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sun tv serial

Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about sun tv serial

Sep 24, 2014

Stop watching of sun tv

dear customers of suntv and serial watching people listened it carefully, stop watching of sun tv serials it will create criminal ideas among the people by watching the suntv serials.Avanga panam sambathigaruthuku illatha polatha elathaiyum makaluku eduthukati societya spoil panrathuthan suntvyoda first ambition. In all the serials they showing only criminal activities take the suntv from the dishtv select comedy channels and vijay tv and songs channels it will relax people and comedy makes the people laughs so try to avaoid sun tv. Nowaday the suntv channel going on worst............................... watch vijay tv lot of comedy making progams and dance progams are shown in the channedl our vote to vijay tv only.So sad to suntv unga pera neengalaea spoil panitu erukinga.
Sep 23, 2014

munthanai mudichchu

Will there be no end to the criminal activities of the villainous Prema?It is total non sense to see that she escapes from everything without getting caught.The peak is her changing the pen drive exhibited today.Mr Maran ,it is time you take steps to end the nonsense.
Sep 23, 2014

mundhanai mudichu serial

Sir, I request you to stop the no.1 worst serial mundhanai mudichu, in the sun TV. Its getting very worst. We are getting angry by watching that serial. serial director don't have sence. Please stop this type of serials it will spoil your channel reputation. People watching TV to get some relaxation but this type of serials make to get irritated. We already watching only vijay TV serials they were really gud. But some people in our home watching your stupid 'mundhanai mudichu' serial its making others boring. So kindly I request you stop that foolish, stupid and irritatingrial. Thank you.
Sep 19, 2014


Dear sun tv members,

THINK IN A DIFFERENT WAY.......................WHY YOU ARE TELECASTING VERY VERY WORST SERIALS ................................................................ PEOPLE ALREADY THEY ARE NOT WATCHING YOUR CHANNEL............................. PLEASE SEE VIJAY TV......................................... TAKE A TRAINING IN VIJAY TV........................................................
Sep 19, 2014

sun tv serial

Stop telecast serials on Saturdays
Sep 18, 2014

change vani rani director

we as viewer wanted radhika mam to change her director as the serial no longer interesthing, she normaly change director if the story become less interesting..the story become dragy and like chew gum..they drag and the story is moving without motive. nowdays the direction of ON Ratnam is very very poor and we want changes in the direction..please suggest to radaanmedua and we as her fan dislike the rubber stretching story and poor direction..for her serial selvi arasi and chellamey she change directorand the serial become good and interesting over time.. she better changer director as what we fans of this serial wish for.
Sep 17, 2014

shakthi serial very worst

Kindly dont telecast the shakthi serial its really irritating and NO:1 worst serial.Parents and the young girls are getting afraid while watching this serial. kindly please band this serial
Priya Karthick
Sep 15, 2014


Hello sun tv all the serials in your network become worse day by day pls try to change all the serials. All already people in urban areas moved to others networks why are you not ready to listen our voice.

Among the all worst is Vani Rani I am not talking about storyline here because all the serials in sun tv having the shit storyline. I am talking about the feedbacks, they are cheaply remove the negative feedback in both youtube and FB.And introduce the cross talk gave the confidence to the people all the storyline in the serials moving according to audience wish only and using their fans like beggers and cheaply increase their TRP. And create a mini warzone in comment box section and send mediator to the comment section, finally they fail to satisty the audience wish. Ok i accepted all the we cannot except all the storyline moves according to our wish.

But my question is why they cheaply remove the comments, all the comments are reflection of people thinking. Some people express their views in harsh manner and some people express their views in soft manners we cannot except all the persons are behave like same. Removing the negative feedback is very childish and proves the indecent behaviours of serial.
Sep 10, 2014

kumaran serials

Mr.Kumaran sir
Respected kumaran what happen to you.Thayavu seithu neerala matidatha enna nadakumnu theriyathu olunga poi suicide atten panidu.thank you unaku puniyama pogatum
Sep 10, 2014


Mr.Kumaran Sir,

Are you having connection with item girls.Why you always giving connection to other wife husband.This kind of story will increase the crime thinking about the characters and they follows.Take the story in a positive way. What you think about girls (Dharani character)neenga va sonna varathukum poo sonna porathukum girls enna doga. da bastard. unaku evlo thimuruda nayaa soruthana thundra ell......
[email protected]
Sep 5, 2014

issue on deivamagal serial

Director Mr Kumaran

How many times all people are telling to stop your stupid, non sense , worst serial. Dai baadu un evanda serial edukka sonna. people are thinking your eating shit daily 3 times or 4 times. Windup your deviagal serial.Serial name is good but your serial is worst.

