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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about TIRUMALA TIRUPATI DEVASTHANAMS

May 14, 2017

DIP system to monitor

Respected sir,

I am regularly visiting tirumala every month for any seva or special entry darshan, while i am coming i usually try for the DIP system for any sevas, for the last two years i am not able to get the ticket ( previously i got three times in a year), nowadays while we are enrolling the dip we can found lot of persons are approaching the ticket counter team along with staff / securities,

The bribes or recommendations are playing a vital role in the Dip system, kindly check and make a enquiry and take a necessary action on this.

we are having the faith in the god and trusting the management only to getting such type of tickets.

we know that this Dip system is wonderful scheme which will useful for all the people.

Lavanya N
May 10, 2017

Seva details missing in Transaction History

Om Namo Narayana! I urgently need your help on a technical issue that I face in the TTDSEVAONLINE website.

On 12th April 2017, I had booked 2 seva tickets for VASANTHOTSAVA SEVA for darshan on 16th May 2017 using the TTDSEVAONLINE website. I got a confirmation in the TTDSEVA website that my booking was confirmed. The money of Rs.611.34 for 2 tickets was also immediately debited from my HDFC account. The HDFC Transaction reference is 171029401522.However, today I don't see the booking details in the SEVA HISTORY page.

Kindly help me. I have already booked my travel tickets for this trip. It is very important for me to have darshan on this day.

Earlier we used to get email confirmation of our bookings made via TTDSEVA. Nowadays we dont get them and this is creating a lot of misery.

Thank you.

Lavanya N
May 10, 2017

Seva details missing in Transaction History


Om Namo Narayana! I urgently need your help on a technical issue that I face in the TTDSEVAONLINE website.

On 12th April 2017, I had booked 2 seva tickets for VASANTHOTSAVA SEVA for darshan on 16th May 2017 from the TTDSEVAONLINE website. I got a confirmation in the TTDSEVA website screen that my booking was confirmed. An amount of Rs.611.34 was also immediately debited from my HDFC account immediately. Accordingly, I proceeded with the travel plans to Tirumala and have also booked my accommodation at Vishnu Nivasam.

However, today I don't see the Vasantotsava booking details in the SEVA HISTORY page. The transaction reference from the bank is 171029401522.

I can see details of my accommodation booking in the transaction history. Not sure what the problem is.

Kindly help me. I have already booked my travel tickets for this trip. It is very important for me to have darshan on this day.

Thank you.

May 10, 2017


dear sir,
booking no.IS05051748918976/05/05/2017 visheshapooja seva date 28/8/2017.By mistake i have booked on 28-8-2017 and the tranasction failed. Now whenever i go to book seva tickets it was displayed book after 28-8-2017.I have not availed any seva on or after 1-3-2017.pl. verify and rectify the mistake to book seva tickets in June 2017.p.krishnaprasad vijayawada-11 phone 9440544790.
May 8, 2017

No Complaint Book to register greviences

To the Tirumala/Tirupati Management,

I had lost my Purse in the rush. I had been to the information and Lost center, they asked me to announce what i had lost,i did the same. They did not have any register or complaint Book that i can leave my address, in case if the lost item is received.Simple they do not have even a pen, The Trust is earning crores of Rupees does the management does not have even 10Rs to buy a pen or a hundred rupees register book to keep a track of the items. Lakhs of Pilgrims come and visit the temple. Your management should take care of all of them.

This is on of the major drawback. Please buy a pen and a register book to register complaints. Else please let me know i can buy the same for you and send it to your management. The asked the person sitting in the lost and information center , if a person returns my purse to you how will you track for which they said "Theliyadhu" simple answer...They said they are not responsible and the security should be alerted and the next shift person will come and take care. Very Good Management. Now i lost my card,Aadhar Card and my License. Now how will your management let me know that by chance some good person would have given my purse.

There are so many things that the management does not.
May 5, 2017

How to book seva ticketd at 11:30am

In chennai some pvt agency book in seva tickets.After 11:30am. Everymonth i checked internetseva ticket opening time open and fraction of second all the ticket are shows red. How it is possible to book i think some body under link through ttd . Because i checked 11:24am all dates shows red.... but how to possible to book ticket..please consder how it is possiable....pls help me.........
Apr 28, 2017

Gender Wrongly Update

Sir I have booked Vasantha Utsavam tickets for me and my wife. My wife's gender is wrongly updated as Male. All the other details like id proof, name, age are correct. Is there any problem in entering for dharshan
Apr 28, 2017

Gender Updated Wrongly

Sir I have booked tickets for Vasantha utsavam. The gender of my wife is wrongly updated as Male. All the other details like name, id proof are correct. Is that will be a problem for dharshan.
Sasirekha Prem
Apr 17, 2017

No proper guidance at Thirumala entrance @ the vehicle checkpoint

I visited Thirumala on 14th April'17 for Lord Balaji Dharshan.

