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Tata Sky


Consumer complaints and reviews about Tata Sky

Rajesh Mathews
Jun 10, 2019

Recharge fraud

Kings electronic person Hyder Ali has taken extra money .he has taken recharge of 473 , but did only for 10 days, he had committed fraud. So I should get my money and also action against the same.
Kiran Patil
Dec 26, 2018

Set top box not working

My set top box is not working from past 6 days i.e from 21st dec onwards.but getting worst response from service centre..I thought of Tata as a trustable brand,but the service they provide is making tata the most untrustable brand in this DTH industry..
I am requesting you to come and collect the set top box from us,if you are not able to provide the required service.its really dishearting for me to say such things about Tata Product..

Kiran patil
Jul 12, 2018

About new connection is not provided till taday

I have book online connection of Tata sky dth with pay on 1st jilly 2018, but till taody 12/07/2018 connection is not provided to me. So i want to refund of my money. Plz. Help me. I am contact many time customer care of tata sky but they could not help me proper.
Jun 27, 2018

The usual annual rate increase

Dear Sir,
I have been a Tata Sky customer for almost 8 to 9 years and I always have an annual payment but every year Tata Sky is raising its rates and there is no control over it and now Tata Sky is announcing annual rate of Rs. 4600. The government will get some positive Take this step to request
May 1, 2018

Help desk not respond

Dear team,
I would like to draw your kind attention to the technical problems i am facing on my Tata sky having user id-1145714158, from 07/03/2018.
Atleast some of the channels were still visible, but from 27/04/2018 all channels closed partially, (some channels could be viewed for 4-5minutes,
For rectifying this I have made numerous calls and chats from my end , but I assume all technician are in leave as you guys are not being able to send some one to resolve my issue,
Hope this time you are able to resolve my issue.
Thanks and regards
Bedabrata Paul

Help desk not respond

Feb 19, 2018

Poor Customer Service & Unfair Trade Practice by Tata Sky Technician

I state that I am a TATA SKY CABLE DTH TV Consumer vide Subscriber Id 1060017801 for last 8 years.

I have paid entire charges of Annual Pack for the period from August 2017 to July 2018 in advance.

I had requested TATA SKY Customer Care for Relocation of my Connection to my new Address in the same Building from B Wing to A Wing.

Tata Sky Technician- Mr Naim demanded unauthorised Cash for Relocation which I didn't fulfilled so he didn't relocate my connection and have been deprived of viewership for last 8 days.

I have been put through unnecessary harassment & torture due to poor customer service by Tata Sky Customer Care & Malpractices by Technician Mr Naim.

I want that my connection being restored & for deprived period I should get refund of my charges & miscreants should be punished.

Your truly.


LBS MARG, THANE (W) - 400604

MOBILE NO: 9821272727
EMAIL ID: [email protected]
Abhishek Bhargava
Jan 1, 2018







Nimeshdia Shah
Nov 23, 2017

Channel is Screaming

Every 2-3 months in Tata Sky Network there is some technical issues and to resolve they are charging ₹225/- Giving false commitment about warranty period, I had complaint to Nodal Officer, but they all are same.

They are just interested in collecting false charges.

Set top box , Network, Subscription, data cable, everything is of Tata Sky than why customer needs to bare charges if the channel is not coming clear.

Never expected such kind of loot from TATA.


Subscribers ID 1166964088
Krupa Desai
Nov 18, 2017

Sold the product without warranty

I bought a remote control for my Tata sky box in the month of October 2017. I paid the full amount for the same. At the time of purchase they did not inform me that the product is out of warranty. After a month that same remote control was not working so I called for replacement. They replaced my remote and one more time deducted money from my account. When I asked why they told me that the other remote was not on warranty but the new remote is on warranty. Most funny part is I had to pay 375 rupees for the remote with warranty and 375 rupees for the remote without warranty.
Sep 3, 2017

Tatasky dth

Register online for new connection & make payment of Rs 499/- through debit card on dated 01/09/2017 but i dont get any call or any installation from Tata sky my subscriber ID is 1238817256 & the call which I received is fake 9999720654

Tatasky dth

[email protected]
Aug 7, 2017

Refund (new connection)

Subject:till yet money not refunded bcoz of connectivity enginners told connection could not be provided in this building !!!My register email id is [email protected]
Complaint no:Z2108GJ/Z18WD0R/nodal officer sr no:Z3D6K3C no response
Call to customer care.speak to supervisor call 4 to 5 times from 25th the day i raise the request today is 7 th refund amt not credited !! iAm normal salary person i took a new connection but plzzz refund the amount as there was a prblm from ur side as u say and ur exective withi within 7 days refund will get processs !plzzz reverse my money iam now fed up complaining and asking refund of money !! Tata sky is the brand and this type of customer expreience which lead this brand down in future i will think 100 times to get a connection from You !!!plzzz help me and refund amount

