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Consumer complaints and reviews about SRS Travels

maruti ingaleshwar
May 15, 2019

not picked up by bus

Dear sir,

Kindly note that the i had booked a ticket from BANGALORE TO MARGAO thru paytm on saturday i.e on 11th of may 2019. and my PNR number is 29547589. my bus was scheduled at 10.20 pm and i was there at 10.00 pm and i was caling driver as i had got the number from paytm to know where the bus has reached as it was raining a bit. but the driver didnt pick my call despite calling for many times. then i had called jalhalli cross travel agent to know the bus location he told me the bus has reached yeswantpur and will come in half an hour. i waited and then again after half an hour i was calling driver he didnt pick up the call. and when i called office again they said the bus has already left and reached tumkur ,so i was unable to board the bus. so now i want my refund back . please help me with this as soon as possible.

waiting for your reply .

maruti Ingaleshwar
May 2, 2019

Horribly managed bus SRS Travels

We travelled in SRS Volvo A/C sleeper on may 1st,it was a Goa to Bangalore bus. It was just a horrible experience.. Horrified by the way the buses are maintained. We had taken the last lower sleeper the bed covers we're never cleant I mean washed. It was full of stains and when asked the bus attender to change he asked us to adjust.
Secondly below the bed there were some mat kept as if it was an unused seat, which made the seat slip every time we literary had to join it back every 30 minutes.
Thirdly there were TV's which were not working.
Fourth We asked the driver to give this feedback he said the are been warned for speaking for the customers.
Fifth as the bed covers even the blanket given was also never washed.
Please this like just exploiting the customers. The money that we pay,we don't get to experience. Photos have been taken and produce if required.

VRL buses are way better. At least hygenic neatly maintained.

Vaishnav Vinod
Mar 28, 2019


I’m extremely dissatisfied with your worst service. You guys seriously have problems if we come late and your bloody driver yelled at me to the core for coming early. Teach that illiterate man some basic manners before hiring such people who don't know how to respect others. God damn you guys. Never ever gonna travel by this bus again. I used to always use this service when i used to travel to Mangalore. Well this was the last because of your bus Driver’s dirty scoundrel behaviour for yelling at me. The vehicle number is KA01AF0554 SCANIA BUS and timing was 11:30pm, 27th march 2019 and actual pickup was gandhinagar. I saw the bus on my way to gandhinagar which was just another 1km away but i stopped and thought of boarding the bus as i saw it there anyway and knocked on the door and the driver yelled at me and shouted at me in such a cheap way. SRS TEACH YOUR DRIVERS HOW TO BEHAVE PROPERLY TO CUSTOMERS. I PAID TO TRAVEL AND IT’S NOT YOU GUYS WHO PAID ME TO TRAVEL BY YOUR BUS AND THIS IS WHAT YOUR DRIVER MADE ME FEEL SO. HE ASKED ME TO GO TO GANDHINAGAR WHEN I ASKED HIM TO LET ME IN. IS THAT THE WAY HOW YOU TREAT A CUSTOMER ? TEACH THAT GOOD FOR NOTHING IDIOT OR TAKE AN ACTION AGAINST THAT MAN IF YOU REALLY VALUE OR GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS.

PNR 28719831
Date of journey : 27.03.2019
Janu katakam
Mar 6, 2019

Travels service

This travels is providing really a very bad service to the customers, I have to board the bus at 5:10pm but the bus hasn't arrived since two hours almost there is no intimation from the travels office regarding the delay in bus arrival.The travels office person from maratahalli is providing wrong contact numbers to the passengers to contact bus driver. Even the customer care team is not supportive. Till now none of the passengers got any info regarding when the bus will arrive at ITI Gate bus stop. The vehicle no: 5440. Please never book this travels for travelling, very bad service# not even responding to the queries. Feeling really irritated with the service.
Jay Kumar
Nov 5, 2018

Worst labour service

I asked from travels that i should carry my two wheeler with me he told me to book a ticket on 11.30 multi axle I booked a ticket from Bangalore to chennai 4th nov 2018 11.30 Mercedes Benz and gaot a call from the travels telling your ticket has shifted to 11.15 volvo and I told him i have a two wheeler with me he told yes you can later i came with bike and booked ticket for vehicle₹2000 but the vehicle was not able to stand then vehicle was put inside bus i told him to put some parcel bundles around the vehicle so that it would be safe he demended ₹ 200 and took ₹100 from me today morning reached chennai Koyambedu and labour came for unloading the vehice he took ₹150 from me very bad service by labours and the driver worst service in my experience....

