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Consumer complaints and reviews about THYROCARE

DrSurya Garg
Jul 31, 2017

No reports recievef

I ordered for home sample collection for my 3 year old baby....The technician was inefficient after 1-2 trials he was able to get the sample...After 24 hours after calling from my side we come to know that the sample was insufficient......WORST EXPERIENCE EVER WITH ANY LAB...WILL NOT ADVICE ANYONE TO GO FOR THYROCARE
Dinesh Chhitwal
Jul 28, 2017

Report not received

Sample collected in the morning of 27/7/17. No whereabouts of report even after 48 hours. No proper reply

Dinesh Chhitwal
Jul 4, 2017

Thyrocare Organisation

Thyrocare is an extremely poor organisation. Not an individual's fault. The people usually work well and sincerely. But the organisaiton itself is is so shoddy. Just go to their website --- NO system of making requests, or registering, or making bookings.

Absolutely appalling. You have to search for hours on the net to find a number.

Their main bombay number (the only number provided on the site -- how ridiculous to give just that number -- will keep you waiting and not share anything.


And then for the smallest things they will charge.
Jul 1, 2017

Bad service thyrocare

It's been really a pathetic experience for me! I booked a test on 1July 2017 for 11:00am the next day. And, their technical called a confirmed the booking for 11:00am. Even after a fasting of 12 hours he didn't turn up in the morning. Instead of he calling me informing, when I spoke to him in the morning he said he forgot about the appointment and will be there in 20 mins.I said OK, but then he didn't turn even after 1 hr.I kept on calling he said he is near by n will reach in 5 mins..I called Thyrocare, those ppl said that the concerned technician won't be able to reach and some other technician will come in another 30 mins.. what are expecting ..a client will do fasting till 2 pm.Then saying that I cancelled the appointment...please at least have the courtesy to accept the mistake.
Jun 26, 2017

Thyrocare bad service

It's been really a bad experience for me! I booked a test on June 25th 2017 for 10:00am the next day. And, their technical called a confirmed the booking for 10:00am. Even after a fasting of 12 hours he didn't turn up in the morning. Instead of he calling me informing, when I spoke to him in the morning he said he won't be able to come and you speak to company for alternate options. Really unprofessional attitude and service. When I spoke to company's customer care number, they kept saying we have forwarded your query to concerned department and couldn't book the test for next 1 hour. And, I finally cancelled my appointment and decided not to ever book an online test. Offline tests are far better even if I have to bear the inconvenience of walking to the nearest collection centre.
[email protected]
Jun 5, 2017

worst service and unprofessional

This has reference to a test (ORDER ID : DX001171378) scheduled for today, 5th June 2017 for my wife, Mrs. Vileen kukreja.

I am totally disappointed in the way the whole thing is handled by your company.

I am not interested in the test reports and want my refund of the test paid to you in advance.

Your person was to collect the blood samples at 6.30 AM and came at 7.45 AM

The TMT test and the other test were to be done at your outsourced partner, namely Express Clinics at Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi.

No responsible person was there and X ray and another test was done and the doctor to do the TMT was not available and was told to wait. She called Thyrocare office and told them the same. I got call saying we apologise and all the sweet talk.

Then she was told to go to another clinic at defence Colony for the Ultra sound. and they had no transport to be taken there and she had to be sent with another patient who had come for testing. Very Disappointing I must say at the state of affairs you guys are running your company.

Can you explain if we are in a Government Hospital getting tests done or we are paying for our convenience and want everything under one roof as told by your person.

She came back o the Lajpat Nagar clinic and the so called Doctor to do the TMT test and others was still not there.

My wife has had a very harrowing and traumatic experience and she told the person at the reception that she does not want the tests conducted and want it all cancelled and refunded.

I have been calling your call centre and asked them to make me speak to someone responsible and the person i last spoke to kept the phone down after my insisting that i need a mobile number of the concerned person and a name.

This is the limit of non professionalism.

