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Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about TOP4 CALL DRIVERS

Oct 8, 2019

Unreasonable fair and atrocious behaviour of customer care executives

They are charging 300 minimum for just three hours while all other call driver agencies are charging 300 for four hours. They are not giving the proper information to the customers. If we question them, the customer care executives speak very rude and disrespectful to the customers raising their voice. I have been a regular customer but I stopped using them because of this for long period. Recently I tried them again but they are the same still. Worst customer care
Apr 19, 2019

Outstation Billing - Exorbitant

Top 4 Call Drivers charge an Exorbitant Rate for outstation driving.

Other Call Drivers charge an extra of Rs.50 or Rs.100 for outstation driving.
But Top 4 Call Drivers charge a minimum package of Rs.900 Plus Rs.200 for Meals for going to Acharapakkam only.

Firstly, they did not care to inform about their different rate structure at the time of booking.

Secondly, there is absolutely no rationale for this tariff. Its our car, our petrol and we pay for tolls or other charges on the way. For a seven hour drive, its usually 540 plus another 100. But we had to pay 1100 for this ride which is totally atrocious.

[email protected]
Dec 18, 2018

Driver didn't notice the auto taking a U-Turn in Karapakkam Dollar Stopping and thereby hit the auto and the car front no plate got damaged

Hi All,

Incident happened today at around 7:50 to 7:58 AM in Chennai, Karapakkam Dollar stopping

Let me share the driver details here below.
Name - Siva
Driver ID - 220
Mob - 7338792500
Top 4 - 04428287777

Car Details:
Name/Model - Honda City IvTec 2009
Registration No - TN 20 BW 0304

We used to book drivers from TOP 4 Consultancy frequently. Till recently we had a very good experience with all the other drivers who drove our car. Except the one driver whose details are shared above didn't do the driving well as expected. Car condition is good and our roads are not good still driving skills depends completely on the drivers and there experience. He is driving high tech car as a bull cart. Not sure this driver would have drove Lorries/MTC Buses luckily after getting this high tech vehicle for driving he is pressing the accelerator all the time. Doesn't even know how to apply breaks smoothly. Have been noticing his driving when he is shifting from 1st gear to 2nd gear or from 2nd to 3rd there is no smoothness it is like MTC Bus drivers. Even the roads are empty he goes only in 40 in 2nd and presses very hard till it reaches 60 then shifts 3rd gear and when it reaches 60 he shifts to 4 rarely drives in 3rd gear it reaches 80 and once it reaches back to 60 then he shifts to 4th gear.

Nothing to say

Drivers driving skill is not good enough to drive hightech vehicles
Even though the roads are not good. Drivers who came earlier drove much better compared to this driver
Also he is handicapped don't want to mention. He is finding hard to press the clutch and shift the gears from 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 and soon.
Once the journey is completed asked him for total amount to be paid. As per the journey it is 300 INR from Karapakkam to Mudichur (round trip) but he came by 5:57 AM and what top4 booking person vignesh told is you don't have to pay extra 100 INR until and unless you are booking the driver before 5:30 AM in the morning. He asked for extra 100 INR and have paid 400 INR to him then he left.
Because of his carelessness my vehicle front no plate got damaged.
Would never suggest this driver to anyone.
Also never send this driver again to us ever.

Muthukumaran K
Mob: 9884779628
Email: [email protected]
Jul 1, 2018

Wrong billing message and unhelpful assistance

After availing driver service for less than 4 hrs each on 26th & 28 th June 2018 and for about 8 hours on 29 th June 18 and after making payment of Rs.300 for 4 hrs and Rs.600 for 8 hours as per the informed rate, I was shocked to receive two SMS on 1.7.18 indicating an inflated and unrelated amount of Rs3420 and Rs.2220 . Calls to the Top 4 Bengaluru office and Chennai office took the message lightly and said it was a software error. The staff's attitude was lackadaisical and very unhelpful. A suggestion to send an SMS that it was sent erroneously went unheard. They didn't seem to understand the mischief and misuse potential of such erroneous messages.we won't be comfortable to use the services of this company in future.
Jul 1, 2018

