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Consumer complaints and reviews about THE HINDU

Jul 5, 2018

Change of address not updated

My subscription Number : 9801099056

I have made annual subscription for The Hindu news paper. I have changed my premises and also intimated to The Hindu group also. But till date no communication in this regard from The Hindu Organisation.

Definitely this is expected from the most Globally respected Hindu group.

Please do the needful.
Jan 2, 2018


302, Sullivan Street,
Opp. Raghavendra temple,
Coimbatore -641 001

Ref: subscription No 9800039134/9302179414(as recd)
Sub: non delivery of your Tamil news daily
With reference to the above, I state as follows:
1. I Paid Rs 999/- for the annual subscription scheme on January 2017
2. I state that From the day one I didn’t received your paper Tamil Hindu newspaper regularly. The grievance of non receipt of the Tamil Hindu newspaper was communicated to your subscription department officer Mr.Sreekanth (Mobile No 9894257074 ) on 3.3.2017. I had received your reply on 17.03.2017 stating that the delivery agent will be changed, but nothing happened.
3. I state that the irregular supply of Tamil daily continued till date. The delivery boy has failed to deliver the Tamil news paper for a period of 6 to 7 days in a month. The grievance of non receipt of news paper was communicated to the agent, but the agent stating that he was not responsible for the failed delivery of Tamil News paper.
4. I state that the delivery of Tamil news paper was completely failed since November 2017. The grievance of complete failed delivery of newspaper was posted as compliant at your website, but the said grievance was not addressed.
5. I state that I met your representative Mr. Raja at Coimbatore shopping festival and explained my grievance of failed delivery of newspaper. Mr Raja replied and assured me to look in to the issue but nothing happened till now.
6. Please take note that myself is a ardent reader of your English daily for more than 30years, your Agent Mr.karuppusamy has deliver the same without any complaint.
7. I request you to look into this issue, compensate me for the failed deliveries of Tamil Hindu news paper.
Thanks and Regards
Nov 9, 2017

non delivery of the daily

I have subscribed for the The Hindu by concessional annual subscription and my ID is9901011808. i have not received the daily from Oct 3rd, 2017.
I have lodged a complaint with the customer care and my complaint reference number is A089026.
And also ranged up through your toll free number and they said it will take 72 hours for processing and they will contact me.
But so far i have not received any calls and also the daily. But, I am receiving messages constantly for the annual renewal of the daily. I once again request you to pl. look in to the issue and resolve the problem
Dr. Preetham
Sep 8, 2017

Very late delivery & No delivery of Hindu News Paper since 6-Sep

Dear Saravanan (Mgr Circulation): As already reported... Now it's the 4th day we haven't got your "Hindu N.P" delivered. Ppl in Akshya Gated Community have trusted your co. to deliver qlty. news importantly early morning. But we feel sad & disappointed for not fulfilling your assurances. Pls. confirm if you can arrange delivery from tomorrow esply. by 6 - 6:30am. So that we can take an alternative decision.

Akshya-Pacific City (Amazon-9).
Nolambur, W.Mogappair, Chennai.
Jul 16, 2017

The Hindu English Paper Subscription

I have paid for the annual subscription of the English paper THE HINDU . I have not received the paper which is due the date 16.07.2017 . We were looking forward for our subscription to be activated .I have contacted the customer care and the marketing person who in turn weren't lifting my calls . I hope you look into this matter soon and activate our subscription as soon as possible .

Madan Mohan ,
S.R Nagar ,
Email: [email protected]
Sellappan K
Jul 7, 2017

The Hindu English Edition Subscription

I have paid one year subscription during the year 2016.I am being delivered the Hinduu English edition daily.Now it is due for renewal.The vendor is requesting me to get the Subscription Token Number/renewal notice registration Number.
Kindly do the needful.

#3,First Street,
Bharathidasan Nagar
Chennai-600 088
Vendor Mr.Ahamed Ph:9841656049
Manvi Sharma
May 5, 2017

Irregular delivery of hindu newspaper

I have raised multiple complaints regarding nondelivery of my newspaper. The newspaper guy never delivers the newspaper on weekends. we have registered multiple complaints but of new use. My registered mobile number is 9482224742. Your customer care is also of no use. We registered annual subscription online and no one is resolving the issue. A028973, A021794,
are such complaint reference numbers and they are no ready to generate new requests also
Manvi Sharma
May 5, 2017

