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State Bank of India


Consumer complaints and reviews about State Bank of India

Feb 13, 2020

Account debited

Your A/C XXXXX137284 has a debit by transfer of Rs 1,000.00 on 13/02/20. Avl Bal Rs 993.77.
I have no knowledge why my account has been debited.
asif khan HDB
May 11, 2019



Date Time Office Event
09/05/2019 15:00:00 NSH MUMBAI Item delivered [To: SYSCOM CORPORATION LTD ]
08/05/2019 23:06:44 NSH MUMBAI Item Received
08/05/2019 23:06:44 NSH MUMBAI Bag Opened
08/05/2019 21:38:56 NSH MUMBAI Bag Received
08/05/2019 07:57:03 NSH NEW DELHI Bag Despatched to PALAM TMO
08/05/2019 07:00:54 NSH NEW DELHI Item Bagged for NSH MUMBAI
08/05/2019 02:09:33 NSH NEW DELHI Item Received
06/05/2019 08:42:43 Seelampur S.O Item Received
06/05/2019 08:42:43 Seelampur S.O Bag Opened
06/05/2019 08:29:46 Seelampur S.O Bag Received
06/05/2019 05:28:12 NSH NEW DELHI Bag Despatched to Seelampur S.O
06/05/2019 00:19:03 NSH NEW DELHI Item Bagged for Seelampur S.O
06/05/2019 00:18:03 NSH NEW DELHI Item Received

Please resend my card to address given below:
Name: Naeem
House No 1336 Street no 43 Jafrabad Seelampur
Delhi 110053
My mobile No:8802084808
Feb 1, 2019

Fraudulent Issue

Hi there,

This is to inform you all that I haven't done any transaction from my SBI card but still I got a message that someone has deducted balance from SBI ATM, Harihar singh road, Ranchi however I have my debit card with me in Delhi and the time that transaction was made, I was attending my family function at my home(Delhi), I haven't shared any my personal information with anyone not even use my card online or offline still SBI deducted my 12500 rupees and showing from Ranchi, I want to tell you that I don't know my, any friend and relatives who belong to that city or place. We contacted to our SBI branch but they behaving like I have done this all and not helping me. You are the last option for me to get it fixed because now I don't believe to SBI anymore. I went to police station but they were not helping us and said, you have to go to Ranchi because transaction was made there. We are explaining them a lot that we never gone Ranchi Still they keep repeating same thing, I believed in India Banking System but honestly since last 2 days I felt that Indian banking system is old and sucks people hard earned money. SBI branch Manager doesn't sit at branch we are going last three days but we never found him/her there. If you are thinking that I am the one who got fraud then you're wrong. Let me tell you there is a loopholes in SBI banking system and fraud people are taking advantage of that loophole. Bank person doesn't take any interest in my case and not showing any responsibility toward their work.

If you really exist then show me something and stop this scam which is going on around all governmental banks if you are not able to stop it then ask people and tell them that
don't believe in India banking system and keep your funds at your home. I know you won't take any action on my complaint because you won't take any interest and think that I am
telling you false story and making you fool but I am not we are common people & we earn money hardly to go here and there.

One more thing, Today fraud person tried another transaction but failed because I blocked this card that's why.

My SBI branch Address is: Gokalpuri(Delhi) Delhi 110094 branch code is : 4844

I request you please look into this and return my money to my account.

A/c: 33224045262
IFSC: SBIN0004844
Name: Sugandha Sharma
Branch Code: 4844
Apr 3, 2018

Online transactions OTP is not being generated

This is to bring to your notice that in today's digital times, I am deprived of using internet facilities for the past more than 2 months. I am facing this issue of OTP not generated in both savings SBI accounts with

Account nOs.- in the name of PRAVEEN AGGARWAL

At first I thought it may be a technical glitch. But even after raising a compliant and visiting the branch in person there is no response. There was a message sent to the technical team to resolve the issue to my registered mobile no. and it has been resolved as mentioned in the message. But the issue remain the same.

Mr Tanuj Purohit, in this branch assured that this will be taken care off, but no respite. He surprisingly asked and made me change registered mobile no which I think is the most inappropriate thing to do.

I request you to get this resolved as these people in the branch and even the Branch Manager is unable to do anything and is asking me to wait and wait.


Online transactions OTP is not being generated

suman kumar 92 gupta
Feb 16, 2018

Adhaar bank link status

I m M.Tech student of 2017-2019 batch .AICTE provide Stefan money to completes rhe mtech but due to the bank seeding account problem they are not provide me stefan money so i also try to update the seeded account with adhaar link ,but bank already update /link the account with adhaar but on udai portal due to some techanical issue this not shows the adhaar link with your account .
so due to above reason aicte doew not provide money.....please help sir what i do.....for this my contact no=9555926600
Feb 10, 2018

ATM Debit card

A man named sumit called me +917808797632 is his number. He asked me to give my Atm debit card details and when I asked him about his details he abused me. Please help me and also others who might also get calls like this. He should be arrested as soon as possible for fraud calls.