Refund (new connection)

Pradeep rishikesh sharma
Nov 21, 2016

Irresponsible customer support and mismanagment arrogant customer care

I have recharged an annual platinum package four days back but still continuosly after every ten minutes there is a msg on screen to make the payments. Tge call centre is not able to rectify this today the call centre executives are just lingering saying that the system is not working. I feel lije being bluffed by such a big corporate house. I ask you how fight against this injustice being done by you. Can i get my money refund if i surrender my tata sky connection.
Pradeep sharma
Jiurnalist, accreditation by state gvt of maharashtra.
Mobile no 8691911100
Tata sky id 1197598103
Pramod Auti
Aug 28, 2016


Dear sir,
Hello sir, My name is Pramod auti. I apply last 5th month new connection in TATA SKY DTH. I paid Rs.1850/- new connection charges but give me already use set off box. I request you sir please help me. & give me new set off box.
Subscriber id.1158410314
User Name. Rajesh Patel. This person set off box.
Sir I call last 3 month to tata sky customer care but his not give me any response. I request you sir give me new set off box.

Pramod Auti
Sadguru krupa chawl chawl 24
Room no 8 Mumbradevi colony
Diva East Thane Mumbai 400614


Aug 21, 2016

Harassments & Height of Negligence by rude Technicians & Breach of trust with cancelling Work Order by Tata Sky CCare- Hyderabad


The Customer Grievance Manager/Director
3rd Floor, Bombay Dyeing A.O. Building,
Pandurang Budhakar Marg, Worli,Mumbai-400025

SUBSCRIBER ID : 1200719415 ; Work Order # QXTJE8B dtd. 12/08/2016
Ref. : Complaint No. ROU330TB dtd. 21/08/2016 with Nodal Officer Mr. Ameet Singh, Mumbai-Pune.

Subject: Harassments & Height of Negligence by rude Technicians & Breach of trust with cancelling Work Order by Tata Sky CCare- Hyderabad (040-6723-3800)

Dear Sir,
Pl note I have been given the above work order request for New Installation of Dish + HD Box with 1 Year ULTRA Package Subscription + FREE Annual HD + 2 Regional Package -Marathi + Bengali pack with an assurance that the same would be installed within 24 hours. But to my utter surprise and after many follow up calls from my end, finally the 1st Technician arrived on 17/08/2016 and went back as he came without Dish antennae. Next day another Technician came but refused to install Dish on the wall, and told me that he will come up with Grill Brackets (extra Rs. 200/- + Barrel Connectors Rs. 100/- to be borne by me) to place the Dish on 19th August.. Since then I am waiting for him. Now, Since past 2 days I am calling him up on regular basis, but he is not picking up my calls… Finally Yesterday, When I tried his no. from other mobile no., He picked up and assured that he has taken the bracket and would reach my place in 1 hours time… Since yesterday, I am waiting eagerly but he is neither picking up my calls nor arriving at my place…. WHAT A GREAT SERVICE TATA SKY is providing to its GENUINE CONSUMERS ??

Kindly don't dodge consumers. When the consumer has agreed to pay Rs 300/= as per the demand from Tata Sky technician. Then why Tata Sky technician is playing gimmicks by not picking up calls ??
Now to add more to my frustration, Today on 21st August - 3pm, I received a call from your H’bad Call center and being informed by the lady that my Work Order has been cancelled due to “No Signal Site” reason given by your lazy technicians??? In fact, in my buildings most of my neighbors have installed their Dishes on the same wall in South East Direction facing sky/clouds?? Then how come your technician is arguing that too after accepting it to place it on the grill, near the same wall (as he wanted to avoid extra labour of drilling on the wall and earn Rs. 300/- from me) ?? …. Also, does that mean Tata Sky Hyderabad Call center Executive - listens more to its Non-Working, incompetent Technician more than knowledgeable genuine customers?? Now why is that ?? Just to harass me more, rather than actually solving the consumers plea and agony ?? Pl note, ‘cause of your incompetent technician, I have wasted my 2 days at Home… as he promised every time that he would reach in 1 hours time since Friday - Saturday. .. Would Tata Sky pay me up for my productive Time and business losses and harassments?

Harassed by your intolerant and frantatic approach, I intend to file the complaint before the Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, Mumbai for redressal of grievances and will demand compensation for the mental and physical harassment and deficiency in Service against your most laziest & incompetent Technicians and protecting them - Tata Sky Management.

