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Consumer complaints and reviews about tnstc

Dec 31, 2022

Not helpful

I boarded bus at kanakkan patti at that time I realised not bring money so that I told conductor. He not stopped bus told to stepdown railway gate speed breaker.. I am not have any money return back 4km by walk.. and told I gave money at oddanchatram he not accepted...
Dec 1, 2022

Lost my laptop bag with laptop

When I was travelling in a bus my bag was lost. Its in yellow color. So if any one find the bag pls.. call to num 8074462056. And email address [email protected]
Gunasundari R
Oct 21, 2022


Today I had very bad experience with local bus , waited at ganapthy to take local transport . But Government buses are not stopped in our stop. Driver not ready to stop the bus he moved far and stopped the bus to the passenger's get down . I ran and got that bus.

Asked politely to conductor why not stopping bus at stop he replied u have to show hand to stop the bus. Oh god it's main bus stop driver duty to stop the bus at each stopping even have lot of vacant seats inside bus. Continued by it I observed they not stopped bus at next two stops also.

Their mind set tickets free for women how can women raise questions on their face.

Please the honorable Government we women not asked any free service to anyone, we ready to pay for tickets WE WOMEN ARE SHELF RESPECTED PERSON LIKE MEN - WE NOT BEGGED WITH ANYONE FOR FREE SERVICE ... HIGHLY WARNING THE GOVERNMENT ALL TIME ALL WOMEN DONT BE SLICENT LIKE ME.

SLICENT OF MINE IS TO STEP BACK FROM THE ARROGANT HUMAN, I ran and got this bus but lot of old women and mothers with kids stands at same place with heavy heart.

Bus no: 45C (TN38 N 2678)
TIME : 12:20PM ( GANDHIPURAM reached time )
Nivethitha K
Oct 1, 2022

Amount deducted but ticket was not booked

Dear sir/mam,
This is Nivethitha.k. I've booked ticket from Coimbatore to Chennai on 01.10.22 Ticket date 4th october 2022, time(10.30 pm). The amount of 1135RS got detected from my account but ticket not booked. so i have tried booking the same bus again around 2.50 pm the same thing happened again amount of 1135RS got deducted but ticked have'nt booked.I hereby attach the details of my transaction .kindly refund my amount of 2270RS .

I m booking Guest
email id: [email protected]
Phone num:7339302970
UPI transaction id: ############
From: Ms Nivethitha (Indian Bank)
[email protected]
[email protected]

Another transaction id for the ticket i have booked for the second time is: ############

Amount deducted but ticket was not booked Amount deducted but ticket was not booked

Shiji Satheesh
Sep 20, 2022

many Buses not stoping in vaishnavi nagar bus stop thirumullaivoyal

Many of the buses not stopping in vaishnavi nagar bus stop in thirumullaivoyal, even if many passengers waiting. 65B, 70 etc., If only women passengers are there in the stop they dont stop.
Poornimaa Murali
Sep 6, 2022

Delay in taking bus from katpadi

BUS no: TN 23 N 2286 (Katpadi to Walaja)
Route No: 10D

Yesterday the bus came to the Katpadi bus stop at 6.30 pm and until 7.20 pm the bus didn't start. After 7.20 pm when one of the passengers asked regarding the status of the start, they are replying that the driver is unwell and he has headed to the hospital and another driver has to come to take the bus. Most of the passengers on the bus were women and it was very inconvenient for them to wait for another half an hour to take another bus. If at least the conductor would have told us about the issue we would have thought of alternative means to travel. I would request to take action against the driver and the conductor for their irresponsible attitude.
Aug 23, 2022

BUS Driver Disrespectful Behaviour

BUS No TN12-N-2185
Date 23-Aug-2022
Time 2.40PM
Place - Pondicherry Bus Stand

The driver is so arrogant as he is using dis respectful word towards passenger. The bus routed . from Pondicherry to Broadway via Mahabalipuram, Tiruvanmiyur, Adyar & Marina Beach.