The travels authority sholud take this complaint and make immediate action on this and make arrangements to not repaet this again

[email protected]
Nov 2, 2018

Late arrival and not picking up call

My father was gping to travel from davangere to belgaum but there were no buses available so i booked from bangalore and driver told that he will stop but when i called him again he told he will come at 1:30am midnight after two buses passed away of srs i got suspicion if my bus passed i couldnt read the number as it was fast i called the driver again but he didnt recieve call i was constantly calling him he was not receiving call i thought he left us i came back home .i want refund of my ticket.

Bus ticket PNR no: 26108926
Bus no: KA 51 AA 6973
Sep 17, 2018

Poor service by SRS

I finished my trip from Pune to Bangalore on 03/08/2018 are PNR: 24633306, Seat No: 3,4, Reporting Time: 07:15 PM, Boarding: Katrej at 07:30 PM, Service No. Jodhpur-Bangalore New B11R Multi, Bus No: KA-01 AF-9221.

The bus got delayed by almost 3 hrs in Pune. A bus stopped for dinner for 1 hr and for breakfast for 45 mins. More ever clearness also not good. My luggage was not kept properly by your staff and asking me to the complaint. Rude behavior.

By this way treatment, no one will dare to go by SRS travels in future. I raised this concern on mail 5th August 2018 11:07 am and after that, I sent 2 reminder emails. But no one from SRS team dares to reply on it.

Very poor service by SRS Travels. I now not avail SRS travels since that last incident.
Aug 3, 2018

Printed Box Items Missing

Hello sir/Madam

On 27 July 2018 I Booked a courier through SRS travels branch located at Anand Rao Circle Bangalore to Ranebennur
(LR No 3/88402) having to carton, box out of which one has been delivered and the other one is missing i further enquired at anand rao circle branch i am informed that both the boxes are courier to Ranebennur and further on enquiring at ranebennur i got to know that the other one is missing

Kindly look into this matter at the earliest

Thank u
Aliya Tayyaba
Jul 13, 2018

Bus did not came

We have booking in SRS travel from Goa to Bangalore but bus didnot came at all. We have kids n its midnight waiting fr bus...poor service...no contact no. Provided by the person at offc....all concerned people switched off their mobile...pathetic situation
Jun 18, 2018

The worst experience travelling from Bangalore to Belgaum


I have concern about my journey date and details as mentioned below.

1) The bus looks good from outside but when you enter into it feels like very old and the interior is so bad that i feel like vomiting.
2)The A/c is also no so effective. i was having seat in the last row there i was felling hot because somewhere from engine side hot air blowing and also with bad smell towards last row.

Really it was the worst experience i had with SRS travels.

Bus No:PY-01 CH-0562
Ram Roop
Apr 4, 2018

Major Bus accident

I had booked a ticket from Bangalore to Goa on 2/April/2018 via SRS travels (bus number 9408)

This was the worst possible decision of my life. The "Sleeper Bus" carrying nearly 20 passengers met with a fatal accident near Yellapur district at 5:00am. The bus collided against many trees in the ghat section while trying to take a U-turn.

The driver of the bus was seriously injured and many passengers (including myself) were injured. The total journey duration was supposed to be 11 hours and the horrible SRS travels company does NOT have a 2 driver system.

This was a near death experience and I WILL NEVER travel with SRS travels again.

PLEASE DO NOT TRAVEL WITH SRS TRAVELS, if you would like to live
Mar 26, 2018

female reserved seat used for male

My wife is travelling bus from 9:15 Am PUNE-Banglore...
i booked for ladies seat. But at belgum some male person sat beside her and bus driver not told him..
leave the place because as per rule the seat is reserved for female only..
please take care this is not happened any other ladies who travelling alone long journey.
that’s all prefer VRL...because they maintain the theses type of issues.
BUS NO : KA01 AF300
PNR No: 22453486
Uma GV
Mar 15, 2018

Travel was pathetic

All Travellers be care full when you travel night buses or sleeper coaches
Sleeper coaches not really made proper sleeping coaches normal seater buses altered as a sleeper coaches,
Last week my travell via SRS so pathetic, SRS so called number 2 in the travel industry
Service is very very bad beds or seats not cleaned as soon as we enetred it was stinking , blankets bad smell, buses they call multi axle but it was horrible sound on the road,
And bed bugses are biting whole night,
They charge like high price but service is very pathetic, there are some complaints which i will reveal shortly ,
So this just info for who travel regularly.