What are you expecting the customer to do?? Wait in a que for getting your favour as if you are doing free examination.

I want some one from Thryocare and not your call centre executive to call me and explain this whole process.

I DO NOT need any testing for the samples taken of my wife and do not wish to proceed with this order as explained above.
Amit Kumar Goswami
Jun 3, 2017

Report is not trustable / Reports are not certified by the NABL(logo).

The Thyrocare company is a rookie, standard lass, thief company, there is no way to sample the test here, nor is anyone here to answer your questions. I would recommend to all of you that do not waste your time, money and health by doing a test with your determination.

Sanjeev Singh Rathour
May 27, 2017

Pathetic Unprofessional Staffs

I booked a Rs 1800/- package for my wife & after 02 days when remind for reports then i get the below mail but when I called concer person he was not able to say anything. Then he gave his senior's Mr. Gautam's number & he was also high unprofessional. In anger due to negligence of Thyrocare when i called customer-care Thyrocare & in agression when i became impulsive due to threaten of my patient's life, the robotic Mam was teaching me manners to talk in a good manner. Senseless & Useless Staffs, not able to work as a sweeper also in Hospital because they are not worried about patient's lives.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Wellness Greetings!!
Thank you for writing to us.

We regret to inform you that one of the reports of NEETU SINGH have been delayed for the sample bearing barcode: F5220526.

Our service provider will contact you shortly to discuss on the same and update the clinical history same has been informed to him/her.
Alternatively you may also contact with our service provider BINOD KUMAR @ 9334150350 for the same.

This mail is being copied to our service provider for his reference.
Please find the soft copy of the reports enclosed herewith.

Should you have any query please write to us at [email protected] or Whatsapp @ 8422888222
Assuring you always the best of our services

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Anto Davies
Executive | Order Management
[email protected]
WhatsApp: 8422 888 222 284 x 95
yedalla Krishna
May 15, 2017

Reports not provided

I was promised to give reports with in 24 hours, now it's more than 24 hours and customer care people say it would take 2-3 days for reports , worst service ever seen. Will not recommend any one to fall this trap of business seems to be all fake service..

Name : Krishna Prasad.
M: 9985513636
Mar 21, 2017

Not done any reports

Recollection blood sample collected
But no report hardcopy and soft copy
Please urgent recollection date 15 march 17
Patient name dipesh solanki
Mobile number 8460108108
Mar 18, 2017

They provide wrong results and not on.time.results

These people.from thyrocare are cheating people rhey collect blood telling all the samples will be tested in bangalore and send the blood to mumbai for.testing and give wrong reports.

They took my blood for arogyam test and collected 1200 rs as offer price but i got repoort only for fasting blood sugar the remaining they told me they dont have the reports and the blood collection technician is.absolute nonsense he comes drunk to collect samples and he also.doesnt co ordinate with us they are absolute cheaters i sent email to their.complaint email provided in the site which they never reply to.

Please donot get cheated like.me frkm thyrocare they are just looting people we muat infact.close their lab.

Contact me for more fraudster activities they have done i have the proofs with me.

Email: [email protected]
Mar 14, 2017

Incomplete Sugar Report (HBA1C) was given

I am diabetic do not take insulin and medicine as i work out daily and check my sugar level by Glucometer randomly.
I thought to get tested by HBA1C (Three months Sugar level History) and Thyrocare charged Rs. 250. Since it is competitive prices as other labs are charging min 400 Rs. i went with Thyrocare.

I was shocked when i got the report. It was only containing average value of three months i.e. 150 mg/dl, no history of last three months there in the report. I talked to customer care then he said it is our format.

However previously i have got tested by Dr. Lal Path and it was full three months history.
I will never trust on Throcare since there is no history, and may it could be a fake report also.

So Pleas do not go with prices only please go with reputed labs also otherwise you may be cheated like me.

