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Tata Sky


Consumer complaints and reviews about Tata Sky

Dipak Modi
Nov 8, 2017

Wrong charge for a Maintenance work

Id 1120507692 mobile 9979990699 name DipakModi I had complained last 19th October but not response by you and solve the problem. That the wrong charge of maintenance service. Maintenance charge will be compulsory payee and after check. So please do the needful and quickly action
Dipak Modi
Dipak Modi
Nov 8, 2017

Wrong charge for a Maintenance work

My id 1120507692 mobile no 9979990699 name DipakModi
I had complained noted 19th October 2017 .but not a solve and compulsory charge pay and not solve. I know not a charge for a maintenance. So please do the needful and quickly action
Dipak Modi
Diksha Khanna
Sep 15, 2017

Harassing the customers and not solving the problem

I'am a student and I've been using tata sky from past 1 year and there was no problem as such. However, as soon as the 2nd year started their everything started going bad. At first their set top box went wrong then their cable and then their dish antenna as well. From past 20 days I've been constantly calling them every single day and till date my problem has not been resolved.

They're just harassing the customers and have stopped following up my complaints. My money is being deducted every single from my account even though my set top box is not working. They refuse to disconnect their account and keep the customer hanging by saying that they will CHECK.

That checking never happens and theirs no calls from their side. I'm a student and I'm tired of their harassment now. I don't want their tata-sky account. I just want my money back and also a compensation for the time and efforts I've been wasting on this stupid tata-sky just for watching TV.

Please help.
Jun 3, 2017

Poor service

Inspite of complaining no engineer visit. Very Very bad service
Apr 9, 2017

No signal

No signal on my set up box. Complaint no WGN1Q1K. No response from Tata Sky.
Mar 16, 2017

no hd channel after payment

even after paying full amount of tata sky the channels are not activated and after calling they are saying to pay more and in offer they said flat 50% off you will get but only 100rs we got.then whats the use of flat 50% and toll free no are also chargeable then whats the use of toll free and offer...just disgusting
Jan 2, 2017

No response for recharge since 22nd December 2016

Dear sir,
This is what.r.t. our continuous request for my Tata sky cable box for my two televisions.
We are trying to recharge n done with the phone recharge but no response yet.
While talking to the customer care executives no one is helping us. Now after continuous efforts, last 3 days the toll free no. Is coming engaged n hence now we cannot even approach them from our landline no.
We feel they have blocked my landline no in order to avoid n attend us.
We have paid by HDFC credit card, but no confirmation of payment or initialising of payment message we receive.
Our subscription no. Is digicomp no. ############ n registered mobile no. Is 9820569523.
Kindly help.
Nov 15, 2016

Billing date

With the subsriber id 1119244570, i like to place a complaint against the supervisor named Nazir ahmed (not sure with the last name)from the supervisor helpdesk who does not know how to talk to their customers and neither was allowing to listen to the query which i have and after this i feel to cancel the tata sky service and suggest everyone to stop their service too. They talk as if they are owners of the company and we are their slaves with no gesture to talk ,think they talk in the same manner at their home as well. With the brand name Tata , this is the worst experience i had.i had a query of why the billing date is on 18th November although ive placed the request to stop the service for some dates as i will not be using the service but the first agent named prakash was not understanding after repeated two times and so asked for supervisor. Pathetic experience
Nov 3, 2016

Unwanted Channel

Consumer Number:1049946278
Tata Sky: Every year they increase the annual subscription price without any value addition. They promise it will be free of cost if any new channel is added. In last two years they added some channel they call it as premium/special channels. For this we have to pay extra as it is categorised as special channel. If you complaint at customer care they will say they can't help or they will ask do I have any other problem/queries.
Package:They have clubbed in such manner that you will be forced to take the highest package. In this package more than 60% channels are irrelevant. Even their website doesn't give clear idea.
Showcase: Somewhere it shows 20 free shows and somewhere it shows 6. Last time they'd promised 6 free showcase movies. After 3 movies they refused.
Customer care department is not fully equipped.
Amit Mahajan
Oct 6, 2016

Uninformed charges

Tata sky is very professional and comfortable in cheating customer and ripping money from its consumers
Tata Sky has expertised in saying I'm going to rip you off you do what you want to do
Callcenter tell you that you are privileged customer before you install new or relate your connection and then rip you off with massive amount
Aug 26, 2016

Chanel not coming

Since last two days CNBC TV18 Chanel not coming ,our complaint number: R36RYTY,so many call to help line no one is giving proper answer ,we are in to Stock Market CNBC is important Chanel , if You cant solve problem kindly refund my money and disconnect
Rajesh Patel
Aug 11, 2016

Set top box not working

My Tata Sky regestration no. is 1041921501. I had complaint from last seven days daily but your staff still not responded. I had loss my that seven days payments. So please look into the matter and do as early as possible.

