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Consumer complaints and reviews about Star Plus

Jun 19, 2018


Why there is no repeat telecast of ISHQBAAZ show in day after 2pm or in the evening??
There is so much repeatation of YHM AND Sabse smart kon
Jun 18, 2018


Why there is no repeat telecast of ISHQBAAZ show after 2 pm or in the evening?
There is so much repeatation of YHM Sabse smart kon then why not ISHQBAAZ
Please change the schedule after 2pm's shows
Jun 18, 2018


Why there is no repeat telecast of ISHQBAAZ show after 2 pm or in the evening?
There is so much repeatation of YHM nd Krishna chli London Sabse smart kaun then why not ishbaaz even one time??
Pls change the schedule after 2pm's shows
Pathika Batra
Jun 18, 2018


The new track of ishqbaaz is really very disappointing .. We want to see all the three couples ,,and now I have lost all interest in the show... this show used to be my stress buster but if this track continues I won’t watch this show again ...
a super disappointed fan πŸ˜’
Jun 14, 2018

Ye hai mohabetia

Istia is bitch she do over acting .... please remove her from show ... she is bitch
Jun 13, 2018


Advertisement is too long... And the serial is given for a short time... It's really frustrating...
Jun 12, 2018

To stop and for kayamat ki raat, a upcoming Programl on star plus.

Request to stop showing ad of upcoming program KAYAMAT KI RAAT on starplus...
It gives worst effect on child. This ad gives adverse effect on child psychology. Why channel allow to release this type of non realistic program? It is really very ridiculous.
Archana D
Jun 11, 2018

Kayamat ad

Can you please change add contains of new coming serial kayamat it's not good for children it's too horrible
vinod mistry
Jun 9, 2018

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji

We have been watching this show for a while and enjoying the family and casts within the show and now
find out it has been removed from Star Plus all of a sudden and replaced with children's shows like
Mariam Khan reporting live and Kulfi Kumar Bajewala. Whilst we appreciate these new shows need
air time, please do not replace classic long enjoyed family shows like Tu Suraj main saanj with these
children's shows. Come on Star Plus get your act together for peak viewing time evening enjoyment.
Rahim 200000
Jun 6, 2018


Put it on again or I'll never whatching star plus
Rahim 200000
Jun 6, 2018


Put ek veer lie ardaas veera

Menu SL
May 24, 2018

Ishqbaaz has no flow! Enough of short stories.

Since the past few days Ishqbaaz has been discussing about social issues and has been telecasting as a one story for 2 or 3 episodes and then a new story.
The series should have a flow centering the love stories of Shivaay-Anika, Omkara-Gauri, and Rudra-Bhavya.
We don't want Ishqbaaz to become a "Short story" show.
Neha Jain
May 23, 2018

Ye hai Mohabbatein & ye rishta kya kehlata hai

YHM & YRKKH both should go off air immediately. There is absolutely no point that these serials should continue. In both the serials we have seen that a bahu n wife are in the family till something drastic doesn't happen. I mean, if everything is going good & happy happy, then a bahu & a wife is perfect. She is the lifeline of the house. She's everything for her husband. But the moment she does something that isn't approved by her family, then she suddenly becomes who has always wanted bad for the family. Then even her husband, who used to just adore her, sees her as a VAMP. I want to ask the makers of these serials that, a bahu n a wife is loved only if she does as per the wish of the family. Something done apart from that, is seen as a crime & then she becomes a out sider. I mean even after so many years of marriage she is not a part of the family if she does something against their will. So PLEASE stop this nonsense & take these shows off air. In YHM Raman & Ishita have not stayed together that many times, that many times they have parted their ways. Please end there shows & get something realistic. I actually saw these two shows only. But now they have become too much to handle.
Arpana Bhatt Arpana Bhatt
May 21, 2018

na bole tum na mane kuch kaha


Please start na bole tum na mane kuch kaha again with previous jode megha and mohan. they look perfect together.
i request please start that show.