Dec 5, 2017

Ecs/return charge

I have paid my last november month of mobile Emi through site on the condition he will not charge ang amount but my bank deducted 600 charge from my account in the name ecs/return charge..what to do now? Bank says it's a manual system to deduct..

Ecs/return charge

Sep 20, 2017

Balance deduction

My balance has deducted from my account without making any payment from State bank of India...and amount is of 200. What is the reason how will I get my refund back
Sep 16, 2017

Deny of personal loan

Sir / madam
I am working as an engineer in a civil construction company. Their is an financial emergency in my family and i went to the sbi branch sectir 11 noida for applying personal loan.. As my salary account is in sbi and my salary is 30k i have fulfilled eary criteria for the loan but the madam incharge their denied for the loan because according to her only a perso working for more than 3 years in a same company is eligible for loan. And i have total work experience of 2.5 years in same company.
Aug 20, 2017


Dear Sir/ Mam,
I Angoori Devi was an account holder in Laxmi Nagar branch of State Bank of India with account No. 10193196531. On July 2017 I visited branch to invest my amount of Rs 100000/- in Fixed Deposit, but staff of that branch misguide me and they invested my money in mutual fund. I came to know about this when my son received a letter of mutual fund from branch. When I visited branch to close that mutual fund, staff misbehaved with me. To complete their targets they make public “FOOLS”.
I also ccomplaint on bank's mail id but till now there was no response.
I am an old age pensioner and I don’t want my money to be invested in mutual fund. Kindly look into the matter and do the needful on urgent basis.

Angoori Devi
Mob: 9910829451
Naveen baid
May 30, 2017

Fraud and cheat by sbi

my bank has paid an amount of rs. 2lacs from my account to the third party without any id proof and even overleaf sign are also duplicate and not matching with the original ones
i want to get my money back otherwise i will contact mediafor this
Santosh Khatri
May 1, 2017


It's very Frustrated when I went to Kapashera, Delhi branch for account opening purpose.
Messenger Ashok Kumar Sood asked me to produce KYC and when provided PAN and Adhar with Voter I'd card, he told me to produce electricity bill along with landlord.
As per RBI guidelines adhaar with pan card is mandatory for KYC however I given him voter I'd card as well.
But he clearly denied for helping me and asked me to go to an another bank.
He said Head Quarter has given him an instruction to not to open an account if a person is rented. He said he will only open the account once landlord with rent agreement produced by me.
I'm living with same landlord more than 10 years and have all the documents for same address..
Now I think to talk with RBI regarding this as only SBI Kapashera branch denied to accept documents and asked me to produce landlord with rent agreement apart from my documents.
He even didn't given me an account opening form.
Apr 23, 2017

account debit unsuccessfully but not credtit

A transaction through my father's State Bank Debit card card no xxxxxxxxxxx49 for Rs.3465/- was not successfully done on 22nd December, 2016 at School of Open Learning website which was immediately cancelled.We are already complain to SBI but not find correct solution. The amount has still not been credited to my father's account. In evidence a copy attached of RTI from School of Open Learning.Details of the transaction given below:

My SOL Roll No. 13-1-002553
Bar Code No. 769538
Name - SAGAR
Course -B.com III (Part)

Debit card no. xxxxxxxxx549
POS no. 000000000368571
MOPSBIDRCARD txn no. ############
Date of Transation: 22.12.2016
Time: 10:36 AM
Debit card holder's/My father's Name: Shridhar Ajay Kumar
Account No. 33058332264

for more information call 9560591132.

account debit unsuccessfully but not credtit

Mar 15, 2017

banks charges

My SBI account is with swathya vihar branch of SBI. I deposited my cheque with Cannought Place branch of SBI. Due to the error of bank my cheque was returned and bank charged 172 rupees I again presented that cheque and again due to bank's fault it was returned. I visited CP branch of SBI they told me to go to the BOI (Drawee bank). BOI told me that cheque was dishonoured because SBI didn't send clear picture of cheque. Than I filed a complained with SBI online complaint portal they replied We charges as per our policy please visit of our website for more info.
As a customer of bank we deposit our money so that it remain safe with them but how bank is deducting charges without the knowledge of customer and without any conclusive reasons for deductions..
I request please help me to get my money back to me.

