss due to the internet problem and Thus i booked a new internet connection of Reliance.

On 14th i Talked to Mr. Bhardwaj Yadav, Mr. Momin, Mr Mehul, Mr. Vikas Chaturvedi and few other members of Spidigo. Now I was not interested in the internet of Spidigo and I just wanted that my money should be refunded. Mr. Vijas Chaturvedi told me that you just send me the email and I will do the rest. The money will be refunded to you in short time.

Today on 15th When i talked to Mr. Vikas Chaturvedi he told me that it is not in his hands to refund the money so you just visit personally our office for the refund of the money.

Today when I went to his office Mr. Aman Malhotra (One of the most rude person I have ever meet in my whole life told me that They dont have any rules of making the refund. I have booked a complaint with TRAI and want my money back

Can you please guide me that what should I do to get the money back.
Jul 25, 2011

installation of internet connection

spidigo is cheater...cheater ...cheater...
Jul 25, 2011

installation of internet connection

hello sir,
i have get spidigo broadband connection.and i have get 512 kbps plan with 6250rs.my problem is that i have paid all charges for internet connection but spidigo company does not give me any service or any answer. I have request to spidigo many time but that company could not accept my request yet...and i have request for my refund .but that company does not give me any answer. so please accept my request and give me solution as fast as possible...


Prajapati Rameshbhai
kumudnagar society,
Nr. sector-5,chanekyapuri,
phon no:9033984885
Jul 19, 2011

Slow Speed And Frequent Disconnection

SPIDIGO is the worst ISP.

Don't get lured in their schemes.

Their plans won't live up to your expectation.

I purchased 3 monnts 1 Mbps plan worth 5200 Rs., and what they are giving me is 400 Kbps of speed with frequent disconnection.

Instead i should have gone for BSNL's 750 Rs. plan/month which gives 512 Kbps, and lives upto it's expectations.

Even Spidigo's S**T tower is only 200 m far, without any obstacles, even then i m getting only 400 Kbps.

In Ahmedabad there's no need of wireless broadband like spidigo, because almost 98% of area is covered by wireline broadband.

In Spidigo, they say that ahmedabad is now wireless, but even after buying their plan you won't be able to access it from anywhere in ahmedabad via WIFI. You will be only able to use it from your home.

So it is pointless to buy Spidigo. Instead go for wireline broadband, which is the best deal.

Dump Spidigo.

Spidigo will incur loss in your bussiness.

Don't let it ruin your time and money, Go for a reputed ISP.
Apr 7, 2011

Poor Service of Internet

This mail is regarding Spidigo's worst service. i have complained so many times about this problem but no person is taking responsibility of this problem, and also they don't try to resolve my complain. If this can't be resolved by Spidigo's side I want to have my refund back to me.

I had also visited Spidigo's company office located at S.G.Highway, Bodakdev. I met Spidigo's representative there whose name was Mr. Dushyant and Mr. Aman, but no one of them neither did proper to resolve problem nor refund.

So, this is my last warning to you. If within tomorrow itself my problem will not resolved by Spidigo's company then I will go for Consumer Court, and I have proper proofs of Spidigo's poor service since I have got Spidigo's connection. You can have a look at Spidigo's database for my compalints dates as well as times.
Mar 23, 2011

Not working

Dear Sir,

My self Dr. Dipen Vyas, I useing the intermnet connecation of SPIDIGO last 1 yeras.

i was renivew 02/03/2011. my ID is : dipen79

this 20 days

complain no. date :16/03/2011 9:20pm
cloased date:17/03/2011 4:29pm

complain no. date :20/03/2011 10.10pm

without checking cloased date:21/03/2011 2:37pm

complain no. date :21/03/2011 7:27pm
with out checking cloased date:22/03/2011 03:14pm

Till date this internet not working each day complaine, not solved the problem

when i talk with repecntative they are not giving the reubesement of mony.

i hope this compline will hope to listen and do somthing
with costumer

With regards
Dr. Dipen Vyas
Feb 28, 2011

low speed

I am facing too much problems using my internet from long time.
already i will got much more benefit in my business but net speed problem i face. can i do not done my work
same as sending mail with attachment. very slow speed in my new 256 to 512 connection. why ?

i get more speed then i change my plan but not in increase my speed less then down my net speed WHY ?

no more change and chanse to your side queekly. that so pls. cancel my connection and refund my money.

call me urgent

Jan 23, 2011

poor result

i m facing the poorest speed through spididgo.totally unsatusfied. my user name:bharatgandhi PLEAESE NOTE THE ABOVE.
Jan 10, 2011

after taking money no responding properly

The same thing happen with me..

I have purchased 6 months plan in October it expires in February 28.

But they have suspended my Account on January 8th. When i call to customer care no one answering properly all are says my senior will contact you.. But Till date i am waiting for their call. My Internet is currently not working. Their Service is poor and customer care you can think (:
Jan 6, 2011

poor result

I am facing too much problems using my internet from long time.

1. It takes too much time to get login after entering the username and password and many times it doesn't even accept the login.

2. Internet speed has become very slow due to which i am facing problems in downloading.

3. My account automatically gets logged out within an hour or so, and i have to login again and again..

4.it goes automatically disconnected so even can't work on social networking sides......
Jan 2, 2011

Not getting speed even after many many follow ups

hey i m not gettin speed at night also so pls check out or terminate the contract...
Dec 3, 2010

No support + poor services + not getting advance deposit amount back

we gave an application to change name and address to spidigo with payment 500/-.name and Address has not been changed yet and Ultimately I withdrawn its services (cancelled my connection).
However, I haven't got deposit (of Rs 500/-) which i paid to Spidigo at the time of taking connection, till date.
Very pathetic services...
Nov 26, 2010

No support + poor services + not getting advance deposit amount back

I had opted Spidigo broadband services in Ahmedabad for six months. However, during this tenure I got worst response when I really required internet connectivity. Ultimately I withdrawn its services.
However, I haven't got deposit (of Rs 500/-) which i paid to Spidigo at the time of taking connection, till date.
Very pathetic services......
Nov 20, 2010

no speed avaibility

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Nov 20, 2010

no speed avaibility

i am using spidigo internet service since last 6 months. i have paid advance rent of 6 months as demanded by the company and they has assured me that i will get 256 kbps speed in day time and at night i will get 512 kbps speed. but i am not getting this speed at any time. I have complained several time but i have not received any response from the company. Latest i have complaint on 18/11/2010 comp. no. 18SP055 but i have not received any response from the company. They have assured me that our engineer will come to your place ans solve the problem but till date i am helpless. today on 20/11/2010 i have again complained for the same speed problem but no resposonse from the company and as usal answer "engineer will come to ur place". I have demanded the telephone no. of Mr. Femil Patel who is manager, Mr. Pankaj Lanjewal the higher officer and Mr. Abhishek Jhaveri the owner of the company but the person mr. jadav & mr. viral who were on line has refused to give the telephone number. Please do needful and arrange to refund my whole money which i have paid on the trust for getting exact speed which was assured by the company and take legal action against the company for not giving the services to the customers.
Oct 21, 2010

network not connet for net

dear sir
spidigo ka net lene ke bad jab bhi net start karo disconnetct or jo speed ka comminement hai vo bhi nahi dete so i complain to compnay hr .for disconeet conection and give my money back so he sy no compnay give reatrun and .they r froud with custmer pls u check and srvy for company .and pls help me i purchase 128 revolustion but they give me below 100 speed so forund company all r ford i attach the attachment for that i have it its large so i cant attach so pls do it

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