Unrelated bill SMS sent to my mobile

After engaging a driver for local visits from top 4 call drivers on 26.6.18 for 4 hours and 28.6.18 for 4 hours and 29.6.18 for 8 hrs and after paying the driver Rs.300 on 26.6.18, Rs.300 on 28.6.18 and Rs.600 on 29.6.18 soon after completing the respective trip, I was shocked to receive two SMSS from top 4 stating that bill amount of Rs.3420 and Rs.2220 need to be given to the drivers. On calling Top 4 Bengaluru we were curtly told that it was a software problem and the line was disconnected and didn't respond afterwards. The call to top4 Chennai assistance number was also not very helpful and it was simply said sms must have been wrongly sent. On the suggestion that a clarificatory sms be sent, went unheard. Needless to say that such wrong SMSs have potential for mischief and misuse and the staff are not reponsive to complaints.
Muthukumaran Kathirvelu
Apr 15, 2018

Worst driving experience from the top4 driver Kumar

Hi All,

This is about the driver which we got from Top 4 to travel from Chennai, Karapakkam to Manalurpettai, Thiruvannamalai. This is the second time we had worst experience with Top 4 Driver. Let me share all the disadvantages which we have come across with this useless driver Kumar. Will also share his mobile no below for your reference.

1) If you are booking a driver with top4 just book them one day/few days prior and make sure you check the driving experience by travelling with them in your car. Just to see how they drive. This will help you whether to go for that driver or not.
2) They say for outdoor travel they will provide us with experienced drivers. What I feel is these experienced drivers have drove Buses or lorries earlier in there carrier/life. They doesn't know how to drive a hightech car smoothly without a jerk while shifting the gears from 1 to 2 and so on and at the time of releasing the clutch as well.
3) They have very few no's of good and high tech drivers who already get booked on daily basis. Others are just scraps for time being they share the booking no and for day or so they drive our car and we have to bear all the damages caused because of this inexperienced and useless drivers.
4) We had to travel from Chennai, Karapakkam to Manurpettai, Thiruvannamalai for visiting our kuladevai kovil, Iyyanar. My booking no is 28 and it is done by Arun S from Top 4. When I had a conversation with him I said would like to have experienced driver for driving high tech car (Honda City IVTEC) as the ground clearance is very less. Drivers who drove similar cars would know how to drive better whether it is manual or automation.
Arun S from Top 4 informed me that for outdoor travelling we only send across experienced drivers. In his words experienced driver means inexperienced driver/Scrap drivers.
5) From the time when we started the driver was yawning all the time and his eyes were so red. Am not sure whether he had a proper sleep and am not bothered of that as well. Car wasn't going straight and couple of times I had to wake him up. This useless driver was driving the car in the center of road were the marker is drawn on top of the road with yellow/white/red spots. Either the left two wheels would be going on that spots or right two wheels would be going on the marker or spots. Have informed multiple times that the tires would not last if he drives in that way. These bastard is going to drive for 1 day and get 1000 inr for 12 hours worth poor service still I had to pay so much of money for nothing. Inspite of this had to pay separately for food 200 inr or we have to bear the cost of the food. To have this idiot with us, if the service is good. We can whole heartedly pay for the service. But these drivers during the carrier would have drove bullacart or lorries or buses as I have said earlier.
6) During taking a left turn from chengalpattu to thiruporur. There was bike rider who was driving side by this driver didn't see whether he has noticed the indicator of the car or not. He is taking a sudden left. I insisted him to wait for a second to slow down the car and then move or else the biker would have hit us on the front left door of the car. We should have bear the cost to clear the dent and other things. For these people mistakes we have to bear the cost and pain.
7) During the journey from karappakam, home to manalurpettai, thiruvannamalai. There were bumps which are marked and few which weren't but still we didn't travel in nights. During the day light it is clearly visible. Still this driver driving the car in half sleep mode/sleepy mode didn't notice multiple bumps and due to the low ground clearance. Our car got multiple hits. While from Manalurpettail, thiruvannamalai to Karapakkam, Chennai. At the same spot I was saying him to slow down or he would given us some more extra pain/expenses to be spent for servicing the car for his 12 hours of useless service.
