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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about tv9

charan tej
Dec 2, 2014

fee in college

my daughter is studying b.tech at st.Mary's womens engg college,budampadu,Guntur.in this college they are collecting excessive amount of fee from students. the semester fee is 800 and they are collecting 300 extra from every student. if there are nearly 2000 b.tech students then total mount is 60000 per sem collecting from students ,if the government paying fee reimbursement. the students studying in that college are rural people then hoe they can pay these fee. they are discontinue in their studies.
Dec 2, 2014

compliant against talthi tal;kopergan

Dear Sir,

We are fighting case for the road from our farm to carry sugar cane.
Due to some political interference the neighbor to our land not giving way to our rich our land.

We are put case against him form last two years at local tahsil of Kopergaon Taluka Dist : A'Nagar.

We also send fax to Mr.Devenra Fadanvis but no action taken from him.

pl. help us.................................................

Our Gut No. 86


Mobile No. 9923712424

At/Post Maygaon Devi
Tal: Kopergaon
Dist : A'nagar
Nov 23, 2014

Complaint against VRO

Respected Sir,


Sir, Due to computerization of all land information, we are facing some wrong name entries instead of original Land owner because of previous VRO who worked in our village.
So, due to issue of name change My father (Mr.Gopala Rao) is roaming around the current VRO from last 15 days. But he is not all taking any action against that though we have all the original documents and Passbook on my father name. VRO is nothing doing of his work and asking my dad to come another day daily.. This is not only our own problem all the village people are facing same problem.

I requested you to take action as follows...

Thanks & regards,
Uma Uma
Nov 21, 2014

chittila sushila

Dear tv9.

The only helper of needy. Actually there s situation in vijayawada (prakash nagar). Many people have saved their money with a lady who made everyone to keep their trust on her then their beloved once. She had gathered some where around 5 crores. Many people saved their income with her. One heart patient saved her money for and more poor lady working 10 hrs per day for just 3000 per month saved her money with her( because her condition was poor and lost her husband and had 3 female kids) suffering day and night. And one old lady doent even know h!ow to open bank account, trusted her and gave lakhs for her daughter's marriage. Many more. People r crying on standing on road. I don't say that what my people done has correct. What about sushila who has taken money and bought many lands in vishakapatnam and enjoying with her kids. What kind of judgement is this. Why our policies and rules support only those people who made wrong and adultery why not support these poor innocent people. Govt says there r many policies to open bank accounts for poor. But where r the people who can educate people. Most of the people who r flooding s illiterates. Till now there s no improvement in that case. Some police officers meeting and that this and all they r saying. S it so imp than poor people. Ok these people has done wrong but what s remedy if believing one person s wrong what about the who deceived people who got all their beliefs. My heart s crying for these innocent people. If any thief theft home you people consider it case. But y don't u consider this lady as theif. Their kids one day mentioned in their school saying that we brought many lands and cars in vishakapatnam. If our govt s believing what deceptive people words listening that that lady doent have any money. Who will listen to these poor peoples words. She came to vijayawada two days back but there r talks that she had given bribes to all police dept. And she had support of politicians. If any murder or rape s the real crime?? What do we call this case??? Playing with people's life. We trusted our politicians that they will give us support in our needy Times. But instead till now no one had visited. This s our people.

I request tv9 who will support all the poor and effected people to make move on this issue. If we give big punishment to lady of this kind. In future they will never dare to cheat any1. We trusted only u tv9. Please b with us. Fight with us. Give support to our people. The poor

sd sami
Nov 18, 2014

Regarding drinking water in Auto Nagar

Dear tv9

Good Afternoon to one & all. As All of Aware that Guntur District is the capital city of Andhra pradesh Now its Devolping 100 times faster. iam from auto nagar Here the Major Problem is drinking water in Auto Nagar There is no pipe line of drinking Water
we dont need pipe line to entire Auto nagar But aleast we need water for 6 Mosque "s in Auto Nagar. we need water for Doing wazuu for prayers.here in every mosque there is using Bore well Water it is too bad too ugly and acid in taste. we have reported this issue in Guntur municipal corporation and the each and every political leaders but there is no response. these people are coming at election times only. My humble Request to tv9 is to focus this issue. do the needful . here in Auto Nagar car show rooms like renault, ford, Nissan , chevorlet etc are here in auto nagar Government are collecting tax from these companies and collecting sale tax at shops Not showing interst in small things.
Kindly take this as important issue.

