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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about TIRUMALA TIRUPATI DEVASTHANAMS

Oct 22, 2017

Angapradashnam tickets issuance

We had been to Tirupathi on 20th October On reaching there we joined the queue to get tickets. The queue was highly disorganized. It wasn't possible to make a visual guess as to the number of people waiting in the queue. We joined the queue which kept moving a bit & then stopping. While we were waiting patiently we noticed the temple security guy letting in some people without joining the queue
As we had booked Darshan at 4pm and we had no clue if we would get the ticket disappointedly we came out. As an NRI I told the security guy that how about people who don't have adarcard he said I wouldnt be able to get a ticket
Later another guy said passport should be OK. Why do you leave the crowd to stand their for hours without knowing if they have a chance I suggest that as you get into the queue you are given a token number. Upto 750 &then stop. Then you would know that you don't stand a chanceThankyou
Oct 18, 2017

About Melchat Vasthram

Dear TTD Officials,

I belong to a middle class family and we have attended for every Swami Seva at TTD. My mother has a dream that she wants to attend "Melchat Vastram Seva" and she asked me to look for the future availability. When I chat with the TTD and search through other TTD forums, they mentioned that we should have a high recommendation either from CM or form MLA and then only we can get the dates for Melchat Vastram Seva. As a common man it's really difficult for any common man to get recommendation from CM/MLA.

I have a doubt, did Lord venkateswara mentioned anywhere that only VIP's can attend to that seva or people who have recommendation are eligible for Melchat Vastram seva or does TTD have in its policy that Melchat vastram is a special category to VIP's. Then what about every common man who had wish to attend seva ? or does TTD under estimates a common man and estimating that a common man cannot pay the seva amount ?

If someone please respond to my question that would be really great and I appreciate that. or I want to take this till this reaches to CM garu.
Oct 16, 2017

I lost Kalyanam booking receipt

Respected sir,
I is my 2nd message. I booked for Sri Venkateswara Swamy Kalyanam in my name : R.Kondaiah Sarma, Advocate, Nellore
My adhar No: ############. I booked on 24-10-2017 at TTD Kalyanamandapam office, Nellore for the Date of : 23-11-2017 for Kalyanam seva. But I lost that receipt copy. Then i went to TTD Kalyanamandapam office, Nellore and I asked for the duplicate receipt. But he did not issue me. why.
Please arrange duplicate receipt copy to my as a request as a devotee. Please do the needful service.
My Name and Address: R.Kondaiah Sarma, M.Com., B.L.,
Nellore -3.
My Adhar No: ############
My mobile No: 9247796512
My email : rkjupiter@yahoo.co.in
Oct 14, 2017

condition of room

dear sir,
i reserved for room and got allotment on 11th Oct. in Kowsthabam Guest House room no. 320. Refer allotment id 17101103915. I was really shocked to notice the condition of the room. The room was full of cockroaches, small insects. When i complaiined the reception, as usual they did not pay any attention. So, I went and begged the house keeping persons, who came with vacuum cleaner to suck the insects. That was only a temporary solution and after some time, the rooms was filled with insects. We were unable to keep any edible items and also loddu on the room, which were spoiled by insects. The Lord Venkateswara only should save us from any type of disease due to stay in that room
Oct 13, 2017

condition of room

dear sir,
I got allotment in Kowsthubam Rest house in Room No. 320 on 11th Oct against my e accomodatioin reservation. i was really shocked to see the condition of room as it was full of cockroached and all types of insects. All types of insects in wall of toilet and we were unable to keep any edible and loddu in our room. We have to seal all our luggages. When i went and told at receiption, they did not take any responsibility for my complaint. So I went and called the house keeping persons and they came with vacuum cleaner and tried to clead, but which is not no use as new lot of insects started to spread after some time.
I do not know who is the care taker for the Guest house. When i vacated the room the reception persons asked too may enquiry whether i took all my luggages and demaning for tips. I pray the Lord Venkateswara that me and my family members should not get any disease due to stay in that room and i request that room no. 320 should not be alloted to others til the room is disfected properly
Sep 29, 2017

