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Consumer complaints and reviews about TOLL PLAZA

[email protected]
Nov 18, 2019

Toll Manager Not Making Local Toll pass

Our Factory National Steel In situated 10 Km Away from Methwada Toll Booth on NH-59 Indore Ahemdabad National highway,
in our factory maximum vehicles are hired on 03 years contractual basic but these vehicles Owners are from Indore which is 45 km away from toll both. but their vehicles being used in our factory on contractual basis hence toll manager can make Local toll pass because these vehicle being used in factory which is under the radius of 200 km as per NHAI toll rules.
Please give instruction to IVRCL toll both manager to make Local toll pass for contractual vehicles being use in factory for daily routine work
Thanking you
BN Shukla
Manager HR Cont No 7389143300

National Steel And agro INdustries Limited
Village Sejwaya , PO: Ghatabillod, Dist: Dhar (MP)
Nov 11, 2019

Behaviour related

When i pay by paytm the behaviour of the boy is not gd
He said me from when u started using phone
If he was unable to accept via Paytm he can also said but he misbehave with me
Ahamadpur toll plaza Barabanki Uttar Pradesh
Sep 28, 2019

Regarding monthly pass

I regularly travel from bareilly to Rudrapur via PNC BNHPL DOHNA TOLL PLAZA . So today i request for monthly pass .For month pass i went to pass counter and ask to issue pass.the employee who was sitting at counter said we will not issue monthly pass as monthly pass only issue by 1st calendar day of every months and valid till only 3o th . In middle of month pass cannot issue .Pls look over on priority on this issue as this is a public service issue . This type employee only diverted and misguide people .Pls take certain action . and reslove my issue.
Sep 25, 2019

Complaint against 2 type amount collect

Dear sir,
WE ARE CROSSING 25 SEP 8.16PM AT BOGALUR TOLL PLAZA ,LOCAL VEHICLE FEE Rs30 collected ,but i got Rs65 debited message from ETC ACCOUT,So toll plaza collect two type of money Rs30 and Rs65,

ETC AC NO;1424720001



Anti crime anti corruption
Sep 10, 2019

Twice take money

I am return from mathura to delhi by srinagar toll at palwal dated 13/09/2019 at 12.03 am,Toll operator wrongly informed that the Fast tag has not been scanned due to technical issues and asked to pay in cash of INR 105/- I paid the believing on him but after 35 minutes of crossing the toll I got the message that INR 50/- has been debited from Fast tag account.
they charged me twice for a single journey.
So they cheated me and this was fraud , public also said for refund my balance but they not listen any one, I pay 200/- in cash they not return 95/- INR also
Total they take 200/- INR cash + 50/- by fastag.
My car number is DL5SQ8608

ishika rani
Sep 1, 2019

waited for 7 minutes

Today ,on 1 september at 12:51 we entered in toll lane ...and we waited for 7 minutes but according to 3 mintes rule if a vehicle waited for more than 3 minutes it can go without paying the toll and when we said this to the checker he refused with anger and said to complaint instead of listening ....he was so rude
Psd Rao
Jul 20, 2019

Fast Tag lane takes more time than cash Lane


I have been a regular commuter between Bangalore and Tumkur where as Fast Tag Lanes at Nelamangala and Tumkur are made purposefully slow movement and trucks will be lined haphazardly where as cars will find little space and the toll both operators are irresponsible and takes their own time to scan .

Most of the times I pass through cash lane in spite of having Fast tag

Their intention is not to entourage the digital transaction and show rude in behavior when we ask for the reason for slow movement .

Is there any one is looking at this .
Jun 10, 2019

Toll gates blocked with plastic road sepretors due to lack or non functional compyters

Have noticed quite often that at the Kamote ( Mumbai Panvel ) Toll gate a few of the lanes are closed with PLASTIC ROAD seperation barriers due to non Functional toll computers . And one Mr Deviprasad toll operator was arrogant enough to say go and complain and do what you want .

The Kamote toll was closed few yrs ago , however toll is being collected from trucks.EXCEPT 2 free lanes for Cars the other toll gates are operational to collect toll from trucks . this should be the other way around considering the number of trucks to the actual number of cars passing through that toll
The issue is that during weak ends Saturday Sunday the cars traffic piles up and to add to that they perpetually have one or Two toll gates shut . When i asked them Mr Deviprasad the so called operator says that the computers are not working . Thats non of our ( Public ) business if its not working they should be peanalised as per the guidelines why should the public suffer .
I wish i had a recording to post on social media to bring this out .