Non delivery of newspaper

I have raised multiple complaints regarding nondelivery of my newspaper. The newspaper guy never delivers the newspaper on weekends. we have registered multiple complaints but of new use. My registered mobile number is 9482224742. Your customer care is also of no use. We registered annual subscription online and no one is resolving the issue. A028973, A021794,
are such complaint reference numbers and they are no ready to generate new requests also.
K A Narayanan
Apr 26, 2017

Non supply of "The Hindu"

K.A. Narayanan,
(Retd) Director, Govt. of India.
I took a "Special Subscription" in September, 2016 for the supply of the paper for one year. I was promised that the circulation Department of "The Hindu" will arrange to supply the paper through their agents. As the paper was not supplied to me, I contacted the Circulation Department, who told me that I could myself arrange a vendor to supply the paper and asked me to inform them the name and telephone number of the vendor who agreed to supply the paper. I accordingly arranged a vendor to supply the paper and informed the Circulation Department the name and telephone number of the vendor. The vendor started supplying the paper from 15-9-2016 and is supplying the paper for the past seven and a half months. But he has not been compensated all these months. My repeated efforts to the Circulation Department of "The Hindu" to pay my vendor have failed. The so called Executives did nothing to sort out the issue. The only recourse open to me is to move the Consumer Court.
K.A. Narayanan
Shri aravind
Apr 13, 2017

Daily news paper not received

9901012931 is my subscription id. I've not recieved the hindu paper though I've already paid for one year subscription. Kindly refund my money. Its been miss than 3 months now. I've paid on 31st Dec 2016. I've not been delivered still...
Shri aravind
Apr 13, 2017

Daily news paper not received

Daily news paper not received til date. My subscription id is 9901012931.
I've subscribed for one year for the hindu paper delivery on 31st Dec 2016. I've still not received.
Kindly refund my money.
Apr 8, 2017

Non Receipt of Hindu Paper today / Poor Services by your Agent & Representatives Mr. Md Abdul Rahim - Sales Executive Value Segments

Sirs / Madam,
Am I at the mercy of your Agent not delivering paper in time. Today i have not received Hindu Paper (time now is 11.30am) and the agent is not picking the call nor reply to my SMS. He has delivered Times of India Paper last week and previous to that news paper for that particular week day was not delivered.

Pls Note, the Year 2017 started on a very bad note with paper not delivered consecutive 4 days. (1 to 4). there on paper delivery timing was anywhere between 8.30 to 9.30 at times stretching beyond 10.

The agent picks up the call, has his problems addressed rather than understanding customer grievance. He has gone to the extent of saying you speak to the Company and change the agent.

Who is ruling the Roost?. Is it the HINDU / CUSTOMER or the AGENT. ARE WE at the mercy of these agent. High time.

One of your Executive call up when i was in a meeting. Had requested him to call me back in 10 minutes. No call till date.

Today i call up your customer complaint cell and understand the complaint is attended. Sanctity of you customer complaint cell is questioned.

Have already triggered Wake Up calls thru customer complaint on line. The Void continues.

Kindly address

V balasubramani
Mar 14, 2017

Daily news paper not received

Sir, my subscription ID No 9905002632. Now few days paper not received and more days news paper receive on morning 8 O'clock. May time I talk district distributer and agent many time but no response to till time
Mar 5, 2017

Not receiving my daily

I have a yearly subscription of The Hindu but from march 2 2017 I'm not receiving my daily newspaper I've called the distributor and asked for details no one is responding properly.
Feb 23, 2017

Irregular issuance of The Hindu for me (subscriber)

Subscribed The Hindu in July 2016.. But they are giving me regularly.. I have complaint them atleast twenty times till now.. Who is cheating me here. I can blame only The Hindu as trust them. But i didnt get my purpose.. If Hindu thought the subscribers as fool. They should think before got money or before getting subscription.. DONT COME OR SEND OR CALL ME FOR SUBSCRIPTION here after.. For me only Rs.700 loss for this year.. and I give up trust onThe Hindu because of frusrration.
Jan 26, 2017

Newspaper not received yet, 1 year subscription


I have subscribed for HINDU English paper and have made the payment too. You informed that the paper will be delivered from 16th of January. Till now, the cheque is neither cleared nor we got the paper. Its been a month since we issued the cheque.
Please consider this as priority and do the needful.

Compliant no:139855
Name: Kuppusamy
Place: Avadi

Citrus Pay
Jan 9, 2017

RE: Sudden stoppage of newspaper delivery


We would like to inform you that your TXN's are successful at our end. Please get in touch with the merchant in order to get the service delivery status at their end.

