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State Bank of India


Consumer complaints and reviews about State Bank of India

Mehul PThakkar
Mar 15, 2019

Unauthorized transaction

From: Mehul PThakkar

I am writing this to you so you can see what is going on in SBI bank no one is giving answer properly and my money is RS 10000 transfer to Sbipg ############ bt RS 4999.00, and Sbipg ############ bt RS 4999.00 on dt 13/02/2019 so please take action against this fraud and let me know when I get back money please sir help me
No one is giving reply
Feb 24, 2019

Money debited by investment intermedi

Debited my moneY
investment intermedi debited 295.00 rupees I time today 22/02/2019 from my SBI account without my permission and without any OTP... so please refund my money.

Acc -32948729212
Name-shradha sunil jadhav
State bank of India
Nallasopara west branch
Ifsc code SBIN0010414

Money debited by investment intermedi

Pavan Mishra
Jan 30, 2019

Debited money so many times

MOB:- 7021507715
E-MAIL:- [email protected]

My money back from investment intermedi, because so many times Rs. 295/- has been debited from my account saying transferred to investment intermedi and i really don't have any clue what company is this. Its really horrible. Its totally fraud.
OCT - 2017 constant money is being deducted from my account. And still biting. Even today ₹ -295 / - 3 times. So far, what do I know is how many bucks to cut. SBI speaks to the manager, then he speaks I do not know.

Debited money so many times

[email protected]
Jun 6, 2018

Delay in just take over of home loan and deviating what was agreed upon even overlooking the seniors decision

State bank of India

RACPC, Thane.

CC to: Chairman state bank of India, General manger customer service state bank of India, General manger network 2 (Nodal officer) state bank of India LHO Mumbai

Dear AGM (RACPC Thane),

Subject: Why there was a delay in just a takeover of home from RACPC under your Control and why I should take home loan from your bank in present circumstances

Ashish Dhabre/Swati Dhabre 55 lacks Punjab national bank take over/LOS ID No: 11864084

As saket branch, thane was closed to my Sister’s place (Lodha Luxuria, Thane west), I prefer to take a home loan from Saket Road Branch, Thane where we (me and my wife) met a young Chap Mr Arjun Kumar on 26th March 2018, along with Mousumi Doley Branch Manager, Saket Road Branch, Statebank of India.

We discuss the takeover of my home loan for amount of Rs 55 lacks from Punjab National Bank to SBI. I had strong reservations on approaching SBI because I carry a perception the speed of decision making at SBI would take a really very long time; however after meeting Arjun and Mousumi at saket road branch was like having a fresh breath of air. Both of them have guaranty and focus on what they were perceiving on my home loan and I felt that I was in a better hand.

I submitted all my papers for both property as well my professional background as advised by Arjun. Arjun and Mousumi assured me that in three weeks of working days entire sanction and disbursement will be over.

My challenge at SBI is the fact that the three week journey has become a frustrating and extremely unhappy experience at SBI.

The fact that Arjun and Mousomu at ground level in SBI, anticipated and coordinated inspection of my home and office in Hyderabad through a local branch manager in Hyderabad and the fact that this pair of junior officers coordinated my Sister at thane in order to pick the keys of my Locked flat at Lodha Palava Dombivali for generating inspection and valuation report through the banks vendor, I felt very comfortable and happy with the pace at which my home loan and file was moving. Arjun confirm to me that he has submitted the file to RACPC thane on 16th or 17th of April. I was also advised by them, that they would seek a cheque of Rs 2000/- for some certified copy of agreement of sale....on documentation day which means your bank takes registered certified copy for any home loan.

I was assured that in next 4-5 working days my home loan file would travelled the distance to sanctioned stage. He also assured me that post sanction the loan agreements would be sent to a RACPC in Hyderabad in order to take my signature because I am based in hyderabad in a Pharma Company. So far so good, the things were in order.

Post 21st of April, Arjun and I have been in touch on what’s up and phone calls and I must admit my professional experience which is like Arjun’s experience, I was able to anticipate and get a sense that this lag is slightly uncomfortable and on defenses on account of his tone and content of communication.I could see more number of sorry’s because he was rarely in a position to give me accurate answer to my accurate questions.

Mr. Maulingkar let me assure you whenever a sales man in any industry including your bank and branch start giving generic answers to specific questions with a sorry and apology in between, it is a sign that the synergy between sales guys and your operation folks are developing cracks and gap.

