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Star Jalsa

West Bengal

Consumer complaints and reviews about Star Jalsa

panchu gopal
Dec 25, 2016

milon tithi

It's high time that RADHA GOBINDO spares us. It's getting intolerable. Ahonas' single digit IQ, Bonhis' unrealistic conspiracy. Last but not the least Arjuns' fumbling.Please end this torture, the public cant take it any more. MATHA PETEY NITE PARCHHI NAA.
samita dasgupta
Dec 24, 2016

potol kumar ganwala serial spreading negativity kn the society by showing torture on child

Please show something substantial and give some positive message to the society. Don't take the viewers for granted. If the viewers spend their precious 30 minutes to watch a TV serial after a long day of hard work and struggle and also at the cost of many other important work completion then don't take them for granted. If potol kumar ganwala serial only focusses and patronise child torture then in the name of entertainment they are imposing a saddist and negative mentality in the society. Stop showing torture on a child immediately rather show how the evil characters get punishment severely. Also don't encourage Child to behave cruel and crooked like Tuli. Show some victory of positivrmoral values strongly instead of lengthening the victory of negativity. Serial makers should have some responsibility towards the society. If potol kumar ganwala counties with this kind of message of negativity they will lose viewers. Now they are showing torture on potol beyond our tolerance. Many relatives and friends already stopped watching their once favourite serial potol kumar ganwala
I have also felt frustrated and stopped watching from yesterday.
Promit Show
Dec 24, 2016

Bhakter Bhagaban Shri Krishna

Bhakter bhagaban Shri Krishna Serial tar time ta thik Nei ? r er repeat telecast hoy Na , holeo valo time Nei .. Please Please ekta valo time din jate sobar dakhte subhdea hoy ....
Tina Majumdar
Dec 23, 2016

R.I.P. of Jhanjh Lobongo Phul

First time i saw such a nonsense thing that a girl have two dreams and have both rivalry and friendship also with her villain. Star jalsha I don't know why do you accept these uneducated girls as a heroine. You have already many ridiculous heroine like Ahona konok meghla etc. And now you put another rubbish LOBONGO I think she is not heroine she is shoukhundhi she always come with open hair and she has no personality to be very honest. Me and my friends want in the end of JLP lobongo should be die. And that bullshit Neel he has no brains Boka stupid hero. Apnader joto serial er hero all are bullshits. PLEASE END THIS HORRIBLE SERIAL JHANJH LOBONGO PHOOL this serial spoils our society and espicially image of mother in law. So this is my humble request kill Lobongo do whatever you want but please end this and show Rakhi Bandhan. LOBONGO-NEEL most third class couples.
Borun bauri
Dec 23, 2016

vhakte bhagavaan shri krishna

Bhater bhagavaan shri krishna time 11:00 badol kartehabe
Add-khatra benkura
Dec 22, 2016

Nonsense serial Punno Pukur

Please stop this nonsense serial punni pukur jekhane mitthe bolatai niyom, keu jodi bole ami pregnant tahole ta sotti kina eta porikkha korar jonnyo kono process amader deshe ekhono discovery hoy ni , karon amra 100 bochor aage bas kori. Aj ei facebook Whatsapp er juge ei sob boka boka jinis gulo dekhiye please bhul msg deben na. Tar cheye kono funny cartoon jodi start koren tao ektu entertainment hobo bole mone korchi. Jodi somaje kono bhalo msg dite paren tahole serial korben na hole please onno profession try korun. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE....
Anupam Giri
Dec 11, 2016

Humiliating Indian Law

The Ichhe nodi serial episode which was aired on 11/12/16.. in which it showed that Anurag was accused as guilty in a court case decision. Which in turns means that truth has been overlaped by false. This is absolutely an humiliation of our Indian Law. This kind of idiotic serial should immediately be banned otherwise people will loose their faith on our Indian Law
reshmi khanam 12
Dec 7, 2016