Kindly act on same in the interest of all those using the toll ways .
Ashka khan
May 14, 2019

Expired toll plaza

Dear sir I'm regularly passing by toll plaza of hiway which is situated on Dasna(Ghaziabad)u.p.this toll has expired but they are collecting money forcefully .
Please resolve this issue and take action against these local people.
Ashkar khan 8221816229
[email protected]
Apr 19, 2019

Tax fraud

They charged us 305 which is the usual toll tax for the bus while crossing debra toll gate but gave a receipt of 205 to driver. Later, we got to know the person at toll gate and drive split 50 rupees each of the remaining 100 out of 305. They are stealing this way. Kindly see through this.
aniruddh tak
Feb 5, 2019

waiting for 15 min

I am regularly travelling from udaipur to ajmer the 1st toll booth which comes is between udaipur to nathdwara and the mostly miss behave when asked about the waiting period and the take time of more then 15 min.
Also once our vehicle tyre got puncher ed the refused to help.
Jan 24, 2019

Forced to pay toll when I m a local.

This is in reference to mulund thane eastern expressway toll naka. Except for it being a traffic nuisance point, it is of no use as far as mai ing anything on that road is concerned.Regular commuters are paying who end up opting for a pass pay around 17,000 ₹ annually. When we are paying so much tax for the year, I need just 3 valid reasons why is this toll being asked for.
Apart from this, as per toll regulations, the locals are exempted from paying that particular toll.i reside in a building which is actually has its boundary wall as thane mumbai boundary.For the longest time, they allowed that but all of a sudden to fill their pockets ,they force us to get a monthly pass.
I hope this matter is looked into and hopefully someone will work towards getting rid of that toll plaza altogether.
geetika s
Jan 24, 2019

Why toll tax fee is free for 2 wheelers ?

I am daily using toll road connecting Delhi to Faridabad. but earlier this toll road is only for 4 wheelers & heavy transport, but nowa-days every vehicle ( including 2wheeler) are using this road without paying any toll tax & no body is bothering.

On that road there is a speed limit for 4 wheelers is max. 50Kmph, but now there is no limit for speed for both vehicles. Even 2 wheelers are more higher speed than cars etc.

Please look into this matter to take necessary action for controlling 2 wheelers or by receiving toll tax money with speed limit.

Jan 21, 2019

denial of fastag payment a toll

i was travelling back to nagpur on sunday evening 20.01.19. At Gondkhairi toll plaza they denied accepting payment through fastag saying that there are insufficient balance in fastag when i confronted they said i have to pay in cash.

Whats the point if toll plaza are not accepting fastag payment.

Jan 4, 2019

Vehicles without Fastag id are allowed in the dedicated fastag lane


Hope my complaint will be taken up seriously along with other complaints raised by citizens of India.

I always come up with situations where, Toll Plaza personnel are allowing the vehicles without the Fastag id also to pass through the dedicated Fastag lane. I would like to say that this is the murder of the main purpose of getting Fastag.
The reason we always get from the toll plaza personnel is, they are allowing the heavy traffic on that particular day.

This cannot be accepted as a reason because, irrespective of traffic situations (less traffic or heavy traffic), the people who have paid the stipulated amount and got the fastag should only be allowed in this dedicated lane.
The main purpose of getting fastag id is, we need not wait in long queues in any toll plazas. If anyone feel that this complaint is foolish and cannot be taken seriously, I DEMAND A REFUND OF MONEY THAT I HAVE PAID TO GET THE FASTAG ID (Rs.500/-). FOR ME, EVEN IF I HAVE SPENT Rs.1/- IT IS A HARD EARNED MONEY.

suhas sabnis a
Dec 29, 2018

Hirebagewadi toll plaza (Karnataka)

I was traveling from Mumbai to Bengaluru on 27/12/2018 and reached the above toll plaza at 18.11.....i HV an idfc fasttag on my car.... incidentally the third one as the first two had problems....there was an issue reading the fasttag with the first two when stuck to the windshield from inside.....I was told by the idfc fasttag person to hold the tag in my hand and show it at the toll plaza for scanning with hand held scanners....there was no issue at any toll plaza either on my way to Mumbai or back except at the above mentioned toll plaza.....when I showed the attendant the tag to scan with hand held scanner he refused to do so and said the tag has to be stuck to the windshield only.....I tried explaining to him and the supervisor, but they were in no mood to listen and rudely told me to pay cash and tag cannot be scanned...
..i told them this was done at all other toll booths and I don't understand why they were refusing to comply.....I HV a copy of the toll receipt and can provide my car regn number if I am promised redressal..... fasttag lanes rather than being a convenience are a cause for delay and arguments.....the infrastructure and equipments are old and over used and non functional....
[email protected]
Dec 27, 2018

Toll plaza barrier damaged my Car

My Car num HR 26 DR 7262 is damaged by Toll Plaza barrier. Barrier was not functioning and it was hold manually by a toll employee .
When my car was passing he just released the barrier which caused multiple damages in the form of dent and scratches on my new car. After that no one listened to my complaint and was inappropriate behaviour as well.I have registered my complaint 1033 but no surity was given about compensation for damaged caused.Kindly help.
Nov 23, 2018

Toll plaza gharaunda karnal inefficient.