8) Never ever give your car keys to this people. They think they are owners of our car. Once you reach the destination get the car keys and they should be given car keys only at the time of driving. Let them stay outside, it is up to you if you give little space they will take it for granted. Be with in your limits and always be strict and don't be polite at all.
9) Have asked him to stop by bharath petroleum. He said yes while we were travelling we were crossing many indian oil petrol bunks which am not interested to fill up the tank. Inspite of me saying so there was place were I said him bharath petroleum just crossed. Driver said we can fill the tank in Bharath Petroleum near by Karapakkam (Saravana Stores). I insisted him to fill up the tank in a HP Petrol Bunk near by the toll booth of siruseri. We were in short of fuel and its a sunny day. The AC was on at the high level, petrol consumption was high.
10) Driver manners was up to the mark. He kept on speaking rubbish things which are not at all required during the travel. His job was to travel the customers safely from the home (Karapakkam) point to Manalurpettail - Thiruvannamalai (Destination) and drop us back at the same point from were we started. He didn't do that well and would rate him a -5 (Poorest/Worst) on that as well.
11) Inspite of me (customer) saying to driver to drive the car little faster he was driving the car (high tect) vehicle in 60 KM/Hour in highways. He is honking all the times and there were no one on the road still he is honking. Were ever required he didn't honk this is because of his sleepiness/lethargic.
12) We have also come across a scene were there was a biker(Royal enfield) with indicator he has notified the people who is behind them they were following the rules properly. This driver was in half sleep didn't notice that and saying all of the sudden this people came from no were. All these incidents happen because the driver was all the way driving the car in half sleep mode and he wasn't precautious. Also to bring to Top4 notice does this driver has any problem with his penis. He was rubbing his penis all the time. If its itching its okay you can rub it for sometime and then its going to be ok. He has some problem in that area. May be Top4 can help him on that and can do medical checkup as well.
13) In highways he was driving in 60's KM/HR and frankly speaking he didn't go beyond 80's when he was little awake. Untile and unless there was one innova honking behind him to give him space to let him go. Then the driver increased the speed of the car from 80's to 130 KM/HR max. Till then I didn't him going beyond 60's or 80's KM/HR. Driver was slowing down at all the temple's and he was praying the god for few seconds. Driver gave space to all the cars to before us. We felt as if we were sitting on top of tortoise in a high tech car.
14) Also we have spent extra cash for the driver on tea, food which is not at all worth it. Also after dropping us at our home we gave the driver 1000 inr inspite of bill 900 inr. Inspite of his useless and worst service we paid him extra 100 inr. This is to let you know Top 4 inspite of being a regular customer this is the second time your service is poor to me after the first incident with bhaskar, 9894942983. Let me share this driver mobile no 9941430155, the name of the driver is Kumar and age is 44 Yrs. There are no hairs on top of his head and there is nothing inside his head as well.
15) Inspite of me (Customer) saying the driver to speed up to reach home early. He was driving in 60's earlier after as well in 60's KM/HR. There is no purpose of speaking with these kind of drivers because if they listen you can speak with them. This driver was not at all listening. During filling up of tank in the HP Petrol bunk near by Siruseri Toll Booth. Had to get down of the car to pay for the fuel and the door wasn't locked properly. Was trying to open the door before that the driver pressed the center lock what is the purpose of pressing center lock in petrol bunk at the time of filling the tank. All these time when we were travelling from Manalurpettai, Tiruvannamalai to Siruseri, Chennai the Center lock wasn't pushed. This driver doesn't have anything inside his head as I have said earlier. Never ever go for this driver.
16) Trust in Top4 is reducing day by day and if this happens I may never come back again to you asking for the drivers. Also because of this idiot driver started to have/feel vobbling/vibration in the car with some noise in the air conditioning. Have been listening to the audio system (FM) during travel. Have been changing the channel of my choice all of the sudden he started pressing the buttons. Have switched the FM and for 2+ Hours I wasn't listening to any music and this useless driver after lunch was yawning and sleeping all the time. Worst driving experience from the Top 4 Driver kumar.

