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Consumer complaints and reviews about Thane Municipal Corporation

Jul 30, 2020


Dear sir,

I am resident of Indira nagar, ramnayan Yadav chawl road no. 33 wagle estate thane.
Near Hanuman Mandir in forest, there is illegal toilet drainage pipe laid down in open space in forest. we all resident are facing very serious problems due to that.

it smells very badly and we have problems to stay there. also in rainy there is high possibilities for dengue and malariyas and other serious illness. already we all are facing problems of COVID-19.

we have humbled request you to please take very serious action and save our health and environment too.

Thanking you
May 30, 2020

Containment area have been open

I am residence of shaileshnagar mumbra 400612..in our area 4 days back one covid patient was found in building no 30 and bldg have been sealed by TMC but now I have noticed people have open the gate for 24*7 of building and they are roaming freely.
This may cause the spread of disease please look into this.

Your sincerely

Mumbra citizen
Apr 19, 2020

Bad brown muddy smelly water

Respected sir/madam,

I am resident of Mustafa chawl next to zara boys hostel Shankar Mandir Dargah Road Nr Ambedkar Nagar Mumbra Thane 400612, writing this letter to bring your notice that since a month we are receiving dirty reddish brownish contaminated water in our area which may be harmful to our health especially to children's. It is apprehended that there may be leakage in the water pipe line and the mud or gutter water may be mixed with the supply line. People are affected after consuming this water.. this water cannot be used directly for any daily purpose and the water is so bad that we need to order Bisley for drinking as this water cannot be consumed. Due to lockdown we can't go and complaint in water department office.

kindly requested to look into the matter as soon as possible, Please reply on same when our problem will solve.

Yours Sincerely.

Citizen of Mumbra, .
Mar 27, 2020

Swage Gutter/Nallah Cleaning & Mosquito treatment

Honerable sir/madam,

I Mandar J Vedak, residing at A3, ShreejiKrupa Swaminarayan nagar co-op society, khopat, request you to get nallah behind our building cleaned asap as residents are getting bad sewage smell and lot of mosquito in our home impacting our life severely at home due to corona virus's strict home deployment at this moment I appreciate you will positively consider this priority for public health under your control and get nallah cleaned and necessary mosquito repellent spraying done as early as possible.

Thanks in advance for your support as usual for immediate action.

Mandar Vedak
Aug 3, 2019

Bad roads in and around Brahmand society

The roads around Brahmand Society have become bad to worse during the monsoons,  especially the part of the road where the pipeline was laid out.

We have so many schools in the vicinity and the the roads around the schools are even worse.

The condition of the road near St. Xavier School, Unibersal high School,  etc are very bad.

I request the concerned authorities to survey the area and repair the roads at  the earliest before any major accident takes place.

Dominic Harriosn
Jul 23, 2019

Dengue - prevention

Dear Sir/madam,

Multiple cases of dengue are reported in our complex.

My husband & Son both were detected positive for dengue & were hospitalized in hiranandani hospital, thane. They were discharged from hospital yesterday.

Requesting you to take immediate action & ensure necessary pest control measures to prevent further dengue cases in my complex.

Complex Address:
Kanchanpushp, opp. suraj water park, Ghodbunder road, Thane west. Pin 400615

May 11, 2019

No water supply since 10/05/19


There is no water supply to the Kamgar Hospital, Wagle Estate, Thane West and it's family accomodations since 10/05/2019 (almost 03 days). On making complaint to the concerned staff and the hospital administration, they are giving no response. No alternate arrangements are made to supply the water to the staff quarter families and the patients admitted in the hospital.
May 11, 2019

Wastage of Public money

In Thane , the Masunda Lake and it`s surroundings were beautified 3-4 years before with huge wastage of public money. Now again the same surroundings are broken and getting reconstructed which is nothing but the sheer wastage of public money. There should be massive audit that who planned such modification and why not the money is to be recovered from their pocket ? Why Tax payers will take the burden of some one`s madness?
May 26, 2018

Hawkers Nuisance


This is to bring to your kind attention that there are hawkers Opp Kashinath Ghanekar Hall, Near Hiranandani Meadows occupying the raod. Now day by day the hawkers are increasing and have startyed using beautified pathways for storage of materials and other littering work making it uncomfortable for pedestrian movement and dirtying the place in and around.