Our vehicle got checked by TTD authorities and allowed to pay counter. Then I stopped at counter to pay fee and I was told " Go to Counter No.1 " by the person who was sitting inside the counter. Again I asked counter person to tell in detail which counter and where and why, since a language problem I was not able to understand what he told. He was simply busy in counting currencies and I was just starring at his face like what he is going to tell. 2nd time I asked I am not clear and come again. He treated very badly and shouted at me saying that our vehicle ( TN22 CP 4267 ) has been blocked entry as we reached down hill 8 minutes prior on our previous visit it seems and asked us to move showing his hand towards climb thirumala.

Ok then, we mistakenly thought that counter person allowed us to proceed up to the thirumala and get receipt at up-hill checkpoint. We reached top, stopped our car and asked PC at checkpoint where to get receipt and informed him that the counter person asked to get receipt since our vehicle has been blocked due to above said reason ! He was just blinking and due to the same language problem and shouting on me how did we came up without receipt ? for that only I was explaining him in english and he could not understand and diverted me to another person who was sitting in a room with computer in front of him. Again the same I repeated to him and requested him telling all the incidents happen. Then he warned us to pay without fail on our return after Swami dharshan since it was getting delay to reach our entry point for dharshan.

After dharshan we stopped our car down-hill checkpoint, again explained from start and paid 300/- got receipt and reached our town.

Please understand and instruct your TTD employees, we people coming for Thirumala Thirupathi dharshan in the hope that we will be blessed and our prayers will come true as we trust. We are not coming for holiday trip to enjoy or anything else, but due to lots of stress, family problems, health issues, wealth issues etc. If you people treat us badly, that insult also getting add in our 1000 problems as 1001.

Better to accommodate employees in such checkpoints without any language problem or at-least talk to us polite.

Guide all pilgrims politely and please and help them to return their home town happily. Don't forget that we are also human being !

Ms. Sasirekha
Apr 17, 2017

Free lugguge employees are very lazy

Free luggage employees are very lazy and irresponsible at srvadarshan entrance Q...please change them and recruit dynamic persons.
Aruna Sai
Apr 17, 2017

Govinda app darshan reciepts

I have booked 300 rs special entrance tickets in govinda app.I have not received any mail regarding the darshanam receipts. So It is not possible for me to take printout which is to be shown before darshan so please sent me the mail to arunabhanu0310@gmail.com and my transaction Id is 17041797709425 and my date of darshanam given is on 13.5.2017
Apr 1, 2017

Slackness in duty by TTD employees

1. I went to tirumala by walk on 28/03/2017 at around 11-30hrs and wanted to deposit my luggage at free luggage counter near foot steps. There was not much crowd and as usual our people were jumping the Q line to make it early and TTD employees inside the counter including guards were chit chatting without trying to regulate the Q.

2.We were put in to the cell for Divya Darshan around 19-30hrs on 28/03/2017 and food was served.People are putting the empty plates or half eaten plates where ever they eat and not to the dustbins sometimes spilling on the floor.
Why can't the TTD volunteers keep vigil inside the cell to correct the erring people to keep it clean.
These two incidents points out that TTD employees are as good as any GOVT employees or as bad as any GOVT employees where perhaps their job is assured without any liability and accountability

3. Thirdly some people are keeping their luggage or children on their head while having darshan which prevents the person behind them to have a clear view of diety. Why cannot the volunteers ask those people to keep children or luggage in their hips so that it will not be hinderance to others.

N Satish
Mar 30, 2017

e-ticket problem

Respected sir,
Myself Harini and I have booked for e-darshan on June 21 of 2017 through govinda TTD app. But till now I I didn't receive any mail regarding the e-ticket. I received the following message.Dear Harini you have successfully booked e-Special Entry Darshan for 21-06-2017. Transaction ID is ID29031755222991.Even the app has login problems though I have reset my password and tried to login it again. I want you to resolve this problem as soon as possible and send my e-ticket to this mail id. gharini2012@gmail.com
Mar 26, 2017

Age mistake

I have booked tickets for darshanam on march 22 for april 21 i have entered age wrongly for oe of my neighbour is there any issue will happen for that
Mar 25, 2017


We visited Tirumala yesterday, 25th march. They said Divya Darshan for the people who have walked and it was 11.45 AM when we got into the queue. They put us in the cell no.27 at 12.40 PM and the door was opened only at 9.50 PM. Following are my problems:

1. Why do you keep us in a locked cell for so long without proper food supply?
I have been lucky enough to come through VIP Darshan most of the times. This is the first time I am entering a Sarva darshan, which was Divya Darshan in my case as we came by walk. Why can the food be supplied in packets to the people on the cell? For a richest organisation like TTD is it not important to plan the good supply properly. People where served hot hot sambar rice in plastic disposable plates and many had burnt hands n other places in the struggle of managing to bring the plates out of the crowd. Some don't eat at all not able to get into the crowd. The people in Sarva darshan are treated like slaves. I don't understand who gives you the right to lock people in cell without any information. Can't people be told it ll take so long? Why are there no help desks n staffs to help pilgrims. I wanted to come out with my 60 yr old mom at 4.PM as she wasn't well. There was no staff from TTD in the back get till 9.00 in the night. Why are the Chairs removed and why is the token system removed?