Syed Samiuddin,
common Man,
Auto Nagar,
Oct 29, 2014

Beggars and problems created by them

I am a resident in Bangalore since past five years. And I see people begging in bus stops, Temples and in traffic daily. I have obliged them by giving them some money, But whenever It's not convinient for me to do so I was always blessed by their wonderful words .As I heard that it's Their birth right to beg and ask money with out doing any work. I felt that everyone must be feeling bad at least for a second when they hear the bad words used by the beggers . So I am writing this after seeing a 70years old lady being targed by a begged who is badmouthed.If any one else feels the same about these beggers. then don't ignore please kindly start complaining.
Oct 28, 2014

Complaint on VRA recruitment

Dear sir,

My name is D. Sukanya , i applied for Vro and Vra jobs, i and got the rank for VRA Based on my cast and nativity,after that the sub collector conformed me that i eligible for VRA in our native place, after that they have told me some time to recruit the Job, usually i have been to sub collector Office. after some days they told me some one had selected . there is no another one , by birth we have been staying there, but she doesn't staying there in my village who had got the VRA job, 15 years back she got married ,she has not having nativity in my village, they shifted their family to madanapalli , she has no native proofs in my mudivedu post , but they have given VRA post based on 15 years back nativity.
Please help me in this Regard sir. sub collector also accepted that she is non local person , but they given that job. .
thanking you
D.sukanya, Hall ticket no:310100045
S/o Ramachandra,
yarapavaripalli village,
mudivedu post,
kurabalakota mandal,
chittoor D.T
Ap, Pin:517350
email id:[email protected]
Ph No:9490022325
Oct 24, 2014

Regarding of my F&F amount of previos company


i worked on Allieddigital services for 3 years after my resignation.still i can t receive F&F amount they are not responding through emails & Telephone also.plese suggest on this.

thanks for you help in advance.

Thanks & Regards
ph : 9985555986
Oct 18, 2014

House owner - Harassing for vacate the house

This is Purushotham Syamala, Dy.Manager Electrical In HDO Andheri. Proper Tirupati -Andrapradesh.
I was came to Mumbai 5 month back. after that i was taken one house on monthly rent basis at Virar -Mumbai. My self, My wife, My childrens one boy 2years & One Girl 4 years.
Mr.Rajasoni daily harassing & threatening me for vacate the house, Who is owner of the house.

I was join in his house past 4 months back, actually agreement has done for 11 months. before joining house I have paid 10000/- rupees for brokerage and 5000 rupees expenditure for labor - Material loading and unloading &Electrician, plumber.& Transportation from Tirupati to Mumbai 55000/-. My total expenditure is Nearly Rs 70000/-.

Now I have faced lot problem & tension from him.

Please suggest & support.

Sep 26, 2014

Land occupied with association of VRO

Dear sir,
Recently VRO (Munasaaabu) got released from his services (Retired).Before releasing from his services,he has committed to mistakes intentionally by taking the money from land occupiers.
There is one widow Merugu Lakshmi (my grand mother-age-65) in Ramakrishnapuram (Gollapalem).she has 2 yakaras of land in that village since 27 years.she has pattadaru pass book also which is delivered by govt of andhra pradesh in 2003.she has tax payment slips also.
But today she went to office to pay the tax.But she came to know that somebody has registered her land recently(2014) and they have applied for pass book and they got the pass book also.She has already pass book for the same land delivered in 2003 by the govt of andhra pradesh.Whole village is the witness for the same.

she is living in that village alone. VRO knows that.Before re leaving from his duties , he has collected all the poor and week people land information and generated the tax slips for the land and helped them to get the pass books. This was happened only because of VRO.
we know that TV9 is the only genuine channel which can not support for any party .Based on that, we are reaching you.Please focus on this issue and try to help her.

