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The Chairman, BWSSB


Consumer complaints and reviews about The Chairman, BWSSB

Aug 3, 2016

Sewage pipe broken

Dear Sir,

Drainage pipe is broken inside manhole and all dirty latrines are coming inside home all the time. If it rains, it is becoming worse and we cant even stay here in home for an hour. Though this critical issue is being informed to all BWS staff, engineers (Sahebanna) continuously from one month via phone, no one is addressing this issue. Very unhappy with the kind of response (worst) they are giving.We have become utmost fed up on continuously complaining for staff,engineers,officers of BWS.

Kindly take appropriate action to provide a resolution to this issue at the earliest.

18th Main, 24th Cross, HSR Layout, Sector 3, Bangalore - 560012

bwssb complaint
Jun 6, 2016

sweage block

I am residing at' Ponnappa Building,' No. 209/1 A, 5th cross, Wind tunnel road, murugeshpalya, near Omega health solutions. Bangalore. Compliant No. 45840. Complaint date: 13th may 2016. The sewage line in our street has been blocked since May 13 and the water is gushing into our compound. Even after repeated phone calls, so far the problem is not attended. but the answer at the receiving end says that it will be attended the next day. Many days and weeks have passed away, and its been more than a month, but none has bothered to attend to the problem. This has created a lot of hardships to all the three families living in the building. Due to stagnant water, small children has fallen sick. I hope after this complaint some immediate action will be taken.
Even after this complaint, if things stand unattended I may have to move to the next level.
Jun 5, 2016


Respected Sir,

This is to state that my house situated at Yamuna Road, No. 67, Ajith Layout, Bhattarahalli, Bangalore - 560 049 has got cauvery water connection about an year back and fixed the water meter accordingly. Our neighbour living in the adjacent building which is located right side to our house has been using a portable motor to illegally tap all the water, when the water started coming every time. Many complaints earlier by other residents residing nearby to the BWSSB has turned into deaf ears and no action was taken so far against the erring the individuals. The tenants of our house (both ground floor and the first floor) are paying the minimum sum of Rs. 200/- as charge towards the Cauvery water every month but has not received even a drop of water so far. Please check the issue in a surprise way to red highhandedly catch the culprits who have been illegally taking all the water by a portable motor (can be removed at the time of inspection by BWSSB officers) depriving water other residents around, although they pay the subscription every month without fail. Hence, I request you to please consider this issue a very serious one and take necessary action immediately to set right the issue and also initiate action against the erring individuals legally.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Mobile: 8197655526.

471, DSR Sunrise Towers,
Channasandra Main Road,
Whitefield, Bangalore - 560 067.
May 27, 2016


Man Hole Problem and Sanitary Blockage
BWSSB, Kaveri Bhavan,

Amarnath M
No. 141, 5th Cross,
Shambulingeshwara Layout,
Cholanayakanahalli, RT Nagar Post,
Bangalore- 560032.



Hello Sir, sanitary blockage in my road from long time back once in a 15 Days we are facing this problem and the matter is reported to Mr Raghavendra JE for which he shouted on me saying out put is only 9" but see the no of connections , i cant do anything, where do we stand sir, he also said Mr Naveen AE of koramangala has to send in the vehicle, i also requested him his reply was vehicle is free and he cant send to other areas. the entire sewerage water from Shoba apartments is send to the storm water the same is also inspected by the corporator but no action even now its the same the drain is full, your intervention in this regards will be greatly appreciated and will also be thank full. Please do the needful from your esteemed office and oblige at earliest.

Thanking You,

Sridharan P.S.
Savitha gr
Apr 28, 2016


Respected sir,

I need the details of Sanitary charges per month for single house and multiple house that is with cauvery water connection.

[email protected]
Apr 24, 2016

Man Hole Problem and Sanitary Blockage

BWSSB, Kaveri Bhavan,

Amarnath M
No. 141, 5th Cross,
Shambulingeshwara Layout,
Cholanayakanahalli, RT Nagar Post,
Bangalore- 560032.



