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sun tv serial

Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about sun tv serial

Mar 31, 2018

Chandralekha Serial

Without strong story value, just for statistical purposes, it appears, the serial is dragged episodes after episodes. The police officials are depicted in poor light in several episodes. For example, when a group of criminals are rounded up, keeping the gun, the police officials being husband and wife, waste time delivering emotional dialogues thus giving enough time to the criminals to retaliate. The story department is evidentially absent many times. Anyway, like me many may feel happy that their valuable time is saved by stop watching this serial. Even the other serials have flaws. There is no entertainment leave alone valuable learning.
Mar 31, 2018

Telecasting the same serial twice


Sun tv is worst channel ever, torturing the people by telecasting non sense programs. Now recently started telecasting same serial in the night and also in the day. On sunday's, its the most idiotic programs, only serial actors comes in all the programs. The films are edited just to to cover the time and advertisements.
Mar 25, 2018

Sun singer is completely rigged

This show is completely a waste of time and talent. The contestant age for the show is 5-15 because of which all kids auditioning for this sow fall under that age category and as part of the show the judges pick on kids based of their talent and age. In the current season there were so many talented girls who sung so well and finally they have given an award to a 5 year old who has not learnt singing , has no understanding of the words and has zero talent in front of tue other girls like alena and Poornima. And judges are loosing their credibility completely, singers like chinmayi who is such a serious judge and so many comments for the kids is making a 5 year old win the show is completely nonsense. Either you make the show for kids bewtween4-8 or make some real talent win or END THE SHOW AND MAKE NO MORE SEASONS.
sudarsan. R
Mar 22, 2018

Kuladeviam Kevalamana serials

Ena -----ku Ne serial adukura.sapadu dha sapirigala illa Vera adho sapirigala. Ennum nalla varudhu pesa kudadha nu eruka.
Mar 14, 2018

Ganga Kalyana Parisu

This serial portrays a bad example to the normal life. Two wives story is not in the real life but the suffering and heartache that they are going through is real and its not easy. The more the serial come up with this kind of shits the more it will happen among us. Media plays an important part in everyone's life. There are so many people take the media people as role model , some take them as a proof or strong elements that 2 wives is not wrong and few of them take the lesson shown at the end of the serial. There are so many issues and things to be shown in serial. why always shows wrong things to the society. You all don't have common sense or logic or at least brain to think ? Don't just do for the sake of money. To the artist you guys don't have brain is it. Just for money you people will act in any role is it ? that's the bloody reason Solvathellam Unmai program still exist ! Stop all this nonsense bloody directors ! I hope these directors' daughters' , sisters', friends' even mothers' go through the same thing .
Mar 11, 2018

Noise in title song of Apoorva Rangangal

I am irretated because of title song in Apoorva Ragangal.

While in add the promo of title song audio is very high and it is irritated.

Please reduce the volume.
Feb 13, 2018

தெய்வமகள் தொடர்

தெய்வமகள் தொடரை எங்கள் வீட்டு உறுப்பினர்கள்( குறிப்பாக பெண்கள்) மற்றும் உறவினர்கள், நண்பர்கள் அனைவரும் பார்ப்பதை விட்டுவி.ட்டனர்.

சன் டிவி க்கு பதிலாக விஜ்ய் டிவி தொடருக்கு மாறி விட்டனர்.

இன்னும் சில நாட்கள் தொடர்ந்தால், சன் டிவியின் TRP பூஜ்ய த்தை தொட்டுவிடும்.
Feb 13, 2018

Deivamagal - The worst

please file a case against the director and please women' organization please protest against, this serial and bad example for the society. women' organization only protest against unworthy issue, worst , worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst ever
A K Vaidyanath
Feb 8, 2018

Devar Magal serial

Please end this serial. This shows sadist villainy continuously of Gayatri character. And undermines the police department. People are fed up of this. When are you going to show the Gayatri's surrender or her end. Your TRP will go down. It's meaningless and it's not a social serial and it's anti social.
Feb 8, 2018


Dai Badu potta paiya Gowtham unakku wife irukkala avala Mela yaruna aasa patta nee accept pannipiya potta paiyya, eppadi indha Madhiri script nadikka othukkuringa potta Badu,andha innoru potta irukan paru Vicky Avan la oru manushana potta echa porikki..........eppadi Da aduthavanga wife Mela aasa padureenga Badu pasangala indha madhiri script edukkuran paru andha kedu ketta director avana seruppala adikkanum..........yenda society la Namma culture la ippadi irundha thappu illanu solli kudukkuringala potta pasangala .........dai Gowtham Badu potta mavane
Rajasekaran Japthikarani Ramakrishnan
Feb 6, 2018

Deivamagal and Priyamanaval

The bad always enjoying the life. The Good always crying for one or the other. The viewer is being advised to be bad rather good.
Is this what we want to tell our society? The bad injects poison, the good struggle for life and finally saved, the dialogue "The god that I was praying had not let me down". Foolish, idiotic completely non-sense. Here after for all serials, Full script to be presented to censor board and approval should b e obtained before commencing.
Feb 6, 2018

shirdhi baba

the best serial in TV for time being. I simply loved it.
Feb 6, 2018


another crap movie. how come this useless fat women always got someone to back her up. after few episode will kill the caretaker and be the ruler. how long you wanna use the same plot... please come up with good and innovative ideas. can't tolerate any longer. I just read comment don't watch...
Feb 6, 2018


please kill the character seethe. at least Nathan should do that. earlier he was ill treated by alamu and now this use and mental women. omg why on the earth Nathan is so quiet and innocent. disgusting charater. an another harshan worst. it would be better both harshan n sita to married... real suitable couple. annoying fools
Feb 5, 2018

