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Consumer complaints and reviews about Tamil Nadu State Panchayat

Ayapakkam resident
May 4, 2019


Sir, we reside in ayapakkam TNHB , that is opposite to government high school, near sree vari stores, in this area all the streets have water and road facility but only this road and place doesn't have proper roads and water facility, even if we complaint there is no action taken towards this... We need proper road and water .. at least 50 families are residing in this place and we are suffering a lot because of no proper road and water . Request you to kindly take action against this and please bring road and water ... Every other roads are good and they have water but only this place has no facilities.. we are suffering please help us on this.. take action soon...
manimala g
Mar 26, 2019


I reside in Balaji Nagar Main Road, Old Perungalathur, Chennai 600 063 (Near CTO Colony Park). Four Street lights are not working in Balaji Nagar Main Road, This being near the "T" junction. People of Medow Villa Phase 2, Balaji Nagar, Sadasiva Nagar have to use this road .

This area is frequented by cows, snakes etc. It could be a danger to use this road in the night without street lights. I request the concerned authorities to look into the matter and rectify the street lights

G Manimala
Vijay Karthik rishikesh
Mar 1, 2019

Street light not glowing

Dear Respected concerns,

Plot no15- mekala, Naveen , Gunasekaran, Boopathy
Plot no 3/373- Narayanan
Plot no 3/308-pandurangan

We are living in Nehru street, ganapathy Nagar, vandalur tamilnadu. street light not glowing from the street of living of LED bulb on the above post.
Post no: 1-7-35
-. L-
Kindly consider our issue and do the needful it would be great help for our area people.

Thanks in advance for your kind review and help.

Nehru street well wishes.
Manoj Kumar K
Feb 11, 2019

Street light and cleaning problem

Hi ,
K.G .Natraj nagar.
illupapalayam post,
Street light no.41.its not working.
I registered complaint in panchayat office one week before.still no one is coming to repair.
Also this area no one is coming to clean ..all people's burning the wastages..pollution will come bcause officer not working properly for their wrk..please take an action immediately..we are yearly paying for cleaning.
Jagsdeesh R
Nov 11, 2018

Compaint againest panchayat cleark

Hi sir/madam

This is jagadeesh from Athimugam, sir we are facing so many problems becouse of our cleark he name is kamruddin, we are facing water problem becouse in our street water pipe line problem is there we are so many times approch with panchayet office cleark but no use. If we said any problem he speeking rudly. He is worst perso n in our panchayet. He dont no how to speek with public. Please im requestig resolve our problem as soon as possible.

Thank you
Jagadeesh R
Oct 19, 2018


Kanchipuram district, Madurandagam Taluk, Netrambakkam Panchayathu, 189, Chithamur Village Strteet Lights are not burnning 5 to 10 Lights already Electrial (EB) deparment checking the line but Blubs are fesued. So Kindly arrange the New Blubs and fixing the lights immediatly.

Thanking you,

yours faithfully
189,Chuithamur Village.
Oct 11, 2018

urapakkam panchayat water not supplied

Jun 23, 2018

Irregular clearance of garbage of Vengaivasal,East Tambaram,Chennai.

I am a resident from school street,vengaivasal.Garbage in our area is not cleared everyday.Since two months
they are not removed garbage regularly.They are coming once in a week or once in ten days.Before that they collect garbage from doorstep regularly.It is very hard to keep garbage for ten days at home.So kindly take appropriate action against this.
Thank You.
Sasikumar A
Jun 3, 2018

Road Maintenance issues Between Puthu Velamangalam To Thanamoorthikadu

Hello sir,

We are residing in Thanamoorthikadu Village, Dinnappatti Panchayat, Mettur Taluk, Salem- 636303. Am rising complaint behalf of my village people to renovate the Road between Puthu Velamangalam to Thanamoorthikadu.