Osojjo milan tithi

eta kono serial cholche naki yarki hocche?director r writer k ei muhurte pagla garod a pathano hok...joto rokom er nekami hoi ei serial a...gaza kheye script likhte boseche...osojjo hoye jacche ebr...ei muhurte ei serial bondho kore deoya hok...noile star jolsa chanel talei bondho korte hbe....eto nekami r sojjo korar noi...sala joto sob vondami......
reshmi khanam 12
Dec 7, 2016

Osojjo Milan Tithi

eta asole serial naki yarki cholche?derector r writer k ei muhurte pagla garod a vorti kora uchit....manuser matha kharap kore rekhe diyeche...ei dhoroner serial k ei muhurte bondho kore deoya hok...osojjo hoye jacche...gaza kheye script likhte boseche...joto sob obastob karabar...r besi din ei serial star jolsai cholle,channel tai bondho kore dite hbe...ei serial er sokol er jonno bolaa hocche apnara dur hon......sala jacche tai ekta
Dec 4, 2016

Icche Nodi

Obviously the writer does not know law! Nobody involved in this serial knows anything remotely connected to the law of this land. The court scenes are preposterous, ludicrous and without any idea how a court functions. The Judge looks like a gunk and utterly unintelligent. There is scant respect shown to procedure. The writer and director of the serial are not aware that a Judge is never addressed as "Sir" as the two lawyers are doing.
For the last couple of days, the questioning and argument have nothing to do with the case in question. None of the advocates seem to be pointing out that the questions raised and issues discussed have no bearing with matter being argued.
Also, a video recording of Adrija pushing Anurag from the hill, that has suddenly surfaced, has gone into oblivion. Perhaps the author will use it to depict another outlandish and unbelievable incident at a later date. Normally an evidence such as this should have removed Adrija from the list of witnesses and immediate action taken against her for attempted murder. But she merrily goes on with her contention which is well beyond the answer she ought to have given against the question asked of her. The Judge sits quietly and seems to have no role to play except sit stupidly as if he has no knowledge of court procedures.
I could go on and on and you might want to know why I even watch the serial. Well, the answer is I can't believe what I am watching and curious to know how far the writer and the director will go to confirm their ignorance before the viewing public.The unbelievable part is they are actually getting paid for all this.

Dec 4, 2016

Close this "Milan Tithee" show!

Director of "Milan Tithee" takes Bengali viewers for granted & feels they are stupid enough to take all the trash that is being dished out to them! Management should ask this diector not to repeat those dramatics time & again, instead let him try to wrap this serial up as quickly as possible!
Rajnath sen
Dec 3, 2016

For god sake stop Jhanjh Lobongo Ful

Sir, Aami BSB serial er fan ei serial jokhon amar priyo serial er jayghay nilo amar khub kharap legechilo kintu jokhon dekhalam eta ektu different golpo tokhon amar ei serial khub bhalo laglo but now this serial is a worst serial of your channel I want to give 3 slaps that to bhodha haada Neel and Lobonogo r chul kete ei serial er theke berkorano icche hoy. How come Lobongo speaks Bengali easily[without learning] ar sob somoy pronam that bitch Indrani always pronam and maa apni amar maaa. ar ekhane duto shokuni kaaz kombo nei khali shoitani bhudhi. And lobonogo sob somoy nijer mukh chalay kee kotha bole baap re baap. Ato bolda heroine apanar channel e arek ta bolda niyashlen. Please star jalsha for heaven sake STOP JHANJH LOBONOGO FUL amra BSB 2 dekhte chai ei sob bolda hero heroine er jonno apnader serial top korte parena. Stop it now this ridiculous lobongo pleaseee.
pintu mandal
Dec 1, 2016

sir amader agnijol serial ke 8tar bodole 10ta dekano hok

Raki bhondan febret serial taking 8ta te dekhan
pintu mandal
Dec 1, 2016

raki bhodan serial 10tar bodole 8ta dakano hok

Raki bhodan serial 10tar bodole 8ta Dakano hok Pele's sir
Tanima sen
Nov 29, 2016