For further information call 09066785141.
Sep 24, 2014

Regarding taking Money and not giving back

Dear Sir,

There is a person called selvaraj he is doing frauds such as taking money from the people and cheating them without giving back the same and he is creating the new sense. he has certain monsy from my freind and not returned it back she told me to track him and collect the same one two times i asked him but he didn't respond properly so my freind she broke my freindship with her and after some four months she called me told that you have also involved in that and scolding by using the volgar words so please take action against him and please make undergo finishment otherwise these kind of useless people spoil our society and here below i am mentioning his mobile number and kindly track him and solve the issue and make my freind realise that i am innoscent it is my humble request to sir

His Name Cheluvaraj or Selveraj

No 8884649986
Sep 22, 2014

about lodha builders and their cheating against people

One ofy friend has booked a flat at palava cuty, dombivli by lodha. At the time of bookings they wewere told the project ia coming acroas the road. But the project us 1 km inside frm the road. Also tgey are not allowing any site visits. They had promised there will be nilaje station that will have local trains passing, which is also not a case. Also they are charing money before the project is complete.

I request you on begalf of all the consumers and buys to take some action against such fraud builders and take some action or get some forum to address such issues.
Sep 22, 2014

festive time robbery by private and govt buses

Please check bus fair details on 1st of october( also on deepavali time)..you telecast about truth...also tell people about this bitter truth...this is also a kind of corruption...show your guts to fight on this robbery
hemavathi mohankumar
Sep 20, 2014

sslc marks card submitted in a company but now they are cheating me

Respected Tv 9

I joined in manashosting company in 14/may/2014 & quited that on 17th july 2014 . The reason is too much of pressure on timings & they were not leaving me on time . The company time was 9am to 6pm but they were leaving me at 7pm or 7:30pm . I have a small 2 year kid no body was there to take care of my kid , so was cleared them that if they continue the same i cant work there then also they were doing the same .So that my husband told me to quit after salary .so now if i go and ask my 10th marks card they are asking 1500rs from me but i worked 17days more in that company. I am not asking that salary just i am asking my certificate .but now they are cheating me like i signed in agreement but i was not aware of that it was agreement they told that it is a application form & that form was not clear & i was not able to read that so i asked HR that i will not sign but she told this is just for formalities you sing i am here . so i signed. That company is cheating for more employees like the not only for me in any body ask the certificate they will ask money in the name of training without training whatever training they gave for me that is only for 2 to 3 day but how can i pay them please help me i already worked for 17 days more over there.The lady who is telling all this is asst manager Mrs Archana, her contact number is 9663308479 . please do need full for me .And please make sure that dont use my name because i am married & i have 2 kids they can do any thing for me so please take action as soon as possible.

Thanking you
Mrs Hemavathi mohankumar
Sep 16, 2014

Public safety

Namaste TV9

Iam really glad to watch the awareness programs you are presenting before the public and trying to seek a good change among them. In my view media is a very powerfull tool that goes deep in to public heart. Coming to the point.. Now a days one of the biggest problem I face in the daily life is "beggars problem". It sounds silly but if you focus in depth, its really a serious issue.. In olden days the inability of a person makes him a beggar.. but now a days near temples, schools, colleges mostly in trains and buses beggars are ruling.. causing very inconvience to the passengers.. Iam a daily seasoner in train and encountered this problem many times.I dont know what to do and how to control this problem. No one cares for this and even TT and squad overlook this problem. This boosts the beggars somewhat.. if they are really unable to work then no problem.... but some idiots take this as advantage and demanding the passengers for money.. if they reject to give money they use to say vulgar words and even misbehave with passengers especially with ladies.. Its sounds like a silly issue but as iam facing this problem daily i just wanna do something for this.. But I cant do it alone..

So I request to take this issue seriously and bring this before the respective authorities for which we all will be thankful to you

Anil Kumar H C
Sep 6, 2014

Students Suffered Due To VTU college shift to Muddenahalli.

Dear Sir/Madum,
My sister joined course in VTU Bangalore, which have Regional office at nagharabhavi and classes held at at rented building in chamarajapate.

Starting from day one, there is no officially represented principal. Only pg co-ordinater is their and she never listen to students.

While joining college no one informed us that , college will be shifted to somewhere else, we had no clue whatso-ever, So my sister along with several students joined. Thinking that the college will be nearer to home and city.