Pl. note, today Fade up with both Technicians and Call center executives, I have lodged a complaint with Mumbai-Pune Nodal Office Mr. Ameet Singh’s Office with Ms. Nazneen under Complaint No. ROU33OTB.

Personally, I am requesting you to look into this matter on TOP PRIORITY and provide the URGENT INSTALLATION within next 24 hours – by end of 22nd August that too by competent & well behaving Technician, to avoid further litigation in the matter.

Failing which, Kindly refer Section 14(1) in The Consumer Protection Act, 1986, as the consumer is being suffered loss and injury on account of deficiency in rendering of Service by the opposite party, the consumer will claim Rs 1 Lac as compensation due to negligence of opposite party.

Awaiting your earliest Resolution and URGENT INSTALLATION within next 24 hours… PLEASE !!

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

M : 99675-37218 / 98921-37218
mail: [email protected]om ; [email protected] ; [email protected]
Pooja singhal
Aug 15, 2016

Imcomplete and incorrect information provided by tatasky executives

I am using tatasky services and since 7 August 2016 evening the primary set top box is not working. The same happened two months earlier also. The technician visited my residence and replaced the box which again stopped working since 7 th August. When I called the helpline number for complaining they told that they will be sending the technician to check the issue & their will be no visiting charges. The technician visited on 8 & told that the set top box needs to replaced again. On 9 my account got debited towards the visiting charges. I called the helpline again and asked for new set box instead of repaired box. They told that they don't have any such policy and I need to have repaired box in replacement.I also complained about wrong charges debited which got reversed on 9. The same day a lady told that the I need to pay 1000 rupees for repaired box with 1 year warranty but the warranty will be for visiting charges and not the box. On same I got call three times from helpline number & everytime the executive gave me new information stating that the earlier executive provided incorrect information.on 12 I got a call & the executive told me I buy one more multi TV connection and then I can interchange the connection in order to get new box. I bought the multi TV on 13. On 14 I got the call for interchange & the executive told me that if I interchange the connections the package I m using will be discontinued as that package is no more available with the company and I need to pay 530 per month for new package which is having same channels as per my existing package for which I am paying 420 per month. I need to complain about wrong/incomplete information provided by the company executives. Also my account is debited every day for the connection which is not working since 7 August. I need action against the company and compensation for the loss of time and money I have wasted on replacing set top boxes two times, calls, new connection and extra charges for the services they are providing.
Rams patel
Jul 25, 2016

Refund money

Hi myself ramesh patel l had placed a order of tata sky through dth compare approx 2.5 month ago & at that time due to direction problem technician had said it will not work in ur building so I had called compare dth & said to exchange for airtel dth but the worst service I had they can't answered properly so that I requested for refund my money and they accepted it.but till now I had not get money back.i had called several time but they said to complaint and can't ans properly.firstafol they can't ans in complaint number we have to called for new connection at that time they ans our few questions and shut down the phone.l feel helpless now.mob.9609227766
Jul 21, 2016

no signal

Hey this is one of ur frustrated customer. Your service is so shitty that we are planing to change it. My set top box is saying that its not receiving signal the possible reasons for this can be due to weather problem or if the wires are not connected properly I have checked all the wires are connected properly and also the weather is clear there is no reason for showing this message its obvious that the problem is from your side when I talk with the customer service executive she said me that it will charge 200 rupees for an engineer to visit my house now I don't understand is the problem is from your side why should I pay I just want you guys to fix this problem as soon as possible I hope you reply me and help me with this problem thank you
My phone number is 7558 226 961
Soni Adil Patel
Jun 27, 2016

Non Attendance of Problem by Technician & Poor Signal

We are using Tatasky since last 9 to10 years. Since last 4 years we have Multi- TV connection of Tata Sky. We have been following up since last 1 month with Tata Sky to attend the complaint for non receipt of proper signal in the multi connected set up boxes. From last one year whenever the local Kalyan _West Customer Care Center Technician attended the Complaint, they always gave a reason that your internal concealed wiring has problem, and left without attending the complaint. In the first week of June, for 3 days the electrician visited our house to change the concelaed wiring and waited for Tata Sky to attend the Site and check and confirm the concealed cable changing , but nobody attended it . The office attendant Ms. Sonal argued with me that Tata Sky executives are calling me 10 times in a day and I am not answering the call and that the executives do not lie and also argued with me using abusive language . I then visited the Customer Care Office at Kalyan (West) , wherein the the person incharge Mr. Shakeel again argued with me saying that if you are not satisfied with Tata Sky then disconnect it we have 1000 customers like you and we are not here to attend your complaints. I had heated argument with him for poor services. After being intervened by another customer he gave me the mobile number of one executive Mr. Praveen who informed the electrician to change the concealed wire from main duct to the main supply. Thus it was immediately done by the electrician. We completed renovation of our house and tried operating the TV, which had the same problem. Another executive visited and said your concealed wire has problem.We informed him that it has been changed as advised by your executive, he started using cheap language and saying u people do not have brains and that you try to teach us as how to solve the problem and picked up his bag and left. When we told him that the internal wire has already been changed, he went on shouting and left.