Mayank Bhutani
[email protected]
Jan 1, 2017

Money deducted but not visible in Paytm account

I was adding money to my paytm wallet but money deducted from my account and not credited to paytm wallet and its been 7 days money hasn't been credited to my account too. Adding all the details also.
Name- Naman Jagga
Transaction date- December 25,2016
Transaction id- POS PRCH POS ############ ONE 97 COMMUNICATIONS
Bank- SBI
Account no- 33917755163

Money deducted but not visible in Paytm account

Deepak moulekhi
Dec 19, 2016

Cheque book not received

Cheque book not received till date for my a/c no. 31696441012
Oct 26, 2016

Unknown Deduction from Account

My self Dharamveer Singh and have an account with SBI, Mayur Vihar-II Branch with Account number 3240000. The bank does not intimate us to charges about their particular subjects and deducted huge amount form my account as Cheque Returning Charges as on 14.10.2016. They did not mentioned the break up of deductions. I am unable to understand the charges deducted from my account. I took loan from another person to clear the instrument but on the same day they deducted total amount of Rs. 4,000 from my account. Please find the attachment of my updated passbook and resolve the things. I am totally harassed during festive season. The bank did unethical things without any intimation.

Unknown Deduction from Account Unknown Deduction from Account

Oct 5, 2016

Not able to see the obtained marks

I am Ajit Kumar Jha. I appeared for SBI PO mains exam on 31st July,2016. Yesterday link to check marks obtained by candidates was activated on SBI site. I am not able to see my marks. My details are :

Roll No. : 2621309263
Registration No. : 380692944
DOB : 01-September-1993
Jun 13, 2016

ATM Center Reg.

ATM ID 727256
maximum time CAR Park on front of ATM Center.
ATM Gate Maximum time Block.
Ac is not working in this ATM Center.
Too much dust on ATM & ATM room wall.

Ravi Shankar Kumar
Place- Santi Marg,Mandawali.
New Delhi-110092

Sir please kindly take some action.
thank you.
Bharat Pandit
Jun 13, 2016

duty not done by sbi employee

I filled a form of DDA and my sister too, the payment of which has to be done through sbi chalan and no other mode of payment is there available. But the employee at shahdara delhi sbi branch did not take the chalan and said firmly that he won't take it do whatever you can do . He said no single person can fill chalan more than one and ordered to go to other banks and also if anyone has account in other branch than they dont do any work of that person at any cost. The person has to suffer but that does not matter to them.
Jun 5, 2016

NEFT sms

I received the following message from VM-SBIPSG :

Your NEFT of Rs 100000 with UTR SBIN############ DTD 03/06/16 credited to Beneficiary AC NO. 67184933915 at SBTR0000308 on 03/06/16 at 05:43 PM

Please tell me what is going on, I have no idea about any such transaction, nor do I have an account with SBI.

NEFT sms

May 24, 2016


I had downloaded and installed app on smart phone android state bank of India buddy but i had received pass code from sender to receiver money for state bank wallet but it is invalid passcode but sender money what we can do money had lost
Ravi - Dutt
Apr 25, 2016

Fraudulent online Transaction made using Debit Card

There was fraudulent call received from one of the unknown caller (Mobile - 8651806390) saying he is Manager in State Bank of India.He did said that the debit card with first 6 digits " 622018" and Last four digits "0199" on 22-Apr-2016 morning at 08:30 AM. He made 7 transaction of worth Rs 43776 on SBI Buddy , PayU , PayTM , Freeof charge.in.

The true caller details of the fraudulent (showing Stete Bank of India - Deepak Sharma) and name found as Mandal Kumar) user is attached below for which I would request you to trace and block all his account and request you to guide where from different merchants has replied for the kind of transaction further performed by the user.
Dec 29, 2015

Fraud call

I got a call from no +917280866914 asking for details of debit card because my numbers given on back of my debit card Thad expired and he gives me New numbers to renew (card has numbers allotted to each Alphabet from A - L for card confirmation while shopping online.I said I dont've card and he said he'll call in evening which I neglected.
Called nxt day and when I questioned his id and pushed him little he became arrogant and started his usual maa-behen stuff.Now again he called and I switched it on hold.
Really these guys think smart and look for bakras. But he was speaking Hindi and when I switched to English, that Executive was in trouble.
Dec 9, 2015

Security guard sleeping onduty

I visit your sbi atm D BLOCK LAXMI NAGAR, delhi on 09 dec 2015 4.45pm and watch your security guard sleeping on duty back of atm mahine room. I attched the photos as a proff. Please take action as soon as possible. You see in the two photos guard sleeping on the chair and other one you see the location of your ATM.

Security guard sleeping onduty Security guard sleeping onduty

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