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Consumer complaints and reviews about TAXI

Saurav jha4
Jun 22, 2022

False meter Taxi fare

I did booked a taxi(lal_peeli) on 21 June 2022 at 10pm night in borivalli west station to boisar(palghar district) for which I asked him about fare ,he told Me to give fare according to meter reading for which i get ready to pay , they were two of them one was driver and his friend was unnecessarily in cab. At nagazari village approx 10 km before boiser ,around night 1 am he told me to take out money from ATM I said ok I will take it out , when I asked him how much fare is now till, he said 4000 according to meter reading till now,after reaching boiser it will be around 5500/_he said. Where as fare for uber taxi is 1700 from borivelli to boiser. I just take out my bag and said i will not go further ,for which he started abusing and start fighting with me and forced me sit in cab, they were two. As someone nearby called the police then he settled down the problem. Taxi no was (MH 01 .. 0027). I Request from RTO inspector to take serious action against these type of frauds. My name is Saurav jha , mob no. 7979916102
Lovina Hodage
Feb 9, 2020

fares overcharged as taxi meter being tampered

The taxi no MH 01 AT 5826 has tampered with his meter and is overcharging customers with the taxi fares. I usually travel from Worli to Bandra highway and the maximum meter charges should be around 200 rupees.But the taxi driver has charged us 285 rupees till the highway after enquiring with him he said that his meter wire was broken. Also we paid him 70 rupees for the toll as the taxi driver brought us from the worli sea link bridge. This man forced us to pay the complete fare, as we were ladies travelling in the cab we did not have much arguement with him. Request you to kindly look into this matter as this might save other passengers from being overcharged.

fares overcharged as taxi meter being tampered

Sep 24, 2019


Taxi driver of taxi number BM.6048.C.14 charged us rupees 50 extra for luggage ,
Jul 1, 2019

Fast Taxi Meter

I travel from Dadar kabutar khana to Hallmark Business Plaza Kalanagar on a daily basis. I take a cab and meter reading between 7 to 7.30 on working days, workout to maximum Rs 60 to 70 in the morning.

The taxi driver charge Rs 150 with his meter reading. while I did give him Rs 100 he made me squirm and did not accept. It has costed me more then double amount. I had paidthe amount. Taxi number is MH01BM3872.

Please take some quick action against this taxi driver.


Siddhant Surve.

8779134122 / 7738715918 .

([email protected])
Oct 16, 2018

False night fare

We have travelled from Dadar Station to Wadala Road at 5:15am. Night fare ends at 5:00am in the morning. But taxi driver had charged night fare at 5:15am. We have argued but, he refuses to take normal fare. The no of taxi is MH01 AT 7225.
I request you to pay attention in this case.
My contact no is 9664365489
Sep 4, 2017

Refuse to passnger


Sep 1, 2017

Double fare meter

Plz take action against this taxi drivers

Double fare meter

Sumeet Bhardwaj
Aug 23, 2017

Excess fare

Taxi driver of taxi no (MH.01.BT.3132) had charged excess fare from dadar west railway station to Sidhivinayak temple at 8pm on16.08.2017 Rs (60) despite one passenger was already sitting in the front but on returning from Sidhivinayak temple to Dadar west railway station,he took Rs (30) by meter of my family.I had returned from Banglore to Dadar by Udyan express (11302) at 7:50 pm at Dadar west,Pnr no. is 4854207398.Kindly take appropriate action against the taxi driver to avoid recurrence of such incidence to other person in near future & also intimate me via [email protected] & my contact no is 9428509763 regarding action taken report.

Excess fare

Vivek Doshi
Jan 28, 2017

Currency exchange fraud done by cabbie

Dear Sir ,

one of my Iranian friend had visited the city on Tuesday and he got cheated by a taxi driver .

The taxi driver on context of exchanging currency flipped the 100$ notes to 10$ note , he paid him 200 $ but taxi driver said its only 20 $ .He knew that he was not having any 10$ notes so he was very sure on that .

He also charged him 2800 instead of 600 from International to Colaba.

Taxi No is MH 01 BG 2600 Silver Ertiga .

Kindly contact us on 0091-9867546511.