Arjun explained me that perhaps a sight inspection report with photographs is mandatory for sanction to happen. I was shocked beyond this belief when the present branch manager at Saket road Ms Anuja Suri refuse to take the keys of my flat for local sight inspection for the flat. I felt extremely embarrassed because my sister came to the branch personally at peak summer hit to hand over the keys to the branch manager. Mousumi was far more approachable and positive since day 1 when I met her to the days of her coordination with Hyderabad based bank manager for my local home and office verification.

I wonder why she was transferred and someone sarcastic lite Anuja was brought up. I gave my peace of mind to Arjun on account of Anuja’s refusal to take a keys. I apologies and he went back to meet on his own to my sister. He took the keys and he took my permission to park my owner account at Casa Bella Branch near Lodha Palava city in Dombivali instead of keeping the same with the Saket road branch.

It is for your system to analyze that fantastic coordination can happen between Mousumi at Saket road SBI and Priyanka Agarwal (A branch manager at Hyderabad) for my home and office inspection, but a local coordination between Anuja at Saket Road branch and RACPC thane desk officers for sight inspection of a Flat in thane Dombivali goes for a toss with complete lack of communication delaying the home loan application.

The only saving race that your bank has given me so far is the fact that Arjun is at least a basic contact point for all communication.

Mr Maulingkar, dont you have a model wherein your desk officers at RACPC that would give me a phone call, dropping an email, giving me a contact point, acknowledge that the home loan file has been submitted to your office. Why do I see a complete lack of confidence in at least communicating any issues any impasse, or any other challenge that you find in sancntioning my home loan via a call phone call, email etc.

Mr Maulingkar please explain to me why should I accept a delay of almost 45 days at your RACPC thane for my home loan sanction.

Mr Maulingkar please explain, why should I accept a rate of interest of 8.70 percent when I was assured of 8.60 percent. Your bank has increased the MCLR by 10 BPS in this week of June. If your RACPC would have sanction the loan 45 days ago, then I would have locked an interest rate of 8.60 for one full financial year. I would have paid one month emi to SBI already by this time if my loan would have been sanctioned 45 days ago. Now I am being forced by circumstances of inordinate delay in taking decision under the desk officers of your RACPC. Your chairman once said in a recent interview “Indecision has a cost”. In present case of my home loan your RACPC indecision means I have to pay an emi at the rate of 8.70 percent for one full year instead of paying an emi at 8.60 percent. I am supposed to pay processing fees because the loan has been sanctioned at todays date. Your bank would not have asked me to pay the fees if my home loan would have been sanction in the month of April itself.

Allow me to ask you please Mr Maulingkar, why didn’t your RACPC choose to sanction the home loan back in the last week of April itself with a condition that inspection report by internal officers to the bank must be brought on record before disbursement. We both understand a sanctioned will be succeeded by activity of documentation of my home loan agreement for which I believe the papers will be couriered to RACPC in Hyderabad and your Hyderabad based state bank officers would have couriered back to thane RACPC after taking my signature on home loan agreement. This activity would have spread over -8 working days, so what may be you refrain from issuing a conditional sanction stating that my home loan disbursement will not happen without the so called inspection report of a sight of my flat. I fell to understand the need for taking a inspection report of the flat sight when the project of Lodha Palava is already preapproved by SBI.

Also, SBI officer (Kamble from Casa Bella Branch near Lodha Palava) has somehow went there on the request of Arjun for my flat inspection. He did take the flat photograph but he did not take the selfie along with the flat and for that reason the loan was still under process. Was that my fault Mr Maulingkar if your SBI officer is not aware of their responsibility?

The entire sense of having a sight inspection of pre-approved project by SBI makes no sense. Legal titled inspection make sense, but why sight inspection. Even you had to do the sight inspection why could your office coordinate with branch managers of casa bella branch or with anybody else as per your system.

My Maulingkar, I have had a hopelessly hopeless experience from the day the file has come to your RACPC.

Dear Chairman Sir,

Please extrapolate this experience of mine and anticipate the amount of heartburn and negative energy that has been created to multiple customers across multiple RACPCs including the one at Thane.

I expect an apology from RACPC thane, I expect 8.60 as interest rate on my home loan and also I expect nil processing fees on my home loan and look into if possible about who is the branch manager at Saket Road- Anuja has the audacity to refuse taking my home keys even though I was parking my home loan account at her Branch. I also request your attention to fix accountability of officers at Thane RACPC if you think that there was a lacunae in the way home loans are processed at this RACPC.

