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Tata Sky

Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about Tata Sky

Nov 5, 2019

Refund payment (paid through ptm)

i have paid 2100/- amount to unisyn enterprises through swiping on 02-11-2019 but in time they tatasky was not installed so i have canceil the connection immediately Mr. Ambati Sudarshan - His No. 8247638810. I have somany times call me but he is not lift my phone. Kindly refund my amount immediately My Phone No. 9618075467 - My order ID 201911021736330037. If they will not paid I will go consumers court
Jun 27, 2019

New connection not given

This is M. Raj Kumar working for Railways. One Sales girl by name D. Vidhya and a boy from Tata Sky came to my office at Secunderabad (Railnilayam). They have requested me to take connection. Because Tata Sky is a reputed company I have taken connection on exchange offer and paid Rs. 3869 on 21-06-2019 for 06 months package through Paytm wallet (Txn ID 25084488498) to Unisyn Hyderabad.with Order ID 201906211239440048. Till now connection was not given and those people are not responding. Pl. help me.

Sales girl name: D. Vidhya Mobile No. 9505447921
Incharge Name: Nagaraj Mobile No. 7680808161

New connection not given

Jun 26, 2019

non installation of Tata sky

One of executive from unisyn enterprises(Quality Application Solution Pvt.LTD) company came to my home on 19/06/2019 by name sateesh nayak & Nagaraju mobile no 6302828004 &7093966438 he has explained about tata sky tariff asked to pay the money through paytm to install the tata sky connection. I've paid the money to unisyn enterprises of Rs. 3,870/- on the same day. Till now i did not receive any call from tatasky. and contacted them on 21/06/19 as they have committed for installation on Friday but he refused to pick the call and finally by evening he has given another no 9652831462/ 8452843031/8099107479 The executive is not attending my calls and not giving me the current status. I am confused here. kindly take a action on them in future they should no do this kind of thing in future

I request unisyn enterprises to refund my money..

non installation of Tata sky

Jun 12, 2019

Payment debited but account not recharged yet

I have recharged tata sky account for rs 3942 but the account has not been recharged yet.. the payment has been credited to [email protected] Refund the amount debited as soon as possible. I have attached the screenshot for your reference.

Payment debited but account not recharged yet

Jun 5, 2019

Irresponsible to customers


I am sharing my experience with tatasky relocation. I had raised reqyest for uninstalling from old address and then installing in new address. The former went smooth but later has not happened and I am requesting from 4 days they are just saying that it has been escalated and nothing is been done. I just want to ask one thing ,is there no rule in our country india which can protect customer rights from service providers like tatasky who take our money and cheat. I pay my 6 monthly subcription on time,but service is very bad. Customer care people are not cooperative and technicians don't even care about customers. If they fail to install tatasky ,can they take it back and refund my money to my account. Now I don't feel like using it, the way they treat customers
Debadipta Roy
May 16, 2019



I have recently moved to a new place and have launched a request for fitting the Tata Sky to my new House. The complaint was launched 2weeks back. And one fine day I got a call of a lady speaking in Telegu. I don't know Telegu and I have moved from Kolkata. On which I clearly asked the lady to speak in Hindi or English on which the lady hanged up on the call. After a few days when I have called the customer care, they informed me that my request was cancelled and the reason was "Language Mismatch". So, ideally, you will have to know the regional language to get your Tata Sky to get installed.

From then I have received at least 15 calls asking when can I come and install the same, on which, every time I said, I and my husband is working so we leave home by 10:30 AM in the morning, you have to finish the work before that. Please get a timeline so that you can finish the same by then.

In spite of clearly stating the time I received an SMS saying it will be done from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM. Till then nobody showed up. No calls. One call received again talking in Telegu, again I said I do not understand Telegu and after that, no calls no response.

What kind of service do you guys have? The same I have faced earlier too.