Mar 6, 2017

Insufficient blood sample

I have given my blood for testing beta HCG which had to be tested after every 48 hours and I never got my report they just said insufficient blood sample..
This is ridiculous either the technicians don't know how much blood is to be collected or they are just fooling around with people. Horrible experience with Thyrocare never gonna trust them again.
Mar 3, 2017

Delayed Collection of blood samples

"Dear RAJESH KHAPARDE , Thank you for your booking (ORDER ID: F010M), Your order has been assigned to BALAJI N SURYATALE(7385632626) and appointment for sample collection is scheduled on 04-03-2017 08:30. FOR ASSISTANCE WHATSAPP US ON 8433905240"

Even today the appointment had been cancelled by your Mr SURYATALE stating some stupid reason like not getting address from server.
Very much disgusting and Very poor customer service even when the service is paid one.
And in one simple sentence ur Mr SURYATALE said that you can cancel the appointment which shows that ur not a business ethics company where customer is following from last two days.
Leaving aside local labs and keeping faith in a BRAND like THYROCARE proved wrong.
[email protected]
Feb 21, 2017

False Test Results

I did a test for hepatitis B (HBsAg) from thyrocare.
The test results were positive meaning i had hepatitis, i immediately repeated the test from a different lab and it was negative. I consulted the doctor who further confirmed that i didn't have hepatitis.
Because of thyrocare 's wrong reports, there was lot of panic, confusion and shock.
I will never take any other test from thyrocare and i will advise others also the same.
Jan 11, 2017

Miss Pregnancy report

I done 5 test with thyrocare
Barcodes are :
Fasting serum:84508584, EDTA: 84302003,Fluoride : 96891283,Urine :84606824 and post test after glucose Fluoride : 96491284

Report collecting person take all 5 samples, but now thyrocare don't have any updates about my fasting report Fluoride : 96891283.Because of that i missed my DR appointment.
Had call several times to Thyrocare but everytime they have one unique answer "we will call back you after 30 min,right now we dont't get your Fasting report",
On next day i call to thyrocare and talk with senior now senior(Amol salvi) want 2 hrs to resolve issue, means senior have more excuse than executives.
Please don't go with thyrocare for urgent and critical reports.I was royal customer in thyrocare list,but they dont have proper solution.
Now i dont have trust on thyrocare they dont have genuine reports.
there is lots of difference in there reports which is very dangerous according to health concern.
Jan 9, 2017

Sample not collected

I booked order for sample pick up at 7-Jan 7:30 am, however the booking was done for 8:30am (!!), so I called the Phlebotomist (from the order email confirmation) one day in advance i.e. on 6-Jan to collect sample at 7:30 am insted of 8:30am.On appointment day no one came to take sample till 8:30 am, so we again called their Phlebotomistand, he said some one else would come to collect the sample and ask us to contact him, He gave the phone number of other person which was found incorrect number.

So we again called customer care and explained situation, He said he would revert and arrange for sample pickup, but no one reverted. Finally, after waiting till 9AM, patient had to take the breakfast (patient was fasting due to sample collection pre-requisite).

Finally the sample was NOT collected..

This is not the professional way of working especially in medical field. I am grossly disappointed.

I was to book another appointment for my parent's checkup but now I dropped that idea
Suyog chhajed
Dec 31, 2016

Platinum test

Worst experience of my life.... Today I had an appointment for my dad & moms platinum package test in which I had a worst experience... I was informed that all test will b conducted under one roof, but it's not like that for some test ur asked to visit another centre.. Top of that when I visited another clinic for sonography test I was made to wait for an hour saying that there are already n number of appointments booked .. Whereas I was said your appointment is at 12:30 .... From Bombay office I was informed that it will take maximum of 2 hours for such test ... I reached the said centre at 8:30 am , it's almost 1:00 pm still 2 test r pending and they are 30 min each...... No coordination, no importance of time... Not at all recommendable .....
Dec 21, 2016

Non collection of sample.