In this villages (Thanamoorthikadu, Manikal, Kollapatti Puthur and Vellakarattur) around 900* families are residing. This road maintenance was done 15 years before. We already raised complaints many times in Dinnappatti Panchayat officers, Mettur Taluk Officer but there is no uses.

Even nowadays bus is not coming to my village, school students are very struggling to go school. To get the bus 4 kms school students are going/coming by Walk daily in the morning and evening. Because bus drivers and contractors are not willing to take risks, sometimes with their own risk they coming, due to very worst road condition bus getting breakdown.

Please take action on this issue as soon as possible. Also please consider the school students struggles.

Thanks you,

Thanamoorthikadu Village People.
Apr 26, 2018

driking water

punjayathu kinaru thanni clark nail pairukku pokuthu itha ketta enna onnum panna mudithunu solluraru
Thirukumaran thiyagu
Feb 26, 2018

The contractor force the labour to build the water storage tank by using some improper raw materials

The contractor force the labourers to build the water storage tank in our village by using improper sands. They are build that tank by improper method. After building the piller(column), the proper way is to deliver the water on the surface of the pillers for some particular period but they didn't do that proper way. The pillers are dried long because they doesnt deliver waters. The people from our village think the contractor dont do proper way to finish that project because its a government project otherwise they do properly
Robert Sam VR
Feb 24, 2018

No maint of road for last 10 yrs

Respect Sir,
I am a property tax and house tax paid person. My Edaicode town punjayat road from elavankuzhi to Mottakala govt school, here is no maintains above 10 yrs. The road is very dangerous and vehicle moving very critical way. Vehicle moving time dust mixed in air, and many persons sick to Asthma. Please take action for maintenance to our Village road.


Your's faithfully
Robert Sam
Nov 30, 2017

sewage water in the road

I am a resident of babu nagar IVth street Medavakkam for the past 30 years. Previously it was very good and our road and place was very clean and hygienic. Opposite to my house is a individual house with 25 people in it. Letting the septic tank water only on road which comes directly to the opposite direction where my house is located. Several times I have complained to Medavakkam Panchayat no action still now is done by them. Next to us is also a panchayat perumbakkam where they are charging fine for it . Every where dengue is their my house is full of mosquito because of this septic tank water. When ever people in my house take the vehicle water splashes from the other vehicle on us. Several times we have complained to the tenants as well as the house owner no chance. Paying water tax no water also. I do not know when this will be over. We feel awkard to walk out my house. We also have a very small septic twice a month we have taken in this month. Some solution should be brought to this.
Oct 30, 2017

No Fundamental facilities in our village

Dear Sir/Madam,

Myself PrabhuGanesan from Padaparkulam,Vijayanarayanam Post, Nanguneri Consistency, Tirunelveli districts. I came from rural village, in this village around 125 families are living without any below fundamental facilities,

1. There is no proper bus facility from our village even after the Independence.
2. People are walking 3 to 4 km to bring drinking water even now.
3. School management also poor, as it isn't good , student are walking daily 5 km for schooling even now(including girls).
4. Since 1947, No ration shop is available, we have to walk 7 km to get ration commodity.
5. Even Street lights are not provided for many streets.

We met collector (Karanakaran sir) and Narayanan MLA sir 2 years before, They assured that required facilities will be provided as soon as possible to our village. but, even after the 2 years "No" action has been taken for this below issues.

Still more issues are there in my village:( I am clueless, How do I get these all facilities for my village.

Please help our village to get these facilities sir.

Thanks in Advance.