I really want to know how many loan approval have been done since 26th of March 2018 till date (That is the time when I applied for takeover of my home loan).

Unhappy customer who took a lot of pride in SBI who had a good first three weeks of interaction with Mousumi and Arjun but had unpleasant experience in the last 6-7 weeks.

Just for takeover of home loan it is taking that much of time for a highly qualified person like me (MBBS MD). I really had my patience kept till date to write this to you.

I apologies if I used any offensive language.

Hope I will get the justice.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Dr Ashish Dhabre

Mv Anjali
Jun 6, 2018

Unable to download admit card Pre examination training 2018

Hello Madam

I am unable to download prelims examination training call letter. Please find the below details for your reference.

Registered no. 1640452657
Password. DY8DVT25
Please respond urgently.

MV Anjali
E-mail. [email protected]
May 11, 2018

Google octro inc txn : Unauthorized debited of amount Rs. 3999.00

On date 10-05-2016 , 05:51 , I received SMS stated as "Thank you for using SBI debit Card 4598*****2820 for purchase worth Rs.3999.0 on POS 248742000103177 at GOOGLE * Octro Inc txn#############. If not done ........" but i have not done such transaction.
I request you to please investigate details of the transaction. And by taking the fully responsibility of this fraud transaction , refund me the amount of Rs.3999.00 asap.

Please check what has happened and kindly refund at the earliest
in case if any after information my number is 9764141231 email id [email protected]
Thank you

Today, on date 11-05-2018 , I have informed bank about this incident,
For your reference I have attached by banks last 10 transaction summary.

Jagdish Basniwal
Mar 22, 2018

Fraud Transactions on my SBI Card

Dear Sir,
I would like to inform that at midnight on 25/09/17 and approx in between 11.45 pm 12.15 am , 7 fraud transaction at a time has been made total worth Rs.1,34,209/-(as per transaction statement enclosed)

I have intimated to SBI credit card department and blocked my the said card as well as submitted a disputed forms and complete all the formality as per their guidelines immediately, I assure I have never disclosed my OTP number and no any other type of information to any one.

On Dt.13/10/17 & 18/10/17, Three (3) Transactions worth Rs.48874/- have been reverted still remain amount Rs.85335/- outstanding and highest interest leaved interest in every month inspite of so many

I have written numerous emails as well as discussed to nodal officers and related to mail to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]; [email protected] other department also to many department but nothing received any response.

Complaint has been successfully lodged to National Consumer affair Ministry docket number: 557632 dt.29/12/2017.

I will be highly grateful for the help.

Thanks & Regards

Jagdish Basniwal
Cell no. 8850298311/9869266702

Fraud Transactions on my SBI Card

Mar 1, 2018

Amount not transferred but deducted from my account

I have transferred Rs 1000 from Mobile banking *99# on 1st March 2018. The amount is deducted from my account but not transferred to the receivers account. please refund the money in my account. My account number is 34671353608. State Bank of India Belapur Branch.

Amount not transferred but deducted from my account

Varsha motwani
Nov 23, 2017

Atm money debited but not received

Respected Sir,
I Rukmani R Motwani having account number 30699877801 in the branch (12702)- ulhasnagar camp-4 Thane
Shop no 1-2-3 shiv Leela arcade near swami shanti prakash chowk
Ulhasnagar camp 4 dist Thane 421005.
On 22/11/17 at 19:54 P.M I had withdraw rs 10000 from my account but due to electric power failure rhe transaction was cancelled but I have received the message that from my account the amount of 10000 has been debited
So please do the needful at the earliest.
Thanking you,
Your's faithfully
Rukmani R Motwani.
(Contact me at 9420572541).
Bhogle BJ
Oct 19, 2017


I had two loan accounts with SBI Anand Nagar,Ghos Bunder Road Thane (west) for which I had credited an amount of Rs 20k and Rs 7200 per month respectively. In the Month of Jul 2017 branch manager told me that my loan accounts were got irregular or EMI so you have to clear it urgently. So i clear it and he promised me that in future you pay regular EMI then no problem will happen again. then two month my account was regular but in the month of Oc my top up loan account two installments were deducted on 01 Oct and 09 Oct 2017 for Rs 7200 twice time. Without information of me bank deducted my Property insurance premium of Rs 10361 actually that premium that I had already paid for 2012 to 2022 for which I had complained to my bank manager that my two installment cut in same month and insurance premium also debited. Then he told me no problem i will check it and doing the needful after four day he replied me he cannot detected the problem and escalated to concerned department and you have to wait for 2 to 3 days. In this proceed my Oct month EMI not debited and my CIBIL report was also got down
Apr 10, 2017