Most hawkers selling eatable, fruits, sugar cane juice,tea stall etc etc.

May we request you to look into this issue immediately and clear the hawkers and to also ensure that they don't return back

Also hawkers like phoolwala, ice-cream seller, paani puri walla, and other unhygienic eatables being hawked near and in and around Happy Valley Complex. Most of them start their business in the evening till around midnight

Please look into all and ensure hawkers free area at the above places .

Shall appreciate your immediate action on the above.
Apr 7, 2018

No Parking Charges

"Today Thane Municipal Corporation charged a 4 wheeler parked in a Time specified parking zone with a fine of Rs.600. The receipt provided was duplicate and they did not provide the original receipt saying that only duplicate is provided for parking offence. I could not find these parking charges on Thane Municipal Corporation website. May I know if these are legal charges imposed by Thane MuNicipal Corporation."
Mar 13, 2018

Removal of Illegal Hawkers from Kausa Qabarastan Naka/ Chand Nagar Naka

Hon' Commissioner Sir,
Good Day..

This is to bring to your kind note that the numbers of Hawkers Have increased at location Kausa Qabarastan Naka (Chand Nagar Naka) . Your team regularly comes and take action on the Hawkers but only on chosen one, some of the Hawkers have hand in glove with the officals and run away before they come or the officers doesn't take action on them and have settlements for the same.As we have given so many complaints for the same but no action yet.
Below are the list of Hawkers and their timings who uses LPG Cylinder openly on main road. Because of them their customers halt there vehicles on main roads itself. These Hawkers have captured the major place and do not allow the vehicles to stand or park over there.
Kausa Qabarastan Naka is the bottle neck and the most crowded area. Lots of Accidents takes place over here and if the cylinder blast then who will be responsible ?
Here we have a Qabarastan,School,colleges and marriage hall. so the movement of Vehicle is more. Request you to kindly take action, Penalized them and warn them , so that they do not come again.

Morning : 7000 HRS - 1300 HRS

1. Puri Bhaji wala.
2. Halwa Parathay wala
3. Idli Menduwaday wala
4. Banana Vendor
5. Coconut Vendor

Evening : 1700 HRS - 2400 HRS

1. Kabab Pav, Cutlet , egg rolls. and masala wala
2. seekh parathay wala
3. khichday wala
4. Halwa parathay wala
5. Banana Vendor
6. Coconut Vendor

Sir location is given , timings are given but still no action on same, and they are still doing the business on encroached land. Because of them the citizens have to face daily traffic jam.

Kindly do the needful

Citizen of Mumbra-Kausa

Removal of Illegal Hawkers from Kausa Qabarastan Naka/ Chand Nagar Naka

Feb 25, 2018

Burning of garbage

National Green Tribunal has imposed a fine of Rs. 5000/- for burning garbage in open however there is no action from Thane Municipal Corporation to sensitise public on such issues and societies in even good locality burn some portion of dry garbage which causes environmental pollution. Hope, TMC will immediately issue notices to all housing societies to stop this practice with immediate effect.

