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sun tv serial

Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about sun tv serial

Jul 12, 2014

Sakthi Series,The New Avatar

Senthilkumaran.R HOD-EEE

Dear Viewers, Don't look at the Hero's harassment to the heroine, It is the study to understand the control to herself to touch a life of this heroine, like traditional more family. Now, It teaches the women to live their life, but one day sakthi's husband control his ego to himself by her naturalism. So, this Story is 'Comfortable to See list' to our family. This is the good message, but most of them like some women tortures (like other series) to whole family . livelihood performance, nice acting hero (plus his (may be dubbed) voice).
Jul 9, 2014

shakti tamil serial nice

Ya I truly dont feel that shakti serail is bad..
It looks very natural.
Many other serials like wani and rani looks rubbish and devaimagal is boring..
the acting of the Hero is very good..
Plz dunn stop this serial,
this is the only serial which is sensible...
The main actor is not torturous,
he is just overpossesive abt his wife,which many people are ..
just To Mr.siddhique,this serial looks natural and non-artificial,
so great job
Jul 8, 2014

sakthi serial

What happened to siddiq.why such a non sense subject is taken after giving a good serials.To my understanding this slot is meant for a month.Then why its still continued. Hope this will be stopped as early.
Jul 8, 2014


THENDRAL is the only SUN TV serial i watched from the 1st day its being telecast.The subject Thulasi suppose to accomplish her objective,which is to complete her studies and be in highly respected job.She was supported by her friends in the beginning and was continuously supported by Tamizh as her husband.
My point of view :
-The hurdles she faced with her family,husband and friends are still acceptable.
But not with the current characters,Nila,Shiva's mum and Boomika.These people absolutely has nothing to do with Thulasi.Stop introducing new characters each and everyday.Of course not with Charu again.
-I dont think there will be any mother-in-law will look for another girl for her married son event though she doesnt like the daughter-in-law.Please stop describing mother-in-laws as evil as you are showing now.I dont think such mother-in-laws still exist in today's world.
-End Thendral by making Thulasi achieving her aim successfully with the support of her loved ones.

p/s : i was in my final year of studies on the 1st day i watched this serial...now am married with a 5-months old baby...please dont DRAG serials...concentrate on the main characters and how they overcome their daily hurdles with their family,working world and friends...support and get supported by their loved ones...they dont have to deal with strangers...all the time...
[email protected]
Jul 3, 2014

All Sun TV Serials

It is disappointing to see all sun tv serials excepting vani rani to be dumb serials there is no real message to the community . there are no entertaining programs such as those in vijay tv. if the suntv management is not able to secure good programs for the benefit of the society then they are better off simply closing this tv channel
Jul 3, 2014


The people who made this serial and the director must be a sadist to show diff ways of cruelty to women. What is the women population doing to put up with such nonsense
I have a feeling the director is using his fantasies as this serial
What is the sensor board doing.

Like a previous review, we use this TV as an entertainment there are no funny serials at all. Why can some one do a serial that is hilarious and you can watch with family. Why can't Indian television do like the American shows like Seinfeld / 3 is company/ Jeffersons and many more that can be watched and feel good that you had a good laugh instead of showing cruelty. Any Indian channel has only cruelty. By husnds/ mother in law etc. when is India going to change.
Jul 3, 2014


thendral serial is good
Jul 1, 2014

Sun TV serial -Sakthi

Dear sir/ madam,
Really I feel the serial is ridiculous. Already women are undergoing lot of troubles, this nonsense serial teaches people how to do cruelty to women in different different ways. Let us stop this nonsense.
Kindly help to stop this serial as soon as possible.
With Regards,
Indira Rajaram
Jun 30, 2014

A viewer from abroad

The serial Deivamagal is constantly revolving around the revengeful attitude of Gayatri, the Ganda Mirugam, and Saroja, the terror mother in law and the listless characters of Prakash and others. You are not trying to solve the mysteries of poisoning the m i law nor Gayatri's atrocities and her arrogance and egoistic tendencies. If you are interested in highlighting the characters of Gayatri ,
Saroja and her accomplices, the serial is absolutely useless and unworthy of watching. Please try to improve the trend or stop telecasting such worthless episodes
Aha, the title Deivamagal' is absolutely not proper for your shows. STOP giving importance to "GM" Gayatri and the horrible Saroja!
Get the ideas from the viewers to improve the quality of your direction.
Jun 30, 2014

Deiva Magal Serial must be banned

To Sun TV Management

Please ban Dieva Magal Serial immediately for the folloiwng reasons

1. It makes the Hindu belief system namely Dharmam will win by making all negative charecters succeed in all their efforts
2. Every passing day, it keeps introducing new negative charecters
3. This is the serial with maximum negativity
4. Daughter's in Laws are usually supposed to be the saviour of the family and showing such negativity in a woman charecter spoils the very savour of Indian family system
5. This also spoils the psychology of the next generation making them think constantly only that there is a lot of negativity in families

Please ban this serial immediately

Irritated viewer
Jun 29, 2014

Request to telecast SHIVAM SERIAL

hello sun tv!!!!!!!!!!!! we request you to telecast shivam serial which was telecasted in vijay tv...we don't know why vijay tv stopped shivam serial suddenly.....there are so many viewers for shivam serial.....we will be very happy when you telecast shivam serial...
[email protected]
Jun 28, 2014

Compalint on Deivamagal serial

Deivamagal serial director kumaran please stop your stupid serial. how many people are complaining on your serial whether you ar eating food or shit. Daye naye un seriala niruthuda
bond 007
Jun 27, 2014


The contents of all the serials telecasting in the sun tv is totally negative.....all the asshole directors of this serials go and hang yourselves.Every time i change the channel to sun tv..either some bitches where cring nor one bitch s shouting in single,think new and direct the serials.i am getting sick of this and started to hate sun tv. the only thing i can say is stop all the serial or the brand name of the channel will be spoiled. we are not STILL illerate to watch your stupid serials.

one day will come where no one is willing to see your dumb channel.so plz stop the serials ,its my humble request

Stop feeding negative thoughts through your serials u stupid directors.we are willing to spend an hour an hour to just relax not to get irritated by your serials.