Thanks & Regards

Vivek Doshi

Currency exchange fraud done by cabbie

Jan 14, 2017

high taxi fare

I took a taxi from Chatra pati Shivaji airport from taxi stand on 14.01.2017 at 10.30 pm. Taxi was from Mumbai city taxi service . Receipt no. 070 car no. 2589. I was travelling from mumbai airport to tata memorial parel and then went to dadar east. Taxi person took a total amount of Rs 1600 from me and it was too much.
Plz do the needfull step
seema paresh patil
Sep 24, 2016

school bag left in taxi

We tooka cab from. Worli. Gaon to antop hill cgs colony. Sec 2, my son'sschool bag were left in that taxi at night 10 30 Pm, on 24th Sept 2016. My son's school bag colour is blue and in that bag his books and uniform and i d card is there in that id card his all information is mentioned..Kindly cont us regarding the bag our cint no is 9833180395/9223220429.
Aug 22, 2016

Taxi passengers

Share taxi service to Hajiali near Mahalaxmi railway station boards 10 people when they are authorized to carry only 6 people. This is extremely risky to peoples life and many time school / college students take the ride as well. Trafiic police who are present just a minute walk away from the stop, ignores the situation
Jul 10, 2016

fare over charge.

I want to lodge a complaint against driver of taxi MH 01AM 5480. He charged 380 rs from dadar railway stn. To chembur postal colony. But actual fare would be 200
With night terrif, since distance is less than 10 km.

Kindly take some action against taxi driver.
Jun 30, 2016

illegal sharing Taxi Dharavi and Matuga Labor camp

Respected Sir,
There is illegal sharing taxi between Kamaraj school, 90 feet Road, Dharavi to Matunga Road railway station. For this in front of the school they park the vehicle in multiple line it cause the heavy traffic in 90 feet road and many times done small accident to school going children and parent who bring the child to school and the drivers are not respect any traffic rule like any place U turn and some park taxi in road and even they don't have the Taxi licence patch. kindly take the necessary action on them and please stop the illegal sharing taxi.

Raja R
Jun 11, 2016

Illegal parking of taxies

Dear Sir, the following 3 taxies are parked in our Govt. Staff Quarters which is illegal as the owner of these taxies is a private person residing illegally in the Govt. Quarters. We are the Govt. Servants and legal residents of the staff quarters of bldg nos. 34, 35, 37 & 38. It is therefore kindly requested to take action against the illegal parking of these taxies as inconvenience is caused to all the Govt. Officials residing in our bldgs.
MH01 BT 9367
MH01 BM 5067
MH01 BM 5904
My name may kindly be kept confidential for security reasons.
Nitin Ghatkamble
Mob no - 9820076523
Apr 10, 2016

Fast Meter

I normally take a Taxi from Byculla to Sion, On an average it costs somewhere between 160 to 170 Rs. But today since it is Sunday with zero traffic i was expecting meter to charge minimum of all days, but to my surprise at the end of the journey meter showed 230 Rs.

Below are the details of the Taxi registration, Please take an action against this owner.

MH01 AT 3901

I hope action is taken against them at the earliest.
Deepak Waje
Reena Ya
Apr 5, 2016

Refuse to come

I stay at colaba & took taxi from Backbay Depo i was with my 11mth old daughter after hearing Matralaya which is nearby location he asked us to get down n finally he refused to take us to designation place, Taxi num Mho2 bq 7988. please take strict action into this.
Mar 16, 2016


Today(16-Mar-2016) at 11:00 am we had boarded a taxi from Mumbai CST railway station. The driver told that we will be charged as per meter, so we agreed. On reaching our destination ie Airoli the meter was showing 660/-. This was the correct amount as it costs this much only. Now the driver told us it's 1000/- bucks as it's a metered taxi and showed us some card. We told him that we agreed for paying by meter but he didn't agreed and took 1000/-. As i was with my toddler son and wife so was not able to go to police station with him regarding this. So, i took some picture which i am uploading here.

The taxi number was MH.01 AT.1233

Please do something as they are giving Mumbai taxi drivers a bad name.

Overcharged Overcharged Overcharged

Sandhya P Haran
Dec 14, 2015

Improper meter

Hello Sir/Madam,

I took taxi (MH01 BD 3392) from Institute of Chemical Tehnology (ICT), Matunga to central Matunga station (stopped right in front of arya bhavan) on Dec 14, 2015 around 3:40-3:45 p.m. in front of college. It takes only Rs. 22 from ICT to matunga station.