Yesterday(21-12-2016) ,I have booked for tests arogyam 3.1 on line and confirm by somebody phone no-9335923809, and yesterday at 9:38 pm a call has been received from mob -8858683936 for collecting sample between 8 to 9 am today, but i am very sorry to say that no body turned up for sample collection.
Nov 12, 2016

Abnormailty In Report

Do not get lured from the dropping rate chart – pl. try focusing on the accuracy of reports that you receive. My experience with 1mg and Thyrocare will be a nightmare for those who take time to read this post. In 3 different iterations within a spread of 6 to 7 weeks, I paid for reports to Thyrocare and each time the report took me by surprise due to its abnormality <Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) reading was 12.29 points (on 9th Sep'16) dropped to 0.04 points (on 8th Oct'16) and shot-up to 12.48 points (on 28th Oct'16)>. Readings never fluctuate with such a huge range – it was our doctor (a very senior doctor with PSU in Bangalore) who challenged the Thyrocare report, saying a minimal change in TSH level, normally takes 3 months time under adequate medication. And in no clinically tested scenario it has ever dropped or risen to such levels in 20 days.

Eventually we took another report at Manipal, Bangalore and found reading to be totally normal TSH 2.2 units (on 4th Nov’16). I wonder if it were related to Heart or Diabetic ailment, a change in course of medicine could have been fatal for the patient. I reiterate once again to all to stay conscious to all such facts. I am also going to report this to Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission in Bangalore.
Nov 6, 2016

customer support and order placement

I am not able to place the order because thyrocare executive illiteracy. I have callling many times on 8122206688 and few times call was picked by the same person who does not know the value of customer and i guess they have blocked my mobile number because they are not picking my calll....

May I know if thyrocare have any service ethics and policies towards customer centric environment.

is there anybody who can book my aoppointment?????
I know noone is going to take action regarding my conplain...HELLO,
if you can not provide the service or book the appointment with correct address then close your shop.
do not play with the trust of customer.
i have never seen such a bad and illiterate customer care employee who do not listen to customer and write anything what they want without customer confirmation.
I was told that my appointment is fixed by today morning 7 am and my patient is waiting for the same but nobody is reached till now. when i checked in mail then i see that my address is wrong mentioned due to the customer care exexutive illiteracy. i called two times to customer care executive about the sms confirmation and phone was picked by the same person and both the times she said that i will get sms within 3 hrs however i did not. please do not commit anything if you are not able to fulfill customer need.

if thyrocare want to contact then please call me
at 09702983299
Oct 24, 2016

No reports for 8 eight days

They have not given me proper reports. They said I will get 74 test reports in 2 days, but got only half of the said report and rest I had
10-15 follow ups..yet reports are not given. Very Pathetic service... I would suggest not to go with these idiots, they are another big scam in the country...
Oct 12, 2016

not given reports

After 10-15 follow ups..reports are not given. Pathetic service
Sep 28, 2016

Pathetic service by Thyrocare



Had a sample collection appt at 7am and still waiting for technician. Tried contacting customer support and also technician but no luck. Pathetic service.

I know you guys are little less expensive but it doesn't mean that you play with patients health.

I'm diabetic and waiting for my blood drawn before I eat. Not sure when I 'll be able to eat!

BTW, this is not the first time so I'm done with Thyrocare.

Grow up guys...
Sep 28, 2016

Not granting appointment for requested Time

I had requested for my scheduling appointment for collection of my sample for Wellness B test. Despite repeated request to schedule the same for 8:00 am in the morning, I got a confirmation for appointment at 6:30 am. To reschedule the appointment called the Technician supposed to pick my blood sample. No response from him. Again called customer care, the person replied the same shall be rescheduled to the requested time and I shall get confirmation for the same in some time. On getting no response again, when I called another customer care exec tells me that the confirmation is for 9 am, again had to tell her that the requested time was 8 am, again was told that it was another Internal department of Thyrocare that shall schedule the appointment.

Only because it was urgent, I had booked for Thyrocare. Had I known that they will make me do circus for this by ignoring the time requests repeatedly, would not have gone for it. Also, have already paid in advance

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