My previous experience comment link.


Muthukumaran K
Mob: 9884779628
[email protected]
Jul 29, 2017

Worst driving experience from the top4 driver Bhaskar

Dear Sir/Mam,

We would like to share our worst experience with the below driver from Top4.

Name of the driver: Bhaskar
Booking confirmation no: Booking No. 54 Date/Time 38/07/2017 5:00 Am booked by - Sarath
Driver Mob No: 9894942983
Driving Experience: Worst Driving Experience
Does the driver has driving experience with high tech cars? He drove as if he is driving a heavy vehicle which is taking more load. Ex: He acted as if like a lorry driver. He is been pressing the accelerator all the time. Does he know how to release the clutch and gently press the accelerator we never experienced such kind of smoothness in his driving from our yesterday's experience (Jul,28th,2017)
The way driver behaved with us like communication, adjustment that we didn't have good experience with him - We will never ever suggest this driver to any of my friends or relations
We have been using Top4 for quite sometime and this is the first time we have to complaint about the driver
We normally use a different way to reach home which was said by my mother but the driver didn't listen to us He drove all the way from Padavedu -> Arcot -> Arani - Vandavasi - Polur Road via Tambarm - Mudichur which we didn't prefer and also we were not satisfied with his driving. While we return from outer places to chennai ex: we take this route even if it is of more kilometers we will reach home sooner Padavedu -> Aracadu -> Arani - Vandavasi - Polur -> All the way we take route sriperumbadur -> Poolamallae high way road -> Vandalur - Kelambakkam route via outer ring road to reach Shollinganallur. Nevertheless we had such a bad experience with drivers from Top4. He didn't listen and drove the vechicle very badly. Am not sure of the damage. Never ever send this driver again to us in future for driving.
Then we will never come to top4 for booking drivers in future.

Muthukumaran K
Mob: 9884779628
Uma jasmine
Jan 12, 2017

Rude Behaviour of customer service person

I would like to register my worst experience with top 4 call drivers company. Yesterday I booked a driver,and when I handed over the key to him, only then he noticed that the tyre was punctured.so I had no choice but to return back the driver.he then asked me Rs 100 for cancellation charge. I was totally not aware of this cancellation charge though I am using their service for more than 1 year.
My question is very simple, while making the booking, the staff inform us about the minimum charge, extra charge, drop charge etc... But why they do not tell us about cancellation charge? That too after using their service for more than a year I am not aware of this.

Not all people go into website and do the booking after checking the tariffs.while making booking through calls its the staffs responsibility to tell these details together with the other charges.But looks like they purposely avoid that.
And most worst case, when called back the customer service, their reply was unprofessional. A person named Kumar is telling me that only if we customer ask them then they will tell the cancellation charges, and he was too rude that he don't know even how to talk to a customer.Really disappointing to see some unprofessional person like him in customer service line.

I hope I get a reply from an higher level personal regarding this issue .
Jul 10, 2016


Booked a driver form Top4 from Ooty to Chennai from Top4 Coimbatore. They confirmed the booking. After two hours got a call and said the tariffs differs if pickup is from Ooty. Accepted the tariff change.
My pick up time was 10 AM in the morning. By 9 AM in the morning the driver called and said he was not feeling well and cant come.
Contacted Top4 and asked for change of driver, they said they will check and will call back.
Worst service from TOP4 COIMBATORE. Also worst customer service.
Oct 9, 2012


this is probably one of the worst managed company with a whole lot of incompetent team in the managerial cadre esp, one Mr satish from the Chennai region. probably Redsun Ambigapathi should strongly advocate Personnel behavior lessons to the team and preach them how one should be courteous to their customers. it is indeed us, we the people who run your business and favor you by offering a chance to maintain a professional relationship..
Jun 22, 2011




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