This taxiwala missed VJTI (college opposite to ICT) u turn and took the next u turn and took me to matunga station. yet meter should have shown only Rs. 22 max to max may be Rs. 24 but his meter showed Rs. 27. Police also intervened and asked me to complaint at RTO..so its a matter of truthfulness and not few rupees.. I am of the kind who can leave extra money out of charity but at same time cant tolerate cheating be it even a rupee. He was very rude also.

Please find attached photo of taxiwala and his nameplate.

Kindly take the matter seriously and do the needful.

Thanking you

Improper meter Improper meter

Amrut Kanungo
Oct 13, 2015

Complaint against Taxi Driver for Overcharging, abusing and fleeing with excess amount of Taxi No. MH-01-AM-6278 Maruti Omni. On 06-10-2015, 5.00 pm

The Sr. Inspector,
Complaints Cell,
Regional Transport Office.

Reg : Complaint against Taxi Driver for Overcharging, abusing and fleeing with excess amount of Taxi No. MH-01-AM-6278
Maruti Omni. On 06-10-2015, 5.00 pm

Dear Sir,

Myself along with my wife and two friends arrived Mumbai CST from KASARA by CST bound local train at 3.30pm on 06-10-2015

We came out on main road had our lunch and were waiting for taxi to reach our home at CP tank, near VP Road Police Station, out side Shivala Restaurant adjacent to Hotel Sheetal Inn. After waiting for almost 15 mins we boarded Taxi no. MH01-AM-6278 Maruti Omni. We were carrying two luggage and a small hand bag, which were kept in the boot on the taxi.

After reaching the destination ( VP Road Police Station ) the driver demanded Rs.150/- as the total fare including luggage & metre. Whereas the metre was showing Rs. 72/- I refused to pay Rs. 150/- and gave him Rs. 100/- note and and asked for balance change after luggage charge. He abused my bad words and flee off with Rs. 100/- as it is.

I managed to note his taxi no. to write this to you. I request you to take stern action against him, so in future no other citizen is harassed, abused or overcharged by such drivers.

Your prompt action in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Amrut M Kanungo
Jared Creado
Jun 30, 2015

High demand of taxi fares from mehboob studio bandra to international airport

Dear Sir

On the morning of 30th June 2015, I approached the following taxis at Mehboob Studio Bandra West to go to the airport and they all demanded a flat fare of Rs.500/-

Following are the nos of the taxis MH.01.AT.4735, MH-02.BQ.8886, MH.02.BQ.9909
Jul 24, 2014

Faulty Meter

On July 15, I took taxi number MH-01-AM-9488 from Indiabulls Finance Center (Elphinstone) to Mindspace (Airoli) around 12 noon. The normal fare on this route is Rs. 450. But, the meter on this taxi showed Rs. 690 at the end of the journey. When I argued, the taxi driver said that this is because we took a wrong turn - but I do not agree to this because the long turn can cost maximum Rs. 50-70 extra, not Rs. 240 extra! I paid him Rs. 690, but I want you to take action against this driver. His meter is faulty and he is not accepting it!
Apr 16, 2014

Faulty Meter

I boarded a cab from BKC and went upto lower parel. For the last few months, i have been paying around INR130 - INR140 on the same route. But the taxi meter showed INR 170. I am sure the meter is faulty. Please take some quick action.

Taxi no - MH02 BQ 9487
Kapil Dev
Nov 13, 2013

Very High Taxi Fare Charged

Dear Sir,

We hired a taxi from road side, from Check Naka near Muland to Boriwali railway station. The distance was approximate 25-26 KM. But taxi driver said that distance is 45 KM & he will take Rs 23 per km. He took 1000 rs from us for such a short distance. When we oppose he start shouting & forced us to give money. He even took extra toll tax for returning back.

We hereby also attached a photo of car with registration number. We sincerely request you to please take strict against him, so that he will not do it again with other passengers.


Kapil Dev - 9212142486

[email protected]

Very High Taxi Fare Charged

Aug 6, 2011

refuse to come

I am from Kolkata KASBA area. My father wanted to go to HOWRAH and taxi license plate number: WB-04 F 0950 refused to come. Pls take necessary action against this driver.

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