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Consumer complaints and reviews about tikona

Tikona Care
Jul 24, 2013

Poor recovery style & Ha rassment Call by Tikona

Dear Subscriber,

Kindly accept our apologies for the inconvenience faced by you. In order to assist you further, we would require your contact or Tikona User ID details. We have assigned a reference number # TIKJL1563 to your case. Requesting you to mention the reference number in the subject line while sharing your details with us on [email protected]

Tikona Care
Shafi Jami
Jul 15, 2013

Poor recovery style & Ha rassment Call by Tikona

I got several calls since last year. And within last 10 days they call me frequently stating that He is layer from Tees Hazari court cahmber number 136. That person has several names, each time stating different name such as Atul Shrivastav, Abhishek Chawhaan etc. They call using numbers 01148121400, 01148121300, 01148986800, 09873253424.

They are asking for some due amount for the connection which already got disconnected. Story of connection is that the even not given me an IP address and DHCP already not cached any. Their engineer forged me that they will come again next day with other senior colleague to check this issue and they never come. I called them more that 10 times within 10 days they always promised and sometimes gave me reference numbers and thats it. After 15 days waiting for their support I called them to terminate my connection and returned my Device charge + Installation Charge + Rs 1100 monthly charge. They told me through customer care that they will check it and return money within few weeks and at that time I've to return their devices. Now more that 1 and half year passed and I got nothing but several such calls. And now this irritating me. Now I'm looking for any person from Tikona in my area so that I can ask them properly to go to their hidden offices ask them my money with penalty.
Jul 15, 2013

Received call from Tikona recovery agent ..saying Government lawyer sitting in Delhi high Court

I am facing the same situation as you guys facing. It has been almost a year since i stopped using Tikona internet connection. I had informed them well in advance that I would be shifting my home and would not want to continue the service. Despite this fact, no service person had come to my home and discontinued the service. Eventually we had to vacate and move on to another house. It is their mistake that they did not act in time. suddenly after an year I received a call from a person portraying himself as SI of Delhi and directs to make the payment in the next few hours. Else case FIR will be lodged etc.,. then after arguments and which i connected them to my lawer the call stopped coming for couple of months. Now again, I am receiving calls yesterday from a woman saying herself as Lawser from civil court from delhi. and tikona has filed complaint for Rs. 3200 and the same crap.

These are clear cut cheap tricks, and lets make sure to make our known ppl aware not to take up tikona service.
Jul 13, 2013

Pathetic Service + Cheap Recovery Tricks

To begin with, the service(4 months) that they had provided was pathetic. I had informed them well in advance that I would be shifting my home and would not want to continue the service. Despite this fact, no service person had come to my home and discontinued the service. Eventually we had to vacate and move on to another house. It is their mistake that they did not act in time. Whatsoever, when they had called me up , I had asked them to adjust the initial deposit amount against my last bill. This never happened and all of a sudden after an year I recieve a call from a a person portraying himself as SI of Delhi and directs to make the payment in the next few hours. Else case FIR will be lodged etc., bull shit.

These are clear cut cheap tricks, Kindly do not entertain such calls
Jul 12, 2013


Yesterday I received a call from +911148121400 this number. The lady was stating that she's calling from HAZARI COURT Delhi and she has received a case of outstanding bill amount to Rs. 1800 approx. from TIKONA BROADBAND.

If this is case then let me be fair, till first 3 months i was having a good experience with Tikona but during last 5 months the network connection was not atrocious, i even called up their technical team for connection check-up, they came but the glitch couldn't be sorted. The net connection would automatically disconnected and would show error in connection on the continuous basis.

I had to wait for hours in customer care number to respond to my phone calls and half of the time the phone calls could disconnect automatically. This was something very impatient from TIKONA's end. My connection issues were not being sorted and sooner or later it started hampering my work. So i had no option but to switch to another Internet service provider.

For the last three months the connection issue was happening on a frequent basis then why should i pay for the service which i did not even used. Every time tried connecting the net the message appeared ERROR IN CONNECTION PLEASE CONTACT THE SERVICE PROVIDER.

Then there was no response from there end and finally all of sudden the lady called me up from TIKONA RECOVERY STYLE & HARRASEMENT claiming to be calling from Delhi court,she also said that they have sent me a notice on my mail regarding the show cause notice against the bill outstanding they have put up against my name at HAZARI COURT DELHI.

But i didn't even receive any mails from there end for any showcause. They said if i do not appear on the court next week then i will be penalized in different forms. IF I AM A STUDENT THEN I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET ADMISSION TO AT ANY COLLEGES OF INDIA.



