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Consumer complaints and reviews about TAMIL NADU TRANSPORT CORPORATION

Mar 19, 2020

Bus not coming


I belong to a village karupusamypudur, tirupur-642203
We don't have much bus facilities to our village. Only 2 buses used to come ie one in morning and one in evening. For the past 2 days(18/3/2020 and 19/3/2020) morning bus no 7A/51 govt buswhich is having route udumalpet-karupusamypudur has not came. Many people are suffering because of it. Please take necessary action on it
Eva Juliet
Feb 18, 2020

Tamil nadu transport corporation

The entire Hosur only has few local buses where private buses are also included the transport corporation don't have so much of common sense to place more buses villages are so far where all the people have to go to city to work only one bus at a time no proper timing for government bus the drivers does not take bus in proper timing because of that people tend to take private bus those idiots will take all the people in one bus where we won't have place to stand and people will be hanging out if any thing happens will transport corporation will be held responsible for that and there lives if anything happens?
Instead of local bus there are more SETC bus which goes to hosur to Bangalore, Salem, darmapuri, vellore , Chennai, krishnagiri those are more frequently.
Comparing tamil nadu transport corporation Bangalore transport corporation are better. bus facilities are must hope this issued get clear soon as possible
Oct 26, 2019

high bus fare

I travel in 7no Air Bus[ TN 38 N 1942 ] on 22.10.19 at 3.15 Pm from vadakovai to Savitha hall, Rspuram, They charge me Rs.11 for on e stop, but minimum bus fare is Rs.9/-, so i ask to the conductor regarding this, he did not response to me and scold me for asking.
Aug 27, 2019


Chennai to kallakurichi sir provide setc or ud busses to kallakurichi sir only ordinary busses are available sir consider us
Dinesh Narayanan
Aug 26, 2019

Fare increased

Respected sir/madam,
In Coimbatore, from irugur pirivu to sulur i was travel in the bus name of Rajam and i asked conductor, one sulur he give 10 rupees ticket but the actual fare is 8 rupees. I asked to him but his response is not acceptable and he said that stage something but i am traveling for 3 months in daily this route other buses are going to properly but this Rajam transport bus is always going to improperly still.kindly take action on that particular bus then only others won't do like this. This fare increase is not only irugur pirivu to sulur they doing all stage stop. I trust you please make quick as soon as possible.

Bus no: 36 X 8188
Bus Name:Rajam bus
Ukkadam to sulur.
Jun 28, 2019

Poor bus service

I am living in vickramasingapuram at ambai taluk. Pavoor chatram to agasthiarpatti bus 3c crossed our village at 9.55am. But the real time of bus is 9.30. We have no bus from 8.40am. So we can't go to the job at correct time. Plz advice that drivers to regulate the timing.
Jun 14, 2019

Staffs don't have the work knowledge and not not working properly

In singanallur Bus Depo in Coimbatore district the bus pass entry staff dont know the amount for the bus pass arears. She don't have the speed for filling the application. The depo officer don't have time to ask and solve the customer problem. He is busy in chatting with the checking inspector and others in the working hours. The person responsible for the bus pass entry take 5 minutes for 1 application. She has been appointed before 4 months but not capable for the entry.
May 18, 2019

Doesn't give 1rupee even conductor had

I got board on bus from Gandhipuram and paid 25rs for the SNS bus stop. Ticket charge was 21rs, conductor had 1rs change even I mentioned a person who gave him 1rs for ticket, he replied I don't have change. For this begging purpose they could ask gently that they are in need of money. Dare : 18th May, 2019 (7.00 AM)

Bus No: TN38 N 2012
Route: Gandhipuram to Annur
Thamarai lotus
Apr 26, 2019

Insufficient bus service request to start new bus service

Its from one of the public .. kindly consider this request. From salem to bommidi there is no buaes at the time between 2am to 5am.. but the issues is lots of passengers waiting for that route bus for long time they are from several places like coimbatore, tripur,erode,madurai etc., already there is a route bus timing 3.40am but nowadays that bus also stoped. From lots this of publics suffered ladies are standing in bus stand for long hours. TNgov wants to take a step againts this and so a favour for publics
Vetriyin Rajan
Apr 25, 2019