Travel was pathetic Travel was pathetic Travel was pathetic Travel was pathetic Travel was pathetic

Mar 12, 2018

Late arrival

I’m writing this about SRS travels particularly about the bus which has the service from Bangalore- Hyderabad which starts at 9:30AM and should be reaching at 6:30PM,
But this bus instead of taking the flyovers, they drive by all the town areas and pick everyone on the way.
This is suppose to be an express bus.
Please look into this issue as people who Board the bus with some plans to reach Hyderabad on time.
This bus doesn’t go beyond 80Km/h.
This is the second time I’m facing the delayed service from this particular bus KA 51 AA 4341 is the bus number
I hope this will make some changes and required action is taken
Praveen Naidu
Feb 23, 2018

Suspicious goods getting into Bus

Actually I’m passenger of SRS travels since we booked the bus at 11:30 pm started at about 12:00 pm. On the Bangalore premises RTO officer had stopped and made the bus staff to take out the goods. Again we held up for one hour at night at about 3:00 there’s some suspicious incident has taken place since there’s lorry stopped with goods and they are getting goods into the bus in the mid of the highway. We really put out with timings of the bus and moreover it looks like they are smuggling goods. We came in bus at 11:30 pm which is the Last bus of SRS travels.

Here are the bus details for you to take necessary actions against them.

Dear Passenger, Bus Journey details from Bangalore to Hyderabad on 23/02/2018 are PNR: 22017084, Seat No: 37,38, Reporting Time: 11:15 PM , Boarding: Race Cource Raod Swiss complex S R S Travels at 11:30 PM, Service No. Coimbatore-BNG-Hyd Scania/Benz., Bus No: KA - 51 AA - 4343 and Helpline No:080-26801616b
Payel Chowdhury
Feb 3, 2018

Bus service

We had booked a bus from Mumbai to Bangalore on 2nd feb 18. The schedule start time was 8:40pm from mumbai & arrival at 12:30 pm (3rd Feb) in bangalore. The bus tarted on scheduleded time which is 8:40pm 2nd feb 28 & now its 5:30 pm 3rd feb 18 and we are still 123km away from Bangalore. When asked the driver he said it will reach at 6:30pm only.

We pay double the money in srs ti what other local bus services ask. I want answere why was my complaint not addressed by call center guys of srs and compensation back for this horrible service.
Jan 2, 2018



My name is Payal. I am Chartered Accountant.

I have booked bus ticket from Mumbai to Jodhpur on Saturday night viz. 26th Dec 2017 night at 11.55 pm in SRS , Departure time was 11:55 pm. it was departed 01.55 am. total 2 hrs delay.

They do always delay and never on time as informed by travel agent there (Borivali [E] near Omkareshwar Temple).

Please do'nt believe on their time table.

Thanks & Regards,

Dec 6, 2017

Driver's behaviour

To 6/12/17
The Manager
Customer Care
SRS Travels

Sub: Driver guilty of inhumane behaviour

I, A. Abdul Wahid and my partner Sajjad Khan travelled from Aurnagabad to Bangalore on 5/12/17(Tue). The bus did not halt after dinner break at 10:30 PM near Pune up until morning at 7am which means the driver did not stop the bus the entire night for washroom etc. This in itself is not expected from the travels putting passengers into undue inconvenience.

When in the morning he stopped the bus in some remote location near Sira the toilets were not having water supply. My partner asked the driver the point of stopping at a place where toilets were not having water. This questioning made the driver so angry that he came out of the seat and became physical with my partner. This led to an altercation between the two.

Let me also clarify that it was the driver who initiated the physical assault. The incident dragged on and the driver was also guilty of making communally offensive statements.

During the breakfast break at Sira in the morning at 9AM the driver with the aid of couple of men physically assaulted my partner again. I brought the situation under control and the co- driver was good enough to apologise for the entire episode. Apart from physical assault the driver was once again guilty of using communally offensive language at Sira during the breaksast break. This unfortunate incident took place on the morning of Wed., Dec 6th.

Now this kind of obnoxious and inhumane behaviour is not expected from any indivual lest from a driver who is on duty towards a customer.

I request and appeal to the SRS travels management to take the driver into remand and take appropriate action against him. This request is not only in the interest of the travels but also in the larger public interest of maintaining social harmony. Surely such mischievous individuals shall turn their disgusting behaviour towards someone else in the future if they are not checked and accounted for today.

As a regular customer, I am looking forward towards justice on this issue...