Hello Sir, sanitary blockage in my road from long time back once in a 15 Days we are facing this problem and the distance of the man hole is very very far to the each other so please construct one more man hole in the center and make permanent solution for sanitary blockage and sanitary main pipes also very very smaller so please replace by bigger one main pipes in my road and do the needful at earliest and as soon as possible,

Thanking You,

Amarnath M
99161 56123
Satish Mokhashi
Apr 15, 2016

Excessive Billing ( RRNo. S-532239040)

Till three months back we used to get water bill of Rs.1400=00 on average and surprisingly since last three months or so it has gone up by three times to Rs.3500=00.. This is being brought to the notice of the person who comes to take the reading but as we all know it is just of no use.
I have got inspected the total plumbing net work of the building and there is absolutely no problems any where. The consumption per person with your billing is coming to 325 Ltrs which is again three times of the the stipulated 120 ltrs/person.
Would you please ask some one to come and check the meter.
Cell: 9886754165
Apr 15, 2016

Un-authorised Kaveri Connection

In our area i found few people are not paid the water connection charges but they have taken water connection and they are using Kaveri water no one is checking for this type of illegal connection.I request you to send your sub ordinates to check thoroughly for each house when they are suppling the water in the pipe line to the houses& also to check Whether they Have BWSSB R.R.No is there or Not. I observed that there is no valves in their sump tank some times water is over flow on the roads.

please take action address (# 19, #22 and #23,3rd main Near Brahamin sangha,stone Medow Estate, Havanoor Extension, Nagasndra Post ,Ward(14) ).

i hope that you are obliging my request and do the needful in the interest of public.Save Water Save Bangalore

With Regards
Associate Professor
Dept of Civil Engg,SJBIT
Mohan Raj R
Mar 30, 2016

Wrong Meter Reading (R.R.No.E-342183)

Regret to bring your notice that wrong meter reading and bill for Rs.20,500/- against R.R.No.E-342183 (Mohan Raj) Complaint ID 31300. The same have been given as a complaint letter more than 8-10 months back and NO response from your AEE Ramamurthy Nagar Office. Please arrange to rectify the same immediately and do the needful accordingly.

Mohan Raj R
Mohan Raj R
Mar 30, 2016

Wrong Meter Reading (R.R.No.E-342183)

Dear sir,

Regret to bring your notice that wrong meter reading and bill for Rs.20,500/- against R.R.No.E-342183 (Mohan Raj). Complaint ID 31300. Please arrange to rectify and do the needful ASAP.

Thanks and Regards
Mohan Raj
Mar 22, 2016

not registered the borewell & buy pass water meter


in our area i found few people are not registered the borewell from past 3 years they are not paying any borewell sc charges and they have buy passed the meter as well.

please take action address ( 458, ITI layout, 3rd phase, nayandanahalli, opp to RR NAGAR ARCH. Behind vinayaka temple ).

am doing this on public interest. long back i told to line man he is not responding .Please take action.
srinivas babu khb
Feb 28, 2016

No water supply at viveknagar area

Respected sir, I srinivas from viveknagar, bwssb is giving supply alternative days but in summer they are giving supply only half sump, it is too bad in other areas bwssb giving 24hours 366days non-stop supply, why like this, please do it same for all citizen of India in the area malleswaram, vasanthnagar, sadashivanagar, rajajinagar and more areas, please don't do like this ok to system for one for all. They wearing the water for us no water.
srinivas babu khb
Feb 28, 2016

No water supply at viveknagar area

Respect sir. I srinivas staying in viveknagar and bwssb they are supply alternative day in summer they are not give proper supply my sump is half level filled, sir my suggestion is bwssb is giving supply to other area 24hours in malleshwaram, vasanthnagar and some more areas and they are enjoying water supply please do one systematically supply for all areas supply to all areas with one system.
Feb 19, 2016

No Water supply

Dear Sir,

RR No:E-221645

Already lodged complaints several times for proper supply of water. No one has visited/attended the locality.Today(20-02-2016) i also met area AE and described the nature of problem .He has given the cell no of Mr Sridhar to whom i should speak .Already i spoke to him earlier once but nothing has been done.