Rebring the 50rs ticket

Dear Sir,
As we are visiting thirupathi regularly with my whole family and we will be benefited with 50rs ticket.It wont be possible for everyone to buy tickets for 300rs...only rich people can afford to buy...the suffering pilgrims are will poor and middle class people only.kindly bring back that 50rs ticket as soon as possible...
Peechu Naresh Reddy
Sep 19, 2017

Safety of Divya Darshan(Kali Nadaka)

Respected staff, I am Peechu Naresh Reddy from Karimnagar recently visited Tirumala by foot from Alipiri to Tirumala(Kali Nadaka). Everything is managed properly but one thing has to be checked and do the needful. After Mokala Darshan followed by there is a road to walk which is completely unsafe. There are no barricades, Vehicles are coming at top speed in the opposite direction. It is tough for the parents to look after the kids, after travelling long distance on feet.

Kindly consider this point and do the needful at the earliest.

Thank you
Sep 12, 2017


Since I'm frequent Traveller of tirupati. I booked my tickets in month of August 2017 for traveling in 26th December 2017 assuming that I will get room booking online before 90 days as per the rules. But to my knowledge tirupati room booking for 29 December 2017 was already full as they opened quota 4 months before I didnt get booking for tirupati and while waiting for tirumala booking on 12 September 2017 I called ttd devasthanam asking about quota release for 27th December in tirumala. The person replied that quota would not be released since it is year end. I have booked tickets for 25 people without online accommodation how will I be able to get the rooms. I have elderly people travelling with me. This is very bad experience I have for the first time. TTD should have notified about year end no release of room so I wouldn't have taken risk of booking tickets for tirupati. And why they have released quota for Vishnu nivasam before 90 days.
Sep 11, 2017

Rampant Corruption

I regularly visit tirumala with my family and every time, I book the accommodation and tickets (online or at Andhra bank) in advance to avoid any inconveniences.

This time however, I was late in booking the tickets and there were no darshan tickets available online and no accommodation available online.

DAY1 : My first mistake:
I thought I will engage a tout/ agent to book the accommodation and tickets. I was given a name and a mobile number of a tout/ agent and told that he was an influential agent who provides these services at some extra cost!
I thought it should be fine, I will pay a service changes if this agent manages to get the darshan tickets and accommodation since I had decided to travel to Tirumala at the last minute

I spoke to the agent and a price of Rs.6500 was agreed for 4 tickets and accommodation for 2 days (since I was travelling on Friday, the agent said he will be able to arrange for the tickets for the Saturday darshan). When I asked for a justification for the cost, I was told by the agent that I should not ask such things and not mind paying money for a holy cause !! and should be more concerned about getting the darshan.

I was given a bank ac number account number and was asked to transfer the money. I did that immediately.
On reaching Tirumala at 12PM, I called the agent many times and he did not pick the call. After an hour, he picked the call and informed that the room will only be ready at 3 pm and he is working on getting the tickets done. We waited patiently and he called back to inform us to go a “Rudra math” and the room will be available. I was also instructed to pay Rs.500 to each of the helpers who were there in the “Math” for their “so called Services”. These helpers did not even lift one of the bags that I was carrying! This shows nexus between the “maths” and the touts and how rooms are available if you are willing to pay the price…to literally everyone without asking any questions

On reaching “Rudra math”, there was a room available and when I asked for a receipt, I was promptly refused and told that these are illegal activities and they do not provide any receipts for the accommodation. I was also told that I should vacate the room the next day before 2 PM but I said I had paid for 2 days accommodation . Nothing doing, I had to vacate the next day was the instruction. I though the loot has started .

The agent scolded me for asking for a receipt at “Rudra Math”. Some social service this math do!!!!
The agent informed me that the Darshan may be possible the next day as his contact was not available so I should be ready at 6 AM in the morning for his call and he will provide the next set of instructions.