Bus Details:
Aurangabad – Bangalore, Tue, Dec. 5, 2017
Ticket No.: TKCS46837113
Bus No. : KA01AF556
Bus Driver Name: Vishwas Satpute
Dec 3, 2017

Worst bus quality

I had travelled by SRS Travels AC sleeper on 26th Nov, 2017 5:30pm from Shirdi to Bangalore. I must say this is the worst quality bus I travelled ever in my life. The bus is very dirty and not hygiene to the least. Curtains,Bed, window, blanket everything is unwashed from I guess ages. I took a lower sleeper and I do not have any option of having a window at all. All lower beds are attached to the floor and no windows to see if our destination has arrived. And for this I had to pay Rs. 3204/- as bus fare. I suggest everyone that if you want to remain healthy, Please avoid this bus. Horrible quality,very unhygienic.

Worst bus quality Worst bus quality

Dec 3, 2017

Worst bus quality

I travelled by SRS (AC Sleeper) bus from Shirdi to Bangalore on 26th Nov, 2017 at 5:30pm departure. This is the worst bus I have seen in my life with regard to cleanliness. The curtains, window, bed (attached to the floor) Everything is dirty and unwashed for ages iam sure. For this worst quality I paid Rs. 3204/- when booked through Redbus.com.
I would suggest everyone not to travel by SRS if you care for your health.


Worst bus quality Worst bus quality

Nov 27, 2017

SRS Travel Worst Experience

I travelled from Bangalore to Ooty on 23 Nov 2017 by Bus reg no 9402. I missed the bus because I came late to the Madiwala pickup point. Lacks courtesy but understood. I reached the next stop, electronic city 5 min ahead of the pickup time. I informed the travels staff that I am about to withdraw money from an ATM 200 metres away. The staff were fine with that. I was returning from the ATM. I waived to the Bus driver and conductor but the bus did not stop. I had to chase it to Attibele checkpost to board. Uncouth driver and conductor behaving like it was a favour to pick me. They spoke and behaved like hooligans. I think, once we stop using their network, they'l realise they can't let their ill-trained, uncouth employees behave the way they want.
Oct 20, 2017

Unprofessional behaviour of the Driver

-> Bus details-Date - 20/10/2017 , Service No. Athani-Chikodi-B,lore Sleeper., Bus No: KA 51 AA 5277
->The driver was very unprofessional and rude .
->I asked the person to stop th bus bus for a moment as my dad was waiting with the parcel .The driver started asking what is there in the parcel and started abusing .
->Also ,when I boarded bus my seat was occupied . Though they asked the person to shift to a different seat after some time.But I never faced such issues before.
->The driver had issues with almost everything .Even if you are opening the door to get down at your stop .He used to ask he cabin crew to close the door
I am sandy g
Sep 26, 2017

Regarding on time departure

I was traveling In the bus of Shimoga Mumbai.The reaching time at sion was 6.45am but these guys made 6.15am in pune itself.On that my exam also there at 9 am at worali.Now u say how can i reach to worali at 9 am.If u r not avle to deliver the persons on right timing then why u r mentioned timing of 6.45 am.This is totaly ridiculous.My important exam was there but because of u Iate. Bus No: KA 01 AF 6653 .Please take serious action on them.Because we r paying to high fare instead of railway,because there timing r late.And u made it late of urself tag.My faith which was on srs is now no more from this moment.
Akash Gaddamwar
Aug 31, 2017

Unprofessional Behavior And Services

This escalation complaint is regarding the service of SRS Travel From Bangalore to Ngapur on date 31/08/2017. I have boarded on bus from Bangalore to Hyderabad is all well going but in Hyderabad driver n conductor is boarding passenger without ticket in travels.And I can understand passenger feelings but even after telling them they are not listening and complaint is regarding they are giving instructions that passenger belongings is not our responsibility but we are carrying valuble things with us if passenger travel without ticket and if they stole our valuable things they don't have there records nothing then who will be responsible for our belongings.And this is not a personal issue it is in the public interest.
Mob no 9657435243
Anupama Ravindran
Aug 23, 2017

Loss of Phone

I was travelling from Kodaikanal to Bangalore on 23rd July 2017. I had my phone in the bus and that is quite evident from teh google location history. I found the phone missing the moment I reached home. I tried calling SRS several times for checking if the driver or cleaner has found the phone. There was no positive response.
Either SRS travels has allowed someother person to enter the bus and rummage through our luggage, or SRS drivers / cleaners are not honest.
Just avoid travelling in this bus

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