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Consumer complaints and reviews about Tata Sky

Feb 12, 2019

OVERCHARGING for second DTH Connection

Hello Sir/Madam,

I have been using TATA SKY concection from past 20 months.
I used to pay Rs.810 for Ultra plan with SD connection and additional Connection ( 2nd TV).

But After TRAI new order, the same plan has been increased to Rs.1237, when inquired with
TATA SKY Customer care,we were told that for Seconfd tv rates have been increased from previous Rs.250 to Rs,500.

We would like to know whether TRAI has allow TATA sKY to increse rates for 2 additional tv.

[email protected]
May 6, 2018

Unwanted service charge deducted

Hi Sir/Madam,
It's regarding the complaint no "14FR9T4W" and "14r6wu40". I have complained about my tatasky issue and talked with the call center executive and he confirms multiple time saying I am in the warranty period and I will not be charged anything for the service visit. [Please hear the recording for the proof for the complaint]
Service person visited and not changed any part but rs.225 got deducted from my account.
I have already complained and its the 2weeks+ I am waiting for my issue to resolve.
Daily I am calling customer care daily I have been told lie saying today your issue will be resolved. The issue never resolved and the ticket is not closed and I raised new ticket.
I really don't understand the following:
1. How your backend team without checking the recording without talking to executive simply call us and tell issue resolved?
When the executive visited my house confirms I don't have to pay anything and when Call center person confirmed checking my account that I don't have to pay anything then why rs.225 got deducted all of a sudden?
2. From past 4 days what the team is doing? to resolve this small issue they need 2 + week ?
3. Person name "Rdhakanta Mondal" calling himself the floor supervisor of tatasky Bangalore simply put my call on hold and started giving false information. when I caught him telling lie he told he have not checked details. Is this is the way you ppl handle customer? telling lie?
4. Already spoken with the technician and he informed of no payment for the service details only he told. Then why the lie is written saying service person told its set-top box issue?

Provide resolution asap. This is shame on the company having this type of lier sitting on service desk and also providing pathetic service resolution

Apr 11, 2018



Our Tata sky connection all of a sudden stopped one day, we thought it was due to weather conditions so gave it a day and then raised a complaint.
It apparently seems that these guys have been putting different connections to one dish and just doing as per their wish.
Now we cannot find our dish at all. They say our wire is not connected to any dish. We are left without any solution.
My main highlight here is that they miss use dishes and connect two connections to one dish and stuff.
Mar 2, 2018

Amount not credited

I just recharged my account with 170 rupees but it has not been credited to my account so please refund.
Your a/c no. XXXXXXXX5971 is debited for Rs.170.00 on 03-03-18 and credited to a/c no. XXXXXXXX4639 (UPI Ref no ############).
That is the message I got but not credited
[email protected]
Nov 1, 2017

Blocking the channel

Tata sky people are cheating the people with blocking the DD national channel only during the cricket match time and it is not fair with the village people who can actually depend on this and they cannot afford extra money to view the cricket matches.
Hence, it would be great if the next level or any concern team can actually look into this and provide a solution asap as Tata sky people are simply cheating and looting the customer money.
Oct 26, 2017

Upgrade on DTH

IN A SIMPLE WORDS - upgrade to HD , only harassment from the call centre team. Absolute set of arrogant agents. don't understand. puts your call on hold for 20 mts plus. disconnects the call. refuses to transfer to a superior. Worst part superiors are worse than the agents.