One of the worst experience from the richest temple. Total mis-management from TTD. This is not the way you treat people.
Mar 21, 2017

eseva ticket printout

i have booked e seva ticket dt.19/3/2017as per transaction id.is ID19031753799353.BUT T HAVENOT TAKE PRINTOUT.SO I REQUEST YOU PLEASE SEND TICKET MY MAIL.MY.MAIL ADDRESS IS b.santhamani@yahoo.co.in.
Mar 21, 2017

giving permission to national geographic channel on tv program of tirupati

Respected sir,
In national geographic tv channel on 27th march 2017 at 9.00 pm there is program about tirumala tirupati by this program security problems may cime in tirupati ans also secrets of tirumala tirupati are reveld so stop the program in national geographic channel
I hope you understand, Thank you
Your truly,
Mar 18, 2017


Dear Sir,
We are family of 4 members visiting tirumala on coming june.We booked a A.C suit room in vishnunivasam.While booking I didnt notice the no.of persons options so it was automatically taken as 2 persons.
Is there anyway to change it as 4 persons?Since the account belongs to me so my name came as default and I can accomodate only one along with me.But my father,mother,brother are the other three coming with me.
Please help me in this issue sir.we all need to stay together.

Yours truely,
Mar 17, 2017

Not to allot room even rooms are available

I kamal deep came from kothagudem of telangana visited tirumala on 18-march-2017 by footway
We reached tirumala at 4:30pm and made a line for rented room at 04:45pm and upto 09:30pm neither we cant get any room nor get information regarding NOT AVAILABLE of room
I want information that how many rooms were allotted from 05:00pm to 09:00pm on 18-03-2017
On enquired I know that due to lack of staff they can't allot rooms to anyone
This type of activity decrease fame of Tirupathi as many pilgrims came from long distances kindly solve and not to repeat in future
Mar 12, 2017

Emergency call to security

Need emergency phone or alarm inside the cell , devotees need move outside or medical emergency no source available. Treated as prisoners cell. Need to address immediately.
Mar 8, 2017

TTD Information centre,Fraud Pondicherry

Respected Sir / Madam,

I am selva kumar from Neyveli working in NLC. I went to the ttd information centre in pondicherry to book a darshan ticket. when in approached the lady who is working in ttd counter. I asked for the darshan ticket on Feb 10. she said it is not available in the counter. She suggested me to book online and recommended one place in the nehru street "SAI BABA INTERNET CAFE" owner name SAKTHI PRASAD. I went to the saibaba internet cafe to book 6 tickets. I need 12 extra laddus. He charged me RS.3000 instead of Rs.2100. I asked why u charged extra. He said i will some commission to the TTd Computer operator lady and security.

So far he never booked my ticket and refund my amount. I am trying to contact he never picks my phone. It was my horrible experience. I want to report to TTD Higher officials. But I dont know. any one forward this to the TTD Authorised person to take necessary action against them.
Mar 7, 2017

Aadhar ID number given wrongly

While booking ticket I gave my Wife Aadhar ID number wrongly(the starting 4 digits is 9982,i typed wronly as 9882)
Mar 3, 2017

Suprabatha seva

Tickets for suprabharam every month closed for all days within 1 minute. By the time we click on payment option. It says all the tickets are booked with in 1 minutes . How it is possible. Please suggest any other way where we get suprabhatham/archana tickets.
Mar 3, 2017




Feb 28, 2017

Dharshan at TTD, Chennai.

Respected Sir,

I am a daily visitor of Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam at Venkatanarayanana Road, T. Nagar, Chennai. I will be attending the Poojas from 6.30 AM to 7.00 AM.

To-day (01.03.2017) during the Pooja Time around 6.40 AM an Executive Officer and his wife came to TTD Temple, Chennai when the Pooja was going on. He went to the VIP area and myself along with a few people were standing in a corner of the next bay, which is the normal dharshan area. The Executive Officer ordered the TTD employees to make us to go from that area to the backside area.

Even though there is no disturbance for the Executive Officer at VIP area he wanted to show his position and power inside the temple and asked us to go away from that general public darshan area.

When a human's position go up they should become more humble ... But this Executive Officer felt as if he is the God and we are like untouchables !!!

I appreciate if necessary enquiry has been made on this Executive Officer who came from TTD, Tirupati.

I can come to TTD Chennai to give necessary witness and the employees at TTD Chennai can provide the details of that Executive Officer.

Truthfully yours,


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