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Consumer complaints and reviews about TSRTC

Jun 21, 2019

Not stopping busea

Kmmr depo buses at 1900 to 1931 the two buses driver were not stopping buses even raising hands to stop buses especially plz take action against them they were creating problems to people and they were working for us plz take against them and brief them.its a sincere request by me
Jun 5, 2019

Very worst service Garuda plus

Traveling from Vijayawada to Hyderabad in
Garuda plus
Very worst service no AC from starting point to end no minimum response from the driver

Very worst service Garuda plus

Shravani Madishetti
May 30, 2019

Bus failed and not showed up


If anyone bother to address the vajra bus issues, here is the list of embarrasing situations with vajra

Today, 30 May 2019 morning the vajra bus with service no 3447from miyapur depo broke down at ghatkesar and no official of tsrtc made an attempt to help the passengers and we were left to our fate

Evening service no 3327 seevice no bus has a pick up scheduled at adalat at 4:15pm but did not show up yet, it is 4:53pm now and the driver tells he may need naother 30mins to reach the point!!!

Disgusting service!!!no value for passengers and their time but charging hefty ticket price.

Hope this feedback will be considered for a better management of the service.

Noor Sabrar
May 30, 2019

Conductor Rude Behavior and charging extra fare

Rude behavior and Charging extra fare

I board the bus from Masabtank and I took a ticket for Gutalabegump (Peddamma Gudi) and I gave 10 rupees. Conductor (CND: 220982) demanded 15 rupees and said there is no Masabtank stop in ticket issuing machine and he issued a ticket from Lakdikapool but I didn't board the bus from Lakdikapool. I board the bus from Masabtank.

I am a daily commute from this route. Every day I used to give only 10 rupees for an ordinary bus. The conductor is saying you want to give a complaint you can give with rude behavior. It's not the matter of 5 rupees it's the matter of his attitude towards passenger that not good. Please consider my complaint and take some action on the Conductor.

I am attaching ticket pics as proof.

Bus No: AP 29 Z 2567
CND: 220982
DRV: 219932

I hope the authorities will take action on him and make our Hyderabad a great city for everyone.

Conductor Rude Behavior and charging extra fare

May 24, 2019

Increase 113m buses from Mehdipatnam to uppal

There are less number of buses from Medhipatnam to uppal between 8 to 9 pm which is making us to wait for a long period. I request tsrtc to increase more more 113 m buses .

Ts citizen
May 17, 2019

Neglegence no respect to passangers

Hi, this is sathish. Im from siddipet daily im travelling from baswapur to turkapally......im taken a ticket to baseapur to shameerpet...but bus driver and conducter not stoping the bus at stop....they are saying here no bustop.....i pleased and requested....what ever u do i will not stop the bus like that he saying....then from sdpt to jbs...why they are stoping at alwal, tirumalagiri, lalbazar i dont know......

Neglegence no respect to passangers

May 17, 2019


I am trying to apply student bus pass. In the section (5. ROUTE DETAILS) - 5.2 Pass type required - is not responding when i click on it. I am trying since 3 days the same problem repeats. i cant submit my form until i select it. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE I NEED A BUS PASS AND ITS URGENT. TELANGANA STATE (TSRTC) .
May 15, 2019

Delay by 1 hr

We had a reservation for the bus service no 7560 at 12.15 pm from JBS to nzb, but bus arrived at 12.40 pm and departed from jbs at 1.15 pm. 1 hr delay. What is use of reservation when TSRTC can't run buses on time. After waiting for a long time when we entered into the bus, for our surprise bus is sooper dirty, AC VENTS broken , curtain rods broken, broken seat adjustment lever and TV dont work.
Not only this bus , but many in this route r in the same condition. If this is the condition how can we rely on public transportation. Delay in timings and dirty maintenance. Plz take actions against this complaints and maintain clean n healthy buses . Thanq