Shomik Chanda
Subscription Id:1300528393
Mar 26, 2019

Cheated by TATA SKY connection not activated even after Paying total Rs 1450

I wish formally raise a complaint against TATA SKY DTH for not activating by DTH connection till date in spite of taking money Rs 1450 for my DTH account 1007203555.Requested TATA SKY customer representative on 21st March 2019.Paid Rs.100 with my Paytm Order No. 7708745611.TATA SKY technician Mr. Mahesh came on 22 Mar but he did not resolve and left. Complained to TATA SKY and escalated. Senior manager apologized and promised to resolve the issue immediately. Mr. Prem Das ( Phone # 7731947253) came to our house around 4.30 pm and looked the issue. He said we have to change the DTH box to digital and also the receiver on the dish. Total it will cost Rs. 900/= for DTH box and Rs. 400/= for the receiver in cash. In addition he demanded Rs. 50/= for doing the work. Mr. Prem Das changed the DTH box for which I paid Rs.900 to TataSKY through Paytm Order # 7729152752. Mr. Prem was not ready to accept the receiver cost through Paytm. After changing both; Mr. Prem coordinated with TATAcSKY technical head Ms. Ramya and tried to activate for 30 min but my connection did not get activated. Mr Prem said it will take 12 h and is in process of upgrading. By tomorrow morning will be resolved. He even took the old DTH box with him. We asked Mr. Prem Das receipt for payments and he refused to give. Last three days I have been continuously calling Mr. Prem Das he does not pick up the phone and is not responding. Till now my TATA SKY connection also is not activated and no other technician came. So much inconvenience we are going through for last one week, I request TATASKY to refund my money as the activation is not done. Most important need a strong action against TATA SKY and Mr. Prem DAS for this cheating affair. Request you to help me resolve this issue

Krishna E
Mar 20, 2019

not working

i have taken, tata sky in the month of october 2018, from local operator , never worked , allways shows signal problem, i am fedup and given compalint to the customer care number of times no use, my num 9553855547.
Mahesh Kumar Bennuri
Jun 16, 2018

Tata sky pairing issue

Getting the error " Set up box needs to be paired". Customer care is not helping at all. Sub I'd- 1257879815
Jun 8, 2018

Setup box

This stupid people are coming and taking money for setup box they r not even giving setup we hav to call them..they wont receive the call also they person name is hari he will not leave until u pay the money for setup box..once he receive money he will not lift the call and no response ..he took 1500 and 1350 3 times no use..please take action on him if anyone his no is 6302 626 953 pls take action on him and this company..
May 11, 2018

Constant disruption of services

We have been long-standing customers of Tata Sky. Ever since SV Enterprise was made the service provider in our area (Karkhana), numerous issues have cropped up. They are a bunch of illiterate hooligans who have tampered with our dish and set-top box on many occasions leading to temporary resumption of service but no permanent solution. Each time they show up, they debit 600/- from our account. This has happened on 6 occasions so far. Numerous complaints have been made to Customer Care, but they have now started to hang up on us when we try to explain our situation! Very very frustrating.
May 3, 2018

Lack of Customer Service

The set up box would not start, so, I registered a complaint on 30th April, and received a call that a technician would be visiting. Received the following SMS:

"Dear Subscriber, your WO#14LORYXK dated 30/04/2018 11:49 has been cancelled. For queries pls contact our Helpline on 18602086633"

Nobody shows up, and when I call them again, they registered a new complaint, and received the following SMS:

"Tata Sky Installer visit for WO#14MWWBG6 is scheduled between 02/05/2018 18:30 & 19:30 In case of query pls contact our helpline on 1860 208 6633"

It has been 4 days, but no one still still shows up. I guess this is a testimony to their customer service.
Feb 20, 2018

Pathetic customer service

CUSTOMER ID- 1116066067
I have been facing poor customer service from tatasky service person. The set top box shows problem every 6 months and when asked for repair, a new box is sold saying it can't be repaired.
Lately, the dish wasn't receiving signal and the service person fixed a new dish in my absence, convincing my family member. Though we didn't required a new dish as we have 4 inter connections and other available dish could have been used.
The service person always see a chance to dupe customers with extra unnecessary charges.
I'm very disappointed by such behavior and would change to some other DTH service provider.
Neeraj Prasad11
Dec 3, 2017

Cheating with coustmer on recharge

I have got new Tata sky connection in 2000 rupees n with this one month free subscription. My free subscription end on 29.9.2017 and after that I have called Tata sky coustmer care that what are Ur plans n price for six month or yearly pack. As per their suggestions I have done reacharge of 1695 for six months pack on 30.9.2017. Now I have got SMS that Ur plan expire on 7.12.2017 kindly reached to continue. I have called again Tata sky coustmer care twice that I have done six months recharge it should go till March 2018 . They told that Ur account is reacharge with 1695 is successful but Ur plan is not changed and they charged 750 ultra highest plan from my balance. The initial plan free subscription end on 29.9.2017 so why they continue charges the same plan and second ly if I recharged with six month pack amount 1695 my plan should automatically changes as per my reacharge amount done by me. They are making fool of coustmer and cheating with them. I trust on Tata name so I get Tata sky instead of others...now there service is spoiling there name. I just want my six months subscription for my hard earned paid money.
Neeraj Prasad
[email protected]
Jun 4, 2017