After few months once everyone joined, they started saying we are shifting the college to muddenahalli, then gets shocked and when thinking of leaving college the officials started dirty game.

They students have to sign affidavits that they do not leave college, if you not signed - you will be failed. So students signed.

Real Problem.

Even though the construction , hostels for boys and girls not ready they shifted the college . students have to travel from bangs middenahally daily by their own.

When they started shifting the college officials said they provide hostel food and transportation until all facilities were provided /completed at Muddenahalli.

Now when students started raising question they said we provide hostel in some other college. So they took 20k saying it will include everything and then once joining the hostels they say monthly 3000 rs u HV to pay for food.

If this was communicated earlier students never had joined their.

Still for lot of girls no hostel provided and they ate traveling fr Bangalore starting early 5 to late 10 . and waiting at the hostel to get room . so no official from VTU are.listening to students.

College is held in the open room without doors.
They took so much amount from students but students facing problems.

Please look at this issue ask VTU officials its their responsibilities to look after students. They to provide facilities first and then have to admit students.

For now also they are not informing new joking students that they shift college. Once after going they are telling students.

Thanks and Regards
Anil Kumar H C
Sep 2, 2014

Police Security in Trains


Hope all is well. I'm reaching you guys to share some info on how woman are treated in trains by local police security. Recently my friend travelled in Train and there are some guys who are drunk and misbehaving in train with woman and my friend reached out to the police in train. Police said he cannot do anything unless she give a written complaint. So it means she has to get down at some strange station in the middle of the travel and find the police station and go complain there and come back catch this train and show that complaint to this security guy in train? Not sure how this is possible and being a people servant how ridiculous answer that security person is giving especially to woman who is in need of help.

That drunk person is abusing in front of police and he's doing nothing. My friend requested to atleast take that person to another compartment or else I'll pull the chain and the security tried to control my friend rather than taking action on that drunk person. First of all that drunk person should have common sense to not drink when public around and being security guard of which his job is and trained for, he's doing nothing and trying to find fault with the person who is actually seeking for help.

Apart from all this, when my friend tried to call some other official, the police men called another security person and tried to grab the phone from her hand so she cannot seek other help. TC came and did nothing too. Is this the kind of security women get in public places? Why is the guard not helping her in spite of his job being so? Why aren't other public fellows around reacting? Why isn't the TC taking any action? What is something bad happens to her and this will become another drama in city that's it and all will say oh women need protection but in reality no protection. The reason me reaching out to you guys is, please bring this to higher officials notice so women are SAFE. Instruct security people to really behave like one otherwise one day there will be no women ready to travel or come out of the houses in first place......

Please help!
Shravani gadilla
Aug 27, 2014

School fees hike

Dear Sir,
As I am one of the parent of Sri Chaitanya Techno School. my son is studying in X class. There was a heavy fees collecting by sri chainaya. i am paying 60000/- for this academic year 2014-15. but near by ECIL area none of the school is collecting that much amount its very too much. That too there is not registered TECHNO branch.
So I request you take necessary action of about school. Ask them to limit the fees to be collect.

Aug 21, 2014

Cold scam run by Country Club

Dear TV9,

I am one among 100's or 1000's who was cheated by Country Club.
We took member ship card on Feb 8th worth rupees 75000. I was promised to get discount on movie tickets every month, shopping malls and groceries and HDFC life insurance life time validity cards. But none was true.
When I called them back to Ahmed ( Sr manager at Amruth Castle)about these he rudely gave answers and he behaved like irresponsible person as we did a sale for you and their ends the matter. Then I called too many people to all branches and personally visited Himayath nagar branch and logged a complaint against Ahmed, Naveen (agent) and other Sr executive officer who convinced to take a membership by giving false statements. Bu no action was taken so far and my complaint was hung up. I have proofs of all these complaints and recorded voice talked personally with Prerana (customer care executive, himayath nagar branch).
I came to know that I was bluffed by this company and I thought at last I would get HDFC life insurance cards but in fact which hasn’t received yet. Now I am looking to cancel the services but when I called them there is no cancellation process you will need get only services from us and its is only the way we do. (Ahmed told me that we can cancel or transfer the membership after a locking period of one year).
I was totally cheated by this company and as a normal person I am unable to go forward to take an action against them. I kindly request someone look in to this and do help for me and get back my money and doesn't want to continue membership or services with this fraud company.