DAY2: My Subsequent Mistakes
Next day, my family and I woke up at 5 AM and were ready before 6 AM. I waited patiently for the agent’s call. He never called and finally I called him at 7AM. He again scolded me for reaching out to him and informed me that he is trying to make arrangements through a Vigilance officer at Tirumala. basically getting a request letter to provide me and family tickets. The tout uses his connections in the JO Office to get this process moving. I am told to meet a police cadet and to provide him with my Aadhar copy. Promptly a police cadet comes at the designated place and collects the Aadhar copy and tells me to wait at the same place and he will get the tickets in 5 minutes. I was happy thinking that money does make thing move in this holy place and right under God’s nose you have a team of corrupt people who are stretching that extra mile for you …
I waited at the spot for 1 hour and then the police cadet comes back with a signed letter to allow me and my family for a darshan.
At this point I get a call from the agent and instructed that I will have to pay for the tickets as well (Rs.300 X 4) . I had already paid him for the tickets. The agent immediately told me that I should not think about money now and that darshan was the important thing here!!!!
I did think about cancelling and going back to Chennai . I can always return back after booking the tickets and accommodation properly but no .. I decided to play along with the tout …
The police cadet who was there accompanied me to the JO office in Tirumala and got the necessary signature and dropped me near the entrance of the Rs. 300 entrance. Before seeing me off at the entrance, he politely asked me if I can give him Rs.200 for the laddoss that he had purchased for the JO who had signed my document. I had no option but to oblige. Finally, I bought the tickets and went for the darshan .
My learning :
All the while, I was thinking about the number of people whom these touts would have cheated. It was not only the tout but the chain of people involved in this racket.
Tirumala has been commercialized so much that everyone tries to make a quick buck from the devotes.
The cab operators to math operators are all cheating devotees under the guise of doing social service . This should end …or people will lose faith on God himself .
I am completely pissed off after experiencing this ….and am feeling cheated
Parthasarathy Sekar
Sep 7, 2017

Grievance for seva tickets other than DIp method

Dear sir,

Please spare some portion of seva tickets (Suprabatham, Nijapadha dharshan, Thomala seva etc for citizens above 60years from the electronic dip system and allot through TTD Centres.. For the past four months I tried Suprabtham, Nijapadha Darshan through electronic dip.

All the time I never got selected. Please try to spare some portion of tickets for the above sevas for senior persons above 60years through some other method. Expecting your favourable orders.

What about change of Angaprathakshnam ticket issuing time i.e from 14.00 hrs to 20.00 hrs.. Many a times I am requesting this. Please do a favour in this regard.

Expecting your favourable orders.


A Markhandan Raju
Sep 1, 2017

Seva Booking

We are unable to get seva tickets through luckydip as we may not be lucky, the earlier system was good only seva tickets such as Thomal Archana & Asthadhal should be via lucky dip & supbharatha Nijapada should be under booking quota it will be good for pilgrims to book their desire seva
Coming to room booking the earlier system was excellent the new system is worst system, bring Nandakam under regular booking

A Markhandan Raju
Aug 28, 2017

BAN This temple itself

I last visited this so called place named Tirumala 10 years ago, along with my mom and was furious with the way TTD staffs and management for openly asking for bribe and rude behaviour. It was no match this time either when i went with my wife, it was even more worse, how on earth can u end up giving free food and locking up people to make them your slaves, is this d reason u guys decide not to allow mobile so that your behaviour is out to public. I still cant understand why children, elders,ladies fall prey to idols, all of u are been pushed,stamped, thrown in locker and been locked for hours/days, You people witness d wrongdoings of staffs and repeatedly keep fooling yourself to visit this place rather i beg u folks to serve the needy around your area,orphans. Do something which can be as simple as u can . These shameless people whoever is managing is just so fond of money only. Why are they running this temple, can government answer this. I want to elaborate and write even more worse things on these temples, but i lack understanding on people who go to any extent just to visit idols, then what about the ones that you keep at your home.
Aug 14, 2017

Tirupati_Complex fully crowded and food need to be properly cooked

Dear Sir

I have visited tirupati on 13.08.2017. i have noticed below points and writing below to improve on facilities and administration to TTD ..below points based on my 2 visits in last one year.

1) The complex is overcrowded most of the times...most of the pilgrims occupy places to sleep at footways,near toilet and ways etc... The person with small babies really face hurdle to manage things in the compartment... Everyone face difficulty to cross the person and reach to get food or washrooms etc.. please look into the matter how you can improve on things like avoiding pilgrims sleeping or ocupying common places and limiting to less person in compartment etc... Some person wont get places to stand or sit with such conjestion

2) the food Kara bhath really is not cooked everyone which to be consumed by childrens etc...need to properly cooked and serve... please look into that on priority basis...