Delay by 1 hr Delay by 1 hr

Vasant ojas
May 11, 2019

Poor service, poor maintenance

Rajadhani semi sleeperTSRTC service no 8675,on 11/5/19,bus timing 6.00pm at khammam,continuous water leakage in seat no 7&8 seats, no alternative arrangements in the same bus was not made, driver even neither cooperated nor sorted for alternative arrangements, I talked to DM, I am in a doubt whether I have conveyed to DM or other because DM phone number not displayed any where in the bus, phone number given by driver, my wife clothes become totally wet due to water leakage. I demand TSRTC to compensate for the inconvenience caused.
Srinivas Rao
May 4, 2019

Rude behavior by conductor

The conductor of this bus no. AP11Z7528 behaves in a ride way organise Ladies and forcing gents to vacate seats even though not reserved for ladies request to take necessary discipline on him. Conductor uttered that all the seats are reserved for only ladies and I am requesting conductor that there is no display of ladies portrait and if ladies ask by request way then it's proper but he managing along with Ladies and made influence rude Ladies who are shouting with foul language to me my father (age70 yrs) and my brother who is just discharge from hospital treatment.

Is this the way that TSRTc staff behave and that's why so many rifts happen and etc....


Rude behavior by conductor

Apr 4, 2019

Services are cancelled prior to notice


I have booked a ticket from Bangalore to Hanmakonda (Rajadhani bus ) 10 days prior to my journey .

I was yet to board the bus in next 30 min. then I have received a mail saying the services has been cancelled. Without any prior notice , How could the services get cancelled. And when I reach at customer care , they said that they are not responsible for it & contact bus depot . So when contacted them He says he is not responsible .Who the hell is responsible ? Is that CM or PM?

Why Government services are this poor ? At least they could have arranged an alternate bus or they would have said it earlier .. Now there are no direct buses for me ,..
Feb 12, 2019

Wrong price charged

I travel from biodiversity to Mindspace on regular basis,the price usually I get charged was Rs.5 for regular city bus and Rs.10 for metro buses.But yesterday11/02/2019 @ around 10:04:24 AM a conductor has charged me Rs.10,and at the time when I questioned him he got irritated on me.I also observed him changing details in his ticket generating machine.I request you to take action on that particular conductor.

I am also attaching today's ticket which is charged correctly.

I request you to take action on such conductors to not to repeat such stupid things.


Wrong price charged Wrong price charged

Akbar Gangwani
Jan 26, 2019

Hyderabad city buses not stopped by drivers at bus stop.218 koti to lingampally

Hello.To whoever it may concern

In hyderabad.Drivers are not stopping the city buses at bus stops.strict note should be taken regarding this matter.people standing at bus stops for the buses are facing a lot of difficulties.even after shouting the bus drivers are ignoring the public.If buses are not stoping at bus stop where are people supposed to catch a bus and sit in it.young people are running after buses are trying to catch it which are causing accidents.senior citizens and womens are missing the buses.
I request u to plz take appropriate action against this.
Bus no. Ap28-z 5020
Kandula Mahesh Babu
Jan 26, 2019

Conductor rash behaving

I am traveling daily city bus on Hyderabad city today morning i am going one bus the bus conductor has rash behaved and abusing wards on me that bus number

Tn number-00120376 date 26/1/2019 time 12:24
Route no: 0242-5k Secunderabad to Mehdipatnam
DRV: 207686
Bus no : AP29Z3228

WB: 320588

BK Nelson
Jan 13, 2019

Bus left without passenger boarding

My name is BK Nelson I booked my ticket to nellore from Hyderabad. Pick up point is LBNAGAR. Service no 83622.My ticket no 60122938. The driver's name is K.Jagadeeswar Reddy. The departure time of the bus is 9:45.I was at the pick up point exactly opposite to enquiry counter till 12 clock and enquired the service no many times but they said the bus has not arrived. I called abhibus call center and taken the driver no and called him and came to know the bus has left. And the driver is blaming me and saying my phone is out of reach.But materially I was standing at the pick up point till 12 o clock how could a bus go without a passenger?? Do to the technical aspects if the phone doesn't work how can you leave 2 passengers on road who paid 1750/- fair leaving them to their fate saying that phone is not reachable when I was standing in front of the pick up poin. I logged a complaint to the call center TSRTC complaint no 1312 and also to the abhibus call center. Now kindly let me who is responsible for this loss.I spend one more 2000/- to reach my destination today at 1'o clock who is liable for this loss??? Your bus service could not have incurred any loss since you might have taken some other passenger in my place.Now kindly I request your esteemed TSRTC to refund my money or else I will further go for the other legal proceedings. Awaiting a reply.
Thanking you
Nelson kuppuswamy
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Dec 27, 2018