Refund not provided

Dear Team
I am writing this mail with reference to a home loan sanctioned to me for which i am not interested now.
I have applied for a Balance transfer facility with your bank almost 60 days back where i have submitted all the required documents along with legal & valuation charges. Post that on numerous occasions i have been asked for more & more additional docs which is not been asked by any other private banks. Also i have visited your bank for verification of docs which is not done by any bank. For all such collection of documents & visiting branch i have wasted lots my office hours & still the list is not over & as seems it will go on & on in future. Hence i am not happy with the services of SBI & do not want to carry such pain in future.
Inspite of several reminders on their grievance cell there is no revert from there side.

kindly help in getting my below payments back from them!!

Payment Details:-
1) 4000/- (Cheque no.14, Hdfc bank)
2) 1725/- (Cheque no.13, Hdfc bank)
3) 6200/- (For Franking transferred to Mr Naresh Jaiswar a/c through NEFT)
sanjay gawande
Feb 18, 2017

Credit Card not received


I have applied for SBI credit card. But till date i have not received card from bank. I spoke to customer about the same they said that card will reach to you within four days. when I dont have card also but I'm got the message from bank that your statement has been dispatched and total amount of due is Rs. 574. I have very bad experience with SBI bank. This kind of service you are offering to your customer.

Please sovle the proble at the earliest.

Shantanu Thombare
Feb 13, 2017

Deduced money from my account

Your A/C XXXXX893241 has a debit by transfer of Rs 115.00 on 14/02/17. Avl Bal Rs 9,939.50.Download [email protected] http://goo.gl/qUlXqL form my account plz help me
Feb 9, 2017


Saju varma
Jan 1, 2017

Not allowing to open account

Dear sir, I am a migrant from Kerala working in Mumbai . I approched SBI dombivli branch to open account but they are rejected my requist saying that I don't have local address proof . as per RBI guidelines self declaration is enough for opening account since I have all proof in permanent address in Kerala. Please help me my mob 9833352518
Dec 13, 2016

duplicate debit Rs 2000

Dear Sir, my SBI ac/no is 31048322296 has been credited Rs 5000 on 6th night. Thus I withdrew Rs 2000 on the same night. Though Rs 2000 was deducted from balance, SBI put hold for Rs2000 the very next day. After meeting with Home Branch Service Manager, Hold was removed, although Rs 2000 was debited again.

Question 1: what was the need to put hold?
Question 2: Even providing clarification, written application attached with a mini-statement copy, Why SBI is taking multiple days to sort issue? Is it a customer mistake or Bank's?
Question 3: How can a customer trust this Bank if such foolish miss-printing happen on Server level. Is it safer?

I request official to help and get my Rs 2000 credited ASAP Or the bank should pay me for the delay.

Mr. Amol Rajaram Zemse,
Vashi, Navi Mumbai.
+91- 9892874620

Nov 25, 2016

Cash is not deposited

Respected SBI,
On 25 rd of november nearly at 9:05pm i deposited
(five tousand rupees ,1000*5 notes) in cdm machine on kharghar sbi branch with the help of my debit card.i didn't get any recipt from that machine .i gave a written request at same branch .Still now amount has not been not credited to my account. please refund that money. .

Please do the needful

A/c no: 20113640864
a/c holder :Subhendu Chatterjee
May 1, 2016

money not credited to my account

i deposited cash which is rs-8500 in Airoli (Navi Mumbai) branch in cash deposited machine at 9.47 p.m. on 30/04/2016 but amount not credited to my account..i wont get my money back from machine.. i got one receipt."PLEASE CONTACT BANK FOR CLARIFICATION" are wrote on that receipt...how can i get my money bank..please help me...
account number:- 35501117987
i also attached the receipt which i got from deposite machine
my mobile number is +919773307171

money not credited to my account

Sunil Bhor
Mar 16, 2016

money not credited

atm transfer
My name is Sunil bajirao bhor ,and my compliant is I have transferred 10000 /- from my SBI ATM card to SBH ATM card.Money is deducted from my account but is not credited in the other account. dated 15/03/16
S B I card No. ################
S B H card No.5044352114700020338 , Please look into this matter and credit the amount into my account.
And my mobile is 9987146991
txn details
SBG ATM S1BB004319018
TXN# 7823
Mar 5, 2016


Hi, Link Line,

Thanks for your service..