Thanks & Regards
Rajesh Patel
Jul 23, 2016

Not able to see Free To Air Channels post pack expiry


I am a Tata Sky Customer. I have a query on why cant I receive Free to Air channels Post my Pack expiry?

We have invested in Set top box & paying for Paid channels. Then we should receive continuously all Free to Air channels. Isnt it?

My Subscriber number is 1076002722.

Jul 15, 2016

Charged for Unused secondary box

T For Thugs & T for Tatasky

I have logged to turn off my secondary box in Nov 2015 as I was not using it.
Now when I recharged on Apr 2016, the Tatasky Thugs charged for the secondary box for the month of May to July when ask for the re-fund the so-called support(useless) team said it was not close so they have charged.
This is loot by Tata Sky ..
Will someone to get re-fund punish the tugs.
My subscription ID is 1066976281
May 31, 2016

Harassment & Highhandedness By TATA SKY

My below mail to TATA SKY (Id No: 1096107378) are self explanatory of my my Complain.regarding Harassment & Highhandedness by them. I had made similar complain to you earlier but no ACTION / Relief as yet. If you CAN NOT solve this problem then please advise as to which door should i knock.

Pls find below my complain mails.

In Hope...

Vijay Singh Rajawat



The below mail with all the details of my successful transaction was send many times since 20th March 2016 to Tata Sky Help line & to Tata Sky Nodal officer. Similarly more than 50 phone calls were made to you both in combine in last 70 days, but till now no action has been taken.

In this last 70 days only reply of my email & phone call was that my said transaction has been unsuccessful.

On Friday 27th May 2016 ( after 68 days of my complain) one executive (perhaps Nodal Officer) called me & accepted that my transaction of Rs 13950 was successful but it has been credit to some other account as the phone number that was used for the transaction was registered in some other name.

Can there be a more irresponsible statement than this ??? This is just to camouflage your mistake.

Even though the call was made from other telephone no (as my registered mobile's battery was discharged) but my Tata Sky Id no 1096107378 was mentioned before conversation started ( for proof- please check the recorded voice) & secondly in which of your brochure is it written that we HAVE TO do the transaction ONLY from the registered mobile No. And not only this, in my each mail & telephonic complain i gave the following details :

TATA SKY DTH ID No: 1096107378
Name: Vijay Singh Rajawat
Card No (By which the payment was made): ############ 9008
Transaction Date : 20th March 2016
Transaction Amount (paid amount) : Rs. 13950/-
ICICI Bank Ref No of this transaction (As per the statement): 74332746081608073203501
MCC Code (EDC Machine Code) (Given by ICICI Bank): 4899
IVR Ref No (Given by TATA SKY)): ############.
Successful transaction authorization No (Given by ICICI Bank) : 346578

But ispite of submitting all these details, the reply that i received from you was "Unsuccessful Transaction"

No one bothered to check with ICICI Bank giving above details. Rather blindly replied as "Unsuccessful Transaction"

Could some one please let me know as how did this so called "UN SUCCESSFUL" transaction became "SUCCESSFUL"?

Its bean a mere Negligence, Carelessness, Unprofessional, Harassment & Highhandedness on the part of Tata Sky.

Today again i called the TATA SKY Helpline.....they replied that my complain has been resolved & closed. What a JOKE after harassment of 70 days. The fact is nothing has been resolved / solved....i am still the sufferer ........

Is there any responsible person who can stepin & solve the problem........

In Hope..........

Vijay Singh Rajawat
+91 9820036943


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On Friday, May 27, 2016 12:57 PM, "rajawats@yahoo.com" <rajawats@yahoo.com> wrote:


I have a TATA SKY DTH with ID No: 1096107378

I am being harassed by you ( TATA SKY) for more than two months. Even though i have produced you all the proofs of my payment of Rs 13950/- but still you (TATA SKY) are not willing to credit the amount. Ispite of many email and countless phone calls you are ignoring it. Even though as per TRAI Sub Regulation 11 of Standard of Quality of Service Regulations 2011 dated 14th May 2012 states : " No complain shall remain unresolved beyond 3 days". But in my case its almost 70 days but no response.