A dealer is worst than all of us.started to speak a ugly words with the customers.
Shashank sv
Aug 31, 2017

Amount debited from account and recharge not done

Amount debited from account but recharge not done
I have done a recharge of Tatasky acc no. 1014609869 on 20-8-2017 (Sunday) through UPI payment method of Rs 2520 even though the recharge was failed, the amount was reduced from my account.
my account no. is 5904101000063 CANARA BANK
my transaction ID is ############
my UPI Id is [email protected]
kindly check into the issue and refund my money back immediately.
thank You
Arun ninan
Jun 14, 2017

Package actovated without my concerb

The worst service ever

These people are stealing your money

They have activated packages without communication

Worst customer care people

Dont go for tata sky service
Madhu Nair1
Jun 6, 2017

No response to complaint No. XPKBB

I am facing problems in changing my package. Even when I want to deactivate my secondary set top box, they said you have to have a minimum amount to deactivate secondary and then only I can change my package so I activated by putting Rs 50, but my secondary was not deactivated. Also I paid Rs.2200 for a new set top box and when I asked for a receipt I am still to receive the receipt with details. I was given a complaint No. and told that someone will contact me but one one contacted me. When I called the helpline today, I was told that I need to recharge and put a minimum amount again. This is very irritating and even after paying Rs. 2250 I am still not getting any channels. Tata sky is the worst service and I advise others never to use tata sky and don't get conned by the name Tata. Those days are gone. My subscriber No. is 1007317371.
May 2, 2017

My Tata sky connection is not working

For the last 7 days my Tata Sky connection is not working and I have been complaining to the call center and no one is able to tell me when they will resolve this problem. When i ask them to give me the contact of the senior officer they are unwilling to give me the same..
I have just recently paid the full year subscription for the highest end connection and this issue is irritating me..

My subscription id: 1001769650
shivaraj kumar yadav
Dec 18, 2016

change name and mobil number

My tata sky id 1157119718 chang name and regter mobile noumber. 9945146381 narayana swamy
Amit itagi
Dec 10, 2016

Customer care Center doest give damn

I am facing a daily problem with tata sky DTH, every afternoon the set up box goes off stating no signal found for 4 to 5 hrs. When I tried reaching custome care..they insisted to change to setup box for 899 Rs, where as I had recently changed the setup box, it's been a 2 months only, and the warranty period is a month only. Isn't it a major loss for someone who got to pay this amount every now and then for fault set up boxes,.when I asked one of the associate of tata sky to escalate the call, he disconnected, not just for first time,they been doing this every time I call.
Tata sky services is so worst, I am changing my setup box tof airtel other videocon.
Nov 9, 2016

Packages activated

Tatasky activated packages without my knowledge. I have taken 360 package and now it's became 520. I have informed customer care people but there was no proper response.
Oct 26, 2016

About Package

I was using Hathway DTH Service for Rs 330/- and around two month back on dtd 14th August 2016 Appco (agent to Tata Sky the cheating partner) came to our house and told me If you pay 2330/- we will give you Tata Sky HD channels for 330/- Rupees for one month and I agreed because I was not getting any HD channels from Hathway So I paid 2330/- to the agent and they had given connection. After 20 days Tata Sky told me to recharge for 530/- (Ultra Pack) because your pack is 530/- per month. But I recharged only for 330/- as per the agent told. But after 20 days again they told me that you have to pay 200 along with your recharge amount 530/-. They can't wait for a month to complete and will send message to recharge. I am requesting my friends pls don't go for Tata Sky.
Oct 3, 2016

Tata sky is not giving credit

Tata sky has deactivated my account without my permission and my account subscription was valid for another two and half months and they have not given any credit also for that. When I asked for resolution they are asking 18 days time. This is looting if money from Tata Sky.
Aug 20, 2016

Packages activated

My subscriber account is 1060428537.

Tata sky adds packages without customer knowledge. My account has been added with Tata sky comedy Package and charging 60 rs per month.

When called customer care they are clueless who added the packages and disconnected call.