This was the kind of language used against me and i didn't even utter a single word when there service agent or customer care kept me waited for the technical glitch which i was facing.

This is a kind of service which is being provided by TIKONA and in return they are making their agent or employee calls from HAZARI COURT DELHI.
Jul 11, 2013

tikona harreshment

I also received call yesterday from a woman saying herself as sub inspector from delhi.she told me that she is issuing an arrest warrant for me bcoz I missed my hearing. Then she gave me a lawyer's number. Lawyer asked me to pay 4000 rs due , it the amount of months when my connection was already disconnected.
1. Why file a was in delhi
2. Why can't they settle in fair amount
3. Why these cheap tricks

I am requesting all of u to let's take some action against these stupid corporate.
Don't underestimate the power of a consumer.

I am hoping response from u guys
Jul 9, 2013

Fraud Bill generation and tikona threat

Tikona is one of worst internet service provider company, I think it is less of ISP and more of collection agent. I think tikona reallly should switch it market segment from ISP to money collection agent, that to in fradualent ways. I was a tikona user for 5 months (iser id - 11070808507) in pune. Service quality and speed during these month were not upto mark. When i requested for relocation on 6th of May 2013, after three days their local technician told me that their service is not available in new location, so I called and mailed tikona about my disconnection request. It seems like they accepted my request with one term, that is tikona will keep generating bill for this id. Since, I made request for disconnection on 9th May 2013 and after confirming with more than 5 customer executives I made my full payment completing my billing cycle till 15th of May, but tikona still sending me bills and asking payment for same. It seems like after taking money for 6 extra days, tikona is still hungry for more money. Their customer care executives also talk in very foul language and the company seems more interested in ransom money rather than providing service to its customer.Its been two months they are generating my bills and asking money for no service. I also called their customer care & local technician so many times for collection of hardware but it seems like they are not interested in collecting their hardware and everytime they are asking payment. Now, tikona executives is asking me to pay bill because they say its their company policy.

I request all of reader to please not go for tikona as their service is in pathetic state and those who are its existing customer, please go for disconnection asap with full and final settlement clealy given by company otherwise you will all face same problem as mine. I think I made one of biggest mistake of my life by becoming tikona customer even after so many negative reviews. Just to save 100rs pm, now fighting with tikona executive has become a part of my daily routine.
Jul 6, 2013

TIKONA harrasement


Tikona is calling from different number and with different names, sometimes police inspector calling from delhi and sometime lawyer is calling from tees hajari court. this is ridiculous, this king of harrasment will not work. i am pretty sure there is no amount due and i have email responded from tikona of complaint lodged by me of bad service. They need to seriously look into the fact how they want to treat their customer.
Jul 5, 2013

tikona harrasement

i had taken tikona connection for one year and the sales person from tikona after completion of one year gave me a new plan and he
without informing to his office changed the account number for which i paid money by cheque. within 15 days the account was stopped due to some problem in their tower and since they are continuously calling me and asking to pay bill for that account which has not been used in last two years. if the company has its main office is in mumbai then how they can file case in delhi court ? the supposed lawyers who speak on the phone are very rude and threaten. the company is a useless thing . it should be banned from all the cities. the company should not function at all. already have lodged a complaint in consumer court.
Jun 28, 2013

Received a call from Fake Lawyer of Tikona... saying from High Court

Same Case as : MaheshSahu (Subject : Received call from Tikona recovery agent ..saying Government lawyer sitting in Delhi high Court)

Same case with me. Totday a got a call from fake lawyer from Tokona saying that he is admitting a case to Delhi Court. Same as below URL :
Tikona is really torturing and harassing us.
Please file a case in Ministry of Consumer Affairs together and contact me at : [email protected]
Jun 22, 2013

Recovery style & harrasement

I purchased Tikona Internet service on the promise by a agent who came on calling Tikona service no, that I will get One month free usage then it will be monthly payment. I paid Rs.1500/- to the agent.
After the payment I received call saying that I have paid payment to the agent from other area so in the future I will not get service so I called up the senior person who gave me connection, he said he will sort out there will be no problem & I got my service activated.
It did not work properly initially so I had to lodge complaint & I got it serviced started by the Tikona.
Within a few days I received a bill from Tikona stating a due of few hundred Rupee so I called up the the company asking why I have been charged since It it s free for 1st month.

Then I was using the Internet service, modem of which is installed on steel rod of my window grill with plastic wire by Tikona at 801, Amrut Ashish, Natwar Nagar Road No.4, Jogeshwari(East), Mumbai-400060 and Internet was disconnecting frequently & all of sudden it got disconnected & I kept on calling no reply from them on service except since recent time when I started receiving Emails from the legal department of Tikona. to the emails I have raised query but they are not answering me I have never denied if they prove the dues or return of their Modem which is disconnected.