Toll plaza Gharaunda, Karnal, Haryana is very inefficient. It takes approx 40 mins to cross that toll plaza everytime. Staff is never performing their duties to manage vehicles. Non fasttag vehicles block fasttag lane. It is requested
to Kindly look into the matter. Thanks.
[email protected]
Nov 3, 2018

Illegal Toll Tax

Bojipura Ke Pass Abhay Pur Road Par Kuch Log Jis Road Ka Nirman Hua Hi Nahi Hai Uska Bhi Toll Basul Rahe hai Na Dene Par Jaan se marne Dhamki Dete Hai ,Aur Marpit Karte Hai Glat Tarike Se Baat Karte Hai

Please Help Me
Oct 31, 2018

fasttag line used to oblidge free

You can't live Rohtak city without paying toll. Much talked about Fastag service looks promising. But in fact small city like Rohtak its pain to travel thru fast line. This is being used for free passage to people being obliged. no line is maintained. people are allowed to bypass the line and allowed free entry.
when objected boys start misbehaving with you and say.... STAFF TO AISE HI JAYEGA>>>>, this can b verified by CCTV were number of vehicles passing in the lane has very few percentage of paid vehicle.
Sep 14, 2018

Fast tag lane is the slowest lane of all

Firstly their toll is costliest among all , don't know why. While other toll prices on NH1 varies like 30 to 60 . This one was 115 and now price increased to 120 single side. Moreover in fast tag lane ,there is no monitoring that non fast tag people are also entering . I waited for 10 to 15 mins despite having fast tag. This is very annoying . I have video recordings too . When asked staff why is there a delay then he arrogantly said .. It is supposed to happen in fast tag lane.

Please take necessary action against them

Rattandeep Singh
Sep 6, 2018

Complain against Tolll road i& Road us totally break with huge dell on it

I am working in GNFC dahej plant near Rahiyad village on Dahje highway.I am travell daily through company bus and observe that Past six month on the road their is a huge dell on road And road is totally demage..Their is so many Heavy vehical travels daily bcz its dahej highway..Toll booth is taking TOLL from every vehicle pass on road but their is no maintanance of road ..People suffering with lots of problem and ratio of accidents happned is increses because of road break and dell on road condition.Its my duty to inform you about situation of TOLL road.Take neccesserly action on it
Aug 20, 2018

Toll plaza Narayanapura ( Chittorgarh ) Rajasthan has taken the toll fee after waiting 5-6 minutes

Dear Sir,

On 17th August 2018 ,around 1300 hrs We went to Chittorgarh for visit in the midway a toll plaza (Narayanpura , Chittorgarh , Rajasthan)came and we wait in a queue around 5-6 minutes and when i say to toll plaza person that as per the NHAI rule if any person wait more then three minutes than you cannot authorize to charge toll fees and when we met the toll manager he refused to show the CCTV footage and also misbehave with my family member , My sister came form Landon and she went such type of memory form the India. We are requesting to Manager that you can see the CCTV camera footage but he didn't hear the customer ,
My request to you that if government of India ( NHAI) make the rule then how can a toll person avoiding the customer request and why he didn't gave the current information to the customer ,
My family member has taken the video which i have and you can also see how they misbehave with my family member .and a customer have the rights to now the rule of the toll road which the toll person cannot brief .
Bhopal Singh mobile no-8094000303 and 7014160527
Ravi Prakash Arya
Jul 25, 2018

Cheating at Dhaeri Jattan Plaza

I was going to Patiala. I passed through Dhareri Jattan toll plaza. My fastage had sufficient amount of Rs. 468. But the toll official was doing some mischief with vehicle coming from other states. When I came close to the Barrier. The did not go up. The official came with a machine and told me your fastage has no money. It has been blacklisted. I had to pay him cash Rs. 35. But after one hour I got the following message that Rs. 35 has been deducted from my fastage. It was a great fraud being perpetrated by toll plazas. Kindly take stern action against the toll plaza and ask them to return my 35 rupees taken by them in cash to my fastag account. The receipt is with me.

Dear Customer, Your ETC Account No. 20703903, Vehicle No. MALC841DLJM052784 has been debited Rs 35.00 on 25-07-2018 13:39:12 for Toll Charges at Dhareri Jattan Plaza on 25-7-18 13:33:22. Available Balance is Rs 433.30
Hope the NHAI authorities will take strong action against such toll plazas.

Dr. Ravi Prakash Arya
ph. 9313033917
Jun 1, 2018

Toll plaza hike of prices

I am
uttam paluri
I stay in Visakhapatnam
I am traveling from railway station to Sheela nagar through Visakhapatnam port trust and before 20 days the toll plaza price was 17/- for single side and for up and down 25/- now there was a terrific traffic problem in N A D JUNCTION
now they have hiked the charges 17/- to 36/- for single side and for up and down 56/- is this is a right way these guys are looting public pockets please take neccesary action
My contact number is
Uttam paluri

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