3)the staffs didnt seem to provide pilgrims friendly answer or politeness.....most of the andhra staffs are really harsh which need to be governed...

4) Pilgrims needs to be educated on how to behave or ethics that has to folowed inside compartment or in darshan queue lines...most of the times overcrowding or rush happens which affect ladies and women with childrens.... There should be strict administration or change the method of darshan to administered darshan...

5) more information maps of tirumala to be put up where the person are at curent location and how he or she can find darshan entry or nearby toilet or luugage counters or lodging complex etc etc..a shall pamplet with maps and info at bus stand ,railway station definitely will help first time visitors or even frequent visitors....

Hope above points are reached to TTD administration and implement the action based on other pilgrims feedback also...
Aug 13, 2017

Senior citizen

Senior citizen were given the facility of special Darshan, but they were to stand in queue for more than 4 hrs to get the token and no facility to seat also in the queue. If they have the capacity to stand in queue , then why will they avail facility of senior citizen. They will go by sarvadarshan only.
They should be given the facility of seating atleast in line and they must not be allowed to wait in queue for tokens.
Our senior citizen group were waiting in queue for more than 4 hrs and they returned without coupons.
Govind , Govinda, Govinda, Govinda, Govinda.
Jul 23, 2017

Darshanam and Maintenance

Dear sir,

1)I went to tirumala by walk on 22/07/2017 10:00 pm at Gail gopuram TTD people affix wrong sticker (instead of 22/07/2017 08:00 pm they affix 23/07/2017 08:00 Am ) because of this at darshanam time they rejected to give laddu tokens to us

2) at kalan Katta Barbars asking money from pilgrims if some pilgrims rejected to pay they used some unparalleled words

3)at srinivasa complex sufficient mats are not available to pilgrims

Kindly take action on these issues
Jul 6, 2017

Checkin time wrongly filled by mistake

Hello sir,we have booked 3 rooms of date 7-7-2017,but by mistake we have selected wrong check in time .(00.00 -11:59) but the pilgrims will reach at 6:00 pm around on date 7 -7-17.so please avail the rooms at the time of reaching.my email address is honeygarg5233@gmail.com.please reply.
B N Satyanarayan
Jul 2, 2017

Dress Code (compromised)

I visited Tirumala on 29/06/2017 and entered @ 12.15pm for a 2.00pm darshan. I was surprised to see the WHOLESALE VIOLATION OF THE SO CALLED STRICT DRESS CODE, with men in JEANS, LUNGIES, PANTS & SWEAT PANTS. There is no check at the entry point or at varilus check points resulting in the dress code violators having a darshan of the LORD. Are the authorities sleeping or have they relaxed on the code. Is the LORD being modernized, and if so we can see DEVOTEES WALKING IN WITH BEACH TOURIST ATTIRES, EQUIPPED WITH CEDLL PHONES, CAMERAS, AND OTHER MODERN GADGETS.
As required I could have attached photos but we were not allowed to carry the camera to shoot the observance in the queue between the verification and the entry at the main Gopuram
Jun 25, 2017

Harsh treatment by the Staff of T.T.D.

Sir, First of all let me introduce my self as S.Venkatasubramanian, aged 57 years old and living at Erode. On 22nd June 2017 I and my wife left Erode for Tirupathi in order to have a dharshan of Lord Venkatesa. Of course this was our first visit to Tirupathi. Due to eagerness we traveled all along the way in order to get a peaceful dharshan. But after entering the spot, we came to understand that the staff of T.T.D. Board do not give respect to any pilgrims including us also. For every thing I saw an improper queue. either the securities or the police do not control the improper queue. More over, T.T.D. is operating free service bus in and around the hill. But the conductor and the driver think that as if they are spending from their pocket for free service bus. The conductors are not giving any respect to the pilgrims. Of course the accommodation is very nice. Some staff are shouting at the pilgrims including us just like 3rd degree pigs. At the time of free dharshan, the securities are not allowing the free dharshan bhaktas to worship the god for not even a second. They are pushing us like any thing and behave with arrogant manner with every body. Since they are working in the temple first they should know that how to behave with the pilgrims and instead of shouting on others they should handle the pilgrims with love and affection. As far as Lord Balaji is concerned all are equal to him. But you people are fond of money and you are allowing the bloody politicians, V.I.P. for special dharshan. God does not show the partiality. But you are showing the partiality among the pilgrims. What is meant by V.I.P. in front of God? This is injustice in your part. For every thing you are looting money from pilgrims indirectly. In Kalyana katta, the barbers are removing the hair from pilgrim head directly and you are doing their works indirectly. You are building up the matter unnecessarily and you are not allowing the pilgrims who opt for free dharshan very easily. Purposely you are prolonging the time. Lord Balaji does not like all these things. More over I am very much ashamed to tell you that after all for purchasing Laddus you are issuing the token with taking photo and finger prints. I do not know the reason for this. If we purchase laddus in huge quantity, they you will have good income. I think in future you may ask for Ration card for getting laddus. Ultimately Lord Balaji is suffering there.
Jun 18, 2017