In fact I received call from Mumbai Tikona for taking back the Modem since time of disconnection but no one has turned up for modem.

I received call on my mobile from from a lady by a no +911148121400 on today i.e 22nd June 2013 at 10.33 am saying that she is CALLING FROM TIS HAZARI COURT Delhi & SHE HAS RECEIVED A Case AGAINST ME for outstanding payable by me to a company Tikona, Then she gave line to a advocate named Mr. Sharma.I spoke to him & told him that I have not received reply of my Emails from Tikona.He has promised me that he will tell Tikona to send reply to my query.

I am a sick person in December month ,I had a massive Heart attack & I went through a operation.

They give service in Mumbai & claim in Delhi court?
This arm twisting by such a large company is shameful even though they are yet to reply to me.
I am protesting to such a act.
Jun 22, 2013

Harassment by Tikona

I got a call from a number 9026750465 saying that I have some due amount of Rs.2508 on me which if I do not pay in 1 hour , a case will be filed in Tis-Hazari court in delhi.
I remember that I did not evade any bill. My customer number is - 1106027151.
What is going on here...??? I have already sent emails earlier requesting for disconnection of my services. Why bill now?? And why did company did not contact me at all to pay the bill....and now they are asking some fake lawyer to call me??

We are not thieves evading some Rs.2500 of money.....
Jun 16, 2013

Received call from Tikona recovery agent ..saying Government lawyer sitting in Delhi high Court

I am facing the same situation as you guys facing .They made the plan of 6 months and 3 months because once you go in trap you cant leave atleast 6 month . They will not disconnect your service till next month after your request and send a bill for that month and do all the fake calls from Delhi high court and all.I asked them to provide me usage history and what basis you are charging because i had not used the service after disconnection request.

I am not gonna pay to them a single rupee for the fake usage which they are telling and about the calls really if next time it will come i will record the call. i will take that guy to police and Company to court because those guys are working what they said to them.

I really want to say thanks for the worst service ,so many inconvenience and now they finally came on fake bill and court and all.

Guys please don't use tikona service and never suggest to any body .

Tikona id :
Jun 8, 2013

Service Limited But unlimited Harassment from TIKONA.

Service Limited But unlimited Harassment from TIKONA.

I Ishan Ghodeswar User ID No. 1106984204 from NAGPUR had taken the plan of 6months and I was stuck for 6months only but without asking to me, u people have extended your service for again 6months.I am a student so I cannot afford to extent it. Within few days I got the call from customer care for depositing the amount of Rs.4ooo/- approx for next 6months, I decided to discontinued with such a misbehaved service provider (TIKONA Organization) and dropped a mail for disconnection, on which I have never get any reply on that, even then I was ready to pay the money for enforced service which u have given to me but you people have never provided any written details about the amount of the plan which I had asked many times.

So 1st and foremost thing how u people can extend it without my permission????

Now after along period yesterday I got a call from a person and he said that he is an advocate calling from Delhi court on behalf of TIKONA Company that they have submitted a case file against me regarding non payment of the bills and my file has to submit before the Magistrate within few minute so if I want to escape myself from the lengthy process of court I have to submit the amount of Rs.4212/- within such a short period.

The way he talked with me that if I’ll not pay the amount with in few minutes they will call a police and I would have to pay approx 1lakh Rupees for bail and I’ll not liable to get any Government Job in future. Heads OFF to u guys that without any legal notice u people have provided such a petty case in front of Magistrate and that also not in Nagpur but directly at HIGH Court Delhi WOW that’s really great and Funny.

Now why should I pay the amount of the enforced service like this????? I have never seen such a worst customer care in my life.
[email protected]
Jun 5, 2013

Tikona hassesment

I have same problem as Mr. faizzsheikh.

I have been getting calls from Tikona threatening me that a case had been filed in the Delhi court. They say it is pending bill of RS 1776 that they had filed a case against me. I know that these are fake calls for threatening us. today (5th May 2013) the person calling says he is from Delhi court and suggests me to pay the outstanding amount Rs. 1776 or if the case goes forward tikona has all the proofs against you and you will have to pay RS. 45,620 and will be sent to jail for 6 months. I said that if Tikona has filed a case against me so I should get the legal notice form the court. the person got confused and told me that they have sent me the notice on 7th June 2013. I say 7t June 2013..? then he replies no sorry it 7th May 2013. I said first confirm the date on which the court has sent the notice and then talk to me. He says you are not understanding... you need to pay sum of Rs. 1776 or I will send the case forward.

