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Consumer complaints and reviews about Star Plus

May 7, 2020

Limited episodes casted of Devon ke Dev Mahadev

When in lockdown, we are reliving some memories through your channel...you are taking away that little happiness from us by fast forwarding the story of our beloved show Devon ke Dev Mahadev...it's heartbreaking to a lot of us here...and more of us all who are your viewers and fan of one of the most amazing shows on TV. Kindly don't cut down episodes and storyline like this...when it's coming on TV. It's a request. A lot of us like the seniors have a got a chance to get it on TV and not watching it on Hotstar only. Kindly don't be so unfair with us and this great show.
Jyotsna Singh Oberoi
Apr 13, 2020

Timing and episodes of Mahabharata

This is a request to you ,on the behalf of a large group of people, to check out the adjoining file atleast once..

Timing and episodes of Mahabharata

Apr 3, 2020

Kaha him kaha tum

Sir you are restarting current serials and even some old ones so plezz can you restart kaha him kaha tum pleaz it's request it's one of my best favorite shows ever since I started watching TV.
Mar 27, 2020

To broadcast old TV series

We all know that there have been lock down due to the outbreak of Coronavirus and also the shooting of TV series has been stopped. So, please broadcast the popular old series of your channel and of any channel that comes under you.
Oct 7, 2019

Complaint regarding the story track

Kasauti zindagi ki

I want to remind the makers of the show that they forgot that Prerna was pregnant with Anurag’s child. And even after these many I don’t understand there is no progress related to this track. The funny thing is Prerna also forgot her pregnancy n is behaving as nothing happened. Even her tummy is still invisible how come the writers n the actors could fool the audience
Sep 19, 2019

USING Media Spreading RELIGION - Christianity

We are watching STAR PLUS- KAHAN HUM KAHAN TUM Hindi serial at 9 PM slot every evening.
Particularly in yesterday's episode, we saw Hero and Heroine entering the church with greatest difficulty pleading with father and security guard.
We feel first of all the church scene is purposely inserted for spreading your CHRISTIAN RELIGION, which is certainly not needed at all. Moreover, if you say that the scene was a must from the Director's point of view, why do you pointedly focus on each and every statue so closely and the entire episode was done in the church itself.
We are from South India and cannot be fooled so easily. We watch everything on the micro-level.
Well, assuming that whatever you have shown is correct, the same should apply in the case of Muslim serials also which is being telecast on your channel. No Muslim character ever enters any Hindu temple at all for any reason. Everything should be unbiased. Right?
Please understand that the total scenario of our Country has changed completely and various Laws are being enforced to put an end to this dirty Religious conversion and other related atrocities. Nothing is going to work hereafter. This is a pure Hindu country and we the Hindus are really, really very tolerant to the extent that we had allowed Moghuls, British, and Italians rule our country for centuries and saw them loot all the wealth of our country and we had started all over again from the scratch, but not anymore.
Both Hero and Heroine are Hindus and there is no necessity for them to enter a Church and the camera continuously focusses on the Cross and the Idols kept there which is purely connected to Religion spreading.
Already Tamil cinema Industry had and is doing the same blunder of going hand in glove with CHRISTIAN MISSIONARIES and the entire industry is on the verge of closing down sooner or later. Please do not do the same mistake. Enough is Enough. Highly disgusting.
Jul 24, 2019

serials dramas

Please just stop all these dramatic serials like "Kasauti Zindagi ki" and "Ye Rishta kya Kehlata hai". these serials are not just dramatic but hopelessly emotional and sometimes illogical beliefs on gods. I don't mean to offend any spiritual beliefs but they show it as life depends on temples and in my opinions its too much exaggeration.
As star plus is a channel and making it a huge success by promoting new serials, and the concept it's truly wonderful.
But I just wanna say "Are we showing the new concepts to tackle those emotional dramatic scenarios or the same old situation just pray in front of god and VIOLA everything is solved.
May 26, 2019