Post this incident, none of the technicians have visited our house to check the problem which still persists. We have placed number of complaints, but the local customer care office technicians keep the work order on hold with the reason of internal wiring and themselves after 3-4 days cancel it without even calling us. When we call customer care number, we are been informed that Work Order is either on hold or is cancelled. It is now nearly 25 days our problem has not been attended. Last week after following for one week we just received a call from some senior technician from thane who assured us to attend the complaint,but did not turn.

We are just wasting are money as we are not able to view many channels in our 2 Tvs and there is no Signal in one of our TV. One month back they also made us change our satellite disc mentioning that the disc has problem and needs to be changed, post which all the problem will be solved.

Now they are giving reason of internal cable, which is also now changed by us. As the Technicians are not visiting the Site(my house) they are not aware of the present situation and are just closing the work orders on their own writing any nonsense comments.
Lot of mental agony is caused to us and the local customer care executives are least bothered even to call us. Though I had written mails and also called repeatedly, there has been no action from the technicians, nor any efforts are made from their end to attend and sort out the complaint.

It is creating a very bad impression about Tata Sky and such cheap and uneducated people being appointed to give Tata Sky services.
We hope that the compliant is resolved asap.

Adv. Soni Patel
dharamveer sisodiya
Jun 21, 2016

Worst services ever

Worst services ever
My tata sky Id No. is 1050237203, We raised a connection transfer request 2 weeks back. Every day we follow up 3-4 times and get false commitments that it will be done the next day and the next day no one appears . Then again we call and explain the whole issue all over again with full address where the connection needs to transfer, we get the same false assurance over and over. Even After explaining my full address with Pin code many times, yesterday we had received the call from technician who told me that the Kalwa (w) area is not under his scope and he told me to again call to customer care. the call was again done from my side and the same false commitment received from Tata Sky customer care that the problem will be resolve within 1 hour time. again i had call up the same to customer care and again tata sky customer care assured that i will receive the call before 11:00 am today.

I don't understand why the hell we have to struggle a lot for just a connection transfer.

Please help to resolve the issues as soon as possible as this is very very frustrating for every consumer

Thanks & Regards
Dharamveer Sisodiya
Mob. No. 8879981196 & 9702115869
meena rao
Jun 8, 2016

No service even after 4 days.

I have registered complaint with TATA SKY Service Centre about non responding SET TOP box on June 4, 2016. Since then I have been calling every day,but to no avail. Every time I am pacified and promised a call from the service centre within two hours. I have come to my wits end.
Never expected such treatment by a reputed company.
I have even tried through Twitter.

No service even after 4 days.

Jun 2, 2016

no signals -some channels

My id is 1060371851, Last one month more then 20 channel is not working and every time you take 200 services change . we have done mistake we have choose tata sky . and please don't put big advertise in TV people are not fool they have see your services . just understand your name is connected with TATA Company . Don't spoil the brand so badly.. and yes i dont want to use your tata sky othe r feathers ok thank you .

no signals -some channels

Sumit Tiwari
May 18, 2016

installation of tata sky at thane tata cust id 1075295574

I have lodged request for installation of tata sky at my residence at lokpuram sarod flat no 207 2nd floor b wing thane Mumbai to mrs saroja. She has not lodge d my request if my tata sky not installed with in 24 hours then I will go for another forum.
May 8, 2016

Bad customer services

Tata sky has very bad service.

I suggest dont go with tata sky.
Shailesh khedekar
Apr 13, 2016

Name change

Sanjay kamble
Name change
Shailesh khedekar
Tatasky id 1035554094
Mobile no 9987394327
Mar 28, 2016

Wrong Information and Cheap Quality Instruments

My set top box damage twice in last 12 months On 27.03.16 I had Lodge complain, the customer care person inform visit charges Rs. 120/- and Rs. 325/- for the change of one circuit which was burn. but actually they charge Rs. 870/- (Visit Charge Rs. 170/- and set top box replacement charges Rs. 700/- ) even the service engineer came not inform about the charges. 4

These guy are damaging the name of TATA. hope some senior person will look

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