Stop Deivamagal serial

It's is the worst ever serial I have seen. Why on this earth is this serial still telecasting???? It totally motivates the negative minded people. How long this gayathri is going to continue escaping from the police. It is definitely portraying the tamil nadu police in a wrong way (episode on 5-2-2018 too). I am really happy to see so many negative comments about this serial. Directors, producers and sponsors please don't be optimistic about the number of comments you are getting for this serial as so many people are still watching. After posting this I will never let my mom watch this serial anymore. please try to end this serial as soon as possible.
Feb 5, 2018


Most negative and mind polluting serial. Affecting the morale of Police forces
Feb 3, 2018

nonsense track

please stop this serial..it's to much bear this serial..i don't like to watch this serial but my mom is watching this serial please stop this serial
Feb 1, 2018

Deivamagal to be stoppeed

In human attitude there is something called as Learned Helplessness. We are tuned to this attitude because of this serial. Why on earth somebody should watch such TV serials? All the SUN TV viewers to decide to switch off the TV during 8 pm to 8.30 pm. The sponsorors need to be warned for supporting such worst serials. The Vikadan Televistas cannot be such a cruel entity. The entire team of this serial is being potrayed cruel. At least Gayatri ( The actual person) should refuse to act as such a negative character.

If any good at heart person reads this complaint, they would support us in switching of the TV during this timing.

Srinath Bangalore
Jan 23, 2018


Yenda ungalukku nalla story edukka theriyadha,aduthavan pondati Mela,aduthava purushan Mela aasa paduradhu indha Madhiri dhaan edupeengala paradesigala .......neengellam director ah thooo............
Suryadhan Suryadhan
Jan 23, 2018


Hi Sun tv Hindi serial are very super in Tenaliraman in Sony Sab plz put the Tenaliraman raman in tamil
Jan 20, 2018


இது போன்ற சீரியல்களை உடனடியாக தடை செய்ய வேண்டும். 17-01-18 அன்று வெளியான #தெய்வமகள் சீரியலில் தண்ணீரில் ஊசி மூலம் விஷம் கலப்பது போன்று காட்சி அமைத்துள்ளனர். ஏற்கனவே சமூகத்தில் பல்வேறு குற்றங்கள் நடக்கையில் இது போன்று புது புது உத்திகளை இவர்களே கற்றுதருவது கண்டிக்க தக்கது. கில்லி படத்தை போன்று எத்தனை இடங்களில் மிளகாய் பொடி உபயோகித்து குற்றங்கள் நிகழ்ந்துள்ளது என்பதை நாம் அறிய வேண்டும். சினிமாவை விட சீரியல்கள் வீடுகளுக்குள் புகுந்து பல்வேறு உறவுகளை சீரழித்து வருகிறது. இந்த நிலையில் இது போன்று வக்கிர எண்ணத்தை மக்கள் மனதில் விதைப்பதை போன்று சீரியல் எடுப்பதை நாம் அனைவரும் எதிர்க்க வேண்டும்.
Jan 18, 2018

Deiva Magal

Please stop Deivamagal serial. It is the worst serial on earth. The director named S. Kumaran is directing this serial and he always supports Gayathri. Gayathri doesn't stop winning and all the others are being portrayed as fools and idiots. There is no logic in this serial for example, in yesterday's episode, how do the goons know which can will be supplied to JHV?Are they gods? It is very irritating to see such a stupid serial being telecasted by Sun TV. Please censor this serial and remove violence from this serial. This serial is full of negativity, violence. It is only teaching the people how to kidnap, kill, murder and do all sorts of crimes and also the director portrays how easy it is to get away with crime. Either change the director or end the serial.
The director doesn't even know that no passport is required to travel to Andaman. Please end this serial immediately and spare the viewers of tension, bp and trouble.
Jan 16, 2018

Stop Priamanaval serial

Please stop telecasting serial like Priyamanaval or change the director we are Tamil people with decent live abroad,showing good about Tamil cultur to our children,as your serials .?????housband try someone to get marry his wife
Brother wife after divorce marry othe brother ? PLEASE DO SOMTHING to get beet viewers!
Jan 12, 2018


Dai dash paiyya unaku soodu sorana illaya ,ennada serial edukkura ,,,,,nee engada padicha....nee serial edukkalanu yaruda azhudha,,,,mental .......idhula oru use irukka, full and full violence ,nee yellam poi picha eduda serial edukkadha loosu payyale ,,,,,,kabodhi script ezhudhurana panni mairu Madhiri ,unnala serial pakkura interest varala Da
Jan 12, 2018

Tamil serials

The atrocious story lines in most of the tamil mega serials are unbearable. They depict mostly women as villains who plot murders, kidnapping, etc. Most of the time to drag the episodes, only bad triumphs all the time and at the last episode, they show the good finally winning. Constant watching of such heinous plots will take a toll on the human mind. In particular, serial Deiva Magal is extremely poisonous and the director thinks we are all stupid and we can watch whatever garbage he churns out. He depicts the police in a bad light which doesn't augur well for the society. Why cannot steps be taken to curb some improper characterization for years as these serials go on for years. Kula Deivam is another serial which is unbearable. This is mostly the case with all Sun TV serials.

We request you to kindly implement some measures to censor such stupid and violent shows.

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