Yeh rishta current track of Naira Karthik

The current of yeh rishta kya kehlata Hain wherein, the makers r trying to show that Karthik might doubt Naira's character based on the ppl talking around him, after she starts working. The promos evidently show that. Though the track is playing right now on the thin edge, der r chances dat CVS will show Karthik questioning naira's character. It has to be stopped, it will give wrong msg to the society. Der r so many married working women who work happily. They r trying to show that, if u work outside, ur character may get questioned from d beloved husband n u will not b able to spend time wid family.
Showing protectiveness, care, possessiveness, insecurity is all fine to some extent. But when u show a spouse who loves her so much, suddenly questioning her character, it all looks flat. The CVS r downgrading the character of Karthik instead of character growth. It wud have been nice if they had shown, how they overcome insecurities, help each other, make family understand, n support n balance each other.
Yrkkh has been Der fr 10yrs bcos the content most of d times has been valid. But dis track looks highly misleading for sum1, specially when a show s trying to convey social msgs. I highly condem any such story to be taken further. It shud be modified asap, so that further damage is not made to the serial.
Hope the makers of d shw stick to the main USP of d show rather than drifting apart.
Mar 13, 2019

Krishna chali london6

Too much advert in krishna chali london..
Please give more serial
Mar 5, 2019

Kulfi kumar bajewala

I am from South Africa and I feel that the serial is interesting but also stretched far too long. The series had started the same day with Mariam Khan Reporting Live however MKRL has been through it's leanp and end. KKB is still being stretched out. Kulfi is being treated unfairly by Loveleen and it does not portray a good light on the serial.
i think the producer or director should be looking at getting the series to the right point and stop the Loveleen torture. It shows mothers in a bad frame. Furthermore Amyra should know who her real father is, she is craving the love of who she thinks is her father (Sikander) but he is not her real father yet he is being kept away from his actual daughter.

I love this this series but i feel this should be looked into further.
Dec 19, 2018

Spoiling popularity of karan sangini

Its very shameful. Maker of karan sangini must be cautioned for heading it to saas-bahu & family politics serials. It will loose its popularity if director of the serial not cautioned. Shame Shame Shame
Aditi p1998
Nov 22, 2018

Injustice has to be stopped

Hey. There has been seven days fans of the show ishqbaaz beem requesing star plua to take a stand against the injustice done to the female lead. First some days they were fooling like no nothing has happened when the movement got strong they were giving more than one lame reasons to each which contradictory. So as a channel who promote women empowerment naya soch n now the recent famous he for she campaign. Is it their rigjt to atleast voice out their opinion correctly to these loyal viewers. Its been the eight day and the channel is maintaining silence. Viewers need and answer and the channel is responsible to answer it.
Geeth japs
Nov 22, 2018


I'm writing this message to end the famous show Ishqbaaz. There is a lot of reasons to end the show . Everyone knows that
after breaking news of the female lead exit in Ishqbaaz ,Fans were started to protest in social media with the #NOSURBHIWITHOUTISHQBAAZ because the female lead surbhi chandna and male lead Nakuul mehta are the main reason for success of the show. Surbhi has given her 2.6 years of hardwork for this brand success of the show but suddenly the producer taking the show to generation leap. The reason the producer is saying low TRP because of shivaay and annika , but that is wrong they are the one reason for success and high TRP. Reason for low TRP : The last three months they are not giving promo , they reduced the slot of telecast and they didn't give good track.How it is possible to blame the actor, meanwhile the two actors got many awards for Ishqbaaz recently they bagged many awards in SPA 2018 and lux golden rose felicitated for 'HEFORSHE' awards. Now they are doing injustice to surbhi chandna . The producer is not keen in surbhi chandna and she told her to do mother track for son of adult male who is elder than her but the actress denied the mother role , so the producer ask her to quit the show suddenly. Everyone is working for women empowerment but here the happenings are against women empowerment. After the message of surbhi signing of news the fans started to protest end the show. All the fans demand is to end the show with nakuul and surbhi or else bring back surbhi for leap they don't want generation leap.
[email protected]^2l
Aug 29, 2018


My primary doubt is what kind of slightest response I can expect from u people towards the issue mentioned
I.e ., Will you people even bother to read the complaint...
how can I know about it?
Remya D
Jul 19, 2018

Starting Horror Serials

Dear Madam/Sir,

Start plus is about to start Horror theme serials along with family shows. They are showing the advertisement of these serials in between the breaks, which is scaring the kids at home and completely disagree with a responsible family channel to showcase such negative programs. We live in a joint family where some of the elders watch the family serials, we cannot ask them to change. Being a responsible tv network, it’s your duty to spread good messages and positivity. Such a bad decision to show such low quality programs.