complaint about luggage counter

Hello TTD,

I came for dharshan on 17-june-2017(Saturday), I had my dharshan after 1 AM on 18th June, i had given my bag in free luggage counter, i kept one important pen drive in my bag as well one cooling glass and some clothes, after getting my bag back i was shocked, the pen drive and cooling glass was missed. I have my personal details in that pen drive , as well some confidential information about my employer which should not be shared. i asked about this pen drive issue in delivery counter but they not even bother about anything.
My ticket number:9473 which has been written on my bag. i request you to find my pen drive and return it back to me else format the pen drive someone misuse that. thank you.
Jun 11, 2017

Seva ticket not issued

Sir - I have booked for the "Thirumanjan" seva ticket by paying an amount of 3000 INR through DD which bears the number 075449. DD was taken on 23 Feb 2009. Seva was requested for the year of 2018. We were told that the ticket will be issused and sent across to me by post once the panchangam for 2018 is published. I havent received the seva ticket till now. Please suggest what is the procedure to get the same and whom to contact
Jun 11, 2017

Seva Ticket is not issued

Sir, - I have booked for "Thirumanjan" seva ticket for the year 2018 by providing the DD for 3000 INR at the seva ticket issue counter, which used be near the vaikuntam complex on 23 Feb 2009. DD No. is 075449. I was told that ticket will be issued through post after the panchamgham for the year 2018 is published. But I have not received the ticket till now. Please suggest whom to contact or how to get the ticket issued.
R Tulsoji rao
Jun 11, 2017

Am given wrong email id so nw I have to give change of email

21st Wednesday 06/2017 12:00pm dharshanam
Jun 4, 2017

Horrible hospatality for piligrimages

Its very horrible hospitality for piligrimages,,,, is this is the way you treat??? You just give respect for money and status?? Not for people?? Treat everyone with same,,, if VIP of TTD com s this is the way you treat normal common people,,, people who are almost old very small kids and who came by walk???? Iam writing this with frustration,,, my mother got sick because this,,, TTD GO i dont no some VVVvp came so people r standing in compartments for 6 hours almost 500+ people in one comaprtment in this hot,,,, make sure to treat people 1st then are else cancel all darshans
Jun 2, 2017

Seva Tickets

I have been trying to book the Thomala Seva for months together now.. i judiciously wait for the 1st Friday of the month and at 11.00 am it opens and in the next 15-20 seconds all of them become red.. i am not sure how this is possible. it is almost 6 months now i am still trying..unless some agent has got the link and blocks it, this is not possible. Today i am still waiting not sure what happened, the window was not open at all.

can someone respond to my query.
May 30, 2017

Asking Money in Vasantostavam Mandap

Hello Sir,

I attended the vasanthostavam seva on 27th of this month.There few people who will lift/carry the venkateshwara swamy idol from kalyanstovam mandapam to vasanthostava mandapam they are coming to Pilgrims place and giving some rice and one thread for that they are asking money .If Pilgrims giving 50 rs or 100 rs still they are asking no no we required big notes .If we can reject they are taking back the rice(Aksinthalu) and thread.This is not the good thing this is becoming commercial and causing inconvenient to all the Pilgrims .in the temple.Please take action on this.Even our family and other people also faced same issue at garbagudi place.

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