Jhanjh Lobongo Ful

Ei serial ta bondho howa uchit eta amader society ke noshto kore diche ami thik jantam BSB r jayghay nilo tar mane khub baje hobe kothay BSB ar kothay ei lobongo how come eto guli ladies ekta meyer kharap chay and young girls also if you hate her don't talk to her but insult kora kulanganira eta o jane na oder bairir hi basti hoche ar meye ta bengali shikheo nilo na pore wow ek din ormukher theke hindi ar english o shona jabe ar serial e ek hi jinish dekhay cold drink e wisky ami shotti ei serial ami neel er jonno dekhi kintu ar bhalo lagchena especially that lobonogo uff irritating girl konmukhe je oke heroine banalo bhogoban jane na ache chera na ache acting talent. Please ei serial ta ses hole bhalo hoy we want our BSB back with Aranya and Pakhi.Make BSB 2
bodhu ebar baran
Nov 27, 2016

to neel sensharma

sotti kabla lobongo phool hi bote. ei bhabe serial tar iche kore durgoti kore ki shukh pelo ke jane.
sotti ekta bhalo story nie esechilo serial ta kintu nijer paye hotat ebhabe kurol marlo keno ke jane?
Neel Sen Sharma
Nov 27, 2016

Jhanjh Lobonogo Ful ya Kebela Lobongo Ful??????

Aami star jalsha te Lobonogo serial dekhi ei serial ta amar fav chilo jokhon lobongo oi jhpri te thakto but ekhon eta worst serial hoy gelo lobongo r shathe eto kichu holo tao beporva thake apanara toh negative characters beshi dekhan especially LADY'S POLITICS
ar ekhane joto gents all are idiots and especially that Neel eessssssssssh icche kore dhoshta chor maari ar lobongo r mukhe gobaor lepe di. Eder kono future nei tai eishob useless serials kore. Please Star jalsha ei serial ta bondho korun khub Low TRP eta r er theke amader Aranya Pakhi ke abar niyashun pLEASEEE.
Nov 25, 2016

milon tithi


I watched Milon tithi. I was like WTF! How can one direct a serial like this? Who watch this type serial? I left Kolkata 10 years back. Does that mean people of Kolkata instead of being moving forward are moving backwards? Everyone in the house knows about their son 's extra marital affair. And just because the girl is pregnant the MIL is supporting that girl and cursing DIL. There is no trust in relationships. People can stay in other family just like that no one questions. Just when DIL goes out everyone is unhappy! strange. Also that old lady Thammi ? who does she think she is. She is the most uneducated uncultured woman character. She was going to beat a maid and everyone watching? Oh my god!! Plz try to give positive message. Immediately stop this serial.
Nov 25, 2016

Milon Tithi Serial

Please stop this type milon tithi serial because the serial is mostly third class one woman bonnhi do all thins but nobody catch him it is possible in real life. Director is mad? a negative character do all and other character is like wooden Doll. so kindly look in to this matter.
Nov 24, 2016

milon tithi

I am not a fan of these serials. But recently I broke my leg and is at home for 3 weeks. I stared watching these serials. Each serial is terrible in their own way. But the worst is Milon tithi. In our society where people are talking about women rights and liberation how ca these people show this type of serial. Extramarital affair, abusing daughter in law, beating your maid, polygamy ...everything is there. How can actors agree to act in this type of serial. Educated people can't and wont watch this serials. I am really sorry I wasted my half an hour watching this serial. Shame on you star jalsha that you air this type of serials. Already too much negativity going in the world. So plz try to give positive message instead of this utterly bogus serials. Plz!
Nov 24, 2016

Milon Tithi

Stop playing with the psychology of audience. Everytime showing that negativity wins over positivity is really a pessimistic approach. What are you playing with? For TRP, you make the audience glued so that their emotions get raised with expectations of something positive might happen..but where..there is nothing. Everything going on in a loop and I don't know why such good actors are agreeing to be part of such stupid shows, just to earn money? Does they get sadistic satisfaction in playing with our emotions. Take for eg. Today's episode (dt:24/11/2016)..it was complete waste of time again..Elders who are the actual audience were eagerly waiting for some positive outcome from almost a month..for the first 20 mins, it seems that all is going well...but again the same loop...Why can't something ends positively.
Star Jalsha serial makers its high time..stop playing with people emotions.. We have already starting viewing shows of Zee Bangla..much better content with strong women characters...otherwise we the 'audience' will have to take action either through social network or by other means to ban this kind of program or the channels who are creating this channels.
Nov 24, 2016