Nov 10, 2017

Wants LED Street Light

I am Shaibaaz Form Khan Social Welfare Association In Amrut Nagar Dargha Road Near Ashrafi Building In my Area Street Light Not Working properly The people complain our Association We want LED street light in our Area Because the Road is their for people you also contact our Social Worker President Mr.Asif Khan 9920675475
I, accordingly, request you to kindly take necessary move to mend the ways so that people of the region have proper street lights.
Thank You
Nov 2, 2017

Want LED Street Light Reminder

I am Shaibaaz Form Khan Social Welfare Association In Amrut Nagar Dargha Road Near Ashrafi Building In my Area Street Light Not Working properly The people complain our Association We want LED street light in our Area Because the Road is their for people you also contact our Social Worker President Mr.Asif Khan 9920675475
I, accordingly, request you to kindly take necessary move to mend the ways so that people of the region have proper street lights.
Thank You Your FaithFully
Rajiv P
Jul 4, 2017

Burning of garbage near live and developed tress

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice that people of near by societies or slum area are in a habit of dumping garbage near to green, live, and developed/developing trees and burning it which harm the tree in turns harm our environment. Even I have seen TMC people themselves clean and dump garbage near these trees and burn.
One side we are talking about plantation of trees and saving of environment and other side we are burning such live trees alive.

Therefore you are requested to please look into this matter genuinely/seriously and take necessary action to avoid such lapses.
Please find attached Pics 1)Service road, Near Kanchapushpa Soc, Nr. Suraj water park, G.B. Road, 2)Kasarvadvali-Bhiwandi road, near everest country side, (nr. TMC garden), Kasarvadvali, G.B. Road, Thane west-400615
Please do the needful on priority.

Citizen of Thane

Burning of garbage near live and developed tress Burning of garbage near live and developed tress

Jun 28, 2017

Bad road condition of mumbra devi colony road, diva east, Thane

Respected sir,

As we are staying at diva east since 5 years, there is very bad condition of mumbra devi colony road.
There is always making scene of preparing new road of every year before rainy season but puts only stones on road.
Please take action immediately and do the needful.
Jun 28, 2017

Bad road condition of mumbra devi colony, diva east, Thane

Respected Sir / Madam,

As we are staying at diva east since 5 years, there is very bad condition of mumbra devi colony road.
There is always making scene of preparing new road of every year before rainy season but puts only stones on road. B'coz of that there is always water choke up and drainage problem we are facing at every rainy season.
Please take action as soon as possible.
Apr 14, 2017

Complaint about Stray Dogs in Unnathi Woods

Dear Sir,
I am residing in Unnathi woods complex situated at kavesar Ghodbunder Road thane from last 4 years.
I have never done this type of complaint before but now it's unbearable. There are many stray dogs in our society premises. They are very dangerous as they chase childrens and elderly people's. There are several dog bite complaints from last 2 months. Animal activists are protecting these dangerous creatures on humanity ground but never sees what these dogs are doing. It's very difficult to go down for walk for elderly peoples. Some people's had suffer the dog bits also. I am in dielma that we should live in society or these dogs.
Please do something.
Mar 27, 2017

Incomplete skywalk on Lokim stop on GB road

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

The construction work for skywalk at Lokim company stop on ghodbunder road was started 3 months back. Now there is no work going on. It has been left incomplete since long time. since there is no signal at that stop, vehicles ply at top speeds. Though citizens cross using zebra crossing no vehicle slows down to help citizens. Everyday we citizens cross the road taking their lives in hand. It has become very dangerous situation. We hope TMC is not waiting for any fatal accident to happen to complete this work.

Request the concerned authorities to resolve this safety issue urgently.
R D Choudhari
Mar 18, 2017

path way above pipe lines metal plate corroded

iron path way above water pipe lines at R W Sawant rd infront of Sheetal dairy to eastern high way metal plate is bady corroded & steps also badly corroded .unsafe to walk on this pathway .requisted to do the needful.
Mar 9, 2017

Bad Road Condition Kasarvdawali Naka To Euro School Thane West

Dear Sir,

I would like to inform you that, we are facing problems regarding transportation from
kasarvdawali Naka to Euro International school Thane west. Due to bad road conditions from last five years.

Even auto rickshaw don't want to come just hearing name like "Haware citi" or "Euro School". I am highlighting main point that I concern.