Please don't get threatened by such calls........these are fake calls from tikona itself. confirmed by one of my friend who has worked at Tikona call center earlier. Thank god my friend is not working at Tikona now or these down trodden people would had harnessed him too.
Apr 25, 2013

No installation by Tikona, Calls from Lawyer that case is lodged

1. Year 2012: After30-40 calls after filling up the form for a WI-FI connection, Tikona guy shows up at home, did some work on the terrace and left.

2.After another set of 40-50 calls, another guy shows up at home after 20 days or so, and he connected LAN wire which was hanging from the terrace but didnt reach our home. He said that he would be back with modem the next day. Noone ever came.

3. After a month, the first bill of Tikona comes home. We sent a mail to Tikona saying we have never received any wi-fi connection that we asked for and to disconnect watever they "installed"....

4. 3-4 more bills flowed in.... more mails were sent to Tikona asking them to stop billing us for nothing.

5. Calls started coming in that we havent paid the bills, and in each call I have to explain why I wont pay... received around 20 calls in a span of 1 year.

6.Its been a year and a half that Ive moved from that home, and today (25th April'13) I receive a call from a lawyer saying that I have to pay a sum of 3000 Rupees to Tikona by 12 PM today else my case will be presented to the Magistrate at Delhi court. and I might have to pay a fine of Rs.2 Lakh... He also offered that he will arrange for the refund of the money and that he will fight the case for me because Tikona has a bad reputation. But he CARES for me so he doesnt want me to get into trouble. Hence I must make the payment asap.

So fake...... I have asked him to send me the scanned copy of the complaint with the data usage.... and I will make the payment asap...

Please try not to get disturbed by these thretening/ Harassment calls. Laugh it off... And together we can bring Tikona down... Lets threaten them back.....
Mar 15, 2013

Tikona Threatening Persistently

I have been getting calls from Tikona threatening me that a case had been filed in the Delhi court and that I must visit the Delhi court or the police will take action against me. They say it is for the so called pending bill of RS 1000 that they had filed a case against me. I am from Mumbai, I have been receiving calls persistently from someone threatening me about the case. This is extremely annoying. There is no pending bills that I am due for. I had cleared everything before disconnecting. I am extremely fed up with these threatening calls every now and then.
Feb 22, 2013

Fed up of Tikona

This is hell... :(

Tikona user id 1103000_ _ _. I live in Solapur. Once I was Tikona customer. I used to get very
interrupted service at my locality. A technician of their, when I
called used to say me that "sir Tikona ise hi hai, aapko acchi speed
nahi milegi, mai kuch nahi kar sakta" You people had stopped providing
Tikona service long back in Solapur. I didnt pay the bill since there
was advance money with you. Even I was charged for the duration for
which Tikona service was closed in Solapur. Now when I tried to take
new Tikona connection (After facing so many problems still I opted for
Tikona due to its low cost. And this costed me a lot). The customer
care said to pay 3000 rupees online to get connection immediately. I, a
fool, paid it. After many and many calls to their service men in
Nagpur, to their customer care I got tired. They said, "sir Nagpur me
modems ki kami hai, to aapko 1 month rukna padega" I ask why the hell
the customer care said me to pay 3000 rupees in advance. I asked to
refund my money. And you know what they had deducted my previous
bill!!! Long back I called customer care when I was in Solapur to stop
the service they said they will cut. But they didnt. When I called them
again they said I should email asking them to stop service. Why the
hell they didnt inform me to email when I called first and made me to
wait for weeks. Even they charged me for the service during which
Tikona was shutdown in Solapur. And the reason they gave me for
charging was, "sir apne Tikona bandh karne ka request kiya hai, lekin
apne phir kyu use kiya?" Yar if the internet is there who dont use it?
I paid the 3000 rupees bill in Nagpur immediately after 1 hour when
they asked me to do so. But I didnt received my refund money (3000 -
900 =2100 round figure) immediately. They made me to wait for around 40
days to get my money back through check in courier. And I guess I
called them for around 30 to 40 times. Had explained all the story to
every new customer care officer, wasted hours explaining the story.