Radio valume is very high( the conductor or driver may have hearing problem)

Hello Sir,
I am working in VOC Port , I travel in bus for going to duty, there RATHNA bus which put very High volume in radio on bus , after I told to reduce volume atleast less, he (the conductor) did irritating Lough but not-reduced the volume.
On that route , only one RATHNA BUS available, the bus conductor is regularly come on that bus , his colour ; dark black, age : 35yr's,
Please take action , releaf my pressure , to that bus journey always will smooth to all passengers without any noise of radio high sounds.
Apr 21, 2019

Charged extra amount

Respected Sir/Madam,
Now I am Traveling from thiruvannamalai to Bengaluru in a private bus ( started at 12.00 PM, 21/04/2019). The usual bus fair for this route is 190 in ordinary buses. But today (21/04/2019), they charged extra 20 Rupees i.e., 210 which is not usual fair. When people questioned about these extra amount, conductor replied in rude manner that if you don't want to give this amount, get down from the bus.
Bus number TN.46.P.4950. they charged not only for these points. For every bustops, they charged extra 20 Rupees on this date. But I don't know about these. My kind request to the officer is that please check on those buses on these kind of dates. So that people will not suffered because of charging extra amount.
Indian Citizen.
Apr 6, 2019

Ticket charges are high during election time

Dear Sir/Madam,

Kindly take this complaint into concern. I have to travel to home town to put vote on Apr,18th 2019. But ticket charges are DOUBLE the rate than normal rate on other days. I have to travel from Chennai to bodi. Check the rates on red buses.
Kindly take action on this immediately bcoz we have rights to put vote. I have to do that.

Apr 2, 2019

Charged extra amount

Am travelling from ulundurpet to chennai, first the conductor gave me 185 rs ticket I asked him the reason when he told the ticket amount.He said deluxe bus madam,after few seconds he came and gave me 160 rs ticket i asked him why are you giving this ticket now he said, first i gave worngly now giving the correct ticket.I clearly mentioned i need a ticket to perungalathur. The ticket he gave is not a machine printed though he only gave the ticket when I question him he is not even replying me he is just escaping from the place now.

Is there any way one can see the price list of the tocket inside bus before getting ticket.

How to manage this experience

Details below

Bus no - TZ.21N.2013
Bus timings-5.30pm
To chennai
Gayathri thangaraj
Mar 31, 2019

Doesn't give back my 1rupee balance

Respected sir,

I travelled to madurai mattuthavani to thirupirakunram bus and my stop was madura college ticket amount is Rs. 19. I gave Rs. 20 but the conductor said there is no Rs. 1 change. Finally the doesn't give my Rs. 1 balance. On the same bus there is another passenger wera also travelled Rs. 17 ticket amount his balance amount is Rs. 3 even that conductor doesn't give back his balance amount also. So I request you to take a action on that conductor

Bus no: Tn 58 n. 0982

Date I where travelled : 30/03/2019

Timing : 4:25pm at mattuthavani
Mar 18, 2019

Conductor behaving rude

Bus Route no:99
Bus Registration number: TN 38 N 2517

The conductor of this bus (name not known) behaves rudely to the passengers..Still so many conductors and drivers behave like this to the passengers except college girls.Please consider this petition because it hurts the feelings of the passengers even in the morning..Will you accept things like this to become hurt though you didn't do any mistakes?
Feb 13, 2019


Dear sir / madam,
I am Kodeeswaran from Nambiyur , Daily am travelling from Namibiyur to Annanagar,tirupur.26A bus morning 9.12am arrive from nambiyur ,driver not stopped in annanagar stop.driver thevaraj bad behaviour to public. nambiyur bus depot not responding for the complaints.Please take further action regarding.