For more help and assistance you can also write to us at [email protected]

Citrus Support Team
Jan 6, 2017

Non delivery of News paper at my changed Address

My subscription no is 980327442 . I have changed my address from qtr no 14 block 2 ground floor Cpwd complex koramangala Bangalore to Block 16 Qtr no 186 First floor CPWD Complex Koramangala Bangalore it is almost more than a week since I have changed my address, but I am not getting the news paper. This is the second time I am writing mail to you because no action has been taken.
Please make sure that I can get news paper on daily basis. I have phoned your local agent Mr. V suresh but he is also not picking up my phone some time he is picking up the phone. he said right now he busy and no response has been given by him too.
Jan 3, 2017

non delivery of news paper

I subscribed to Hindu Tamil on 16.12.2016 my Subscriber No is 9920001476 , though I got the information that the delivery will start from 1.1.2017, I d'nt receive till 3rd Jan 2017. During the commencement of HINDU TAMIL I subscribed in my wife's name and the concerned cheque also realised. But I d't receive not even a single copy of the daily, though I complained to local Salem Authorities numerous times. The same situation is there now also. If the Hindu Management is unable to supply the paper pl kindly arrange to refund the subscription
Dec 21, 2016

Sudden stoppage of newspaper delivery

I have done online subscription (details given below).Delivery of both' The Hindu' and BL stopped from December 5th 2016 and has still not been restored even after repeated follow ups with your subscription manager. Can someone help in restoring delivery of newspaper

Subscriber ID : 9901005829
Hindu Reference ID : W20160915ESUB0101
Amount [ INR ] : 2519
Citrus Bank Reference ID : 244047185826566
Date of Transaction : Thu Sep 15 22:12:15 IST 2016

YEARLY 01-Oct-2016 30-Sep-2017 Rs. 1319
YEARLY 01-Oct-2016 30-Sep-2017 Rs. 1200
Dec 21, 2016

Refund Request

Dear Team,

I subscribed to The Hindu on 20th October 2016. The subscription was supposed to have started from 1st November 2016. I kept on chasing but did not get the newspaper. So, finally I raised a refund request via numerous calls and email dated 12th November. I have been chasing since then to get my money back but have not received so far.

Annual subscription amount - Rs.599
Name - Rakesh Sahoo
Paid via - Cheque, Bank - CITIBANK, cheque no. 316993

Request you to refund my money.

Nov 22, 2016

Non-delivery of Daily for a month

I have taken an annual subscription on March , however since the beginning it had been irregular . I have overlooked the 1 or 2 days absence. However, I also lodged multiple complaints for a delay of more than that, numbering such events almost 3-4 times in the past.
On this occasion I have not received for almost a month. Please do the needful as it has been a totally frustrating experience with you.
Being one of the most leading journalist houses, such cases are not expected as it is not impervious to my daily schedule.
Nov 14, 2016

non receipt of the daily

I subscribed to annual subscrption(concession) the daily I am depressed as my agent Eswaralingam is highly nirregular in delivering the daily. As I am away from station he is pockietting the sale money. I have asked my neighbour to collect he daily . He is arguing heavily and refrain from deliverig at my doors.. I have to loose my Hindu due to wageries of your reckless agent
Nov 14, 2016

non delivery of the daily

I have subscribed for the The Hindu by concessional annual subscription.( at present I am unable to furnish my subscription number) My agent Mr. Eswaralingamis(0452 9790395491) not delivering the papaer as I am away from station. Obviously he is selling the same in the market. I have asked my neighbour to collect the daily and preserve the same for future reading. This mechanism has failed and heis narguing with my representative. I am sure that you are bound to a valued customer (50 Years susbscriber0 BEACUSE OF YOUR RECKLESS AGENT YOU MAY VALUE

M. Raman. Door No 7/622, plot No.127/A Kumarasamy Raja Street
NGO colony, Nagamalaipudukottai, Madurai -625019. Ph:9486829504
v.vidyanath sastry
Oct 31, 2016

non receipt of Frontline Magazine

I subscribed for Frontline and paid rs.1000 for annual subscription on 26th August 2016. I was told that my first copy will reach me by 30th sep.But till now I have not received a single issue.I lodged complaints on 20th and 27th Oct 2016 and was given 115682 and 117525 with promise to resolve the complaint within 2 days.But so far neither my problem is resolved nor magazine is received.I have not expected this kind of callous behaviour from grpou like HIndu.Pl. look in to issue and resolve my complaint immediately.
V.vidyanath sastry,
Flat no. 1104-E Block,
Golf View apartments,

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