I was very kind and asking him to clarify whether the bus would stop at Santhome, He immediately started using words like drunk men, this that. My video is clearly evident that i was fully kind and wanted him to answer my query, but he has zero respect towards the passenger. Please look in to this issue.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/OM5Ylevw38w
Usharani l
Jun 14, 2022

Complaints about not having bus from thruvanamalai to krishanagir

This complaints about no buses from thruvanamalai to krishangiri during Giriwalam time...it's very bad to know that no buses for krishangiri , we don't understand weather krishangiri belong to Tamil Nadu or some different state? Because They're a buses for Bangalore and even Hosur...it's very bad one mavattam(DT) is not having buses...we krishangiri people do not have voting rights? We just want to why there is no buses for krishangiri....so many ladies or and kids getting stuffer to get bus...Mr.Tamil nadu CM sir please look into this and please do the needful...and this is not first time it's happening, every time we facing same issue
Jun 10, 2022

நடத்துனர் அராஜகம்

நடத்துனர் மற்றும் டிரைவர் அவங்களுக்கு புடித்த சீட்களை கைக்குட்டை போட்டு இடம் பிடிக்குறாங்கள் யாருக்கேணும் அமர நினைத்தால். நடத்துனர் நான் தூங்குவே இந்த சீட்களை வைத்துருக்கேன் என்று கடுமையாக பேசுகிறாங்கள் bus no TN25 N 0536
DATE 10-06-2022
TIME 11.50PM
Jun 9, 2022

Bus not stopping in Chithode

Hi Sir,

This complaint is regarding the buses from Salem to Tiruppur and vice Versa is not stopping at a place called Chithode. But we can see the place name Chithode is displayed in the route display. It is happening with most of the buses which goes in this route. This is the 4th time I am facing this issue in the past 2 weeks. As a lady going to erode and then catch another bus from erode to chithode in the late night is very tuff as there will not be frequent buses. Hence will prefer to go direct bus from salem to chithode. But the buses are not stopping. June5 I got a bus from Uthukuli to chithode, because chithode route was there in display route. But the conductor said will not go to Chithode get down either in Perundurai or Bhavani bypass. It was raining night but he said bus will not go. After crossing perundurai again asked the conductor but he said will not go get down in Lakshmi nagar stop. I said okay since I don have any other option. After that he went and told to the driver that no ticket to chithode so don’t go. It was really disappointment as there is a route available to go but conductor says will not go. He even deny to drop a lady in the night. Whether the route has been decided by the government for people or decide by the bus conductors. The bus details are TN30N1770 Route: Tiruppur to Salem via Uthukuli June 5th Sunday night Conductor name : Nagarajan. The same kind of incident happened with me on June 3rd Friday late evening from Salem to Tiruppur. Since the place name chithode was present in display board and other bus drivers suggest this bus goes to chithode I got into the bus. While taking ticket he questioned me with whom you checked before getting into the bus whether it goes to Chithode. I said the route name was there in the display so I got into it. He said though it displays you have to check with us, we have to decide whether it goes or not. The bus details are TN30N1814 June 3rd Salem to Tiruppur via Uthukuli. And it’s again today this time I asked the conductor I want to go chithode he said this bus will not go.. I asked route is displayed in the board. But he neglected to answer me. They talked among themselves and the other bus conductor was saying don’t take chithode seat and all. Why is it like that when government gives the route service. He said like if you want get down in Bhavani bypass. It will be like I will reach bhavani bypass at late night after 12.30 and there is no possibility to get town bus at that time to chithode. This any common people knows but still he said like that. It was very much disappointed and painful moment to me. Bus details are TN30N1814 Salem to Pollachi via Uthukuli route. It starts from salem around 11.15-11.20. It really needs to be taken into action. These conductors runs route based on their interest? What’s the purpose of government and its decision. It’s very worst service done by TN transport. There is no use of giving free of services to ladies when synch kind of things are happening. It gives disrespectful on the government and transport ministry. We don’t get any hope that government is for people until such kind of issues are solved and when public servants Respect common people. It’s like they are feeling like they are the government and talk to public. I am begging the transport ministry to take necessary action on this and support ladies and safety and support common people. This has to be cleared and make a discipline among these transport service people. It will be greatest help to common people like us if you take this into notice and take necessary action. Many thanks in advance
May 26, 2022

Bus not stopping in the stop

MGR bus terminal to Perambakkam bus terminal.
BUS No. 153P. Time 8:50 AM
This bus never stops on TSR rajalakshmi nagar BUS stop. Its very hard for us to get down at next stop and walk to the previous stop.
The conductor never listen to any of the passenger (he hesitates by saying brakes and accelerator are not in my hands and legs). Kindly take action for the above mentioned problem and resolve this.