I booked a ticket in indra frm hyd -khammam nd i hav reached busstation 30 mints earlier i want to shift my back and bord the bus bt driver refuse to do it
I humbely request tsrtc to avoide this type of behaviour with passengers we pay money for our comport then if u ar unable to do it then its totally waste..
TS04Z0202 (8620).
Dec 27, 2018

Complaint on tsrtc driver

Respected sir
This is swathi (passenger from khammam).When I would like to travel on TS04Z0159 deluxe sathupally depot bus in khammam at 9am-10am.In the above mentioned number bus driver showed his irresponsible and irrespective behaviour towards the passenger who like to travel to suryapet.Eventhough there is a stop in suryapet,that driver get down the all passengers who wants to travel to suryapet.Just he took only the Hyderabad passengers from khammam.Even though I complained in khammam depot.They didn't respond. We faced a lot of difficulties today in TSRTC to travel.

Dec 19, 2018

Increasing frequency 127K route

There are 1000s of passengers travelling by 127K daily from Koti to Kaman, Apollo, Journalist Colony, Jubilee Hills. The only bus route for us is 127K, which never comes regularly during 8 am to 9 am and for return journey, from 5 to 7 pm. All passengers wait like beggars and have to board in packed buses that come rarely in peak hours of morning and evenings. Whereas, 100s of buses to Mehdipatnam and all are free. It is sickening to travel by 127K to work and back. Will you take action to increase the frequency both times?
khushbu malik
Nov 9, 2018

complaint about the sits

90/251 uppal to rgia .while i used to take this bus everyday in mrng but today when i took this bus in ladies sit so many mens are sitting in ladies sit i ask to leave the sit he is not agree to leave instead of that he just argue that this is airport bus and there is no such types of rules are there ..i just want to do a complaint and want knw to the government of telangana that please make a rule that ladies can get there sit while they travel in public bus ...and look forward on this matter..
Nov 5, 2018

Driver rude behaviour

Iam travelling from kothapet to RTC x roads and the bus driver did not stop the bus at the bus stop when I was asked about this he was so rude and scolded. His behaviour is not good. Bus no. AP11Z6230 DRIVER NO 221195
Rajamani Kannan
Oct 22, 2018

Bus Route No.6LG

TSRTCBus Route No.6LG From Gachibowli to ECIL at 4.30pm on 22.10.18 in Shaikpetnala Bus stop - The driver not stop the bus at Bus stop. So many passengers are waiting this service - This is the only one long service in this way - To reach Tarnaka this is only direct bus- please take proper action against the irresponsible driver and give proper instructions to the staffs.
R.Kannan -
94401 75727
TSRTCBus pass id: RATF-ID187390192
Sai Krishna Chandragiri
Oct 15, 2018

Money return

Sai Krishna chandragiri
Iam booked my seat on 16/10/2018 for 17/10/2018 journey
But I didn’t get any booking details from TSRTC the money debited pls return my amount as soon as possible
Service no: 7499/JBS-KORUTLA

Money return

Mythili Kota
Sep 23, 2018

To refund amount as ticket booking got cancelled

Please refund amount to my account as vajra ticket booking got cancelled

Amount paid online - 390
EBS payment I'D - 112446923
Merchant Reference No - 3023955873
Sep 23, 2018


Money have been deducted from my account but i did not get any ticket details i tried booking from mobile no.9059789154 ,on 14-09-2018 ,im still waiting for refund but i did not get it ..please refund my money
[email protected]
Sep 22, 2018

Lack of cleanliness, punctuality

Travelling in TSRTC BUS to Nizamabad on 22/09/18 by bus service number 7691 tckt no. 58891032.
Bus started 50 minutes late. Bus not clean . Attender says he is not a cleaner.

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