On a lighter note,deivamagal serial director is an psycho , if i see you anywhere i would kill you ...
thendral director-stop your non sense serial....go and kill yourself
Jun 26, 2014

Atrocious Serial Shakthi

Help the youngsters by stopping Shakthi Serial,
All our family members get together after 10:00 PM for having dinner and we watch serial together. The serial is disturbing and the content is totally bad. Please change the serial timing or stop the serial itself.
It will spoil the society itself. The content is totally negative.
Please change the timing or stop the serial itself.
Requesting you,
Jun 26, 2014

complaint on the asshole director

the director of the serial deivamagal is an asshole ........ i dont no in how many attempts he gave birth to the baby. bcz making abortions s a very funny for him......... its an 8'o clock serial everyone in the home will be seeing the tv espiecally suntv........ but now a days bcz of this serial we dont like to watch the suntv itself.......... plz stop this serial or try to change the director..... or tell him to take in positive way........... suntv he s spoiling ur brandname......... i think he got money from someother tv to decrease ur ratings. plz take into account.
[email protected]
Jun 25, 2014

complaint on deivamagal serial

Deivamagal serial is very worst. Mr. Kumaran stop your non sense serial go and die. why you came to direction and story writing to make people to learn bad things. every single individual curse you wont be good. you are spoilng the Sun tv brand name. please stop your non sense serial and go. Mudiyala unn seriala niruthu
Jun 24, 2014

Shakthi serial

Kindly ask the serial going on sun tv.. we are irritated and got angry over the serial !!
The program should make people to divert their mind from a problem and has to reduce tension.. that's what all we move to the entertaining program on tv ... but this nonsense concept about the serial is very worst to think about and it is very unfair !! Kindly change the concept of the serial which is going on or stop it immediately.. also stop approving such concepts and telecasting over the media... its not only the money concern to think about but also keeping the people watching this ! Better get the Doctor to the special Psychiatrist in the city to change his mind set, If you could !!!!
Jun 21, 2014

Complaint against naathaswaram

Dear naathaswaram director,
Your serial is absolute crap ..it's damaging the ear drums of all ur viewers.. How do you manage to make all ur characters converse at such high decibels ..am surprised... I seriously don't know how u manage to take such a serial with such uncomplimentary dialogues..shows highly unprofessional of u.. For the goodness of lives of people of tamilnadu kindly request you to stop the serial ASAP!!!
Jun 20, 2014

Sun TV Shakthi Serial

This serial is absolute nonsense and I dont know why Sun TV and that a director like Siddiq has opted for such subject. Either change the characterisation or stop the serial immediately
Jun 18, 2014

Shakthi serial

This serial is very disturbing and ridiculous
It is a sadistic one and young girls are only going to have a fear of marriage after watching it.
We have all decided to stop watching this serial and are waiting for the day It will end.
Please stop this idiotic serial.
Jun 18, 2014

about sakthi serial

what non sens of sakthi serial director..this director teach cureal mind to young generation ...this director also one of the sadist...i think....we are shame about this serial ......this serial must be stopped , it is wrong roll model of young generation of tamil culture ....we are opposit and agitate against of sun tv for permitted to broadcast this serial ...sun tv is the roll model of tamil tv channel....so please immediately to be stopped this serial....one of the foolish director of sakthi serial...what message he tellin to public and young tamil generation........Non sense Director
Jun 17, 2014

deiva magal story

now only the serial seems good apart from dharaini side .... suddenly this aborption concept not expecting... really its terrible,,,, plz telecast with good positive things ... diector sir plz make the storys which would not affect the relationship of prakash and sathya.. also turn som changes in dharani and suresh life also..... generally all serials giving negative thoughts much .... we are seeing for just entertainment.... so.... take take take necessary steps to give positive things
Jun 17, 2014


Dear Sun TV Management,

Please take necessary steps to change the director of DEIVAMAGAL.

It has some good looking individuals as actor, but the idiotic director is portraying them like nonsense.

We cant bare watching this nonsense in our favourite channel......

Please do take necessary steps........
Jun 16, 2014

Devathai serial

In this serial they portray valar as going behind a beggar and becoming psychologically disturbed to bring poorani's baby etc. This seems a little bit of rubbish. Also another thing happening is that poorani is seemed to have no connection with the past of ranga but she has the same looks. But they can't confirm it scientifically and there is still so much of suspense. We want to know the truth before we get bored of this serial. And how come all her family members want to throw her out of the house because they suspect her marriage is over with Ranga. Ideas like these don't seem to be in touch with reality but just a spice for viewing by some household members. Kindly show some more realistic content in your serials.
Jun 14, 2014


This serial is total rubbish which should be banned immediately. They are showing the Doctor's profession very bad similar to politicians corruption. I think character Maya is going way too far to protect her daughter in fact she can't announce publicly that charu is her daughter. It seem's doctor is willing to do anything just for his fame and money. Doctor's profession is supposed to save life not like what they are showing in the serial. This is totally unacceptable also what pleasure do they get by separating the couples who were living happily. Also Tamil's mum is total evil lady obessed with evil thoughts. In fact she is also having a daughter imagine if her son-in-law been treated same as Tamil

I don't understand how this is acceptable by the TV review board. Also not sure what the Women's organisation are doing by watching this. This is should stop or they should ban this serial. The public should boycott this by not watching this serial.

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