May 9, 2022

No stop in a particular bus stop.

Conducter speaked no stop in uthangarai
Bus No TN-25N0677
ROUTE Bangalore TO Thiruvannamalai
TIMING 12:46
Date ' 10/05/2022
COMPLAINT - Actually i want to get down in Uthangarai, where the vehicle has a stop in uthangarai, the conductor argues it is taking another alternative route. Since i am not taking the ticket to thiruvanamalai, he denied my trip to uthangarai. I was even ready to take the ticket to thiruvanamalai and get down in uthangarai, but the conductor was not ready for it too. He countinued arguing that it does not have a stop at Uthangarai.
Please do needfull as soon as possible.
Apr 1, 2022

Driver not stopping bus on bus stop

Am Maheshwari from veerapandi pirivu, today while moving my hometown I bus number:TN 38,N2385,driver is really too rude to everyone, properly not stopping on bus stop,aged person cannot stand up fastly,they are not giving proper time ,at the same time scolding unwantedly,so please kindly check it ,and do what type of punishment will you give to them.
Mar 12, 2022

Bus didn't stop at bus stop

I travelled from sarjapur to hosur bus ( bus no 42A) on 12.03
2022. He stopped the bus before 500m due to jcb working and told me to walk. I told I will not get down . He didnt give me stop in bus stop, dropped me after 750m from my stop and told me to walk. Is this correct
Pls take necessary action on both the driver and conductor.
Feb 23, 2022

Not giving us ticket

Tnstc tiruvannamalai depot bus number 27 conductor Mr: Govindharaj From tiruvannamalai to Kilkuppam getting money from us but not give us ticket for long while So take necessary action to him
Jan 12, 2022

Conductor misbehave

Hi sir I'm Manuel from Coimbatore when I was traveling on JAN 11 2022 10:45am from Coimbatore to anaikatty bus (TN38 N 3147 35 km I have chainsaw machine 7kg I took ticket for me 23 rupees and chain saw 12 rupees I gave 60 rupees he didn't give balance amount of 25 rupees then I asked to the conductor he told laggege charge is(jasthi varum) too much so adjust (pannikin) Then conductor went then I told please give me the balance I need show the ticket to my company and also give the balace to my company owner so the conductor gave to me again 12X12 rupees two tickets gave totally 60Rs I spent then I asked he replayed are you happy now?

Conductor misbehave Conductor misbehave

Vikashini Ramesh
Nov 19, 2021

Rash driving of Driver

Respected Sir/Madam,
I am here to raise the complainy against TNSTC bus driver, who is very rash in driving and even very fast.This incident took place near HOPES College bridge,around 3.p.m.That was a root bus from Erode to Coimbatore and belongs to Coimbatore Branch (Bus.no. TN 33 N 3366) . He was not wearing his name badge too. It was interrogated by consatable Hariharan, of peelamedu branch police station.
Kindly, take this matter into immediate consideration. Hereby, I enclose photo of that bus.

Rash driving of Driver

Apr 7, 2021

Not allowing to travel short distance traveller

On Election day (6th April 2021), Many people has to travel to their Native places for casting their votes. When i entered Singanallur Bus stand at 8 AM. I saw one Trichy Bus which was getting partially filled. When i try to step in and checked the Driver that i need to go Kangeyam. He said Karur people itself i asked to get down, Now you are asking for Kangeyam. Bus wont stop in Karur/ Kangeyam straight to Trichy only and People who travel to Trichy only can get it. People who waited nearer to bus started shouting the bus driver. How we will go to karur, Even i raised my voice against the act of Driver, Is there any bus that doesn't stop in between the distance of 250 kms ? If it doesn't stopping in Main stops why you are driving through Kangeyam and Karur? I asked. Even people surrounds the bus and raised their voice. Why can't these Transport department doesn't care about people who are travelling short distance. IN this case even Coimbatore - Kangeyam has distance of 70 kms, Coimbatore - Karur has approx 150kms. Everytime we people from these Stops are standing for more than 2 hrs. Even for travelling without seats also Driver doesn't allow. This same thing in happening for years. Then how govt is announcing these many new bus are introduced. What's the purpose of those new buses?
Ezhilmathi S
Mar 7, 2021