1. Pregnant women suffering from bad road condition.
2. Children age of 5 to 10 years mainly suffer from back pains.
3. Old person age 60 to 75 years not able to walk on road.
4. After 11 pm no one want to come such area.
5. Traffic stuck during rainy season.

I just want to expect some immediate action should be taken before rainy season start.
Jan 31, 2017

Illegal Construction

Sir/Madam ,

There is illegal work been carried at thane Kalwa, Ganpatipada,Near HINDAL Co.
There is no colloum & RCC construction but still builder is building 1st floor work & also making arrangenments of 2nd floor work.

It is very dangerous to build 1st & 2nd floor work without RCC & Column work. the building will collapse very soon & there will be huge problems like Mumbra building collapse.

it is request to stop the work so that good example will be given to person who goes against the TMC rules.
hence wating for good responce
Jan 6, 2017

Sloppy Work Culture

Sir, I strongly recommend that young, dynamic, goal oriented youth should be infused into the corporations across the country. This change is well within your controls.

I have been standing in the Thane Corporation office from 11:30 AM this morning. Acceptance for a birth certificate has been stalled due to electronic receipt password being created.

Sir, I admire your zealous efforts for change in the country. But this zeal is missing within Govt offices only bcoz of sloppy management at the authority level.

Please use the stick method to create this change its a humble request from a tax paying citizen.
Jan 2, 2017

Toilet in home

मी अतुल किशोर मोरे राहणार चिराग नगर मोरे चाळ रूम नं ०४ ठाणे (वेस्ट) ४००६०६.

माझ्या विलास रावळ हे शेजारी राहतात त्यानी काही दिवसापूर्वी ठाणे महानगर पालिके योजने अंतर्गत राहत्या घरी टॉयलेट चे बांधकाम केले आहे परंतु हे टॉयलेट जे आहे ते बैठ्या चाली मध्ये आहे ती जी विष्टा आहे त्याचा वासाचा खूप त्रास होतो. वेळोवेळी त्याना सांगूनही त्याची काळजी ते घेत नाही.

काही वेळा तर आमच्या घरी गेस्ट येतात तेव्हा तर खूपच अडचण होते. त्या वासामुळे तर कुणी घरी आले तरी खूप खराब वाटते. आम्ही घरात जेवत असताना पण या अचानक येणाऱ्या वासाचा त्रास होतो. सध्या ह्या वासाचे प्रमाण तर खूप वाढले आहे त्यांचा दरवाजा पण चालू असल्याने आणखीच वास येतो. कृपया करून काही तरी सोलुशन द्यावे. ऑगस्ट महिनाय्त तक्रार केली होती परंतु अजूनही काही ऍक्टिव घेण्यात आलेली नाही.

चाली सिस्टिम मध्ये हि योजना राबवणे शक्य नाही आहे कारण विष्टा जायला मार्गच नाही आहे आणि त्याचा त्रास शेजार्याना खूप होत आहे आणि या कुटुंबात जवळजवळ १०-१२ व्यक्ती राहतात कृपया करून आपण याबाबत योग्य ती दखल घेऊन योग्य पर्याय द्यावा.

माजी तक्रार देऊन ३ महिने उलटून गेले आहे परुंतु अजूनही काही ऍक्टिव नाही किंवा मला हि काही रिप्लाय नाही आलेले आहे. काही ऍक्टिव घेणार आहेत कि नाही कि यासाठी काही दुसरा पर्याय उपलब्ध आहे तर ते कळवावे यासंबंधी जे कॉन्सर्न डिपार्टमेंट आहे किंवा व्यक्ती आहेत त्यांचे संपर्क क्रमांक द्यावा.

Atul More
Dec 3, 2016

No water or less water supply

Dear Madam/sir,

I am Mahadevan Vishwanathan, a resident of Pushpanjali Residency, Phase II. Since the month of October, till date we have been getting either inconsistent or no water at all for 2 to 3 days continuously, every week. You are requested to kindly look into the matter as a high priority since it is causing a lot of inconvenience to all the residents of the building.



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