On 20th March 2016 i called Tata Sky Help Line they directed me (transferred the call) to their IVR . The transaction of Rs 13950/- was done on their MCC Code (EDC Machine Code No) No
4899. The IVR ref no is ############. The transaction was successful.

The ICICI Bank has provided me the authorization no also of the successful transaction. The authorization no is 346578.

All the above information has been submitted to TATA SKY many times including the copy of my Credit Card statement.

Its been more than two months since i made the transaction but TATA SKY are not giving me the credit inspite of the fact that i have submitted all the documents proof required by them. I have made unlimited phone calls E-Mails but all in vain.

ICICI Bank has been repeatedly telling me that TATA SKY has to contact them (ICICI Bank) with authorization number; all problems will be resolved. But unfortunately its not been done in almost two months time.

(IMPORTANT: Please note that in many of your correspondence you are writing transaction on 19th March 2016 of Rs 13050/- as unsuccessful transaction. Please NOTE that the above info of date & amount is NOT TRUE as it is NOT my transaction. My transaction is on 20th March 2016 of Rs 13950/- . Hence my concern is that my successful amount transaction of 20th March of Rs 13950/- has been credited to some one else account & some on else unsuccessful transaction of 19th March of Rs 13050/- has been linked to me. Please check from this angle too.)

The details of my successful transaction are as following:

TATA SKY DTH ID No: 1096107378
Name: Vijay Singh Rajawat
Card No (By which the payment was made): ############ 9008
Transaction Date : 20th March 2016
Transaction Amount (paid amount) : Rs. 13950/-
ICICI Bank Ref No of this transaction (As per the statement): 74332746081608073203501
MCC Code (EDC Machine Code) (Given by ICICI Bank): 4899
IVR Ref No (Given by TATA SKY)): ############.
Successful transaction authorization No (Given by ICICI Bank) : 346578

Please find attached my ICICI Bank Credit Card Statement to establish above proof.

It will not be out of place to mention that already in Tata Sky Ltd / vs Kamla Lall (RP No 3044 of 2010, decided on January 14, 2011), the Apex consumer court has made it clear that DTH operator who provided deficient services will have to compensate the consumer.

I would also want to know that why are you cancelling / changing my complain number after every three days even though it remains unresolved.???

Please find attached my ICICI Bank Credit Card Statement to establish above proof.

In hope for justice ........ with warm regards and best wishes

Vijay Singh Rajawat
+91 9820036943

Jigar Shah
May 22, 2016

Not receiving service


My tata sky subscriber ID is 1014601304 ,I am not receiving the TATA Sky service since last 4 days and made a complain couple of time but no response finally they registered by complain on Sunday and informed me that technician will visit by 7 in the evening but no one turned up and when i called them they told me that executive will come tomorrow.They wasted my whole day.There senior executive told me that executive will call me before 10 but no one called me.
Further to that I have ordered Showcase movie on 14-04-2016 for Bajirao Mastani and they have activated Airlift and deduct 2 showcase movie from my alloted quota which is 6.
My complain no. are P1FYAI0- POQ6IQ9

Still no response.

Aatish Chavan
May 16, 2016

Non availibility of technician

Since last 6 days i am requesting for tecnician. Each time the person on their toll free line informs that technician will call in next 2 hr. Trust me, those 2 hrs never came in last 6 days. Really poor service of tata sky in goregaon mumbai. The quality of their call centre fellow is also poor same as their signal quality. God save Tata.

Aatish V Chavan
May 15, 2016

No installation of tata sky dish for 5 days

I am having worst experience of TATA SKY DISH. I requested reinstallation of tat sky dish and even after 4 days no one has come for installations

I request all persons that do not go for tata sky dish. Services of tata sky has became worst.

Ramesh singh
Apr 25, 2016

For deactivate HD service

My tata sky ID no 1079689434 is automatically activated HD service. I call several times to customer Care but they nither help to deactivate this service . I feels shocked when when a customer care boy advice me to lodge FIR in consumer forum then only i can deactivate your HD services. I am very unhappy with tata sky services , requested you kindly deactivate my HD chanels.

Pankaj kumar
Id 1079689434
M/ no. 9421827826
Apr 24, 2016

Tata Sky frequent non provision of services inspite of payment

I have Tata Sky recorder and 2nd TV connection... Inspite of full payment, frequently they disconnect all channels in the 2nd TV, and then I have to call up and shout on the helpline, and they after asking lot of stupid questions, resume the service by asking me to send a foolish SMS.. I cannot understand when they deduct the money for the 2nd TV why non provision of services, frequently, (it has happened to me many times, particularly when 2nd TV is not switched on for 2 or 3 days ).. Ideally, they should provide all the channels which is being provided in the 1st TV in the other connections also, as per the advertisement, whether we watch or not.. I find it disgusting to keep calling and shouting for connection which is not provided, inspite of payment.. Today, I asked for escalation to the Manager, who made me wait for more than 10 minutes and disconnected, when I started telling him angrily about my issues.. That is why I want to put it on the Internet , so that it gets escalated as a complaint..