Kindly initiate suitable action.
Thanks in advance

chandrasekhar kn
Feb 15, 2016

Commercial Charges for Domestic Usage.

Dear Sir
RR NO SE399236/K16-311
We have two domestic units in the above RR number with a total water consumption of about 35 to 40 thousand lit PM.

We also run a small office in portion of our ground floor with one lady staff working, the max water consumption in this
portion is hardly about 1000 lit PM.

However, your personnel are charging us 50% of total water bill as commercial since the last several years and our
complaints are not looked into.

We would request you to please instruct your office in Koramangala accordingly and bill our usage as domestic in future
if not we are willing to take another connection for the ground floor and pay commercial for the actual usage.

Request your assistance in sorting our this matter at the earliest.


40, 2nd Block, Koramangala, Bangalore 560034.
N. Narayanamurthy
Feb 15, 2016

Sewage blockage

Past 5 days,we the residence of 11th cross Williams town,facing lot of difficulties,since ours sanitary lines are blocked,and water is coming reverse into our houses,sir our compliant no is34302,so far nobody has attended the compliant,please advise your staff to attend the compliant immediately,ward no is91,our address is no220,William town,11th cross,Bangalore46.
Feb 14, 2016

Blockage of swereage due to damaged manholes

Bangalore Water Supply & Sewerage Board

Dear Sir,

Sub: Damaged Man hole and non flow of sewerage in Kudremukh Colony

As you are aware Kudremukh colony in Koramangala 2nd Block, Bangalore was constructed during 1979 – 1981. BWSSB was kind enough to provide sewerage system and water supply. About 2 years back it has been observed that most of the manholes have collapsed and there is no flow of sewerage and this has been shown to all the Asst. engineers to Executive engineer levels and they promised to set right the problems. One manhole was reconstructed after consistent follow-up by the residents and the remaining manholes have not been attended to. Recently we had discussions with Mayor of BBMP and the Mayor took up the matter with BWSSB and BWSSB again promised to get all manholes repaired/reconstructed at the earliest. . Our efforts to sort out the problems with the BWSSB office at Koramangala have not yielded any results.

Since manholes have collapsed/blocked ,the residential lines connected to manholes operates as soaking pits leading to blockage in the pipeline connected to residences. Recently one of our resident had to seek the assistance of BWSSB koramangala to release the discharge from the residential pipeline into the manhole after obtaining the sewage truck and the line was cleared for which the resident has to pay Rs.1500/- Since usage of truck within the residential boundary walls, the resident has to pay Rs.1500/- to Rs.2000/-.This is a heavy penalty to the resident for no fault of theirs.

About one and half of month back a group of people came from BWSSB and they observed each manhole and seen the extent of damage. They also opened two manholes surroundings and left without doing any job leading depositing muck from outside, intentionally.

We now request that suitable orders are issued to restore the damaged manholes and ensure free flow of sewerage in the system.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,

P.B Shenoy
B-10 Kudremukh Colony
Koramangala 2nd Block,
Bangalore – 34.
PH NO: 9845472304
Feb 9, 2016

No Water supply

Dear Sir,
I am resident of 21st A cross Pragathi layout Doddanakkundi. There is water supply in other roads but it does not reach my house. The road is a little elevated and the does not reach and even if it does the pressure is very less.
Several times registered the complaints with BWSSB but nothing has worked out.The only reply what we get is complaint will be forwarded to concerned authorities.

Kindly solve this issue.


Feb 6, 2016

Sewage pipe broken

The Chairman,

Dear Sir,

We are facing difficulties with the broken sewage pipes and water gushing out.
We have highlighted the same to the local BBMP office, however, they would just clear the pipes and not replace it.
As the result, the problem keeps occurring with no proper resolution.