Stop Jhanjh Lobongo Phool and bring BSB 2

When we know that Lobongo will take revenge from Indrani sharma we were so happy but now when neel meets Lobongo and spend time with her at road or when Lobongo and Indrani met with an accident on that onwards this serial became a horrible serial Whole public said that Ichche nodi bodhuboron milon tithi etc. are worst serials. But I tell you these serials are far better than this lobongo serial. WHY LOBONGO ALWAYS HELP THAT INDRANI SHE KNOWS EVERYTHING BUT STILL maa ami kisu kori debo maa maa ...... and neel is a foolish person he never protects her wife from those uncultured people he always want to do romance with lobongo and he never uses his head. On other hand, Lobongo she is a boka character kaalo dekhte khali or daat guli dekhay jay jogohno dekhte ar na ache personality. ar shob somay mukh ta scissors er moto chole. Disadvantages of this serial are;

Hotel er employess der ke nichu kora
Biye hajar baar kora sheta o incomplete hoy
Sindur er opomaan howa
Bor bou er modhe khela r bhalobasha
Bou er upore okaron atyachaar howar

Please ei serial taa bondho hole bhalo amader society ke ei serial ta ekebare noshto korche ei serial ke baad diye BSB 2 banan ei flop serial guli dehkte moteo bhalo lagne.
Oindri Halder
Nov 15, 2016

Ichee Nodee

Totally unrealistic things are going on.. And it Started with " Shidur"... If first wife is there without divorced, second marriage is illegal.. But police also supporting Tua.. Nobody is telling that Tua is a mental patient... And sooo much things are going on.. One another piece is Tithi. This Story plot is very much unrealistic and disgusting
Shubhabrata Dutta
Nov 14, 2016

Icche Nodi and ,moreover ,all bengali daily soaps

I was on my laptop working in my room when i heard Lata Mangeshkar's song Jia lage na on the television.It is one of my favourites so i went to see it,only to find out that some other girl was singing it.But the voice was of Lata'ji.I asked my grandmother about it and came to know that it had been going on for a while that the original songs are being used on the daily soap "Icche Nodi"on Star Jalsa,.Hence i write this.
To whom it may concern,
It is utterly ludicrous how the creators of this daily soap are using the original bengali retro songs through the voice of the actors.Not only is it disrespecting the original songs and their artists but also demeaning ourselves on the national television.Have the creators no money to record a version of the original song through the present generation of singing artists and use it instead? I presume they do; as is apparent from the fashionable clothing and apparels(not to mention ,jewelries)and the huge colorful sets.So instead of wasting money for these,if they could just get this done,it would be very kind of them;and to add to that,the reputation of ourselves as bengalis can be prevented from being made a mockery of on the national television.I go down on my knees and fervently pray to the creators,please stop this immediately.Because as it is,the daily soaps are already quite a mockery,thanks to such ridiculous scripts and melodramatic scenes.So, it is my earnest request once again,please stop using the original songs and secondly,and more importantly,please search for better scripts.I believe there are numerous scriptwriters still awaiting their chance and posses great scripting ability.
Your well-wisher,

P.S-For those of you wondering how i know such details,and those who are making up the question in their minds that why am i talking only about bengali daily soaps...the answer to the first question is that my grandmother watches them and whenever i go to the drawing room i,just like any other person,am bound to look at what is going on the television...and the answer to the second question is that i am a bangali...i do not care about other regional daily soaps..but do not be of the thought that i care about bengali daily soaps either..it is just that when something is wrong,it is wrong and i ,as a bangali by culture more than birth,own the right to point a finger at such tom-foolery,which involves my culture.
Nov 11, 2016



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