My contact number is 8097023469 for the Tata Sky connection
Sanjay Bhende
Apr 17, 2016

Reinstaltion tata sky

I have changed my home at seawoods ...i want to reinstall tata aky ....my detail adress is Sanjay Bhende, Radhakrishna apartment, flat no 204, sector 44,beside church seawoods Nerul
Apr 14, 2016

Poor Service

I have been using Tata Sky for the last 7 years and using common dish antenna for the entire society. Recently some of the channels, that I have subscribed to, have stopped working and showing 'cloudy weather signal' which normally happens during rainy days only. When contacted Tata Sky, I was told that a Technician Visit would be required to sort out the problem and since the Set top box is not under warranty, Rs. 170/= will be charged for the visit. Since only few channels are blocked out, I asked them to clarify how they are expecting problem in the Set top box and charge me Rs.170/=. But they do not have any answer, but repeating that the technician visit would cost Rs.170/=. I have paid entire annual fee for viewing these channels without any problem, but I'm not getting the services I'm entitled to. There is no value absolutely for the customers and till date the problem is not sorted out. On the earlier occasion also, when the services were blocked out for the entire society due to some disturbance in the dish direction, Tata sky charged Rs. 170/= for all the connections in the society. How can they charge for the same service (correcting the direction of the common dish) for all the connections without the customers consant (we refused to sign the technicians visit paper as the problem was in the common dish, not in Set top box) . There is no response from Tata Sky and if Tata Sky continue treating its customers like this, they will soon be thrown out the business. Subscription ID 1052663968
Nilesh K. Naik
Mar 31, 2016

Commitment by Service / technical team not kept

Sent to Tata Sky by email,

Dear Sir / Madam,

Please note the following points due to which i am dissatisfied after many years of relation with Tata Sky;

1) We have a common Tata sky Dish installed in our society. As the society secratary i recommended Tata Sky to the other residents.

2) This Dish was replaced by people from MDU department about a month back. Thereafter i started getting no signal problems.

3) I reported the issue. Many times the signal would start on its own and many time it took more than two hours to start. On every occasion my complaint was taken at the call centre, but the service person never called and every time the Work Order got cancelled on its own.

4) On wednesday 23rd March morning at around 8:40 AM again there was no signal and so upset with the response I requested to cancel my connection. I was told that some one senior from back office would call me on Thursday 24th March morning at 8:45 AM and then after addressing my problem connection would be cancelled.

5) It is one week today and no one called and my tata sky was disconnected. On calling the help line Mr. Bhupendra attended my call and said that Tata Sky was disconnected as per my request. I AM SHOCKED AT THE APATHY OF THE BACK OFFICE. WITHOUT CALLING THEY DISCONNECTED MY SERVICE. WHY? DO YOU NOT VALUE CUSTOMERS OR DO NOT CARE IF THERE IS ONE LESS.



Please put your self in my shoes and view the scenario. And if the services are going to be cancelled without any telephonic converstaion, then please refund the balance amount.

My Customer ID - 1004505218
My Cell no (RMN) - 09768050504
Alternate No. 07506640019


A loyal but disatisfied customer

Nilesh K. Naik
Mar 18, 2016

Not giving service for 8 days.

My Tata sky sub ID is 1010352902. Despite having all dues clear and continuous repeatedly complaints my TV remained closed for 9 days.
They are falsely creating my account in negative.
The Tata sky representative gives false information and guidance.I recharged my account two times in one hour. After repeatedly charging my account they still say it is in negative balance.
And still the service is not available
They are absolutely unprofessional in their approach.
Kindly do the needful

Sachin Sutaria
rizwana s khan
Feb 28, 2016

no response frm tata sky team

After regularly 2 months complain. No reaponse is coming frm tata sky team. They just ignor us saying will come.. actuly we hav shifted frm belapur to kharghra... n we r paying 4 destop box but due to some how we r not getting one connection... n for this we r keeping on complaning to come n complete the remaning task but no one is listening to us its now 2 month almost... n we r planing to shift to airtel..
After so many warnings n complains no body is listening... hope I will get help frm this.

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