Kindly take appropriate action to provide a resolution to this issue at the earliest.

J. Asuntha
Veerana Garden (Moore Road Cross, Frazer Town, Pulikeshinagara)
T R Ramanathan
Jan 29, 2016


Dear Mr.Chairman,

The residents living in Kudremukh Colony is facing acute shortage of water due to reasons not known to any one here.Every year we are facing the same problem and no action is taken to find a solution.The Tankers are supplying water at exorbitant prices and the water is not potable.

It is very sad that the concerned people are insensitive and the BWSSB Tanker if at all send under "Pressure" is given to selected few .This situation is unacceptable and we request the concerned officials to rectify the situation immediately to ensure water supply which is the right of every one.
T R Ramanathan
Kudremukh Colony
2nd Block Koramangala
Jan 28, 2016

Sound menace: Demolishing water tank and breaking rock in a calm residential area

Dear Sir,

Ours has been a very calm residential area in on Central Street Kumarapark West.
For the past few months, right in front of my house, BWSSB has started construction work.
They started of by demolishing a more than 50 old water tank which we believe was fully functional. But BWSSB claimed that it was not functional. That was a very noisy affair and we suffered for 3 months. Water tank was situated on top of a huge rock. Wonder why they choose to plan an office in such an area.
Now they have started to break the rock which is pretty huge and right opposite my house.
I am 5 months pregnant and there is constant drilling noise throughout the day which none of us on the street are able to bear. There is noise and dust everywhere.
Is there anything that can be done.
We need help. We are finding it miserable to survive here. We cannot even hear if someone rings our calling bell. Neither can we talk to anyone in the house peacefully due to this loud constant voice.

Why has BWSSB made a decision to demolish such an age old water tank and construct an office after having to break a huge rock.

We seriously need help. Request the higher authority to come and inspect this activity and actually access whether this is the correct this to do in a residential area making lives of the people in our street miserable.

Thanks and Regards,
Jan 27, 2016

Scanty Water Supply

On behalf of residents of the colony, I am constrained to bring to your notice the callous and negligent attitude of the concerned AE and others who are making residents suffer by not providing the essential service that they are legally bound to do and are being paid for by tax payers like us.
We are getting hardly 500/600 litres each alternate day. No household can manage for two days with such meagre supply. Complaints lodged with CALL CENTRE are forwarded to the AE who just ignores them. During last week I have lodged three complaints but there is no sign of improvement. Yesterday AE promised to send tanker but is silent after that, despite reminders.
It is under these circumstances that we are forced to raise it with your office. We are extremely sorry for taking your valuable time.

B. K. Sinha
B-16, Kudremukh Colony,
2nd Block, Koramangala
Mobile: 9632228150
(Ex-President Kudremukh Employees.' Co-operative Housing Society Ltd. 2nd Block, Koramangala, Bangalore)
Janardhanan Nair
Jan 24, 2016

Meter replacing

Hi sir,

We lost our water meter on 12/01/2016. And we done all the formalities of police documents / application to bwssb / receipt of cash payment for new meter, and we have submitted to the HSR LAYOUT 2ND SECTOR bwssb office inspector on 13/01/2016 4pm. He has promissed us to replace another 2 to 3 days.

But after 12 days also, there is no any confirmation from him. We need your kind Co operation to fix this issue.

Janardhan . 9743951678.
narayana m
Jan 22, 2016


from 5 week sanitary blocked near 5th crsss ,manjunath layout,nagavara bangalore 560077
and already rasied the complaint , Complaint number :27891
no one is responsing,
pls we requsting u to resolve this problem
Dec 26, 2015


from 1 week sanitary blocked in near no 1 chandrappa building 18th cross e g pura bangalore 560047
and already rasied the complaint , Complaint number :28769
no one is responsing, especially (9591988969) this number is not pickuping call
pls we requsting u to resolve this problem

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