And now I get calls saying, " sir main Delhi se bol raha hu, Magistrate
office se. Tikona walone aap pe case kiya hai ki apne unka 3000 rupee
bill pay nahi kiya. Aaj (23rd February 2013) 4 baje tak aap agar pay
karke outside hi ye issue solve karna chahte ho to 3000 rupees pay
kijiye. Ya phir aap ko Delhi ana padega aur aapko case ladna padega.
Sir ek suggestion hai mujse, aap par agar case hoti hai to aapko banks
loan nahi dengi, aap par black mark hojayega." Now from where did this
Delhi came? Tikona office is in Mumbai, I fall in Solapur jurisdiction,
how they are going to file case against me in Delhi and that too for
3000 rupees? Actually I havent returned their modem in time. I used to
be in college ( I am a M. Tech student). They used to call me in
college hours. How can I attend? Now I am in Nagpur, how can I make
them to take the modem in Solapur. It is obvious that there would be
communication problem, and they charged me for that too. The
interesting thing is that modem cost is 1500 rupees and they filed a
case against me saying I should pay 3000 rupees. Out of heights!!!

Now, if everything goes against me, I have to attend the case and fight
a legal case in Delhi against them. Not in Solapur, not in Mumbai, not
in Nagpur directly in Delhi. Is this possible for a student like me!!!

After all this I have no issue with them since I am a common man and
cant stand against them. I could have filed a case in customer court
for cheating and inefficient service provision when the Solapur bill
problem was arosen. But I didnt since I have no time for such issues.

But I want to give one free advice. I recommended to opt for Tikona
service only for non-students, who have legal support like their
relatives or parents are well versed with legal matters. Recommended
only for those who have plenty of free time. Recommended for one who
dont mind to repeat same words hundreds of times.
Feb 19, 2013

Not responding (worest custmare care)

My Tikona I'd 1107392737
I have made payment 1800 on Jan 12 but it's not reflected in their system,they not at all responding my request,Its almost passed 30days ,I never seen this type of service for small problem they are taking months.i am not able to use my Internet connection since 1-month .even my patients has gone calling to Tikona customer care .,even they are not responding for mails or calls .I used reliance service since 4yrs ,I never get any problem why Tikona will not able to resolve problem since 30 days .
Tikona Services
Feb 11, 2013

Tikona Services

Dear Mr. Santosh,

You may find some of your concerns already addressed through customer educational content on Tikona Forum.

Tikona official Forum details: http://forum.tikona.in/


Tikona Services
Tikona Services
Feb 11, 2013

Tikona Services

Mr. Tha,

You may find some of your concerns already addressed through customer educational content on Tikona Forum.

Tikona official Forum details: http://forum.tikona.in/


Tikona Services
Jun 7, 2012

Wrong billing.


I am currently a user of TIKONA with the user id 1106256214. I have received my first bill from TIKONA which is shocking to me; I am disputing the bill as I have the following issue:

The plan which I have requested is BB449 UNLIMITED Plan and based on which I made the initial payment. However, the plan which is mentioned on the bill is ADCB299. This plan ADCB299 is a limited plan which is charging me extra usage, i never requested for limited plan. So I mailed my issue to TIKONA customer care asking to rectify the plan with immedi/ate effect.
After 24 to 30 hrs I got a mail from customer care ID with all the calculation and confirmation of plan change. It was great experience with Tikona customer care, I really appreciate.
Thank you for your co-ordination and resolving my issue.
I am really pleased with the manner in which my problem has been addressed and resolved. Special mention to Mr. S. Nair & Team who have taken pain in addressing my billing issue evolved due to charging me with an undesired billing plan. The team has worked with the back end billing team to understand the problem, ensured proper co-ordination, rectification and enabling me to have my desired services within a short time.
Keep it up. Hope for similar support and co-operation in future.

Manish Gupta"
Jun 6, 2012

Wrong billing.

Hello Sir

We thank you for your mail.

We have saved your details in our database, and forwarded them along with your grievance to the concerned Department. At Tikona Services, we try our utmost to keep you? our customers? satisfied. After all you are the reason and the very purpose of our existence. However, we realize that it is not possible for a brand to stay true to every customer’s expectations. But as we said, we will do our utmost.

Please be patient and help us serve you better.

Thank You,
Tikona Services
Dec 23, 2011


Hi Mr.Mohan

We are grateful that your service request was brought to our attention and we appreciate your perseverance in settling this matter. Our billing team has gone through the details With reference to your complaint that connection was not working since last 2 months, waiver has been passed which will be reflecting in current months bill. User Id:- 1101709194, Name:- MOHAN BAGWE.

Please feel free to contact us on 1-800 209 4276 to provide us any feedback regarding our service our Customer Care associate will be glad to assist you.

Tikona Services
Nov 29, 2011


HI Mr.Mohan

Thank you for your mail, We have noted the details and the issue has been forwarded to the concerned department and would try to resolve this in 24- 48 business hours.

Tikona Services

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