Tata Sky Worst customer service

Hi Team,

I am really not happy with the installation. The guy who visited my place tatasky employee name: Kishan PhNo:+91 9676931181 using bad words in their own language (Lambadi). Asking for extra amount for the HD wire and FF link but when I objected to pay extra amount and tried to call to customer care then he stopped me for calling customercare and he did the installation and he also made me to carry his wire and other stuff from my floor to top floor and when i refused on carrying the wire he is making fun of me with the other person, but where the other guy Lavaaa who is not even Tata sky employee and he is the one doing installation without having any proper knowledge. These people not even carried the required stuff for installation like marker,pencil,6mm nails and they are asking to get for them.

Do you think I am working for Tata Sky as Daily labor ?
No Signal Strength and No signal quality
No Demo on How to use the setup box.
Worst part was people who came for installation they ran away without my knowledge and when I called to the chandanagar tata sky installation office the person name Vijay Ph No: +91 8985178918 responded that they are not responsible for demo or pack activation related things.

I am rejecting the installation right now. I have taken the wrong choice by going for Tata Sky Digital TV HD. I don't have any subscription ID to mention here.

Please cancel my request and refund my amount immediately.

Ph:+91 8088425232.
May 25, 2017

Charging again for a faulty set-top box given to me

I have purchased a tata sky HD set - top box in august 2016 paying 2000rs , and did not recharge since then as i did not find their service good. In April 2017 Tata sky people contacted me and asked me to purchase 1 year subscription for 2000rs which i agreed after their good service promise. Its just 1 month i used my TV and TATA sky has sent a software update automatically to my HD set top box which stopped at 67% and since then I am repeteadly calling customer care to either repair or replace my HD set top box for which they say I need to purchase a new set-top box or take a second connection for the same. Someone from Tata visited my home and took the HD set top box and said that the sticker below the box is half torn and they cant replace the box for which i should pay rs 2000 again. This is purely cheating as I did not ask for any update for the software which was forcefully done by tatasky from their end. 1) if the set top box is unable to take the update it means the set top box given to me is a faulty one 2) The sticker might have been torn by the person who took it without giving any acknowledgement. 3) Even to repair the set top box they should do it as my box is still under warranty.

Question:- Why should i pay for the fault of TATA SKY

My Registered mobile number is 7032659005 and alternate number is 7032659004
Rakesh Chaturvedi
May 11, 2017

Bad services

I am lodging this complaint for the last time because I am complaining for the last fortnight and unable to get any solution. Thank you for this site which is a waste of time and money because nobody listens to it. Also thanks for Tata sky for befooling the customers and not listening to their legitimate demands.
Rakesh Chaturvedi
May 10, 2017

Bad services

I am waiting for the last 13 days for my problem to be resolved but no body is coming forward for REDRESSAL of my long pending complaint. I shall go on complaining daily till my problem is resolved. Thank you
Caralin Shrinivas
Apr 1, 2017

Inability of Tata Sky technicians in solving complaint

My TATA SKY subscriber ID is 1124618685.

Since last six months, We are facing problems with our two TATA SKY connections. The signal keeps on coming and going every few seconds and we are unable to watch anything at a stretch. The problem exists with both the connections and that too at the same time. Every time when we register a complaint, the technician comes and is unable to find a solution. Listening to their advice, we even changed our cabling which cost me around INR 3000. They promise us that someone senior will come and check, but no one turns up. The complaint is closed without our knowledge and feedback. We are having a common MDU unit for our building. Since, we have paid the subscription for one year we are unable to disconnect it.

I request the TATA SKY officials to look into the matter. You may go through the complaints, which we have registered in the past few months. I am not going to register a complaint online as it is a waste of our time and efforts. It is highly impossible for working people like us to sit at home everytime waiting for the TATA SKY technician to come and solve our problem. We need someone who is knowledgeable and experienced to come and check.