Anna makoli
Mar 5, 2016

Got the packages

My items was received,but time was different thanks anyway
Mar 2, 2016

Supply Chain Management

Our services include management of a network of interconnected business with vertical integration leveraging worldwide logistics involved in the provision of product and service packages for the purpose of creating value for customers by integrating supply with demand.
Our extended enterprise strategy encompass planning and management of all logistics activities in supply chain that work together efficiently to create customer satisfaction at the source and to the end customer at the point of delivery. We strive to improve trust, coordination and collaboration among supply channel partners and third party service provider’s thus improving inventory visibility and velocity of inventory movement.
Our bi-directional flow of managing and coordinating the movement of merchandise across supply chain enables companies to improve their overall competitive advantage, value-addition and reduction of costs and allows them to focus on their core competencies.
Dedicated Carrier Service
Our same-day and dedicated services are very effective and timeous. Loads do not need to be palletised; we will manually offload. Customers can book their deliveries and collections online. As long as it’s safe, we’ll deliver it – quickly and efficiently.
Mar 2, 2016

Quality and Safety

Quality and Safety
We will carry out regular checks to make sure we are meeting the standards we have set by conducting surveys. We aim to ensure that our team of skilled professionals deliver with maximum level of quality in our operations.
The basic goal is to maintain good relations with our clients by meeting all their specific requirements and to provide them with satisfactory service. We realize when certain issue that do no meet company’s specific standards of quality and identify the cause of problems and rectify them.
As we are conscious of all the latest equipments, we have all the facilities to assist with loading, unloading and positioning of weight cargo safely. Along with these efficient equipments, we make constant effort to keep up our quality of service with reasonable prices.
"We value our Customers and place them at the forefront of our decision making process, and we will seek to understand the Customer’s needs and conclude all enquiries to t
Mar 2, 2016


Prime's logistic services are vital especially for importers and exporters to and from.
Our transportation programs include the provision of services by air, sea and land. We offer consolidation services by both air and land in addition to our standard container services.
Our main services are:
Air Freight
Sea Freight Forwarding (Container shipments)
Trucking overland services
Warehousing and distribution
Cargo insurance
Project management
Specialist documentation services (letters of credit, customs formalities)
All services are offered for both export and import shipments.
We view technology as a way to facilitate and enable superior service. Our team continually evaluate whether our technologies are delivering useful, accurate and timely information and services to our customers.
Mar 2, 2016


About us
Link Line Limited is a full service International Freight Forwarder and NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier). We offer premium logistics services to local and International companies, Government Agencies and individuals.
Since its establishment, our company has demonstrated a continuous growth. This is a result of our day-to-day hard work, while keeping the high standards of the Link Line Limited founding principles.
We have acquired contracts with the major air, sea and trucking carriers to offer our customers the most flexible transit times and cost effective solutions. Whether you have a small cargo shipment, or need to charter an aircraft or an entire sea vessel, we have a full range of service options within our global network.
Along with the main services, our clients also benefit from:
Fast Feedback — prompt response to customer requests
Daily tracking reports — we provide accurate and timely information to our clients
Cost effective and personalized approach — flexible price policy and individual approach to each client
With our extensive experience in logistics, freight forwarding and project management, you can always trust our team with your most critical cargo, shipping and freight forwarding needs.
Our mission is to deliver the best fitting freight forwarding solutions and services.
We intend to expand our services by finding new networks of partnerships to fully satisfy the needs of our loyal clients, as well as to involve new ones.
Link Line Limited was founded with a vision and desire to become a key force in the import and export market.
Our strategy was built around professional and personalized service provision from the first days of the foundation. We do our best to keep our services in the right combination of cost and transit time to accommodate our clients' objectives.
Whether you are importing goods to, or exporting products to the rest of the world, we can be your guide in global logistics.
Our Team
Our dedicated team is the key to the high level of customers' satisfaction and loyalty.
Our senior management team is available 24/7/365 in order to better accommodate our customers' specific and individual needs.

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