Prabhu G
Oct 24, 2017

Building approval

Recently I went to Somanur Panchayat board which is under coimbatore district for my house construction plan approval but people are taking my application and said to visit after 2 weeks. Kindly take action on this.
Oct 23, 2017

irregular water supply

Subject: Complaint letter regarding irregular water supply
Respected sir
As we are living in Kumarapuram Panchayat, Abraham Street, Suviseshapuram, Radhapuram taluk, Tirunelveli. we didn't get drinking water flow properly.
Our street people all are having water line at their home but we didn't get drinking water flow properly. Even some street getting sufficient water from two bore well in same panchayat. Its seems like some intention to avoid water supply behind the Ex-president and his water distributor person. There will be no frequent water supply for the past 6 months. We have already given many complaints to our local authority. They are always giving us empty promises and doing nothing. Again submitted petition against water distributor person to clerk. No one resolved this problem till now’s. we dint get drinking water properly
Except our street all other neighborhood getting water kindly help us. We are suffering a lot please consider me request to change water distributor person and arrange the frequent home water supply to our street as likes other street.
Please look into this issue and resolve the problem.

Thanks in advance for kind notification.
Yours Faithfully,
Behalf of village people
Karthi 612502
Oct 21, 2017

Library close on working days

My name is Karthi, murugan Kovil St I from serugadambur, koilramapuram pachayath. 612502 Thanjaur dt

Past one year in our pachayath library not opening still close. So please take action. There are getting salary every month. But still no one take action.
Oct 15, 2017

No drainage system in kumbalam Panchayat-635117


My name is Mallikarjun from Kumbalam village post Hosur Krishnagiri.tamilnadu-635117

In kumbalam village there is no proper drainage system. It's Creat very dirty place in the village . People's getting effected from the dengue and there are lot of misquote. No one cares about it.

Pls help us and Save people. Take immediately response With high priority
thanks a lot for your swift response
Oct 13, 2017

Residential status revoked

The residential status to my house (dr.no:6/8) was revoked by the clerk as we were out of town when he visited to collect residential tax. All the taxes are being paid without any fraudulent activity. Since we were out of town , the clerk cancelled the residential status unanimously without any prior notice. Please do the needful.
Sep 26, 2017

Highly infected dog removal

In our street Medavakkam Kutt road united colony 2nd main road, highly infected dog is roaming and it's smelling very bad and coming inside apartments(plot no -4, apple tree apartment). That will definitely create illness to human beings as well. Please remove the dog as soon as possible.
Sep 4, 2017

Street side bush removal

Requested for removing street side bush on 6th Street of Vengaivasal-Veerabathra Nagar, Kanchipuram Dist., Tamil Nadu
Aswin kumar1807
Aug 7, 2017

restricting the right of people


The people who engaged in those office were missusing the power as per cilly nosence by asking questions it happened to me when I went to him he first say that I wore jeans pant that I will not allow you to pay land tax change the pant as their wish I changed the pant but they insulted by bad words so I argu with them they said I our rule not to wear jeans in office but the independent Indian citizen has the right to wear any kind of dress
Jun 17, 2017

No street road

I am residing in Anna Theresa nagar,elathagiri village, Bargur, krishnagiri. There is no road facility for about some generation. We gave many complaints but no one take action. We request you to take action
Mar 24, 2017

Radhika Palanisamy Kanankurichi

The above Ms. Radhika Palanisamy residing in Anna Nagar Door No 251 A! and 252 A2 , Kannankuruchi , has given water connection to a temple nearby , she has dug a common 12 feet roan and has give water connection to the temple from her water connection , this was done during night time
The EO of Kannankuruchi town panchayat is hereby requested to take strict action against her as we are all facing water scarcity. This was not required at this juncture,
Mar 1, 2017

Requesting Garbage clearance

Dear Sir,

I am a resident of Revathipuram, Urapakkam Panchayat and I have been living here for about 2 years now. I would like to bring to your notice about the poor cleanliness and garbage disposal in my area. Points to bring to your notice

1.There is a pile of garbage constantly accumulating in front of every street.
2.The menace caused by street dogs are extreme.
3.There is no proper garbage bin in the required area and the whole place ends up as a mess.
4.Garbage collectors are not very regular in cleaning the dump.

Please find attached pictures which will show the uncleared garbage.
I request you to kindly take necessary actions and provide a solution for a clean and swatch environment.

Thanks in advance,
Thirumaalini Kumaran

Requesting Garbage clearance Requesting Garbage clearance

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