May 17, 2018

Naamkaran going off air and starplus not so good any more

Dear Starplus,
Serials like yrkkh,yhm,and ishqbaaz which have no story line whatsoever and it feels like the writers just keep dragging the story land with nonsense and idiotic plot twists, conflicts, and storylines, with the lead actors and actresses from serials especially like yrkkh naira and kartik being extremely annoying as the serial was mainly about Akshara and Naitik and it was doing well till 2015 to as their son Naksh was playing the supporting role but then in 2016 you guys ruined the show as it was all about naira the spoilt little girl who ran away out of nowhere she had more screen time even more than nakshs character as his character was put out in the spotlight for a very long time and out of nowhere nairas character that was never given any props to was given so much attention and a new comr kartik and now the show has completely been gone down the drain as it is all about their married life with that stupid ill minde suhasini goenka and the annoying goenka family and you have completely sidelined the singhanya and maheshwari family that were very important and most of the actors and characters have also seemed to disappeared specially after the exit of hina khan, karan mehra, and rohan mehra. Please if you can not bring all three of them back in the roles they used to play thrn its time for this show to go off air.
As for yhm it was a great serial when it started of it was about a child getting a family and two individuals coming together for the love a nd well being of their children and it was truly a beautiful story about giving your life anothet or what we call a second chance and honestly everyone loved the show I know that I personally did but tnen everything got messed up after the leap the one after the eight year leap it was all messed up and we miss this show honestly right now you are just dragging it like you guys did with yrkkh but I truly believe that you can save this serial from ending up like yrkkh and bring it back to its old glory but just incase you want to continue with this then I am sorry tbis show should go off air
As for Ishqbaaz when the show first came out it was a delight to watch the story of three brothers living in a dysfunctional family but they still love eachother and can do anything for eachother but then the story it just got stupid as you guys focused it on anika and shivaays love story and you got in a love interest for Omkara and Rudra each but then one left and the other was turned into a villain. Honestly now the show is just very stupid comedy and just people dressing up and the story lines they just keep getting crappier.However we all still hope you would get the serial to focus on the three brothers more than their love lives.
Now we finally end up coming to Naamkaran honestly this has been one of the most different stories and serials we have ever had on the Indian television because it is not about a stupid household or about two sisters fighting against eachother or about a motherinlaw and a daughter in law fighting or about some stupid lovestory it is much mlre it actually highlights lne of the most important and mostly hidden situations in this world as we never talk about it but his serial truly highlighted that the world is not as perfect as we think it is it is about a little girl who has always fought for her rights and for what is right even when the whole world was against her she still stood up for herself she is an example for everyone All the characters in this serial are truly talented individuals and the lead couple Avni and Neil are truly fabulous and a delight to watch we all love all the characters and definetly ship #AvNeil hardcore we love #AdiZa and this has been the best serial in the history of Indian television as it was about the reality and was just so different and completely out of the box and I would like to say hats off to this serial its actors characters producers writers directors thsnk you so much for giving an amazing serial like naamkaran to us. I would honestly like to say that usually in a serial when the love interests get married I get bored of their stupid lovey dovey married life it makes me want to cringe but Naamkaran is the first serial that has managed to keep me excited and interested after the wedding and watching their married life was a delight and eagerly waiting for them to unite was truly amazing. I would say please starplus dont steal our favourite serial from us please stop Naamkaran from going offair cause then the loss is yours as naamkaran has a huge fanbase and they have all decided to unsubscribe so please if you want a serial to go offair then either pick yrkkh as it is now officially the dumbest serial ever or yhm as I bet you can not return it to its old glorious days or ishqbaaz a serial you have totally ruined but not naamkaran please it is a genuine request......
Noureen Shaik
May 16, 2018

Don't end ikyawann show

As it started just 6 months back..most of the people don't know about this serial..by surveying on instagram we jus come to know most of them don't know about this serial and by seeing chemistry between the leads they are asking from which serial this scene was,Go and check the genuine reviews..am damn sure! With extension of 3 months it perfectly give good trp..a game show on weekdays that too at 6:30 pm slot doesn't going to workout,how may popular the host is!!receiving minds does matter for any show just the serial ikyawann started half half the year ago,now it's taking places in people's heart so please go through genuine review.. am nt a teenager to write this,as an market surveyer and as an analyst i analysized the show and stating..please go through genuine review..
R Bhalla
May 15, 2018

TSMSP going off air

Dear CEO of Starplus why are you putting this show off air. It has beautiful storyline and very gorgeous lead players and has huge fan following. A game show may attract audience for few days then nothing. Such shows are better on weekends. Some stale story and show like Ishaqbaz and YHM is going on for ages. Please if you are pressed change time slot but do not let the show go off air.
Dr Mrs R Bhalla UK
R Bhalla
May 15, 2018

TSMSP going off air

I am an ardent fan of TSMSP. It's beautiful show. Lead pair UmaKanak are adorable. Fans love the show. Why are you letting this show go off air.?It will be a big loss for channel. Stale shows like YRKKH Ishaqbaz are continuing. Game shows can lure audience for few days then no. So please do not let the show go off air. Change time we will still love and watch our fav show.
Dr Mrs R Bhalla U.K.
Madhurima Mistry
May 10, 2018