Thanking you
Yours sincearly,
Kodeeswaran M
Feb 8, 2019

Chennai to Thiruvannamalai

Me being a frequent weekend Traveller From Chennai to Thhiruvannamalai and vice versa face a hell lot of issues every week.

Issue 1: The frequency of busses is very very less on Fridays. I had to wait from 7:30 PM to 9:0pm atleast to get a seat to Thiruvannamalai.
For this i had to go crossing the Erikarai stop of Perungulathur. Not only me All people do that.

Issue 2 : the quality of the busses are like one seat is equal to a tortoise shell. One must fold his legs much closer because the space is very minimal between the seats. Worst scenario ever.

Issue 3: when you see the Bus type its Express
(Just a sticker) andd the fare is 152rs from Perungulathur. Not even worth IT.
The UD buses never stop at Perungalathur while going to Tvmalai. Only way is get into this so called Express bus n put ourselves to dungeon.

Issue 4: The hotel that the bus stops : Adengappa Restaurant : Even the drivers don't like the quality they give. Worst food and bad environment. Full of Flies and mosquitoes also share the food served to us. The taste is hell. Drivers complain that thier stomach gets upset after eating. Then also they are forced to stop at that place.
For selling the goods at double rate why cant we get an good hotel to eat for the same money.

Issue 5: as frequency is less , people are forced to get into the bus and sit in the pathways and footboards. Making it even more worse for the travellers in seat and people sitting down.

Request 1: Why the government don't consider a route to thiruvannamalai via train??

Request 2: people travel at weekend to natives. So y cant they schedule more busses in the peak time instead of sending empty busses in the non peak hours frequently on Fridays and Sundays.

Request 3: We are ready to pay for the cost of UD also but y are they not starting UD busses to Thiruvannamalai.?

A Four hour travel from Perungulathur to Thiruvannnamalai is the worse travel for a native traveller.
Even sometimes i feel like Going in such a pathetic condition let me stop myself from going.
But my family situation makes me manage and go at whatever condition.

A most humble request. Please look on this route and take necessary action .
Dec 17, 2018

any thirupur bus not stop avey thime im complint in the cheking inspecter mattopoliyam.

Compliant-the bus not stop in puthu markat bus stand.

Sir, i stand the puthy markat bus stand that bus didi not stop any thirupur bus ,i am imformto many time to head office coimbatre he not take action . so please take necessary actions above mention driver and conductor,I give my gmail I'd please acknowledgement in my I'd about compliant details my I'd is [email protected], thank you for to take the action , PH No:9750378562.
Dec 14, 2018

Bus skip to take night trips

I belong to rural village "velanthavalam" border of Kerala.The only bus from coimbatore is 48 which is limited for half an hour.
We have 4 buses from night 8pm to 9.20pm and thats the last bus for us.Yesterday from 8pm,we didn't have any bus arrived at ukkadam bus stand.8,8.15 and 8.40 buses didn't arrived and we still stand in bus stand till 9.15 and go with last bus.There had almost above 30 ladies and 40 gents.We try to complaint to the checker there,he told "go and complaint on sungam dippo"
I don't understand what's their responsibilities there?Are we the girls at night 9 need to go sungam dippo which is almost above 5 kms from ukkadam to complant this?Then whats the use of office there at ukkadam.

Note:This problem is happening almost in days half of the weeks and remember this is happening for rural area.
No conductor or driver is ready to answer why the buses skip almost all the days.We are okay if the bus came by late but what if the bus didn't come almost all days.We aren't sure about which bus will skip today.Totally irresponsibilities.
Did the government is for the people?I don't think so.
Priya Rajavel
Nov 30, 2018

Complaint about conductor behaviour

Respected sir,
I belongs to village olaiyur. We have a timing bus bus no 37. Today Nov 30,2018 bus at 10 o clock it arrive earlier at 9.50 time.we asked the conductor to put bus at waiting for 2 mins, but the conductor use abusive word against us,. He told that he arrive whenever he wants,. I don't know the conductor name at 10 o clock timing shift, Nov 30,2018 date. Please take necessary against him otherwise these type of people bend the rules whatever they want and raise voice against uneducated people.