- Caralin Shrinivas.
syed zaheer ahmed
Feb 17, 2017

tata sky not getting signals calling since 10 days

This complain against Tata sky. Technical Team / CUstomer service Manager..I have never expect such a bad service from Tata sky.. I am small entrapruner running medical tourism guest houses in Hyderabad. And in most of my guest houses I have install Tata sky... since many days I am getting many issues related to Tata sky channels..in particular case the id no 1102139142 .. Since days I am following with Tata sky customer number :9246399983 ut unfortunately every time a new person picks up the call and assures me next day morning for example the customer care representative who promise me Mr.Naresh / Prakash / Shankar / zameer /Ramesh...
So one can understand the patience of mine since 10 days I am regularly following the customer support guys to send a technician to fixed up the team.. I have proofs of call in my mobile list as well.
So If Tata sky team have any moral responsibilities towards their customers they should reply and take action and compensate me for the pain their staff has given...As I am one of the large customer for them I do have 11 ids on my name Ayub Mob : 7416176800
I do use other service providers also but i hardly face any issues and usually rectify with in time frame...
It seems TATA sky has taken granted customers and their attitudes SUB CHALTA HAI .. customer atay hai Jatay hai.. Tata sky to sale hota hai>>>>
Shame on the management and staff who are getting salaries and spending on their families its all illegal as customers who pay money are in tears ...
If Tata sky have any humanity or if they belongs to any civilized family / society .. they should take serious this note.. Or else I will take the issue to the maximum level of Govt departments...
My name is Ayub
My number : 7416176800
location : Red Hills Lakdi Ka Pul. Hyderabad Telangana State.
[email protected]
Feb 12, 2017

Service Not Activated

Relocated to Hyderabad,past two weeks requesting both the customer care and service representative to fix the dish,every time standard response that within 2 hours the same shall be fixed.
Really annoyed and deeply regret to take Totally.

Jayhari Satheesan
Jan 9, 2017

Not accepting Online Payment

Hi Team,

I'm trying to make an online bill payment for Tata sky...the operator is not confirming and the transaction is finally getting failed. This is happening since 4 days. Now also I did the payment. Please confirm it. It is registered on the mobile number 9701638498.

Jan 5, 2017

Technicians and senior of service department of technician

Signal issue has made all the mess with TATA SKY
We raised a complaint regarding no signal issue
1st technician comes n resolve it
After 2-3 days we face the same problem
2nd technician comes n says he had changed LNP nand places new one , as its reliable company technicians we did not accompany with them to terrace. The person asked to gv him 250/- cash as he has changed LNP but we denied to him still he says no no u hv to gv money as physical part has been changed there won't be any deduction will be shown in ur account , after a discussion we gv him .But after 2-3 days again same issue
3rd technician Mr. Naresh comes n after checking all things he says wire has been cut in middle n he had fixed with joints in it . Again in 2 days it's cut n same issue
This time I decided that I Vl go with technician n check what's d matter Now comes 4th technician with name USMAN I accompanied him to terrace n was seeing everything was shocking
Wire was cut in middle with 2 joints
Old LNP has been fixed with wire
Now the picture was clear that all the technicians where making fool
I spoke to the incharge of Mr. Naresh n Usman
Mr.shafi I explained him all the situation n then he opens n u might hv allowed some other person to check not from Tata sky
N also mr. Naresh says someone from ur apartment has cut the wire n he is not responsible for it
When I asked him whether u might hv also cut the wire wantedly he says madam tum dekhe kya
I hv been talking in call centre from almost so many days to
Miss Shruthi , Aanchal, mr. Kumar n many more senior executives but my problem has not yet resolved
Technicians make a call but doesn't visit n close the complaint by stating automatically resolved

I have been wasting my time and money by calling @ call centre but still not yet resolved

Technicians and senior of service department of technician

Dec 23, 2016



I am a subscriber of Tata Sky and have been using their Mega South HD pack.This is a annal pack.

They have been consistently increasing the renewal amount of this pack every year and they just went too far this time. The increase this year is of Rs,1000!

We don't have any option of portability. If i want to switch to another DTH, i need to buy all my setup boxes and my existing setup boxes from Tata sky will be a waste.

This is a total loot and looks like no one seems to care what they do.
Narasimha Rao N
Dec 16, 2016

No response from Tata Sky team.

My Tata Sky ID - 1104681489.

I am using Tata sky from past 4 yrs, I recharged per year package from Dec-2015 to Dec-2016.
Now the issue is Tata Sky billing team is showing 807/- due payment and connection is deactivated, I was called to tata sky customer care team on 13-Dec-2016.
First off all tata sky team not understanding why it is showing due. They are logged complaint (Complaint no-TP55080) and sent to their billing team, already it is 4 days they are not responding and i didn't get any call from tata sky customer care team.

Please address the issue on priority.

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