Suntv has good brand name but Mr.kumaran will repair that brand name.

you are human being one time feedback is bad about your serial. you have to stop your serial Many days were people telling but you are not listening means you are not a human being.
jayanthi jayasuri
Sep 4, 2014

about unnecessary noice


Kindly stop the back ground music and 'aaaaa'other karna kadura saptham. The elders like aged about 85 years
are watching deiva magal, thendral, vani rani and all other episodes in sun TV including from morning to evening.
The back ground music is very high and not able to hear the voice. The background music is dominating
the voice and the age old are raising volume upto 100. Kindly all background music and all the series in sun tv
will be in melodious not able to hear the voice in the level of 10 itself for aged persons. I think you will
hereafter reduce the background music almost all the series and karna kadura dum dum saptham and ahah saptham
Aug 30, 2014


Mr.KUMARAN has been a psycho and continues to be a psycho.I keep a request to all the welfare associations in TAMILNADU
who r not raising their voices and objecting to telecast this bullshit serial which is spoiling the society.This serial must be stopped
immediately becuase it is totally against our culture and spoiling the society.How many times can we write the complaints here.I request all the welfare associations as well as human rights group to object for telecasting this serial.Now there is another
story which is unneccessary and must be avoided.KALYANIS sister who is going to school is facing domestic violence in
their family and tortured.What is the human rights doing? It is setting a bad example among the public.Please stop this serial
with immediate effect.
Aug 27, 2014

Sun tv serial thendral.....

I think Mr. Kumaran has faced many problems in his life , by a charecter kind of charru.....

I dont think anybody is watching these complaint board... so there is no use of complaining.. there is no reaction for these complaints what all have been posted. But still i wanted to harshley use some bad words like _____________ against mr. kumaran for directing a serial like this. Mr. Kumaran i have a doubt, whether ur wife is with you or with some other guy........ because manam, soodu, soranai ulla entha oru pombalaium unna mathiri oru paithiyakara psycho kooda eppadi santoshama vazha mudiyum,.. chancea illa........... kandipa ava vera oruthan kooda odi poi iruppa,,,,,,,,,,,, enda unaku ellam manasatchi ye illaya da.. entha oru kudumbathulayavuthu indha madhiri nadanthu nee pathuirukiriya da porambokku naiye............ ethana per intha seriyala pakuranga.. avanga ellaroda sabam unna nallava vazhavaikum nee nambre........ ennatha nee kadaisila ellarum thirunthuna mathiri kattunalaum... antha sabam unna summa vidathu.........unnoda pasangalum atha serial ah pakkuranga illa............... avangalum kandippa unna mathiri manam keetu dhan nadapanga................ unaku ponnu iruntha ava prostitute ayidu va..............atha pathu unakku dhan paithiyam pudika poghuthu........... kandippaga........ithu nadakum
Aug 27, 2014


Hello kumaran Sir,

Whats wrong with you ???? are you ok ....
why this stupids came from jail ???? who asked you to release them from jail ...
what you thinking sir ?? i m talking about murthy & ganesh...
Murthy - papali ... avan munjum avanum... background music vera avaruku..
why this kolaveri ???
STOP this saroja from acting... and thodupu -- vijaya...
and den coming back to sowmya -- pavam adhu china ponu avala poi renda tarama suresh ku kati vaikiranga... too bad...
Please join dharani with suresh..
"ENNA AKKA EDHU" --- enda dialogue tavira vinodhini ku vera dialog panjama sir ????
better she can go and dance for dont worry don worry be happy... waste for serial....
finally, deivamagal when we watched at the first sight gives very entertain but now ... yappa ......
kindly take this serial in a positive way ...

Please !!!
Aug 26, 2014

very non sence

devamazhal serial is very worst it is not intrested.because gathari and saroja is not at all stoping his non-sense behaviour she is a very irritating character please avoid this type of characters .sowmiya please go from this serial no one like you
Aug 26, 2014

How can these programs be banned for good

These moronic shows are spoiling everybody's lives by lowering people's IQ and creating extremely negative and disturbing attitudes in the general population. Someone needs to seriously take up this issue and make sure that these serials do not get any prime time slots (or any slot for that matter on any channel). Does anyone know how to actually make sure that this is seen by someone who can actually do something about this to ban all these channels/programs and who has the wisdom and good character to do something about it? The key question is how to stop the funding for such serials and how to get the advertisers to withdraw from them (maybe boycotting all products from companies that advertise/sponsor these programs/channels)? But how?
Aug 18, 2014