Naamkaran is back in top 10 TRP list

In this week Naamkaran is again in the top 10 TRP list. Naamkaran is going offair because of low TRP but it have high popularity in internet. As now there is no problem with the TRP of naamkaran so why are you stopping the show. You can change the time slot of it but don't stop the show. It's the best serial on naamkaran it's actually a show of 'NAYI SOCH' so don't stop. Please from all the naamkaran fans I'm requesting you. Please listen to us please...
May 10, 2018

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji

TSMSP is a skot leader show so why is it going off air?? The trp is the best in the slot and its story has a social message too...

TSMSP fans dont mind 5pm slot if u want to change slot or any other time as well... but pkease stop forcing the makers to rush the story and ruin the beautiful show and DABH legacy .. please dont be crazy about numbers... in the process you might loose our respect...

There are so many time slots free... please give one to TSMSP... contstantly on top in UK and in top 15 in India... only 10 shows can be in top 10 na and in India there must be 100s of shows... not every show with lower than 3 trp can be removed na... its unfair... you dont need to end shows that are running well... and you even have a time slot free... please give tsmsp 5pm or 6:30 pm or 11pm.time slot...
May 10, 2018

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji

Tu sooraj main Saanjh Piyaji is currently a slot leader on Indian relevision. Then why is it ending?? Yes it might not have as much trp as Diya Aur Baati Hum did but it still has more trp than any other show on the 7-7:30 pm time slot and even DABH took a while to get popular... then it got very popular didnt it?? So why not also have some faith in the makers of DABH and give TSMSP a chance?? Currently the track is similar to DABH's storyline... give them a chance to carry this forward? Also the story between the leads is no where near complete yet... but forcing makers to wrap up the show quick, you are also blemishungvthe beautiful legacy of Diya Aur Baati Hum, your most succesful show of this decade. I request you please look into the storylines of yours shows and how much they embody your tagline rather than looking only at numbers... the way you are going to remove shows like tsmsp and naamkarran which both have good social messages is quite disappointing.... plus, 6:30 slot is going to be free, 11pm is free, so why end shows to make space for new ones?? TSMSP fa s dont mind a slot change to 5pm even if thats what might suit... honestly we just want the show to reach its full potential in its story please
May 9, 2018

Naamkarann is not at its end

The show which is in top 10 now is going offair. There is much and more story left for us. I don't think the reason for ending show is the motherhood of avni. It is daily and anything can happen.you all can change the story. But you all are playing with the emotions of fans. If show can go higher than what is the problem. Why can't u change the slot. We want full story and i don't think of it that it is full story. To stop story in between and getting the worst story in place of it is not goodπŸ˜₯😫
S Dash
May 6, 2018

Request to continue Naamkaran

The show Naamkaran has been a awesome show since it started. It has made a important position in the fans` heart . It also showcased many strong character, which were not only inspiring but it also changed the life of many people(fan) . This show Naamkaran gave some fans a new meaning for life.
This is the show which is really the best one and its true that it showcases "NAYI SOCH" that is the tagline of StarPlus.
Though there was a time when the TRP of the show was low , but now its again regaining its actual position . The TRP is increasing . It has come to top 10 position too. Naamkaran has also gained loads of love from the fandom.The actors of the show are also awesome and there hardwork has paid off. I really appreciate them for this.

Despite of all these, the show is going off air.
This awesome should not go off air and its a request please don`t Off air the show. It`s really heartbreaking to think that the show will not be telecasted after some days.

Please don`t make NAAMKARAN off air.
Prapti Pattanayak
May 5, 2018

Don't stop NAMKARAN

Please please don't stop namakaran. It is the best show on star plus. There lot of shows except star plus which are not so good then why namkaran!!!?? Please don't let namkaran going offair. Please listen to the namkaran fans.πŸ™πŸ™
Sita aggarwal
May 3, 2018

Time slot of tu surah main saanjh piyaji

Don't change the time slot of suraj main saanjh piyaji for a serial like naamkaran because it's not justified, if u want to change the time then change it to 8-9 pm which will be easier for us to see . Why are u guys trying to close off TSMSP ? When horrible serials like the rishta may kehlata h, har saankh pe oolluu baithta h are not closed yet which have zero story are yet continuing, if u guys would close off TSMSP I will never watch star plus and also discourage my friends from watching star plus

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