Vaishnavi Ravichandran
Oct 11, 2018

Harassment and verbal abuse by conductor

I am a student of PSGR Krishnammal college and I regularly travel by 2M(route number) from PSG hospital to Kovaipudur Bus terminal and conductor Mr.Vijayaraj often changes the bus route and each time I am in the position to walk more than 1 kilometer. Though this is a regular affair I did not log complaints as I understood it may due to some operational difficulties but today I boarded the bus and enquired the driver whether it will go to kovaipudur bus terminal. He assured it will go to terminal but when it reached kuniamuthur, one passenger who was about to board enquired whether it will go to terminal. The conductor said it will not go. The driver informed that already one passenger is inside the bus to go to terminus. The conductor found that it was me and told me to get down at Ayyappan Kovil stop.When I replied that the terminal is far away his response was "you are a student pass holder,you get down where ever I ask you" and dropped me at Ayyappan kovil. I walked the remaining distance as I was afraid to argue with him due to his rude behavior.Also his language was without any respect and spoken to me in singular which is unusual in Coimbatore district.Though it hurt me I know I can't​ complaint these because he might be a naturally disrespecting person and nobody can teach him now.

Sir, till now I was thinking student pass was a privilege given to the students by government of Tamil Nadu but the conductor Mr.Vijaraj's words implies that it is a charity given by the conductor of the bus. I told him that I'll make a complaint for his behavior he told you can go anywhere and complaint but now you get down and go by walk. As I was not interested in creating a scene I silently got down. Please kindly advise me whether the conductor is empowered to drop me anywhere he likes just because I'm a pass holder and also wether the conductor is empowered to change the routes as he like without proper advise to the passenger.

Note: I was drop at aiyappan kovil at 2 o clock.
For further details you can contact my mobile number: 8903556408.
vimal raj.m
Aug 24, 2018

Conductor & Driver Threatning

Respected Sir,
Today 24/08/2018 i received one small parcel from erode to salem. In salem i asked my parcel and what is the payment about this parcel at the time conductor told 200rs/- but the parcel value is 300/- only. I told brother thi sparcel total value is 300 only but u ask 200rs/- but the conductor suddenly get angry finally i paid the 200rs/- then I asked payment bill to conductor. But driver & conductor scold me, very rude behavior to me & threatening also. Very worst driver & conductor.

Bus No: TN39N0178
Driver Number: 9095302697
Jul 18, 2018

Take action on conductor

Hi Sir/Mam,

This is to bring to your notice that, i traveled from Annur[coimbatore district] to Pogalur[Coimbatore District] on june 30th 2018 early morning 2 am. But the bus conductor refused to stop on pogalur and collected a fare for Annur to Mettupalayam. The driver stopped as per my request.


Pogalur is a Main Stage that every bus should stop.

Bus Details:

The bus route is Erode -> perundurai -> Avinashi -> Annur -> Mettupalayam -> coonor -> ooty -> Gudalur
This bus starts from erode at 11.45 pm and reaches annur by 2 am.

Kindly take some severe action on Bus conductor to avoid such incidents in future.

Thank you
Jul 7, 2018


This is to informed you that one of the public and i want to raise the complaint against the 70C BUS ( CMBT TO TAMBARAM, TN01N4692) was not stopped in meenambakkam, eventhough the public is waiting int he peakhours ( 05-07-2018 at 6.15 pm . Please take action against the concern person. Please do the needful action as soon as possible.
Jul 6, 2018


This is to inform you that, am one of the public and i want to raise the complaint against the 70C BUS & Vehicle number is TN01N4692, the bus in not stopped on the Meenambakkam bus stop, Eventhough the public is waiting in peakhours Timing : 6.15pm. Please take action against the concern person and do the needful as soon as possible.

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