Mar 26, 2018

Har Shaakh Pe Ullu Baithaa Hai

To whom this may concern,

This drama as stated above (Har Shaakh Pe Ullu Baithaa Hai) is such a stupid drama, it’s absolutely terrible and filled with nonsense. I think it should be moved to weekends, as this drama is rubbish and their acting is awful. I dislike the storyline it’s attempting to pursue and I am certain many will agree. In comparison to the other dramas that are broadcasted on weekday evenings, this drama is awful in every sense. Dil Sambhal Zara was a really nice drama, it was interesting and had potential of staying. However, this new drama is just so pathetic.

I would highly appreciate if this drama was moved to another time slot preferably on weekends and a new interesting serial should replace this 8pm drama.
Mar 24, 2018

Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon

We are really missing Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon with Arnav and Khushi . We are eager to know about life of Khushi and Arnav.No other serial can win our mind.Plz bring back our Khushi and Arnav.We all are waiting for this good news...plz..plz
Mar 5, 2018

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

What the hell !! is this simmi/param nonsene gonna be forever it’s dragging on and on come on people of star plus it’s about time you end this simmi nonsense can’t believe how boring you made this drama i used to watch it every day now i skip a week still see same boring simmi/param thing
I think whoever made this storyline has lost their memory that’s why stuck in same thing for months
Feb 15, 2018

Dil Sambhal Ja Zara

Dear Star Plus Management,

Please try to start "Dil Sambhal Ja Zara" serial again as this serial has very different story line and very nice to watch. we just loved to watch on anytime so if you can restart this serial on your available free slot that is also good for viewers. This serial doesn't even start its main story. Request you to please start again as soon as possible.
Jan 25, 2018

Don't end naamkaran

Please don't end naamkaran.
The trp is low just because show is aired earlier on hotstar.
Right now naamkaran is one the most loved TV shows according to the voted for an award show..
The Leads and actors are just amazing and the show is very unique I agree it got distracted at one point of time but right now the show is running very good so please don't end it anytime soon.
Faheem Modak
Jan 3, 2018

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Hello I am writing a complaint about the current storyline in yeh hai mohabbetein firstly I would like to say the torture of pihu has gone too far with the character simmi (Shireen Mirza) goes to hit with stick in pihus room I thought it was quite distasteful. secondly the writers have lost the plot with messing about with ramans mental health again this is a subject which shouldnt be touched on the insensitive way it has. Thirdly the storyline is so negative it makes me sick the good people in the story is always losing the fight against the villains and there has not been a resolution to this and the current track is so stomach turning its unbearbale PLEASE END THIS CURRENT STORY!!!!
Disgruntled Viewer
Rohan sharma 11
Dec 30, 2017

Wrong showings

The star plus shows are showing wrong contents. It is promoting hatred and emotion of revenge in serial 'mein sooraj tu saanjh piyaji' mother of main character is teaching her son wrong values taking revenge killing etc
This needs to be stopped I hope you will take action and stop this serial broadcasting
shiny bagchi
Nov 28, 2017

Naamkaran - spreading negativity and incapable of IPS officer

Naamkaran - one of my favorite serial became full torture serial now. Just after they killed one negative character Dayawanti Mehta they introduced 3 more torture characters Vidyut, Ragini and Juhi. Neel being ACP doesn't understand the meaning of being ACP. Super irritating actor who is showing incapability of IPS officers. Some times if you don't have good Happy healthy positive stories then just for money do not drag and stretch serial and make it pathetic. I believe star plus should stop showing negative serials. It's full of negativity and negative characters. Neela and Avni acting like God. Shweta simply blamed. Juhi fooling around but there is no CC tv at ACP Neel Khanna's house to trap Juhi or Vidyut. Please stop fooling people. Stop this serial or take this to positive way. People should not be demotivated to watch it again. Or tell others to not to watch this kinda of serial which has affect on every human being. Pathetic it became. Please stop this if you don't have a good story.
Samiksha Sami
Oct 1, 2017

remove ridhima pandit from dance champions

The show is loosing its X factor because of ridhima pandit and I watch the shows on star plus because of Raghav Juyal. Please consider my complaint and remove ridhima pandit.
Jul 6, 2017


Ishqbaaz for example, can you not dress the actresses like that its not nice very revealing can they cover their cleavage, belly and thighs please! Its not watchable in fromt of dads and brothers please dress the actresses with modesty

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