TNSTC Bus Service related Complaint

I booked my ticket in online from rajapalayam to Coimbatore Bus No (TN01AN0636.) Dated (7.03.2021) At the time of journey I entered into bus my seat No is 9 ( female) And Seat No 10 is booked by a male.All seats are booked.And No one is willing to came and help me to change their seat. How can I travel that bus? Lots of careless mistakes are happen while booking ticket in online.Kindly check while confirm the ticket.Kindly take action as soon as possible.
Thank you,

With regards
Ezhilmathi S
Feb 2, 2021

Rude behavior to customer .

A person have one setoff box in hand . The conductor told to take luggage but it's not consumer product and also it weight is only 1.700 grams only . The conductor give your ticket and get out from this bus . This is yours father bus get out he told and bus number is TN32N4120. VIRUDACHALAM DEPOT BUSES . PLEASE take a immediate action against conductor
Jan 6, 2021

Aged woman passanger dropped in the middle of highway by bus incharge

Iam Theivanai, am a senior citizen, from South street, Varthagarettipatti, Vaagaikulam, Thoothukudi. I got into a STC bus bearing registration no. TN72N 2100 on 06/01/2021 at 07.47PM in Thoothukudi 3rd Mile Bus stop along with my daughter Anitha. Iam boarding after a treatment in a hospital. I saw the bus board before boarding, which denoted TO TIRUNEVELI Root no.150. On enquiring to get the ticket to Vaagaikulam, the conductor and driver outraged and used filthy language to abuse me, they told the bus was point to point. And they stoped the bus suddenly and out threw us out of the bus by force. We both are women .The place was dark and it was a isolated barren area. We felt feared of the vehicle movements as there were recent accidents on this road on the pedestrians. We also feared of the harassments by culprits who could wander here. As a consequence of their actions, we were to walk in this dark and potentialy dangerous situation to reach the next bustop. Though I am senior citizen and a consumer, I undergone extreme mental trauma and sickness because of the chilleness of monsoon. There must be immediate actions taken on thtiem to prevent further abuses. I would appreciate getting informed about the actions taken through phone: 9498194972 , 9486221426
Sarad dhanopia
Jun 5, 2020

Timing complaint

Sir mayiladuthurai to komal 10B and 10 bus should not go proper timing sir 10B timing 7.40am when I go to bus stand 7.20 that bus was going 7.00am more disappointed for me I don't have bike my office was in komal timing was important not for me only for every people sir please consider this problem
Jan 20, 2020

Complaint against conductor R Gandhi

I don’t know whether this is the right platform to register complaint against TNSTC Conductor. If so I would like to register a complaint against one Mr R Gandhi. I used to travel frequently in the same bus (bus no. TN 38N 3366) Coimbatore to tirupand the behaviour of this conductor is always very rude. When I got into the bus from Ramanathapuram all the seats were occupied Even in ladies seat gents were sitting. When I told this to the conductor he told he can’t tell the persons sitting in the ladies seat to change the seat. Nobody in the bus supported me. I would like to ask why are you putting ladies only stickers in the bus? As far as I know that seats are reserved for ladies only. When a lady comes she has every right to occupy the seat. This conductor was shouting like anything and was talking without any respect. He was reluctant to give balance money and was shouting.If this is the right platform I would like to register this complaint and request to take appropriate action against the conductor for violating rule and misbehaving. If not kindly let me know how to register complaint. Seeking for early reply
Jan 18, 2020

Rude conductor

TN 58 N 2386

Today now I travelled to madurai guru theatre to kappalur I given rs 50 to conductor but he is not return to balance I asked to the conductor but he is talking very rude
Pls action immediately..
Dec 28, 2019

Tnstc conductor

Respected sir,
I m Manikandan from trichy. On 28/12/2019 afternoon 12.30pm I pick the bus ( TN 45 N 4047) samayapuram tollgate to namakkal, I got ticket rs.63/- but Conductor give the rs.35 then balance 2/- giving after some time. I asked after crossed misiri balance amount. The conductor said what urgent. (Modikittu va tharuven).this type Misbihave spoil name of Tamil Nadu transport department Infront of public.
Please may be take nessesary action please.

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