I would like to know how the package got added and also need the amount refunded to my account.
mahadeshwara setty
May 24, 2016


customer care people take complaints but they wont register, customer care representatives fool the customers, customer care people think customers as fools, even after giving the complaint to nodal officer he has not done any needfull,
even up to nodal officer level, tata sky people cheating the customers,
complaint no with customer care representatives - P1QSUSX2 DATED 23/05/2016 RELATED TO RE LOCATION FOR MY TATA SKY, WAITED ENTIRE DAY @ HOME ON 24/05/2016 BUT NO ONE TURNED OUT OR NO ONE CALLED ME,

May 23, 2016

Horrible Service

Tata sky has horrible customer service. I am trying to add connection to set top box I already own. I have called customer service about 6 times, they say the service will be activated in 15 minutes and it has not been activated ever. I have followed-up with them for two moths, and every time I call it is a new case and no one bothers to solve the problem.

Ridiculous customer service, they just don't care to understand and troubleshoot the issue. For being a Tatasky customer for 7 yrs or so, I am repenting.
May 15, 2016

Trying for a new Tata sky connection in Bangalore for the last 7 days

I am trying for a new Tata sky connection for the last 7 days in Bangalore city and the only thing I hear is the technician would visit. They are so pathetic and their service.

I have logged calls 5-6 times each day and still they keep saying the technician will come.

A advise for all those who want new Tata Sky connection. Please do not go for it , they will not turn up at all and as they do not have any technicians.
One or two technician is servicing the whole of Bangalore.

If any top management people care about customer service , then pls email me at [email protected]
May 15, 2016

Trying for a new Tata sky connection in Bangalore for the last 7 days

I am trying for a new Tata sky connection for the last 7 days in Bangalore city and the only thing I hear is the technician would visit. They are so pathetic and their service.

I have logged calls 5-6 times each day and still they keep saying the technician will come.

A advise for all those who want new Tata Sky connection. Please do not go for it , they will not turn up at all and as they do not have any technicians.
One or two technician is servicing the whole of Bangalore.

Tata Sky never.
Feb 9, 2016

annual fee paid but recharged only for 7 months

ID 1039195993
Despite paying the full annual fee for two TV connections, Tata Sky has re-charged the connection on one of the TV's only for 7 months. We complained immediately on their helpline but despite repeated calls, the status of only one of the connections was corrected, but the other TV's status still shows a re-charge only for 7 months.

Please consider this as a formal complaint and help Tata Sky understand the above error so they can take steps to rectify this soonest.
Jan 18, 2016

10 days before due date

I am new connection of Tata Sky on 22-12-2015 with one month free, monthly due date on 20-01-2016, then I recharge on 18-01-2016 of Super Value Pack of Rs. 200/-, after recharge in massage recharge successful but due date on 09-02-2016, this is mention only 20 days validity and before 10 days expiry and information not clear during new connection and after cheating or fraud.

10 days before due date

Jan 16, 2016

Unable to view 4 Kannada channels

We are unable to view 4 Kannada regional channels since a month now on both our Tata Sky connection - my house and my in law's house. It is either extremely choppy or fully blank most of the time. There is no issues with any other channel except these 4.

When called Tata Sky, all that they do is master reset, but that hasn't resolved the issue. All they say is that they will send a technician and charge Rs 180. If there is a signal problem, why does it affect only those 4 channels? I feel Tata Sky is using cheap ways to make money. This company who were known for customer service once are going down the drains.

Extremely disgusting. I will disconnect and go to either Airtel or Videocon.

Jan 10, 2016

Problems with Regional Channels

From past 3 weeks couple of Kannada regional channels have issues. Zee, Suvarna and Kasturi channels are worst hit. I have contacted their customer support thrice with no use.

Customer support does not know anything else apart from Master reset option.

Now they have come up with new option to make money from customers:

As your account is not under warranty, there will be service visit charges for you for installer visit. And they are charging 180/- for this.
Atita Halemani
Jan 7, 2016

not able to play recording

Not able to do playback the Tata Sky recording content... It's throwing below error. there has been a change of digi card or modification in your tata sky account . you will not be able to view recording (5).
Tata sky customer care not able to solve this issue

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