It is the arrogant attitude of MR.KUMARAN director of THENDRAL serial who does not want to finish this serial and continuous
to drag on.SO what is the use of watching These types of serials in SUN TV.1)NEGATIVE THOUGHTS 2)RIFT IN OUR FAMILY
3)SPOILING THE SOCIETY 4)Showing the POLICE and DOCTORS as villains to the public 4)Always showing the ladies being
tortured 5)No positive thinking etc.Mr.KUMARAN please give positve thoughts and positve energy to the viewers by acheiving
the goal for THULASI and not tortured by MAYA.If KUMARAN doesnt know what is meant by positive thoughts better watch hindi
serials like DIYA AUR BATHI HUM and YEH HAI MOHABATTEIN in STAR PLUS.MR.KUMARAN please finish the serial which
is creating a headache as soon as possible.
Aug 13, 2014

Thendral Serial

When will Thendral serial get over?????I started watching this serial form the day 1 and it was nice but now for few months i started hating it. It just creates negative thoughts and increases everyones BP. heart becomes heavy after watching this serial. Why introducing worst characters like Malini,Maya,doctor who tries to change tamil's mind.This creates such a bad thought in the minds of the people who watch this! Police,doctors are shown in a very bad manner..Mr.Director,Why do u think so cruel??? Take serial to create positive thoughts in the people's mind and make them happy. This serial is saddism. Please change the story line and keep tamil and thulasi happy with their loved ones.Why the hell did u bring in charu again? from all the sides thulasi is facing probs.Tamil is the hero of the story and he is been troubled so much by maya. Why cant u show them as the one winning all the bad situations together? Why are u always thinking negative? Simply dont write story based on whatever comes to ur mind. Stop thinking in negative and cruel way or for heaven sake stop directing serials! We are not stupids to continue watching this bloody shit.
Aug 13, 2014


It seems there is no end to THENDRAL serial and all other stupid serials telecasted in SUN TV.This SUN TV has the habit of
not responding to the complaints posted by viewers and continuously shut the ears and telecast the same asshole serials.Just for money sake and business it continuous to do so.I have posted complaints numerous times here but there is no response
for me or either all the viewers.Characters like MAYA,NILA,CHARU r creating a negative impact on the society and same
CHARU story line is repeated for the past five years since 2009.There seems to be no end to this.
MAHABHARAT which is telecasted in STAR PLUS which started only last year is going to finish this FRIDAY
but this tamil serials does not come to an end.MAHABHARATHA is an epic in INDIA that itself is going to finish but why these
useless serials seems to be dragged.Viewers r made a scapegoat by these irritating directors who r directing these serials .
Aug 12, 2014

Thendral Serial

Please stop this serial. The story is so boring and the characters are so rude. It leaves a bitter taste in ones mouth after watching this serial. Depression is an illness to be cured not encouraged. Please put serials that show families in a positive and happy frame of mind. I think with all the horrible things happening in the society today, we need more positive emotions and not negativity. For the sake of money pls do not promote depression and sadism. No one in their right brains will want to watch this stupid serial anymore. Do not extend the serial for the sake of extending it and introduce more and more useless negative characters. For once can't any serial writer show a family where there is peace and harmony and where the mother in law is actually a good person and not a mafia don trying to destroy her son's family? I think these serials are spreading unnecessary bad vibes inside a family.
Aug 11, 2014

Irritating stories in Sun TV - serials

Stop the background music in te serials. Everyone has a male or female howling like dog. You should be charged for causing depression to the viewers.
Aug 10, 2014

Complaint against TV Serial'Sakthi'

Dear Sir
I appreciate all serials broadcasted in Sun Tv, Though there are flaws in carrying out the same subject. There is also some understanding in terms of tackling a situation. But there is one particular serial' Sakthi' show cast at 10:00 Pm Mon to Fri which is really irritating. It is irritating because of the attitude in which the script is being written. You show a girl suffering and getting tortured by her husband and in return the girl does not tell anything and instead respects her husband for what he does. Is there are a message trying to convey to educated girls that even if their husband is a psycho, they should treat them with care? There are many NGO'S and social organizations to help these girls. If you cannot telecast in your serial atleast in any one of the episodes about the use of these at least don’t not reflect negativity among the viewers by showing girls as puppets and torture drums.

Aug 9, 2014

Irritating stories in Sun TV - serials

Pls change the stories of Serials. The same is happening in all life.Pls don't make us irritating Especially theiva magal, Thendral, etc. These are making people spoiling the society. Actually ladies must treat as good living in society. But.. I can't tolerate all these serials. each and every serial is vengence especially ladies.. I can't able to accept all this. Pls change the story or finish the story.

My humble request pls don't make us foolish. and try to take comedy and thrilling serials in future. Pls finish the serials as early as possible. DO NOT CREATE ANY FURTHER NEGATIVE ELEMENT IN THIS SERIAL.
Aug 9, 2014

deivamagal serial

plz stop this serial orelse change the track in positive way

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