Thanks in advance.

[email protected]
Aug 21, 2014

Why KCR is not doing anything for BCs and General Caste


I would like to convey this message to KCR. He is giving more gifts to SC,ST, Muslim and minorities. Also he increased the reservation for Muslim and Minorities. But why he is not taking care of BC caste people. As per my knowledge up to 50% of the Telangana population is filled with BC caste people. And more than 60% of BCs are below poverty line.

I would request KCR to increase the reservation and support BC's financially as well.

Hoping the recent survey may give right information on financial status of each caste.

Hope you guys can raise this concern in-front of KCR.

Thanking you.
Aug 19, 2014

marrige broker

good morning sir / madam i am vasanth from hyderabad , we given advertisement in sakshi paper for my brother marrige purpose, one person made a call to my mobile his name is jivan babu {8142654818} from guntur , he came to my home he showed some old girls bio data and he collected 3101/- & he left from my home , after 3 days i made a call to him cell was switched off, plz sir catch him stop his cheting , he will cheat everbody plz sir catch him, this is small amount but problem is big so many people is his target plz sir catch him, i have a plan how to catch him , call me i will attend in your office, thank u sir urs sincierly vasanth 7801044922
kante mounika
Aug 18, 2014

complaint on one company

Hello Tv9,

There is a company in a hitech city where boss ia harassing employees. If the shift is for normal 8/9 hours he is asking to work for more than 12 hours and my sister is working in that company and for female employees also he is not sending before night 10 p.m. There's no cab facility available so what action would you take so that i can inform you about the company.
Aug 14, 2014

Fraud in State Bank of India


There is some fraud activity taking place in State Bank of India branches. I went to the SBI to open a Fixed deposit of Rs.50,000 they have advised me it will be better if you can open Fixed deposit from Internet banking. So, i thought to deposit that amount in my account first, i have written a cash deposit form and went to the counter. The employees in SBI especially clerks they are so lazy and not interested to job correctly, when i deposit the money there was no customers at that place except me then she called security person and informed him to show how to use new machine in SBI " Cash Deposit Machines". Myself and security persons went to the machine for amount deposit, we put Rs.50,000 in machine the it went inside and showed hardware failure & transaction failure. I thought that amount will come back but instead of the it got struct inside the machine, i have given a complaint to Cashier and Account i never expected such a rude response from SBI staff mainly Accountant. I have requested them to please return my Rs. 50,000 but they are not instead of that they were asked me so many questions 1st one how can we know that you have deposited that amount in machine and show me the proof for the same & 2nd one we will give you the amount after verifying all the document in two or three days.
I am seriously saying suppose if the person is uneducated then definitely they will try to cheat. After having long discussions they were clearly said that we kept those machines for testing purpose. My question is this the way are they going to test the machine, they have to do all these type of initial tests before put those CDM's are in operation. I never seen such an idiot people in any of the private Banks, in private banks they will try to take the action immediately and will give importance to the customer. This type of fraud activities are taking place mainly with government banks their response towards customers are not good.

Today i am going there again and i am not sure how they will respond for giving my cash back. I need your help in this if they do any such type of activities. Please send your contact details to my mail id i will try to contact you if there is any problem at SBI.
My mail id: [email protected]
Raja suman
Aug 11, 2014

Passport fraud and inconvience at Tolwichowki PSK , hyderabad

There are lot of agents who send candidates directly to passport office without waiting. who applied through online has to wait for 6-8 hours in the line. whereas if agent sends they are completing the passport work with in 1 hour. it is happening only in towli chowki passport office. They are rejecting the forms of people who are coming directly without agents. if we come through agents the work will be done. kindly act on this. It is taking 6-8 hours for original applicants.
Raja suman
Aug 11, 2014

Fraud at passport office towlichowki

There are lot of agents who send candidates directly to passport office without waiting. who applied through online has to wait for 6-8 hours in the line. whereas if agent sends they are completing the passport work with in 1 hour. it is happening only in towli chowki passport office. They are rejecting the forms of people who are coming directly without agents. if we come through agents the work will be done. kindly act on this. It is taking 6-8 hours for original applicants.

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